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Temp Charter Sole Chef 38m MY Med - 1 or 2 weeks in July

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With Bluewater's expertise in crew training and yacht crew recruitment, finding your ideal yacht crew vacancy is simple. We offer yacht management services to a variety of exclusive superyachts. Our team excels in sourcing top-notch yacht crew positions, spanning from 25-meter private yachts in the Bahamas to 50-metre charter yachts in the Mediterranean to luxurious 100+ metre superyachts navigating the globe extensively.

69 yacht crew jobs available now.

Yacht Crew Training

Alongside sourcing the latest yacht crew jobs worldwide, Bluewater offers a range of specialised yacht crew training courses. Whether you're new to the superyacht industry seeking entry-level qualifications, an experienced deckhand or engineer aiming to advance your career, or a dedicated crew member looking to enhance your resume with certifications like HELM (Human Element Leadership and Management), Yachtmaster, or OOW (Officer of the Watch), explore our comprehensive yacht crew training options.

Working on a Luxury Yacht

Working as a crew member on a superyacht is undeniably one of the most rewarding yet demanding professions, calling for hard work, dedication, and professional training. The opportunities within the yachting industry are vast, and at Bluewater, we are committed to helping every crew member discover their ideal yacht crew position. Our recruitment division focuses on finding the perfect yacht for crew members and provides unparalleled professional support. Our recruitment experts guide crew members through every step of their yachting career journey, ensuring they receive the best possible assistance.

Manage Your Yacht Career

Whether you're seeking a yacht crew position as a deckhand, engineer, onboard masseuse, stewardess, chef, chief stewardess, purser, first officer, or captain, take control of your yacht career. Create a profile and join one of the world's largest yachting communities for free.


  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1
  • Experience: 1 season
  • Salary: tbc


  • Qualifications: Y2
  • Experience: 3 Years +
  • Salary: 6000 to 6500EUR (DOE)
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, Food & Hygiene Level 2
  • Experience: 1 Year +
  • Salary: €3000-3500
  • Qualifications: STCW95 & ENG1
  • Experience: 1 full season
  • Salary: 2500
  • Salary: 6000EUR (DOE)
  • Experience: daywork, 1 season
  • Salary: €2500
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1,
  • Experience: 1- 2 years
  • Salary: 4000 euros
  • Seasonal until 1st of October
  • Qualifications: Master 200 minimum
  • Experience: Similar
  • Salary: €3000
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1 YM offshore Dive master
  • Experience: 2 year +
  • Salary: 4500 USD
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1 500gt
  • Salary: 10000K
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About the Chef

The chef aboard a yacht is a professionally trained culinary expert that is in charge of all guest and crew meals, provisioning and complete management of the galley. Effective organization of the galley involves a wide range of skills including but not limited to meal planning, provisioning, food safety and hygiene as well as administration and inventory. This position requires strong communication skills, extensive food/nutrition knowledge and creative plate presentation. Typically, the successful candidate will have at least two years working aboard a yacht of similar size in addition to shore side experience.

Fruit platter

Job Responsibilities

  • Provisioning of all food items
  • Guest and crew meals and nutrition
  • Food safety and storage standards
  • Adhering to budget
  • Galley and food inventory
  • Galley safety and sanitary standards
  • Management of other galley staff

Required Skills

  • Vast knowledge of produce and ability to provision in obscure parts of the world
  • Ability to provision to a budget
  • Knowledge of nutrition, diets and allergies, food safety and storage
  • Menu planning, varied repertoire and wine knowledge
  • Excellent creativity and presentation skills
  • Excellent communication skills and positive attitude
  • Organized, time management and adaptability
  • Accounting and computer skills
  • Ability to overcome seasickness

Salary Modifiers

  • Specialty cuisine experience/certification (i.e. vegan, macrobiotic)
  • Experience provisioning in designated cruising area
  • Resume “wow” factors (i.e. culinary competition winner, Michelin star head chef position)
  • Limited computer skills

Position Statistics

Career path, executive chef.

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Yacht crew salary guide

A Yacht Chef is a position integral to ensuring that guests have an amazing yachting experience by creating unique and unforgettable meal experiences. 

Gastronomy and the art of fine dining has become as integral a part of the superyacht experience as the water itself. Superyachts offer the ultimate luxury escape, and that must be reflected in the exquisite food served to guests throughout their time onboard. A Yacht Chef is the mastermind behind creating unique and unforgettable meals. 

A yacht Chef is predominantly in charge of guest and crew meals and managing all aspects of running the galley. Superyacht guests are accustomed to eating at the best restaurants and unsurprisingly because of this, expectations can be very high. Superyacht Chefs are therefore expected to provide a wide range of cuisine, adapt to different dietary requirements, deliver high-quality food prepared upon request and keep the crew well fed.

The galley will run with different chefs depending on the size of the yacht:

• Head Chef — The Head of the galley and as such the chef responsible for all the food that is served. On some yachts this is a Sole Chef role, whilst on others the role will involve managing other Chefs.

• Sous Chef — This role works closely with the Head Chef, assisting them and potentially covering for them in their absence. Every yacht is different, so on some yachts the Sous Chef is also in charge of preparing crew food, while other yachts may have both a Sous Chef and a Crew Chef.

• Crew Chef — This role is primarily focused on cooking for the crew of the yacht. A Crew Chef is a role usually found on larger superyachts where the number of crew is greater, so a separate Chef will be employed to make sure the crew’s needs are met.

• Galley Hand — A Galley Hand is normally found on yachts over 100m in length. Depending on the type, size and itinerary of the yacht, the duties of this role can include meal prep, galley cleaning and assisting with crew food.

• Cook/Stew — This position is more common on smaller yachts and is often split between cooking and Stew duties, or assisting with Stew duties, depending on the size of the yacht. Some vessels hire a Cook/Stew in the winter to cook for the crew and help with interior duties.

