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Westerly conway 36

Westerly conway 36

CAL 33

  • United States

1984 Herreshoff Tortola-Trawler Nereia 36′ Sailboat

1984 Herreshoff Tortola-Trawler Nereia 36′ Sailboat

36 Hunter Vision 1993

36 Hunter Vision 1993

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

  • Florida , United States

1972 Luders 36 by Cheoy Lee

1972 Luders 36 by Cheoy Lee

Tartan 10 Snowballs Chance

Tartan 10 Snowballs Chance

  • Connecticut

1975 Bristol 32 Sloop, Keel/CB by Ted Hood (Am’s Cup)

1975 Bristol 32 Sloop, Keel/CB by Ted Hood (Am’s Cup)


  • Massachusetts

Used Yamaha 200 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Engine

Used Yamaha 200 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Engine

Used Yamaha 115 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Engine

Used Yamaha 115 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Engine

33ft Blue Water Sailboat

33ft Blue Water Sailboat

Freshwater Only – 1989 Hunter 33.5 Sloop-Rigged Cruiser, Shoal Wing Keel

Freshwater Only – 1989 Hunter 33.5 Sloop-Rigged Cruiser, Shoal Wing Keel

F&C 44′ Ketch

F&C 44′ Ketch

Reeds Cub Scow – SOLD

Reeds Cub Scow – SOLD

Melges C Scow

Melges C Scow


470 sailboat and trailer

  • Pennsylvania

1978 Hunter 30 Cheurbini

1978 Hunter 30 Cheurbini


Sold – Shallow Draft Cat Ketch 24 Cruiser

sailboats for sale washington

New and Used Sailboats For Sale

In Seattle and throughout the state of Washington, sailboats can nearly be found wherever there is a large body of water. The San Juan Islands can make cruising a sailboat a beautiful experience. Racing is also popular at sailing clubs thought the state.

To help you get connected to sailboats for sale in Washington, browse the SailTrader listings above or search for sailboats nationally online. Finding the right sailboat to meet your needs is important and SailTrader is here to help you.

  • Cruising Sailboats

Cruising sailboats are a popular choice for many sailors looking to get on the water with friends and family. For some sailors this means either an afternoon sail or a multi-day adventure. No matter what you’re sailing agenda is, you’re sure to find a variety cruising sailboats for sale in Washington on SailTrader. Browse sailboats from popular cruising brands like Hunter, Catalina, Beneteau, Jenneau, Swan, Cal, Tarten, Pearson and more.

  • Racing Sailboats

sailboat for sale washington

One Design Sailboats

One Design sailboats can often provide the best chance to learn and improve your racing skills. It’s common to find one design racing sailboats near larger bodies of water. Search sailboats for sale in Washington from popular one design classes like the J24, J70, Tarten Ten, J105, J111, Melges 24 and more.

Dinghy’s are a often preferred due to the convenience and low maintenance costs. There are different classes that can offer a range of benefits and regattas. Browse dinghy’s for sale in Washington like Thistles, Lightnings, Flying Scots, Scows, Optimists, 420’s, Lasers, VX Ones and more. Dinghy’s are also a popular choice in areas of Washington that have small bodies of water. For racers, the cost of new sails for a dinghy are far less then a large racing sailboat. Search SailTrader for your next dinghy sailboat. 

Catamarans and Trimarans

Both catamarans and trimarans can be a great choice no matter if you’re a racer or cruiser. Racing multihulls are fast and light while cruising catamarans are wide and comfortable. SailTrader makes it easy to find the right catamaran or trimaran sailboat for sale in Washington. We cater exclusively to sailors so you’ll find the latest and most recent sailboats available.

The Sailor's Choice For Sailboats For Sale in Washington

SailTrader is exclusively designed to makes it easy for dealers and to privately  sell a sailboat . Browse local Washington sailboat listings above or search sailboat listings nationwide.

sailboats for sale wa state

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sailboats for sale wa state


Are You In the Market To Buy A Sailboat?

In the exciting world of sailing, there has been a steady evolution of technology, computer-aided design, materials development, and construction techniques that continues to change the sailing world from one decade to the next.

This has been especially true since the introduction of fiberglass in the 1950s to replace traditional wooden boat construction.

Search Sailboats by Price

Search sailboats by length, search sailboats by year, more about used sailboats.

Seattle Yachts is one of the leading experts in the industry when it comes to the purchase, sale, and construction of sailboats. We are dealers for premium sailboat brands like Tartan Yachts , Hanse Yachts , Dehler , Moody , and Excess Catamarans . We also offer professional brokerage services to assist you with selling your sailboat.

Order Of Content:

1. Introduction To Used Sailboats

2. History Of Sailboat Manufacturing

3. Sailboat Manufacturers & Brands

4. Different Types Of Sailboats

5. Buying Guide For Used Sailboats

6. FAQ's About Used Sailboats

7. How To Contact Us

1.) Introduction to Used Sailboats

For anyone interested in exploring used sailboats currently for sale, it is a wonderful opportunity to see what each innovation brought to the U.S. market, in terms of sailboats and their systems. The sailboat and equipment manufacturers continue to make sailboats faster, easier to use, and safer.

In the used market, materials and boat designs that have endured years of use and occasional neglect are commonplace, so many of the boats built in the early days of fiberglass remain desirable and collectible even some 60 years later.

It is quite a testament to consider that a Hinckley Bermuda 40 built by Maine craftsmen in the 1960s is still very much in demand today. Given proper care and maintenance, one might think this boat will live forever.

2.) History of Sailboat Manufacturing

The many manufacturers and brands that flourished over the past 50+ years showcase a rich landscape of older and current sailboats that span every decade and marketing angle of the day. And they provide choices across all budgets, sailing plans, and vessel requirements. 

There are some 95,000 sailboats in the U.S., only a small fraction of the 12 million overall registered recreational boats. And while these numbers might suggest one won’t find many sailboats on the used market, that simply is not the case, and the reasons make sense.  

The sailboat industry came of age in the late 1950s when fiberglass was introduced as a boat building material. Hinckley launched its first fiberglass Bermuda 40 in 1959. Other pioneering boat builders, such as Jensen Marine and Tillotson Pearson, found the material a good choice for production boat building as it required molds that increased production and provided consistency from boat to boat. The time and effort spent on one-off wood construction was eliminated, which proved a win-win for both builder and consumer. 

(Below: An example of a Hinckley Bermuda 40.)

example of hicnkley beruda 40 sailboat

Fiberglass boats also proved rugged and stable. This was first proven when an Allied Seawind became the first fiberglass sailboat to circumnavigate the world in 1968. (The Allied Boat Company built the first one in 1962 and then 160+ yachts before it ended production in 1982.)

Over the next several decades, hundreds of sailboat manufacturers opened shops to build fleets of sailboats of all shapes and sizes. The range of boats included the smallest daysailer to the largest cruising yacht specifically to go around the world with family and friends…and crew. The blossoming multihull segment was not yet ready for prime time, but builders explored the multihull option and produced sailboats that tried using the catamaran platform for daysailing, racing, and cruising. The small but capable Heavenly Twins developed a following, as did the 37-foot Prout Snowgoose, a very capable cruiser with an impeccable safety record for those worried about stability offshore. 

