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canoe boat yacht

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Best Square Stern Canoe: 4 Motor-Ready Canoes for Fishing and Hunting

Tom "Moose" Kilpatrick

Square stern canoes look like a crossover between a rowing boat and a canoe. The flattened backs of these canoes are designed to be motor-ready, so you can cruise effortlessly across the water. This, coupled with the stability and load-bearing capabilities of square stern canoes, makes them popular among anglers and duck hunters.

As an affiliate of Amazon and other retailers, we may earn a small commission when you buy via our links, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

The Best Square Stern Canoes At a Glance

  • Best All-Around : Old Town Discovery Sport 15
  • Best Lightweight : Esquif Mallard
  • Best Aluminum : Waterstream X-13 Wide Transom Canoe
  • Best for Paddling : Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS

Comparison Table: Best Flat Back Canoes

15’3” x 40″ 114 lbs. 1650 lbs.

: 12′ x 36″
 59 lbs.
 600 lbs

: 13′ x 38″
 72 lbs.
 555 lbs.

: 15’6″ x 42″
 104 lbs.
 800 lbs.

The Best Square Stern Canoes

Best all-around: old town discovery sport 15.

Old Town Discovery Sport 15

Length: 15 ft. 3 in. (4.6 m) Width: 40 in. (101.6 cm) Weight: 114 lbs. (51.7 kg) Capacity: 1650 lbs. (748.4 kg) Material: Three Layer Polyethylene  HP Rating: 4

The Old Town Discovery Sport 15 is a four-person canoe that can be paddled, powered, or even rowed. This versatile craft is made from heavy-duty, three-layer polyethylene, designed to withstand regular use in varied conditions. The enormous capacity reduces to 800 lbs., when under power, but this is still enough for four adults.

That enormous onboard capacity makes the Discovery Sport 15 the ideal canoe for anglers and hunters. Even with multiple adults onboard, there’s plenty of space to stow your equipment and move around. Standing to cast or to get a greater command of the water can be done with confidence.

At 15 ft. 3 in. long, the Discovery Sport 15 is the fastest out-and-out square stern canoe on this list. Couple this with the fact that this canoe can take up to a 4 horse-power motor and you’ll be between spots in no time whatsoever.

  • Capacity for a 4 HP motor
  • Huge onboard capacity
  • Wide and highly stable
  • Versatile 

Best Lightweight: Esquif Mallard

Esquif Mallard

Length: 12 ft. (3.66 m) Width: 36 in. (91.5 cm) Weight: 59 lbs. (27 kg) Capacity: 600 lbs. (273 kg) Material: T-Formex HP Rating: 2 HP

The T-Formex build of the Esquif Mallard makes it an ideal lightweight option when you’re in the market for a square stern canoe. This canoe is light enough to load up on your shoulders to carry to the water, or between bodies of water if you’re out on a hunting trip. It even has a built-in carrying yoke for comfort.

The bow of the Esquif Mallard has a mid-level rocker profile at the bow. This allows it to cut through the water and retain its course relatively well, while the wide and flat hull toward the rear is stable enough for you to move around confidently. There is no onboard storage, but there is plenty of space for storing bags, crates, and coolers .

The Mallard is built for three paddlers, however with a weight capacity of just 600 lbs., you are often going to find yourself heading out solo, or with a partner. If you want a larger model of this boat, try the Esquif Mallard XL instead. 

  • Lightweight build for easy carrying and storage
  • Loads of onboard space
  • Webbed seating to keep your butt cool
  • Low capacity
  • A shorter length limits the top speed

Best Aluminum: Waterstream X-13 Wide Transom Canoe

Waterstream X-13 Wide Transom Canoe

Length: 13 ft. (3.96 m) Width: 38 in. (96 cm)  Weight: 72 lbs. (32.6 kg) Capacity: 555 lbs. (251.7 kg) Material: Aluminum HP Rating: 2 

Aluminum canoes may not be the most common material on the market anymore, but they are the most durable option out there and will outlast all other canoes. Because they can withstand UV damage, as well as anything else the elements can throw at them, you don’t need to set up a special storage area for your canoe either.

The Waterstream X-13 Wide Transom Canoe is built for unparalleled stability. The entire canoe is lined with eathafoam, adding buoyancy so that no matter how much water you fill this thing with, it remains afloat. The addition of foam transoms on the sides keeps it stable so that you can easily climb back on board if you’ve gone for an unexpected swim.

Not that capsizing this canoe will be an easy task. The 38-inch beam width and flat hull make it easy to move around with confidence, ready to stand and cast or shoot from. As an added bonus, you can haul your catch on board without worrying about what it will do to your boat, too.

  • Highly durable aluminum build
  • Extremely stable
  • Added floatation
  • Aluminum canoes can be noisy and scare away game

Best For Paddling: Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS

Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS

Length: 15 ft. 6 in. (4.72 m) Width : 42 in. (107 cm) Weight: 104 lbs. (47 kg) Capacity: 800 lbs. (363 kg) Material: High-Density Polyethylene HP Rating: 2

The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS is the canoe on our list that most closely resembles your standard recreational canoe. The square stern on the Mackinaw SS is built to reduce its impact on the canoe’s performance. The limited bow rocker and a reasonable keel line built into the hull allow you to paddle this canoe, as well as attach a motor to the rear.

The transom mount on the Mackinaw SS is designed for lighter electrical motors, but given the canoe’s shape and dimensions, you wouldn’t want anything too powerful on the back. The Mackinaw is long enough to carry a reasonable speed, though, and at 42 inches wide, more than stable enough to stand and cast.

With an upper capacity of 800 lbs., you can comfortably fit three adults on board, but if you’re going to take a motor and a load of equipment you might be best to limit yourself to two. Underneath the seats, there is dry storage, as well as a cooler under the middle seat. Each seat is fitted with a beverage holder, so you can sit back and relax on the water.

  • Can be used as a standard canoe
  • Long waterline for good top speed
  • Inbuilt cooler 
  • Three seats
  • The transom isn’t designed for heavier motors

What are the Main Benefits of a Square Back Canoe?

Motor compatible.

When you’re fully loaded up for a day of fishing or duck hunting, you might struggle to propel your canoe just using your own strength. Square-backed canoes are specifically designed for mounting motors at the rear. These motors can range from low-powered, lightweight, electric motors, all the way to heavier and powerful gas outboards. 

With the right motor mount , you can attach a trolling motor to most canoes. You can even attach some side-mounted trolling motors to just about any canoe on the market, so long as you’re stable enough. But if you’re going to be using a motor all the time, it’s best to buy a canoe specifically designed for motor mounting.

More Stability

Square stern canoes are among the widest canoes on the market. This can increase drag, but with a motor mounted on the rear, you won’t feel the effects. The extra width prevents you from capsizing and flooding your motor and allows you to cruise and make tight turns without feeling unstable.

As these canoes are designed for duck hunters and anglers, increased stability is highly important. Anglers want to be able to stand to cast and get a greater command of the water, while duck hunters need to know that the recoil of their shot isn’t about to send them overboard.

Extra Capacity

All that extra width gives square stern canoes a higher load capacity than most canoes. This is great news if you’re an angler or hunter who likes to haul a load of equipment with them, or who brings back far more than you take out. It also makes these canoes suitable and stable for larger adults .

