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80 m / 262 ft

Sailing Yacht A

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nobiskrug superyachts

German Super­yachts for the 22 nd century

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.” Helen Keller

Changing the formula

Known for pushing the boundaries and for not being a mass builder, NOBISKRUG enters a new era in superyacht construction by building luxury yachts now that will last for generations to come. Every superyacht built under NOBISKRUG brand embodies the unique vision of the owner combined with innovative ideas and advanced technology.

It all starts with your dream.

The dream of something completely new. Something impossible. Of a ship that breaks with all conventions. That is unique and not mass-produced. We make your dreams come true. Together, we set off to new shores. To set new international standards. And to transcend the boundaries of imagination.

Our mission

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” M. C. Escher

The dream becomes a vision.

It all starts with a blank sheet of paper. Anything is possible. Nothing is a given. Your vision inspires us, as well as internationally renowned designers. Slowly, the idea grows. The idea of a timeless, extraordinary superyacht.

nobiskrug superyachts

Your vision takes shape.

You need a strong and experienced partner to make your dream come true. Our best engineers, designers and production specialists will help you get there. From steel construction to equipment - together with the experts from our network, you will receive the best of all solutions.

Our Engineering

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms

Doing the unexpected.

Those who pursue extraordinary goals must take revolutionary measures. We have been involved in shipbuilding since before the term superyacht was even coined. Drawing upon our extensive experience in building seagoing vessels, we turned to luxury yacht building and pave the way with innovative materials and sustainable technologies. This is what drives us to look ahead, into the next century. What we create together with you today will set standards for decades to come.

Innovation at NOBISKRUG

Everything under one roof.

Motivated and committed, our experienced team works together to bring your vision to life. From hull to superstructure, from bow to stern. With heart and soul and a wealth of ideas. All this takes place under one roof in our high-tech industrial facilities in northern Germany: “Made in Germany”.

A new gem is born.

Your superyacht is ready to conquer the oceans. Like every one of our ships, it will set new standards for NOBISKRUG and the entire superyacht industry. Every farewell fills us with pride and melancholy. For us, it is not only the awards that count. Our greatest reward is that you love your superyacht as much as we do and therefore, we commit ourselves to ensure the best support after delivery.

Where visions become reality.

Latest news.

nobiskrug superyachts

Where we are

Nobiskrug yachts gmbh.

Kieler Strasse 53 24768 Rendsburg

+49 4331 207 0 info(at)

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Project 783: Inside the top-secret Nobiskrug superyacht

This is a tangled tale. The story of this superyacht starts in the middle, involves duplicate characters and it hasn’t quite concluded, even yet. And we can’t name her — or the crew. But these threads are special: a 73.5 metre yacht built at a leading German yard and not one but two sets of top-notch designers. And — adding a dose of intrigue — she is ultra secret, unveiled here for the first time.

We had to sign non-disclosure agreements and volley months of emails until we were finally choppered in for a glimpse inside. It was worth it. The boat is a coherent and homely yacht, which functions in perfect harmony with the Damen yacht support vessel 6711 that the owner later commissioned to run alongside her.

To begin at the beginning (sort of): Imperial Yachts brought its client to Nobiskrug in 2011, where there was a project that might suit him. “The hull was already under construction, shortening considerably her delivery period. She was an excellent financial proposal from a premium German yard like Nobiskrug,” says Evgeniy Kochman, founder of the Monaco-based brokerage house.

“Under construction” is somewhat of an understatement. Project 783 was about a month away from delivery to her build owner, who had recently taken possession of another 73.5 metre from the same yard, Mogambo . The boats share an engineering platform but UK-based studio Reymond Langton Design , responsible for both yachts, had given them distinctive characters inside and out.

While Mogambo got dark toned, masculine décor and a slick grey and white paint job outside, Project 783 was, in Andrew Langton’s words, “all white and bright, very feminine and modern. Outside we had very long, clean lines, making her look graceful,” he says. “It’s the first time we did concave shapes and we developed that into [91 metre Lürssen ] Lady Lara , that sort of styling. It was a new thing for us.”

