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Holland Yachting Group is back with new zest, under new leadership

By Robert Wielaard

holland yacht group

ROTTERDAM – After a year of  COVID-19 nastiness, Holland Yachting Group is back with a new website, more members, new leadership, and a renewed ambition to show the world the custom quality of Dutch superyacht builders and their suppliers.

holland yacht group

A year ago, the Dutch superyacht lobby left – after 50 years! – the HISWA watersports organization. It was keen to cast its marketing net wider and found a new home within the Netherlands Maritime Technology, the massive trade lobby for the Netherlands’ maritime sector.

holland yacht group

The group’s new leader is Eddie Kloosterman. As Division Manager HYG within NMT, he rebuilt the superyacht lobby reeling in 31 members, ordered up a new HYG logo, launched a new website and crafted a marketing strategy to position Dutch superyacht building worldwide.

Shoring up that ambition is the slogan of old that nudges you to “Think Yachts. Think Holland.”

The coronavirus, says Kloosterman, made 2020 a very unusual year. “There were no shows in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale,” he says. “And the METSTRADE show in Amsterdam was also called off.” And yet, for Dutch superyacht builders and their suppliers, 2020 was a banner year. They delivered tens of one-off yachts and enjoyed fat order books.

holland yacht group

In reconstituting the Holland Yachting Group within the NMT fold, Kloosterman enrolled 6 superyacht builders (he is working on several more), 16 equipment makers, a naval architect, a handful of yacht interior builders, 2 engineering firms and a lifestyle company.

Kloosterman says joining the NMT has been a boon. NMT boasts ample experience in staging trade missions. Its 437 members have tons of expertise in the maritime sectors.

“They are a powerful resource for Dutch yacht builders in very specialist areas such as emission-free propulsion, for instance,” says Kloosterman. “It’s our mission​ to strengthen the competitive position of the Dutch yachting industry in the global market.”

Holland Yachting Group’s members:

  • 6 builders : Oceanco, Contest Yachts, Royal Huisman, Moonen Yachts, Heesen Yachts, Feadship
  • 1 naval architecture studio : Van Oossanen
  • 16 equipment builders : Cramm Yachting, Emigreen, Esthec, HUG Engineering, Hydromar Marine Equipment, MarQuip, Naiad Dynamics Holland, Newthex Ned, Pon Power, RH Marine, Radio Holland, Radio Zeeland DMP, Rondal, Royal Deck, SIP Marine and VABO Composites.
  • 5 interiors builders : Alukwa, Kuiper Holland, Lanka Marble, Struik & Hamerslag, Zijlstra International Decoration.
  • 2 engineering companies : Alewijnse Marine, STI Engineering
  • 1 lifestyle company : Luxury Hospitality Management

holland yacht group

Netherlands lets non-EU crews work on yacht building, maintenance projects

holland yacht group

Dutch yacht builders enjoy a growing well of talent

holland yacht group

NMT neemt naam ‘Holland Yachting Group’ en slogan over

Header logo - Holland Jachtbouw

When heritage meets modern craftsmanship

Sailing Yachts

Discover more

Motor Yachts


Established in 1990 as a yard that built traditional yachts, Holland Jachtbouw has emerged as one of the world’s most renowned shipyards for newly built superyachts and refits of yachts over 90 feet. Over the course of three decades, Holland Jachtbouw has built several award winning yachts including Athos, the largest two-mast schooner in history, as well as two unique J Class yachts Rainbow and Topaz.

Anjilis (former Cassiopeia)



Our newly built yachts and refits are carried out with the utmost precision, passion for detail and love for craftsmanship. Carefully-selected, high-quality materials are used by a team of highly skilled craftsmen in all aspects of yachtbuilding.

Master craftsmanship. Naturally selected elements, engineering precision and the latest technologies play their part to achieve the perfect result.

holland yacht group

Founded in the early 1990s, Holland Jachtbouw will pursue to build its exceptional reputation from her brand-new facility with a large production capacity in Enkhuizen. Working with top naval architects worldwide, the build and project management teams continue to produce a world class product, using leading suppliers and subcontractors from the heart of the Dutch yachting industry.

holland yacht group

Windrose of Amsterdam

When Chris Gongriep wanted to finish his 13-metre wooden barge under his own management in 1990, little did he know that the shipyard he founded for this purpose, De Hemmes , would be the start of a bright future as a world-renowned superyacht builder.

While customers continued to request well-known Lemsteraken , Chris’ ambition grew into building the ideal charter yacht. After years of extensive study, Sapphire was built in 1996, a classic 31-metre sailing yacht. This was the start for Holland Jachtbouw and the transition to aluminium sailing and motor yachts was made.

Holland Jachtbouw grew into a successful yard with an extensive delivery program for superyachts up to 130 feet. The portfolio of more than thirty prestigious classic and modern superyachts in various categories demonstrate the craftsmanship and unlimited possibilities of the yard.

Athos , Topaz and Rainbow are just a few examples of dreams becoming reality; each demonstrating the extreme precision, passion for detail and love of craftsmanship with which they are built. Only dedicated specialists with decades of experience can achieve the quality of finish in new construction as well as refits and restorations. It is this quality, expertise and love for the profession that attracted the international clientele to Holland Jachtbouw.

