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Due to security reasons, the suggested minimum age for children on the Yacht is 15 years old.


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  • Trackside Mooring
  • Exclusive Driver Appearance
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Gourmet Buffet Lunch & Afternoon Tea
  • All-Day Open Bar including unlimited Champagne
  • Tender Transfers
  • Live DJ Mixes

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Why the Mercedes F1 team is getting involved in yacht racing

yacht formula 1

The Mercedes Formula One team has joined forces with British sailor Ben Ainslie in a quest to win the America's Cup for Great Britain's Royal Yacht Squadron.

The America's Cup is the oldest international trophy in sport, predating the Olympics by 45 years, but has not been won by a British team since it was first held as a race around the Isle of Wight in 1851. The Ineos Britannia team, skippered by Ainslie, hopes to change that by working closely with British-based Mercedes team to build a yacht capable of defeating the current holders, Emirates Team New Zealand.

The link-up between the two teams comes via Ineos, which owns a third of the F1 team and is the main backer of Ineos Britannia. The sailing team will be based at Mercedes' headquarters in Brackley, leaning on the engineering resources of various departments via the F1 team's Mercedes Applied Science division.

Mercedes is expecting to have as many as 50 people working on the early design process of the yacht once the regulations, date and location for the 37th America's Cup are agreed in mid-November by New Zealand and Great Britain. Mercedes' chief technical officer, James Allison, who recently took a step back from the F1 side of the company, will be the technical lead on the yacht project.

Shouldn't Mercedes be focusing on F1, not yachts?

While the project has an obvious commercial tie-up via Ineos, Mercedes is also keen to make the project work for the engineering benefit of the F1 team. The America's Cup is often known as 'F1 on water', and clear links can be made between the hydrodynamics that allow a racing yacht to "fly" on its foils in the sea and the aerodynamics that keep an F1 car pinned to the track.

But Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says the joint project will offer more than just a new revenue stream for the team through Mercedes Applied Science.

"We have had situations where engineers said, we have done this for seven years -- and many were even longer -- with seven world championships and they are asking where the next challenge is," Wolff said. "And it doesn't go any bigger than the challenge of winning the America's Cup as Challenger of Record.

"You are being the underdog, so you need to do an even better job. So that is of benefit because we retain the ability in-house and they are not going elsewhere -- within the industry or outside. Some of the people throughout the departments have said this is a nice challenge that they would like to take up for the next three or five years and gain some understanding, which probably can be deployed back into Formula One.

"It's almost like an activity that is so competitive that you need all your cognitive and intellectual concentration and that becomes an advantage when you are looking back into Formula One and it takes you out of your comfort zone."

Part of the reason the Mercedes team can afford to lend significant resources to the America's Cup campaign is thanks to Formula One's new budget cap this year. The introduction of a $145 million spending cap in 2021 forced the team to make cuts in its design and engineering departments, but by shifting staff to a non-F1 project outside the cap they can continue to work for the team.

"From a cost cap point of view, this team was bigger last year than you could afford in a cost cap this year and that means a certain amount of our resources is able to work on this type of project," Allison said. "As the rhythm of the Cup campaign requires it, hopefully it will intermesh adequately well with the corresponding demands that happen over in F1 land, so all the skill that we have here can be brought to bear."

Mercedes Applied Science also works on other projects, including the design and optimisation of road bikes, running shoes and Ineos' off-road vehicle the Grenadier. Wolff said the decision to diversify the business away from F1 came from looking at the success of sports franchises in the U.S.A..

"We looked at this pretty early because I'm always keen to learn from other sports leagues and when you look over the ocean at the most developed American sports leagues - the NBA and the NFL - these guys have diversified into real estate and into the hospitality business by the sheer fact that they are having a stadium," Wolff said. "And I think for us the logical next step is diversifying into engineering. We have created all this I.P. that we have never deployed on any other vehicle other than a racing car.

"We have never monetised any of the I.P. that exists here, and you are talking billions of spend into technology in a Formula One team, so that's why it sounds pretty logical that other teams are also looking at that space.

"But Mercedes Applied Science is not a commercial engineering entity. We are not pitching actively for engineering jobs, but we want to work with people who want to break records or win championships in land, sea, air and space. We have seen how the most challenging of all racing, the pinnacle comparable to Formula One, and this is not in the pursuit of margin, but more in the pursuit of learning and diversification for the benefit of Formula One.

"In the same way, a great new project for engineers that have learned their laurels in Formula One but they want to look at something different. Having said that, it needs to stand on its own commercial legs.

"It's our way of diversifying into other business areas, but we need to make sure that we are a contributing partner with the same ambition that we have in Formula One racing but without distracting from any of the two activities: they must run in parallel.

"We don't want to read the headline in three years that since we have started sailing we haven't been winning on the road. That must not happen."

How will Mercedes F1 technology make a yacht go faster?

While Allison will be the technical lead on Ineos Britannia's America's Cup campaign, German naval designer Martin Fischer will lead the design concept. As tempting as it is to imagine shapes from Lewis Hamilton's F1 car emerging on a racing yacht, the reality is that Mercedes' engineering know-how will more likely contribute to parts of the boat you can't see.

"Areas which are harder for America's Cup teams to do but are the meat and drink of an F1 team are all the systems that we have in place to know, for example, that if you want to put a hydraulic pipe down a certain length of something, how far away to keep all the other things so it doesn't fret on the pipe and how often down the pipe do you need to support it so it doesn't bounce around so much and the type of equipment that we have to inspect stuff so that we know that what is designed is what we built and are assembling," Allison said.

"All of the design standards that have been painfully learnt and written into a procedure in an F1 team can now be picked up and used by the community of engineers that is Britannia. That sort of stuff is pretty valuable.

"When you want all your good hydrodynamic and aerodynamic ideas to come true - i.e. the things that are coming from the marine folk of the team, backed up by the capable bodies that are working with them - then the boat has to be assembled on time and to the right qualities, it must not break down on the water so the sailors can learn while they are sailing it, so I think the maturity of the Mercedes Formula One team provides a really functional environment for the design engineers to then create designs that ought to be reliable and work.

"Hopefully we then build enough raw performance in to the boat to make it a competitive boat as well as reliable boat."

Allison added: "We hope we properly understand that being good at racing cars doesn't mean you are good at making yachts. What we wish to do is to learn from people that are good at doing yachts the manner in which we can best help.

"So my opening conversations with Martin were to try and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the previous campaign inside Ben's team, the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign Martin was involved with in with Luna Rossa [the runner up at the 36th America's Cup], to try to figure out how we can amplify the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.

"And to see where there are areas of opportunity, like the engineering standards that we have is stuff that any engineering group can happily pick up and fall on like manna from heaven to just say that's work we don't need to do, can we just use that?

"To specifically try to get the likely key features, because we don't know a location or the timing yet, but what are the likely key features and what sort of level of force are we going need."

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These Formula 1 Drivers Are Still Racing Fast, Just on Water

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez get a taste of the SailGP series and discover that speed is relative.

yacht formula 1

By John Clarke

On a recent sunny September day in Saint-Tropez, where the French SailGP race was taking place, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez climbed aboard a speedy high-tech $4 million sailboat.

The drivers for the Red Bull Formula 1 team had little idea what to expect when they took turns settling into the cockpit of the United States SailGP F50 foiling catamaran, one of the nine team boats that race in the global sailing series, now in its third year. Neither man had ever sailed.

With the veteran Australian skipper Jimmy Spithill guiding them, the drivers took turns on the American boat for three exhibition races as they squared off against the Australian boat led by Tom Slingsby . Verstappen, the reigning Formula 1 champion who is on the brink of winning the title again, took the wheel on his turn, while Pérez declined, not feeling comfortable enough at the helm, Laura Muma, a spokeswoman, said.