What does a yacht Chef do? | Yacht Chef Job Description

The main priority for a yacht Chef is to make sure that everyone on board has an unforgettable meal. A yacht Chef has access to the best quality ingredients available, so it is up to them to use their creativity to produce the most awe-inspiring dining experience. 

A Chef onboard some of the most advanced yachts in the world has the opportunity of experimenting with some of the finest quality ingredients in the world, and often not easily acquirable on land jobs. They may be asked to spontaneously pull out ‘all the stops’ and let their imagination run wild. Or, they might be requested to provide innovative and exciting meals for guests with strict dietary restrictions. 

As a yacht Chef, adaptability is key. Some guests may want simple home cooking; if they ask for a burger, it's up to the Chef to make it the best, tastiest burger that they have ever eaten! If the guests want spaghetti carbonara, they need to make it taste like an Italian grandmother’s spaghetti carbonara! 

While Chefs still have a certain budget to stick to, one difference between working on a yacht and in a restaurant is that they don’t have to worry about trying to make a profit. All they need to do is keep the owners, guests and crew happy. 

As well as creating stand-out meals, Chefs are in charge of budget management,  provisioning, and ensuring that the galley adheres to strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness. It is their responsibility that everything runs smoothly in the galley. A Chef works closely and liaises often with the Chief Stew , to ensure that guests receive a seamless streamlined service from the galley to the table.

The responsibilities of a yacht Chef include:

Meal preparation for both guests and crew

Daily menu planning 

Liaising with the Chief Stew or Head of Service to deliver seamless service

Food provisioning and inventory checks

Organisation of the galley and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene 

Supervision of a team of Chefs (depending on the size of the yacht)

Budgeting and accounting

Soft and hard skills required to be a yacht Chef

Yacht Chefs should show real passion and enthusiasm for what they do: many successful yacht Chefs do stages and additional training during their time off. The ideal candidate demonstrates a diverse repertoire, flexible and adaptable qualities, and the ability to work well under pressure.

The skills of a good yacht Chef include:

A genuine passion for cooking

Diverse knowledge of produce and the ability to provision all over the world

Menu planning knowledge

Ability to skilfully multitask

Ability to handle criticism 


Presentation skills

Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude

Organization and time management skills

Cleanliness and hygiene

Flexibility and adaptability

Ability to work under pressure

Mandatory certificates needed to work on board a yacht 

All crew members regardless of position and seniority need to have a valid STCW Basic Safety Training certificate, along with a recognised Seafarers medical certificate, the most popular being the ENG1 which is issued by an MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) professional medic. 

Without these two certificates, it is not possible for crew to work on board a yacht and a Recruiter will not be able to assist you in finding work onboard a yacht.  For more information about mandatory certificates please visit our Mandatory Certificates Guide .

Are you ready to secure a Chef position on board a yacht?

Become a member of YPI CREW and connect with our recruiters so they can guide you through your job search. 

Each of our recruiters is specialised in crew placement for a particular department and they will do their best to get you an interview on board a yacht. They will also advise you on how to best present your experience and skills and prepare for a yacht job interview.


Ypi crew recruiters in charge of yacht chef recruitment.

Helen Papamichael, Head of Interior Department, YPI CREW Yacht Crew Agency

Helen Papamichael

Head of Interior Department

Let’s get started. Call us on +33 (0)4 92 90 46 10 or email us.

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Mandatory Certificates

B1/b2 visa information, how to write a memorable cv, how to prepare for an interview, yachting seasons, yacht crew salary guide, is yachting the right choice for me, cv templates, ocean mapping, new to yachting.

+33 (0)4 92 90 46 10

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yacht crew chef jobs

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  • Starting 26th Jun 2024
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  • United Arab Emirates

yacht crew chef jobs

  • Starting 31st May 2024
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yacht crew chef jobs

  • Starting 8th Jul 2024
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  • Starting 15th Jul 2024
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yacht crew chef jobs

  • Starting 1st Jul 2024
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yacht crew chef jobs

  • Starting 22nd Jun 2024
  • 53m (174ft) Motor Yacht
  • Starting 27th Jun 2024
  • 32m (105ft) Motor Yacht
  • EUR (€)6,500.00 Per Month
  • 36m (118ft) Motor Yacht
  • USD ($)7,500.00 Per Month
  • Starting 20th Jun 2024
  • 100m (328ft) Motor Yacht
  • EUR (€)4,300.00 Per Month

yacht crew chef jobs

  • Portsmouth & Chichester Marine Training
  • Unit A1, Chichester Marina, Birdham, West Sussex, PO20 7EJ
  • 6 day(s) Duration

yacht crew chef jobs

  • Flying Fish UK Ltd.
  • Isle of Wight, UK
  • 1 day(s) Duration
  • Starting 23rd Jun 2024 with more dates available

yacht crew chef jobs

  • Stream Marine Training
  • Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • 4 hour(s) Duration
  • Starting 24th Jun 2024 with more dates available
  • GBP (£)118.80
  • 5 day(s) Duration

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yacht crew chef jobs

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yacht crew chef jobs

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Stay up to date with the latest deckhand , steward(ess) , engineer ,   officer, captain & chef superyacht and yacht jobs around the world.

Sole Steward/ess

34m new build high performance sailing yacht is looking for a stewardess to join their team in Florida.

Vessel has avid sailing owners and spends majority of her time under sail. Candidates must be competent in all aspects of running the interior with a keen eye for detail to keep the ...

Job Details:

Job ID: #7165 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: United States Start Date: Immediate Start Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010) Essential Visas: B1B2 Languages: English Min Yachting Experience: 2-3 Years Gender Required: Female Smokers: No Cabin Type: Shared

Crew Coordinator Shoreside

Wilsonhalligan are looking for a Crew Coordinator to join an established, industry leading Yacht Management Company based in the Middle East. The ideal candidate will: - be responsible for the overall recruitment process for all crew members working onboard - be working closely with Crewing Superintendent, Fleet Crew Manager and Onboard Management team to develop and implement effective recruitment practices, policies, and procedures to the support and develop high performing teams. Personal characteristics include: - Dedication - Strong individual worker and a team player - Personable - Positive attitude and realistic outlook - Strong work ethic, responsive and proactive Start: ASAP Location: Middle East + Relocation package on offer TBD Salary: DOE Apply now or get in touch if you think this job is for you: [email protected]

We are currently seeking a Captain for a 25m+ private S/Y.