There are few yards able to pull off such sculpted design, on such a scale and to such a high spec. “We specialise in building our yachts in steel with GRP,” says Mark Velthaus, project manager at Nobiskrug. “So the hull, the structural elements of the superstructure, they are all in steel, and all the exterior styling of the superstructure is in GRP, which is an advantage when it comes to building very particular shapes. It gives the designers more flexibility in their design.”

Imperial’s client certainly appreciated the results. “Her modern hull and superstructure design, far from the old and classic shape seen everywhere on all seas, corresponded to our client’s tastes,” says Kochman. He also liked what Langton describes as the “architectural” approach to the interior spaces.

“We’ve got 2.8 metres [of height] on the main deck, something crazy like that, so you feel like you’re walking on a really massive boat. It’s very impressive,” says Langton. “Then we have very square, flat walls. There are very few downlights and lots of LED recessed lighting that sort of sculpts the walls and the ceilings architecturally. That was a big feature for us and something we’ve carried on doing with our projects since then.”

The living spaces outside were just as much of a draw. These run from an enormous main aft deck, with dining as well as sunpads, to an outdoor cinema (with more sunpads and dining) on the sundeck aft, and, on the same level, a spa pool and all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a yacht this size, plus a glass-enclosed superyacht gym .

The décor, however, complementing those feminine lines with pale tones and silver detailing, was not to the prospective owner’s taste. Enter designer Mark Berryman . “He’s definitely an oak man through and through. He likes his warm woods,” says Berryman of the owner. “We probably ripped out about 80 per cent of the interior.” And they had just six months.

Out went the main saloon bar, replaced by a library with a piano, while seating and cabinetry was reconfigured here and in the upper saloon. The most significant changes were in the main deck owner’s suite . It had been divided into a full-beam cabin forward, with a smaller space aft containing a fold-down bed by a shell door, which itself folded down to create a superyacht terrace .

“Our client does a lot of work while he’s on board so it was important to make that a bit of an office space for him,” says Berryman. The desk faces inboard to avoid distraction when the shell door is open.

In terms of décor, the only element that remained was the bleached sycamore on bulkheads and deckhead panels, which there wasn’t time to remove and that could be seamlessly incorporated into the new decorative style. Berryman describes this new theme as “classic with a bit of contemporary Asian — we used a lot of bamboo”.

Throughout the lower deck guest suites warm European oak is combined with tactile, caramel coloured rattans and bamboo, wicker chairs by Glyn Peter Machin and driftwood lamps, while neutral fabrics help retain the airy feeling that is such a valuable feature of the spaces. In the master suite Berryman says the overriding feature is the abundance of space, a claim often made of cabins but rarely true. It is here.

Those massive head heights combined with the full-beam hidden storage and full-height windows (with oak shutters that disappear into pockets) make the 2 x 2.1 metre bed seem positively diminutive in the vast space. You hardly notice the sofa, custom designed by MBD and built by Henrik Lang in Hamburg, or the breakfast table built by Parkway Interiors in the UK.

Forward, chequerboard doors slide open to reveal dressing rooms and a sprawling bathroom in beige limestone, contrasting hazelnut-toned Travertine noce and — the dual centrepieces — a monolithic bathtub by Kaldewei and a glass-sided rain shower vast enough to replicate a thunderstorm.

Berryman employed a few ceiling tricks in the suite. The cabin features a lighter shade of bamboo in the recessed overheads to “not bring the ceiling down” and the bathroom has an acid etched set of backlit ceiling panels, which “gives the feeling of a skylight above”.

But it is in the main saloon that the benefit of Langton’s “architectural” approach blends most appealingly with Berryman’s design. There’s a distinctly residential feeling generated by those flat walls, massive head heights and full height windows, combined with cosy elements such as bookcases, niches for objets d’art, lamps and pot plants.

The temporary separation of spaces has been stylishly handled too, from the shoji screen-style smoked glass that slides between the main and dining saloons while allowing light through, to the panel between the owner’s cabin and office that looks like a permanent wall when closed, to the invisible crew door between the dining saloon and pantry forward — all of which operate smoothly at the push of a button.

