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Quality Sailboat Masts, Booms, Hardware and Rigging Since 1963

Dwyer Mast & Rigging manufactures high-quality sailboat masts, booms, hardware, and rigging. Originally founded in 1963 as Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company, the legacy continues as an OEM supplier by taking advantage of improved manufacturing methods to offer a wide range of products and services for the marine industry.

Our Services Include

Mast & Boom Extrusions   //  Dinghy & Keelboat Spars   // Standing & Running Rigging  //  Hardware & Blocks   //  Round Tubing   // OEM Supplier // Waterjet Technology //  & more...

Manufacturing for the Marine Industry

Our formula for growth is simple - we never compromise with quality. By taking advantage of improved manufacturing methods and an ever-increasing volume, we have been able to maintain competitive prices and continue to provide much needed product to sailors, riggers, and boat builders. 


Products & Servic es


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Every Seldén rig is carefully thought out, down to the last detail. All the way from the materials and functions of the different parts of the rig, to dimensioning the right rig for each individual boat. Each component contributes to the performance of the whole rig. That is the Seldén way – experienced yachtsmen behind every aspect of design, product development and production.


aluminium yacht mast for sale

Spareparts and aftermarket service

Since 1992 we have engraved a unique code into the mast section. We call it the mast ID number and you find it at the lower end of the aluminium section. This number tells us when your mast was built and what parts were used all the way down to nuts and bolts. The mast ID number includes the designation of your mast section which enables you to find part numbers in our catalogues and sparepart lists, all to be found under Technical Support. A corresponding number is to be found in the forward lower end of your boom. Best of all – take a close look at the components on your mast and you will find part numbers on them. Can it be simpler? Complete rigs and spareparts are sold by our World wide network of independent rigging companies.


Our conventional masts for 26-80 feet yachts are divided in two categories. The longitudinal oriented sections and the lateral oriented. Which one we select depends on the chain plate locations of the boat and number of spreaders.


These sections are used for rig configurations with in-line spreaders or moderate spreader angles. The relationship between the length / width is 1,9 in order to create longitudinal stiffness allowing higher forestay load tensioning the backstay. Running backstays can often be avoided and the risk of mast pumping is also reduced. These rigs normally come with multiple pairs of spreaders and they are designed for the popular MDS sliders (Multi Directional Support).


For rigs with large spreader angles, lateral stiffness is of higher importance than longitudinal stiffness. This is the result of a large spreader angle creating longitudinal stability, whereas the lateral stability is achieved by the geometry of the mast section. This makes for a mast section which is wider and rounder than the corresponding longitudinal section and therefore the number of spreaders can be reduced. These sections are popular for upgrading a boat from the 1970-90’s with a traditional style single spreader rig, but still with all the benefits of modern functions such as the Inner Wheel Sliders (IWS).

aluminium yacht mast for sale


Seldén’s definition of a ”keelboat” is a boat sized in between a dinghy and a yacht, with a length of approximately 18-28’. These boats often have a 50% ballast ratio. Consequently, the weight of the keel represents half of the total displacement.

Tradition and development

Tradition and development

Seldén’s seven aluminium keelboat sections feature a wealth of sophisticated and functional solutions, originating from the dinghy range and the yacht range. The sections are extruded and anodized and they are all available with a tapered top as an option. Let us design your keelboat rig or ask us for our One-design solutions.

  • Keelboat masts


A seldén furling mast lets you operate your mainsal from the cockpit. simple and convenient.

Its unique features for reducing friction and initial sail resistance make furling and reefing child’s play. And it also makes sailing safer and far easier for you and your crew. With a powered furling mast and a powered Furlex jib furler it is even easier to set, reef and handle your sails. You can work your sails single handed, without leaving the helm. Powered systems are available for yachts ranging from 35 to 70 feet.


Due to the easy handling, with a furling mast you will do more sailing and less motoring.

A Seldén furling mast makes it easy to unroll and set your mainsail. Rolling it in is just as quick and easy. As your sail is neatly stowed out of the way the instant it is rolled in, you have a clear view when manoeuvring under power.

You can set your sail to suit the weather conditions, from the safety of the cockpit.

By furling the sail vertically into the mast, you don’t have to furl very much to get a substantial decrease of the sail area.

You hoist the sail just once a season, so a small crew can manage a much larger boat.


There are no fixed reef points, so the number of combinations between furling genoa and main are unlimited.

aluminium yacht mast for sale


The wide sail slot allows for vertical battens and a positive roach of the main sail and the sailgroove on the luff extrusion is located asymmetrically to help the sail furl easily around the extrusion.

The furling system is based on Seldén’s proven technology. Geared line driver winch, tensioned luff extrusion and the patented load distributor of the halyard swivel. All to make furling an easy and fast operation. The Seldén furling masts come with twin cable conduits, enabling the cables to run freely and well protected from all running rigging. The cable conduits also facilitate cable replacement.

aluminium yacht mast for sale


There is an outhaul line for rolling out the sail, and an endless line for rolling it in. It’s simple as it sounds. Or if you wish, you can operate the sail at the mast using a winch handle. The geared reefing winch mechanism runs on ball bearings, so it takes little effort to roll in the sail. Greasing holes in the mast facilitate maintenance.

Two oval holes on the port side of the mast allow for easy access to the tack attachment, sail fees, tensioning screw and halyard swivel. Just remove the composite covers and the rest speaks for itself. You can inspect the halyard swivel and carry out annual maintenance through the upper access hole.


The outhaul cars are fitted with horizontal and vertical wheels, enabling them to absorb forces from every direction.


Turning blocks at the base of the mast are designed to enable the ready-spliced, endless line to be easily threaded into position. Seldén deck blocks have the same feature.

aluminium yacht mast for sale


The sail groove on the luff extrusion is located asymmetrically to help the sail furl easily around the extrusion. In addition, the rotating luff extrusion is tensioned and fitted with ball bearings top and bottom. This reduces friction between the sail and the inside of the sail compartment.



To make sail handling easier for a small crew we have synchronized an electric motor in the mast with a newly developed electric winch for the outhaul, E40i. Push a button and the sail comes out in a controlled fashion as the winch adjusts the outhaul tension in relation to the motor in the mast.  This is what we call Synchronized Main Furling.



Converting a manually operated furling mast is quite easy. Basically, the vertical shaft in the original line driver is replaced for a longer version which is connected to the motor. A clutch allows the motor to be disconnected for manual operation, if ever needed. The motor is completely integrated in the mast and connected to the Seldén Power Supply and SEL-Bus system. The motor can be retrofitted to Seldén furling masts type RB (~36-43’ yachts).

How to upgrade a furling mast to electric drive



Push the ”OUT” button and the sail will start to unfurl. The E40i winch will tension up the outhaul while the mast motor feeds out the sail. The speed is increased when the ”IN” button is pushed in addition to ”OUT”. To reef, just release the outhaul from the winch and push ”IN”.



The E40i winch is built up around an electric motor which is totally integrated in the drum. Only three thin cables are protruding to lead through the coach roof or the deck, no large cutouts and no external motor or gearbox. This makes for uncompromised headroom down below which is normally not the case with electric winches. The three speed operation provides a high speed gear, a moderate gear and a low speed gear for fine tuning. It is a two finger operation to start the winch and to swich gear, so a single-handed sailor can helm while adjusting the trim.