They will be sailing the Med this summer and attending the America's Cup. Possible winter in the Caribbean.

The ideal candidate will hold a Yacht Master Offshore minimum and have previous experience on a similar size...

Job ID: #7167 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: Spain Start Date: 05 Jun 2024 Couples Job: Chef / Stewardess Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010), ENG1 (or equivalent Seafarer's Medical Certificate) Min Yachting Experience: 4-5 Years Gender Required: Any Smokers: No

Relationship Support Manager Shoreside

Wilsonhalligan have a Relationship Support Manager position available based in the South Coast, UK. My client is seeking a highly motivated, passionate and enthusiastic individual to join their growing team. As a Relationship Support Manager, you will be in the front-line supporting clients with enquiries, transaction and issues. This will involve providing advice and guidance as well as resolving and trouble shooting. You will be:

Working closely with otherRelationship Managers and the wider team to ensure the clients receive best in class service. Striving to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Thriving in a client focused environment. Confidently working remotely and flexibly.

Location: South Coast, UK (Remote or Hybrid) Salary: DOE Start: ASAP Please reach out if you think this is for you and send your CV to [email protected]

ETO 80m + Private MY

We are looking for an ETO/AVIT for a 80m+ Private M/Y The ideal candidate will be a great all rounder, happy to take charge of both electrical and AV/IT. Must have Motor Yacht experience on similar size vessels 70m/100m would be a great match. Working on a 2 month on/off rotation, starting June 2024. Comes with a shared cabin. For more information please get in touch.

We are currently searching for an experienced Deckhand for a 45m+ private/charter M/Y.

Light charter use. Heavy owner use during summer (day trips/regattas/standby). A great boat and nice program. They usually spend winters in the Bahamas and summers in Maine. Vessel is connected to a ...

Job ID: #7169 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: United States Start Date: 05 Jun 2024 Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010), ENG1 (or equivalent Seafarer's Medical Certificate) Essential Visas: B1B2 Min Yachting Experience: 2 Seasons Gender Required: Male Smokers: No Cabin Type: Shared

Junior Engineer Shoreside

Wilsonhalligan are looking for a Junior Marine Engineer to join an established hospitality company in the UK / London. The ideal candidate will be but not limited to: - Assist with all planned maintenance - Report any deficiencies in the appropriate manner and to the appropriate personnel - Ensure any vessel is properly victualled with appropriate fuel, oil and water - Assist with all stock control procedures ensuring rope, tools, maintenance and cleaning equipment are always stored correctly - Maintain appropriate paperwork with respect to engineering and Health and Safety issues - To act as crew onboard company vessels, to include assisting with preparations prior to the function and events Please note: - The candidates would have to be a UK resident based in London - Marine Engineering Qualification Start: ASAP Location: London, UK Salary: 40000 - 45000 PA Apply now or get in touch if you think this job is for you: [email protected]

Marine Engineer Shoreside

Wilsonhalligan are looking for two Marine Engineers to join a rapidly growing engineering company in the UK / London. The ideal candidate will be but not limited to: - Work on commercial and non commercial projects - Have a strong engineering background - Well organised and capable of handling complex tasks and keeping calm in stressful situations - Posses a strong leadership and customer care skills - Have an all round knowledge of the construction and maintenance that is required for vessels +30m - Know how to apply problem solving skills to address unforeseen challenges - Be expected to maintain and repair boat trailers Please note: - The candidates would have to be a UK resident - Experience in a Marine environment Start: ASAP Location: London, UK Salary: 45000 - 50000 PA Apply now or get in touch if you think this job is for you: [email protected]


A 28M NEW BUILD Motor Yacht is seeking a Deck Stew to join their team, the Yacht is about to be launched in Italy!

Team of 4 : Captain, Deck Eng, Chef Stew, Deck Stew Wonderful Australian Captain Nationalities of the other two crew members: South African & Dutch Healt...

Job ID: #7170 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: Italy Start Date: Immediate Start Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010), ENG1 (or equivalent Seafarer's Medical Certificate), RYA Power Boat Level 2 Essential Visas: Schengen Languages: English Min Yachting Experience: 1 Season Gender Required: Female Smokers: No Cabin Type: Shared

Chef / Stewardess

We are currently seeking a Cook/Stew for a 25m+ private S/Y.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience cooking on yachts of a similar size. The family enjoy fr...

Job ID: #7168 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: Spain Start Date: Immediate Start Couples Job: Captain Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010), ENG1 (or equivalent Seafarer's Medical Certificate) Min Yachting Experience: 2 Seasons Gender Required: Any Smokers: No Cabin Type: Shared

Stewardess/Masseuse 70m+ Private Motor Yacht

Wilsonhalligan are looking for Spa Therapist / Stewfor a 70m+ Private Charter Motor Yacht The ideal candidate will haveconfident in a variety of massages, facials,manicure/pedicure and gel nails. Rotating between Beauty treatments and Service/Housekeeping. Due to being a busy program, theideal candidate will have at least 1 yearsexperience within the yachting industry. Active andexperienced crew with great owners and itinerary. Requirements:

STCW ENG1 Food & Hygiene Level II Beauty Therapy Qualification

Salary: 3500Euros Start: ASAP Rotation: 3:1 Good training package - industry leading

Deckhand/Carpenter 100m+ Private Motor Yacht

We are looking for a Deckhand/Carpenter for a 90m+ Private M/Y Rotation: 5/1 Start: ASAP Salary: DOE The ideal candidate will come from a shipyard, boatbuilder/shipwright or cabinet maker with yacht experience. Requirements: STCW ENG Powerboat level 2 or Yachtmaster Europe Driving Licence Due to the urgency of this position only those who meet the requirements will be contacted.