Chris passed away in 2016 and at the request of his heirs, VMG Yachtbuilders continues the Holland Jachtbouw legacy with great respect for its founder. Its legacy is a fitting addition to VMG’s portfolio, which is in the same segment up to about 90 feet. Holland Jachtbouw is therefore moving to Enkhuizen, the epicenter of traditional yacht building and where the love and passion for craftsmanship is passed on from generation to generation.

Like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, Holland Jachtbouw will build the next generation of future classics at its new state-of-the-art location.

holland yacht group

Our comprehensive service and support to captain, crew and managing project teams, demonstrates our values: dedication to our projects as well as our customers. With local teams and technical support from different locations, we’re able to provide quick assistance worldwide, ensuring customers the highest level of comfort.

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The site for entrepreneurs in water sports and recreation

HISWA-RECRON is the Dutch business association for water sports companies and recreation companies. Only companies can become members of HISWA-RECRON. Are you an entrepreneur and do you want your interests to be optimally represented? View the benefits you have as a HISWA-RECRON member. Such as HISWA General Terms and Conditions and contracts, extensive knowledge base, informative meetings and discounts on fairs.

Rent a boat at the number 1 boat rental site in the Netherlands

Renting a boat for a day or a boating holiday starts at HISWA Vakantievaren. All rental companies that rent boats through the Dutch boat rental site or the German Yachtcharter Holland website are affiliated with HISWA Association and therefore reliable partners. They use reliable and clear HISWA General Rental Conditions that have been coordinated with ANWB and Consumentenbond. So every boat you rent is well insured. Renting from a HISWA company means carefree sailing!

Yachts Holland… Beyond Sailing

Half a millennium of maritime history has helped make the Dutch masters in yachtbuilding. The wealth of  experience has enabled Holland to become global market leader in the production of superyachts and  smaller (semi) custom built luxury yachts. Our premium quality yachts are designed and built to your own personal ideas and sail where others stop. Have a safe journey, relax and enjoy life on your unique Dutch luxury yacht. Why settle for anything less?

Think Yachts Think Holland

The HISWA Holland Yachting Group represents the world’s leading companies in the superyacht industry: people that combine heritage, stability and personality to create motor and sailing yachts of the highest quality. Here we give you a virtual introduction to our members and their stories, ambition and passion. All of them would be delighted to meet you in the real world too.

The HISWA te water, the largest in-water boat show in Northern Europe in the Bataviahaven in Lelystad.

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Go to a HISWA Certified Yachtbroker in the Netherlands for professional guidance and the best offer.

Maybe you want to search the complete range of boats for sale on our website?