Verstappen, in a video , appeared uneasy at first as he clutched the sides of the cockpit when foiling and made clumsy, toddlerlike steps across the netting span between the two hulls as the boat turned.

The adjustment to racing on the water and specifically foiling, when the boat lifts out of the water and rides on its hydrofoils, is understandable, Spithill said.

“We’ve had all sorts of athletes on the boat,” he said. “They are all shocked by how weird of a sensation it is when they swap sides when you’re sailing, especially when you’re foiling. Until you get on the water and experience it, there’s nothing you can say to them. But he [Verstappen] did well.”

Verstappen said he most enjoyed the balletic manner of the crew.

“It’s very different,” Verstappen said. “You can’t compare the speed. But when you reach the speeds on the water it feels really impressive. I like to see the guys working together to go as fast as possible and tuning it to perfection.”

Hitting high speeds on the water, where these boats can reach 55 knot s, about 65 miles per hour, feels different than doing the same on the track, Pérez said, on which the racecars go more than 200 m.p.h.

“I never imagined it was this challenging,” Pérez said. “Watching them on TV, it doesn’t look like it’s such an extreme sport. It was something unique. We are doing some racing, but not on the track — on the water. Like every sport, when you see it from the outside, it is so different than when you actually jump into it. It is so impressive. I have a lot of admiration for what these guys do.”

Pérez also noticed how the crew kept calm as they communicated.

“These guys are pretty chilled out,” he said. “The atmosphere they have is really nice. It’s something that Formula 1 misses sometimes. Formula 1 is too focused, and people are too much on their own. Here, everyone is really relaxed and gets on well.”

Slingsby said both sports were similar in that they were extreme.

“I like to think our sport is an extreme sport — maybe not as extreme as their sport,” he said, adding that it might have proven more extreme if they had had better wind on raceday.

The Americans beat the Australians, in light winds. “It was like we were sort of stuck in first gear today. But Max and Checo got a win. Not bad,” Spithill said, referring to Pérez by his nickname.

“It was enough for us,” Pérez said.

The U.S. SailGP team also races under the Red Bull banner. Verstappen and Pérez were attending during a break in preparation for the Italian Grand Prix. The drivers were seeing how the sailors race, communicate and apply the massive amount of data generated by their analytic systems that help optimize performance.

They also wanted to test the validity of SailGP’s claim of being Formula 1 on the water. Russell Coutts, the chief executive of SailGP , said the drivers recognized parallels between the two sports.

“These guys have great experience, and they have the best drivers in the world,” Pérez said. “In that way, they are like Formula 1.”

Spithill said the two sports were now more alike.

“In the past, we couldn’t really say that we were comparable,” he said. But now we are, with the F50, and the speeds we’re doing on the water, and when you look at the tech and data.”

SailGP and Oracle Red Bull Racing, Verstappen and Pérez’s team, rely on the same analytic system to provide data to help improve race strategies and allow the teams to make split-second decisions in real time. Each F50 sailboat has 800 sensors that transmit 3,000 pieces of data per second to the control room, Coutts said.

“There’s a lot of information, and that’s partly why response time is really critical,” Coutts said. “If you slightly blow it with your response time, then you’ll lose. It’s pretty critical that the teams get good at analyzing their data quickly — it’s what the coaches are focusing on now a lot.”

Unlike Formula 1, SailGP shares its data with other teams to make the racing more competitive and the margins of winning closer, he said. Formula 1 teams are famously secretive with their information. “Max and Checo were really intrigued about that,” Coutts said.

“You can always learn from other sports,” Verstappen said. “Communication is a big part of their sport and our sport. You can learn a lot about the way you are talking to people.”

Asked how racing a Formula 1 car and communicating to the pit crew were different from racing a sailboat and communicating to the crew and support team, Verstappen laughed.

“If I had to deal with that, I would have thrown someone in the water,” he said. “It’s just very different. For us, there is only one person in the car. That’s what we work with. I find it interesting how everyone communicates and has their own roles, and try to extract the most out of it.”

For an even swap, the teams have discussed the possibility of Spithill driving a Formula 1 racecar in October at the United States Grand Prix in Texas.

Coutts chuckled at the thought.

“I’m sure Jimmy would like that to happen,” Coutts said “I think it’s more likely he’d just do that on the simulator. You wouldn’t want to send an F50 athlete into a Formula 1 car all by themselves. I’m pretty sure of that.”

yacht formula 1

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Tickets

Monaco Grand Prix yacht tickets offer an extraordinary way to witness the excitement of one of the most iconic races in the world. These tickets grant access to exclusive viewing areas on luxury yachts strategically positioned along the race circuit, providing a privileged vantage point for watching the thrilling Formula 1 action unfold. With Monaco’s stunning harbor and picturesque coastline as a backdrop, guests can enjoy unparalleled views of the high-speed cars maneuvering through the challenging streets of Monte Carlo. The yacht tickets often come with additional perks, such as gourmet catering, premium beverages, and access to onboard facilities like lounges and sun decks. Attending the Monaco Grand Prix on a yacht ensures a luxurious and unforgettable experience, combining the thrill of motorsport with the elegance and glamour of this prestigious event.

Browse our selection of the finest luxury yachts in Monaco:

yacht formula 1

Ultra Luxury Yacht

Starting price €1,000

yacht formula 1

Coral Ocean

Starting from €5,000

yacht formula 1

Mega Luxury Yacht

yacht formula 1

Super Luxury Yacht

Starting from €900 per person

yacht formula 1

Starting from €900

yacht formula 1

55M Motor Yacht

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yacht formula 1

Sunseeker 40m

Starting from €6,000

Monaco Fomula 1 if the best informative platform to find the best packages for the Monaco Grand Prix, including yachts, balconies and restaurants, as well as all inclusive week end packages. 

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Charter Yachts gather for Monaco F1 Grand Prix

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By Steph Loseby   24 May 2023

Getting ready for all the thrill and action of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2023 , a dazzling fleet of 122 luxury superyachts are gathering in Port Hercules, Monaco ahead of the 80th edition of the world-famous street circuit race through Monte Carlo.

Heralding the start of the Mediterranean summer season, the  Cannes Film Festival began on May 16 and as the glamorous event draws to a close, the high-profile superyachts in town for the occasion begin migrating eastwards along the coast, making their way to Monaco in time for the next big date on the event calendar: the Monaco F1 Grand Prix . 

Taking place across four days from Thursday 25 - Sunday 28 May, the race brings the South of France alive and promises to be a thrilling spectacle for avid Formula 1 fans, with plenty of VIP social events for the SuperyachtSet to enjoy.

yacht formula 1

Demand for the Formula One event has proved so popular that every berth in the glamorous Port d’Hercules has been filled weeks ago, with only a few exclusive F1 hospitality packages up for grabs for those wishing to attend.

Things have changed this year as Formula One has taken control of who issues the berths, and with the number of applications massively outweighing the number of spots available for trackside viewing, only a selection of luxury yachts under 55m were lucky enough to secure a prized berth. 

As normal, the larger yachts of around 70m are berthed at the T-Dock whilst additional larger superyachts are berthed in Zone 2. This area provides charter guests with a much greater degree of privacy, yet they will find they are still surrounded by the electric atmosphere of the event. 

We take a look at some of the most exciting superyachts available for charter at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The largest superyacht charter to soak up the atmosphere of this year’s Monaco Grand Prix is the 126m (414ft) yacht OCTOPUS . Bertherd further out of the port in Zone 2, charter guests onboard this Lürssen yacht will be able to experience the thrills of the race in total comfort and privacy.

luxury charter expedition yacht OCTOPUS

Boasting a large aft swimming pool surrounded by loungers and a full cocktail bar, a cinema suite and superb wellness amenities, the luxury expedition yacht provides guests with an abundance of spacious areas to chill out and relax as they enjoy the race weekend. 