Remember that your paddling weight in a square stern canoe not only includes you and your equipment but also the motor. In order to stay within the optimal performance capacity for your canoe, you should avoid overloading more than 70% of the stated capacity. This means that if your canoe has a capacity of 400 lbs., you should load no more than 280 lbs. 

Where can you paddle a Square Stern Canoe?

A female hunter sits in the Esquif Mallard canoe, holding a duck in her hand. A male hunter behind her controls the canoe's motor.

Square stern canoes are generally best suited to calm, recreational waters. In truth, you’re likely to be using them for angling or duck hunting, in which case you won’t be heading out onto raging rivers or breaking surf. With the right motor, you can cruise around large lakes all day, but if you’re using a traditional paddle you may struggle to cover great distances.

Drawbacks of a Square Stern Canoe

Lack of tracking.

When you square off the stern of a canoe, you reduce the boat’s tracking capabilities. The squared section is given a fatter underside in order to maintain stability. In turn, this removes a section of the keel line that would otherwise have a skeg-like effect on the canoe.

Square stern canoe design does vary, but often they come with a reasonable level of bow rocker. This bow riser allows the canoe to skip over the water and ride over lumps and bumps, especially when motor-driven. Without it, your canoe would dig into the water and risk veering and potentially capsizing.

Combined, these two hull changes have an impact on the waterline of the canoe. Not only is it limited, but there is little grip from an area where the hull has a sharp v-shape, the area usually relied on for tracking. Due to this, paddling these canoes into, or across the wind without a motor is challenging even in mild conditions.

Wide and hard to Paddle

Wider canoes are slower across the water. The extra drag caused by the wide, flat hull limits the top speed. Coupled with the lack of tracking capabilities, these canoes are not designed to cover any great distances without the aid of a motor.

Extra wide canoes do have the added bonus that they can turn quickly, compared with narrower models that glide in wider arcs. But these wide canoes aren’t designed for paddling, especially with any real finesse. You can power these as a pair, but tight turns and delicate strokes won’t have the same effect as they might on your other recreational canoes.

These canoes are designed to be strong enough to carry a load of equipment and have extra structural support on the rear for a motor. They are also wide and stable. All of this extra material doesn’t come without the extra bulk and square stern canoes are among the heaviest canoes on the market.

In fact, these canoes can often top 100 lbs., making it unlikely that you’re going to be carloading them on your own. You’re going to require a canoe trolley to get your square stern canoe from the parking lot down to the water, especially if you want to move it and all of your gear in one trip.

Who should use a Square Stern Canoe?

The main reason to own a square stern canoe is the motor compatibility. Sure, there are other benefits to these canoes too, but the others can be found in alternative shapes that don’t have some of the drawbacks of a square stern canoe. If you’re not going to use a motor, you’re unlikely to use a square stern canoe.

For this reason, the majority of the time these canoes are used by anglers and hunters who benefit from the stability and extra space. Families, beginners, and larger adults can all benefit from the stability

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Tom "Moose" Kilpatrick

Tom "Moose" Kilpatrick

Moose started his paddling life on the ponds and rivers in the South-East of England. He has slowly worked his way north and has spent the last few years paddling in Scotland, both with friends and as a canoe guide. A very experienced and knowledgeable coach and guide across Scotland and the rest of the UK, he spent a summer in Norway and a month in Nepal. He is also a cofounder of

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Homepage » Yacht Listings » 41′ Canoe Cove 41 Sports Sedan 41' Canoe Cove 41 Sports Sedan

Listing No. 4726


Price/ $ 86,900

Hull Material/ Fiberglass

Colour/ Blue & White

Engine/ 1980

Beam/ 13' 2"

Draft/ 3' 9"

Displacement/ 28000 lbs

Host Office/ Port Moody

Location/ Off-Site Skyline Marina

Moorage/ yes

***All offers considered*** If you are searching for a full time live-aboard with moorage, look no further. Locally built and designed for our West Coast waters. This classic 1980 Canoe Cove 41’ Sports Sedan is ready to make a home for her next owner. “Skye Song” has been a live aboard on the Fraser River and comes with transferable moorage. On board the vast amount of easily accessible space and the fact the owners have spared no expense in making her a comfortable live aboard means she has most of the modern comforts found in a home. Including a large and well stocked galley with multiple fridges and a full sized freezer. A 5kw Onan genset powers the supplies when needed. Forward are two staterooms with a large head and separate shower stall. The massive 195 gallon water capacity and 12gallon hot water tank allow for comfortable use and a steady supply. Powered by reliable and long lasting twin diesel Perkins 240hp turbo engines; 17 knots max with a comfortable cruise speed of 10 knots. Updated Garmin radar/plotter with 12″ display screen. Garmin Auto-pilot. Garmin Fish finder. On the stern is a top of the line Sea-Wise davit system with a 10’ Zodiac RIB and Mercury 9.9hp outboard. Kept warm all year with a stylish Dickinson Antarctic diesel heater and a Webasto diesel furnace. While a full beam basement below the saloon allows for ample storage and easy access to fuel and water tanks. Dual drive stations permit for year round boating. Recent survey on file. All systems are operational. Canoe Cove boats are well known to be exceptional cruisers and have been enjoyed around these parts since 1958. This Sports Sedan is a model that doesn’t hit the market too often. Including the live-aboard moorage in a convenient and central location makes this a deal that shouldn’t be missed.

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Flat Bottom Boat World Logo

How to Pick the Best Canoe For You. Canoe Buyers Guide

Canoe buyers guide

Canoes are a popular recreational boat used across North America and around the world. But with different hull designs and different sizes how do you know which canoe is the best one for you and your needs? In this article we plan to give you the knowledge needed to make a quick, easy and informed buying decision.

What will you do in the canoe?

Where will you do it, how many people will be doing it, a word about primary and secondary stability, straight sides, flared sides, flat bottom, round bottom, shallow arch, best canoes for specific conditions, best canoes for specific activities, what size of canoe do you need, the key to picking the right canoe.

The key to picking the right canoe is to first know the answer to 3 simple questions. Answering these questions will help you to quickly identity the canoe type that best suits your needs.

The 3 simple questions to ask yourself to determine which canoe type you need are:

  • What activities will you be using the boat for?
  • In what type of marine environments will you be using the boat?
  • How many people will be on the boat at any one time?

As we progress in this article you will see how answering these questions will show you how to:

  • Understand which canoe hull type you need.
  • What size of canoe you need.

So let’s take a look at the above three questions in more detail and how you can answer them in a way that will help you narrow down the choices of canoe available to you.

Before I cover the differences between the different types of canoe that are available in the marketplace it is important for me to help you get clarity about what you want to do in your canoe.

The purposes you intend for your canoe will go a long way towards determining the type of canoe you will buy.

In a previous article we covered the history and basic characteristics of a canoe. While in our article about canoe hull designs and their uses we went more in-depth into the different design characteristics of each canoe type. We will cover that again briefly here.

If, after reading this article, you need a deeper understanding of the differences between the available canoe types I suggest you read the previously mentioned articles, though the information given here should be enough to help you make an informed buying decision.

So, to begin, ask yourself what you intend to do in your new canoe.

Here are some common activities you can enjoy in a canoe:

  • Whitewater sports.
  • Recreational cruising.
  • Long journeys on inland waterways.
  • Ocean touring.
  • Boat camping (see our boat camping guide ).

Once you have identified what you intend to use your canoe for you can review the pros and cons of each canoe type below and you will be able to tell which design is better for your intended purposes.