There are clever tech touches all over. “The master cabin has biometric security access,” says the captain. “So the door locks and you’ve got a palm reader to get in — or you can issue a fob, if the person staying there is not a regular guest.” The rack rooms and ship’s server have the same security measures, to protect private data.

The upper deck cinema — set up for games consoles as well as films — is likely to be the most popular “techie” area. But guests may well prefer to spend their days in the superyacht beach club , which features a hammam and steam room as well as a dive compressor. Forward of this space lie two large side-opening tender garages : the port holding the main guest X-Craft tender, and the starboard, relieved of its RIB by the support vessel, contains various water toys and wetsuits.

Behind the scenes, making all this work together, are some impressive service areas. Kit in the galley was significantly beefed up. “There are induction hobs, a deep fryer in the corner, an electric grill, two combi steam ovens… they’re the business,” says the chef. There’s also a television that broadcasts to the kitchen from a camera above the table on the bridge aft deck, thus supplementing crew communication by radio. “It is great to see what’s happening because sometimes a guest might stand up and walk away, so everything has to [be put on] hold,” he says.

Up on the bridge, edits involved a new digital planning station — imagine a giant iPad built into a desk. “When we are with the owner, all the passage planning gets done here or it flips and becomes an extra monitor for the computer,” says the captain. “We can do things like pull Google Earth up or look at weather forecasts online.”

The radars were upgraded to Northrop Grumman by Sperry Marine, which the captain describes as “pretty impressive software”, as is the depth sounder, forward-looking sonar and much more. Here, as in the sprawling engine room, there are ample private spaces for crew to do their jobs: two offices off the bridge and a large engine control room down below.

The finished yacht — and her support vessel — have been carrying her owner on world-roaming adventures almost continuously for five years. So why is the story not quite finished? Both Project 783 and 6711 are offered for sale individually. But with the experience they now pack on board, the next chapter should be a lot simpler than the first.

First published in the October 2017 edition of Boat International .

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From Solar-Powered Catamarans to Giant Sailing Yachts: The 12 Most Innovative Boats on the High Seas

These yachts are shaping the future of luxury boating., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
  • These 3 Miniature Explorer Yachts Are Ready to Take You Off-Grid
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Trimaran Adastra 140-foot custom superyacht

Yachts that make you look twice. That’s what our round-up of future-forward superyachts on the water today make us do. From aft decks dedicated to the ultimate helipad to silent hybrid cruisers, and even optical illusion design, it’s a rubbernecker’s paradise of top notch amenities and visionary thinking all rolled up into one dynamic yacht package. Whether you’re a salty sailor at heart or keen on speed machines, here we identify eight innovative vessels that will make you want to hop aboard without a second thought.

Feadship 312-foot ‘Bliss’

nobiskrug superyachts

Launched in May 2021, Bliss has the Dutch shipyard’s all-new hybrid propulsion system. Designed and engineered in partnership with De Voogt Naval Architects, the diesel-electric hybrid system is paired with Polar Code compliance, meaning guests can cruise the more sensitive Polar regions with greater efficiency and as light a footprint as possible. Welcoming nine guests in an interior designed by Remi Tessier, the 312-foot world traveler packs true go-anywhere capabilities, along with a gym, wellness space, a pool and a convertible helideck.

Royal Huisman’s 184-Foot Sailing Yacht ‘Aquarius’

Robb Report's Best Sailing Yacht 2019, the Royal Huisman Aquarius

When design simplicity meets cutting-edge technology, the result is 184-foot ketch Aquarius . Built for an owner who likes to race and explore in equal measure, the Royal Huisman sailing yacht shows how performance and classic design do not have to be mutually exclusive. Fast yet easy to sail, Aquarius has a ketch rig developed in collaboration by the yard, its sister company Rondal, and Dykstra Naval Architects. She pairs 9,843-square-feet of sails with the latest in navigational aids to be a world explorer. Classic teak decking and good seakeeping qualities make her a true sailor’s yacht.