Situated along the T-Dock, alongside an array of larger 70m superyachts, is the  73m (239ft) Lurssen yacht CORAL OCEAN . Home to a voluminous sundeck replete with a pool, bar and plenty of seating, guests can enjoy total outdoor living perfection as they sip cocktails, lounge in the luxe seating area and watch tenders whizz by with show-goers. 

yacht formula 1

Additional yacht highlights include her large beach club and extensive spa facilities which guests can make the most out of during the race weekend. With a crew of 22 on hand to provide outstanding service onboard, superyacht CORAL OCEAN is the ultimate yacht for any luxury yacht charter vacation or event. 

Also berthed along the T-Dock, the iconic 71m (239ft) charter yacht TITANIA is just moments away from the action. Conceived by industry-leading designers, superyacht TITANIA is a firm favorite among her guests and an enduring charter icon.

yacht formula 1

Fusing opulent design with an effortless indoor-outdoor lifestyle and a wealth of modern amenities, the motor yacht is perfectly suited to entertaining on a grand scale and makes a great platform on which to host event charters . Home to an expansive beach club, a full-beam observation lounge and a well-appointed sundeck, there is a wealth of space across her four decks in which guests can relax, dine and socialize, all while soaking up the heady atmosphere.


Bagging a spot trackside in Zone 1, the 54m (176ft) PERSEFONI I is in prime position for the race. Refitted in 2021, the Admiral Yachts superyacht is in turnkey condition to host charter guests at the adrenalin-fuelled Monaco Grand Prix and more Mediterranean yacht charter vacations this summer.

luxury charter yacht PERSEFONI I

For those looking for more privacy during the race weekend, this can be found on her vast upper deck, which features an additional Jacuzzi, full bar and observation lounge, as well as a wealth of convivial social spaces and dining options.


Situated trackside on the straight in Zone 1, the 44m (146ft) charter yacht PANDION PEARL is berthed at an unbeatable location for witnessing the heart-stopping action of the race.

yacht formula 1

Accompanied by exceptional hospitality provided by Captain Jean-Marc and his dedicated crew, the luxurious Sanlorenzo yacht offers guests a sweeping selection of sumptuous living areas laid out invitingly to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere onboard. Combining sophistication and elegance, the yacht is the perfect platform to enjoy the electrified atmosphere from the comfort and ease of a trackside berth. 

Also soaking up the social atmosphere in Monaco this weekend is the 60m (196ft) SCOTT FREE and the 55m (180ft) superyacht LOON who are ready to enjoy the excitement of this year's Grand Prix.

Luxury VIP packages still available

If you are interested in getting in on the action of this year’s race and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, check out our in-depth article on Luxury VIP Yacht packages on offer at Monaco Grand Prix 2023 , where you discover how you could enjoy some of the best seats in the house and a host of other benefits, including helicopter transfers, GP lounge parties and exclusive F1 access.

Alternatively, check out our comprehensive Monaco Grand Prix Event Guide for all the latest information on getting the most out of your Formula One VIP experience for 2023.

Rent a yacht for the next Grand Prix event

Aside from Monaco, the only other Formula 1 circuit to feature trackside berths is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix , which takes place at Yas Marina on 24 -26 November 2023. Set to provide a fitting finale to the Formula 1 season, the event is the perfect opportunity to charter a luxury superyacht and witness the crowning of the F1 Champion 2023. With an abundance of VIP hospitality packages and after-race entertainment on offer here too, charter guests can enjoy the race weekend in style. 

Abu Dhabi grand prix

If you wish to charter a private yacht charter for any upcoming F1 event, please contact a recommended yacht charter broker who will be happy to walk through the different options available to suit you and your guests. 

All charter yachts attending the Monaco Grand Prix 2023

Octopus yacht charter

126m Lurssen 2003 / 2021

Coral Ocean yacht charter

73m Lurssen 1994 / 2022

Titania yacht charter

73m Lurssen 2006 / 2020

Talisman C yacht charter

71m Turquoise Yachts 2011 / 2020

Force Blue yacht charter

71m Royal Denship 2002 / 2022

Katina yacht charter

60m Brodosplit 2015 / 2017

Resilience yacht charter

65m ISA 2021

Capri I yacht charter

59m Lurssen 2003 / 2017

Severin's yacht charter

55m Baglietto 2020

X yacht charter

43m Sanlorenzo 2016

Maraya yacht charter

54m CRN 2008 / 2018

Persefoni I yacht charter

54m Admiral Yachts 2012 / 2021

Hurricane Run yacht charter

54m Feadship 2009

Friendship yacht charter

53m Oceanco 2000 / 2022

joyMe yacht charter

50m Philip Zepter Yachts 2011

R23 yacht charter

49m AMTEC 2002 / 2019

Sirocco yacht charter

47m Heesen 2006 / 2013

Lammouche yacht charter

44m Sanlorenzo 2010 / 2021

Tatiana I yacht charter

44m Bilgin Yachts 2011 / 2017

Gladiator yacht charter

45m Feadship 2010 / 2022

Costa Magna yacht charter

45m Turquoise Yachts 1983 / 2023

Baron Trenck yacht charter

44m Eurocraft Cantieri Navali 2011 / 2021

Sanctuary yacht charter

43m Overmarine 2019

O'Lion yacht charter

43m CRN 2010 / 2022

Soy Amor yacht charter

42m Benetti 2014 / 2021

E-Motion yacht charter

40m Sunseeker 2016

Emocean yacht charter

38m Rosetti Superyachts 2021

Bang yacht charter

35m Benetti 2000 / 2016

Infinity Nine yacht charter

35m AVA Yachts 2022


34m Custom Line 2009 / 2014

Robbie Bobby yacht charter

34m Lynx Yachts 2013 / 2018

Maximus yacht charter

30m Riva 2021

JYC yacht charter

28m Custom Line 2021


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Superyachts vie for pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix 2022

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Australia Wins SailGP, the Formula 1 of Yacht Racing, in Dramatic Fashion

Boat collisions, brutal winds and a whale wandering into the racecourse. in the end, the aussies won sailgp glory and the $1 million prize., michael verdon, michael verdon's most recent stories, this new 262-foot superyacht lets you mix and match 3 interior and exterior designs.

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  • The World’s Most Expensive Meal Will Cost You $495,000—and It Will Be Served in a Space Balloon
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The SailGP Final Was Held in San Francisco Harbor this weekend

SailGP, the extreme Formula One version of yacht racing, ended its second season yesterday, with the Australian team claiming the championship over teams from Japan and the USA. The final weekend of the series involved multiple collisions, challenging winds and even a whale on the racecourse that forced a restart to the championship final race.

SailGP uses 50-foot foiling F50 raceboats that can reach speeds of 61 mph. Add in the boats’ pinpoint turning abilities, athleticism of the five racers who have to leap across the boat at 55-plus mph, white-knuckle race maneuvers and crashes, and the sport has attracted gatherings of thousands of spectators during its 10-race series around the world.

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The SailGP series was set up as an alternative to the much slower sport of monohull racing, modeled after other professional franchise sports like the NFL and MLB with dedicated teams from different countries.

The SailGP Final Was Held in San Francisco Harbor this weekend

In the winner-take-all season finale, the Aussies emerged victorious over teams from Japan and the USA.  Courtesy SailGP

Despite the teams accruing points all season, last weekend’s series was a winner-take-all event.

After two days of racing, Tom Slingsby’s Australia SailGP was victorious. The lead up to the final race was defined by two dramatic collisions: Rookie Spanish driver Jordi Xammar crashed into the stern of the US team’s catamaran and tore a hole in it. That forced the US team to attempt frantic, on-water repairs before the Grand Final. In another race, the teams from France and New Zealand also collided.