It is vitally important to know in what type of marine environments you will use your canoe.

You do not need to know the specific locations you will use your canoe in but you do need to know the types of waters you will be navigating.

Why is this important?

Well every boat is deigned for a specific purpose. As an example let’s imagine we own a boat that has been designed to be used in very shallow waters. This type of boat will have a flat bottom and a shallow draft. This means our boat will be able to navigate rivers, creeks and lakes that are only inches deep. However, the same boat would be dangerous to use in choppy, deep, open waters like the ocean.

There are exceptions to this of course, as we covered in the article can a Jon boat go in the ocean , but for the most part flat bottom, shallow draft boats should not be used in challenging waters.

Likewise, a deep draft boat designed for ocean, or deep choppy water use, is unsuitable for shallow waterways because it will either become grounded or get severely damaged in the shallows, or both.

This is why it is important to know in what type of environment you will be using your canoe.

The environment may also influence your choice of length, if for instance you intend to navigate narrow rivers with lots of sharp, tight bends. But, for the most part your choice of canoe hull design will be based on the environment in which you intend to use it and the typical conditions under which you intend to use it.

So, ask yourself if you intend to use your canoe in:

  • Waterways with very shallow areas.
  • Creeks or rivers with tight bends.
  • Large water bodies open to the wind with deep water.
Once you are clear on exactly how you intend to use your canoe and where you intend to use it, it will be fairly easy for you to make a decision about which type of canoe is the best fit for you.

As each hull design has different strengths and weakness you will be able to quickly identify the canoe design that is the best fit for your needs now that you know how and where you will be using the boat.

Next you need to determine it’s size and width.

The number of people you plan to have riding in your canoe will have a big impact on the size of boat you need.

Obviously the more people the canoe needs to carry the bigger the boat you will need.

Be aware that the activity you plan to engage in can also effect the size of canoe you need. For example, camping trips may require a lot of boat space for your gear especially if you plan to hunt or fish while on your excursion.

Which canoe type is best for you?

Now you know how you will use your canoe and in what type of environment you plan to use it, it is time to look at the different types of canoes that are available.

You will see that you can quickly pick a canoe type that is best suited to your chosen activity. Don’t worry if more than one canoe will suit your purposes. If that happens simply go with the canoe that matches your needs best or go with the one that you prefer the look of.

To understand which canoe design offers the most functionality for you let’s first look at the basic characteristics of every canoe and then see how small differences in the hull make all the difference in functionality.

Basic canoe hull characteristics

A canoe has three basic characteristics.

The length and width of your canoe will become important depending upon the activity you engage in and the amount of people who will be in the boat. Obviously hunting expeditions and family camping excursions you will need a canoe that is longer and wider than a canoe you would use if you went off on a one day solo fishing trip.

So how do you measure the length of a canoe?

The length of a canoe is measured from the tip of the boat’s front end to the tip of the back end; the length of a canoe is said to be the measurement from the tip of the bow to the tip of the stern.

As with most things in life there are trade-offs between long canoes and shorter ones. A longer canoe will tend to be a lot faster than its shorter counterpart and will also usually be wider thus offering much more storage space and room for additional passengers.

However, a longer canoe will be much harder to maneuver and steer around tight bends. This is especially the case if you are propelling the canoe with a paddle. Shorter canoes are very easy to paddle, steer and maneuver.

This is not to say that large canoes are difficult to paddle. All canoes are fairly easy to paddle and after a short learning curve you will be able to steer the boat fairly easily.

The width of the canoe, unlike a Jon boat and other boat types, is calculated by measuring the beam – the beam is the widest part of the boat.

A canoe widens starting from the tip of the bow and increases in width as it approaches the middle of the boat before decreasing again in width as it reaches the stern.

All things being equal, a narrow canoe will tend to be faster than a wider one but will offer less stability and less room for storage.

The depth of a canoe refers to the measurement from the top of the side of the boat to the very bottom part of the boat.

Because a canoe is not a uniformed height across its length, depth is measured in the following 3 places:

The depth of a canoe affects how easy it is to paddle.

Greater depth will mean easier paddling through choppy water while allowing for an increased weight capacity on the boat as well. However, an increased depth will make a canoe heavier, slower and less responsive.

All canoes have the same basic characteristics.

Now that you understand the basic characteristics that all canoes share let’s look at the differences in hull design on specific canoe types.

Before we venture into the key differences between canoe types you should be given a quick explanation about primary and secondary stability as it will help you to better understand why some canoes are better suited to certain conditions while they are ill suited to others.

A simple understanding of primary and secondary stability will help you avoid buying the wrong type of canoe for your purposes.

The primary and secondary stability of a canoe are based on how the vessel curves at the sides and how it curves, or doesn’t curve, on the bottom of the hull.

Below is a simplistic explanation of what primary and secondary stability are but it is accurate enough to give you an understanding of how these two factors affect your canoe.

Primary stability , in simplistic terms, refers to how stable a boat is when it sits on calm water.

Secondary stability , in simplistic terms, refers to how stable a boat is when it is rocked by waves or choppy water.

Primary stability is affected by the design of the canoe’s bottom. Secondary stability is affected by the design of the canoe’s sides.

If you plan to use a boat in calm inland waters in fairly good weather conditions then you need a boat with good primary stability.

If you plan to use your canoe in challenging, choppy or deep waters then you will need a boat with good secondary stability.

There is always a trade-off between primary and secondary stability.

A canoe with exceptionally good primary stability will feel incredibly stable on calm water but very tippy in choppy water.

A canoe with exceptionally good secondary stability will feel very secure in choppy water but will feel very tippy in calm water.

Different canoe hull designs

The design of a canoe depends largely on the shape of its bottom and the shape of its sides.

There are three side shapes each being specially adapted to specific uses.

  • Tumblehome.

There are four types of canoe bottom each being specially adapted to specific uses.

The four canoe bottom types are:

  • Round bottom.
  • Flat bottom.
  • Shallow arch.

Let’s take a look at how these unique design characteristics are suited to specific applications and environments so you can see which one is best suited to your specific needs.

Canoes with straight sides provide no particular benefit nor any particular limitation other than to maintain primary stability.

Many flat bottom canoes have straight sides as these boats are primarily used as recreational vessels in calm shallow waters.

A flared hull widens out near the  gunwales .

A canoe with flared sides can more effectively deflect waves.

This type of canoe performs much better in choppy waters and ocean environments as it has much less chance of capsizing than a flat-bottomed straight-sided canoe though it will feel “tippy” in calm waters.

Tumblehome is the opposite of flared. Tumblehome is the narrowing of a ship’s hull with greater distance above the water-line.

Tumblehome refers to how the hull curves in toward the gunwales (the upper edge of the side of the boat).

A canoe with tumblehome lets the paddler paddle close to the hull. You will see this design most often in one-man racing canoes.

canoe hull sides

A flat bottom canoe has a hull design with a, not surprisingly, flat bottom.

The flat bottom of these types of canoes give them exceptionally good primary stability in calm water. On calm waters they are almost impossible to tip and feel very stable even to novice paddlers.

Because it is so stable in calm waters a flat bottom canoe is ideal for inland leisure activities especially for families and beginners.

Where a flat bottom canoe excels in primary stable it loses in secondary stability.

What does this mean?

Well a flat bottomed canoe is excellent in calm water but in choppy water or when navigating waves created by strong winds it tends to feel a lot less stable. If the weather turns bad and the wind starts whipping up strong waves a flat bottom canoe will feel very unstable and may even capsize.