The French cats that would eventually dominate the industry had not yet found the right combination of design and materials, although in racing circles they were the top finishers in races they alone could organize. (Over the last 15 years, however, they found their sweet spot. These builders, along with successful yacht builders in South Africa, Vietnam, and New Zealand, now create luxury catamarans to the world’s charter industry.)

The number of sailing catamarans at today’s boat shows clearly shows the success of the multihull in modern sailing circles, especially among younger sailors who did not grow up among the evolving years of trial and error of the multihull concept.

Many of these past and present sailboat manufacturers have enviable records that show just how popular they were. Tanzer built 8,000 boats, Columbia built 30,000, O’Day also built 30,000, Catalina over 80,000 boats, and Groupe Beneteau, which builds some 180 models across 10 brands of power and sail boats, now builds 10,000 boats a year.

In what was already a tough business, sailboat manufacturers began running out of sales opportunities by the late 1980s, and some inevitably closed their doors. Then the luxury tax of 1990 hit the marine industry hard, and the recession of 2008 took out many of the remaining sailboat manufacturers and semi-custom yacht builders. Boat building has always had some unique challenges, but market and political constraints made a difficult business model even harder.

Today the sailboat manufacturers have shown amazing resilience in an industry affected by many variables out of its control. The larger companies successfully continue by integrating new technology and materials in ways that make sailing more enjoyable, less effort, and more fun. This is especially important given the many distractions that compete for leisure time of the modern family.

3.) Sailboat Manufacturers and Brands

During the prolific period of sailboat manufacturing in the 1960s until the 1980s, there were over 300 sailboat and yacht manufacturers/brands at any given time in North America. Sailboat manufacturers, yacht designers, and smaller builders explored the boundaries of fiberglass construction, which allowed shapes and design elements impossible to achieve in wood. 

As a result, the range of boats seen at any boat show during those years was staggering. Many sailboats could be built to a lower price point, offering buyers a genuine sailing experience on sailboats they could afford. These sailboat manufacturers included Tanzer, Bayliner’s Buccaneer, Hunter, and the AMF Paceship. Even Chrysler got into the market with its line of small daysailers and budget cruisers. 

Many more manufacturers aimed for slightly higher middle ground, offering somewhat higher quality and more substantial construction for an even better boating lifestyle. The list of builders in the category is huge, and many of their boats can be found on the used sailboat market today. Irwin, O’Day, Endeavour, Sabre, Bristol, Ericson, Columbia, Pearson, Cape Dory, and Cal Yachts are just a handful of these boats. And many of them will be found on the used market.

The condition of a sailboat over 50 years old can vary tremendously, and the asking price usually reflects this. But for those working on a budget, and understanding they will need to spend a significant amount to bring the boat up to date, this can be a definite plus. A solid, seaworthy and proven design that has “good bones.”

On the upper end of yacht builders are those sailboat companies that aim for customers who demand high quality and are willing to pay for it. This quality is evident when opening up a locker, looking behind installed equipment, and generally inspecting beyond the surface. These companies include Morris Yachts, Hinckley, Valiant, Hallberg-Rassy, Passport, Lyman-Morse, Ta Shing Yachts, Pacific Seacraft, Oyster, Rustler, Southerly, and Camper Nicholson. There are a number of yacht builders that fit on this list.

In some cases, a manufacturer will build more than one brand of sailboat for more than one yacht company. This is particularly true for yacht builders in Taiwan. Ta Shing Yachts is located near Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and over the years has created many top-quality sailing yachts. The company built the lines of sailing yachts under the Mason brand, as well as Baba/Toshiba, certain Hans Christian models, Norseman, Mariner, Panda, Orion, Taswell, and Tatoosh yachts.

(Below: An example of an older Ta Shing sailboat.)

example of Ta Shing Yachts sailboat

Another example of a Taiwan builder of multiple brands is Lein Hwa Yachts. The company built the Rafiki 35 and 37, the Seamaster 46, and the Little Harbor 38. All were separate projects sold by different companies around North America.

In terms of a sailboat lasting a lifetime, there is some validity that some brands have held up better than others, everything else being equal. That may be simply because they were more heavily constructed and finished to a higher level. In some cases, access is a big part of this longevity, as systems and components easily accessed will generally be better maintained. 

So, it is not surprising that one can expect an older Baba, Island Packet, Sabre, Valiant, Fisher, Hallberg-Rassy, Rival, or C&C to be brought up to good condition easier and less expensively than a vintage Bristol, Cape Dory, Newport, Irwin, Balboa, Columbia, or Watkins.

But it is wrong to assume this is a universal truth. An International Folkboat, a very popular 26-footer from the 1960s, is a small but capable sailboat that has crossed oceans and been used for more than its share of long-distance cruising. But when they do come on the market, expect them to be in sad shape simply because the boat has reached the end of its useful life. To bring it back would be problematic and more expensive than it is worth.

Despite the many interesting older designs and boats that are no longer produced, it is best to look for a used sailboat that is more recent. Used sailboats less than 15 years old are very attractive in today’s used boat market. They may have higher asking prices, but everything on the boats is newer, more current in terms of technology, and take advantage of industry advancements. Going aboard a Catalina, Tartan, or any of the Beneteau and Jeanneau models built over the last number of years will impress anyone used to looking at older boats with dark, hardwood interiors that once were all the rage.

(Below: The popular Tartan Yachts 395.)

tartan yachts 395 sailboat

So, looking for boats that are no older than a dozen years or so may yield fewer choices (in terms of manufacturers) but will have benefits for consideration that the older boats do not offer.

Current sailboat brands include :

  • Fountaine Pajot
  • Hallberg-Rassy
  • Island Packet

4.) Types of Sailboats 

There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles of sailboats on the used market. Depending on what one plans to do with the sailboat, some will be better choices than others, for any number of reasons. Those looking to enjoy time on the water going fast so they can hone their sailing skills should look at sailboats that offer decidedly different experiences than boats designed for long-distance cruising and living aboard. A displacement cruiser that can be a perfect winter home in the islands will likely have much less sporting performance than a boat that has less accommodations, storage space, and not nearly enough tankage for much more than a week aboard.

Certain styles of sailboats consider the changing needs of the sailing community, the racing rules, or the manufacturers. Builders have recently made a point to find ways to break from tradition, and the interior finishes are very different from the dark hardwood interiors found on most every cruising sailboat from the 1970s and 1980s.

Racing boats are seldom considered timeless designs, with a few exceptions. On the contrary, they often reflect specific rules and measurement algorithms that become obsolete in a couple of years. Rating systems that are popular now are invariably replaced by newer systems from updated thinking…or so the theory goes.

Because of that, it is common to see racing machines offered for very attractive used prices. There are a couple of reasons to explain this. One, the design to fit a specific rating or racing rule may have changed so it is no longer considered competitive. Also, the goal of a custom build of a pure race boat is for a lightweight racing machine that lacks frills of any kind. Even a galley is a minimal affair, if there is one at all. A pure race boat may be somewhat fragile, never intended to live the tough life of a cruising boat. It has one purpose and that may be short lived.

Despite this, some may find it appealing to seek out a vintage racer because it can offer a speedy ride. But again, keep in mind that racing rules have little to do with crew comfort or ease of handling. And remember, all racing boats need more crew than will ever be aboard a cruising boat. The rules have nothing to do with seaworthiness and amenities for seasonal cruising. 

Such a boat may make a terrible liveaboard.