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  • 2.00 meter" filter-option> > 2.00 meter 368
  • 5-10 years 120
  • 10-15 years 104
  • 15 jaar" filter-option> > 15 years 550
  • Contest Brokerage B.V. 53
  • De Valk Group B.V. 221
  • Heech By De Mar B.V. 0
  • Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland B.V. 0
  • Scheepswerven Nicolaas Witsen 1
  • Scheepstechnische Dienst en Jachtbouw Gebr. Van Enkhuizen 0
  • Sea Independent B.V. 45
  • Delta Yacht 0
  • Altena Yachting 0
  • Yacht-Gallery 0
  • Veenstra Yachts 0
  • Jonkers Yachts B.V. 0
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  • Bach Yachting 202
  • Orange Yachting 0
  • Kempers Watersport 0
  • Grevelingen Yachting B.V. 5
  • Jachtwerf De Boarnstream B.V. 0
  • Delta Watersport 0
  • Loyal Yachts 0
  • Overwijk Jachtbemiddeling 0
  • Linssen Yachts B.V. 0
  • Jachtwerf de Jong Joure 0
  • Wehmeyer Yacht Brokers 0
  • Amsterdam Yacht Consultancy 4
  • Doeve Makelaars & Taxateurs Jachten en Schepen 4
  • eSailing Jachtmakelaardij 10
  • Ad Spek Watersport 0
  • Delta Marina B.V. 0
  • Jachtmakelaardij Friesland 0
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  • Aquatec Industries B.V. 0
  • Dynamic Marine Systems B.V. 0
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  • Gielissen Shipyard 0
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  • Snoek Jachtbetimmering B.V. 0
  • Taurus Boats&Tenders B.V. 0
  • Wajer & Wajer Yachts B.V.* 0
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  • Bola Maritiem B.V. 0
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  • Rhebergen Multihull Yachts B.V. 0
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  • Aankoop- en Expertisebureau Duursma & Versluijs 0
  • Het Boothuijs B.V. 0
  • Jachthaven Uitgeest B.V. 0
  • PEEK Jachthaven / Watersport-Centrum 0
  • Holland Marine Service B.V. 0
  • Bart de Ven International Brokerage 0
  • Krekt-Kossen Sailing BV 0
  • De Koning Marine Service B.V. 0
  • Princess Yachts Benelux BV 0
  • HISWA Vereniging! 0
  • Tideman Leisure B.V. 0
  • Kleine Beer Beheer B.V. 0
  • Klop Watersport B.V. 0
  • Jachthaven De Lemsterpoort 0
  • Boot Akkrum 0
  • Seaport Sailing Yachts B.V. 0
  • Marina Port Zélande 0
  • Stoeten Motorjachten 0
  • Molecaten 0
  • Roompot Marina 21
  • Jachthaven Hoek B.V. 0
  • Jachthaven Kortenhoef B.V. 0
  • Loedeman Jachtbouw 0
  • Olaf van Heusden Jachthaven 0
  • Jachthaven Zuidwesthoek B.V. 0
  • Nautica Yacht Charter B.V. 0
  • Yachtcharter Sneek 0
  • De Valk Sneek B.V. 0
  • Kees van der Spek Stolwijk 0
  • d'Anckerplaets 0
  • Watersport K. Kokernoot 0
  • Drinkwaard Yachting BV 0
  • Grashaven Hoorn 0
  • Scheepsrecht Advocaten 0
  • W.S.C. Vlietland 0
  • A+ Rigging Nederland B.V. 0
  • Workumer Jachthaven 0
  • Jachthaven Strand Horst 8
  • Jachthaven het Anker 0
  • De Valk Hindeloopen B.V. 0
  • Sailingcenter Langweer 0
  • Flevo Marina B.V. 0
  • Tornado Sailing Makkum B.V. 7
  • Zeilschool De Stipe 0
  • Lengers Yachts B.V. 0
  • Jachthaven Lemmer Binnen 0
  • Neptune Marine Services B.V. 0
  • Yachtcharter Huibers 0
  • Den Daas Recreatie Beheer BV 0
  • Brunswick Netherlands B.V. 0
  • Watersportcentrum Braassemermeer 0
  • Botenwacht Nederland B.V. 0
  • Barnautica Yachting 0
  • Jachthaven 't Fissertje 0
  • Recreatiecentrum Koningshof 0
  • Alu Boat Holland B.V. 0
  • de Schiffart Yachtcharter 0
  • De Jong Sloepverhuur 0
  • 't Borghuis 0
  • Aquacentrum Bremerbergse Hoek B.V. 0
  • Vetus B.V. 0
  • George Kniest Boat Equipment B.V. 0
  • Jachtwerf Rexwinkel Numansdorp 0
  • Modus Marine Shipcenter 0
  • Van der Laan Yachting B.V. 0
  • Sail-A-Way Sneekermeer B.V. 0
  • Ruimzicht Jachthaven 0
  • Marina Den Oever B.V. 0
  • Brakel-Yachtcharter B.V. 0
  • Centerpoint Charters 0
  • Recreatiecentrum Mijnden 0
  • Zeilklipper Noordvaarder 0
  • FNMA Charters 0
  • 't Eeser Heideveld 0
  • Jachthaven Liesveld B.V. 0
  • Camping Eelerberg 0
  • 't Anderhoes 0
  • Haven Hunzegat V.O.F. 0
  • Europese Zeil- en Surfschool De Lauwer 0
  • De Elzenhoeve 0
  • Appartementencomplex Ameland State 0
  • Punterwerf Wildeboer 0
  • Nautisch Kwartier De Evenaar B.V. 0
  • Moonday Yachts B.V. 0
  • Jachtwerf Pampus 0
  • Le Belle Charters 0
  • Ullapool BV 0