Flat bottom canoes are therefore usually only seen on calm rivers, lakes and streams etc., or near the shoreline in the ocean when the weather is optimal.

If you plan to use your canoe only in calm inland waters and in fairly calm weather then a flat bottom canoe with straight sides would be a good buying choice.

Because round bottom canoes are faster than other types they are usually seen only in competitions and races and only in very calm waters

A rounded hull design means the boat encounters much less friction in the water making it fast but this type of rounded hull means the boat is not very stable.

It is unlikely you will want to buy a round bottom canoe unless you plan to use it only for racing in very calm and straight waterways.

A shallow arched, sometimes simply referred to as an arched, canoe is ideal for paddling in calm waters that can become more challenging as the weather conditions change. It has a good balance of primary and secondary stability making it a good all-round canoe.

This is a type of hybrid design, taking the best of a round bottom and twinning it with the best of a flat bottom, means a shallow arch canoe is almost as good in calm water as a flat-bottomed canoe while offering much more stability in more challenging conditions.

However, it will be more restricted in shallow waters than a flat bottom canoe because it has a deeper draft. For more information about how draft works read shallow draft vs deep draft .

A shallow arch canoe will also offer increased speed on calm waters and the most paddling efficiency.

A shallow-v bottom offers the most versatility among all the canoe hull bottom designs.

A shallow-v offers some of the stability of a flat bottom canoe but has superior performance in rough water.

A shallow-v canoe is also better at tracking.

Unlike a flat-bottomed or arched canoe though a shallow-v will not be able to navigate extremely shallow waters without risking damage to the canoe bottom.

canoe hull bottom types

What does all this mean for you?

By knowing how each canoe type interacts with specific marine environments you can now choose the one that best suits the activity that you identified after answering question 1 at the beginning of this article.

You should now also know which canoe type is best suited to the type of environment you identified from answering question 2 .

For instance, if you plan to use your canoe for recreational use in calm waters then a flat bottomed canoe with straight sides would be the best choice. However, if you plan to use your canoe for recreational use under a range of different conditions, from calm water to choppy water, then an arched canoe with flared sides would be a much better choice.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your canoe in very challenging waters, or the ocean, then a shallow-v canoe with tumblehome sides is probably going to perform the best.

Below we have an easy to view chart showing you which canoe type is best suited to specific activities.

You can sort the table below by clicking on any category column so you can see whether a canoe type is recommended for that environment/condition.

Please bear in mind that these are simple tables designed to make your decision easier. The information in them is not set in stone. For example, in the table below you will see that a shallow-v is not recommended for calm conditions. This does not mean a shallow-v cannot be used in calm conditions – it can be, but it will feel tippy so it is not the ideal boat for those conditions.

In the above example, if you plan to use your canoe only in calm conditions, a flat-bottomed or shallow arched canoe would be a better choice.

Flat Bottom
Shallow arch

You can sort the table by clicking on the activity category so you see which canoe types are best suited to specific activities.

RecreationalCampingOcean FishingFreshwater FishingHuntingWhitewater
Flat Bottom
Shallow arch

This question should be pretty easy for you to answer.

The more gear you intend to carry and the more passengers you will have onboard the bigger the canoe you will need.

Now you know which type of canoe you require finding the correct sized one is just a matter of looking at the specs of specific boats and getting one that can accommodate your weight requirements. If you don’t know how to work out what your weight requirements are follow this formula . You can also ask the dealer or look the specs of your prospective buy online.

Mick McGrath

Recent Content

DIY Boat Restoration: Tips and Tricks for a Budget-Friendly Makeover

Restoring an old boat can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to breathe new life into a beloved vessel. While it may seem like a daunting task, with the right tips and tricks, you can embark on...

518 Illustrated Boat Plans

518 boat plans for less than the price of your lunch! MyBoatPlans Reviews MyBoatPlans is a comprehensive collection of 518 boat plans, 40 videos and about 500 pages of boat building guides. I've...

H2O Canoe Company

Now accepting orders for Summer / Fall 2022

H2O Canoe Company Logo White

Adirondack Pack Canoes

Like a Kayak-Canoe hybrid, our Adirondack Pack Canoes are lightweight, fast boats for solo paddlers. Equipped with a seat on the bottom of the canoe and used with a double-blade paddle, Pack Canoes offer unmatched speed and stability while out paddling on the water.

All Pack Canoes come in Pro Lite series, with choices between Flax, Innegra Basalt, co-mingle Innegra Basalt, Kevlar, Carbon Kevlar, Carbon Innegra, and Carbon Fiber. Red, Green, or Blue woven colour finish is available as an optional add-on for all finishes except black Carbon Fiber.

Not sure which series or material is right for you? Click here to learn more.

To see pictures of our different canoe models, please visit our Gallery page.

The Pack 10-6 canoe is very nimble and quick. The Pack 10-6 is best suited to a kayak paddle for balance and correction. Very light weight it is a true over the shoulder vessel when out of the water or a detachable yoke is available. The Pack 10-6 really suits a day tripper with little gear as it excels at being minimalistic and compact; try a Pack 12 or Pack 13-2 for more gear storage.

Length 10’8″

Max Width 27″

Max Gunwale Width 26″

Height – Bow / Centre / Stern 13″ / 10.5″ / 11.5″

Waterline Width 25″

Bow Rocker 1″

Stern Rocker .5″

Optimum Load 100 – 220lb

Max Load 325lb

Buying Guide – Full Specs, Weights, MSRP

canoe boat yacht

The Pack 12 canoe is our mid-size Pack Canoe suiting just about anyone who can reach over the edge. The Pack 12 runs straight and true with ease. The Pack 12 features a comfortable, padded Carbon Fiber seat support & kayak style adjustable foot braces. With room for some gear it is a fantastic getaway vessel for a day or more. Detachable yoke optional.

Length 12′

Max Width 26.5″

Max Gunwale Width 25.5″

Waterline Width 24.5″

Optimum Load 100 – 240lb

Max Load 350lb

canoe boat yacht

The Pack 13-2 canoe is H2O Canoe Companies largest entry in an authentic Adirondack Pack Canoe. Solo seated kayak style in a supportive, padded Carbon Fiber pan with kayak style foot braces, the Pack 13-2 is fast, responsive and exciting. Pack 13-2 has room for extra gear or possibly a moderately sized four-legged companion. The 13-2 has very few restrictive considerations. Even as the largest model it can be carried and loaded by paddlers of any stature. Detachable yoke optional.

Length 13’2″

Max Gunwale Width 25″

Height – Bow / Centre / Stern 13″ / 10.75″ / 11.5″

Waterline Width 24″

Bow Rocker 1.5″

Optimum Load 120 – 280lb

Max Load 375lb

canoe boat yacht

Ashes Still Water Boats

Can a Boat Tell a Story

Canoe and kayak plans for amateur builders, canoe plans.

A Pleasure to Build a Joy to Paddle

Paddle Plans

Build Your Own

Kayak Plans

Build an Instant Classic

Canoe Plans Kayak Plans Paddle Plans

 —- Article —-

Know What Your Canoe Will Weigh

An easy to use weight calculator with a large number of inputs and variables.

canoe boat yacht


Cedar Strip Canoe from Ashes Still Water Boats

 —- How To —-

Materials Calculator

Four easy to use calculators to help amateur builders determine the amount of wood strips, board feet, epoxy, and fiberglass cloth needed to build a wood strip built canoe or kayak..