The popularity of the large daysailer shows that people are drawn to lovely sailing yachts that thrill in looks, feel, and performance, but offer only comfortable accommodations for an afternoon on the water. The rest of the time, the sailboat dazzles onlookers from its mooring. A beautiful daysailer, such as those from Morris Yachts and several European builders, has all the classic elements of yachting. Smaller daysailers are mostly not nearly so, offering good performance in a boat that is easy to maintain—essentially wash and wear—and is a perfect platform for an hour (or a day) on the water, then put back into its slip without fuss. For those looking to enjoy sailing in its purest form, a daysailer, such as those from Tartan, Catalina, Beneteau, and dozens of smaller builders, is hard to beat.

(Below: An example of a Beneteau daysailer.)

Beneteau daysailer

Many sailors want a boat that has reasonable build quality but is not finished to the level of a high-end yacht—with a price to match. They are not looking for that experience, but rather spending quality time on the water. That is the sweet spot of the Beneteau and Jeanneau brands, good sailboats but without the flair and luxury appointments that make an otherwise nice boat unaffordable.

5.) Buying Guide for Used Sailboats

Many books have been written to explain the differences in keel choices, hull shapes, sailing rigs, and other considerations. It is wise to read one or two books on the general subject, although one may find it better to simply find an experienced yacht broker to learn the differences and benefits of the various types of sailboats.

Which brings up a very important question. Being as honest as possible, do you know how you will use the boat? A simple sailboat suitable for weekends and the occasional cruise will not require much beyond the basics. And even on older boats, these basics can be upgraded and made 100 percent without significant expense. Rubbing compound, cleaner, and polish can bring many tired hulls back to shine, if not to perfection. But boats can be repainted with amazing results and may be well worth including on the new boat budget.

A Sea Sprite 23 will be a fun small boat, and a step up to a Catalina 27 will come with room for a family. And when looking around 30-footers, one can easily imagine all kinds of adventures and sailing vacations. Any of these boats, especially if previously owned by people who appreciated and took care of them, will be a joy to own for many years.

(Below: The Catalina 27 sailboat.)

Catalina 27 sailboat

Conversely, boats that were sailed hard and not well maintained, or only built to minimum standards or in a design style that is no longer in fashion, will be a tough sell. Systems that are no longer maintainable in today’s world represent serious issues for anyone only focusing on a low asking price.

Which is why, when in the market for a used sailboat, there is consensus that keeping one’s search to as new a boat as one can afford has some merit. The reality is that when inspecting 10-year-old production boats, such as the many models built by Beneteau, Catalina, and Jeanneau, the boat and its systems are recent enough to require little (if any) expense to make current. This is true across the board.

Consider the many systems and construction standards all boats are built with. The popular notion that electricity and water don’t mix was common not that long ago, so electrical systems were kept bare bones and nowhere near up to the challenges of today’s electrical needs. A simple, two-battery house bank was once thought a luxury to complement the starting battery for the engine. There were no appliances, suites of navigation electronics, or any of the demands we now take for granted. Buying a used sailboat that is more than a few years old will require some modification.

The same is true for most of the other systems. Early saildrives were feared as a maelstrom of dissimilar metals destined to self destruct in the marine environment. Today there is a much deeper understanding of metallurgy and plastics in the marine environment and a saildrive is preferred by many sailors over traditional running gear.

Regarding the sailboat’s diesel engine, good access is more important than most realize. Many boat builders don’t spend much effort thinking about how owners will maintain their boats over the lifetime of ownership. Access to the key maintenance points of an engine should be front and center, or at least accessed by removing a side panel in the engine compartment.

When one considers all the systems, hoses, wiring, and other mechanical pieces that go into a sailboat, it is important to look for boats built to ABYC standards. Unless the boat is really old, that will guarantee that things were done right when the boat was built. Most all major production boats will have proper steering systems, for example, and the appropriate running of electrical wiring ensures there are no issues later. 

Obviously, it is a given that any used sailboat being considered, no matter the age, will be throughly inspected by a qualified marine surveyor. It is all but impossible to conduct a proper survey by yourself, and the ramifications of missing something are significant. If the boat had a hard grounding that damaged its fin keel, it might be obvious…or not at all. Wear in important areas, such as the rudder shaft through the hull, are easy to miss if one is not trained to look in the right places. Corrosion and issues with seacocks and other underwater plumbing are not something to take a chance on, even on a new boat. Remember, a used sailboat does not come with a warranty.

Inspecting the mast and standing rigging is best left to a professional to certify their condition. If the boat is older than 10 years, it might be time to replace some of the rig. This will be particularly true of any standing rigging that is found overly corroded or some of the wires are broken.

Other components on the boat, such as the anchor chain, can be inspected by the buyer, but beware of a chain that has been switched end to end, with the heavily corroded portion at the bottom of the chain locker. Older boats may also have antiquated anchoring gear. Traditional cruisers relied on the CQR anchor for many years, but this design pales in comparison to modern anchors. Just something to note during the inspection.

Unless the boat is only a few years old, it is a given that all the electronics are nearing the end of their service life. They may still work, but in the case of chart plotters, updated charts may no longer be available. VHF radios today include AIS and internal GPS for DSC capability and offer far greater utility than just a two-way radio. Upgrading a radio is no big deal, but it is good to replace/upgrade the antenna and cable at the same time.

6.) FAQs About Used Sailboats

What is the Smallest Sailboat to Live On?

Thirty feet is generally considered large enough to allow full-time living by one or two people. Once boats reach that size, tankage and storage can provide enough of both for more comfortable living than is possible on smaller boats. While accommodations can be minimal, the tradeoffs of simplicity and “doing more with less” are better for some people than the extra expense of a larger sailboat, along with its need for additional maintenance and dockage costs.

(Below: The interior of the Hanse 348 offers good light and space for storage.)

interior salon of Hanse sailboat

Is It Better to Buy a Newer, Smaller Sailboat or a Larger, Older Sailboat?

A newer, smaller sailboat will generally have fewer problems, and newer systems, than the alternative. The attraction of a larger, older boat is usually a lower price. But that extra space and faster speed of a larger hull come at the expense of having to regularly deal with aging and breaking gear, plumbing, and wiring. Plan to use the boat with enough unplanned downtime from failed gear that will require more repair and maintenance. 

Can I Do My Own Maintenance on a Diesel Engine?

Many engine shops in larger sailing areas offer hands-on instruction of the care and feeding of the small diesel engines typically found in sailboats. From a few hours in an afternoon session to multi-day classroom instruction where the class rebuilds a small engine, these informative classes take the mystery out of diesel engines and provide owners with valuable information and experience with living successfully with a diesel engine, regardless of brand.

Is It Easier to Sail a Small Boat than a Big One?

It is excellent training to learn sailing on a small boat, where everything a sailor does has an immediate impact on one’s sailing. This immediate feedback provides great understanding of the factors that wind and waves have on the sailing experience.

Once one learns the basics, however, a larger boat’s inherent slower response to these same actions makes it easier to control the sailboat under way. When sailing any distance this translates into less stress for the sailor who has more time to adjust running rigging after a tack or settle down navigating to a waypoint. Over time, the larger sailboat will be more satisfying for an experienced sailor.

Will a Broker Take Advantage of My Inexperience?

A professional yacht broker is an experienced and knowledgeable sailor who wants very much to share his or her own success and enjoyment with those looking to get into the sport. They will use their broad experience to help guide new sailors through the maze of options and choices and help ease them into a boat that makes sense for them now. 

