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fractional yacht ownership uk

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fractional yacht ownership uk

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A yacht share or fractional ownership from Boat Partners offers access to a world of fun adventures and memories


You can trust Boat Partners will find you the right yacht share or fractional ownership with the right partner for the right price.

A yacht share or fractional ownership brings the dream of owning a yacht closer to reality. By sharing your yacht you can own the benefits for a fraction of the cost of sole ownership. Boat Partners specialise in connecting people looking to share a yacht. Through carefully understanding each customer’s needs based on their desired yacht, location, budget and dreams, Boat Partners provide a personal service that supports you at each step in choosing and purchasing your boat.

The perfect solution for yacht share or fractional ownership.

I am looking for a yacht share or fractional ownership:

What we do:.

  • Provide a personal service that supports you at each step in choosing and purchasing your yacht.
  • Understand what you want from your yacht share or fractional ownership.
  • Keep all your personal information secure.
  • Find a suitable yacht Partner from our database.
  • Carry out extensive research for suitable yachts.
  • Help arrange yacht viewings for all prospective partners.
  • Organise and attend the introduction to your prospective yacht partner/s (terms and conditions apply).
  • Advise and assist in setting up your Shared Ownership agreement.
  • We can also accompany you on a yacht test (terms and conditions apply).

I am looking to share my yacht or fractional ownership:

  • Provide a personal service that supports you at each step in selling a share of your yacht.
  • Understand what you want from sharing your yacht.
  • Assist you in producing your yacht details.
  • Distribute boat details to yacht partners on our database that match your requirements.
  • Help arrange viewings for all prospective partners.
  • Organise and attend the introduction to your prospective yacht partner/s (terms & conditions apply).
  • We can also accompany you on a yacht test (terms & conditions apply).

Boat Partners will find the right yacht share or fractional ownership with the right partner at the right price


Yacht Share Network

Yacht Share Network – as featured in the Sunday Times – is the world’s largest yacht brokerage dedicated to co-owned yachts representing over 200 yachts in the best global boating hotspots.

We are purposefully not tied to any particular yacht brand as we recognise that our range of differing yachts from all the leading brands offers potential co-owners much more choice, which simultaneously translates to more competitive offerings.


Fractional yachting, jet share network, featured yachts, riva 90 argo – monaco, pearl 62 – puerto portals – mallorca, pearl 72 – *new sept 2024* – mallorca, pearl 95 – balearics & western med, azimut 26m grande, sanlorenzo sl90a *new 2023*, the world's largest yacht share brokerage.

We have 3 teenage lads, and they just didn’t want to come on holiday with us anymore. However, once there was a yacht on offer that suddenly changed. Now they love to come along and we have wonderful family times together. The boys are great company and we have created lots and lots of new family memories that will remain with us forever.

The yacht share idea always appealed to us, finding a professional and reliable syndicate was harder. I am happy to vouch for Yacht Share Network, they are truly the masters of the universe and make it work incredibly well.

Boating was never my dream however it was my husband Robert’s ultimate goal in life. Sharing meant we managed to achieve a of this and more with a fraction of the cost. We could still take the children skiing and do all the other things a busy family wants to do. When you see your 7 year old swimming in the sea and in the tender shouting faster whilst laughing and screaming you know that holidays are back to being magical. This has been the making of us as a family thank you so much.

I’ve known William for many years and he knew that our boat sat empty in Cannes for most of the time. He suggested we sell some shares instead of just burning cash on moorings and maintenance. Yacht Share Network took her into their fleet and we got ¾ of our capital back. Now we just have ¼ of the running costs, and don’t feel so guilty that we only use the boat about 6 weeks of the year.

I have to admit, I probably love boating more than my wife does so buying a boat was unlikely to ever happen. A boat share however… I got the boss to approve, and a happy wife is a happy life lol!

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Aquilla 44 – miami/bahamas winter & hamptons/newport/nantucket summer, princess 62, sunseeker manhattan 60, princess 64, 2005 sunseeker manhattan 50, how it works, fractional yacht ownership.

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Fractional Yacht Ownership : Everything you Need to Know

fractional yacht ownership uk

Fractional yacht ownership is one of the way to own a yacht that might suit your needs.

For most people, owning a luxury yacht means the freedom to move whenever and wherever they want with maximum comfort. However, it is rare to be able to use it 100% of the time. There are options to counteract the time the boat is not is used, and one of the most profitable and comfortable is fractional ownership.

Shared yacht ownership may be for you. But do you know exactly what it means and entails?

Let’s review the pros and cons of this ownership method to assess whether this can suit you, or whether you should continue chartering yachts or owning one fully .

What is fractional yacht ownership?

fractional yacht ownership uk

Fractional boat ownership is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to own a part of a yacht for usage time on board. You legally own a piece of it as an asset, and like a company share or a bond, you can sell or transfer it. 

People have been sharing boats through informal partnerships with friends or family members for eons. Fractional boat ownership is simply a formalization of these arrangements which offers you more legal protection in case of conflicts. 

Each owner pays an equity stake in the vessel depending on what percentage of the purchase they want. 

In return, each owner is allotted a set number of days they are allowed to use the boat each year proportionally to their investment. 