Strip Calculator | Board Feet | Epoxy | Fiberglass

canoe boat yacht

Building a Cedar Strip Canoe

It’s probably easier than you think. a series of articles that discuss the essentials of a cedar strip build..

canoe boat yacht

Building a Strip Canoe

Build a Canoe with Plans from Ashes Still Water Boats

Featured plans.

canoe boat yacht

The Solo Pack


 13 feet x 28 inches 25 pounds

VIEW detailS

canoe boat yacht

The Tandem Trip


17 feet by 33 inches 45 pounds

View details

canoe boat yacht

The Angler’s Day


 15 feet x 34 inches 40 pounds


canoe boat yacht

Choosing Which Boat to Build | Why Choose a Design from Ashes | What Your Plans Include 

Russia promises retaliation against US for Ukraine strike on Crimea

  • Medium Text

Aftermath of recent shelling in Luhansk

  • Russia says US is to blame for attack on Crimea
  • Ukraine struck Crimea with U.S. ATACMS, Russia says
  • Russia summons US ambassador in Moscow


Sign up here.

Reporting by Dmitry Antonov; writing by Olzhas Auyezov; Additional reporting by Simon Lewis, Idrees Ali, Daphne Psaledakis, Steve Holland and Kanishka Singh in Washington; editing by Guy Faulconbridge, Mark Heinrich, Kevin Liffey and Stephen Coates

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. New Tab , opens new tab

canoe boat yacht

Thomson Reuters

As Moscow bureau chief, Guy runs coverage of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Before Moscow, Guy ran Brexit coverage as London bureau chief (2012-2022). On the night of Brexit, his team delivered one of Reuters historic wins - reporting news of Brexit first to the world and the financial markets. Guy graduated from the London School of Economics and started his career as an intern at Bloomberg. He has spent over 14 years covering the former Soviet Union. He speaks fluent Russian.

European Union leaders informal summit in Brussels

World Chevron

Italian PM Meloni and Hungarian PM Orban meet in Rome

Hungary launches investigation into anti-corruption watchdog

Hungary has launched an investigation into the Hungarian branch of Transparency International (TI), the anti-corruption watchdog said on its website on Tuesday, citing a letter from the country's Sovereignty Protection Office.

Final 2020 U.S. presidential campaign debate in Nashville

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Morning Briefing: Asia Pacific Edition

Tuesday briefing: dagestan attack revives terrorism fears in russia.

Also, a shift in Israel’s focus and extreme heat in Mecca.

Amelia Nierenberg

By Amelia Nierenberg

A group of three people in the dark behind a burned car.

Dagestan attacks revive terrorism fears in Russia

At least 20 people were killed on Sunday in a seemingly coordinated assault in the Dagestan region of southern Russia. It was the deadliest attack in the area in 14 years.

The Russian authorities have designated the attack as an act of terror, but it was not immediately clear who was responsible. The gunmen targeted a police station as well as synagogues and Orthodox churches. Fifteen of the victims were police officers. One was an Orthodox priest, who was killed in his church. It is not known whether the attackers were specifically targeting members of law enforcement.

Five attackers were eventually killed by security forces, officials said.

The attack was reminiscent of the intense violence that gripped the Northern Caucasus, a predominantly Muslim region, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. That bloodshed was caused by a combination of Islamic fundamentalism and organized crime. Suppressing it became one of the central bragging points for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, after he came to power in 1999.

That legacy is now being threatened by a resurgence of violence. In March, four gunmen killed 145 people at a concert hall near Moscow. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack.

Analysis: The assault on Sunday has put a spotlight on the mounting challenges that Russia faces as the war in Ukraine taxes its economy and security apparatus.

Israel said that the war in Gaza will soon enter a new phase

Recent remarks by Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and defense minister, Yoav Gallant, suggest that the country may soon mount fewer operations in Gaza and shift its focus to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“The intense stage of the war with Hamas is about to end,” Netanyahu said Sunday, though he added that this did not mean the war was ending, and dismissed the idea of a cease-fire being close.

Gallant was in Washington yesterday talking to the C.I.A. director and other U.S. officials about Gaza and Hezbollah, as the U.S. works to head off a new Israeli military push in Lebanon.

In Gaza City: A senior official in charge of coordinating ambulance movements in Gaza was killed by an Israeli strike , the health ministry in the enclave said yesterday.

Courts: A lawsuit filed in New York accused senior officials at the U.N. aid agency for Palestinians of knowing that Hamas siphoned off $1 billion in aid money. The case faces high legal hurdles.

Heat deaths exposed an underworld hajj industry

More than 1,300 people have died amid extreme heat while making the Islamic pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, this month.

It’s unclear if the number of deaths this year is higher than in previous years — Saudi Arabia doesn’t regularly share those statistics. Officials said that most of the dead had not been registered for the hajj. Pilgrims with permits are transported in air-conditioned buses and rest in air-conditioned tents, while those without are left with little protection from the heat.

The toll has exposed an underbelly of scam tour operators and smugglers who profit off Muslims desperate to make the journey.


China: Floods and landslides in Guangdong Province killed at least 47 people .

South Korea: At least 22 people died in a fire at a lithium-battery plant near Seoul, officials said. Most of them were migrant laborers from China.

Philippines: Leila de Lima, a former senator who was detained after criticizing former President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, was cleared of all charges .

Britain: Support for the Conservative Party is collapsing before the election next week. These charts show why .

Africa: Many countries resent France, a former colonial power. But Rwanda is embracing French culture and investment.

Royals: Princess Anne was hospitalized after suffering a concussion and minor injuries in an unspecified accident.

Climate : A new study found that the frequency and intensity of extreme wildfires worldwide have more than doubled in the last two decades .

Trade : Global shipping prices are soaring, raising fears of product shortages and delays .

Apple: The company was charged under a new E.U. law with imposing unfair restrictions on developers of applications for its App Store.

East Asia: Tensions within a South Korean and Japanese venture that owns the operator of Line, a popular messaging app, could cool the warming relations between the two countries.

Hockey: The Edmonton Oilers will play the Florida Panthers for the Stanley Cup at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Euro 2024: Germany’s faltering train system is causing serious delays for soccer fans trying to get to the games.

Wrestling: Gabbi Tuft, the first current or former W.W.E. star to come out as transgender, will return to the ring today .


A.I. is rapidly getting better at creating lifelike faces and realistic photographs, fooling many. But there are telltale signs that can help you discern real images from fake ones.

Do you already have the eye? Take our quiz and find out .


Bargain boat : Our Frugal Traveler columnist went on a 30-percent-off yacht cruise in Croatia. Was it worth it?

Role models: As boys struggle in school, male kindergarten teachers can help .

Minor celebrity: A wild flamingo is summering in the Hamptons.


A reporter learns his father’s past.

My colleague Edward Wong, who worked in China first as a correspondent and then as the Beijing bureau chief for The Times, knew that his father served in China’s army. But it wasn’t until he was researching his new book, “At the Edge of Empire: A Family’s Reckoning With China,” that Ed uncovered the full story.

Yook Kearn Wong, Ed’s father, was stationed in Xinjiang, a region in China’s northwest, in 1952. There he would take part in efforts that laid the groundwork for China to rule over that area. Later, after he survived famine, he knew he had to escape China. He reached the U.S. in 1967.