Heesen 262-foot ‘Galactica’

nobiskrug superyachts

The 262-foot Galactica, built by Dutch shipyard Heesen in 2022, rewrites the rules of engineering. The owner’s brief requested fast and big, which led to an all-aluminum build to keep weight down and achieve speeds close to 30 knots, and a newly patented “backbone” for strength and rigidity. Developed in partnership with Dutch hydrodynamicists Van Oossanen, Galactica ’s fast displacement platform is created using two long, flat metal plates that are joined together by a vertical plate in the middle. This prevents the hull from flexing in water. Four MTU engines deliver 19,000-hp, and the addition of a fully-certified helipad means no place is off limits.

Ulstein Verft’s 290-Foot Motor Yacht ‘Olivia O’

Olivia O

Olivia O is a yacht that means business. Robust in every way, she is owned by a commercial shipping magnate with a love for industrial boats. Built by Norwegian shipyard Ulstein Verft Olivia O ’s rustic appeal is exemplified by the use of metal in the Espen Øino-designed interior, from windows with steel borders to corridors with painted metal ceilings. On water, she is defined by Ulstein’s trademarked X-Bow, which was originally designed for use on offshore vessels. Olivia O is the first yacht to ever feature it. Launched in 2020, she bridges the gap between luxury superyacht and authentic rugged explorer.

Oceanco’s 350-Foot Sailing Yacht ‘Black Pearl’

nobiskrug superyachts

Scooping the top spot for largest DynaRig sailing yacht in the world, Black Pearl is designed by Nuvolari Lenard (assisted by Villate Design). A tri-deck sailing yacht, she boasts three revolutionary 70m DynaRig carbon masts and a sailing system designed by Dykstra Naval Architects. What’s more impressive is that all 2,900sqm of her black, highly distinctive sails can be set in a rapid seven minutes, and all at the push of a button. Her hybrid propulsion system, and other environmental onboard systems, such as waste heat recovery, propel her among a new generation of environmentally sustainable, and highly efficient vessels.

Benetti 351-foot ‘Lana’

nobiskrug superyachts

One of the most exciting additions to the gigayacht club, Lana was built to discover the four corners of the globe. One of the largest yachts delivered by the Italian builder, Lana is powered by an unusual Rolls-Royce hybrid-electric propulsion, delivering fuel efficiency and long-range cruising. Delivered in 2020, she boasts a large pool on the sun deck that comes with its own heating system, meaning guests can enjoy a splash wherever she cruises. A waterside beach club with folding terraces creates a floating apartment at sea, equipped with a Hammam, massage room, and a dedicated professional therapist makes up one of the 33 full-time crew.

Bilgin 262-foot ‘Tatiana’

nobiskrug superyachts

Launched in 2020, Tatiana the new flagship yacht from Bilgin Yachts heralded the arrival of cutting-edge, metal-hulled Turkish-built superyachts. With an internal volume of 1,689 gross tons—more than twice that of Bilgin’s previous flagship— Tatiana is defined by long overhangs and a sweeping sheer line penned by Unique Yacht Design. But it’s the 1,200-square-foot lower deck beach club with its two fold-down sea terraces that steal the limelight. The centerpiece is a 30-foot long, freshwater swimming pool. A second glass-bottomed pool on the main deck bathes the beach club below in dappled sunlight. When the shell doors are closed, guests can pamper themselves in the spa that enjoys a hammam, massage room and wet bar with a backlit floor.

Oceanco’s 360-Foot ‘Kaos’ (ex-‘Jubilee’)

JUBILEE 00001374

The mighty motor yacht Kaos , formerly known as Jubilee , was built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco. For her Moscow-born exterior designer Igor Lobanov, she represents the need to always have faith in your own vision. Topping both length and volume records in the Netherlands at the time of her launch, Kaos’s layered double decks—the very thing that originally put so many people off the concept—are, for Lobanov, the key to the design’s success. “When you’re travelling on a small tender it gives the scale of a bigger yacht, but as you get closer to the yacht you realize her actual size. That’s what we wanted to achieve. We wanted it to be a design trick.” The illusion has been created with smoked glass panels between the decks that run the length of the superstructure and areas of teak decking inaccessible to guests, but which from a distance look like genuine deck spaces. Perfection.

