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wooden motor yachts for sale

North America’s Best Antique & Classic Boat Brokerage

Vintage boats from absolute classics marine.

Own your own piece of history with an antique, classic boat from Absolute Classics. You’ll find virtually every classic brand of classic boat, including Chris-Craft, Riva, Century, Shepherd, Garwood, Hacker-Craft, Grand-Craft, Stan-Craft, and more. We want to be your partner on your classic boat quest. Our dedicated team will help you find the right boat at the right price, so you can share a piece of the history with the next generation. If you are looking for a boat, and want to get an insight of what is in our inventory, email us at: [email protected]

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1952 CHRIS-CRAFT 17' Special Runabout

Brokering Boats Since 1989

North america’s classic boat brokerage.

Absolute Classics sources the finest of classic, vintage boats to help people make memories and fulfill their dream of owning a piece of history. We’ll answer any questions you have about a particular make and model of boat. We also have photos, documentation, and history of the boat from the previous owner so you can be happy with the boat you are purchasing.

Choose Absolute Classics As Your Brokerage

Authentic Listings

Our listings are straight from the owner. As your broker, we bring you exclusive access to freshly listed boats.

A Boat for Any Budget

You will find starter boats for a great price, which just need a little bit of time, parts, and expertise. You will also find boats that are ready to go win shows.

Fair Brokerage Prices

Our brokerage fee is small, keeping your price of the final boat close to market value.

Trusted Expertise

With more than 33 years of experience spanning two generations, Absolute Classics can answer any questions that you have about any boat, and help you get behind the wheel of a piece of history.

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New and Used Wooden Boats for Sale

Wooden boats are timeless and often elegant, whether it’s a traditional sailboat or a sleek motorboat. Both new and used wooden boats honor age-old seafaring traditions, as well as offering one of the smoothest rides of any boat. Search for wooden boats for sale by style, age, price point, or len... learn more about Wooden Boats

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50 New and Used Wooden Boats

Andrews boats Slipper Stern Launch

Beale Park (United Kingdom)


Henley Sales and Charter

A couple on Temple island then bought the boat and renamed it Scheherazade. It was then in th...

Coves Boats Clinker

Ashore Salcombe (United Kingdom)

Devon Boat Sales

Coves built launch for sale lying Salcombe, Devon. Justinis a lovely little launch buil...

United Kingdom

A Frolic 21 electric dayboat with canopy and inlaid wooden decks Harrow is a Frolic 21 bui...

Henley on Thames (United Kingdom)

Classic Yacht Management Ltd

A beautifully presented 25ft Slipper Launch built in the early 1950’s. This...

Andrews boats Day Launch

The Andrews day launch is a nineteen fifties post WWII launch which one can imagine grew out ...

Patterson Fishing Boat

When a lake dwelling fishing enthusiast wanted the ultimate stable spacious boat to fit in hi...

wooden Llaut 5m Llaut 5m

Menorca (Spain)

BoatShop Menorca S.L

English Wonderfully restored traditional wooden llaut of 5 metres length by 1.80 metres be...

wooden Sailing Yacht

Neyland, Pembrokeshire (United Kingdom)

Boatshed Wales are delighted to introduce to the market this one off 26 foot, mast head sloop...

We first started talking about the new, smaller PTS model more than 18 months ago and now her...

Baycraft 19

When the Baycraft 19 first appeared at the Traditional Boat Festival in Henley on Thames she ...

Hornby of Wallasey Motor Sailer

Chertsey (United Kingdom)

The joy with any vintage boat is of course partly in the historic research. Sometimes this pr...

Jack Powles Cruiser

Windsor (United Kingdom)

How lovely to come across a cruiser where the owners have taken the trouble to track the hist...

A contemporary weekender hybrid or diesel A classic Pettersson style design built in Holla...

50M Custom Wooden Yacht

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Bush & Noble International Yacht Brokerage

Full Description Upper Helm Station Helm Garmin VHF CAT engine display x 2 Garmin touch s...

