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  2. The Case For The Semi-Displacement Hull Shape

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    semi displacement yachts


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  1. Semi-Displacement Hulls Explained (Illustrated Guide)

    A semi-displacement hull is a perfect hybrid between displacement hulls and planing hulls. It's the perfect medium speed range hull design. It is also called the semi-planing hull. To summarize briefly: A displacement hull lies inside the water, and displaces it as it moves. It holds up the boat using buoyancy.

  2. Best of both worlds? Semi-displacement cruising explained

    Peter Cumberlidge May 17, 2015. Semi-displacement cruising can offer the best of both worlds, argues Peter Cumberlidge in his latest feature on cruising styles. Because hull design is now so sophisticated, the term 'semi- displacement' is quite difficult to define, but broadly refers to moderately fast boats that have a fine bow entry ...

  3. Semi-Displacement

    Semi-Displacement. Semi-displacement designs, also called semi-planing by some builders, use hulls that incorporate both rounded sections for increased storage and tankage, and flatter hull sections to partially lift the forward section of the hull out of the water, thereby decreasing drag for increased high cruising speeds.

  4. The Best Semi-Displacement Yachts

    The brand Azimut Yachts produces flybridge yachts, semi-displacement yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 35 models currently in production ranging from 10 to 39 meters. The current model range includes 7 lines: Atlantis, Fly, Grande, Magellano, S, Seadeck and Verve.

  5. Semi-displacement motor boats: 4 of the best on the used boat market

    Nick Burnham picks out four of the best semi-displacement motor boats on the market that deliver on this compromise hull form

  6. The Case For The Semi-Displacement Hull Shape

    Our Seattle Yachts Fort Lauderdale Office has a new Endurance 658 in-stock and at our docks.) On the other end of the spectrum are full displacement trawlers, the salty and romantic go-anywhere ships that inspires confidence. A full displacement boat can be well suited for offshore passages and living aboard, with enough tankage for thousands ...

  7. Semi Displacement Hulls

    Semi displacement designs are also common on modern "fast trawlers," as well as on offshore deep-sea fishing boats like those made by Hatteras and Viking. Several brands of well-known motor yachts also use semi displacement designs to keep their speeds up while offering excellent living space.

  8. Semi-Displacement Hulls: Blending Speed and Comfort

    Uncover the advantages of semi-displacement hull yachts, where comfort meets faster cruising speeds. Our easy-to-understand overview highlights how these yachts offer a balanced boating experience, perfect for those who want both a smooth ride and the ability to pick up the pace. You'll learn how their design allows for better fuel efficiency and versatility on various water conditions. If you ...

  9. Semi Displacement motor yacht for sale

    A semi displacement motor yacht offers the best of both worlds, including the ocean-going performance of displacement motor yachts coupled with the increased speed found on yachts with planing hulls.

  10. Semi-Displacement Yachts for Sale

    Semi-Displacement Yachts. Combining the best elements of planing and displacement yachts, a semi-displacement yacht combines good speeds with stability and generous spaces. Gone are the days when you had to choose between sailing the open ocean searching for remote islands, and mooring up in bustling hubs to indulge your hedonistic side!

  11. Semi-Displacement Motor Yachts for Sale

    A semi-displacement (or semi-planing) yacht incorporates elements of both the displacement and the planing yacht hull form. These modifications make it faster than a displacement motor yacht, although it doesn't quite reach the speeds of the planing vessel. It's also generally more stable than a planing yacht, which is better known for its ...

  12. EXCLUSIVE Interview: Fleming 85 Unveiled

    The builder anticipates that the 85's hull design and engineering will result in the best fuel economy and range of any semi-displacement boat in the world, and with the highest specification of standard equipment available, redundancy and access for maintenance in mind.

  13. Ellis Downeast Semi-displacement Hull Design

    When Maine fishermen began switching from sail to power, the Downeast hull configuration evolved from a true displacement hull to a longer, wider, semi-displacement hull. In this long transition from sail to power, the builders shortened up the keel slightly, but kept the long and narrow hull. It was an easily driven shape with excellent sea ...

  14. semi-displacement Yachts for Sale

    View every semi-displacement yacht for sale here. Every boat has beautiful hi-res images, deck-plans, detailed descriptions & videos.

  15. Long Range Yachts for Sale

    Often called semi-displacement vessels, long range cruisers aren't known for their speed. Yet due to their hull design, they are known for being fuel efficient per nautical mile. Designed for longer trips, trawlers are the ultimate cruising vessel, whether you are out at the open sea or a lake.

  16. Semi Displacement Boats for Sale

    Semi-displacement hulls are perfect for those looking for the best of both worlds. Whether you enjoy the speed that comes with a planing hull, or the long distance range and stability offered by full displacement boats, you can opt to have two-in-one when searching for semi displacement boats for sale. The hull speed offered by the planing hull design also offers users the option to cruise at ...

  17. Semi-displacement yachts for Sale

    Rent and charter yachts and other types of ships from owners around the world - 2Yachts

  18. Fast Trawlers: The Fastest Trawler Yachts

    Compared to full-planing boats, semidisplacement hulls often are more heavily built and have more sweep to the buttocks aft (which creates less drag at hull speed), deeper bows, less deadrise aft and a full keel. At displacement speeds, the semidisplacement boat performs somewhere between full-displacement and full-planing hulls.

  19. Comparing Boat Hulls in Rough Water (Displacement vs. Planing Hulls

    It also reduces agility locally, so these boats are less able to zig and zag around breaking waves. Displacement hulls tend to draw more water than their planing counterparts, which, of course, limits their ability to take shortcuts through shallows. ADVERTISEMENT. Thanks for watching!

  20. Trawler boats for sale

    Several boat makers produce these vessels, using hull types such as semi-displacement, displacement, deep vee, modified vee and planing. Boat Trader currently has 678 trawler boats for sale, including 118 new vessels and 560 used boats, listed by both individual owners and professional boat and yacht dealers across the country.

  21. Trawler boats for sale

    They are constructed by a wide variety of yacht manufacturers and their hull types include semi-displacement, displacement, deep vee, modified vee and catamaran designs.

  22. Outer Reef Yachts

    The Semi-displacement hull design is the best of both worlds. While typically most semi-displacement vessels do not cross oceans, many are capable, like an Outer Reef Yacht, and have the range and capability to do so. A semi-displacement vessel can take advantage of increased power and can achieve greater speeds when needed.

  23. Advantages of Semi-Displacement Hulls in Yachts

    Explore the benefits of semi-displacement hulls for yachts, including speed, efficiency, and comfort.

  24. Iranian warship rolls over in port, could be out of action for six

    A photo from the semi-official Tasnim News Agency showed the warship, with a displacement of about 2,000 tons, resting on its left side in the Bandar Abbas port.