Chief Steward/ess

A 42m private Motor Yacht based in Australia is looking for a Chief Stewardess to start late June.

This a great opportunity for an experienced Chief Stewardess wanting to be based in Australia and work on a well run yacht.

The yacht will be based in Sydney for 8 months of th...

Job ID: #7166 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: Australia Start Date: 28 Jun 2024 Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010), ENG1 (or equivalent Seafarer's Medical Certificate) Languages: English Min Yachting Experience: 4-5 Years Gender Required: Female Smokers: No Cabin Type: Shared

Executive Assistant Shoreside

Wilsonhalligan have an Executive Assistant position available based in the United Kingdom. My client is seeking a motivated and dynamic individual to join his team as an Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant. You will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the day-to-day operations is running smoothly. You will be:

An ex-purser / Chief Stewardessor have some yacht management background (preferred) Enthusiastic, with a strong commitment to exceed expectation Exceptional in written and verbal communication as well as posses strong interpersonal abilities Adaptive to work efficiently under pressure and willing to travel internationally as and when required A creative problem solver who can think laterally to find innovative solutions A team player with a desire to actively contribute to the future growth of the company

Location: UK Salary: DOE Start: ASAP Please reach out if you think this is for you and send your CV to [email protected]

Temporary Nurse/Stewardess 90m+ Private Motor Yacht

Wilsonhalligan are looking for a Temporary Nurse/Stewto join a 90m+ privatevessel. This role has the potential to moveinto apermanent 2:2 role. We are looking for a nurse/stew that is confident in all aspects of medical decisions and looking after critically unwell patients. This is a great opportunity for someone with strong land based A&E or ER experience and some yachting experience. Requirements: STCW ENG 1 B1/B2 in hand Must be a registered Nurse or Paramedic Package: Salary: 5500 EUR Start date: 15th of June End date: TBC - 2 months currently

Housekeeper Shoreside

Wilsonhalligan have a Housekeeping position available based in Oxfordshire. Our client is looking for someone with high attention to details, takes initiative and have at least 2 years of experience in Housekeeping working for high end clients. Location: Oxfordshire, UK Salary: 40k PA Start: May 2024 Days: Monday - Friday Accommodation: Live-in The ideal candidate will hold the right to work/live in the UK. Please send CV to [email protected] if you think this is for you.

Spa Manager 80m + Private MY

Wilsonhalligan are looking for x2 Stewardess/Spa Manager to join a 80m+ Private Motor Yacht. The ideal candidate will be confident in Beauty treatments and be well versed in all areas of the interior department. The role is majority Stewardess duties but with the opportunity to gain experience in Spa Management skills. Requirements: STCW ENG1 Beauty Qualification Package: Rotation: 3:3 Salary: 4500 Euro Start: TBC

Chief Engineer 50m+ Motor Yacht

Wilsonhalligan are looking for a Chief Engineer to join a new build, 50m motor yacht during the build. She is due to launch Spring 2025. The position would suit a Chief Engineer with previous build experience, as well as being competent with water jet propulsion experience also. Due to the vessel launching Spring 2025 accommodation is offered ashore until then, once onboard this will be a shared cabin. Requirements: SV Chief Engineer <9000kw Or SV Chief Engineer <3000kw with an MTU Engine Manufacturers Course ENG1 STCW Package: Salary DOE Start ASAP Leave : Industry standard

Housekeeping Stewardess 100m+ Private Motor Yacht

WIlsonhalligan are looking for aHousekeeping Stewardess on a 90m+ busy private yacht. We are looking for someone with at least 6 months of yacht experience in housekeeping.This is a great position for someone looking to progress within the industry on well established vessel. A B1/B2 visa is preferred due to the boats program. Requirements: STCW ENG 1 Level 2 food and hygiene B1/B2 preferred Package: Salary: DOE Start date: July Rotation: 3:1

Head Chef 80m + Private MY

Wilsonhalligan are looking for a Head Chef to join an 80m+ private motor yacht. The ideal candidate will have previous high end yacht experience and be well versed in international cuisine. Requirements: STCW ENG1 SCC Level 2 food & hygiene Package: Salary: DOE Rotation: 2:2 Start date: TBC (June)


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Bespoke Crew recruitment is all about moving beyond the uniform by identifying and targeting talent to build your ideal crew.

Combining 15 years of industry experience, working on yachts and recruiting has enabled us to have a strengthened understanding of the importance of hiring the right crew, to deliver the ultimate client experience.

Bespoke Crew challenges the industry’s status quo on crew development, covering all aspects from new recruits to the more established crew members. We work in all departments including interior, galley, deck, engineering and any specialist roles you might have. Unlike other agencies, Bespoke Crew isn’t just providing highly qualified and experienced yacht crew, we go further to ensure a match of personalities onboard.

Our pride is taken from your positive experience and the heightened standard of tailored service that we provide.

Looking For Crew?

We will strive to go beyond your expectations, once we have a better understanding of the candidate you are looking for. We will not only make sure they have all the qualifications and experience you require for the specific role, but we will also tailor the candidate’s personality to fit in with your existing crew members.

Looking For A Job?

We not only help the more established crew in the industry secure their next desired position. The bespoke team have all experienced the yachting industry as crew members, we all once got our first position on board. Finding the right agency that will help develop your application, cv and interview skills will really help jumpstart your career.

Latest Jobs

We are looking for a TEMP Sole Stewardess to join this 30m Private MY from early July to September (2+- month contract).

Candidates would ideally have at least 1+ seasons experience but we would be open to someone with a very strong hospitality background.

As sole stew you will be in charge of maintaining the interior to a high standard & providing excellent service.