Custom Wooden Motor Yacht

Portland (United Kingdom)

This custom-built Wooden Motor Yacht was finished in 2014 and was drawn along traditional Dut...

Cornish Crabber

The current owner's family originally bought and sailed their Cornish Crabber on the sea duri...

Osborne Motoryacht

Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Encountering Albaquila for the first time was a real 'wow' moment for me. This is a wonderful...

Leo Robinson Gentleman's launch

Natasha is a very rare and beautiful 'belle epoque' gentleman's launch with exquisite stained...

Frazier River Boat

THAMES (United Kingdom)

How many vessels can witness their original builder coming on board aged over 90 at the helm ...

JS White Lifeboat

KENT (United Kingdom)

Built in Cowes by the venerable J.S. White in 1925 as an RNLI lifeboat, Mary Scott has had a ...

Broom Boats River Boat

Kyrenia was constructed as Kyrenia of Brundall in 1961 at the venerable yard of Broom boats i...

Vintage Open River Estuary Launch

Venice (Italy)

Lady Betty would originally have been a steam launch, in fact an Admiralty pinnace built as s...

West Berkshire (United Kingdom)

An Andrews 25ft slipper stern launch which has been maintained over the years by its two owne...

Every few years an Andrews Day Launch comes onto the market, and this one is a really first r...

Fairey Boats Huntsman 31

Vortec Marine Ltd

Be the next custodian of this stunning and historic boat. Hull no. 1 of the famed Huntsman 31...

River and Tides River Boat

Kingston on Thames (United Kingdom)

Built by Rivers and Tides in Germany fifteen years ago then finished to my specification by D...

James Taylor Yachts Gentleman's Launch

We often refer to this type of saloon launch as a 'gentleman's launch'. However it was none o...

Electric Canoe

Princess Beatrice has been with the same owners for many many years. Like many well loved cla...

* Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.


Wooden boats are timeless and often elegant, whether it’s a traditional sailboat or a sleek motorboat. Both new and used wooden boats honor age-old seafaring traditions, as well as offering one of the smoothest rides of any boat. Search for wooden boats for sale by style, age, price point, or length to find the perfect one.

Main Characteristics of Wooden Boats

Wooden boats have always held a special place in sailor’s hearts, and they’re steeped in tradition and heritage. Wooden boats come in all styles and sizes, from tiny wooden rowboats up to ocean-going galleons. While materials such as fiberglass and aluminum are today most widely used in boat-building, there are still manufacturers building new wooden boats combined with modern technology and engineering. And with classic models to be found on the used market, owning a wooden boat is certainly achievable.

While wooden boats often need considerably more maintenance than those built of other materials, they are renowned for offering a soft ride thanks to the natural shock absorbing and flexible properties of timbers such as teak and mahogany. The interior of a large wooden boat can also be much quieter than composite or aluminum boats going through the waves.

Types of Wooden Boats

Wooden sailboat.

Wooden sailboats run the gamut of styles and sizes, from 12-foot sloop to large cutter and everything in between. While the majority of wooden sailboats today are classics , there are still some companies building new models including boats ranging up to superyacht size (100 feet long) using a combination of cold-molded/epoxy wood construction with judicious use of carbon fiber. Large ocean-going cruising yachts will have cabins, galleys, and heads, as well as navigation equipment, while gaffers, with their long bowsprit, and sporty keelboats are typically day cruisers or racers.

Wooden Runabout

Sleek and elegant, wooden sport boats or runabouts glide effortlessly across lakes such as Michigan, Como, and the French Riviera. Whether made by Riva, Chris-Craft, or others, they are head-turners reminiscent of classic cars, often with twin or triple cockpits, long, slim lines, and high-end finishings and leather upholstery. Modern versions can be combined with electric engines for a quieter, smoother ride.