The selection of the right boat, taking into account its age, size, complexity, equipment, and overall expense, is of paramount interest to the right broker. The hope is that the relationship between broker and buyer(s) will become a long-term affair, with larger and more capable sailboats on the horizon as the years go by. Many brokers become long-time friends with their clients as they move from one sailboat up to larger boats as their experience and dreams develop.   

Am I Too Old to Start Sailing?

There is no age limit in sailing, and it is not uncommon for people to learn sailing at a later age, from 30 years old up to senior status. Even 80-year-old sailors continue to enjoy their passion, albeit in boats suited for ease of sail handling and maneuvering under sail and power.

How Can I See If I like Sailing Offshore?

There are sailing schools that offer crew positions on boats scheduled to sail across oceans, from one continent to another, and which can be sailed by crew for one leg as part of a sailing school environment. The small number of students share responsibilities as they learn navigation, sail management, weather predicting, watch standing, maintenance, and even galley duty.

For the cost of a nice vacation, individuals and couples can get a healthy taste of the offshore experience while also completing an ocean passage across a sea, or around the world.

7.) Contact Us

If you are ready to search for the right used sailboat and join the community of special people who enjoy life defined by wind and waves, contact Seattle Yachts to begin your adventure. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you through every step of the way.

Our professional and experienced staff of brokers is ready to help you refine your search and determine possible choices on the used market to take you to the next step.  

With offices around North American and beyond, our brokers can assist in your quest for the right sailboat. Our brokers communicate with each other using the Seattle Yachts network to make sure a listing can be thoroughly explored before they present the listing to you.

Our offices are in many popular sailing centers around the country:

  • San Francisco

Marina del Rey

Fort Lauderdale

  • St Augustine
  • Subic Bay, Philippines
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Let the Seattle Yachts team show you how our incredible level of personalized customer service can help you find your next sailboat. Seattle Yachts wants to help you begin your boating adventure!

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Valuable Sailboat-related Resources

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  • The ASA is a great resource for educational material, offering everything from beginner courses to advanced certifications.

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  • An online forum with a multitude of discussions on various topics around sailing.

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  • This site has a vast database of different types of sailboats with detailed specs and designs.

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  • Sailing Scuttlebutt is a free online magazine that covers a wide range of topics related to sailing.

Cruisers Forum

  • This is a forum for cruising sailors and liveaboards to discuss cruising lifestyles, destinations, and various related topics.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  • NOAA provides accurate and timely weather forecasts that are crucial for safe sailing.

The International Sailing Federation

  • The ISAF offers resources related to racing rules, safety regulations, and international sailing news.

BoatUS Foundation

  • The BoatUS Foundation offers free online boating safety courses that are recognized by many states.

The National Maritime Historical Society

  • For those interested in the historical aspect of sailboats and seafaring, this is a valuable resource.

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2007 Catalina 22 sport, 2007 Catalina 22 Sport Sailboat with trailer and 5hp outboard for sale. Excellent condition.Swing keel. Roller furling jib.Trailer has disc brakes and extension bar for easy launch and clean up. Cabin and external seat cushions.I made a custom mast raising kit so launch at park is easy with 2 people. No heavy lifting needed.I also have a 1500 1990 GMC 4x4 suburban you can use to tow it. It needs a new ignition switch but it should start. $1500 extra and it is yours.Come see very nice deal. $12000

1965 Spencer A Full Keel Ketch

1965 Spencer A Full Keel Ketch

Gig Harbor, Washington

Make Spencer

Model A Full Keel Ketch

1965 Spencer A Full Keel Ketch Classic Wood-boat ambience -- looks and feels like a classic '50's or '60's sweet-sheerline, long-overhang cruiser, yet she has the low-maintenance of an all-fiberglass hull! Just-completed: complete re-manufacture of the spruce main and mizzen masts, to highest quality. This boat has only one owner, her builder.  It is the well-known Spencer 42 fiberglass hull (42 feet on-deck) with bowsprit extending out to 45 feet.  Full-keel; narrow for her length by today's standards, she's a fast-sailer, showing -- on occasion -- up to ten knots on her paddlewheel knotmeter....  Excellent construction -  a four-year build-project "from the hull up", using the gorgeous teak available at the time (20ft pieces never available again!).   Simple systems aboard, by owner's preference.  Center cockpit gives two widely-separated staterooms, and a very spacious salon.  Solidly built, still water-tight to this day -- and well maintained, this Spencer 45 is ready to go. Live aboard or sail the world in this Spencer 45 Ketch.

1986 Cascade Ketch

1986 Cascade Ketch

Make Cascade

Model Ketch

1986 Cascade Ketch 1986 42' Cascade Ketch

1975 Vaughn-Mason Ketch

1975 Vaughn-Mason Ketch

Make Vaughn-Mason

1975 Vaughn-Mason Ketch 47' Vaughn-Mason Ketch. Great liveaboard or cruiser. Two stateroom one head layout.  06/29/2016  PRICE REDUCED    reduced from 59,500 to 40,000  The Perkins Diesel needs to be replaced. Drop in the engine of your choice and go cruising.

1984 Catalina 30

1984 Catalina 30

1984 Catalina 30 1984 30' Catalina Tall Rig in Very good condition, Low hours on a new Universal diesel, and all new Interior/exterior cushions and Dodger. This Boat has everything, and is Cruise and Charter ready. A true must see boat.

1979 Schucker 430

1979 Schucker 430

Seattle, Washington

Make Schucker

1979 Schucker 430 This Schucker 430 Motorsailer is a very versatile craft. It is well-equipped with modern systems. The large pilot house offers good light and visibility from the windows all around. Port and starboard side doors to the walkaround decks make for easy docking and line handling. Down below is the inviting, colorful galley with custom sinks, propane cook stove, microwave, two refrigerators and toaster oven with miles of counter space with ample storage in cupboards and many drawers. What a comfortable live-aboard. Enclosed shower, four heat sources, a serious double bed contribute to a traveling home on the water. Why pay expensive Seattle rent when you can own this boat and live on the water?These boat details are subject to contract.Note: Offers on the asking price may be considered.

1990 Hunter 35.5

1990 Hunter 35.5

Make Hunter

1990 Hunter 35.5 Great price on a quality Hunter 35.5--one of the most popular Hunters made (Over 700 built). "Osprey" Is a well cared-for Hunter 35.5 that shows well. She has two cabins and a single head with separate shower, a large galley with two burner stove and oven, BBQ astern. A great sailor, she is a reliable "cruiser/racer". Similar models have competed-and-won the Pacific Cup race and other races. Features Include:New sails in 2015! New Main and Genoa by Ballard Sails (Seattle, WA sailmakers). Storm Sail and original main, and spinnaker pole as well.Full Iverson cockpit enclosure--Bimini, Dodgern side and stern panelsCustom cockpit teak sole, flip-up table with leaves and drink holders,Clean and dry inside, well maintained,Yanmar 27HP has 711 Hours, and serviced regularly,11 Foot inflatable tender with 2HP Honda Outboard,Coast Guard Inspected every year, If you are in the market for a comfortable 35 footer that is ready to enjoy, please contact me for a viewing. Located in central Seattle area.