“I marvel,” Ed writes, “at the ways my family’s story has looped like a Möbius strip around multiple generations and around the history of China.”


Cook: This blackberry dessert doesn’t require an oven and takes less than 30 minutes.

Travel: Cap Ferret is where Parisians escape to secret beaches. Locals shared some favorite spots .

Play: A remake of Riven , the 1997 sequel to the immersive puzzle game Myst, comes out today.

Soothe: A walk can ease back pain .

Play: Spelling Bee , the Mini Crossword , Wordle and Sudoku . Find all our games here .

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow. — Amelia

Email us at [email protected] .

Amelia Nierenberg writes the Asia Pacific Morning Briefing , a global newsletter. More about Amelia Nierenberg

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sail colors & material. 

The sail kits fold to a compact size and are easily shipped to your door, stored in your closet and carried in any car.

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Here's another video, provided by a happy customer:   

We are a dealer for , SportsPal Aluminum canoes and the Sea Eagle inflatable Travel Canoe  and offer sailkit/canoe packages for  these brands.  

Clamp-on sail rig converts your canoe into a sailboat in minutes. Fun, Fast, Portable, and Comfortable.  Rig folds to less than a 4-foot-long golf bag size package.  Does not damage your canoe.  Full upwind sailboat performance.


M essage a Customer Posted on Facebook

canoe boat yacht

Enjoy the thrilling power of nature's wonderful wind.  Feel that power in the tug of the sail on the rope in your hand, and the throb of the steering oar in your other hand as its blade knifes through the rushing water.

Owner, founder and manager Jim Luckett is passionate about sailing.  Need help shopping, sailing advice, or have a boat not listed on our site? Call or email me!

Contact Us : 1-888-Joy-Sail or 1- 978-263-7598. Email:[email protected] 

General Ordering Information and Return Policy

Sailing Safety Tips

How much room if left for people once you mount the sail kit?   Look below at this pack of pirates!

canoe boat yacht

Four men in a 15-foot Coleman canoe with our sail kit.  The whole middle of the canoe is open for passengers.  And since every part of the sail kit is at the gunwale or above, there is no loss of space for gear if you want to go sail-camping.   Just watch out for pirates!

More Comments from  customers:

canoe boat yacht

Video of the Deluxe Canoe Sail Kit in action:

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NRS Women's Expedition Weight Union Suit - Closeout

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Yakima Extender Bar for LongArm Truck Mount - Closeout

media stream

canoe boat yacht

Bring the Elders » One son-in-law’s journey through the Grand Canyon with his in-laws and how his hesitation to include them quickly turned to gratitude.

canoe boat yacht

In the Wake of York: A Missouri River Story » In 2021, Janina Edwards joined 14 other Black paddlers on a kayaking expedition to honor York’s legacy on the Corps of Discovery.

canoe boat yacht

Checklist » From planning to packing, logistics to stoke, Checklist reminds kayakers that planning a kayaking trip is easier than you think.

canoe boat yacht

Witnessing the Resurgence of Cataract Canyon » Ten years after her first trip through Cataract Canyon, Cassidy Randall returns to see the river’s natural resurrection.

canoe boat yacht

Sisters of the Sacred River: The Trailblazing Ganga Girls » Naina Adhikari returns for year two of the Ganga Girls with a new crew and a new challenge: India’s first all-female ACA Raft Guide training.

canoe boat yacht

Cinque Terre » Three paddlers hop a train to Genova hoping to sea kayak 100km of coastline and explore the five fishing villages that comprise Cinque Terre.

canoe boat yacht

Returning to the Lowers on the Rio Grande » Having ditched the dirtbag lifestyle for a career, Austin Alvarado yearned to return to the rugged landscape of the Lowers on the Rio Grande.

canoe boat yacht

Ode to Lil’ Hirk » Ten years and countless adventures later, Jasmine Wilhelm applauds the lessons and labors of her first raft, Lil’ Hirk, a $700 Costco buy.

canoe boat yacht

Life Downstream » Life Downstream offers a powerful look at the intersection of recreation and livelihood and the reminder that to truly know a rive r requires questions most paddlers never think to ask.

About NRS: Northwest River Supplies

About NRS: Northwest River Supplies

In 1972, with only $2,000 in his personal savings, Bill Parks started Northwest River Supplies with one mission: to help others raft. 42 years later, Bill sold NRS to its employees. Today, the 100% employee-owned business strives to continue Bill’s legacy helping people pursue passions on the water.

At our Moscow, Idaho headquarters you’ll find passionate water-lovers just like you, from rafters to whitewater kayakers, sea kayakers to stand up paddlers, kayak anglers to fly fishermen. Our lives, and livelihoods, are drawn to water.

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canoe boat yacht

Image Unavailable

Marine Electric Thruster, 12V 45 Lbs Electric Trolling Motor with Retractable Handle, Heavy Duty Electric Boat Motor for Kayak, Inflatable Fishing Boats.

  • To view this video download Flash Player

Marine Electric Thruster, 12V 45 Lbs Electric Trolling Motor with Retractable Handle, Heavy Duty Electric Boat Motor for Kayak, Inflatable Fishing Boats.

12V 40 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

12V 45 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

12V 58 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

12V 65 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

12V 80 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

24V 85 Lbs Marine Electric Thruster

48V 1000W Electric Trolling Motor

48V 1000W Marine Electric Thruster

48V 1200W Marine Electric Thruster

48V 1800W Electric Trolling Motor

48V 2200W Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

60V 2200W Thruster Electric Trolling Motor

Purchase options and add-ons

Brand ZeStarDair
Color 12V 45 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor
Material Stainless Steel
Operation Mode Electric
Recommended Uses For Product For Inflatable Boats, For Fishing Boats

About this item

  • Kayak Trolling Motor: 12V trolling motor the propeller is designed using a multi-dimensional optimization iterative method to improve propulsion efficiency and reduce propeller losses. Electric trolling motor the handle can be freely adjusted according to the actual situation and your special needs.
  • Adjustable Gears: Electric trolling motor the forward gears include five gears, and the backward gears include two gears. Its gears can be freely adjusted according to the actual situation and your special needs.
  • High Efficiency Marine Electric Thruster: The marine electric thruster with a pure copper motor can overcome huge water resistance to increase the speed of driving and improve its efficiency. Trolling boat motors with 881.8 lbs of thrust, you'll be able to sneak up on fish at optimum speed.
  • Great Durability Non-deformable: The 12v trolling motor for kayak with a pure copper motor is more durable and has a long service life. The suspension bracket is made of high-strength stainless steel, which can ensure that the bracket is not deformed by repeated disassembly and installation.
  • Customer Service: Communication is the best way to solve problems. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Buy it with

Marine Electric Thruster, 12V 45 Lbs Electric Trolling Motor with Retractable Handle, Heavy Duty Electric Boat Motor for Kaya

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26 LBS Thrust 8 Speed Electric Outboard Trolling Motor for Fishing Boats Saltwater Transom Mounted with Adjustable Handle, 12

Product Description

12v trolling motor

electric boat motors

Product information

Technical details.