On top of the share, the owners have to pay an annual maintenance fee to the management company taking care of managing the calendar, crew, and maintenance of the boat throughout the year.

Fractional boat ownership is different from a time-share which only gives you the rights of property used for a certain amount of time. Once your time is over, your investment also is.

To help you to decide if fractional yacht ownership is right for you, here are the pros and cons you might consider.

The Pros of fractional yacht ownership

fractional yacht ownership uk

By sharing the purchase price, but also the operating and maintenance costs between the owners, fractional boat ownership lightens your investment considerably, allowing you to make serious savings. Financially, but not only.

Fractional boat ownership will also help you to save time on managing different aspects. Indeed, the management company will take care of it – from hiring a crew to coordinating maintenance, to managing the calendar among all owners, to deal with marinas. If you don’t use the yacht, the management company will help you to charter it.

When you use your time aboard, you are free to invite anyone you want. This kind of program is often located in an area, but with the majority of other owner’s agreements, you can cruise the boat in new locations.

If you no longer wish to own a fraction of the yacht, most fractional ownership agreements allow you to easily sell your fractional shares to someone else. Since this kind of program keeps the yachts well-maintained, the value of your share will not devalue so quickly and you’ll be able to more easily change boats than with full ownership.

Furthermore, some fractional ownership organizations maintain fleets that allow you to use a different yacht, enjoy another location, or make up for time lost because of weather or maintenance issues. 

The Cons of fractional yacht ownership

The main drawback of fractional yacht ownership is obviously that you have to share your boat with other owners

Some downsides include that even if you own a part of the yacht, you can’t do whatever you want with it. For example, You can’t personalize a fractionally owned yacht. In fact, you probably won’t have a say on the outfitting or the decoration at all.

You don’t have a lot of flexibility either to use your yacht whenever you want. The yacht isn’t at your disposal all the time and itineraries are planned in a way that you choose your slot in advance. Your last-minute getaways are therefore compromised. 

fractional yacht ownership uk

It also means that the boat might not be available for the particular dates you would like to use it. Read properly the agreement, as some of them allow first come – first served during the unscheduled time if no maintenance is required.

When it comes to moving the yacht, most of the owners have to agree on the destination, so you can be stuck with one area, which can be an issue if you are planning on moving a lot. To relocate your yacht for an extended period of time, you will usually need every owner’s approval. 

On the other hand, most owners may decide to move the boat to an area you don’t particularly like. If you were to charter a boat, you would simply pay a moving fee, but in this case, you are stuck!

Depending on the contract, it is possible that if the majority of the owners want to sell the ship, it can get sold out from under you. So read it carefully!

In fact, the main disadvantage of fractional yacht ownership lies in its name: you only own a portion of the yacht, which means you are not in full control of your property.

Is Fractional yacht ownership for you?

fractional yacht ownership uk

To know  if fractional boat ownership is for you or not, answer these different questions:

  • Is it important for you to be in total control of your yacht?
  • Do you have time and funds to deal with your yacht’s maintenance costs?
  • Are you planning to sail in one area or to explore the world?
  • Is having a customized yacht important to you?
  • Are you flexible on dates?

Depending on your answers, fractional yacht ownership can be, or not a good option for you.  If you want to save on costs, if you are likely to use it several times throughout the year in one particular region, if you know which boat you want or if you want to invest in a yacht to charter it, then go for shared boat ownership.

For people who don’t want to deal with the hassles of single-ownership, it is also a solution to consider.

On the other hand, people who like changes, whether it’s to try out numerous yachts or to change regions often, are better off sticking with yacht chartering.

For those who don’t want to share and can’t stand the idea of being a co-owner, buying your boat is likely your best option if you can afford it. 

Keep in mind that most fractional yacht ownership programs concern large yachts, like superyachts and mega yachts which require crew. If you enjoy captaining your boat and your friends and family enjoy being the crew, you may lose that aspect of yachting in some way.

The costs of Fractional yacht ownership

fractional yacht ownership uk

You pay your share at the beginning to purchase your portion of the yacht. 

There are no traditional yacht ownership expenses in fractional ownership programs like dockage, moorings, insurance, or boat maintenance costs. But depending on the program you go for, either you will have to pay a certain amount every year to the management company or it will be covered by the charter revenues or a mix of both.

As an example, for a 63-foot yacht with four cabins, some programs offer the cost of the eighth share in the Mediterranean around $180,000 with annual costs for maintenance, crew, insurance, and anchorage around $24,000. Owners will be able to use the boat 4 weeks a year. Another management company offers a California program from $300,000 to $735,000 plus operating costs for quarter shares of vessels ranging from 52 to 82 feet. At this price, the four owners will each be able to use the boat 72 days a year.

The main regions in the world for fractional yacht ownership

Fractional yacht ownership can be done everywhere. 

Popular destinations include Europe, in particular, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, especially the Bahamas.

Among the main regions in the US for fractional boat ownership, you have Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but also Cape Cod and Nantucket.

Some programs also offer Asian destinations mostly in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the rest of South-East Asia.

Read also : Sustainable Yachting: How is the Boat Industry Becoming more Eco-Friendly?

About to buy a yacht?