1985 Newport 30

1985 Newport 30

Make Newport

1985 Newport 30 Please check back soon for more details on this well maintained Newport 30 with updated Yanmar diesel, new canvas, and more... Here is a review from Pacific Northwest Boating:

1985 Newport 30 Mk III

1985 Newport 30 Mk III

Model 30 Mk III

1985 Newport 30 Mk III Please check back soon for more details on this well maintained Newport 30 with updated Yanmar diesel, new canvas, and more... Here is a review from Pacific Northwest Boating:

1981 Union 36

1981 Union 36

1981 Union 36 This Union 36 Cutter is a stoutly built, full keel double ender designed by Robert Perry and built by Union Yacht Co. of Taiwan, ROC. The design began as the Hans Christian 34 and is well regarded for serious, off-shore sailing. These boats have a very strong and stable hull and feature well-built teak interiors of classic design with teak cockpit and decks. This boat has been recently upgraded with new standing and running rigging and upgrades to the sails including deleting the staysail boom and adding staysail sheet tracks. The winches have been upgraded to self-tending types and a rigid boom vang was added. The cockpit is totally enclosed with a hard, fiberglass dodger forward and canvas and isinglass aft providing good visibility and all-weather protection.In addition to the work topside, the bottom was peeled and epoxy coated in 2006 to eliminate blistering. New interior upholstery December 2015. These boat details are subject to contract.Note: Offers on the asking price may be considered.

1975 Irwin Center Cockpit Ketch

1975 Irwin Center Cockpit Ketch

Model Center Cockpit Ketch

1975 Irwin Center Cockpit Ketch This is a 42' Irwin Center Cockpit Ketch, built of fiberglass by Irwin Yachts.LOA: 42' / Beam: 13' 3" / Draft: 4' 5" / Displacement: 29,000 lbsPowered by a 45hp 4-cylinder Isuzu diesel engine. This boat was dismasted (main & mizzen, both deck-stepped) after attempting to go under a fixed railroad bridge which was not quite high enough to allow normal passage. As a result, the following items will have to be replaced: * Masts and booms (along with all fittings - spreaders, tangs, etc.)* All standing rigging (the turnbuckles appear to be in useable condition)* All running rigging* Mizzen sail torn at head, tears in jib (main sail and genoa appear to be serviceable)  List of related damage includes:* At least two bent chain plates* Bow pulpit supports broken* Main mast deckstep box bent The boat itself has not been surveyed since the accident, but does not appear to have suffered any major structural damage. However, defects that have been noted include, but are not limited to, the following:* Hull is heavily oxidized and has numerous areas of scuffs, scratches. * Toe rail (wood) broken/split, port & stbd (at chain plate locations)* Interior woodwork stained in numerous areas. More details regarding the condition of this boat are available upon request.

1981 Bruce Roberts Offshore 44

1981 Bruce Roberts Offshore 44

Make Bruce Roberts

Model Offshore 44

1981 Bruce Roberts Offshore 44 This 44' Bruce Roberts Offshore was custom built in 1981 and is offered for sale by its original owner. It has only 2000 hours on its 62 hp Perkins. This boat can comfortably sleep six, and is spacious enough for long cruises with the whole family. The center cockpit with aft master stateroom layout is well-suited for living aboard or extended cruises. The interior needs a little cosmetic work as there are a few areas where water leaks have deteriorated the wood under a few windows and the galley floor. Otherwise, it is a stout vessel with a well-regarded design. She's ready to sail and is priced to sell. The seller just recently spend $1000 on the engine doing some needed maintenance plus a new 4D start battery. The seller says, "Bring on offers".These boat details are subject to contract.Note: Offers on the asking price may be considered.

1990 Hunter 30T

1990 Hunter 30T

Poulsbo, Washington

1990 Hunter 30T s/v Lehua is a great boat for Puget Sound, easy to sail with accommodations for a family, and capable enough for BC trips. Prior owners even took her to Tofino.  Where do you want to go? Lehua has a forward private cabin with storage, and reading lights., and a main salon with dinette to starboard, and settee on port.  The table drops to make a double-berth.  Aft end of port settee serves as seating for modest nav-station with AC/DC panel, VHF radio and stereo.  Aft head, with manual marine toilet, sink, shower and good storage. Spacious “L” shaped Galley with storage, sinks, ice box and stove with oven.  Aft of the galley is a transverse double berth with reading lights, privacy curtains, and shelf storage.  Good engine access.  The large “T-shaped” cockpit with wheel steering has a walk-through transom for easy dinghy access, and even more storage.

2000 Legendary Yachts Araminta 33 Ketch

2000 Legendary Yachts Araminta 33 Ketch

Make Legendary Yachts

Model Araminta 33 Ketch

2000 Legendary Yachts Araminta 33 Ketch "It is sometimes useful to glance over one's shoulder at yachts which have gone before, to an era in which the materials in a boat had a life of their own, when beauty of form was an aim in itself...Legendary Yachts is doing this, building classic designs using materials of that period and techniques of today. I admire that". Bill Crealock - Yacht DesignerThis classic jewel is a reproduction of L. Francis Herreshoff's 33 foot ARAMINTA. Built by Legendary Yachts in 2000 it was built to remain true to Herreshoff's design and was executed with a high level of craftsmanship. The vessel was shipped to San Francisco as a new boat for the San Francisco Boat Show. She remained there for two years to be shown and to sail the bay, and was then shipped back home where it was re-painted, re-varnished, decommissioned and stored in the building where it had been built. Today it appears as a completely new boat. The masts and rigging are wrapped in plastic and are stored in racks. All the interior components are in protective wrapping. The sails and running rigging are bagged, marked and stowed. Be prepared for the attention you'll received from anyone who appreciates classic yacht design and construction. This is a stunningly lovely boat.

1984 J-Boats J-35

1984 J-Boats J-35

Make J-Boats

1984 J-Boats J-35 The J-35 is a well regarded racing sloop with the added feature of having some room below for cruising. A modest galley with two-burner stove and ice box, a head with shower and sleeping berths for six make this a suitable family cruiser or a smokin" hot race boat. This particular one has a sail inventory that gives you all the options you may need for both purposes. These boat details are subject to contract.Note: Offers on the asking price may be considered.

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For Sale "sailboat" in Seattle-tacoma