Brand ‎ZeStarDair
Color ‎12V 45 Lbs Thruster Electric Trolling Motor
Material ‎Stainless Steel
Operation Mode ‎Electric
Recommended Uses For Product ‎For Inflatable Boats, For Fishing Boats
Voltage ‎12 Volts
Fuel Type ‎Electric
Maximum Horsepower ‎552 Watts
Manufacturer ‎ZeStarDair
Model ‎Marine Electric Thruster
Country of Origin ‎China
Item model number ‎ET45L
Exterior ‎Painted
Manufacturer Part Number ‎ET45L

Additional Information

Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #278,012 in Sports & Outdoors ( )
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canoe boat yacht

Russia's Kirov-Class Battlecruiser Nightmare Is Now Getting Started

Summary and Key Points: The Kirov-class nuclear-powered battlecruiser, a relic of the Soviet era, has become obsolete in the modern naval battlespace dominated by anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) technologies.

-Designed in the 1980s, only one vessel, the Pyotr Velikiy, remains in service. These battlecruisers, plagued by high maintenance costs, technical issues, and outdated systems, are ill-suited for current naval warfare.

-Despite their historical significance, Russia would benefit from decommissioning the last Kirov-class ship and reallocating resources towards more relevant and cost-effective modern systems or unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

Time to Retire: Why Russia Should Decommission the Kirov-Class Battlecruiser

Russia’s  Kirov -class nuclear-powered battlecruiser  dates back to the 1980s. A product of the late-stage Soviet empire, it was designed to be the main capital ship of the Soviet Navy. As of 2014, there is only one ship of this class, the  Pyotr Velikiy,  remains in service. While these vessels were once considered the symbol of Soviet naval power, they have been kept basically on life support by the Russian Federation. 

In fact,  the  Kirov -class battlecruiser  has never lived up to its promise. What’s more, in the age of anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD), in which surface warships will be prevented from moving close to land targets, the  Kirov -class is essentially obsolete. 

So, it’s time for Moscow to retire these ancient behemoths. 

The Specifications on the Kirov-Class 

The  Kirov -class battlecruiser displaces 24,300 tons (standard and a total of 28,000 tons when fully loaded. The length is 252 meters (827 feet). Its beam is 28.5 meters (93.5 feet). The Draught is 9.1 meters (30 feet). Russia’s  Kirov -class battlecruiser’s propulsion possesses two nuclear reactors, two steam turbines, four propellers, and 140,000 shaft horsepower.

These boats reach a top cruising speed of 32 knots (or 37 miles per hour), with an unlimited range because of its nuclear propulsion. Around 830 crewmembers comprise the crew of this class of battlecruiser.

The History

There have been four warships of this class since 1980. Originally named the  Leonid Brezhnev , the first warship of this class was renamed the  Kirov  in 1992 and subsequently decommissioned in 1999.  The  Frunze is another boat of this class. Commissioned in 1984 and later renamed  Admiral Ushakov  in 1992, this unit was ultimately decommissioned in 2001.  The  Kalinin  was commissioned in 1988. In typical Russian fashion, the boat was renamed  Admiral Lazarev  in 1992 and decommissioned in 2021. 

And, of course, there’s the  Pyotr Velikiy ,  which is the last of its class.

The  Kirov -class battlecruisers played a major role in the Cold War, projecting Soviet power in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Their operational history has been marred by several incidents and accidents, including the accidental explosion of the  Kirov’s nuclear reactor  in 1990, which, naturally, led to its decommissioning.

A typical  Kirov -class battlecruiser is afflicted with a multiplicity of problems, meaning that it is utterly nonsensical for Moscow to make these boats the flagship of their fleet. Yet, that is precisely what they did. With one left, Moscow should put it out of its misery. The age and maintenance of the  Kirov -class is one notable concern. Being over 30 years old, requiring extensive maintenance and constant upgrades to remain operational (and relevant on the modern naval battlefield), this boat is both costly and time-consuming for a Russia that today needs simplicity and cheapness.

Technical Problems Galore for Kirov Battlecruisers 

Another hallmark of Soviet-era nuclear technology, such as the nuclear reactors that power the  Kirov -class, are its utter unreliable (and unsafe design). The age alone of the nuclear reactors onboard their leviathans give many outside observers pause. Just a decade into its lifespan—relatively young in the ship’s operational history—the namesake of this class suffered a catastrophic nuclear event. Imagine how unsafe the  Pyotr Velikiy  must be today.

As was mentioned earlier, the  Kirov -class has a very limited utility for Russia in the modern battlespace. These were designed for a Cold War-era threat environment, which simply no longer exists. Their large size and limited speed make these boats vulnerable to modern anti-ship missiles and other advanced weapons.

Further, there are  crewing issues  with this class of warship. 

There’s a considerable lack of automation, meaning that the  Kirov -class battlecruiser’s size demands a large crew complement. But the Russian Navy in particular is struggling through a recruitment and retention crisis, meaning that keeping the  Kirov -class staffed will be a serious problem.

Nuclear warships are more complex than non-nuclear platforms. All this means in a Russia that does not want to waste its money is that the  Kirov -class is very expensive to operate safely. They also consume considerable resources that Russia could better spend elsewhere, on systems more relevant to the modern combat arena. 

Even though nuclear systems are more complex than non-nuclear ones, these systems exist on a spectrum. So, while the  Kirov -class is more advanced than a non-nuclear battlecruiser, it is chock full of obsolete systems from the Soviet era. These warships lack modern sensors, communications, and weapons systems, making them far less effective in modern combat scenarios than warships of this size and cost should be.

Due to their age and operational limitations, these warships have seen limited deployment in recent years, reducing their overall utility to the Russian Navy—especially in a time of war. Russia needs every platform it can get. The  Kirov -class battlecruiser simply doesn’t deliver.

Then there’s the whole nuclear concern. 

You see, even if the one remaining  Kirov -class doesn’t suffer a nuclear reactor meltdown due to mismanagement or age (or both), once Moscow opts to decommission this boat, there might be a nuclear incident simply because the Russian Navy doesn’t want to spend the time or resources to decommission this boat properly. If the radioactive materials are not disposed of properly by the Russian government, it could create a long-term environmental disaster.

This would  not be the first time  an improperly decommissioned Russian warship created nuclear environmental problems.

Russia Would Be Wise to Spend Their Resources Elsewhere 

Russia’s  Kirov -class battlecruiser was never worth the rubles and resources that Moscow spent on it. If Moscow were smart, they’d decommission the  Pyotr Veliky,  and spend the freed-up resources on more advanced systems or cheaper unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV).

Author Experience and Expertise: Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert , a National Interest national security analyst , is a former Congressional staffer and geopolitical analyst who is a contributor at The Washington Times, the Asia Times, and The-Pipeline. He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower, Biohacked: China’s Race to Control Life, and The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy. His next book, A Disaster of Our Own Making: How the West Lost Ukraine, is due October 22 from Encounter Books. Weichert can be followed via Twitter @WeTheBrandon .

All images are Creative Commons or Shutterstock. 

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Kirov-Class Battlecruiser from Russian Navy

Ukraine-Russia war latest: International arrest warrants issued for former Russian defence minister and top general

The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for Russia's former defence minister Sergei Shoigu and its military chief of staff General Valery Gerasimov for attacking civilian targets in Ukraine. Ask our experts a question about the war below.