Were you thinking about Fractional Yacht Ownership? Our professionals will be happy to help you in your endeavors.

Fractional yacht ownership means that you legally own a portion of a yacht, along with co-owners. Therefore you are entitled to use the yacht based on your ownership agreement and must share revenues and costs with other owners.

It depends on your desires and your personality. If you like changes, try out a different yacht model every year and change frequently of destination, then go for yacht chartering. If, on the contrary, you have a crush on a yacht, want to start owning it at a lower cost, and avoid the management requirements, fractional boat ownership is ideal. Unlike chartering, fractional ownership means you can invite as many guests as deemed safe and as long as you have proper safety equipment on board.

The costs include the purchase price of your ownership share and yearly exploitation and maintenance fees to pay to your management company.

Hard to tell. This depends on your availability if you have time or not to take care of your boat, and your budget. If you don’t want to worry about the management aspects and only have a small budget to invest, go for fractional ownership. If you want to have perfect freedom, use your boat anytime and wherever you want, go for full ownership.

Yes, you can. As long as the share belongs to you, you can sell it whenever you want as long as the agreement doesn’t stipulate anything against it. Be aware that the other owners can also do so.

The most popular regions for fractional ownership are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. But also, the US and some Asian areas.

You can buy a fraction, or a share, of a yacht. You will be the co-owner, or the fractional owner of the yacht and its cost will be spread among all owners.

Yes, fractional ownership and yacht sharing or even co-ownership are all synonyms. You still become the co-owner of a yacht regardless of how you decide to call it.

A yacht sharing program allows you to co-own a yacht, so that you spread its maintenance cost among all owners. It is also known as fractional ownership or co-ownership programs.

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fractional yacht ownership uk

What differentiates a yacht from a superyacht or a mega yacht?

fractional yacht ownership uk

Chartering Requirements and Regulations: A Guide for Boat Owners

fractional yacht ownership uk

What are the Fastest Cruising Catamaran on the Market?

Fractional Yacht Ownership

The freedom to indulge in the luxury boating lifestyle aboard your very own Sunseeker: what our innovative yacht share programme is all about.

Inviting you to sample a slice of the boating high life, Azure Ultra offers you the possibility to part-own a luxury motor yacht at a fraction of the full cost. Complete with a first-class yacht management team to take care of the finer details, our fractional yacht offering takes all the hassle out of ownership, guaranteeing a seamlessly memorable experience each time you step aboard. From impeccable year-round yacht maintenance to making all the necessary arrangements prior to your holiday, our team will continuously ensure that your yacht ownership with Azure Ultra remains a stress-free affair.

Watch the video

The Smarter Way to Own

Sole ownership.

Going it solo can prove costly and time-consuming, with ongoing maintenance expenses adding up every year.

Initial purchase price

From €1,500,000

Annual running costs

Annual berthing fees

Fractional Ownership

An innovative boat sharing programme designed to render yacht ownership affordable and hassle-free.

Complete personal captain and steward/ess service on board

Yacht maintenance

Boat upkeep and operational expenses taken care of, all year round

Berthing fees

Moorage at the world-class Grand Harbour Marina

Insurance fees

Efficient handling of competitively sourced policies and costs

Land-based exchange options

A choice of thousands of prestigious holiday properties worldwide

Charter income

Exclusive service offering you the flexibility to charter your on-board entitlement

Europe's Leading Fractional Yacht Ownership Programme

Based in the UK, Fractional Life is the world’s leading expert in the fractional ownership and asset-sharing industry. The Azure Ultra brand received the prestigious title of Europe’s Leading Fractional Yacht Ownership Programme by FractionalLife.com, the authoritative online portal for the global fractional ownership marketplace.

The boating lifestyle is yours for the taking:

Let us help you explore the best yacht ownership option to suit your lifestyle.

By submitting you agree to our Privacy Policy .

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YachtQuarters Fractional Yacht Ownership – an ocean of endless adventures

Wednesday 27th September 2023

Following the successful launch of the Princess 64 and Princess 68 into Princess Yachts fractional yacht ownership with YachtQuarters, the team is excited to introduce a new yacht for the 2024 season: the 2019 Princess F70. With growing demand for shared yacht ownership, we caught up with Joshua Cleaver, Sales Manager of the Princess Motor Yacht Sales YachtQuarters programme to find out more.

fractional yacht ownership uk

According to Joshua, ‘The F70 was an obvious choice to bring to market as there has been high demand for shares in the Princess 68, which currently operates with eight satisfied owners.  The F70 focuses on service while on board, with a Captain and a stewardess/cook, owners can expect a service on board similar to what one would experience while on a charter.  The F70 suits owners who enjoy entertaining more guests, whether it be family or friends.  As a tax-paid vessel, the F70 is open to owners from the EU as well.

fractional yacht ownership uk

By introducing this new option to the fleet, we have aimed to cater for the varying needs of prospective owners.  The first shares in both of the current vessels sold quickly upon launch which I think is a great sign that we have selected the right yachts,’ Cleaver added.

‘It’s a turnkey solution to yacht ownership, which means that owners can bring their friends and family to their yacht with the confidence that they can just jump on board and enjoy quality time at sea’, enthuses Cleaver.  ‘Every aspect is managed on their behalf, from maintaining and preparing the yacht to provisioning and passage planning by their own dedicated yacht captain and crew’.