  • Classic Alpha Sailboat - Ready for the Water! $1,199 Mercer Island
  • Longshaft 3.5hp Tohatsu 2-stroke (rebadged by Evinrude) sailboat motor $500 Olympia, WA
  • Cascade 36 $1,900 Poulsbo
  • Oyster Smack "spray" classic gaff ketch $7,000 Poulsbo
  • Endeavour 37 coastal cruiser $27,000 Poulsbo
  • Catalina sailboat $500 vashon Island
  • 2016 fx cruiser svho riva stage 2 $18,500 seattle
  • LEGO Ideas Sailboat Adventure Set 40487 BRAND NEW $35 Seattle
  • Mystic 30 Cutter $25,000 Bellingham
  • Ranger sailboat $3,900 Forest Grove
  • PRICE REDUCED! 40' Challenger Sloop $36,500 Port Angeles WA
  • Set sail with the Amigo $40,000 Seattle
  • 39' Benford/Perry $35,000 Parksville Canada
  • 1977 41 Freeport Ketch Cutter $60,000 Ronan
  • 24' Venture Newport $2,500 Moscow
  • Sailboat Masts and Booms $125 Lynden
  • Sailboat Front Pulpits and Rear Railings $150 Lynden
  • Hunter 31 Being Parted out. Sailboat Yard $0 Lynden
  • Sailboat Yard of Lynden. Main Sail Inventory List $0 lynden
  • Sailboat Yard of Lynden. Spinnaker Sail Inventory List $0 lynden
  • Sailboat Yard of Lynden. Head Sail Inventory List $0 lynden
  • Feathering Sailboat Propeller 14" MAX PROP 3 Blade $1,600 lynden
  • 1991 35ft. Schock diesel racing sailboat $24,900 Bremerton
  • Very Nice 1977 Tanzer Fixed Keel Masthead Sloop $6,000 Bremerton
  • 31 ft Slips Available Now - Going Quick! $500 McGinnis Marina
  • 2007 BENETEAU model 423 $169,000 Point Roberts
  • O'Day 1986 $51,469 seattle
  • Small sailboat with newer trailer $1,500 Tacoma
  • 1950 Blanchard Senior Knockabout Wooden Sailboat $5 Olympia
  • 1977 Catalina 27 $1,000 Seattle
  • Sailboat/Floating Home/ Comfortable Liveaboard Columbia 45 $65,000 Seattle
  • Parting Out 23 Ft Aquarius Sailboat $0 Anderson/Redding
  • Sparkman & Stephens 35 Pilothouse $56,000 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • 1990 Catalina 30 $27,000 Hansville
  • “SUPER RARE” 1982 54ft Hunter Sailboat Sloop $49,900 Ladner
  • 1979 Tartan 33 ready to race with newer diesel engine $6,000 Bremerton
  • Cal 31 $12,000 Elliot Bay
  • Sailboat. Bayliner US 305 $17,000 Ladysmith, vancouver island
  • Hobie 16 Port (left) Hull $200 Gig Harbor
  • Formosa 41 $50,000 seattle
  • 1971 Koralle JR sailboat $1,200 Lynnwood
  • MOORAGE wanted, Lake WA/Union/ship canal, 32’ sailboat, May 1 $450 Seattle
  • C&C / Newport 41 - Sale pending $59,500 Bainbridge Island
  • 2007 MacGregor 26M with upgraded Venture tandem axle trailer $32,000 N. Tacoma / Federal Way
  • Morgan 382 $30,000 Everett
  • World cruising Hans Christian Mk II $105,000 Channel Islands Harbor
  • 1996 Catalina 250 & Trailer - $14999 $14,999 Ballard
  • Malbec 18 sportboat/keelboat sailboat $44,995 seattle
  • Hobie Getaway catamaran sailboat $10,500 Hayden
  • Hobie FX1 Racing catamaran sailboat $6,000 Hayden
  • Vintage Sailboat Boat Name "Mistress" Transom Plaque $375 Gig Harbor
  • 1986 34' Hunter Sloop Sailboat-Very clean $39,800 Des Moines
  • 26’ Everett marina slip for April/may moorage sublease $293 Everett
  • FREE 10' Sailing Dinghy with Purchase of Weta 4.4 $13,950 Bainbridge Island
  • 25’ 2003 Nimble Kodiak Electric trailerable motorsailer $32,000 Bay Area California
  • Spencer S-28 Project Boat $500 South Park
  • 41 foot sailboat, fibreglass, roller furl $18,750 Olympia
  • 1981 Boston Whaler 5.2 Harpoon Sailboat $2,900 Seattle
  • Ranger Minto fully equipped $2,950 Shoreline
  • San Juan 24 Sailboat $5,200 Everett
  • 9' Sailboat Ranger little toot $1,200 Mukilteo / Everett
  • C&C 36ft Sailboat $15,500 Blaine Harbor
  • Islander 30 Sailboat $7,500 Port Angeles
  • Ericson 32 Sailboat $29,000 Sequim
  • 1975 36' Cascade $8,000 Port Orchard
  • Thunderbird 26’ $4,500 Olympia
  • 1934 Classic Sailboat $5,200 Redmond
  • Catalina Capri 14.2 $3,000 Renton
  • Grandfathered Moorage in Kingston available $1 Kingston
  • Beautiful 1980 Custom Catalina 25 with Trailer $11,750 Auburn
  • 25 ft sailboat $4,000 Burton
  • Hobie 14 with Trailer $1,000 seattle
  • Star Class Sailboat Keel, Rudder, and Skeg Templates for Sale $0 Shoreline
  • Sailboat Line, Cable, Rod Rigging, Paddles, and Equipment for Sale $0 Ballard / Shilshole Marina
  • Sailboat Line, Cable, Standing Rod Rigging, and Gear For Sale $0 Ballard / Shilshole Marina
  • Coronado 27 Sailboat $5,000 Everett
  • Newport 28 CYA $3,000 Port Orchard
  • Sailboat Steel Gaff Rig Schooner $125,000 Port Townsend
  • Hobie Bravo Catermaran Sailboat $3,000 Stanwood
  • Vintage Scenic Sailboat Table Lamp $60 Olympia
  • 60' Schooner - Video Tour $159,000 Lopez Island
  • 49 ft Charpentier Trireme steel sailboat $19,000 Port Townsend
  • sunfish for sale $2,000 Seattle
  • WANTED: Smaller offshore, bluewater cutter $33,333 Seattle
  • 30' S2 Sailboat $20,000 Vashon
  • Sweden Yachts 36 $55,000 Friday Harbor
  • Catalina 36 - perfect family boat $41,000 Bainbridge Island
  • Greek Sailboat Antique Vase $90 Bellevue
  • Sailboat Mast Climbing Kit by Petzl $285 Leschi
  • 2014 Hobie 16 catamaran sailboat $5,700 Hayden
  • 1991 EZ Load Trailer with 14' Lark Sailboat $700 Olympia, WA
  • Valiant 40 $48,000 Everett
  • West Wight Potter 19 Sailboat, WWP19 Salish Cruiser, ready to sail! $8,500 Happy Valley, OR
  • Charter boat with COI $550,000 seattle
  • Cheoy Lee Clipper 33 Ketch - Must Sell $8,500 Port Angeles
  • Tall model sailboat / sloop $75 everett
  • Cal25 Sailboat $4,500 Everett Marina
  • Sailboat tiller $50 Seattle
  • Sailboat propeller $75 Seattle
  • Sail New England or Nova Scotia, lets Swap! $1 Maine
  • Erikson E27 $6,500 Tacoma
  • Macgregor 26S Sailboat $10,000 Ballard
  • Electric Ericson 27 w/ Transferable Slip in Eastlake Lake Union $9,000 Eastlake
  • 1987 Catalina 30 MKII Sailboat $23,000 Everett
  • like a sailing Sunfish $650 Seattle
  • 23 ft Coronado MK II Sailboat $3,500 Port Townsend
  • Chrysler Pirateer $300 ABERDEEN
  • 1978 Moody 33MKI $38,500 Port Townsend
  • Gulf Pilothouse 29’ $14,500 Edmonds Marina
  • Catalina Yachts Motorsailer 32' $17,900 Poulsbo
  • 30' Pearson 303 $18,500 Port Orchard
  • Race-Ready Vanguard Laser w/Radial Rigging $3,995 Kirkland
  • Ranger R-11 $3,000 Bainbridge Island
  • 47' Skookum Motor Sailer $130,000 Coos Bay
  • new headsail 96% $750 Hansville
  • Challenger 32 looking for a quick sell $4,500 Shilshole
  • 1980 Gulfstar 44 Center Cockpit Sailboat $99000 (Or Best Offer), Hanalei, Kauai $99,000 seattle
  • R2AK Mad dog catamaran $45,000 Reno
  • Weekender-Hummingbird $7,500 BURLINGTON
  • 2009 Bavaria 34 Cruiser $80,000 Seattle
  • Cal 29 Sailboat. $7,500 Kitsap
  • Large Sailboat print in gold gild frame $215 south king co
  • Vintage Seashell Sailboat $15 Bothell
  • Fully Loaded Sailboat ready to GO! $7,000 Bremerton