“They can sail four times faster than the wind,” America’s Cup guru and SailGP founder Russell Coutts told Robb Report recently . “There’s an element of danger we’re not trying to disguise.”

The SailGP Final Was Held in San Francisco Harbor this weekend

The team from Spain crashed into the stern of the US team during the first day’s racing, prompting the Americans to perform a frantic, on-water repair for the finals.  Courtesy SailGP

In the final race, the US team took an early lead, but the race was abandoned after a whale was sighted on the course. In the restart, Australia took the lead and dominated throughout. The team claimed a $1 million prize for the season. “More important than the money is that Australia came out on top and we can call ourselves the best in the world,” said Slingsby after the race. “Money comes and goes and glory lasts forever, I know that’s a saying, but we really feel it right now.”

Jimmy Spithill, leader of the US team, was disappointed but gracious. “At the end of the day you really have to credit the Aussies. They have been the benchmark team all season and to come back and do it back to back. It’s very impressive, they deserve the win,” he said in the post-event press conference.

Part of SailGP’s mission is to promote ocean protection—hence, restarting the race when the whale appeared—and sustainability. An important, secondary contest that took place during the season was the Impact League, which measured sustainability efforts by each team, from the carbon footprint of their boats, to how they travel to events, to measuring use of plastic.

The SailGP Final Was Held in San Francisco Harbor this weekend

The US team had the lead in the final race, but a whale swam into the racecourse, forcing a restart. In the second version, the Australian team dominated.  Courtesy SailGP

New Zealand’s team claimed the Impact League title, handing over the $100,000 prize to the Live Ocean foundation. Great Britain and Australia won $35,000 and $15,000 respectively for second and third place, and donated the money to their Race to the Future partners.

Season three of SailGP will begin in Bermuda on May 14 and 15. Ten teams, including newcomers Switzerland and Canada, will take part in the third season. Events in Chicago, Plymouth, Copenhagen, Saint-Tropez, Cádiz-Andalucía, Dubai, Christchurch have been scheduled, with the final happening again in San Francisco.

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  • Sailing Yacht

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MAY 17 - 19 Join us for extraordinary meals from the nation’s brightest culinary minds.

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Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso on his Sunreef 60 Power Eco catamaran

Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso on his Sunreef 60 Power Eco catamaran

Formula One driver Fernando Alonso tells BOAT International about his love of the water and decision to purchase a 60 Sunreef Power Eco catamaran, currently in build at Sunreef Yachts.

Was the sea a big part of your life growing up?

Absolutely. I need to have the sea in my life. I grew up in the north of Spain in Oviedo and every summer, or every day that I could, I went to the coast to enjoy the beach and the sea. Now I follow the coast when I choose where to live: I live in Dubai; I live in Monaco; I live in Spain.

What drew you to catamarans?

I discovered catamarans two years ago with Sunreef. It was a catamaran that was more than a catamaran – like a small villa on water. On a catamaran you have these very big spaces inside and compared to monohulls. I started chartering boats in summer in between races and at the beginning, I was just thinking of chartering the boat. Then recently I moved to Monaco, living on the coast again. I watch the port from my window every morning and started dreaming about having my own boat. 

What do you like best about spending time on the water?

I live with very high adrenaline on race days and I'm always in a Formula One car on the circuit or travelling around the world. When I spend time on the catamaran it is completely the opposite. I slow down my life and I go like in slow motion, so I can really enjoy every second of the day and every hour and every meal on board... and every sleep.

Why did you choose the Sunreef 60 Power Eco?

I chose the power version of the Sunreef 60. I do not plan at the moment to go very far from Monaco or very far from the Mediterranean. I will have always a limited number of people on board, only a few friends or family and the Sunreef 60 felt like a perfect size. On the Eco, there was no discussion for me. I think sustainability plays a big part in my values and my thoughts at the moment and I think it makes perfect sense with being in the water and being in the middle of the Mediterranean and taking care of that sea that we love.

What does your ideal day on a boat look like?

Not waking up too early. I like to sleep in the mornings, totally relax have a good breakfast and spend some time in the water. Then, a light lunch, because soon after I will probably get on some of the water toys and spend time playing around with different things. My ideal day ends with enjoying some music with friends and preparing dinner – ideally a BBQ or something on the flybridge.

Where will you take your new catamaran?

My first destinations this summer will be in the Med – South of France, Corsica, Sardinia – potentially Greece. That’s also the good thing about the solar panels on the Sunreef Eco line, you have this unlimited range.

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Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

The first-ever Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix will be held in May 2023. Learn about the race, where it is, how to get tickets and luxury hospitality options.

The 2023 Formula 1 season is just getting out of the gates. But there’s one date that many Formula 1 fans have circled on their calendars: May 7, 2023.

After months of speculation, it’s been confirmed there will be a F1 Miami Grand Prix this May. And it’s one of just two Grand Prixes to be held in the U.S. next year. If one thing is clear: Excitement among racing fans is off the charts, and this might be the most-anticipated race of the Formula 1 season.

Have you started planning your Miami Grand Prix experience yet?

Formula 1 in Miami: Fast Facts  

The race was confirmed in September and key details were released at the time. F1 Miami will be a three-day event, running from May 5-7, 2023 . Here are some things to know:

  • When Is It: The event features a three-day line-up, Practice on Friday (May 5), Qualifying on Saturday (May 6), and the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday (May 7).
  • Where: The newly constructed Miami International Autodrome at the Hard Rock Stadium campus will host the race in Miami Gardens. It’s a short drive from major marinas and South Beach.
  • What to Expect: Besides incredible racing, the Miami International Autodrome features state-of-the-art hospitality options, as well as VIP events throughout the weekend.
  • Race Experience: The 5.41-kilometer track features a circuit with 19 corners and racers will reach estimated top speeds of 320 km/hour. Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, sits at the center of the circuit.

Miami Grand Prix: Luxury Race Accommodations

Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium campus is known for its high-end race experiences and convenient access to all of Miami’s best, including the nightlife in South Beach.

For racing fans, the Miami International Autodrome will provide a range of high-end race day options, including:

  • F1 Paddock Club – The best of the best. Enjoy access to the Paddock Club. The exclusive club offers the best in gourmet cuisine, as well as open bars, appearances from top F1 drivers, daily pit-row walks and some of the best trackside views in the complex.
  • Suites & Trackside Hospitality – From elegant suites with beautiful views, to premium seating and trackside dining, there are plenty of options to enjoy the race in luxury.

You can place a deposit now to receive first choice of hospitality packages.

Luxury Yacht Charters for Miami Grand Prix

Yacht Pursuit main image

124ft / 37m

More info

Now or Never

112ft / 33m

Hard Rock Stadium is situated in Miami Gardens, a short 15-mile drive from the city’s best luxury superyacht marinas. A yacht charter offers the best in accommodations for F1 fans in Miami. A Miami yacht charter offers exclusive benefits:

  • Pre- or Post-Race Events – Host clients, friends and family, or guests. A luxury superyacht makes the perfect setting for cocktail parties, elegant client meetings, and lively race-day events.
  • Supreme Privacy – Escape the crowds to a quiet, oasis. Enjoy chef-prepared cuisine, world-class service and private accommodations.
  • Quick Access to South Beach – Explore nearby South Beach, known for its legendary nightlife, or soak up the sun at any of Miami’s 20+ beaches. Arrive a day or two early or stay the week after and take advantage of the regions great yachting.
  • Exciting Cruising Grounds – After the race, explore Miami’s incredible cruising grounds. Head south to the Keys, explore Biscayne National Park, or cruise to the exclusive hotspots in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Bottom line, we expect high demand for yacht charters for the Miami Grand Prix. Book your luxury charter today.

Contact your broker with Worldwide Boat to learn more about F1 Miami Grand Prix yacht charters. Now booking for May 2022.