Explore the beautiful Balearics

Yachting offers so much more than cruising, it’s about endless opportunities for adventure and new experiences.  YachtQuarters owners can enjoy a great range of watersports and fun in and on the water – the ocean is your playground.  Your yacht can carry Seabobs, paddle boards, water-skis, wakeboards, snorkelling gear and even an inflatable sofa for example.

The dedicated Captain creates a bespoke passage plan to enable owners and their guests to make the most of their time on board.  Some of the most popular destinations in Mallorca are the charismatic Port de Sóller and Andraxt on the west coast boasting some fantastic seafood restaurants and Port de Pollença and Cap de Formentor on the north coast.  Exploring Mallorca’s 250 beaches and coves is a must, especially by tender for lunch at a sensational seafront restaurant or a relaxed private picnic in a secluded cala.

fractional yacht ownership uk

And when it comes to land-lovers, the YachtQuarters team can also arrange trips to luxurious spas, arrange a day of horse-riding, cycling or city tours – whatever they desire.  Guests often enjoy the majestic Serra de Tramuntana mountain range that run south-west to north-east.  Bustling Palma is always a favourite stop for a couple of nights to sample authentic tapas bars, roof top bars, live music venues and Michelin Star restaurants.   Some owners have even cruised further afield to neighbouring Menorca and Ibiza for a change of scenery and to enjoy everything from remote serenity to the most famous nightlife in the world.

It’s no wonder then, that there is a new addition to the programme.  Available for cruising in the Balearics from 2024 is the incredibly spacious Princess F70 flybridge for fractional yacht ownership

Princess F70 – progressive and sociable

This Princess F70 boasts four cabins, able to accommodate 8 guests comfortably, with a full-beam master stateroom and a separate aft crew cabin. The master stateroom benefits from a private ensuite, while there are two other ensuites for guests and day use. Her interior is modern, light and spacious, with panoramic views stretching across her main deck.

Externally, the Princess F70 has a wealth of outdoor space within her cockpit, bow seating and her expansive flybridge. Flexible seating arrangements and wetbar facilities allow for al fresco socialising at its finest. Her deep-V hull design is typical of Princess Yachts, maximising her efficiency and speed whilst maintaining a comfortable ride. So, you can sit back and relax, making the most of your surroundings, as an experienced captain takes the helm.

fractional yacht ownership uk

Start your adventure and explore more about the Princess Motor Yacht Sales’ YachtQuarters fractional yacht ownership programme online: www.princess.co.uk/shared_yacht_ownership/

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fractional yacht ownership uk

How does Fractional Ownership work?

Fractional ownership is a business concept that has been around for decades. It is a method of ownership where several people can own a share in an expensive asset. Monocle Fractional Yachts is the smart alternative to joining a vacation club which can only offer you limited views and marginal services. Investors choose a fractional approach to investment when they do not want to spend the amount of money required to own the entire asset and they do not want all of the risk or hassle that accompanies ownership of the entire asset. Monocle has pioneered the use of fractional ownership applied to a specific class of asset, the luxury yacht.

Fractional ownership splits the cost of purchasing the asset and managing the asset across a set of owners. Because an independent professional handles management, the fractional owners are free to enjoy themselves and be removed from the management responsibilities. Each owner is free to use his/her share of the asset according to the terms of the purchase. Monocle applied the fractional ownership concept to luxury yachts because most yacht owners only use their yacht several weeks a year and the costs to acquire and maintain a yacht are immense.

Under the Monocle Program, Fractional ownership is perfect for yacht owners who want the yachting experience with no hassles and no waste of their hard earned capital. We have owners in the Monocle Program who own 5% of a yacht through to 70%. Many purchase 10% of a yacht for their personal use and another 10% for business use including entertaining, corporate retreats, chartering, and hosting clients. Virtually all of our owners could afford to purchase the entire yacht outright, but do not want the waste that comes with letting a major asset sit idle in port and the hassle of management.

The most common misconception about fractional ownership is that it is a timeshare by another name. This is a mistake. With timeshare arrangements, you do not own a share in a property, merely the right to use that property for a set period of time. When your time runs out, you are left with nothing. With fractional ownership, you own the asset.

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New yacht sales & custom orders, san diego | newport beach | los angeles | portland | seattle | vancouver | fort lauderdale | croatia.

SeaNet is your new yacht dealer for premium, luxury brands like Benetti, Absolute, Solaris Power, and Bering. With over 20 years in business, our team of experienced sales professionals have delivered over 75+ luxury yachts to happy new owners. From flybridge yachts, to express cruisers, to long distance cruisers, to superyachts, our collection of brands perfectly complements each other to offer you the right vessel for your boating plans.

fractional yacht ownership uk

Fractional Yacht Ownership & Yacht Share

The unique and rewarding experience of luxury boating is within reach through SeaNet’s five-star Yacht Share services. Our fractional yacht ownership program allows you to enjoy the freedom and comfort of a multi-million dollar luxury yacht, without the hassles and expenses that come with owning it.