  • PRICE REDUCTION - 31' Jim Brown Trimaran $7,500 SAN JUAN ISLAND, WA
  • 31 ft Hunter sailboat $27,500 seattle
  • Moore 24 $12,000 seattle
  • Boat $199 Gray harbor county,Olympia,Tumwater,Lacey
  • 1979 Cal 2-27 $6,000 Seattle
  • J24 Racer For Sale $9,000 Everett
  • Just in time for the new season Perfect for single handed $4,500 Olympia
  • 1988 Pacific Seacraft Orion 27 mkii sailboat. $42,000 Tacoma
  • Ranger Minto $1,900 Belfair
  • Sailboat rudder $42 Bremerton
  • J-35 Sailboat $38,000 Ferndale
  • Fisher motorsailer 30' $22,500 San Juan Islands
  • Morgan 44 Center Cockpit $119,000 Bellingham
  • 1978 Cascade 36 $24,500 Bellingham
  • 1985 BENETEAU 38 First $54,900 Bellingham
  • Sunfish and trailer $500 Shoreline
  • Seize the Wind! Stunning Pelican Sailboat for Sale $3,000 Seattle
  • Valiant 40 Cutter Rig $48,000 seattle
  • Newport 30 MKII $18,500 Lopez Island
  • RS Tera Pro sailing dingy with dolly LIKE NEW $4750 OBO $4,750 Friday Harbor
  • Com-Pac 23 Pilothouse $73,995 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • Com-Pac Eclipse $42,995 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • Com-Pac Legacy $17,650 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • Com-Pac Picnic Cat $16,495 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • Com-Pac SunCat $27,500 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • Fisher 37 Pilothouse $90,000 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • C&C 37 $35,000 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • C&C 38 Landfall $45,000 Seacraft Yacht Sales
  • Westsail 32 offshore sailboat $40,000 Port Townsend
  • Nonsuch 30' Ultra $45,000 La Conner
  • Pelikan kayak, like brand new, with paddle $300 seattle
  • Sailboat Chris Craft 35 $10,500 Sequim
  • Gulf 32 Offshore Pilothouse Cutter $24,000 Seattle
  • Laser Sailboat & Trailer $5,700 Federal Way
  • Pearson 28 Sailboat $3,950 Port Townsend
  • M25 Diesel sailboat inboard/trany/etc $2,950 Langley, WA
  • Shilshole Bay Marina 36’ slip - up to 1 year starting May 1 $750 Shilshole bay marina
  • Traditional Gaff Cutter $10,000 Westlake (Seattle)
  • 1988 Hunter 26.5 Sailboat $4,900 EVERETT
  • Clean C&C 36' Sailboat for sale $29,000 Seattle
  • Corbin 39 Pilot House Cutter - Ready to Sail - Fully Loaded $60,000 Coast
  • Kendall 32 sailboat in Mexico- Ready for cruising! $45,000 seattle
  • Hobie 17 sport $1,750 Mercer Island
  • Pt. Defiance Skiff $11,500 Port Townsend
  • Ranger 33 Sailboat $12,500 Port Orchard
  • Stiletto 27 $35,000 Graham WA
  • DeVries Steel Ketch - S/V Tasman $22,000 Port Townsend
  • Sailboat propeller-LH- 3 blade $350 Gig Harbor
  • 2006 Hunter 14.5' Day Sailer $4,500 Warm Beach
  • Kyosho Seawind Sailboat $265 Bellevue
  • Tartan 30 $6,000 seattle
  • Catalina 27 - 1980 $3,000 Tacoma
  • 1999 Beneteau Oceanis 50 $150,000 Bremerton
  • 17’ Sailboat & Trailer - Thistle Class on Bainbridge $3,000 Suquamish
  • Sailboat Trailer $2,000 Mukilteo
  • Shilshole 36’ slip - up to 1 year - $750 (Shilshole bay marina) $0 Shilshole bay marina
  • Hobie 17 - race ready $2,895 Bremerton
  • 25' Nimble Kodiak ELECTRIC motorsailer $32,000 Benicia California
  • J30 J Boat $15,000 Elliot Bay Marina
  • Price Reduced! Morgan 30-2 Sloop $13,000 Everett, WA
  • Turnkey Cooper 353 Pilothouse $29,000 Everett, WA
  • Sailboat Townsend 30 $13,000 Everett, WA
  • New to Market! Hughes 34 Trimaran $94,950 Everett, WA
  • Bluewater Yachts Vagabond 47 Ketch $99,000 Everett, WA
  • 16f boat,trailer and motor $700 Renton
  • 1979 Pearson 26 OD (One Design) $3,500 Bremerton
  • Bruce Roberts Custom Pilothouse $216,000 Gibsons
  • Great 31' Sailboat for Sale $20,000 Seattle
  • Looking for Lake Union Slip $123 Seattle
  • C&C 34 $27,000 Bainbridge Island
  • 1968 Coronado 26 $1,500 Olympia
  • Sailboat parts $0 Arlington
  • Butterfly sailboat $700 Eastlake
  • Hobi Cat $750 Olympia
  • 1977 O'DAY 27ft Sailboat. Turn Key Sailing $6,995 snohomish county
  • Wanted - Kent Ranger 24 Sailboat $1,111 Port Townsend
  • Le Comte European High-Performance Coastal Cruiser $17,500 Everett Marina
  • Fabiola Diva 39 1987 $28,000 Tacoma
  • Hobie 16ft $1,200 Hoodsport
  • Ericson flush deck $28,000 seattle/Port Orchard
  • Sailboat Large Bronze Portholes $350 Ballard Seattle
  • Hunter 26 sailboat and trailer $25,500 Vancouver
  • Expedition 48 ft pilothouse sailboat $96,500 Corvallis
  • 1974 24' Bayliner $500 Bremerton
  • 1965 32 ft. Columbia Sabre $850 Port Orchard
  • Sell or trade $110,000 Vancouver, BC
  • 32' Sailboat - 2002 Hunter 326 $55,000 Seattle
  • 1978 San Juan 24 Sailboat $5,500 Port Townsend
  • Laser for sale! Perfect for racing! $5,200 Mount Baker, Seattle
  • Cabo Rico 38 Blue Water Sailboat $70,000 Waldport
  • 12 foot sailing dinghy $900 Tacoma
  • Sam Devlin designed "Nancy's China" sailboat hull $1,000 Kirkland
  • 78 Erikson 27 $16,000 Dash Point
  • Catalina 30 $21,500 San Juan
  • Atkins “teach” sailboat $4,500 Bainbridge Island
  • Corsair 760 trimaran and trailer $83,000 Shilshole
  • Allen Farrel Design "Ancient One" $8,500 anacortes
  • 1984 I.O.R. kiwi 42 project boat 14k OBO $14,000 Tacoma, Tyee Marina
  • 21’ McGregor Sailboat $900 Seward Park
  • Framed oil painting of sailboat $45 Woodinville
  • San Juan 7.7 $3,500 Seattle
  • Custom boat cover for Cape George 36 sailboat $975 seattle
  • sailboat rudder $0 Ballard
  • 2021 Sailfish 220 WAC * CALL FOR PRICE $0 Kenmore, WA
  • Original - Lee Reynolds Sailboat by the Sea - Oil Painting... $495 Tacoma
  • Whitehall Westcoast 11.6 Sailing Rowboat $19,000 seattle
  • Hoist for sailboat $850 Auburn
  • 2022 Sailfish 220 WAC - CALL FOR PRICE $0 Kenmore, WA
  • SAN JUAN 21 SAILBOAT $2,750 Auburn
  • Whitehall Spirit 17 sail/sculling $34,000 Seattle
  • Yngling-sailboat project $1,000 Medford
  • 200ah Lifepo4, pair 230ah deep cycle golf cart batteries, 12v lithium $460 Olympia wa
  • 1991 Vintage Playmobil 3053 Pirate Ship Boat Set Toy $135 Tacoma
  • Signal Flag Set - Vintage, cloth $200 Greenwood
  • North Lake Wash Moorage 47 Uncovered $775 Kenmore
  • Vintage Mid Century Sailing Ship Boat Brass Plastic Wall Hang 33" $85 Tacoma
  • Melting Lead Downrigger Balls Wholesale pricing $0 Lynden
  • 4, 6 volt deep cycle batteries $150 Everett
  • Dickinson Newport diesel heater setup $1,000 Maple Leaf
  • International exhibit photos - $25-$65 $0 Seattle
  • 34 ft Covered Slip $550 Ballard
  • Sailboat Mast Boot $15 Seattle
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  • 8.5' West Marine Zodiac Inflatable Boat Rollup Slat Floor Complete Set $600 Seattle Greenlake
  • Antal winch handles $100 Tacoma
  • Custom Teardrop Unique ultra-light $12,000 Edmonds
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  1. Sailboats For Sale in Washington