Salary: DOE Start date: Early July Temporary from July - Sept

We are seeking an energetic Bosun to join this 55+m Private SY. This yacht has a fantastic itinerary planned and is looking for a mature individual to join its long-standing crew.

Large Sailing Yacht Experience essential.

An ideal candidate would have 2+ years of experience on yachts of a similar size. We are looking for a safety-conscious, highly motivated, and self-starter who is hands-on with a great personality.

This position is open to Male only due to cabin arrangements. Only candidates located in Europe with B1B2 in hand will be considered.

Start date: ASAP Salary: DOE Leave: 60 days

Qualifications: YM Offshore / OOW, STCW10, ENG1 - PADI DiveMaster or Instructor would be highly desirable.

100% recommend this agency, they helped me get my second job in this industry. They are really helpful and do everything they can to secure you a job. Thank you Claire

Verity bulcok - stew/ masseuse, i just received my first stewardess job using bespoke crew, and claire was very helpful always stayed in contact with me even after i got the job, making sure i had a safe flight, and if i needed help with anything, i was so grateful for the help and support claire gave to me., georgia lingwood - stewardess, zoe shortlisted three candidates for me, and i interviewed two. both were the right fit for the boat and exactly what i had asked of her. one of them resulted in employment, and i couldn’t be happier. i would definitely return to zoe with any further interior recruitment requests, and i am confident she will find another good fit for our team. thank you to bespoke, abbie merritt - chief stewardess, "bespoke crew have helped me throughout my yachting career, and on both successful occasions, i have felt like they truly believe in me when putting me forward for the desired roles. claire most recently helped me secure a role that i love. there was constant communication, and i felt very supported throughout and after the recruitment process. i highly recommend bespoke crew to any candidate looking for their next adventure.”, harriet pugson - head of service, as always, the bespoke team was an absolute pleasure to work with. only sending forward candidates that match your criteria makes the hiring process fast and smooth. thank you again for finding us a great candidate who is the ideal fit for our team and owner. bespoke is, for sure, the only agent i would use for any future hiring., emma cottrell – chief stewardess., when you work with bespoke crew, you get the same high standards associated with yachting. their industry knowledge, attention to detail for each of their candidate profiles, and their drive to find the best is what yachts need in a recruitment agency., nick calligeros - chief officer, i have worked with bespoke crew for a few years now, from her helping me find positions to helping me fill them. the agents take time to really understand our needs and only send the best candidates forward. they send detailed profiles from their conversations with the crew, which really helps us to get an understanding of the candidate beforehand. they are not a typical agency who puts crew forward and forgets, they still keep in contact and follow up to check both parties are happy with the overall performance and if we have any concerns. fantastic service all around; i would highly recommend using the bespoke crew. thank you for everything, danielle hemming - chief stewardess, bespoke crew's team exhibited an impressive understanding of the yachting industry and a genuine dedication to finding the perfect match for candidates and employers. their attention to detail, personalized approach, and unwavering support throughout the recruitment process were nothing short of outstanding. bespoke crew yachting recruitment is for anyone seeking a professional, reliable, and personalized recruitment experience within the yachting industry., benjamin le marechal - head chef, the team at bespoke has always gone above and beyond to ensure each candidate presented to us not only fills the position but also aligns with our yacht's specific culture and ethos. they constantly demonstrate their passion for the industry and extensive knowledge of their own experiences, and i am always impressed with their unique, professional, yet personalized approach., georgia barber - chief stewardess, i first spoke to jacob from bespoke crew in my first few weeks of dock walking near antibes. the first call was extremely helpful; and he took an interest in my own background, qualifications, and experience. we then discussed the position i applied for in great detail. i am now secure in that role we discussed and after five months in i couldn't be happier with the yacht i am on, and the crew i am with., james lashmar - pt/ deckhand, it has been a great experience dealing with bespoke. excellent communication and a fast turnaround from the initial discussion to being placed on the yacht i am on now., euan ratley - deckhand, it was great dealing with jacob, one of the better agencies out there, tom riley - avit, claire provided such amazing support when looking for a new role. she really took the time to listen to both my previous experience and what i was looking for in the future to find the ideal position. claire’s help enabled me to make the transition from lead service to chief stewardess. i’d absolutely recommend bespoke crew to anyone in the industry., bonnie mitchell – chief stewardess, after working closely with bespoke crew over the past 3 seasons for permanent and temporary crew placement, they have become our go-to agent for crew. we have been highly satisfied with bespoke’s high caliber of service, which has been very professional yet personable. we have found they genuinely listen to and understand the requirements expressed for the crew sought and deliver only highly suitable candidates that meet the specific experience level, necessary skillset, and personal demeanor desired., brianna stenhouse - chief stewardess, i had a fantastic experience working with frankie. she found my cv, reached out to me, and i was successful in landing the first role she presented me with, which she ensured met my needs. she is communicative, friendly, and professional; most importantly, in a recruiter-candidate relationship, she comes across as very honest. when i am ready for my next opportunity, and if i take on any recruitment on board, i know who to call. i look forward to working with frankie again., helena sanguinetti - purser, i had a great experience with claire from bespoke crew she’s super helpful, always checks-in, and answers all of my questions. she helped me land my new role on an amazing yacht with great opportunities. i’m so happy for all of the support, i would love to work together with her again in the future would really recommend bespoke crew., linn sundqvist - stewardess, i had the luck to have claire contact me from bespoke crew recruitment. as a greenie, i heard it would be hard starting in the industry, and only on my second day of searching for a job, claire told me about me three amazing options. one of the yachts got in contact with me, and the next day and everything fell into place. she takes time to get to know you and find the job that would make you happy on all terms. thank you, claire, for sticking by me the trust i have in you is immense., zoé meeuwens - stewardess, this is the first crew agent where we feel listened to and not just sent 10+ candidates that vaguely fit our requirements and with the candidates that we hire through bespoke crew we always get great longevity. we have complete faith and trust in the bespoke crew team, so much so that they are the only crew agent we work with., ruben mejier - chief officer, i have been using bespoke crew for the past few years. they have done a wonderful job and have presented me with first class crew to choose from and have not inundated me with an inbox full of candidates. the backup and follow up also has been exceptional. i highly recommend bespoke and their staff as an excellent choice for crew placement., scott miller - captain, it was such a pleasure working with bespoke crew thank you, claire, for your swift responses and for providing us with good quality crew that fits our specific requirements in a short time frame i look forward to working with them in the future., tina floegal - chief stewardess, i wouldn’t work with any other crew agent. the team at bespoke crew listens to exactly what we require in a candidate and delivers solid, carefully selected, and well-vetted crew. the team has placed multiple candidates across the interior, deck, engineering, and galley. their excellent communication and high level of professionalism, it makes them a joy to work with., savannah squire - chief stewardess, i was first introduced to bespoke crew when i was personally called for a reference check. as we know, the industry is small, and we are all somehow connected by social interaction. checking references, especially verbal references, is of utmost importance when trying to find that “perfect fit” for your yacht. i immediately knew that the friendly, trusted voice on the end was doing their job diligently, trying to find that ‘perfect fit’ for another captain, and i respected that. we have worked closely with bespoke crew for nearly three years and have only positive feedback to contribute to their professional service. most, if not all, the crew has served on a longevity basis, all of whom fit in very well with our crew dynamic. i can highly recommend bespoke crew for your crew placement needs., aldon beukman - captain, bespoke has hands down become my number 1 crew agency. the agents i have worked with have all been extremely responsive and friendly and have made a real effort to build a relationship with you. they truly understand what you are looking for and never try to 'throw anything out there.' with my crazy schedule, they are good about chasing me up when need be and never letting anything fall by the wayside. there is always open, honest transparency, and i appreciate that so much. it is a big relief that there is such a consistent, all-star crew agency out there, brielle crumpler - chief stewardess, it’s been a pleasure dealing with the bespoke crew team ….thank you for discovering the right individuals for our program. we greatly appreciate the care is taken when introducing quality candidates to us and the effort to ensure a good long-term fit., len beck - captain, bespoke crew and their team have been a great help in finding the right people for our island. even though land-based and a very remote location, frankie was able to forward excellent candidates competent for the roles. bespoke crew is very responsive, responsible, and highly reliable. they stand behind their candidates 100%. excellent background checks and written and verbal references were provided. a great database of staff. highly recommended, ana white - general manager - private island in the caribbean, we are the managers in charge of a 25m sailing yacht and used bespoke crew to employ a new captain. frankie at bespoke crew was excellent. she acted quickly, provided regular updates, and produced an excellent list of highly qualified candidates. we placed the captain and would highly recommend her and bespoke crew., tom benson - director - seymour yachts, i am very impressed with how quickly i was put in touch with a highly suitable candidate through bespoke crew. the whole process was professional, extremely quick and efficient. i look forward to using bespoke crew in the future., doug pender - captain, the best crew agency i’ve been in contact with. i can’t thank frankie enough for landing me such an unreal job, james gordon - deckhand, professional and timely crew services delivered with a smile. thank you bespoke crew for helping me find the right job., heinz schneider-waterberg - bosun, claire from bespoke crew was amazing every step of the way when placing me on my next yacht. attentive, empathetic, and supportive, i couldn't have asked for anyone better. she went the extra mile in calling me out of her work hours to check-in too i can't recommend her enough. thank you so much claire, harriet simmonds - stewardess, are you crewpass approved.