  • De Roerganger 0
  • Camping & Bungalowpark 0
  • Jachtmakelaardij De Maas 0
  • Nick's Boats VOF 0
  • Vaarplezier 0
  • MCK-Suppliers BV 0
  • 't Ossekopke 0
  • Bergzicht 0
  • Camping en groepsaccommodatie Oldemeyer 0
  • Vakantieoord Het Lorkenbos VOF 0
  • Van der Zee Yachting 0
  • Omtzigt Watersport B.V. 0
  • Nova Yachting International B.V. 19
  • Adventure King 0
  • ZWF Yachts B.V. 0
  • Zeilbotenverhuur Windkracht 5 0
  • Watersportcentrum Maasbommel 0
  • Bomert Watersport 0
  • B.V. Jachthaven H. Geijsman 0
  • Jachthaven Lunegat 0
  • Amersfoort Maritiem 0
  • 0
  • De Drijfveer Bootverhuur en Jachthaven Tusken de Marren 3
  • Otter Easyhouseboats 0
  • 0
  • Chaletpark Kootwijkerduin 0
  • Zeil- en Surfschool Neptunus 0
  • De Turfvaart V.O.F. 0
  • Provoost Maritiem 0
  • Wellekom Watersport 0
  • Heba Aquasport / Boatingworld Almere 0
  • Doomernik Yachts 0
  • Frisian Sailing Company 0
  • Van Leeuwen Boten B.V. 0
  • Ruyter Watersport 0
  • Een boot huren bij een Yachtcharter in Friesland: Yachts4U 0
  • YANMAR Marine International B.V. 0
  • Vinea Vakanties B.V. 0
  • Jachtmakelaardij Kortgene 15
  • Marina Monnickendam 0
  • BK Yachts B.V. 0
  • Venturi Sailing Yerseke 0
  • Jachthaven Nauerna B.V. 0
  • IJsselsport B.V. 0
  • Aankoop-Expertisebureau Duursma & Versluijs 0
  • Jachthaven van Wijk Woubrugge 0
  • West Yachting Zuid B.V. 0
  • Wijkstra Watersport 0
  • Beekhuis Yachtbrokers 5
  • Atlantica 0
  • Van Kuyk Yachting V.O.F. 0
  • Stichting Jachthaven Zwaansmeerpolder 0
  • De Valk Zeeland 0
  • Watersportcursussen 0
  • Volvo Penta Europe, office Benelux 0
  • Sailcentre Makkum 0
  • Eldorado Parken BV 0
  • Cooperyacht B.V. 0
  • Tip Top Sailing B.V. 0
  • Van der Rest Nautic B.V. 0
  • BootonderhoudBlauwestad 6
  • Corfeyplatbodemverhuur BV 0
  • Comfortparc Wessem 0
  • Garmin Nederland B.V. 0
  • Lankhorst Taselaar B.V. 0
  • Holland Houseboat 0
  • Jachthaven Het Leijegat 0
  • Boatwish International 0
  • Deba Marine B.V. 0
  • Break Out Grunopark 0
  • Camping Waalstrand 0
  • Movida Nederland B.V. 0
  • Jachthaven Lelystad-Haven 0
  • AVR Watersport B.V. 0
  • De Randmeren Zeilscholen & Bootverhuur 0
  • Zeilschool Aalsmeer 0
  • MariTeam Yachting 0
  • Tanaruz / RAW Idea BV 0
  • Hamburger Yachtbroker 9
  • GT Yachtbrokers V.O.F. 0
  • Watersportcentrum Tacozijl 0
  • Huttopia Ommen BV 0
  • Watersportcamping Heeg 0
  • W.S.C. De Ulepanne 0
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  • It Hellinglân 0
  • Yachtcharter Wetterwille 0
  • Yachtexpertise 0
  • Surla Groep B.V. 0
  • Mous Jachtservice B.V. 0
  • Maritiem Centrum Barendrecht B.V. 0
  • Prior Yachting 0
  • Rozeboom Watersport 0
  • Allround Yachting 10
  • Boot Center Wessem 0
  • W.S.C. Hart van Friesland 0
  • Hansa B.V. 1
  • IJsselmeerzeilers Verhuur 0
  • Jansen interieur 0
  • Jachtwerf De Haas 0
  • Haven Maarten Fokke B.V. 0
  • Qurios Gulpen 0
  • Vakantiepark Leukermeer 0
  • Gebroeders van Enkhuizen Yachtbuilding & Refits BV 8
  • JR E-Yachts B.V. 0
  • YachtcleanerY 0
  • Advanced Yacht Consulting 2
  • Workum Watersport 0
  • Jachtservice Breukelen B.V. 0
  • Var Tenders B.V. 0
  • Futura Yachts 0
  • Wylde Swan B.V. 0
  • Van Heusden Watersport B.V. 0
  • Vanclaes B.V. 0
  • Meerzicht Jachthaven/Werf 0
  • HW Yachtcharter B.V. 0
  • Waterland Monnickendam B.V. 0
  • Charter en Service Sneek B.V. 0
  • Zijda Yachting B.V. / Marina Jirnsum 0
  • Huttopia NL B.V. 0
  • Yamaha Motor Europe, branche Nederland 0
  • Jansma Jacht 0
  • Expertise Buro R.C. Schuijt B.V. 0
  • Jachtwerf Weesp B.V. 0
  • Camping De Vossenberg 0
  • PEEK Jachthaven Watersport-Centrum 0
  • Share The Otter B.V. 0
  • Marina Warns 0
  • Zeil- en Surfcentrum Brouwersdam BV 0
  • Sail & Surf Center Monnickendam 0
  • Varen met Sil 0
  • Delta Watersport B.V. 0
  • Rotgans Scheepsadviesbureau 0
  • Jachtmakelaardij Prins van Oranje Makkum 0
  • Jachthaven Stenhuis V.O.F. 0
  • Qualia-Tenders BV 0
  • De Hoeve Multipower B.V. 0
  • Jachthaven Winkeloord B.V. 0
  • EuroParcs Enkhuizer Strand 0
  • Boatcaptain BV 0
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  • Rigas Zwartsluis 0
  • Theuns Jacht Techniek 0
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Sailing boats: 1 to 21 of 960