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  2. Sailboats For Sale in Washington

    sailboats for sale wa state

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  6. Sailboats For Sale in Washington

    sailboats for sale wa state


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    Price Drop; 1982 Spindrift Pilothouse 43. US$74,900. ↓ Price Drop. NW Explorations Yacht Sales | Bellingham, Washington

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    Preowned sailboats for sale by owner located in Washington. Your search returned 310 matches of 103821 sailboats posted to date

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    Find new and used sailboats for sale in Washington, including boat prices, photos, and more. For sale by owner, boat dealers and manufacturers - find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    Motorized yachts are more common than sailing boats in Washington with 1,310 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 271 listings for sailboats. Yacht prices in Washington Prices for yachts in Washington start at $11,122 for the lowest priced boats, up to $4,538,060 for the most expensive listings, with an average overall yacht value of ...

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    Browse dinghy's for sale in Washington like Thistles, Lightnings, Flying Scots, Scows, Optimists, 420's, Lasers, VX Ones and more. Dinghy's are also a popular choice in areas of Washington that have small bodies of water. For racers, the cost of new sails for a dinghy are far less then a large racing sailboat.

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    Preowned sailboats for sale by owner located in Washington. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... Anacortes WA, Washington Asking $78,000. 28' Cape dory yachts Cape Dory 28 Pepperrell Cove Kittery Point, Maine Asking $13,900. 40' Beneteau First 38 Bay City, Michigan

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    Request Info; Price Drop; 2001 Beneteau 473. US$179,900. ↓ Price Drop. Signature Yachts, Inc | Seattle, Washington

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    Sail boats for sale in Washington 365 Boats Available. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar ... State: Washington Remove Filter subdivision:washington; Filter Boats By. Condition All New (129) New - Available for Order (34) New - In Stock/On Order (95) All In Stock - New and Used (331) Used (236)

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    More About Used Sailboats. Seattle Yachts is one of the leading experts in the industry when it comes to the purchase, sale, and construction of sailboats. We are dealers for premium sailboat brands like Tartan Yachts, Hanse Yachts, Dehler, Moody, and Excess Catamarans. We also offer professional brokerage services to assist you with selling ...

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    Belfair, Washington. Year 2007. Make Catalina. Model 22 Sport. Category Sailboats. Length 22'. Posted Over 1 Month. 2007 Catalina 22 sport, 2007 Catalina 22 Sport Sailboat with trailer and 5hp outboard for sale. Excellent condition.Swing keel.

  12. 1976 Robert Perry Islander 28 sailboat for sale in Washington

    5'. Washington. $12,000. Description: Welcome aboard The Goodbye Look, This 1976 Islander 28 is a fine little masthead sloop designed by Robert H Perry. She has clean contemporary lines that still look good today. It's no wonder Perry has been quoted saying it is one of his favorite designs. This highly rated vessel sails clean, is fast and ...

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    2002 Hunter 326. $61,200. Seattle, WA 98199 | Pop. Request Info. <. 1. Find new and used sailboats for sale in Seattle, including boat prices, photos, and more. For sale by owner, boat dealers and manufacturers - find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    Stunning Pelican Sailboat for Sale. $3,000. Seattle Valiant 40 Cutter Rig. $48,000. seattle Newport 30 MKII. $18,500. Lopez Island ... Tacoma Seattle Kent Olympia Gig Harbor Port Orchard NW Wa Welder Welding Hard Facing Tig Mig Stick All Metals. $0. University Place ...

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    Motorized yachts are more common than sailboats in Seattle with 401 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 113 listings for sailboats. Yacht prices in Seattle. Prices for yachts in Seattle start at $8,891 for the lowest priced boats, up to $6,608,818 for the most expensive listings, with an average overall yacht value of $275,597.

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    Model. Sailing trimarans for sale in Washington on are listed for a range of prices, valued from $75,599 on the more basic models to $196,890 for the most expensive. The boats can differ in size from 7.39 m to 15.67 m. The oldest one built in 2022 year. This page features Corsair, Hanse and Neel boats located in countries: United ...

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    Boats in Washington. There are currently 2,736 boats for sale in Washington listed on Boat Trader. This includes 1,683 new vessels and 1,053 used boats, available from both private sellers and experienced boat dealers who can often offer various boat warranty packages along with boat loans and financing options.

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    Stunning Pelican Sailboat for Sale. $3,000. Seattle Valiant 40 Cutter Rig. $48,000. seattle Newport 30 MKII. $18,500. Lopez Island ... Tacoma Seattle Kent Olympia Gig Harbor Port Orchard NW Wa Welder Welding Hard Facing Tig Mig Stick All Metals. $0. University Place C. Jere Signed Metal Wall Art 1970 MCM - Sailboats Birds Dock ...

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    Request Info; New Arrival; 2024 Pacific Seacraft 61 Ketch. US$1,990,000. ↓ Price Drop. Yacht View Brokerage, LLC | Washington, North Carolina

  21. Boat Auctions in Washington: Salvage & Damaged Boats for Sale

    SCA Auctions is a 100% online car auction marketplace specializing in the resale of wholesale, wrecked, lightly damaged, clean, repairable, and salvage title vehicles. We are open to the public, giving you access to dealer-only auctions without needing a dealer's license. Bid on over 300,000 IAA vehicles for the same wholesale prices as auto ...

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