Bespoke Crew has teamed up with CrewPass to continue to deliver only the best crew members and further ensure the safety and security of those onboard.

CrewPass conducts enhanced criminal background checks and identity verification on all its members to help us place fully vetted crew members.

Please go to www.crewpass.co.uk for more information.

Bsepoke Crew

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Sorry, But This 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 9 Star Needs to Get the Boot


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The Big Picture

  • Chef Jono on Below Deck Mediterranean is struggling with high guest expectations and food quality.
  • Celebrity charter with tennis legend Gigi Fernandez tests Chef Jono, serving chicken in Greece.
  • Captain Sandy may have to make a tough decision about Chef Jono's future aboard the Mustique.

It's only the season's second charter, and certain crew members aboard motor yacht Mustique are already on thin ice. But do they even realize it? Season 9 of Below Deck Mediterranean is setting sail in the stunning locale of Greece. With five-star views, the charter guests expect five-star service, whether it's in terms of excursions or cuisine. These extravagant getaways have high expectations, especially at such a high cost! But there is someone on the ship and reality series who's not quite living up to expectations. And it's the one-man galley machine, Chef Jono Shillingford . Easily one of the coolest personalities to grace the screens, he's not quite nailing his job . Is it time to give him the sack or will Captain Sandy Yawn let another disappointed charter guest cause her to make a change?

Now in its triumphant ninth season, Below Deck Mediterranean is back to showcase the highs and lows of the yachtie lifestyle. Led by long-time star Captain Sandy Yawn, this season has welcomed back the jovial spirit and always incredible Aesha Scott . Following her time working in the Med, Aesha is back with Captain Sandy, this time as the Chief Stew. With an almost entirely new crew, Captain Sandy and the staff of Mustique have endured some self-inflicted blunders . And it's only two charters in!

Below Deck Mediterranean

In a luxury charter yacht traveling across the Mediterranean, crew members face both the challenges of managing upscale guest expectations and the complexities of their own interrelationships. Each episode highlights the high-octane world of yachting where exceptional service standards meet personal drama and adventure.