By co-owning and sharing the cost of the yacht, the luxury lifestyle you’ve dreamed of is within your grasp at a fraction of the price. From formally entertaining guests, to cruising the coastline with friends, the memories made on board your private yacht are irreplaceable.

Your turnkey yacht ownership experience is entirely managed by our expert concierge team. We handle all facets of the management end of your yacht ownership including insurance, dockage, maintenance, cleaning, handling crew, and eliminate any other potential headaches that would disrupt your time on the water. You are free to sell your share of the yacht at any time.

         Leader in Fractional Ownership Since 2003

Sell your yacht with seanet, professional yacht brokerage services or sell your yacht into fractional ownership.

Whether choosing to sell your yacht through our professional brokerage services, or you wish to place your current boat into a fractional ownership program, SeaNet has the expertise, network, and marketing Our brokers are professional, diligent and driven when it comes to making that new step in your boating lifestyle. Our in-house marketing time supports our brokers’ efforts by selling your vessel using top digital marketing and advertising tools.

Featured Yachts

Navetta 75

Absolute Navetta 75

  • 4 Staterooms

Navetta 68

Absolute Navetta 68

  • 6 Staterooms

Navetta 64

Absolute Navetta 64

  • 5 Staterooms

Latest Blogs

fractional yacht ownership uk


March 13, 2024

fractional yacht ownership uk

2024 Palm Beach Boat Show – Sunseeker 88

March 7, 2024

fractional yacht ownership uk

2024 Miami Boat Show Highlights

February 27, 2024

More than Personalized

Receive a market evaluation on your boat.

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fractional yacht ownership uk

Fractional Ownership of Luxurious Yachts

Own a luxurious private yacht, at a fraction of the cost, right-size your ownership.

If you only have time to enjoy your yacht part of the year, then why own it the whole year? Right-sizing your ownership to the portion you want to use dramatically reduces your purchase price, enables you to buy into a much bigger and more luxurious yacht, and eliminates wasted capital.

We have 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8th fractional ownership options available on magnificent yachts of varying sizes. You decide how much you want to own.

Only pay a down-payment

We offer financing of up to 80% of your share. Combine this with right-sized ownership and your purchase price could be as little as 2 ½ percent of the yacht’s value. Imagine the kind of yacht you suddenly can afford…

A ten million dollar yacht can be had for just a quarter million, and a million dollar yacht for just twenty-five thousand, while enjoying weeks on end at enchanting destinations.

Never pay anything else

Owning a yacht is expensive. Crew salaries, maintenance and mooring, insurance and repairs, it all adds up.

But yachts can be profitable too. By renting out your yacht—chartering as it’s called—you can generate a generous income. In fact, we make chartering your yacht so profitable it usually pays for all expenses, often even your loan payments. So other than your down-payment in most instances, you’ll never pay anything else to own your very own luxury yacht.

20% DOWN ON 1/8 OWNERSHIP = 2.5% OF THE YACHT'S VALUE AN $8M YACHT @ 2.5% = $200K A $1M YACHT @ 2.5% = $25K

In most instances your only expense is the down-payment all other expenses, including loan payments, are typically paid for by the charter revenue big yachts suddenly become very affordable, featured yachts.

Browse our selection of wow-worthy yachts in the most desirable destinations


  2 shares left  , 2018 sunreef 60, 60ft | 4 staterooms | 3 crew.

Sunreef manufactures the most luxurious of sailing and motor catamarans, and this Sunreef 60 is no exception.

With four state rooms plus crew quarters for three, expect to set sail with the whole family in ultimate luxury. Your captain, chef and bosun are ready to welcome you onboard. 


2016 leopard 58, 58ft | 4 staterooms | 2 crew.

Welcome aboard the tremendously spacious Leopard 58 sailing catamaran. She offers more living space than any other catamaran her size. Perfect for an extended adventure with friends and family.


Sold - 2017 lagoon 620, 62ft | 4 staterooms | 2 crew.

This extravagant Lagoon 620 sailing catamaran has been fully optioned, plus custom additions such as underwater lighting and a tender lift.

Detailed with soft finishes throughout, she is one of a kind.


Sold 2018 lagoon 560.

This very spacious Lagoon 560 sailing catamaran has been fully optioned, plus custom additions such as underwater lighting and a tender lift.

Finished in a beautiful dark wood, she oozes luxury.


2024 sunreef 80, 80ft | 4 staterooms | 3 crew.

Sunreef manufactures the most luxurious of sailing and motor catamarans, and this Sunreef 80 is the most opulent yet.

With four state rooms including a massive master, plus crew quarters for three, expect to set sail with the whole family in ultimate luxury. Your captain, chef and bosun are ready to welcome you onboard.


  sold  , 2019 sunreef 60, 60ft | 5 staterooms | 3 crew.

With five state rooms plus crew quarters for three, expect to set sail with the whole family in ultimate luxury. Your captain, chef and bosun are ready to welcome you onboard.


You are buying a real asset. Your yacht gets titled to its own single-asset LLC, which you own, along with any other fractional owners. This means your investment is backed by a real asset, you can benefit from tax write-offs, and at the end of the management term when the yacht is sold, the proceeds are distributed to its owners.