  • Upgrade your mast to electric drive

Seldén Carbon fibre masts – the perfect mix of Craftsmanship and modern production Technology



Carbon composite combines stiffness and strength with low weight. Seldén low-weight carbon spars have accentuated longitudinal stiffness. This means that forestay tension can be substantially increased. All experienced racing sailors know what this means in terms of increased upwind performance. The combination of greater stiffness and reduced weight will bring you beyond the speed limits.



Our carbon spars are designed using the latest finite element analysis backed by many years of solid engineering experience.

Our unique production method gives a unique look. We call it Mandrel Filament Moulding (MFM). The process is fully automated and computer controlled for ultimate accuracy, repeatability, efficiency and that stunning ‘Viper’ pattern.

Seldén produce over 400 carbon masts per year as well as booms, poles and bow sprits for boats including high performance skiffs, racing keelboats, IRC race boats and some of the world’s most prestigious cruising yachts. With more sailors choosing Seldén carbon spars, the pattern is obvious.

aluminium yacht mast for sale

  • Carbon spars
  • Carbon masts




Working hand-in-hand with the world’s top dinghy sailors, carefully analysing their input and feedback, enables us to produce the ultimate Seldén dinghy rig for every boat. Ever since Seldén acquired Proctor in 1997, we have improved and developed the already acknowledged excellence of the Proctor products, so that they are now, like all other Seldén products, the best of the best. Our innovative design, attention to detail, advanced testing and manufacturing have won Seldén the trust of dinghy sailors all over the world and has contributed to numerous Championship medals.

  • Dinghy masts
  • Class reference guide


– the Mast you buy will perform as well for you as it will for a World Champion Sailor!


Seldén has the design expertise and software to enable us to create a mast to meet exacting performance require­­ments. During the design process the position and alignment of each fibre is precisely calculated so as to meet the required bend characteristics. This detailed design is then used to program and control our filament winding equipment.

The combination of meticulous care, long experience, and exact specifications enable us to achieve optimum performance for minimum weight.

Computer controlled laminate lay-up Carbon filaments are wound around a mandrel (male mould), under controlled tension, via a designated winding program supplied by the design team.

FILAMENT WINDING, a computer-controlled process (CNC), guarantees consistent and accurate filament fibre orientation from spar to spar. Carbon filaments can be laid from 0° (uni-directional) to leave 89° (hoops) and at all angles between to produce a wide range of bend characteristic requirements. This accurate alignment of composite filaments is vital to the performance character­istics of a carbon spar. Fibres are laid under tension, which means that we can make the most efficient material choice and supply the lightest spars on the market.

This process gives a Seldén spar a level of tube consistency unattainable via any other composite manufacturing technique. Hence, the mast you buy will perform as well for you as it will for a world champion sailor!

aluminium yacht mast for sale


Only the highest grade pre-preg tows of T700 or TZ carbon fibre are used to give sailors the best stiffness-to-weight spar. This, in combination with our filament winding process, enables the highest fibre-to-resin content pre-preg to be used.

The aerospace grade pre-preg has a UV stabiliser in the resin system to give the spars a guaranteed long life, even in the sunniest of climates. More fibres and less resin, mean lighter, stiffer masts.


The consolidation of the material to form a ready-to-assemble carbon tube is completed in our in-house 20-metre long autoclave. The combination of heat and pressure to cure the resin and consolidate the pre-preg material ensures a strong and consistent final product.

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aluminium yacht mast for sale

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windsurf mast

windsurf mast S28FP-MA60

The Naish alloy mast has been precision-engineered to feature an updated version of the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion that is significantly more robust than its predecessor, with only a slight ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast C-sections and F-sections

... outhaul, Cunningham etc.) are transferred to the mainsail and on to the mast . As the mainsail is designed according to the expected curve of the mast , a longitudinally stiff mast allows ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast MANUAL

You hoist the sail just once a season, so a small crew can manage a much larger boat. Easy A Seldén furling mast makes it easy to unroll and set your mainsail. Rolling it in is just as quick and easy. As your sail is ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast CRUISE CONTROL

Seldén’s hydraulic furling system for mainsail and foresail are: • Furlex Hydraulic for headsails • Hydraulic furling mast • Hydraulic outhaul The picture to the right shows the principle of a hydraulic system with ...

windsurf mast

windsurf mast MKII

... anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Precision tapered fuse-to- mast connection for optimal rigidity Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability FOIL ERGONOMICS The ergonomic ...

foil mast

foil mast SONAR AK

Our aluminium mast section with optimised stiffness to weight ratio is ideal for Kitefoiling. The forgiving 55cm mast is suitable for skimming just above the water and easy recovery - ...

foil mast

foil mast 77207-060 series

The F-ONE aluminum mast can be used for all disciplines: kite, surf foil, wing foil, SUP foil and windfoil. The profile is extruded with precision from 6063 aluminum block. The shape ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast M540

... famous customer, J Boats : https://www.jcomposites.eu/is-a-cruiser-racer-monohull-as-competitive-with-an- aluminum - mast -rather-than-a-carbon- mast /

sailboat mast

sailboat mast M450

A versatile and innovative range of aluminum profiles The two profiles are designed and extruded with the external track offering several choices for main sails. The track system works with bolt rope for racers, ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast FIRST 31.7

FIRST 31.7 - light, reliable and efficient mast for this fast cruiser M350 MAST FRACTIONAL RIG, KEEL-STEPPED. 2 SPREADER PAIRS Straight profile grey anodisation Mast ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast Performance range

... are available according to your sailing needs : fractional or mast head rig, extruded, tapered or non. There are several sheave options. The spreader sections are profiled and the spreader ...

Optimist sailing dinghy mast

Optimist sailing dinghy mast EX900

... been achieved in the past years. FEATURES Heavy duty Black hard anodized 7075 T6 Optimist mast Aerospace spec. alloy super stiff 7075 T6 Optimist mast and sprit section High Delrin heel plug, ...

windsurf mast

windsurf mast DRAGON

Vario aluminium mast Two part Length: 300-320 cm 1,28 kg One size fits all. For all Dragon kid sails

foil mast

... MEASURING THE MAST STIFFNESS MEASURING THE MAST STIFFNESS (both lateral and torsional) has been a constant exercise for us this year. For this purpose we have created our standard measuring system to ...

foil mast

foil mast ROCKET

The Aluminum Masts can be used for various disciplines, surf, kite, paddle and windsurf. Screws are included in the package. Board mounting hardware is not included. FEATURES 4 sizes 60/70/80/90cm ...

windsurf mast

windsurf mast 0706 series

... 3.85m Nautix aluminium mast is available in 3 parts of 40/36/32mm diameter. ALUMINIUM MASTS RECOMMENDATION Nautix aluminium masts ...

windsurf mast

windsurf mast EPX.GROM_AL

MAST EPX.GROM_AL EPX HARDWARE Art.-No. 14900-1620 The first children’s and junior mast that grows along with the rider. The first children’s and junior mast that grows along with ...

foil mast

foil mast HOVER GLIDE

... foiler, V2 Hover Glide Aluminum masts will help your skills improve and confidence soar. WHY WE MADE IT Whether you need a replacement of your existing mast or looking to customize ...

foil mast

foil mast AQUILON 750

... "fly"! One foil, two sizes, designed to help you learn with style and to progress quickly. The 75 cm Aquilon mast is made of anodised aluminium All TAHE foils are 100% compatible with our sister brand ...

foil mast

foil mast HD 80

The new redefined HD mast combined with the HD fuselage have a new and sleeker profile and a hydrodynamic contour to increase glide and improve reactivity and control. Improved comfort with less flex. The Takuma ...