Chef Jono Shillingford Shows That Great People Don't Always Make Great Yacht Chefs

When it comes to multi-season arcs for chefs on Below Deck , it's not as frequent as one might think. There have been long-tenured individuals like Chef Ben Robinson and Chef Rachel Hargrove , but for the most part, many chefs in the Below Deck Cinematic Universe spend a season on board and move onto their next project. This season, Below Deck Mediterranean has a fresh face on its crew. Chef Johnathan "Jono" Shillingford is a wonderful and charismatic character. He's shared that he has a boyfriend, making him the first queer chef in the franchise . When he first met his superior, he informed her that he was a culinary architect. By telling Captain Sandy that his training is in architecture, he builds his food. Not like children playing with theirs, he constructs breathtaking images through culinary arts. On paper, it's an amazing and enticing skill everyone can't wait to see. But it's not necessarily practical on board a megayacht of this caliber. Yet his confidence in the kitchen has proven that this art will be useful. Eventually. When the time is right. But with his track record thus far, he might not have the opportunity to showcase his skills.

'Below Deck Mediterranean's First Charter Had an Obvious MVP

The charter guests started to whine when they didn’t get their wine!

During the first charter of the season, Chef Jono didn't receive all the necessary provisions he requested. He didn't get the quality of seafood required for the dishes he had planned. He managed to make the meals work. But the first set of charter guests were mostly concerned about their late-night snacks. Perhaps the provision kerfuffle made him to forget the requests from the 20-something Brits because he did not prepare any late-night snacks, causing stew Elena Dubaich to wake him up for assistance. Well, as viewers know, that did not go well, and he refused. Of course, Captain Sandy stated that you never wake up the chef. Meanwhile, the likes of Captain Lee Rosbach and Chief Stew Aesha Scott have stated that they agreed with Elie's decision. Following the divided opinions, Captain Sandy, Chef Jono, and Aesha all agreed that next time, he would prepare paninis for the late night stew to offer as a late night munchy. The only thing is, when will they ever have guests like the Brits who clearly state late night snacks on their preference sheet? Certainly not the next set of guests!

For the second charter of the season, a celebrity and her friends boarded Mustique. Grand Slam champion and tennis legend Gigi Fernandez and her friends were set to test the crew. This is not the first time Gigi and her friends have appeared on a Bravo yacht series. She first appeared during Season 10 of Below Deck when Captain Sandy temporarily replaced Captain Lee when he was experiencing nerve problems. As Captain Sandy blatantly stated, she met her as a guest and they then became friends. Captain Sandy loves her famous friends! Knowing her friend's expectations were going to be high, she wanted her experience to be perfect. So much so that she participated in the service experience with the stews. Well, everything was going swimmingly, except for that one guest who drifted a bit too far on the paddle board. So, when the dinner service arrived, the stews did their part, but Chef Jono? Not so much.

He served them chicken...in Greece. Color the guests unimpressed! Gigi and her friends expected fine dining, but they got chicken. Cut to breakfast. When Gigi got her inedible cold eggs, she ran to her friend to discuss her displeasure. And knowing Captain Sandy will always throw her crew under the bus over her famous friends, she's likely to let Captain Jono have it. When Gigi and her friends compared and name-dropped that their meal was not like Chef Rachel's, viewers knew trouble was brewing.

Being a Yacht Chef Is Not Always Easy

Maybe Chef Jono needs to be given the benefit of the doubt. Each new job is a learning curve. But with high expectations comes qualified individuals who can adjust on a whim and meet the needs of the guests paying for their services. But Chef Jono has had two charters against him already. Panini-gate is completely on him. Chicken is completely on him. The eggs? Well, maybe he's not entirely at fault. He was told that the guests wanted an 8:30am breakfast. He prepared for such. But they didn't arrive until an hour later. So he served them what he already prepared. But Chef Jono, who can eat cold eggs? This was a situation where a backup plan was necessary . Perhaps when the stews alerted him that the guests were seated for breakfast, he could cook up the eggs. They're not the hardest dish to prepare. There was an easy solution to salvage the situation. While the first group of charter guests did praise Chef Jono for his food, this group is more likely to hinder the tip at the end because of their displeasure with the food.

'Below Deck's Season 11 MVP Is a Franchise-Best Yachtie

'Mummy' is making waves as one of the best Chief Stews on Bravo's hit reality show

Below Deck has had some incredible chefs throughout the various series. And others, well, they were a disaster. Nothing will ever beat the homophobic pathological liar Mila Kolomeitseva of Below Deck Med Season 4. Chef Kiko Lorran on Below Deck Med Season 5 and Chef Anthony Iracane of Below Deck Season 11 were both sweet and amazing people, but their culinary skills did not match the high-speed world of yachting. So they were both let go. Chef Jono seems like one of the most spectacular humans to hang out with and have a drink with, but his display thus far on Below Deck Med is causing viewers to question his ability in this specific industry. Knowing that Captain Sandy was willing to rightly switch to a new provisioner for the rest of the charter season, she might be trigger-happy to let Chef Jono go in favor of someone who could live up to her standard. And you can't necessarily blame her should she go in that direction. But she does owe it to him to alert him about his struggles and give him the opportunity to fix it. If he fails again, at least everyone is on the same page!

Chef Jono is easily someone you want to cheer on, even if you don't always agree with his stance on certain situations. But when thousands and thousands of dollars are being spent on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, charter guests have the right to complain if their food is not up to snuff. No captain ever wants to fire their staff, but viewers are quite familiar that Captain Sandy is more than willing to make a change if it means the charter season will be improved. Good luck Chef Jono! We're hoping you can change courses quickly!

Below Deck Med airs new episodes every Monday at 9:00 pm. All episodes are available to stream the next day on Peacock.

Stream on Peacock

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A creative space for Superyacht Chefs to share and engage. List your jobs, apply for jobs. Share knowledge and opinions. Celebrate your wins. Get yacht chef related discounts and insider help.

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    Private Cook/Chef for family of six located in Arcadia (Western Sydney) - ARCM. Do you love cooking and are seeking a lovely family to cater for? Full time position with salary plus entitlements!... 13 June 2024 - Aust. Cook, Private, SOF, 28m MY. About the yacht It is a beautiful 28m private Motor Yacht with an EU flag. 4 crew members.