Hallberg rassy 42 f.

From 1991 until 2001 the Hallberg-Rassy 42F (Frers) was built in totally 181 units. Her interior sole is in one level throughout the yacht. That means no tripping and easy movement onboard, both when sailing and while at anchor or in a marina. Two heads and two sleeping cabins offer privacy and comfort. The center cockpit is well sheltered with good brace and everything within easy reach. The Hallberg-Rassy 42F makes you feel safe and secure anytime and everywhere.

  • Category Sailing Yacht
  • Build year 2020
  • LOA 12.96 x 3.95 x 2.00 m
  • Engine Volvo Penta 96 PK

Elan 40 Impression

Elan 40 Impression from 2019 for sale! Registered under Croatian (EU) flag, VAT not paid.

  • Build year 2019
  • LOA 11.9 x 3.91 x 1.8 m
  • Hull GRP (Polyester)

Van De Stadt 36 Zeehond / Seal

Solid and sturdy 'no nonsense' sailing yacht with center cockpit Solid and 'no nonsense' sailing yacht with good sailing characteristics, designed by E.G. Van de Stadt. The yacht is finished in-house, but has in basic a beautifully executed interior, with lots of solid moldings. Due to circumstances some finishing is still needed here and there, although the yacht is currently fine to use without restriction. Interesting offer to take over the (flag) pole and this Van de Stadt 36. Please contact us, to discuss further details.

  • Build year 1991
  • LOA 11 x 3.6 x 1.9 m

Contest 57CS Ocean Pearl

  • Build year 2011
  • LOA 17.23 x 5.12 x 2.49 m
  • Hull GRP - sandwich

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35

Excellent family cruiser that has been very well maintained with new equipment, new cockpit teak deck finishing and recently antifouled for 2024. A yacht well worth buying.

  • Build year 2003
  • LOA 10.75 x 3.48 x 1.80 m
  • Engine YANMAR 21 PK

Henk Tingen 46

Yacht designed by Henk Tingen (chief naval architect of Royal Huisman) and constructed in Holland in 1962 in the shipyard of WESTHOEK. The yacht has done a circumnavigation. Rigging and instruments have been updated.

  • Build year 1962
  • LOA 13.92 x x m
  • Engine VOLVO 55 PK

Bavaria 38 Ocean AMARE

Pur sang famdilieship for inland and offshore.

  • Build year 1999
  • LOA 11.75 x 3.99 x 1.55 m

Hanse 548 (2021) - Turkish Flagged for Sale.

  • Build year 2021
  • LOA 16.22 x 5.05 x 2.55 m

Hanse 460 (2022) - Owner Version (Turkish Flagged) for Sale.

  • Build year 2022
  • LOA 14.6 x 4.79 x 2.25 m

Elan 40 Impression from 2015 for sale! Registered under Croatian (EU) flag, VAT not paid.

  • Build year 2015
  • Build year 1998
  • LOA 9.48 x 2.98 x 1.8
  • Engine Yanmar PK

Bavaria 41 Exclusive

"TOUCH of Southampton" is a Bavaria 41 Exclusive sailing yacht, 6 birth Owners Version, manufactured in winter 1996 and launched in spring 1997. She is a "one-of-a-kind" because her current and sole owners did not want opening windows in the hull as planned but decided instead for additional cupboards in the galley, an extra book shelf and 6 small cupboards in the master cabin, factory fitted. TOUCH is very well equipped and kept in really good condition. Since 1999 TOUCH has been in Spain and currently moored in lovely Addaya Marina in Menorca. Book your viewing!

  • Build year 1996
  • LOA 12.70 x 3.96 x 1.73 m
  • Engine Volvo Penta MD2040 40 PK

Bill Dixon 62

Sandia Crest is a stunning blue water cruising yacht designed by Bill Dixon and built by Premier Yachts UK. Constructed in steel, she is safe and sturdy in any ocean and is set up for shorthanded and solo sailing. Her very high specification build and luxury interior oozes quality, comfort and safety. She is well equipped and ready for her next adventure with what will be her third owners. We are proud to present her and look forward to showing her.

  • LOA 18.90 x 4.85 x 2.45 m
  • Engine Perkins Sabre 228 PK

CR Yachts 480 DS

This CR Yachts 480 Decksalon is a perfect blend of performance, style and Scandinavian build quality. Not many yards succeeded in incorporating a true deck salon with a 3 cabin layout including two separate bathrooms and a sizeable cockpit area. And on top of that, has the sail performance to be proud of. Next to her rivals like Regina af Vindo, Oyster, Contest, Hallberg Rassy, Malo etc she holds her own and her semi custom interior has a lot to offer as well. She has proven herself to be very safe and reliable for blue water cruising and is equipped just for that by her second owner.

  • Build year 2014
  • LOA 14.58 x 4.48 x 2.22 m
  • Engine Yanmar 110 PK

The Slovenian brand "Elan" are known for high-quality workmanship and sporty sailing characteristics. The 362 which we offer enjoys many innovations

  • LOA 11 x 3.55 x 1.95 m
  • Build year 1979
  • LOA 9.98 x 3.32 x 1.8

Schokker 1600

The Schokker 1600 'Batavier' is a yacht with the appearance of a traditional Dutch fishing vessel, but built according to modern techniques! Major advantages: doesn't rust & finished with brass & stainless steel, so ideal for salt water cruising. A large cockpit, very spacious saloon and galley and up to 10 berths, assures her owner and crew a comfortable staying for both short trips or longer voyages. Even with a small crew, she is very easy to sail and manouver. The current owner recently spent a fortune on maintenance & upgrades, so 'Batavier' is really turn key ready for new adventures.

  • Build year 1992
  • LOA 15.65 x 5.85 x 1.10 m
  • Hull wood epoxy
  • Engine Yanmar 115 PK

This Olsen 38 is one of a kind as it usually had been build as decksaloner, but the first owner wished for a classical setup. The interior joinery is of the best one can imagine. This yacht is well equipped and ready to go for hoilday cruise. Another important feature is the engine from 2014 with only 700hrs on the counter. Visitation very recommended. Located in Hamburg.