foil mast

foil mast HD 80 set 2

The HD 2 Mast Set 80cm features a thinner mast profile with longer chord for improved stiffness and glide. Combined with our new conic shaped fuselage it guarantees high rigidity eliminating flex and securing ...

foil mast

Takuma Mast Set Aluminum 75/85 refined thin mast profile and streamlined fuselage eliminates drag and delivers the most efficient of glides. This in turn increases speed, reflex during ...

foil mast

foil mast S27FP-MS75

The new Naish alloy mast features an updated 6061 aircraft grade aluminium extrusion that is nearly 25% stronger with only a nominal weight increase due to a new section architecture that puts more wall ...

sailing yacht mast

sailing yacht mast

Over the years, our telescopic masts have been used for some unusual applications, showing how our products are adaptable for many special purposes, along with the traditional applications, such as lighting, communication, ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast

10 years since we became manufacturer of masts . Today we can produce custom projects.

sailboat mast

sailboat mast Z105

sailboat mast

sailboat mast XR

... reefing system in order to achieve lower mast weight and a greater mainsail area we offer the proven Leisurefurl furl boom, either for retrofitting or in combination with our XR mast . In contrast to ...

sailboat mast

Offshore Spars’ aluminum mast and booms have custom design and manufactured, integrally welded components. We use no aluminum castings. All aluminum mast ...

sailboat mast

sailboat mast ELLIPSE series

sailing yacht mast

We are able to produce the aluminium masts from 10m to 70m

wind generator mast

wind generator mast

Wind Generator Pole Kits available for 3" and 4" diameter tubes.

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aluminium yacht mast for sale

U.S. Spars --->

U.S. Spars is your source for Z-Spars for Masts, Booms, Rigging, and all associated hardware

“ Sailing starts with U.S. Spars”

aluminium yacht mast for sale

U.S. Spars is part of Z-Spars Group in France, the World’s Largest Spar Builders. Z-Spars has been supplying the sailing world with quality products since 1973. US Spars supplies quality brands like Hunter, Beneteau, Com-Pac and Performance Cruising. We would be happy to quote your mast, boom, and rigging needs.

US Spars takes pride in excellent customer service for Business or Individual customers. Please take advantage of our online ordering and fast shipping for all of your small part needs using our easy to use boat look-up to find your boat model and view a diagram with part numbers for easy ordering. For quotes on special orders please use our easy to use quote page for a speedy response.

U.S. Spars looks forward to getting you back on the water!

Questions? – send us an email at  [email protected]  or  [email protected]

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Welcome to Ballenger Spar Systems

Ballenger Spar Systems, Inc. has been producing the highest quality racing and cruising spars for over fifty years. We carry an extensive inventory of extrusion and spar parts for sailboats from eight to eighty feet. Employing state of the art computer aided design, drafting and machining along with good old hand craftsmanship we produce beautiful, long lasting spars that incorporate seamlessly into any project. We offer spars and parts in all stages of completion from mast kits to fully installed, turn-key systems. Our quality is unsurpassed and our prices are very competitive. We work with boatyards, boatbuilders, riggers and individual owners worldwide. All our products carry a limited warranty .

Ballenger Spar Systems has been privileged to be the sparbuilder of choice for many production and custom projects. Some of our production credits include: Bboats (B25, 32), Bill Lee Yachts (SC27, 33, 40, 50, 52, 70), Corsair Marine (F-24 MKII, F-28), Express Yachts (Express 27, 34, 37), Farrier Marine (F22, F9A, F82, F32, F33, F44, F55), Moore Sailboats (Moore 24, 30), Pacific Boats (Olson 25, 29, 30, 911S, 34, 40), USI (Ultimate 20, Antrim 27) among others. We have also worked with many noted Naval Architects and designers to produce spars for their custom projects. Insurance replacement is also a large part of our business and we have extensive information on many production sailboats.

Ballenger Spars

Our Products & Services

  • Racing spars, aluminum and carbon
  • Cruising spars
  • Mast and boom kits
  • Insurance replacement
  • Spar parts*
  • Custom marine hardware
  • Rod rigging
  • Wire standing rigging
  • Design and consultation
  • Full machine shop incl. cnc and waterjet
  • Halyards, conventional and exotic
  • Furlers, jib and mainsail
  • Solid vangs
  • Hardware packages
  • Anodizing and painting
  • Spar repair, modifications
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Mast Tuning - The Light Version
  • Mast Assembly
  • Mast Maintenance
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Inboard Boom

image 1

  • Carbon Masts
  • Aluminium Masts
  • Carbon Booms
  • Architecture

Racing Yacht Carbon Mast

Aluminium Masts for Yachts

Our workshops in Via Molo Giano manufacture aluminium masts. From small 7.5m sloops(min. section available 1.6/kg/mt) to large sailing yachts of over 40 metres (we have already supplied for 3 yachts of this size).

We can supply masts with any type of sail plane. Ahead mast, fractional with special planes, masts for catamarans. Our profiles can be coated or painted according to the clients specifications.

In order to have a quotation it is necessary to send the details as outlined in the data sheet on our website. It is important to send the details of the sail plan along with the technical details of the vessel.

aluminium yacht mast for sale

Mast Profiles

Masts manufactured, related products:.

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aluminium yacht mast for sale

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aluminium yacht mast for sale

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Flag Clip Burgee Clip For Mast A4066 Sailing Dinghy L-R Sails

♬ wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator stainless steel, 185x135mm wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator stainles, laser replica mast base fitting for leading control lines aft - free post, √ wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator stainless steel, ❀ wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator stainless steel, holt sleeve upper mast and rivets : ht7622, hot wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator sailboat stee, marine mast flag wind monotypes mast flag wind indicator with rust prevention, new wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator sailboat stee, (7972sm))monotypes mast flag wind indicator antirust wind indicator flag, car wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag indicator stainless yacht, holt lower mast base blue and rivets : ht7623, ⊹⊹140x120mmn wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator, hot wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator stainless, (140x120mm / 5.51x4.72 in)monotypes mast flag wind indicator antirust wind, seasure ss plate for mast fitting 63x75mm 8 mm - 1 pc - 60.137.34 - 6013734, (7971sm))marine mast flag wind indicator stainless steel red boat flag for, seasure spinnaker pole mast aisi316 6 mm - 1 pc - 60.137.32 - 6013732, ◇200x160mm wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator, (7971sm)) wind indicator marine mast flag wind indicator flag monotypes, mast step ss + teak - 1 pc osculati - 59.803.00 - 5980300, ⊹⊹200x160mm wind indicator flag monotypes marine mast flag wind indicator, mast round step aisi316 - 1 pc osculati - 59.804.00 - 5980400, foldable anti-vibration mast step - 1 pc osculati - 59.806.00 - 5980600, foldable mast step - 1 pc osculati - 59.805.00 - 5980500, rudder fitting 12 mm - 1 pc - 59.127.50 - 5912750, rudder fitting 35 mm - 1 pc - 59.127.51 - 5912751, s/s mast bracket ø 10 mm - 1 pc osculati - 58.802.10 - 5880210, gp14 dinghy boat (mast up) premium tailored waterproof cover - blue 376, holt laser / ilca dinghy ptfe mast disk, selden dinghy mast spreader length adjuster, selden dinghy mast sail feeder, protect tapes topper dinghy ptfe mast wear disk, selden dinghy mast gooseneck spiggot and toggle, optiparts optimist dinghy mast top pins (nylon), selden carbon dinghy mast sail feeder, sailing dinghy fittings mast sheave roller marine 13, selden dinghy mast masthead sheave, holt replacement upper mast base plug & fixings : ht7621, optiparts optimist dinghy ptfe mast step friction disk, barton marine dinghy mast prop 42300 sailboat, anti-torsion climbing ladder for 10 m masts (ladder length 8.80 m) - 1 pc oscul, optiparts optimist dinghy mast top pins (aluminium), holt upper mast top & boom end plug plus 2 rivet kit : ht7620.