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Crossover Bowrider

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Super Sport Crossover

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A family-owned company located in Decatur, Indiana, Thunderbird Products is a boat manufacturer that produces the world-renowned lines of Formula Boats. With a long-established philosophy of uncompromising quality in every detail, Formula is recognized as the world’s premier sport boat and powerboat manufacturer.


What Makes Us Different

We invite you to join the ever-growing family of boaters who experience a REASSURING DIFFERENCE WITH FORMULA. That difference is a result of find-tuned design, authentic craftsmanship and a companywide insistence on excellence. Most of all, it means you’ll enjoy more priceless moments with family and friends each time you boat. The Porter family wouldn’t settle for less and neither should you!

Boats 3 1

Through  over 60 years in operation , our tradition of excellence has allowed us to surpass the competition and provide our customers with memorable boating experiences. Our core philosophy of intense attention to detail for uncompromising quality makes us a premier powerboat company. We’ve long upheld this philosophy as we continue to create innovative boating models and features.

Since 1976, the Porter family has owned and managed Formula and provided continual improvements to our complete lineup. As lifelong boaters, the Porters recognize the importance of customer-oriented services and responsiveness when addressing concerns. The Porters invite you to experience fine-tuned design and authentic craftsmanship with Formula Boats today.

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“Formula’s Technical Assistance Group took me and my friend Mark Roter on a tour of the factory—thank you! Mark and I had a phenomenal experience. Ryan Van De Weg could not have been more friendly, knowledgeable or accommodating. We saw …”

“I spent the Memorial holiday weekend at our place on the Lake of the Ozarks. On that Sunday afternoon a local guy always has a cove-out party at his house and hires a band. We had about 10 boats tied …”

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Boating in Bad Weather: What to Do When a Storm Approaches

Boating in Bad Weather: What to Do When a Storm Approaches

Being out on the water with friends and family is fun and exciting regardless of the activities you have planned. …

A Complete Guide to Owning a Boat

A Complete Guide to Owning a Boat

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Things to Consider When Buying a Boat

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Ahoy Club is coming back To the Monaco Grand Prix & You’re Invited

The historic Circuit de Monaco will once again host the Formula 1®’s most iconic race. From Thu 23 May - Sun 26 May, 2024, all eyes will be on the most prestigious and glamorous sporting event of the year - The Monaco Grand Prix. This is the year to indulge in an experience like no other. Participate in this historic event, and viewing the electrifying action from the deck of our most spectacular 73m MEGAYACHT - CORAL OCEAN .

home images

race day packages

Party with the stars & enjoy the glitz and glamour on F1 finals. Enjoy the thrill and atmosphere with free-flowing champagne, live music, and multiple activations onboard your private mega-yacht, CORAL OCEAN. Soak up the sounds and adrenalin from the track with direct viewing of the track and access to the best grandstand.

saturday 25 may

QUALIFYING megayacht access


qualifying day viewing from yacht

grand stand access

DJ & entertainment

onboard chefs

grand prix theming


sunday 26 may

race day megayacht access

race day viewing from yacht

free-flowing beverages


Additional: Pitt Walk Passes available upon request

after party access

event styling

photo activations

famous guest appearances

click here to view the after party teaser

Fast lane package

Includes tickets to:

Race Day Megayacht Access

The Afterparty


Podium package

Qualifying Megayacht Access

€12,000 PER PERSON

race viewing from yacht

race viewing from yacht

grand stand access - walking distance from yacht (25m)

grand stand access - walking distance from yacht (25m)




free flowing beverages


hair & beauty



Frequently asked questions, will coral ocean be trackside.

Yes it will be trackside.

How many people will be onboard?

Approximately 150 guests.

Will there be grand stand access?

There will be some grand stand passes allocated onboard. If you wish to spend a lot of time, it is recommended that you purchase these in addition.

What is the format of the day?

Guest arrival, canapes/drinks service, seated main course, race viewing, non-stop entertainment including DJ, saxophone, F1 simulator.

Will there be transport to and from the yacht each day?

Ahoy Club will have daily car & tender transfers available

Will it be the most memorable experience of my life?

YES, it definently will be!

We have preferred hotel partner pricing in Monaco

Fairmont monte carlo.


Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel


Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo


Hotel Hermitage



Onboard CORAL OCEAN, you're not just a spectator but an active participant in all the best part’s of the the glamour, speed, and allure of the Monaco Grand Prix. From gourmet dining to personalised service, every detail has been meticulously orchestrated to create an experience that transcends expectations.

Join us for the exclusive event that promises to be the highlight of your calendar year. There’s only one place to be in May 2024.

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F1 genius Newey reveals SLOWER design in upcoming documentary

F1 genius Newey reveals SLOWER design in upcoming documentary

yacht formula 1

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey has revealed that he is building a 90-foot sailing yacht alongside his illustrious career in Formula One.

Despite his success in designing F1 championship-winning cars , Newey views yacht construction as a way to challenge and exercise his engineering skills in a different realm.

A new documentary about him sheds light on this lesser-known aspect of the mastermind's life , showcasing his passion for sailing and his pursuit of creating a vessel capable of circumnavigating the world at a leisurely 14mph.

yacht formula 1

Newey: Yacht-building is a different challenge

“We are tailoring an existing design, but it’s for a very different outcome,” Newey said.

“For what we want, which is a boat which is genuinely a blue water cruiser, we could go on cruises, then possibly around the world.

“The beauty about motor racing is that there’s only two things that count – how quick it is and whether it’s reliable or not.

"Building a live-aboard sailing yacht is much more subjective in terms of the overall pleasure versus performance and usability.”

A landmark moment

yacht formula 1

As it happens, this isn't Newey's first foray into the sailing world.

In 2015, the Red Bull engineer assisted Ben Ainslie in his quest to secure the prestigious America's Cup.

Newey says that the inaugural launch of his new yacht will mark a significant milestone in his personal life.

“Seeing the splash after she emerges from the build shed will be a big landmark,” he added. “It’s all personal, and that’s the great thing about building a boat from new.”

The documentary 'Adrian Newey, building my Oyster' is set to be released in January 2024.

READ MORE: Newey reveals why Verstappen is 'exceptional'

F1 star admits Red Bull concern which affects the 'whole wide world'

F1 star admits Red Bull concern which affects the 'whole wide world'

  • March 20, 2024 09:57

Motorsport chief SLAMS F1 over Red Bull

Motorsport chief SLAMS F1 over Red Bull

  • March 19, 2024 09:57

yacht formula 1

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yacht formula 1

Brundle admits Mercedes 'complaining hard' amid big Hamilton struggles

  • 7 minutes ago

yacht formula 1

Hamilton rues costly Mercedes 'mistakes'

yacht formula 1

F1 team boss reveals KEY Piastri turning point

  • 2 hours ago

yacht formula 1

Norris makes another JUMP START gag at Australian Grand Prix

  • 3 hours ago

yacht formula 1

F1 team boss addresses ruthless driver snub at Australian GP

yacht formula 1

Russell addresses Hamilton professionalism at Mercedes amid Ferrari switch

  • Today 12:27

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yacht formula 1

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F1 pundit identifies key move to keep Verstappen at Red Bull

F1 pundit identifies key move to keep Verstappen at Red Bull

F1 team boss reveals Red Bull star being tested for 2025 seat

F1 team boss reveals Red Bull star being tested for 2025 seat

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This Whole Yacht-Watching Experience For The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix Looks Poorly Thought Out

In a desperate attempt to prove america worthy of european racing, there’s a new f1 yacht club in town… in miami, florida… on land.