Tuesday 25 June 2024 17:13, UK

  • Arrest warrants issued by ICC for former Russian defence minister and top general | Russia's short response
  • Ivor Bennett analysis:  Warrants may send powerful message - but Putin is proof they won't mean much in practice
  • Explained : What impact will an ICC warrant have on top Russian officials?
  • Your questions answered : Has Western media been honest about Ukrainian military failures?
  • EU begins membership talks with Ukraine and Moldova
  • Big picture : What you need to know this week
  • Live updates by Katie Williams

Ask a question or make a comment

More now from Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov, who has warned of "tragic and fatal" consequences if the West underestimates Russia's determination.

Mr Ryabkov said Moscow was ready to stand up for itself "and ensure its own interests in any situation".

"I don't even want to assume that this underestimation could become tragic and fatal," he said, adding the West was confronting a major nuclear power. 

"There are different ways to respond to this - rhetorical and practical. We have the resources to convey signals to the West in the field of nuclear deterrence, even in the absence of our opponents' willingness to conduct a sober dialogue. But there is a danger, it cannot be underestimated, that their side may make a mistake. We will try not to," Mr Ryabkov said at a conference in Moscow.

Major world powers are responsible for stopping the world from "sliding into nuclear chaos", Russia's deputy foreign minister has said.

Sergei Ryabkov's remarks at a conference in Moscow came in response to prominent arms control expert Alexei Arbatov, who suggested that the multipolar world could fall into nuclear chaos without dialogue on strategic stability between Russian and the US.

Mr Arbatov had said such discussions should restart when the war ends, with nations such as China, the UK and France also involved.

During the conference, Mr Ryabkov, Russia's top diplomat for arms control, also said Russia's advances in nuclear deterrence meant its security would be ensured for decades to come, even in a world where artificial intelligence is advancing.

Asked if Russia could ensure nuclear security in an era of AI competition, he said: "In recent years, such groundwork has been done in the field of nuclear deterrence that will allow us to ensure our own security for decades to come."

He added: "Our common task is to prevent the world and the multipolar world, above all, from sliding into nuclear chaos."

By Ivor Bennett , Moscow correspondent

Practically speaking, these arrest warrants won't mean very much.

Russia is not a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) so the court has no jurisdiction here.

"Insignificant" is how Russia's powerful Security Council, of which Sergei Shoigu is secretary, described the decision.

In theory, Shoigu's and Valery Gerasimov's movements are now considerably restricted.

Both face arrest if they set foot in any one of the ICC's 124 signatory states.

And that threat of detention was enough to deter Vladimir Putin from attending a BRICS summit in South Africa last year, after he became the subject of an ICC arrest warrant a few months earlier.

But as we've seen since then, Russia's president has still been able to clock up a lot of air miles.

In the past two months alone, he's travelled to China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, North Korea and Vietnam - none of which is an ICC member.

With friends like that, there are still plenty of possible destinations for Russia's latest suspects.

Shoigu does occasionally travel - he accompanied Putin to Beijing last month.

But Gerasimov not so much.

Behind Putin and Shoigu's successor as defence minister Andrey Belousov, he is the third most powerful person in the Russian military and is being kept busy back home by the war in Ukraine.

So there's no immediate prospect either man will be arrested.

All that being said, Ukraine and its Western allies will argue that this sends a powerful message.

There are now eight ICC arrest warrants against senior Russian figures related to the invasion of Ukraine.

Kyiv claims it shows that "evil" will be held accountable.

But Moscow will see this differently and may try to spin it to their advantage.

To justify its invasion of Ukraine, Russia claims it is under attack by the West. I suspect it will view the ICC decision as an opportunity to reinforce that narrative.

Moscow has announced it is banning access inside Russia to the broadcasts of dozens of EU media outlets, in a retaliatory move after a similar EU ban on several Russian media firms.

In May, the European Union said it was suspending the distribution of four Russian outlets -  the Voice of Europe, RIA news agency and the Izvestia and Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspapers.

It said they were spreading and supporting the "Russian propaganda and war of aggression against Ukraine".

Today the Russian foreign ministry has hit back by releasing a list of 81 media outlets from 25 EU member states whose broadcasts would no longer be available inside Russia.

Moscow has in turn accused these outlets of "systematically distributing inaccurate information" about the war.

Among the outlets banned are Italian broadcasters Rai and La7 and newspapers La Repubblica and La Stampa. 

The Italian foreign ministry has condemned the decision, calling the measure against "objective and unbiased" reporting "unjustified".

Volodymyr Zelenskyy says his country's dream has been made "a reality" as membership talks between the EU and Ukraine begin.

Mr Zelenskyy said there had been "thousands of meetings and calls" between Kyiv's application for membership on the fifth day of the Ukraine war and today's conference in Luxembourg.

He also said Ukraine had worked to meet conditions imposed by the EU and enacted new laws to improve his country's standing.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said the start of EU accession talks was a significant step towards a "shared victory".

Russia has launched 2,277 attack drones at Ukraine since the start of this year alone, Ukrainian air force commander Mykola Oleschuk has said.

Of these, 1,953 (86%) have been downed by Ukraine's anti-aircraft defences, he said.

Mr Oleschuk said "thousands of servicemen" are firing at Russian drones "almost every night".

"The enemy is constantly increasing attacks with a large number of air attack means - this is especially true of attack [drones]," he wrote in a Telegram post.

In another legal development today, a top European court has found Russia guilty of committing multiple human rights violations since it annexed the Crimean peninsula a decade ago.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said breaches included violations of the the right to life, the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment, freedom of religion and freedom of expression among others.

The ruling, on a case brought by Ukraine, ordered Moscow to "take measures as soon as possible for the safe return of the relevant prisoners transferred from Crimea to penal facilities located on the territory of the Russian Federation".

The Strasbourg-based court earlier said the case was not concerned with whether the Crimea annexation was lawful under international law.

Russia said it would not comply with ECHR decisions issued after 15 March 2022, meaning the impact of the verdict could be limited.

Russian lender Sberbank has begun opening offices in occupied parts of the four Ukrainian regions it has illegally annexed.

The bank announced on Friday that it would open 46 offices during the week.

In 2022, Vladimir Putin signed laws absorbing Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia into Russia in a move rejected as a sham by Ukraine and the West.

Away from the ICC arrest warrants, the EU is officially launching membership talks with Ukraine today in what Volodymyr Zelenskyy has described as a "historic day" for his country.

Olga Stefanishyna, deputy prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, will lead Ukraine's delegation at a conference in Luxembourg, which marks the official opening of the long-awaited talks.

There are several stages ahead in Ukraine's years-long effort to join the bloc, with membership, if it comes, potentially years away. Negotiations themselves are also unlikely to begin for several months.

But the launching of official talks sends a message of solidarity to Ukraine beyond the financial support provided by EU nations so far.

"Generations of our people are realising their European dream. Ukraine is returning to Europe," Mr Zelenskyy said in an online post.

Moldova, which applied for EU membership in the wake of Russia's invasion, will take part in a separate conference to launch its own accession process.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has welcomed the arrest warrants against Sergei Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov and said he wants to see them "behind bars".

In a post to social media, the Ukrainian president said the key Russian military figures were accused of being behind "barbaric" attacks against Ukraine's infrastructure.

"Every criminal involved in the planning and execution of these strikes must know that justice will be served. And we do hope to see them behind bars," he said.

Mr Zelenskyy said the decision by the International Criminal Court was a "clear indication that justice for Russian crimes against Ukrainians is inevitable".

"We look forward to more arrest warrants in order to deprive Russia of its sense of impunity. The feeling that has fuelled Russian crimes for decades. Accountability is the only way to put a stop to them," said the president.

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