Nobiskrug’s 262-Foot ‘Artefact’

nobiskrug superyachts

Renowned for a truly striking exterior before she had even hit water, Artefact is the latest launch from German shipyard Nobiskrug. Designed by Gregory C Marshall, she boasts an extensive use of both structural and decorative glass, and includes a number of new technological and engineering features to minimise its environmental impact. These include a large battery storage system which allows the boat to operate without internal combustion engines for a limited time. The biggest-volume 262-foot superyacht in the world, she is also among the first superyachts to meet IMO Tier III emissions regulations and features an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system developed with electric motor manufacturer ABB.

Sanlorenzo 112-foot SX112

nobiskrug superyachts

As the flagship of Sanlorenzo’s SX crossover line, the premise of the 111.5-foot SX112 is to introduce a new way of living at sea. Described by the Italian builder as a “floating building,” the innovative design enhances guests’ onboard connectivity to the outdoors. It’s achieved by reducing barriers to the outside and closer indoor-outdoor connection. Greater emphasis has been placed on the stern, which has a spacious internal beach area with easy access to the water and beyond, and elsewhere, retractable terraces maximize the outside connection. Exterior designed by Zucccon International, the SX112 gifts superyacht living space typically found on a much larger yacht aboard a compact platform.

Sunreef 78.7-foot 80 Eco

nobiskrug superyachts

Is there anything more responsible than an electric sailing yacht that creates renewable energy? We don’t think so. The Sunreef 80 Eco is a sustainable transatlantic catamaran that combines electric propulsion with superyacht living and reliable sailing performance. Designed for long offshore navigation, it even generates its own electricity while under sail via a hydro generation system. A total of 1,765-square-feet of ultra-lightweight composite-integrated solar panels are spread across the mast, boom, superstructure, Bimini and hull sides generating up to 32kWp. Inside, the 78.7-foot multihull enjoys living quarters and accommodation for up to 10 guests, thanks in part to a 38-foot beam. It’s like a luxury pied-à-terre on water.

McConaghy Boats’ 140-Foot Trimaran ‘Adastra’

nobiskrug superyachts

Costing over $20 million to build when launched in 2012, the owner of this custom-built transatlantic trimaran—shipping magnate Antony Marden—has cruised the seven seas for seven years turning heads everywhere he goes. Adastra ’s space age design comes from the boards of British studio Shuttleworth Design and was built in China by McConaghy Boats. Her speedy and light-weight hull is made from a super-strong e-glass/Kevlar foam sandwich, while her superstructure is made up of carbon fiber with a lightweight Nomex honeycomb core. Currently for sale, she provides the rare opportunity to own a yacht with “amazing seaworthiness” and looks like nothing else out there right now.

This story was originally published on August 7, 2020. It has been updated to reflect the most innovative vessels on the water as of the current publishing date. 

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nobiskrug superyachts

Find anything, super fast.

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nobiskrug superyachts

Nobiskrug Signs Contract For 'Major Order'

By Danny Wiser

The German shipyard has announced the signing of major order with delivery of the vessel due for the middle of next year.

Following the takeover by Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG), Nobiskrug shipyard will enter the final outfitting phase of a major project. 

The yacht's completion planned for mid-2022 will also include handcrafted interior outftting and coating works on the hull. 

CEO Philipp Maracke was delighted to announce the yacht builder's progress.

“The contract signing marks another major step towards achieving set goals for Nobiskrug."

He continued: “It also underlines the yacht owner’s appreciation of our expertise in superyachts.”

Speculation has arisen regarding the signing of the contract and it is thought by some likely to be either Project 794, Project 795 or Project Black Shark that will be delivered as a consequence of the deal.

The owner’s representative Scott Wightman from Motor Yacht Build ltd have formed a very strong connection with the shipyard's team according to Nobiskrug's CEO. 