  • LOA 11.50 x 3.50 x 1.90 m
  • Engine Yanmar 29 PK

Bavaria C50

Bavaria C50 from 2024 for sale! Bavaria C50 has BBQ in cockpit with sink, dinghy garage, electric winch, air conditioner (all rooms and saloon), generator, USB sockets in rooms, 2 X refrigerators. Std wood + ocean line floors.  Croatian flag and VAT not paid! Powered by Yanmar diesel engine with 80 HP.  

  • Build year 2024
  • LOA 14.99 x 4.87 x 1.85 m

Hallberg Rassy 39 Aurelie

Yacht broker Dick Schmeinck 088-2502502

  • LOA 11.85 x 3.76 x 1.85 m

Bavaria 32 Samsara

  • Build year 2002
  • LOA 10.3 x 3.3 x 1.5 m

Sailing yachts for sale in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands as a water country, there is plenty of choice in new or used sailing boats. As a water sports enthusiast, are you planning to sail on the IJsselmeer or on the open Wadden Sea? A sailboat is the most challenging. With a sailing boat you catch the wind in your sails and feel the power of the water. You will be a real touring sailor in no time

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Tugs & workboats / ferries / dredging / specials / cargo vessels / accommodation, repair / conversions, refit / repair / conversions, holland accommodation rentals / fleet, yards / team / history / news / vacancies, latest news, april 18, 2024, holland shipyards group builds new cement tanker for eureka shipping.

holland yacht group

Hakvoort 66

"Challenger" is very comfortable for longer trips and longer stays on board

holland yacht group

Van den Hoven 18M

Auction closes Wednesday June 19 at 19:00 hours

This performance sailing yacht is a well-equipped owners version offering a luxurious accommodation and a lot of comfort below deck.

Princess V65

NEW! Welcome aboard this impressive Princess V65

Jetten 50 MPC

Major price change!

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Recently sold/ sale pending yachts.

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Yacht broker de valk, rely on over sixty years of experience.

Buying or selling a valuable sailing or motor yacht is not something you entrust to just anyone. At De Valk, we have decades of experience; choosing us means choosing security. We also offer you convenience, because we can take care of the entire process, including evaluation, transport, insurance or financing, for example. If you want, we will sell your current berth or find you a new one. So when the time comes to decide to sell or buy, you can sit back and relax: De Valk yacht broker's will do the work for you - both effectively and energetically.

Choose yacht broker reputation

With several hundred transactions every year, De Valk is one of the most important players in the yacht broker market. We serve our customers from seven branches and concentrate on the 10 to 40 metre segment. Our customers come from all over the world and they know what they can expect from us: all the knowledge, connections and resources needed to achieve results. Also, we supervise and handle transactions in the most professional and expert way. As a result, De Valk has become one of the leading yacht brokers in Europe.

Plenty of choice

At De Valk, we always have at least five hundred yachts on our yacht broker books. This means that potential buyers from all over the world always keep their eye on us. That has to be good news for anyone wanting to sell a yacht.

Unrivalled database

It is one of the foundations of our reputation: a database with the names and details of no less than 60,000 buyers and sellers . This database which we naturally keep up-to-date with care, enables us to make a quick and careful match between supply and demand.

recent 360 tours

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holland yacht group

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Geen verrassingen achteraf

Van der Kleij read more

Binnen drie weken was de boot verkocht!

Heemskerk read more

An excellent experience

Enton read more

A great place to buy your boat

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Boat brands

Popular boat brands at yacht broker de valk.

  • Colin Archer
  • Doggersbank
  • Grand Banks
  • Grand Soleil
  • Hallberg Rassy
  • Hans Christian
  • Hoek Design
  • Super van Craft
  • Van der Heijden

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Russian court sentences US soldier to nearly 4 years on theft charges

Associated Press

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Gordon Black sits in a glass cage in courtroom in Vladivostok, Russia, on Wednesday, June 19, 2024. Black is on trial on charges of theft and threatening murder in a dispute with a Russian woman. Russian state media reported that he denied the allegation of threatening murder but "partially" admitted to theft. (AP Photo)

MOSCOW – A court in Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok on Wednesday sentenced an American soldier arrested earlier this year to three years and nine months in prison on charges of stealing and threats of murder, Russian news reports said.

Staff Sgt. Gordon Black, 34, flew to Vladivostok, a Pacific port city, to see his girlfriend and was arrested after she accused him of stealing from her, according to U.S. officials and Russian authorities.

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Russian state news agencies Tass and RIA Novosti reported from the courtroom in the Pervomaisky District Court in Vladivostok that the judge also ordered Black to pay 10,000 rubles ($115) in damages. Prosecutors had asked for Black to be sentenced to four years and eight months in prison.

Black’s sentencing further complicates U.S. relations with Russia, which have grown increasingly tense as the fighting in Ukraine continues.

Russia is holding a number of Americans in its jails, including corporate security executive Paul Whelan and Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich . The U.S. government has designated both men as wrongfully detained and has been trying to negotiate for their release.

Others detained include Travis Leake , a musician who had been living in Russia for years and was arrested last year on drug-related charges; Marc Fogel, a teacher in Moscow who was sentenced to 14 years in prison, also on drug charges; and dual nationals Alsu Kurmasheva and Ksenia Khavana .

The U.S. State Department strongly advises American citizens not to go to Russia.