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How to Restore and protect an Aluminum mast?

Damon Gannon asked:

I have a sailboat that has seen a lot of ocean miles in the past 3 decades. Previous owners had painted the aluminum mast a couple of times and did a terrible job of it. The paint has failed so I stripped it all the way back to bare aluminum. I want to leave it bare but I want to protect it. Do you recommend that I use Aluma Brite, Alumetron, and/or Aluma Buff? Which ones and in which order should they be used? Thanks. -Damon Gannon

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

The choice of products and use depends a lot on the final finish that you want. Now that you have it stripped to bare metal, you can choose between a chrome finish or an anodized appearance.

Aluminum masts are made from extruded aluminum, so they do not have a grain-like mill finished aluminum plate. It’s quite easy to buff it to a mirror or chrome finish using Alumabuff , a rotary buffer, and wool pad and then you can protect the finish with Alumetron . I’ve talked to a few sailors that did this but after the novelty wore off, found the glare from sunlight annoying and objectionable when under sail.

If you want an anodized look, you can get this using Alumabrite CBX . First, you need to scrub the surface well to remove any pollutants that can affect the even penetration of the Alumabrite CBX . Failure to do this step first could result in streaks and splotches where the contaminants were not removed.

Next, spray on Alumabrite CBX , (be sure that the entire surface is evenly wet and do not allow it to dry before rinsing it off), and allow it to work until the aluminum starts to turn a milky color, similar to anodized. When you’re happy with the color, then rinse it off with a pressure washer or garden hose. After it’s dry you can apply 4 thin coats of Alumetron .

Alumetron will protect against corrosion, even from salt air, and give you better protection than paint. Alumetron will bond chemically to the aluminum for maximum durability. If you’re sailing in salt water and are concerned about keeping salt off the mast, you can overcoat it with VS721 . Salt can’t stick to VS721 , so cleaning the mast consists of rinsing with a garden hose. The salt just falls off.  

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora Richard Kittar

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aluminium yacht mast for sale


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Alubat Ovni 490

What is an aluminium sailing boat?

As the name suggests an aluminium sailing boat is one constructed from aluminium (also know as aluminum in the United States). Aluminium is a stronger metal than the same weight of steel, so aluminium boats can be lighter in weight whilst still being strong, which is an advantage for sailing boats, especially those used for racing where lower weight equals more speed. There are a few disadvantages too though, for example, aluminium does corrode, and more so in saltwater, so aluminium boats need repainting every couple of years and you will need a sacrificial anode.

Which manufacturers build aluminium sail boats?

Manufacturers that produce aluminium sail boats include Alubat , Jongert , Royal Huisman , Garcia and Nordia .

How much does an aluminium sail boat cost?

A used aluminium sail boat on TheYachtMarket.com ranges in price from £154,000 GBP to £4,270,000 GBP with an average price of £1,050,000 GBP . Factors including the condition, age, model and specification will affect the price of an aluminium boat.

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aluminium yacht mast for sale

65 aluminium sloop similar search results:







The 65 ' aluminium sloop shown below has been sold:, 65 ' aluminium sloop.

aluminium yacht mast for sale

Sales information

  • De Valk Hindeloopen The Netherlands
  • +31 514 52 40 00
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Seen a boat that piques your interest but can't make a visit in person? One of our brokers will be your eyes and ears as they take you on a video tour with their phone. You can also ask them questions about anything that isn't visually obvious. Make the call and be welcomed aboard...

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Broker's comments.

In 1991 the current (and only!) owner provided the perimeters to the well known design office "Van de Stadt Design". These were as clear as ambitious, a strong, fast, close to the wind sailing yacht with variable draft and plenty of deckspace, especially in the cockpit area. "Cees van Tongeren" from the design office Van de Stadt design, did indeed a wonderful job, being responsible for the drawings of the "HEIDENSKIP" 65 ft. As the shipyard ALUBOOT from the small town of Hindeloopen in Holland had been the owners favorite builder for many years the contract was given to this yard which is also known for building immensely strong and fast lifeboats. Now after many satisfying miles of sailing, the experienced owner decided to build a larger boat in the same concept and to sell his captain maintained and continiuously upgraded and well cared for "HEIDENSKIP" 65 ft lifting keel aluminium performance sailingyacht. This is your chance to purchase an easy handling and safe "go anywhere globetrotter" well below the replacement cost! Commissioned in 1992 this is a very desirable sailing yacht of great strength and grace. Once you have sailed her we are sure that this boat will live up to your expectations in every way. "Heidenskip" is the ideal boat for the couple that is looking for a yacht ready to go anywhere and still be able to go on anchor in the shallows of the carribean.

General - 65 ' ALUMINIUM SLOOP

65 FT Aluminium sailingyacht "Heidenskip", launched in 1992, built by Aluboot Hindeloopen - the Netherlands, designed by Van de Stadt, dim 20.00 x (lwl 16.50) 5.40 x 1.70/3.70 meter, built in aluminium type AlmG 4.5 hull and superstructure, 10 mm teak in the cockpit floor and on the helmsman seats in the cockpit, round-bilged light blue hull with single white line on top and doble wide striping on the waterline, light grey anti skid painted aluminium deck, white painted aluminium superstructure, 6 large goyot opening deckhatches on the superstructure and 1 in the foredeck, 2 prismas for added light inside, 2 x 5 opening gebo ports in the side of the superstructure, blue underwaterpaint, lifting wing keel, 2 free-hanging rudders, displacement approx. 33 tons (fully loaded), ballast approx. 14 tons, fuel capacity in 3 tanks: 1050 litres; 800 litres; 550 litres - total 2400 litres plus a fuel day tank, water capacity in 3 x 550 litres - total 1650 litres, approx. 1000 litres sump tank, 100 litres (22 Imp gallons) GRP black water tank, hydraulic steering, two steering positions, large foreward decklocker and 3 large aft Lazareths.


Classic teak interior with a total of 3 cabins and the possibillity to use the starboard sofa as an additional bed, this makes it possible to make a total of 8 berths. Foreward is the ownerscabin with a queen size bed and ensuit facillities containing a vacuflush toilet, seperate hower with thermostatc valves, a large worktop with washbowl and ample storage, directly aft of the ownerscabin to port is the spacious U-sofa and opposite that is the additional small sofa. Port central is the foreward facing galley, starboard aft of the sofa is the foreward facing navigation table. Directly aft of that is the second head with manual toilet shower and washbowl, starboard aft is the guest cabin with 2 beds one over the other. Between the guest cabin and the head is an additional sofa that doubles as a bed. Port aft of the galley is the captains cabin with a double. Between the guest and captainscabin is the very heavy sound-insulated engineroom with access doors from both sides. The domestic equipment includes a 3-burner Forze 10 stainless steel gas stove with oven, high performance waterpressure system with hot water via a boiler heated bij both main engine and 220 Volt, a 200 liter/hour watermaker, 2 electric-driven refrigerators, and a deep freeze.