Wooden Cabin Boat

Wooden cabin cruisers were popular styles in the early 1900s, with brands such as Chris-Craft building models around 28 feet that allowed for protection from the elements in the small cabin. Other types, such as small clinker cabin boats can be found all over the world and are especially traditional in the Mediterranean countries where they were built as (and are often still used as) coastal fishing boats. They are ideal for coastal cruising as well as being popular features on rivers and inland waters.

Wooden Trawler Boat

Today trawler boats offer stability and comfort, with plenty of interior space and excellent long-range seakeeping abilities. Classic wooden trawler yachts are a slice of heritage, harking from a time when they were used as fishing vessels designed to withstand harsh sea conditions. Today they are often sought after as liveaboard vessels due to their modest prices, albeit a large amount of maintenance may be required.

Best Wooden Boat Brands

Wooden boats fall into two broad categories; classic models and new-build boats. Classic or used wooden boats can be highly collectible, especially those from prominent boat-builders. Brands such as Chris-Craft , who are still in operation today with their selection of luxury fiberglass bowriders and sports boats, were once one of the most highly regarded builders of wooden motorboats in the early 1900s. Century Boat ’s classic mahogany runabout inboards are sought-after too, as are Italian brand Riva ’s classic wooden models. When it comes to classic wooden sailboats brands such as Spirit and Herreshoff stand out.

There are a few dedicated brands still building wooden boats combined with modern engineering and innovation. Swiss brand Boesch builds a range of exquisite sports boats (some with electric engines), as do HackerCraft with their timeless sport and racer models. Other brands include Streblow, Grand Craft, and Shearline, whose unique range of custom wooden sportfishing boats stand out from the crowd. When it comes to new wooden sailboats, brands such as British-based Spirit Yachts , Artisan Boatworks (Maine), and Working Sail are just a handful of brands keeping the centuries-old traditions alive.

Why Choose a Wooden Boat?

The main reason to own a wooden boat is to honor the traditions it represents, and to be part of a group of people preserving that centuries-old seafaring heritage. They are often beautiful vessels, can offer a smooth ride, and turn heads wherever they go. It’s important to keep in mind that wooden boats need a lot more upkeep and maintenance than boats built from modern materials, and they also cost considerably more to purchase and insure.

Should I Buy a Wooden Boat?

Wooden boats are a commitment, and owning one involves ensuring it is well-looked after and has a very regular maintenance schedule. There is a prestige and joy that comes with owning such a beautiful and timeless vessel, but wooden boats, whether new or used, are best suited to experienced boat owners and not ideal first-time boats unless DIY work already comes easily to you.

This article was written by Samantha Wilson in February 2024.


Wooden boats by make, wooden boats by country, related searches to wooden boats.



Based in Suffolk on the east coast of the UK, Spirit Yachts has a portfolio of custom, wooden sail and power yachts ranging from day sailers to superyachts.

From humble beginnings in the Suffolk countryside, Spirit Yachts now operates from a large waterside facility with a team of highly skilled designers, naval architects, boat builders, cabinet makers, electricians and engineers.


Spirit Yachts’ contemporary, elegant design style is world-renowned. Subtle variations on 1930s classic yacht design with long overhangs, low profiles and smooth lines, married to contemporary underwater profiles and the latest technology, are synonymous with Spirit’s modern classic cruising, racing, and power yachts.

Spirit yachts are designed to be as beautiful in 100 years as they are today.



Spirit Yachts comprises a talented team of craftsmen and women who are passionate about and dedicated to the highest standards of boat building.

Using hand-selected timber sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, Spirit yachts incorporate the beauty of wood with the latest modern technology for sailing performance and a luxury guest experience.



Wood is a natural, sustainably-sourced boat building material offering beauty, a favourable strength-to-weight ratio, and durability. Spirit Yachts is committed to the environmental sustainability of its wood and is meticulous in sourcing the highest quality timber from responsibly managed forests and regulated suppliers.