Under Pentagon policy, service members must get clearance for any international travel from a security manager or commander.

The U.S. Army said last month that Black hadn’t sought clearance for the international travel and it wasn’t authorized by the Defense Department. Given the hostilities in Ukraine and threats to the U.S. and its military, it is extremely unlikely he would have been granted approval.

Black was on leave and in the process of returning to his home base at Fort Cavazos, Texas, from South Korea, where he had been stationed at Camp Humphreys with the Eighth Army.

Cynthia Smith, an Army spokesperson, said Black signed out for his move back home and, “instead of returning to the continental United States, Black flew from Incheon, Republic of Korea, through China to Vladivostok, Russia, for personal reasons.”

Black’s girlfriend, Alexandra Vashchuk, told reporters earlier this month that “it was a simple domestic dispute,” during which Black “became aggressive and attacked” her. “He then stole money from my wallet and I didn’t give him permission to do it,” Vashchuk said.

U.S. officials have said that Black, who is married, met his girlfriend in South Korea.

According to U.S. officials, the Russian woman had lived in South Korea, and last fall she and Black got into some type of domestic dispute or altercation. After that, she left South Korea. It isn’t clear if she was forced to leave or what, if any, role South Korean authorities had in the matter.

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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Tiara Yachts’ Michelle Seneca Named a 2024 “Women Making Waves” Recipient by Boating Industry

HOLLAND, Mich., June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tiara Yachts, a family-owned manufacturer of American-made luxury watercrafts celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, today announced that Director of IT, Michelle Seneca, has been selected as a winner of the 2024 Boating Industry’s Women Making Waves award.

As a valued member of the Tiara Yachts team for more than three decades, Michelle began her career as executive assistant to David Slikkers, president and eventual CEO of S2 Yachts. As her reach into the organization grew, she found a passion for technology, continued her college education, received a leadership role within the team’s IT department, and ultimately became the first woman to join the Senior Leadership team.

“When I first came to work at Tiara, I took notes at the Senior Leadership meetings. Today, I’m a member of the Senior Leadership team and I’m able to influence and contribute in a greater way to the success of the company,” said Seneca.


In her role, Seneca successfully implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, making Tiara Yachts one of the first marine industry manufacturers to integrate automation technologies to boat production lines. In return, Tiara Yachts has increased production efficiencies, empowered marine industry craftsman to focus on the art of the build, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

However, one of the things she’s most passionate about is mentoring other young women to pursue an education in the male-dominated IT field.

As of 2022, women held only 28% of computing and mathematical roles in the US (Zippia). Furthermore, women accounted for only 18% of computer science degrees (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and half of women pursuing tech industry positions drop out by the age of 35 (Accenture). Seneca feels privileged to have grown Tiara Yachts’ IT department with nearly half the team being females.

“Being able to shape and inspire young women in technology and the marine world is really rewarding. I'm grateful to be a part of Tiara’s team and I look forward to witnessing the future of women in the marine industry,” continued Seneca.

The Women Making Waves award honors the women in the industry who have and continue to contribute to its success, propel its growth and lead their individual organizations to success. Tiara Yachts’ Quality Manager Fawn Filley-Myers received the recognition in 2023.

“Michelle’s dedication to Tiara and to uplifting women in the marine industry is truly inspiring,” said Tom Slikkers, CEO and President of Tiara Yachts. “Her efforts and implementations have propelled Tiara’s practices to a new level of performance, streamlining the way we do things without compromising quality, creativity, or craftsmanship. I look forward to watching her continue to grow in her career and to witnessing how she continues to shape the future generation of women in the marine industry.”

The full list of 2024 recipients can be viewed on Boating Industry ’s website and within the latest print issue. To learn more about Tiara Yachts, please visit

About Tiara Yachts   

Tiara Yachts, headquartered in Holland, Michigan, is one of the oldest privately held boat manufacturers in the United States and celebrates their 50 th Anniversary in 2024. The Tiara Yachts model line includes inboard vessels from 39 to 60 feet in the Coupe and EX lines. Outboard powered Tiara Yachts models range from 34 to 48 feet in three distinct Series: Luxury Sport (LS), Luxury Crossover (LX), and Luxury Express (LE). For more information, please visit

Media Contact   Alysa Kirn  [email protected]  586.354.4669

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

holland yacht group

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Slovakia beat Belgium live updates: Reaction to biggest world rankings upset in European Championship history

holland yacht group

Euro 2024 result: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

  • Slovakia , ranked 48th in the world by FIFA , beat Belgium , ranked third
  • Ivan Schranz gave Slovakia early lead after mix-up in Belgian defence
  • Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku twice saw goals disallowed
  • Romania upset Ukraine 3-0 in the other Group E game today

Belgium 0 Slovakia 1: A first major Euro 2024 upset after two disallowed Lukaku goals

Belgium 0 Slovakia 1: A first major Euro 2024 upset after two disallowed Lukaku goals

Michael Bailey

Next up: France vs Austria — LIVE

Next up: France vs Austria — LIVE

Getty Images

Now we know how the land lies after the opening games of Group E, it’s all eyes on the second game in Group F.

It’s the World Cup runners-up France in Euro 2024 action for the first time, as they take on Austria in Dusseldorf.