"A project of this kind relies particularly on the mutual efforts and commitment of the shipyard and the owner," said Marracke.

"After taking over the shipyard, we established an extremely trusting and cooperative relationship within a very short time."

"The contract signing marks another major step towards achieving set goals for Nobiskrug" Nobiskrug CEO Philipp Maracke

"The contract signing marks another major step towards achieving set goals for Nobiskrug"

More news About…

Companies linked to this story, more news from ..., new launches.

nobiskrug superyachts


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MY Indian Empress

95 M | Oceanco

nobiskrug superyachts


nobiskrug superyachts

MY Project 12

46.57 M | Cantieri di Pisa

yacht design uk30

Moscow Residence

nobiskrug superyachts

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    Project 783 was launched by Nobiskrug in 2012. Photo: Guillaume Plisson. Imperial's client certainly appreciated the results. "Her modern hull and superstructure design, far from the old and classic shape seen everywhere on all seas, corresponded to our client's tastes," says Kochman. He also liked what Langton describes as the ...

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    SAILING YACHT A is an exceptionally unique 2017 build by Nobiskrug, measuring 142.80m (468'6"ft). She is the ultimate embodiment of German superyachts built for the 22nd century. Measuring almost 143 m and a gross tonnage of about 12,600 GT, she became one of the most impressive PYC superyachts in the world in terms of design and technology.

  10. Nobiskrug

    Far from mass-producing superyachts for quick production, the Nobiskrug shipyard works closely with the buyer to ensure each project is bespoke and will last for generations to come. With a heritage that dates back to 1905, Nobiskrug builds 'German superyachts for the 22 nd century' and views the construction of German luxury yachts as ...

  11. Sycara V Yacht for Sale

    12. Sycara V is a 68m superyacht, custom built in 2010 by Nobiskrug in Rendsburg (Germany). This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering were also carried out by Nobiskrug. The yacht's interior has been designed by Pure Design. Sycara V has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure with a beam of 12m and a 3.6m draft.

  12. The 12 Most Innovative Yachts on the High Seas

    It has been updated to reflect the most innovative vessels on the water as of the current publishing date. Read More On: Catamaran. Dream Machines 2022. Heesen. Nobiskrug. Oceanco. Sailing Yacht ...

  13. Nobiskrug Yachts for Sale

    Nobiskrug yachts for sale are celebrated throughout the yachting industry for their high quality. Far from mass-producing superyachts for quick production, the Nobiskrug shipyard works closely with the buyer to ensure each project is bespoke and will last for generations to come. With a heritage that dates back to 1905, Nobiskrug builds ...

  14. Nobiskrug Signs Contract For 'Major Order'

    "The contract signing marks another major step towards achieving set goals for Nobiskrug." He continued: "It also underlines the yacht owner's appreciation of our expertise in superyachts." Speculation has arisen regarding the signing of the contract and it is thought by some likely to be either Project 794, Project 795 or Project Black ...

  15. PROJECT 794

    Monaco, June 1st - Nobiskrug's latest 62-metre Project 794 comes into view, ... Established in 2005, Imperial builds, brokers, manages and charters many of the world's finest superyachts, and it requires teams of experienced specialists operating with patience, discretion and attention to meticulous detail. It requires an integrated, through-

  16. Nobiskrug

    Since then, Nobiskrug delivered a select portfolio of innovative custom-built superyachts, like Siren (74m), Sycara V (68m) and Mogambo (74m). Known for pushing the boundaries and for not being a mass builder, NOBISKRUG has specialised in combining revolutionary engineering and eco-friendly technologies and set new standards for the yachting ...

  17. Mark Berryman Design

    73.51 M | NOBISKRUG. keyboard_arrow_right. MY Mary-Jean II. 61.7 M | ISA YACHTS. keyboard_arrow_right. RV Pegaso. 73.6 M | FRIERE SHIPYARD. keyboard_arrow_right. MY Indian Empress. 95 M | Oceanco. ... SUPERYACHTS OF DISTINCTION. Creating timeless elegance for discerning clients, from our New Forest studio on the south coast of England. ...