Spirit c72 shortlisted for prestigious classic boat award, spirit yachts set to showcase new designs at boot düsseldorf, owner interview: my first season on a new spirit 72, our spirited fastnet adventure, my spirit journey: 72dh owner interview, spirit yachts announces new management in its 30th anniversary year, spirit yachts stars in bbc ‘we are england’ documentary, spirit yachts welcomes new production & design director, stay in the loop.

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Classic Yachts For Sale

While new, radically designed superyachts are always guaranteed to catch the public's attention, there are many owners dedicated to the preservation, restoration and maintenance of fine old pleasure crafts. Although the term classic yacht is a relatively elastic one, here are a selection of timeless classic yachts for sale currently with BOAT International. 

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wooden motor yachts for sale

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Wooden Yachts

A wooden yacht is the choice for those who prefer traditional technologies in boat construction and love traditional sea voyages. it is the choice for people who enjoy a fresh sea breeze mixed with a little scent of wood..

Wood is building material longest known to mankind and has been used since ancient times. People used to build boats made of wood long before metal ones or plastic ones.

How much is the cost?

The question is very difficult to answer in one sentence. While searching the market for a new boat, you can stumble upon super yachts of elite class, mimicking the vessels of the middle Ages or the boats of the New World, as well as very old and decrepit boats, more often with an engine, requiring serious overhaul or the whole body replacement.

If we are talking about a new yacht, the price issue is also not very simple. It depends on many factors:

  • Region of residence (any kind wood in certain countries is just more expensive than in others)
  • size of the vessel
  • level of the potential boat

Made from valuable fine wood specimens, a replica of a ship belonging to one of the famous masters of the seas, equipped with sail and unique detailing, would cost millions of dollars. In contrast, a small vessel built by a no-name shipyard and being already used would cost you substantially less. Compared to other materials, wood is undoubtedly more expensive.

Wood is a very complex material which is difficult to process. Wood carving and finishing techniques remain the same today as they were many years ago. If we are talking about a complete boat, the price would depend on:

  • Wood type, considering how commonly it grows in the region (the shipping costs influence quite a lot, so it is less expensive to buy wood where it is “harvested”).
  • Processing method (the wood is needed to be dried, treated with certain substances, i.e. some tar, pressed flat)
  • Building method.

It is very important to understand that every wooden yacht is a one of a kind product. It is just impossible to organize mass production. In fact, it is the manual labor that is very highly valued. Additionally, most of the boats require special equipment. Without a shipyard, a manufacturer cannot begin the yacht construction. That, of course, has its influence on the final price.

Performance Features of the Wooden Yachts.

For some time, wood was considered to be the only material capable of staying afloat. That is why ships were made exclusively out of wood. Today, with modern technologies progressing every day and new materials being used, boats are faster, lighter, and more stable.

Nevertheless wooden yachts have their disadvantages:

  • Wooden boats are heavier than plastic or aluminum, limiting their speed and maneuverability.
  • Low resistance to dampness and liquids, especially ocean water. On its own, wood rots and goes bad very quickly if left in the water. In order for your wooden yacht to serve you for many years to come, it is necessary to take good care of it. It takes more effort to keep it in good shape, compared to plastic or steel.
  • Low strength. Needless to say, a quality wooden hull is strong enough to hold a hit; but if the hit is powerful or continuous enough as in the case of a storm, the vessel will fall apart. That was actually the case with most of the wooden ships for quite some time.

Low fire resistance. Wood burns, period. Even if treated with some fire-retardant, the risk of fire cannot be completely eliminated. Fires must be handled very carefully while on board.

Repairs and maintenance.

In this regard, wooden yachts fall behind other yachts. First, wood needs meticulous, routine, expensive servicing. Second, if breaches should appear, you would need to patch large area of the hull, if not replace them. However, with enough experience, it is possible to do on your own or with the help of untrained professionals under your supervision.