Main engine and generator. 1991 MAN diesel 6 cylinder engine - 121 kw/160 hp - 4600 hours on the 1st of may 2005. MicroCommander engine controls on both helm stations. Max Prop 3-bladed automatic feathering propeller. 1997 Northern Lights generator - 16 kW - 6140 hours on the 1st of may 2005. Power systems: House battery bank 24 Volt: 8 x 8D absorbed glass batteries - new 2004. Mass 3000 VA Invertor. 2 Automatic battery chargers from Mastervolt 1 x 50 amp 24 Volt and 1x 100 amp 24 Volt Bilge system: 1 manual bilgepump in the cockpit. 1 electric bilgepump with manifold for 3 compartments. 1 backup vacuumpump normaly used for the vacflush toilet but connected to the bilge system. 1 small electric bilgepump for the bilge under sail.

Navigational instruments at the port helm: Ritchi Powerdamp magnetic pedestal compass, Microcommander engine controls, bowthruster controls, 2 x Raymarin ST 60 multi instruments, Raymarine ST 60 windinstrument, Raymarine ST7000+ autopilot control, Skanti 3000 VHF with speaker, draft display, 24 Volt plug, keel control buttons and most electric navigational switches. Navigational instruments and navtec controls at the starboard helm: Ritchi Powerdamp magnetic pedestal compass, MicroCommander engine controls, bowthruster controls, 2 x Raymarine ST60 multi instruments, Raymarine ST 60 windinstrument, Raymarine autopilot control, analog engine revs and the central Navtec manual hydraulic manifold with pump and valves. Navigational instruments above the entrance: Raymarine ST 60 Speed, multi, depth and wind instruments: At the navstation inside: Sailor Compact HF SSB RE2100, Sailor Compact VHF RT2047, Pioneer CD players x 2 Icom IC-M1 portable VHF radio, Westinghouse Series 1000 satellite phone (not currently functioning), Raytheon ST7000 autopilot, Raytheon ST60 multi instrument, Furuno Marine radar 1930; Furuno heading sensor C-2000, Motorola Traxar GPS, Furuno facsimile receiver FAX-210, Shipmate Navigator RS5800/C GPS, Shipmate RS5960 D-GPS receiver, Trimble Navgraphic XL GPS and plotter Assorted Maptech charts, Prosser Weathertrend digital barometer.

Fixed doghouse with security glass windows, Lewmar hydraulic anchor windlass type 3000 for the 80 lb Delta anchor with 90 meter stainless steel chain, 2nd Danforth anchor with chain and rope, AB RIB dinghy with Yamaha 15 hp outboard engine new late 2003, aluminium davits with electric hoists, Safety Equipment: ACR Category 1 Satellite 406 Epirb, BFA 8 pers liferaft, Jon Buoy recovery module, Mustang Air Force manual inflation life jackets, Crewsaver life jackets, horseshoe lifebuoy with floating strobe light on the stern Miscellanious: Fixed blue bimini top, cockpit awning for daily use, two large awnings to cover most of deck area, folding cockpit table, folding gangway, deckwash, removable outboard bracket, open pulpit, searailing with opening ports in the side, 6 seperate white dorades with hull colour blue inside, bathing platform, boarding ladder, aluminium electric operated davids.

Sloop cutter-rigged, Rondal white aluminum keel-stepped mast with three sets of spreaders. Rondal boom, Rondal electric hydraulic headsail system and Rondal electric hydraulic inner forestay system, Harken batcar track and cars on the mast for the mainsail, carbon fibre deck stoored spi pole, spi pole track on the mast. Navtec manual hydraulic system with central pump and manifold in the cockpit for the double backstay adjusters, the boomvang, the outhall and the halyards for headsail and inner forestay. Stainless steel Rod rigging (replaced in 2002), 1 Lewmar x type 46 manual 2-speed selftailing halyard winch on the mast. All other winches electric hydraulic 2-speed selftailing Lewmar: 2 x type 650 for the running backstays, 2 x type 700 as primery sheetwinches, 2 x type 650 for the main sheet and reefs one on each side of the entrance and both with a set of Lewmar stoppers, 2 x type 550 halyard winches one on each side of the mast. Sails: a set of sales from Hood in Vectran 2002 full-battened main, furling staysail, furling genoa a set of sales from Hood 1998 full-battened main, furling yankee and furling genoa. Additional sails: storm jib and trysail and reacher on a furler all from 1992. The size of the sails are: main sail 108 m2, furling genoa 120% 120 m2, the staysail is 47 m2 in total 275 m2, the reacher is 156 m2 and the storm trysail is 34 m2. Deckgear: Fredriksen mastfootblocks, Fredricksen genoa and innerforesail tracks and cars, Rondal Towrail blockbrackets, removable running backstays, insulated backstay, spreader lights, maststeps for the first 3 meter, antal stoppers on the mast, lazy jacks, blue mainsailcover. Hallyards: 2 x spi, 1 x main, 1 x genoa, 1 x toplift, 1 x inner foresail.

aluminium yacht mast for sale

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aluminium yacht mast for sale

Aluminium Mast Boats for sale

2001 Fortuna Island Spirit

2001 Fortuna Island Spirit

Clearwater, Florida

Make Fortuna

Model Island Spirit

Category Catamarans

Posted Over 1 Month

2001 Fortuna Island Spirit This South African cat is one of the best! Outfitted extensively, import duty paid! Recently back from the Bahamas and totally ready to go again! Current owners have outfitted her well and loved her, and are ready to sell after enjoying several seasons in the Bahamas aboard her. She is extremely clean and well maintained, and very comfortable. She has the feel of a much bigger cat! Here are the details: Hull Design and Manufacture Island Spirit 37 Catamaran. Built by Fortuna Catamarans in Cape Town, South Africa, 2001. Hulls are monolithic below the waterline (i.e. solid GRP below the waterline and Balsa Core elsewhere). 4 double cabins, 2 heads, galley up. Several coats of Petit Protect epoxy barrier (2016) coat and SR60 Ablative paint on the hulls, refresh on paint 2018. Designed by Phil Southwell. Fibreglass hard top bimini made from Corecell foam and GRP. 4 separate water tanks. Cabin top has a moulded rainwater catching system built-in.  Galley U-shaped galley with large counter space, Corian finish. 1 upright fridge with front opening door and small freezer box. Opposite galley 1 top opening fridge. In front of Galley. Propane stove, 3 burners. 2 aluminium Propane tanks in a self draining locker in the cockpit. Spars and Rigging Sparcraft mast, crossbeam, boom and rigging Three reefing points with jammers built into the underside mast end of boom Topping lift Boom strut Sails Fully battened mainsail - average condition Stack pack, new 2011 Roller furling genoa, new 2018 Large asymmetric spinnaker in a sock - good condition Small symetric spinnaker in a sock - good condition: used for running dead downwind in stronger breeze Storm Jib. Never used  Anchoring 50 lb Rockna anchor with 200 feet of galvanized chain new 2018 45 lb CQR anchor with 20 meters of chain and 80 meters of rope rode New Windlass motor, 2018  Electronics Icom 718 SSB radio coupled to a MFJ deluxe versa tuner, dynaplate in starboard hull and dipole aerial attached to stay (receive only) Standard Horizon Matrix VHF radio Icom 422 VHF radio (spare) Garmin GPS Map 1020xs Chartplotter New 2017 Garmin HD Radar New 2017 Raymarine ST 60 wind depth and tridata Watchmate 1000 AIS. Transponder Raymarine ST 5000 Autopilot Hand held VHF radio Electrical Equipment and