We manage it

You own the yacht, not the headache. We take care of everything, from financing and insurance to crew training and trip planning. When you hear from us, it will be your concierge requesting your food and drink preferences to set the menu for your next trip.

Cheers to you, for buying a yacht the smart way.

Positively cash-flow positive

Owning the yacht without owning the expenses is only possible because of the income we generate on your behalf to pay for everything. Now…

Imagine you bought the whole yacht instead of a fraction, and yet you still only spend a few weeks a year on your private yacht. This opens up much more time to charter the yacht, making the revenue not only pay for all expenses, it becomes a cash-flowing asset.

Depending on the yacht, the cash-on-cash return can be as high as 70% annually.

Owners say it best


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The best yachts sell fast. Be the first to know about new yacht inventory, and stay informed with yacht ownership tips and inspiration.

fractional yacht ownership uk

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Fractional Ownership Guides

The 2023 definitive guide to fractional ownership.

fractional yacht ownership uk

Fractional ownership gives those looking to invest in a vacation home the power to purchase next-level luxury for less investment. The same co-ownership model applies to many high-end assets aimed at the aspirational consumer. But how do you know if they are legitimate fractional ownership or not?

Here, we investigate the true fractional ownership definition. We check out the benefits so you can decide if it’s right for you. Read on for an in-depth, updated 2023 guide to everything fractional ownership.

What Does Fractional Ownership Mean?

The definition of fractional ownership is quite simple. If you break down the words, then you have the answer instantly. ‘Fractional’ refers to the asset being equally split into fractions so that the costs can be shared. ‘Ownership’ is the owned interest of the fractions.

Fractional ownership is where two or more people choose to co-own an asset benefitting from shared costs and benefits.

The vital part of this definition is the word ‘ownership.’ Always make sure that you own part of the asset when looking at anything sold through a fractional ownership model.

The fractional ownership method is not something new; you only need to look at the stock market for another example. An investor can buy shares of a company. Suppose, for example, you purchase 50 shares in your selected company. In this case, you have partial ownership of the company with those 50 shares until you decide to sell them. In the meantime, you and all the other company shareholders will benefit from any dividends and share growth over time.

How Fractional Ownership Works

Interested parties enter an ownership arrangement whereby they agree to co-own a property (or another asset) with several like-minded individuals. Owning a property abroad is a dream shared by many. Let’s look at how the fractional ownership agreement would typically work for co-owning a property through a reputable developer, step by step.

  • The real estate property is usually purchased through a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • The property is then divided into equal fractions, with buyers typically able to purchase 1/8 or 1/12 fractions.
  • These fractions are freehold, and each co-owner holds a deeded share of the asset’s title for each share purchased.
  • Investors can purchase one or more shares in the property, dictating the amount of time spent at the property. The exclusive usage per year is generally four-five weeks per 1/12 fraction, depending on the original agreement.
  • The properties are typically taken care of by a property management company that deals with the property’s upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. The associated and annual running costs are split equally between the property co-owners.
  • You will own the deeded fraction in perpetuity if it is actual fractional ownership. Your titled interest should also be sellable and willable.

There are many fractional ownership properties for sale. The Fractional Group will thoroughly vet any potential developers, ensuring you see the best, high-quality fractional homes on the market.

Is Fractional Ownership the Same as Timeshare?

No, real estate fractional ownership is NOT timeshare. Timeshare is what it says—you buy a share of time to use each year. You don’t possess ownership rights to the physical accommodation you stay in each time you visit. You are paying to stay for a set amount of time each year, usually at a resort or hotel. There will be a maintenance fee to pay to the resort where the timeshare is based. There will be no ownership of the physical property asset.

As we explained earlier, true fractional ownership allows you to purchase a share of the freehold property. Owning a slice of the asset. Each fraction typically comes with four-five weeks per share (allowing all co-owners exclusive annual usage). You hold a deeded share of the property title and will profit from any capital appreciation over time. The asset is owned outright by a definitive number of the fractional property owners. The number of owners generally doesn’t exceed twelve.

Many timeshare resorts also use other terminology to talk about their product. You’re likely to hear phrases like private residence clubs, fractionals, destination clubs, and condotels, to name a few. The use of the word fractional can understandably be confusing when applied to timeshare. Especially as the purchaser is not typically given anything other than the usage of time.

Check out our latest article, Fractional Ownership vs Timeshare: What’s the Difference . This will give you a thorough understanding of how actual fractional ownership is very different to timeshare.

Popular Types of Fractional Assets

Owning a fraction of something allows you to join others and share the cost of an asset. Ultimately, investing less initially will prove a more cost-effective option.

Many business sectors are realizing the appeal of this model. This is why fractional ownership operates in and beyond the real estate industry, as you can own a fraction of most tangible assets. Art, a private jet, aircraft, boat, yacht, supercar, or house—all of these can be fractionalized.

The fractional ownership model is prevalent throughout the luxury market. The main reason for this is that it gives one the opportunity to co-own a luxury asset like a high-end villa, a private jet, or a supercar that may have otherwise been out of financial reach.

Fractional Ownership of Aircraft

Popularity in fractional ownership of private jets has rocketed over the years. We are seeing businesses primarily using the method to potentially lower corporate travel costs. The program could prove cost-effective to regular private aircraft users as they effectively only pay for the time they fly.