Wooden yachts are being valued and purchased not for outstanding performance or convenient servicing. The attraction that draws the owners to such yachts is their loyalty to the traditions of boatbuilding and seafaring. Maybe it is a dream to build the way our ancestors did and that can only be achieved by working with natural wood.

Wooden Yachts for Sale

At Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., we have over 100 wooden yachts for sale including these brands: Camper & Nicholsons, Bilgin Yachts, Picchiotti, Blue Sea Maritime S.A., William Fife and Son, Rybovich, Cantiere Nautico, and more.

Traditionalists typically choose wooden yachts based on their loyalty to boatbuilding techniques of the past. However, there are many things to consider when purchasing a wooden yacht due to the care and diligence necessary to maintain their condition. For this reason, it helps to work with an experienced yacht broker that can assist you whether you are purchasing or selling a yacht of any type.

In business since 1959, we have built an extensive network and partnership with large-scale yacht manufacturers throughout the world giving us access to the finest, luxury yachts available. We are able to pass this experience onto our clients to help you make the best choice when purchasing or selling your new or previously owned yacht.

Whether you are looking for luxury, wooden yachts for sale or have a yacht you’d like to put on the market, we can assist you with everything from the negotiating and closing process down to hiring crew members.

Wooden Yachts Search

Buy a PERSISTENCE at Shestakov Yacht Sales

Learn more on the “Wooden Yachts”

To learn more on the “Wooden Yachts” or to get advice on how to buy or sell a yacht or get a great price for a yacht charter, please call: +1-954-274-4435 (USA)

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105′ Classic Antique 1929 Motor Yacht [Vintage Highlight]

105′ Classic Antique 1929 Motor Yacht [Vintage Highlight]

August 9, 2019 8:33 am

SOBRE LAS OLAS is a unique classic antique motor yacht with a pedigree that sets her apart from any other classic yacht on the market. Her classic lines and vintage charm have been only enhanced by her extensive updates over the years, making her the perfect blend of old and new.

Her Builders spared no expense while creating this vessel in 1929, and it’s clear from the craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the ship. The name “Sobre Las Olas” translates to “Over The Waves” in English, and was likely named after the famous waltz by Mexica composer Juventino Rosas. The ship was first built in Wilmington, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California . Her completion fell around the same time as Black Tuesday, the notorious date of the New York Stock Exchange collapse, which led to the Great Depression. For this reason, her original owner’s were forced to sell her to none other than J. Paul Getty, the famous industrialist. Getty enjoyed SOBRE LAS OLAS for a few years until he sold the vessel in 1932. From then, the boat had several owners. She is even rumored to have been owned by William Randolph Hearst, the famed newspaper publisher and businessman.

Since then, she was in charter between Seattle, Washington and Alaska, and spent a substantial amount of time in San Francisco . Today, she is one of the largest antique classics on the West Coast. Her size allows her to be the ideal yacht for entertaining guests on longer voyages. She comfortably sleeps 12, with a master stateroom, with 3 heads, a crew quarter for 5, a guest cabin for 2, a master cabin, a pilot cabin, and an additional cabin in the back of the hull.

wooden motor yachts for sale

Her renovations over the years have been wide-ranging, the largest update being the huge superstructure added over the back deck. A third of her all wood hull construction has been re-planked with Douglas fir. Her teak decks have been re-sanded and re-caulked. A new galley was constructed, and fitted with new GE and KitchenAid appliances. The owners have installed new wiring and plumbing throughout the vessel, allowing for the more luxurious amenities of modern day, like a 51” television, and wall mounted electric cabin heaters, to cozy up the winter voyages.

Despite her updates, the owners intentionally set out to keep the yacht’s original design intact. Her interior was built with a stunning Honduras mahogany, and kept all original in the dining salon. Smaller touches, like her dining room’s lighting fixtures, are all original, and rewired and re-chromed. Perhaps most interesting, the owners opted to preserve her original 1929 Atlas Imperial diesel engines. These engines are a rarity, it’s said that there are only four of these engines in existence to this day. In fact, an engine from the same era with similar construction is currently in the Smithsonian Institute.