2001 Fortuna Island Spirit

2017 X-Yachts Xp 38

Request Price

Mystic, Connecticut

Make X-Yachts

Model Xp 38

2017 X-Yachts Xp 38 The Xp 38 delivers an unrivalled sailing experience in a dual-purpose cruiser-racer. This model after launching, quickly developed into a global fleet, with boats sold from US to Japan, Switzerland to Australia. It was nominated for Boat of the Year, with one judge commenting: The main reason you own this boat is because you love sailing. Seeing it underway, it just lights you up. (Tim Murphy, Cruising World). This enjoyment comes from the Xp 38s high level of responsiveness, thanks to high ballast ratio, light and stuff epoxy infusion construction and carbon keel structure, and controllable sail plan. High stability and ease of handling makes the Xp 38 a rapid and comfortable yacht to cruise with excellent sea-keeping in all conditions, as well as a high performance racing design for both inshore and offshore. It has scored a host of race victories under both IRC and ORC. Deck-recessed halyards and control lines, flush deck hatches and port-lights create a clutter-free and aesthetically appealing deck layout. Design details include an optional folding table concealed within the cockpit sole, with dedicated storage for all the essentials even the washboards. The twin composite wheels are offered with a range of pedestal choices, including compass and instrument mounts, together with optional electric or high-powered manual winches. The standard rig package includes an aluminium mast with discontinuous rod rigging and hydraulic back stay for efficient and repeatable tuning. The Xp 38 was also conceived with an optional deep draft keel configuration with high aspect ratio fin, carbon rig and performance deck gear.  As with all the Xp models, the composite keel features a lead bulb and cast iron fin, precision molded and encapsulated in a vacuum infused GRP layer for a perfect, hydrodynamic finish. Through hull fittings are also recessed to reduce underwater drag, together with a faired S-drive engine strut. The Xp 38 includes both classic three-cabin or spacious two-cabin layout options. The three double cabin option includes symmetrical aft berths (which may have optional free board shelves or pipe cot berths added) and a master double forward. It comes as standard with the Xp sliding chart table, or an optional fixed aft-facing chart table, and a heads to starboard with shower over. The two-cabin option creates an extra large heads, with separate shower featuring hinged door and seat, and a spacious storage locker to starboard that is accessible from the cockpit and can accommodate all cruising equipment. There is

2017 X-Yachts Xp 44

2017 X-Yachts Xp 44

Model Xp 44

Category Sloop Sailboats

2017 X-Yachts Xp 44 The Xp 44 combines impressive performance with simplicity of handling, appealing to all the family. This model was the first of the Xperformance line to be launched, and was named Sailing Worlds Yacht of the Year in 2014. A highly optimized hull shape offers exemplary performance in a range of wind conditions, on all angles of sail, under both ORC and IRC handicap systems. Key elements of the hull design include reduced upright beam and wetted surface area, while the transom shape ensures that as wind speed builds and the boat powers up, the overall waterline length increases for additional speed. Additional performance is gained through the Xp 44s exceptional stiffness and high stability, achieved by a high ballast ratio with additional weight in the keel bulb keel,  and lightweight structures thanks to epoxy infusion build processes. The Xp 44 introduced the innovative Xperformance bowsprit, with options including a carbon bowsprit to set asymmetrics, a GRP cowling, and optional anchor attachments for hassle-free cruising. The Xp 44 is supplied with an aluminium rig as standard with carbon mast and boom as an option, both developed in conjunction with leading sail makers to create an efficient, easily adjustable sail plan. The Xp 44 also carries multiple halyard options to allow owners to optimize their boat for racing or cruising, inshore or offshore. Standard deck features include a below decks furling drum, low friction racing blocks, and large self-tailing winches (powered winches optional). The Xp 44 also introduced the Xp ranges adaptable new sliding navigation station, supplied as standard, which allows for additional seating or a forward-facing chart table. It is also offered with a fixed chart table option and wooden galley.  The three-cabin layout includes symmetrical double aft cabins, a forward cabin with en suite heads, L-shaped galley (now available in a new wooden finish option as shown above), additional heads accessible from the saloon, and spacious seating area around a removable saloon table. Flush-mounted hatches and stylish LED lighting creates a light and welcoming space, day or night.

2017 X-Yachts Xp 33

2017 X-Yachts Xp 33

Model Xp 33

Category Racer Boats

2017 X-Yachts Xp 33 The smallest yacht in the range, the Xp 33 is designed for pure sailing enjoyment. This model is a high stability 30-footer which benefits from the same advanced construction techniques as the larger yachts in the Xperformance range for superb sailing performance and build quality.  Smooth lines, ample buoyancy both fore and aft, a plumb bow for maximum waterline length and subtle chines create a hull which is fast on all angles of sail. A custom-designed double spreader aluminium mast is offered as standard, with a carbon rig available as an option. Non-overlapping head sails, a single line head sail furler and retractable bowsprit increase the sailing fun and racing potential while ensuring sail handling is stress-free, even when sailing short-handed.  The Xp 33 deck layout and cockpit is designed to be highly functional.  A rod linkage steering system connects to the single rudder underneath the cockpit sole and enables the tiller to be positioned aft, behind the mainsheet. This allows the skipper to easily control the boat when cruising, or to communicate smoothly with the main trimmer whilst racing. The composite tiller is fitted as standard with a Spinlock adjustable extension. The cockpit is wide and spacious. Aft of the main sheet track there are molded foot chocks integrated into the cockpit sole, with two opening lockers giving access to a generous storage compartment for fenders, mooring gear and similar. Forward of the main track, wide benches offer a comfortable cruising ride and room for race crew manoeuvres. Six Harken winches are fitted as standard, of which two may be easily upgraded to top racing spec. The Xp 33 may also be easily adapted into cruising mode, with an optional electric anchor windlass and removable stainless steel anchor arm. A self-draining anchor locker is fitted as standard, with gas bottle storage in the port aft cockpit. The Xp 33 is offered with a classic three cabin interior layout. The main saloon includes two comfortable sofas and a removable central table with integral storage, while the engine is easily accessible thanks to a removable GRP cover beneath the companionway. Aft are two symmetrical cabins, while forward there is an optional comfortable and private triangular berth. A single heads with shower is forward of the saloon. A practical galley lies to port with GRP worktops, a two-jet gimbaled gas stove and stainless steel sink. To starboard a forward-facing navigation station includes the yachts electrical switchboard as well as space for additional navigation and communication equipmen

2016 Mithral Marine TryBrid RD 24

2016 Mithral Marine TryBrid RD 24

Make Mithral Marine

Model TryBrid RD 24

2016 Mithral Marine TryBrid RD 24 TRYBRID - THE ONE AND ONLY   ENERGY USE REINVENTED-PHOTOVOLTAIC BOOST BEING UNIQUE IS AN ART - MUST SEE - AVAILABLE NOW!!! 2016 FULL ALUMINIUM - STABIL - FAST - 20 PLUS KNOTS - Total Custom from Keel to Mast Top - Low Center Gravity - Great Performance - Economic - Almost No Fuel Needed State of the Art Photovoltaic Energy Sourced, Charged & Powered Energy Use Reinvented - Batteries are always Full Economic Fresh Water Arrangement - Rooms / Cabins / Food and Drinks are always cold without ever using a Drop of Diesel Spacious - Light Flooded - 25 Huge Hatches - Comfortable Practical - Long Distance Cruise - Performance A-Frame Sails 4 - Blade Custom Computer Cut Propeller - Very Low Draft  The Performance and this Feeling is almost unbeatable. This Trimaran is one of the Most Unique State of the Art Watercraft One of its Kind with almost unlimited all the Features and Options and the huge Variety of Opportunities to enjoy Mother Nature to its fullest. Excitement with so much Fun. Plenty of Storage - Watertoys - Surf & Diving Gear - Equipment etc. The Ideal Solution for Family - Friends - Charters - Holidays - Exploring -  Adventures - Long Distance Passages - Private and Commercial Use Please make sure, you have a Look at the Full Specs and the Pictures. For further Details, please call me: +1 305 986 6435