Image for article titled This Whole Yacht-Watching Experience For The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix Looks Poorly Thought Out

Formula 1 in Monaco is a fantastical pinnacle of excellence when it comes to racing and showing off the copious amount of money the European series attracts. Many have dreamed what it would be like to grace the decks of the elite, fancy-ass glass of champagne in hand, to watch an F1 car take the Picsene curve in real time. Many, instead, wish upon a star, wishbone, genie lamp, etc., that they could make friends with one of those yacht owners and make one’s Formula 1 dreams of watching Monaco from a yacht come true.

Instead, we find ourselves always late to a good yacht party, but that’s because we can’t afford a yacht, and no one is extending an invite our way anytime soon. However, if you can afford a yacht in these United States of America, it’s a good time to consider getting one and bank on The F1 Miami Grand Prix’s man-made lake that’ll support yachts. At least, I think that’s what it’s supposed to do.

A photo posted from Front Office Sports on Twitter , originally on the Miami GP’s website , shows a rendition of where these yachts will be chilling. Even though Miami itself runs along the coast of the Atlantic, the track itself is not along that oceanic coastline. So, in the hopping yachting hotspot, planners found a way to include the city’s yacht life, by creating an exclusive club and an accompanying dock along the man-made lake you see above.

Here’s a digital tour of the plan:

While those of you without tickets could look at these yacht prices, gather a dozen of your friends, and find a way to afford this yacht experience, I haven’t been able to uncover how you can do the yacht, without a ticket for the Miami GP.

Also, again, look at that photo. That lake… has a fraction of the yachts you see in Monaco. And there’s another problem: there’s no way to sail in or out. It’s entirely landlocked. So my guess, you rent a yacht and get it dropped into the lake. And the space on that tiny lake is limiting.

Image for article titled This Whole Yacht-Watching Experience For The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix Looks Poorly Thought Out

With a closer look – see? There’s a handful of yachts. Maybe we can do a contest to guess how many yachts can fit onto the lake . I think putting any more than those nine yachts rendered there might be a stretch.

Meanwhile, t here’s a dozen sites still offering yachts for your viewing pleasure for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix race in May… but I’m at a loss as to how they can accommodate even those dozens of yachts. There was also a package offered exclusively through F1 Experiences, the Luxury Yacht Dyna , which is sold out. Oddly enough, that package includes a Grandstand seat. Why sit with the lesser folk when you can live it up with overpriced champagne and caviar on your yacht?

Call me jaded because I can’t experience the yachting dream myself, but this whole thing comes off as a poorly planned and  desperate reach to include the elite and make Miami, hell, the U.S., more showy than it really is. For the rest of you rich folk, good luck with your yacht, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi 2024

Is there a better way to experience Formula 1 on a yacht with track view? We don’t think so! We are specialized in Formula 1 packages for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Our packages include a 4-day Yacht Charter, Track View Berth, Marina Passes and Onboard Service.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a mesmerizing event on the F1 Calendar. It is a three-day night championship that starts at dusk and ends under the umbrella of illuminating floodlights. The Abu Dhabi Formula 1 is famous for its exciting circuit design, exotic location, and wonderful decorations.

₿itcoin – Crypto payment accepted 

Trackside Yacht - Yas Marina 2024

Experience Formula 1 at its best with Track side view you have the front row experience and witness this Motorsport spectacle from the comfort of a private luxury yacht. The F1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi takes place on the world’s famous Yas Marina Circuit . It is a track that wraps its way around Yas Marina to put luxurious yachts at the heart of the spectacle. When Formula 1 takes place, many people visit Abu Dhabi to watch the best racers compete in this expensive racing event. This extravagant racing event can be all yours to experience through Dubriani.

you can get to formula 1

Fairline Squadron 78

yacht formula 1

24m (78 ft)

yacht formula 1

20m (66 ft)

Experience luxury on the water with our Dubai catamaran yacht charter. Perfect for up to 45 guests. View the images now!

22m (72 ft)

abu dhabi grand prix super yacht charter

30m (100ft)

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Ferretti 780

formula 1 yacht charter at the abu dhabi gp 2024

Elysium 110

34m (110ft)

dolce vita yacht for rent in abu dhabi for formula 1

Dolce Vita 107

33m (107 ft)

royalty superyacht charter abu Dhabi grand prix

Royalty Yacht 136

Elevate your yachting experience with the Saffuriya Superyacht rental in Dubai. This extraordinary vessel offers a level of luxury and sophistication that sets it apart in the world of superyachts. From its sleek and contemporary design to its opulent interior, every aspect of the Saffuriya is crafted to exceed your expectations. With spacious and elegantly appointed cabins, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and a crew dedicated to providing impeccable service, your comfort and enjoyment are guaranteed. The superyacht's expansive decks provide ample space for relaxation and entertainment, whether you're soaking up the sun, savoring gourmet cuisine, or enjoying water sports. As you cruise the azure waters of Dubai, you'll have the opportunity to explore iconic destinations and experience the city's skyline in all its glory. Whether it's a special occasion, a corporate event, or a romantic getaway, the Saffuriya Superyacht promises an unforgettable journey through the waters of luxury and indulgence in Dubai.

Saffuriya 130

39m (130 ft)

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Sunseeker 130

40m (131ft)

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Benetti 170

52m (170ft)

Nothing can be more interesting than experiencing the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on a luxurious yacht with a track view. Dubriani is the number one yacht charter company in Dubai that is determined to provide the customers with high-quality yachts, impeccable service, and an unbelievable determination. We offer an exclusive package to our customers, including onboard services, Marina Passes, Track View Berth, and a 3-day Yacht Charter.

Enjoy the Formula 1 that is going to take place from 24th November-26th November 2023 with pure luxurious yachts from Dubriani.

We at Dubriani have brokered more yachts than any other yacht company in Dubai. Dubriani is determined to put our customers’ comfort and satisfaction higher than anything else.

We at Dubriani understand the importance of the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 and offer the highest quality packages and services during this event to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

We ensure every yacht we broker must have the highest quality and the best availability to give our customers the experience they deserve during Formula 1. Each yacht we represent during the Grand Prix is passed through extensive processing and reviews to ensure it can deliver the perfect experience to our customers. Our exclusive yacht rental package for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix includes;

  • 3 Days Charter
  • Full Track View
  • Experienced personnel
  • 5 Star overnight accommodation and service on board
  • Welcome drinks and house beverages served onboard
  • Relaxing onboard experience with splendid track views

Optional Catering packages available from famous italian restaurants and private chefs.

Escape the ordinary and embrace a life of luxury, where each day brings new horizons and each night is a celebration under the stars.

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Make your Events Unforgettable with Dubriani Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Dubriani-the leading yacht rental company in Dubai , allows you to watch the grand finale of the most expensive Formula 1 event 2024 from one of the world’s top-quality and luxurious yachts. We at Dubriani offer trustable and superb-quality Formula 1 yacht charter services to help you to enjoy every moment of the event on edge. We promise to leave a lasting impression on our customers through our air-conditioned and glamorously-styled yachts, on-track actions, and corporate branding.

Choosing Dubriani for yacht chartering during the Grand Prix Abu Dhabi can be a great perk. We offer premium package inclusions to make your visit more enjoyable. Our Formula 1 Yacht rental package covers extra miles to ensure that our guests get the best hospitality services, mesmerizing views, and an unforgettable experience of the Formula 1 event. Our F1 package offers significant perks, including;

  • The best part of the Dubriani’s Formula 1 package is it offers stunning yachts with exclusive marina passes. Marina passes allow you to get free access to the concerts that happen after the race.
  • At Dubriani, we offer a great experience of the thrill of the race while working on a tan and lounging overwater. Our exclusive berthing options make things convenient for our guests and give them an awful experience. Dubriani yacht charter Abu Dhabi offers you to reserve your berthing spot if necessary.
  • Nothing can beat the joyful experience of spending a few nights on a yacht close to the glamorous world of the Abu Dhabi Formula 1. Our Formula 1 yacht packages include high-end overnight stay options to make your visit remarkable. Each yacht we represent in Abu Dhabi Formula 1 is equipped with upscale amenities and lavishly-decorated bedrooms to give you the highest level of comfort during the event.

yacht formula 1

Get a well-organized event on a yacht

We offer all-inclusive, fair, and transparent services. Most of our luxury yachts charge one set hourly rate. Hidden fees don’t exist, and no additional fee is taken by our crew.