How it works

The fractional ownership aircraft programs will offer multiple owners shares in aircraft ownership via fractions. These shares will guarantee a certain number of flying hours or days for a particular aircraft type throughout the year. And are generally sold in 1/16 or 1/8 fractions.

Some well-known management companies offer fractional ownership programs for aircraft, including NetJets, Flexjet, Planesense, and Airsprint. Each company gives its fractional owners the right to use a choice of similar aircraft from their fleet. This usage comes with an agreed number of hours. NetJets owners typically own shares sold in 25-hour increments. The minimum purchase is of 50 hours for ownership of the aircraft asset for three years upwards.

Fractional Ownership Aircraft Costs

Hassle-free is the name of the game once again, just like with fractional ownership homes for sale. The owners eliminate the worry of actually looking after the aircraft. No maintenance or insurance to arrange or other services that come with owning a plane like the hangarage and catering.

You will pay extra costs such as a monthly management fee and a shared percentage of the costs with other owners. There are no operational issues to be concerned with. Simply turn up and fly in a fully prepared aircraft—often with just a few hours notice!

Always check the small print regarding the length of aircraft ownership time. Some companies can stipulate this to be a minimum period of five years before you can sell. Also, with fractional jet ownership programs, there are additional costs to be aware of. These include a charge for each hour you fly, along with fuel surcharges, to name a few.

Unlike bricks and mortar, aircraft–even the most high-spec jets, will suffer from capital depreciation over time. So be sure to factor this into your costs. Some operators will guarantee to buy back your share after a certain number of years. Good to know that if you stop flying, there is the option to recoup a percentage of your investment.

Ultimately, if you travel by private jet and want to own your own aircraft minus the hassles that come with it, then owning a fraction could be right for you. Co-owning will eliminate the necessity for a considerable capital outlay. And selecting a renowned company with a large fleet will give you access to your aircraft or similar in which to use your flying hours—potentially giving you access to a whole fleet!

Fractional Ownership Boats

The thrill of being on the open water is a big enough lure for most potential boat owners. Thoughts of crystalline waters and packing up the diving or snorkeling equipment, some quality family time, and relaxation are things we’ve all dreamed of at some point in our lives. But what about the reality? Let’s explore why fractional ownership of a boat might be a good thing.

For starters, there’s the high price tag of a quality yacht, and then there’s all the boat maintenance to consider. The cost of mooring, staff costs, fuel costs—the list goes on. More than the cost, we’re realizing more and more that people have a finite amount of time to enjoy their time away and just don’t want the hassles that come with owning outright and which eat into this precious time away. Cue fractional boat ownership—the flexible way to part-own your very own boat minus the large outlay and ongoing responsibilities of looking after and maintaining it.

As with all true fractional ownership, you will jointly own the physical boat or yacht asset. For fractional or shared ownership of a boat, you’ll enter into an agreement to purchase a part-share of the boat with a number of other owners. This number can vary from two, three, four, or more—so check your budget. Each owner is assigned a set number of days’ usage each year proportional to their investment.

Boat Ownership Costs

As for costs—you will pay for your share or fraction of the yacht followed by your percentage of the ongoing running costs, which cover insurance, berthing, maintenance, and maybe crew, depending on the agreement. With all this taken care of for you, you’re free to simply turn up and enjoy the boat during your exclusive usage time and leave the hassles of yacht admin and the general ‘looking after’ of the boat to the managing agent. You will get to enjoy all of the fun of owning a boat without the stresses that come with owning one outright.

Another advantage of co-owning a boat is that it allows you to move up to the next-level yacht for less. While the plus points are many, you need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding if investing in a part-share of a boat is for you. For example, while it is possible to move the fractional boat to another location, this is something that all fractional owners must agree upon and will need to be planned well in advance.

You will also need to book ahead to secure your time on board, so this probably wouldn’t suit those who prefer to book things last minute. A fractional boat program can save a lot of time and stress, proving a perfect choice for those that don’t have the time or funds to own a boat outright.

Fractional Ownership of Real Estate

We all have that property on our wish list, whether written down or in our heads. Some of us will eventually own the vacation home of our dreams, while others will compromise, looking for something within budget or opting to keep it on the list to look at again one day in the future.

Let’s face it, buying property is expensive, but purchasing through fractional ownership is becoming more commonplace nowadays, especially among those looking to invest for less.

Hailed as the intelligent way to own that dream vacation home, this refreshingly uncomplicated way to co-own a luxury second home makes dream vacation home ownership accessible to those who previously deemed it out of reach. With more and more fractional ownership luxury homes entering the market, there are more opportunities than ever before. Buyers are seeing that they can make their investment (and exchange rate!) go further by investing less in a high-end property that can be enjoyed each year whilst leaving the stresses of running it to someone else!

Whether you’ve got your eye on that luxury villa in Italy with sweeping views of the coastline and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, or the uber-modern condo in the historical town center, it’s fair to say that these price tags will be on the high-to-incredibly-expensive side. But that doesn’t have to stop you from landing the property of your dreams.