2016 X-Yachts Xp 33

2016 X-Yachts Xp 33

Charleston, South Carolina

Category Cruiser Boats

2016 X-Yachts Xp 33 The smallest yacht in the range, the Xp 33 is designed for pure sailing enjoyment. This model is a high stability 30-footer which benefits from the same advanced construction techniques as the larger yachts in the Xperformance range for superb sailing performance and build quality.  Smooth lines, ample buoyancy both fore and aft, a plumb bow for maximum waterline length and subtle chines create a hull which is fast on all angles of sail. A custom-designed double spreader aluminium mast is offered as standard, with a carbon rig available as an option. Non-overlapping headsails, a single line headsail furler and retractable bowsprit increase the sailing fun and racing potential while ensuring sail handling is stress-free, even when sailing short-handed.

2000 Seawind 1000

2000 Seawind 1000

Brunswick, Georgia

Make Seawind

2000 Seawind 1000, Dj vu III was built in 2000 by Seawind Catamarans of New South Wales, Australia. Dj vu is officially a ten (10) metre yacht (33 feet) hence the definition Seawind 1000 She has a beam (width) of 5.91 metres (19.34 feet).The Seawind 1000 was designed as a coastal cruising yacht, I guess, primarily, for the East coast of Australia. However, she has proven to be a `tough vessel capable of withstanding the rigors of International travel and this has been proven by Dj vu and I having sailed from Australia, through Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Thailand Sri Lanka India Maldives Oman Yemen The Red Sea Suez Canal Mediterranean Morocco Canary Islands Cape Verde Caribbean Islands Bahamas and now up the east coast of the USA.SPECIFICATIONS OF SV DEJAVU IIIoOverall Length: 10.00 metres (33 feet)oBeam: 5.91 metres (19.34 feet)oDraft: 1.0 metres (3.3 feet)oDisplacement: 5.5 tonnesoEngines: 2 x 9.9hp, High Thrust, Yamaha Outboards oEngine Stroke: 4 Stroke, oFuel: Gasoline 100 litresoFresh Water: 400 litresSTANDARD SPECIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL EQUIPMENT.1. GENERAL: The overall finish of the Seawind 1000 was consistent with a luxury world-standard yacht of this size and type. 2. EXTERIOR/LAMINATE: Finish: Gelcoat finish with molded-in non-slip surface on deck areas.Hull Laminate: Vinyl Ester resin is used in manufacture of the hulls for the fibreglass laminate between the gelcoat and the foam core. 3. HARDTOP: Fibreglass hardtop is fitted with fixed toughened glass side windows. Aft drop curtain with combination zip & press stud closures.4. MAST/BOOM/SAILS:oMast and boom by Tempo Spars. Mast Tempo Section Anodised clear.oDouble Spreader, 7/8 rig.oAll fitted with Sea lock turnbuckles and end fittings.oHinged mast base to allow for lowering on boat.oHalyards 1:1 Main halyard: 10 mm Spectra rope.o3 x mainsail single-line reefing lines fitted and lead back to the cockpit.oAll halyards, reefing lines to be lead back to cockpit through turning blocks, rope clutches (Spinlock).oSheet Winches: 2 x Harken ST40s.oFully battened mainsail. Luff adjustable batten end caps. oCruising mainsail cover with integrated lazy jack system.oHeadsail.oOne (1) Code `0 Screecher.5. DECK EQUIPMENT:oHatches (8 in total)o2 x Forward Hatches Aluminium frame 500 x 500 (Gebo)o2 x mid cabin hatches. (Gebo)o2 x aft cabin hatches (Gebo).o1 x Anchor cleat.*** CONTACT SELLER FOR MORE DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS. $178000



Puerto Banús, Marbella, Málaga, Malaga


Category Pilothouse Boats

1991 OLAND BROTHERS 41 Barbara is an exceptional aluminium yacht built byOland Brothers in Faaborg Denmark. She is a very attractive yacht, drawingattention where ever she goes. She is a pilot house sloop yacht equipped with acentre board and with twin rudders that enable her to take the groundunassisted. She is sloop rigged with a twin Selden electric furlingsystem.(2009) She has in mast furling from the cockpit and is easily managedsingle handed in all situations. The current owners have owned Barbara for approx 12years and has maintained her to a very high standard. She was completelyrefurbished in Lemmer in the Netherlands in 2009 with complete paintwork, newYanmar 52hp engine and complete extensive raymarine navigation equipment andmuch, much more. The whole works well in excess of 100,000 euros. Barbara hasvoyaged all over Europe, circumnavigating the UK twice, visiting the Baltic ,and down to the Mediteranian via Biscay. Just to mention some of the systems on boardBarbara



Delray Beach, Florida


Category Daysailer Sailboats

Length 31.0


1988 Homemade 38

1988 Homemade 38

Coos Bay, Oregon

Make Homemade

For you traditionalist's out there, Read on This Sailboat was built by a man with passion and a vision to create a classic, traditional sailboat from the George Buehler stable( Great bear).Elmer worked for the forestry and put 10 years of labor and love into her before passing. Tom Tallman purchased and re-powered and fitted taller aluminium mast and rigging and was 'gutted' selling her. Current owner purchased in 2005 and loves her strong construction, sea kindle-ness, taller mast in light airs and young boat with traditional style. Hard Chine construction. Topsides have conventional carvel plank on frame construction, w/ a large fir chine timber, below chine there is a diagonal stave planking running between chine + keel. Staves are well bedded in 3M 5200 rubber sealant. Double ender wood hull. The Hull took 10 years to build. Port Oxford cedar; Cap-rail, bulwarks siding. Stanchions + Samson post are Pacific yew. Douglas Fir; covering boards, chine timber 2" thick, 2-3/4" thick fir floor timbers, sawn fir knees under ends of deck beams. Backbone structure is steel bolt fastened. Decking material: Laid planked Douglas Fir VG old growth w/galvanized steel wood screw fastenings. Ceiling 1/2" thick yellow cedar fastened down w/steel nails. Long cast cement keel. (cement keel has encased in case hardened steel tractor tread steel pins to have more weight for volume.) Internal pig iron added to extended seats + lead ingots under bunk, approx

1980 Hunter Cherubini 27 - PRISTINE!

1980 Hunter Cherubini 27 - PRISTINE!

Greenlawn, New York

Make Hunter

Model Cherubini

Length 27.17"