And the great news is you can follow that one with us live too. All you need to do to follow France vs Austria is head here .

Red, white, blue — and flying high

Red, white, blue — and flying high

What a day for Slovakia's national side. Scenes to savour.

Get briefed on the first major upset of Euro 2024

What a day for Slovakia then, as they produce the first major upset of the 2024 European Championship — beating Belgium, the world’s third-ranked side.

Slovakia are just 48th in FIFA’s rankings, but continued a trend of early goals in this tournament.

Then there were two key VAR interventions — both ruling out Romelu Lukaku goals.

That meant a disappointing start to the Euros for a Belgium side whose last tournament appearance was a miserable elimination at the 2022 World Cup.

Grab all you need to know from events in Frankfurt thanks to Carl Anka and Paddy Boyland , with the link below.

Belgium's profligacy finally bites

Belgium's profligacy finally bites

This is probably more of a worry though. Belgium have now failed to convert any of their last 47 shots in major tournaments — that is essentially World Cups and European Championships.

The figure includes 11 big chances.

What a waste, and the root of their issues against Slovakia today.

The epic unbeaten run is over. And. HOW.

The epic unbeaten run is over. And. HOW.

And it was all going so well. As much of an upset as that was, it is also Belgium first defeat since November 27, 2022. That was against Morocco in the group stages of the Qatar World Cup.

With that, the second-longest unbeaten run in Belgian men's football is over after 15 matches: 10 wins, five draw.

A short story with xG

A short story with xG

So, Romelu Lukaku recorded an expected goals value this afternoon of 0.82. And yes, that does exclude his two disallowed goals.

The xG value for the entire Slovakia team that just won 1-0? That would be 0.59.

Carl Anka

How the two teams dealt with it

How the two teams dealt with it

Interesting contrast.

Slovakia team celebrating a famous win.

Belgium doing their team huddle on the field. De Bruyne - the furthest figure in red - was the last figure to join as he was apologising to fans.

Michael Dominski

Belgium's unbeaten run ends

Belgium have lost their first match since November 27, 2022, when they were defeated by Morocco in the group stage of the World Cup,

That ends the second-longest unbeaten run in Belgian history, 15 matches.

Full-time stats zone

What a remarkable game. One where the numbers would only ever tell a slither of the story. Still, here are those numbers…

FT: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

  • Possession: 60% — 40%
  • Shots: 16 — 10
  • On target: 5 — 4
  • XG: 1.91 — 0.59
  • Big chances: 4 — 1
  • Blocked shots: 5 — 2
  • Duels won: 39 — 37
  • Dispossessed: 2 — 11

The way Slovakia dug in and won duels in those final 10 minutes was fantastic, and it made sure they took advantage of those decisions that went in their favour.

But all those numbers point to the fact it should have been much better for Belgium, regardless of the narrow VAR calls.

Chaos in Group E

Chaos in Group E

Who saw these two results coming?! Here's how the table looks after the first pair of matches.

  • Romania : 3 points, +3 goal difference
  • Slovakia : 3 pts, +1 gd
  • Belgium : 0 pts, -1 gd
  • Ukraine : 0 pts, -3 gd

Dominic Fifield

The first proper upset of Euro 2024

The first proper upset of Euro 2024

That is a sensational result for Slovakia, who have ruthlessly taken advantage of Belgium's profligacy. Regardless of whether Tedesco's team are in transition, Euro 2024 has its first proper upset.

De Bruyne not at his best

De Bruyne not at his best

Lukaku will get the bulk of the criticism today, but this has been a uneven performance from captain De Bruyne as well. He's overhit a lot of passes and he's limited by a lack of burst when carrying the ball.

A famous and unexpected win for Francesco Calzona's side.

Slovakia have done it! They've beaten Belgium!

Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

It's the biggest upset in Euros history according to the FIFA rankings!

Belgium nearly out of time

90+7' Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

Strelec wins the ball in midfield and Suslov is able to sprint away down the left wing. He eventually loses possession but he has still run valuable seconds off the clock.

Moments later, Belgium launch an errant cross that runs out for a goal kick and Slovakia can really feel it now!

Slovakia trying to run out the clock

Slovakia trying to run out the clock

90+4' Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

Slovakia are doing everything they can to run out the clock here. Duda goes down and receives treatment as he's being substituted.

Adam Obert comes on as Slovakia's final sub.

Slovakia clinging on

Slovakia clinging on

90+2' Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

Suddenly Slovakia look utterly exhausted, despite all the substitutions. These are going to be a long seven minutes. Imagine how daunting they would have felt had Belgium just drawn level...

Drama ensues, red mist follows

Drama ensues, red mist follows

90+1' Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

You could not make this up. Belgium were celebrating. They were convinced they had equalised courtesy of Lukaku's thumping finish, and were preparing to kick the game off again in frantic search of a winner.

Then for the second time, the VAR check goes against them. Openda is penalised for the faintest of handballs as he scrapped with Vavro on the left touchline in the build-up to the goal. The mood of those in red is mutinous on and off the pitch.

SEVEN minutes added on

Slovakia fans will hate that, as seven minutes are added on to the end of the match.


89' Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

Openda did indeed handle the ball in the build-up and Lukaku has had a second goal disallowed today!


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