Romantic Dinner

" * " indicates required fields

Trackside Yacht at Etihad Arena

Enjoy the wonders of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix by staying on board with Dubriani’s luxurious trackside yachts. Our high-quality and luxurious trackside yachts can berth on the fastest points on the circuit that takes the real test of nerves of the drivers.

The trackside yacht of Dubriani allows you to enjoy the superb views of the track. Our trackside yacht package delivers an unforgettable experience of watching the grand finale of the Abu Dhabi Formula 1. Being the best yacht charter Abu Dhabi, we provide superb onboard hospitality. While enjoying the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi on our trackside yacht, you can expect to have buffet-style lunch, fish, seafood, and a variety of other dishes prepared by our experienced chefs.

Formula 1 Track view

Dubriani is committed to providing its customers with excellent experiences during Formula 1. You can have the best experience of track view of Formula 1by watching the event on our yachts.

Frequently Ask Questions

Abu Dhabi Formula 1 often happens in October or November. This year F1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi is scheduled to take place from 22th November-25th November 2023.

Booking early will give the best deals and availability. Please get in touch to check availability and for latest pricing and offers.

Yes, we accept crypto payments.

Book your Formula 1 Yacht now!

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is not only about fast cars, it is also about glamour, beautiful women and luxurious yachts moored in the port just metres away from the track. The harbour of Etihad Arena is filled with the greatest yachts in the world.

From our experience and contacts, we have access the best luxury yachts of all types and sizes, including superyachts. We can make it happen – finding the perfect charter yacht & arranging the berth with superb views of the circuit in order for you to live this unique event in style.  

A private yacht charter for the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix offers the ultimate blend of luxury and excitement. Imagine watching the world’s top racing teams compete against the backdrop of the stunning Yas Marina Circuit from the deck of your own private yacht. You’ll enjoy front-row seats to the heart-pounding action, as well as exclusive access to the electrifying atmosphere of the race. With gourmet dining, impeccable service, and breathtaking views, a private yacht charter elevates the Formula 1 experience to an unparalleled level of opulence and thrill.

Get ready to have an elite experience of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi with Dubriani!

Other Services

yacht formula 1

Catering Services

BBQ Catering or Fine dining on a yacht? We work with the best chefs who love to Barbeque and famous private chefs which prepare the most delicious food there is. For a full 5 star restaurant feeling on a yacht!

dj yacht charter dubai

DJ Services

How to create the best vibe on the yacht? one simple answer: A DJ

Rest assured we work with alot of DJ’s and we love to book one for your event


Do you have something to celebrate? We love parties and do our best to create the best atmosphere!

Yacht Luxury in Abu Dhabi: The Ultimate Final Race

Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates is the final race of this event. The stunning backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s skyline and the azure Arabian Gulf sets the stage for a grand spectacle. These yachts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are symbols of prestige and sophistication, attracting enthusiasts from around the world. The Abu Dhabi yacht scene offers not only exhilarating races but also a vibrant community and luxurious experiences, making it a must-visit destination for yacht enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs alike.

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Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 yacht charter abu dhabi grand prix.

Formula 1 Yacht Charter is the ultimate way to enjoy watching the biggest sporting event, the Grand Prix Abu Dhabi race.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, takes place over 58 laps of the 5.281-kilometer Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island

Formula 1 Yacht Party (Private)

What's included in formula 1 abu dhabi private yacht charter.

  • Yacht Charter 3 days
  • Marina passes for all guests
  • Overnight use of cabins
  • Complimentary soft drinks, water & ice
  • Music Speakers
  • Captain & Crew Services

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 180,000

  • Sleep Cap 8
  • Marina Passes 15

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 280,000

  • Marina Passes 30

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 400,000

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 850,000

  • Size: 140ft
  • Sleep Cap 10
  • Marina Passes 70

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 650,000

  • Size: 110ft
  • Marina Passes 50

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

  • Size: 124ft
  • Marina Passes 40

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 125,000

  • Sleep Cap 6

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 350,000

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 1,000,000

  • Size: 116ft

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 550,000

  • Marina Passes 20

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

  • Size: 164ft
  • Sleep Cap 12

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

  • Size: 108ft

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 500,000

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

AED 1,500,000

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Yacht Rental: Unleash the Ultimate Luxury Experience

Experience the Grand Prix in Style with Yacht Rentals in Abu Dhabi

As one of the most prestigious motorsport events in the world, the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix attracts racing enthusiasts from across the globe. Spectators flock to the Yas Marina Circuit to witness the thrilling races and immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere. While attending the event is undoubtedly exciting, taking it to the next level with a yacht rental adds a touch of opulence and exclusivity to the experience. Let’s delve into the world of Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht rentals and discover why it’s the epitome of luxury.

Setting Sail for Luxury: Why Choose a Yacht Rental?

Escape the Crowds: Your Private Oasis Amidst the Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi’s coastline provides an idyllic backdrop for indulging in the grandeur of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. By renting a yacht, you gain access to unparalleled privacy, away from the bustling crowds and chaotic spectator areas. Instead of jostling for a prime spot to catch a glimpse of the race, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the action from the deck of your luxurious vessel.

Unmatched Opulence: The Epitome of Luxury

A Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht rental elevates your experience to new heights of opulence. Impeccably designed and lavishly furnished, these yachts offer a myriad of amenities to ensure your utmost comfort. From spacious sundecks for lounging under the warm Arabian sun to gourmet dining options prepared by world-class chefs, every detail is carefully crafted to provide a truly indulgent experience.

Exclusive Access: The Pinnacle of Exclusivity

Yacht rentals not only offer a luxurious retreat but also provide exclusive access to areas that are otherwise off-limits to most spectators. Docked near the Yas Marina Circuit, your yacht becomes a prestigious enclave, allowing you to soak up the race-day excitement from the privileged vantage point. Imagine mingling with fellow motorsport enthusiasts, drivers, and even celebrities, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Choosing the Perfect Yacht Rental: Tailoring the Experience

Yacht Sizes and Capacities: Finding the Perfect Fit

When selecting a yacht for your Formula 1 Abu Dhabi experience, it’s important to consider the size and capacity that best suits your needs. Whether you’re traveling with a small group of friends or hosting a larger gathering, yacht rental companies offer a range of options to accommodate different party sizes. From sleek and nimble yachts to spacious and luxurious superyachts, there’s a vessel to fulfill your desires.

Catering and Entertainment: Enhancing the Experience

To make your Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht rental truly unforgettable, many yacht charter companies provide additional services tailored to your preferences. Indulge in a sumptuous gourmet feast curated by renowned chefs or sip on handcrafted cocktails as you cheer for your favorite driver. Some yachts even offer entertainment amenities like onboard DJs or live performances, ensuring a truly immersive and lively experience.

Formula 1 Yacht Charter

Booking Your Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Yacht Rental: Essential Considerations

Advance Planning: Securing Your Spot in Luxury

Given the high demand for yacht rentals during the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, it’s crucial to plan and book well in advance. The popularity of these rentals means that availability may be limited closer to the event. By securing your yacht early on, you guarantee yourself the best selection and ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

Professional Crew: A Seamless Journey

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience during your yacht rental, professional crews are on hand to cater to your every need. From skilled captains navigating the waters to experienced stewards providing top-notch service, the crew members are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your Formula 1 adventure.

Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime: Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Yacht Rental

By opting for a Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht rental, you unlock a world of luxury and exclusivity, providing an unmatched experience of the Grand Prix. From the tranquility of your private oasis to the electrifying atmosphere of the races, every moment is elevated by the opulence and grandeur of your chosen vessel. Immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury experience and create lasting memories aboard a yacht rental in Abu Dhabi.

The superyacht world is speculating that Mark Zuckerberg just bought this 118-meter boat

  • The 118-meter superyacht Launchpad made her maiden voyage last week.
  • The yacht world is speculating that her owner is Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Here's what we know about the luxury vessel.

Insider Today

In the world of superyachts , privacy is the most valuable asset. It can be next to impossible to discern the details of a superyacht transaction — and that's particularly true if the vessel in question is worth nine figures.

Yet some in the boat blogging world are speculating that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the new owner of Launchpad, a megayacht currently moored in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after she made her maiden voyage from Gibraltar to St Maarten last week. Launchpad clocks in at 118 meters long, about nine meters shorter than Jeff Bezos' superyacht Koru .

The transaction could not be confirmed, with yacht world insiders declining to share what they know and representatives for Zuckerberg not responding to a request for comment from Business Insider. In the past, reports about Zuckerberg owning superyacht Ulysses have proven false.

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"It is Feadship's standard policy to never divulge any information about our yachts with reference to ownership, costs, or delivery, etc," Feadship, the ship's builder, wrote to BI. "Whether it is an 18-meter Feadship from the 1960s or a 118-meter Feadship from the 21st century, we do not share private information."

But Zuckerberg's name has been connected to Launchpad for a few months now, beginning in December when reports swirled that he visited Feadship's shipyard in the Netherlands.

Then, earlier in March, yachting bloggers like eSysman SuperYachts and Autoevolution started speculating that he officially snagged the boat, originally built for a sanctioned Russian businessman, at a $300 million price tag. (While that's a seemingly huge amount, it's still less than 0.2% of Zuckerberg's $177 billion net worth.)

Another clue that might point to US ownership is that the yacht bears the flag of the Marshall Islands, a US territory and commonplace for American buyers to register their ships, according to public marine tracking.

If Zuckerberg were to have bought Launchpad, he would join a cohort of superyacht-owning tech billionaires . Along with Bezos, the likes of Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison and Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have purchased impressive boats with even more impressive amenities.

SuperYacht Times , an industry publication and intelligence platform, has some of the best images of the yacht. Photos show a swimming pool on her main deck and a large helipad.

While less is known of the interior, a vessel of her size can likely sleep dozens of guests and crew and may have amenities like an expansive gym where Zuckerberg could practice his jiu-jitsu or a spa with a massage area. We suspect there's also space for plenty of toys — which could include his viral hydrofoil foil .

Do you have any details about Launchpad or any other superyachts? Email reporter Madeline Berg at [email protected].

Watch: Walmart heiress' superyacht vandalized by activists in Ibiza

yacht formula 1

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Breaking news, endorsements | missing hiker found dead near monterey county park water fall, endorsements | keeping up with the bezoses: mark zuckerberg buys a super yacht, reports say, a report says that zuckerberg’s luxurious new $300 million vessel was originally was commissioned by a russian oligarch who was the target of sanctions imposed after that country’s invasion of ukraine.

yacht formula 1

Given that Mark Zuckerberg enjoys a respectable 16th place on a list of the world’s richest people, he probably figured it was time for him to acquire one of the ultimate status symbols for the mega-wealthy — a super yacht.

A new report from The Sun said that Zuckerberg is now the proud owner of a $300 million vessel that he has christened “Launchpad.” The 387-foot-long vessel, which comes with a helipad and a $30 million companion boat, was seen docked this week at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with its unique chrome finish reflecting in the sun.

This purchase shows, among other things, that the Facebook and Meta founder and CEO has branched out from buying islands and building an underground complex to help him survive the apocalypse. Perhaps, he wants to cruise the Mediterranean this summer and be among the moguls who can play host to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Amazon Founder and Executive Chair Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez attend the Vanity Fair 95th Oscars Party at the The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, California on March 12, 2023. (Photo by Michael TRAN / AFP) (Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The yacht definitely grants him admission to the watery playgrounds of such multibillionaires as Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates and any of the Russian oligarchs who haven’t been the target of sanctions imposed by the United States or its allies over Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

In fact, Zuckerberg reportedly came by Launchpad due to the misfortunes of one of those oligarchs. The yacht originally was commissioned to be built by Vladimir Potanin, one of Russia’s richest men who is on multiple sanctions list, according to a report by Autoevolution.com , a transportation industry site. The yacht was known as Project 1010, and the shipbuilder in the Netherlands was legally barred from delivering it to Potanin when it was completed in 2022, though Autoevolution also said that Potanin was not the yacht’s actual owner.

The Sun reported that the yacht recently received “special permission” to be imported. It has since arrived in the United States, a couple months ahead of Zuckerberg’s 40th birthday on May 14 — which raises the question of whether he meant Launchpad as a birthday gift to himself.

It’s quite a gift: Launchpad can comfortably fit 24 guests aboard. It also requires a crew of 48 and is said to cost $30 million a year for upkeep and usage, according to Superyachtfan.com . But shelling out $30 million for maintenance a year shouldn’t be a problem for Zuckerberg, who reportedly earns between $6 million and $12 million a day, The Sun said.

But as spectacular as Launchpad sounds, super yacht fans might say it’s not as spectacular as Jeff Bezos’s super yacht, Koru. The $500 million sailing vessel features very tall masts, a swimming pool, a helipad and room for a second, smaller yacht. The most noteworthy thing about Koru is that Bezos commissioned a special sculpture to decorate its prow. It’s a “curvaceous winged goddess” that is said to bear a striking resemblance to his fiancee Lauren Sanchez.

The Amazon founder, his wife-to-be and the goddess figurehead spent much of last summer sailing around the Mediterranean, cruising from Spain to Croatia and hosting such famous guests as Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Usher. The couple also threw a lavish engagement party off the coast of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi coast, attended by another pack of famous friends, including Kris Jenner, Wendi Murdoch and, yes, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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  21. This Yachting Experience For The F1 Miami Grand Prix Looks Sad

    Many, instead, wish upon a star, wishbone, genie lamp, etc., that they could make friends with one of those yacht owners and make one's Formula 1 dreams of watching Monaco from a yacht come true.

  22. Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

    We are specialized in Formula 1 packages for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Our packages include a 4-day Yacht Charter, Track View Berth, Marina Passes and Onboard Service. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a mesmerizing event on the F1 Calendar. It is a three-day night championship that starts at dusk and ends under the umbrella of illuminating floodlights.

  23. Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

    A Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht rental elevates your experience to new heights of opulence. Impeccably designed and lavishly furnished, these yachts offer a myriad of amenities to ensure your utmost comfort. From spacious sundecks for lounging under the warm Arabian sun to gourmet dining options prepared by world-class chefs, every detail is ...

  24. Formula 1 boats for sale

    1991 Formula 419 SR-1. US$162,930. ↓ Price Drop. Nautic Avenue | Antibes, 06 - Alpes-Maritimes. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of ...

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    Enter the E1 Series - the world's first ever all-electric race boat championship. Teams Checo, Drogba and Miami battle it out on the water in Jeddah Sam Morris / Spacesuit Media

  26. The Boating World Is Speculating Mark Zuckerberg Bought a Superyacht

    While privacy is key in the superyacht world, some boat bloggers are speculating that Meta's Mark Zuckerberg bought the 118-meter vessel Launchpad. Menu icon A vertical stack of three evenly ...

  27. Keeping up with Bezos: Mark Zuckerberg buys a super yacht

    The yacht originally was commissioned to be built by Vladimir Potanin, one of Russia's richest men who is on multiple sanctions list, according to a report by Autoevolution.com, a transportation ...