Mary Jane is possibly the nicest completely original Hunter Cherubini 27 you'll ever find. Just about everything has been been gone through, refurbished and impeccably maintained. Previously owned by a Naval engineer, we purchased her in 2013. She'd been sitting on hard in Connecticut for 6 years. We had her trailered to our boat yard in Northport, Long Island and went to work on her. In the Summer of 2014 we took her out for a 2 week "shake down" cruise crossing the Long Island Sound 4 times, to Shelter Island through the Plum Gut (a notorious passage between Plum Island and Orient Point, the northeastern most point of Long Island). She performed beautifully. Cherubini Hunters are prized among serious collectors for their classic lines, speed and agile performance. Noted for Danish Modern style interior cabins the Cherubinis are astutely laid out and extremely comfortable for extended cruising. Mary Jane's original owner installed a custom made teak "traveler" for precise control of the mainsail in any weather condition (a real bonus). This Hunter 27 boasts the original Renault Marine Couach, 8 hp, one cylinder diesel engine, known for its dependability and unique rhythmic sound. I often liken the sound to that of the African Queen. The top deck is painted with Interlux Brightside Seattle Grey epoxy (2014). All the teak hand and rub rails have recently been sanded and varnished with 6 coats of Marine Spar Varnish (2015). Last year the bottom was sanded and painted with 4 coats of Pettit brand Hydrocoat black hull paint (2014). This year we painted another 2 coats of bottom paint, just for good measure (2015). This year we also replaced the Datamarine depth and knot meters with brand new Moor depth and knot meters (2015). A new Ritchie Helm Compass was installed last summer (2014) and all new Black Sunbrella Mainsail, Compass, Steering Wheel and Winch Covers were installed just this month (2015). The following is a list of some of the items we've replaced and installed: Engine - new water pump (2014), new water pump seacock hose (2014), new starter motor (2014), new custom-made fuel lines (2015), new Racor fuel/water seperator (2015), new and extra Mann fuel filters (2015). Electrical - 2 new deep cycle Kirkland batteries (2014), new Cabella "ship to shore" battery charger (2015), new 700 watt power inverter (2014), new in-cabin fresh water pump (2014), new bilge pump (2014), new cabin light bulbs (2014), new illuminated mast-top wind vane (2015), new Moor lighted LED knotmeter (2015), new Moor lighted LED depthfinder (2015) Topside - New "Ritchie" Helm Compass (2014), 100 ft. New Red Jib Halyard (2015), 100 ft. New Black Mainsail Halyard (2015), new white and red traveler sheets (2015), new black Sunbrella fabric mainsail cover (2015), new black Sunbrella steering wheel cover (2015), new black Sunbrella compass cover (2015), 3 new black Sunbrella winch coversBrand New Magma 15" Kettle BBQ (2015). Cabin - (2015) interior cabin floor sanded and sealed with 4 coats Marine Spar Varnish (2015), in-floor bilge hatch cover sanded and sealed with 4 coats Marine Spar Varnish (2015), aluminium bilge hatch trim sanded and polished (2015), bilge interior painted and keel bolts sealed with 3M 5200 sealant (2015), brand new bilge hoses (2015), original "V" Berth cushions, 2 main cabin cushions and aft berth cushions Steam cleaned and Scotchguarded (2015), , all 3 winchs rebuilt and greased (2014), all ceramic porthole knobs replaced (2015), Kenyon alcohol stove rebuilt (2014). Mary Jane comes with lots of extras, too numerous to mention, including dock lines, fenders, life jackets, deck cushions, Windscoop, etc. She's a joy to own and a pleasure to sail. All lines lead to the cockpit for easy single handling. Mary Jane is currently moored in Centerport Bay. The mooring and launch service is fully paid through the season, so if you're ready to go, she's ready for you. Whether you're just learning to sail or downsizing, you'll fall in love with Mary Jane. .

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1997 Stoker 22' SST

1997 Stoker 22' SST

Clinton, IL

1999 Bluewater 2150

1999 Bluewater 2150

Murdock, FL

2008 Monterey  Bowrider MERCRUISER!! TRAILER INCLUDED!! 180FS

2008 Monterey Bowrider MERCRUISER!! TRAILER INCLUDED!! 180FS

Winter Springs, FL

1967 Custom South Bay Scooter Duck Boat

1967 Custom South Bay Scooter Duck Boat

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2001 Grady-White Chase 263

Gonzales, LA

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2010 Supra Sunsport 22 V

Newington, NH

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2017 Parker 21 Special Edition

Everettville, WV

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aluminium yacht mast for sale


Having launched the first unit of this new line of explorer yachts in 2022, hull #2 of this genuine 6 cabins world cruiser is available with short delivery time from experienced yacht builder, Aegean Yacht.

Designed and developed entirely inhouse by the Aegean team, this go everywhere, genuine world cruiser has a steel hull with aluminum superstructure ensuring a stable ride and excellent handling while at sea.

The intelligently designed general arrangement and generous interior volumes, particularly for a yacht of her length, has allowed for up to 6 guest cabins including 3 full-beam master suites, catering to 12 guests. The standard configuration includes three almost identically sized “owner cabins” – ideal for use in charter – a VIP double as well as two twin berthed cabins, all with ensuite facilities. An alternative layout allows for a generous sky lounge – replacing the bridge deck master state room - but reduces capacity to 10 guests, more than enough for the majority of yacht owners of vessels of this size.

The main deck saloon is light and airy thanks to large windows on all sides and offers comfortable dining for guests. The combination of warm oak furniture and parquet floors with stainless steel accents and white lacquered ceilings ensures her interior is warm and elegant, yet understated.

Forward of the saloon on the port side is a large galley, including crew mess as well as a crew staircase to the lower deck, another clever feature which allows for crew to seamlessly pass around the yacht to deliver the 6 star service required.

Outside areas are equally generous with multiple separate areas for guests to enjoy, including on the bridge deck forward and also aft of the sky lounge / mast cabin, on the main deck, aft of the main saloon, and the large swimming platform.

Powered by two MAN 650 HP engines, she achieves a maximum speed of almost 13 kts, with cruising speed at 11kts. A range of over 3,500 nautical miles, huge storage areas together with separate, individual cabins for the 4 crew, makes her an ideal vessel for long stays and journeys to remote and unique destinations.

About Aegean Yacht

AEGEAN YACHT was founded by Sinan Ozer in 1976. Production is based at two full service, seafront boatyards in Bodrum and Antalya freezone in Turkey. Initially dedicated to wooden yacht construction, for the last 20 years the shipyard has focused on refit work as well as new build, full & semi-custom yachts built from steel & aluminum. In the almost 50 years since opening the doors, the shipyard has delivered more than 50 yachts, from 20 to 57m, across both sail and power.


  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Builder: Aegean Yacht
  • Length Overall: 26 metres
  • Length at Waterline: 23.48 metres
  • Beam: 6.9 metres
  • Max Draught: 2.1 metres
  • Gross Tonnage: 187
  • Displacement Tonnage: 165


  • Year of Build: 2024
  • Hull Number: 52
  • Hull Type: Full Displacement
  • Number of Decks: 3

Performance & Capacities

  • Max Speed: 12 kn
  • Cruising Speed: 10 kn
  • Fuel Capacity: 16700 litres
  • Water Capacity: 5280 litres
  • Range: 3500 nm
  • Engine Make: MAN
  • Total power: 1300hp
  • Hull: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminium


  • Passenger Rooms: 6
  • Master Rooms: 1
  • Double Rooms: 2
  • Twin Rooms: 2

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    Alumetron will bond chemically to the aluminum for maximum durability. If you're sailing in salt water and are concerned about keeping salt off the mast, you can overcoat it with VS721. Salt can't stick to VS721, so cleaning the mast consists of rinsing with a garden hose. The salt just falls off.

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