Master-stateroom, 1929-vintage-yacht, 1929-classic-custom-yacht.

Her modernized galley features a GE LPG 4-burner range complete with grill, griddle and a double oven. A GE refrigerator/freezer, plus two Summit refrigerators pull out with drawers, optimize food storage. A large, stainless steel double sink is surrounded by plenty of counter space, perfect for the prepping large meals for parties, or more intimate dinners. Other amenities like the wine cooler and ice makers ensure guests are kept happy and comfortable during the summer, while crew will be pleased with the KitchenAid dishwasher and trash compactor, making clean up seamless.

Simrad electronics keep the yacht running efficiently, most notably, the NSS9evo2 multi-fiction display and the WoodFreeman/Simrad AP28 autopilot. 

wooden motor yachts for sale

This is truly special yacht, perfect for an experienced yachtsman who appreciates the craftsmanship of this vessel. SOBRE LAS OLAS is a timeless antique, brought up to date for the modern man. In any time period, SOBRE LAS OLAS shines. Custom-made and meticulously cared for every step of the way throughout her near 100-year lifespan, she is a treasure.

She is currently residing in Marina Del Rey, California and is exclusively for sale by Denison broker Will Petersen .

Will Petersen

Latest News

wooden motor yachts for sale

NEWS | March 4, 2024

135 baglietto 1999 sold by riccardo solci [blue ice].

135 Baglietto 1999 Sold by Riccardo Solci [BLUE ICE] BLUE ICE, an 135′ Baglietto built in 1999, was sold by Riccardo Solci, who introduced the Buyer. Frank Grzeszczak with FGI Yacht Group represented the Seller. BLUE ICE underwent refits in 2016 and 2021, which included a comprehensive paint job

wooden motor yachts for sale

NEWS | March 1, 2024

Dreaming of the med: summer yacht charter vacations.

Dreaming of the Med: Summer Yacht Charter Vacations Book a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean for your European escape this summer. A yacht charter offers an unforgettable vacation. The first step to booking a luxury yacht charter is to contact a charter specialist who can help you

wooden motor yachts for sale

NEWS | February 28, 2024

British virgin islands home: halo over oil nut bay.

British Virgin Islands Home: Halo Over Oil Nut Bay A hilltop home in the British Virgin Islands overlooks both the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Words by J. Michael Welton. Photography courtesy of Oil Nut Bay. In the early 2000s, David V. Johnson, flush with success from 40 years of

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Can I Have it Varnished Before Mitch Delivers? Yes, if you allow for some lead time. The earlier you reserve your spot in our boat restoration shop, the better. Gold Leaf Names Once you start thinking about boat names, it's hard to stop! Your special name will look great on your transom in gold leaf. Do I Need a Boat Lift? If you live on the lake and you can keep an eye on your classic wooden boat, a lift is probably unnecessary. But if you will be keeping the boat at a weekend place, a boat lift will give you peace of mind while you are away. If your boat lift has the framework for a canopy top, you can have custom side curtains made to protect against the sun. The side curtains or skirts can also have velcro door openings. Is Antique Boat Financing Available? Yes! Call Kathy for information about antique and classic boat financing in all 50 states. How Much Maintenance is Required? If you keep your classic wooden boat out of the sun when not in use, your exterior varnish should be good for 3 years if you use the boat twice a week. Interior varnish lasts much longer, as it does not receive as much direct sunlight. Revarnishing involves removing all the hardware and crash padding (if any), sanding, fixing any proud bungs or broken screws, and generally adding about 3 coats. The actual varnishing only takes 1-2 hours per coat, but the hardware removal, sanding and hardware installation takes around 70 hours. If you want to learn to do this yourself, we are happy to give you some guidance. Of course, you can always have this maintence done in our classic boat restoration shop.