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    Temp Charter Sole Chef 38m MY Med - 1 or 2 weeks in July. competitive day rate and charter tips. Monaco & Cote D'Azur, Corsica, Sardinia, Italian Coastline. Temp Charter Sole Chef 38m MY Med - 1 or 2 weeks in July male due to cabin share. View & Apply. Temp Head Chef wanted for 1 month guest trip in Med 75m+ MY. Salary DOE but competitive!

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    Marinescence. Remote. $6,000 - $7,000 a month. Seasonal. Worldwide Charter Motor Yacht Seasonal Posted Date 11 Jun 2024 Locations Worldwide Department Charter Motor Yacht Function Chef Type Seasonal…. Posted 8 days ago ·.

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    Package: $5,000-$6,000 per month 2 X 2 Rotation, Full medical and dental. Skills: Minimum 1 year experience as a Crew Chef or Sous Chef on 60m + M/Y or S/Y. Confident in providing quality dishes for up to 25 crew members. Accommodating with all Food allergies and health restrictions.

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    Captain - 43m Private Motor Yacht. Med 2024. permanent. Qualifications: STCW, ENG1 500gt. Experience: 2 year +. Salary: 10000K. Apply. Next →. The latest yacht crew jobs available onboard exclusive charter yachts and luxury private yachts with leading yacht crew recruitment company, Bluewater.

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    Experience provisioning in designated cruising area. Resume "wow" factors (i.e. culinary competition winner, Michelin star head chef position) Limited computer skills. Yacht Chefs have 1+ years experience and are responsible for Provisioning of all food items and the guest and crew meals and nutrition . They earn 54K-90K based on yacht size ...

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    The Yotspot 24/7 Account is an online service for finding superyacht crew, jobs & positions within the maritime industry. Search training courses and much more. ... Yacht Crew. Finding your next job on a Superyacht is easy with Yotspot. ... Executive/Head Chef Sole Chef Sous/2nd Chef Chef de Partie/3rd Chef Commis/4th Chef Cook/Crew Chef Cook ...

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    18 jobs found Head Chef. 60m+ Private MYWilsonhalligan are looking for a Head Chef to join a 60m+ motor yacht. This is an exciting opportunity for... 4 June 2024 - Undisclosed. Head Chef. 80m + Private MYWilsonhalligan are looking for a Head Chef to join an 80m+ private motor yacht. The ideal candidate will... 30 May 2024 - Undisclosed. Exclusive

  15. Find The Latest Yacht & Superyacht Jobs

    Find the latest yacht and superyacht jobs on offer in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and other yachting hubs around the world. ... (ess), engineer, officer, captain & chef yacht crew positions available. Stay up to date with the ... Job ID: #7167 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: Spain Start Date: 05 Jun 2024 Couples Job: Chef / Stewardess ...

  16. Yacht Chef Job Board

    How to get a job on a super yacht as a chef; Private Vs Charter; Starting as a crew chef; Superyacht crew agents; What certificates does a Superyacht Chef need? Working as a yacht stewardess vs crew chef; Yacht crew in the wild; Yacht Chef Job Board; Galley Gadgets. 5 Best Cookbooks for 2019 for yacht chefs; 5 of the best chef gadgets for 2019

  17. How to get a job as a yacht chef

    Working as a yacht stewardess vs crew chef; Yacht crew in the wild; Yacht Chef Job Board; Galley Gadgets. 5 Best Cookbooks for 2019 for yacht chefs; 5 of the best chef gadgets for 2019; 5 knives every chef needs in their knife roll this season; The Yacht Chef cookbook of 2020 : The mymuybueno cookbook; Yacht Chef Tips. Short order; cooking classes

  18. Jobs For Yacht Crew

    Bespoke Crew recruitment is all about moving beyond the uniform by identifying and targeting talent to build your ideal crew. Combining 15 years of industry experience, working on yachts and recruiting has enabled us to have a strengthened understanding of the importance of hiring the right crew, to deliver the ultimate client experience.

  19. Yacht Crew Recruitment Agency

    Yacht Crew Job Description Yacht and sail boat crews are teams of highly trained and experienced professionals providing an on board care and hospitality service. They are expected to work together towards a common goal of providing the best bespoke service for their client, their client's family, guests and associates.

  20. Superyacht Captain

    This work requires many years of experience on board of superyachts, excellent references and top-notch crew management. It is essential that all permits/licences and certificates be up-to-date and that the latest technologies be mastered by him/her. At least ten years of experience as Yacht Captain are required for this position.

  21. Second Engineer 3000 gt to 3000 kw Recruitment Placement Agency Monaco

    Second Engineer on a yacht (<3000gt <3000kw) - Recruitment and Placement Agency Second Engineer (<3000gt <3000kw) works with the Chief Engineer on board the yacht and assists him/her. This position requires a perfect knowledge of engine room safety procedures, excellent engine repair and overhaul skills.

  22. Full-time Chef Cook Needed in Moscow, Russia

    The family eats only healthy food, so they need a cook to be able to cook healthy, dietary dishes. Cook will have to make lunch and dinner for the whole family. Family has lunch at 1:00pm -3pm and dinner at 7:00pm. Schedule: 6 working days, 1 day off, from 9:00 (10:00) am to 8:00pm. This is a live-out position.

  23. 'Below Deck Mediterranean's Chef Jono Shillingford Needs to ...

    Maybe Chef Jono needs to be given the benefit of the doubt. Each new job is a learning curve. But with high expectations comes qualified individuals who can adjust on a whim and meet the needs of ...

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    Working as a yacht stewardess vs crew chef; Yacht crew in the wild; Yacht Chef Job Board; Galley Gadgets. 5 Best Cookbooks for 2019 for yacht chefs; 5 of the best chef gadgets for 2019; 5 knives every chef needs in their knife roll this season; The Yacht Chef cookbook of 2020 : The mymuybueno cookbook; Yacht Chef Tips. Short order; cooking classes