Suppose you were to purchase the whole property, then yes, in this high price bracket, a lottery win could prove more than helpful! Even after such a windfall—if you have four weeks’ vacation time a year, it might still prove too time-consuming to maintain or deal with the possible rentals or vacant time. The simple solution is to buy some of the property and not all of it, thereby giving you some of the running costs to pay but not all of them.

Typically, high-quality vacation homes are divided into fractions and sold to a group of co-owners, as we explained earlier. Popular with investors from Europe, the US, Canada, and, more recently, the UK, the best fractional ownership properties come from trustworthy and legitimate developers who offer an easy way to access next-level luxury through purchasing and owning a fraction of freehold real estate and equity in a stylish home that could be straight out of a magazine!

Is Fractional Ownership a Good Investment?

Fractional ownership has become a fast-growing space and is being seen as a good investment due to its lower acquisition cost for a higher-value product. Fractional vacation home ownership makes properties in the higher price brackets more accessible and more appealing to anyone looking to own a slice of a luxury second home.

Whether fractional ownership is a good investment for you or not will depend on the reasons you are investing in the first place, so it’s wise to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • How often will you visit the property?
  • Will you be managing the property upkeep or know someone locally when you’re not there?
  • Will you be renting out your vacation home?
  • Are you aware of the country’s local laws regarding owning property?

Uncomplicated Property Ownership

As so many people get carried away with the dream of owning an abode abroad, the cold hard reality often stops them from going ahead with their plans. Additional unexpected costs can scupper even the most thought-out plans.

If you want somewhere, you can visit for two weeks here and two weeks there; fractional ownership might be right for you. As you literally are paying for the amount of time you are using, you can move up the property bracket to that property of your dreams and purchase a fraction of it with other prospective owners. Not only do you have co-owners with whom to share the running costs, but you have the developer’s knowledge to assist you in navigating the purchase process.

Are fractional ownerships a good investment? Well, If you’ve always aspired to own that beautiful villa with a stunning infinity pool where you, your family, and friends can enjoy spacious rooms and relaxing spaces, why settle for an apartment with no view? Your fractional ownership vacation home could be more accessible than you first thought. Also, owning a fraction of a high-quality built property in a salubrious area could allow you to benefit from any capital growth. It could also enable you to generate a rental income on any property time you decide not to use, making fractional ownership a good investment for your lifestyle choices.

Advantages and Pitfalls of Fractional Ownership

Unless you move permanently to another country and buy a house where you will spend all of the year, the likelihood of using a second home abroad for much more than one to two months a year is pretty slim. This factor, along with getting a more luxurious property for less, raises the question of “why pay for more than you will use?”

Five advantages we see of buying a fractional ownership vacation home are

  • Enjoy a more expensive property for less investment
  • Less burden by being able to share all the running costs with your co-owners
  • Fewer worries over the property remaining vacant for periods of time
  • Less hassle as the property management company takes care of the running of the property, leaving you to enjoy quality family time from the minute you arrive.
  • Enjoy asset appreciation on your fractional ownership vacation home

Fractional ownership pitfalls will vary depending on your property search requirements and intention behind purchasing a property. Every buyer has prerequisites when selecting a location and making a second home purchase. There’s more to read on fractional ownership pros and cons . It is worth doing the homework first to see whether buying fractional home ownership is a better option for you than purchasing a vacation home outright.

What to Look for When Choosing Fractional Ownership Real Estate Companies

As with any investment, you must do some homework to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company. As you begin your research, ask a few basic questions to help you find the developer or real estate company that is right for you.

  • Do they have a successful track record of fractional ownership properties?
  • Are the fractions freehold and deeded?
  • Are the properties purchased through a Limited Liability Company?

Suppose the location of the fractional vacation home you are interested in is in a country where you are unfamiliar with the language and local tax and property laws. In this case, it is prudent to check out the support offered to you during the buying process to prevent you from becoming frazzled and out of pocket. Remember, buying a fractionalized property aims to eliminate the stresses of owning a whole property and save money!

We cover some of the benefits in 5 Reasons Why Fractional Ownership Vacation Homes Make the Best Second Homes.

Any fractional ownership companies serious about their properties will be able to arrange an Inspection Visit. This gives you an opportunity to check out the location and properties first-hand. And allows you to familiarize yourself with the area while asking questions about the buying process.

We will continually add new developers and properties to our website at the Fractional Group. They will only appear online after we thoroughly vet the developer, saving you time and energy searching the internet.

How many weeks are typical of fractional ownership?

This depends on the company and agreement. As a rule of thumb, you can usually expect 4–5 weeks of exclusive usage per year per fraction.

How to sell fractional ownership?

With a fractional ownership property, you can look at it the same as you would if you purchased a property outright. The attraction would still be the location, style, exceptional finish and design, and property value. These factors remain the same when you come to sell your share of the property. The apparent difference is the number of fractions you purchased in the property to sell. The first refusal will usually always go to the other co-owners of the property, thereby creating a pool of possible interested parties. We’ve collated many more answers to the most frequently asked questions about fractional ownership so you can be more informed when searching for your dream property. Check out our FAQs page for more top tips.

Luxury Vacation Homes for a Fraction of the Cost

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fractional yacht ownership uk

Casa Tramonto

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