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Behind the scenes on a superyacht shoot.

  • Length: 80m (262.5ft)
  • Guests: 14 guests in 7 cabins
  • Built: 2019
  • Abeking & Rasmussen

Step aboard APMONIA

  • Length: 37m (121.4ft)
  • Guests: 8 guests in 4 cabins
  • Built: 2008 (refitted 2021)
  • Couach Yachts

Superyacht SO NICE

  • Length: 40m (131.2ft)
  • Guests: 12 guests in 5 cabins
  • Built: 2009
  • Alloy Yachts


  • Length: 88m (288.7ft)
  • Guests: 12 guests in 6 cabins
  • Built: 2006 (refitted 2023)
  • Perini Navi
  • Length: 65.7m (215.6ft)
  • Built: 2023


  • Length: 35m (114.8ft)
  • Built: 2002 (refitted 2023)
  • Warren Yachts

Superyacht AIFER

  • Length: 60m (196.9ft)
  • Guests: 13 guests in 7 cabins
  • Built: 2011 (refitted 2019)

Take a tour on board GALMA

  • Length: 28.6m (93.8ft)
  • Guests: 8 guests in 3 cabins
  • Built: 2003 (refitted 2008)
  • Wally Yachts

Take a tour on board DEJA TOO

  • Length: 52m (170.6ft)
  • Built: 2003 (refitted 2022)

Life on board a superyacht

Captain andy sheltrum of the 36.7m sailing yacht bliss.

  • Length: 36.7m (120.4ft)
  • Guests: 10 guests in 3 cabins
  • Built: 2009 (refitted 2019)
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Charter NAIA

Available in the West Med or Adriatic this summer

Exciting fleet of tenders and toys to keep everyone active, plus gym, jacuzzi and on board masseuse

video ormeggio yacht

Available in the Balearics this summer

Exhilarating 25 knot performance, huge sunpad and open-air lounge plus stunning beach club

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Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts

Yachting World

  • September 10, 2020

Sailing superyacht technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years - we take a closer look at nine of the most stunning examples...

1. Aquarius

The brief for Aquarius included that she should be, ‘an elegant, muscular sailing yacht with a classic profile for family enjoyment.’ But that barely scratches the surface of the main requirements for this giant ketch. The owners also wanted a yacht that would combine good seakeeping characteristics with performance, reliability and quality.

Essential features included relative simplicity, robustness of systems and a contemporary interpretation of elegant, classic lines, with a clean and uncomplicated appearance. Aquarius ’s graceful lines and timeless shape belie a rugged world cruiser configured to be self-sufficient for extended periods when voyaging well beyond the popular Med and Caribbean circuits. In addition, the yacht is welcoming for family and friends, while providing sufficient performance to compete in superyacht regattas.


LOA: 56.18m (184ft 4in) LWL: 41.17m (135ft 1in) Beam: 9.51m (31ft 2in) Draught: 4.80m (15ft 9in) Displacement: 264 tonnes (591,360lbs) Mainsail: 520m2 (5,597ft2) Mizzen: 440m2 (4,736ft2) Blade: 430m2 (4,628ft2) Air draught: 58.50m (192ft 11in) Spars: Rondal carbon with Rondal/Carbo-Link continuous standing rigging Builder: Royal Huisman Launched: 2017


Photo: Baltic Yachts

2. Pink Gin VI

The Baltic 175 Pink Gin may have captured most of the headlines for her sheer size and cleverly engineered topside balconies, but below decks a collection of Cuban art and some phenomenal styling demand equal attention.

Mark Tucker’s team at Design Unlimited in the UK worked closely with the yacht’s owner, Professor Hans Georg Näder, with whom they had co-operated on his previous Pink Gin , to produce an unusual exercise in interior styling.

LOA: 53.90m (176ft 10in) LWL: 45.27 m (148ft 6in) Beam: 9.55 m (31ft 4in) Draft: 4.50-7.00 m (14ft 9in – 22ft 12in) Displacement: 250 tons (560,000lbs) Ballast: 79 tons (176,960lbs) Naval architect: Judel/Vrolijk & co Interior: Design Unlimited Builder: Baltic Launched: 2017

Article continues below…


Liara: The Baltic 112 superyacht designed to cruise the world in supreme comfort

Over the past decade we’ve been treated to the rise of the custom built cruiser-racer. Arguably inspired by the success…


Aquarius: Modern classic masterpiece makes for a surprisingly sensible superyacht

A demanding brief for Aquarius from experienced sailors has produced a masterpiece from some of the most experienced and talented…


The Baltic 142 Canova  may not be using the hydrofoils popularised by the America’s Cup , but her 29ft 6in long (9m) horizontal sliding foil employs the same principle of lift to reduce heel and boost speed. The designers of the Dynamic Stability System (DSS) say it could improve the performance of this super-cruiser by 20 per cent, delivering a sustained 25 knots – not bad for a superyacht that displaces 146 tonnes. This is the first time the DSS has been used in superyachting, but its benefits will be used for comfortable, fast long-distance cruising rather than gaining an edge on the racecourse.

With styling and interior design by Lucio Micheletti as well as the in-house team, Canova  sports a sleek, low deck saloon with a hard, fixed bimini extending over the forward cockpit area. Below, her vast deck saloon, providing panoramic views, forms the focal point of her luxury accommodation.

Unusually, the owner’s suite is located almost amidships, where motion is at its least, with further accommodation for six guests in three cabins. Other features include a Rondal rig with electric in-boom furling, a lifting keel and a propeller leg rotating through 180 degrees.

LOA: 43.3m (142ft 1in) LWL: 41.6m (136ft 6in) Beam: 9.m (29ft 6in) Draft: 3.8-6.5m (12ft 6in-21ft 4in) Displacement: 146.5 tons (328,160lbs) Naval architect: Farr Yacht Design Interior design: Baltic Yachts / Lucio Micheletti Exterior design: Lucio Micheletti Builder: Baltic Launched: 2019


Photo: Perini Navi

Part of the world’s largest sailing yacht series by length, Seven is hull number 3 in Perini Navi’s 60m ketch series, after Seahawk and Perseus 3 . Launched in 2017, she was feted for her groundbreaking interior lighting design throughout all five guest cabins. A powerful motor-sailer, her twin MTU engines and 47,000-litre fuel capacity mean a globe-trotting range of 3,600nm when motoring at 12 knots.

LOA: 60m (197ft) LWL: 50.4m (165ft 4in) Beam: 11.4m (37ft 4in) Draft: 4.3m-12.3m (14ft 1in – 40ft 4in) Mast height: 62.2m (204ft) Total sail area: 2,097 m2 (22,572ft2) Displacement: 575 tonnes (1,288,000 lbs) Naval architect: Ron Holland / Perini Navi Builder: Perini Navi Launched: 2017


Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget / Wally

This may be the fourth 100ft yacht designed to the Wallycento box rule, but it’s one that raises the bar with regard to combining form and functionality with outrageously cool aesthetics. Considering that Wally is yachting’s deity of style, that’s saying something.

Tango is at the very forefront of modern fast monohull design and advanced technology. Its stealthy black livery and long, low lines combine with a bold reverse sheerline to create a potent, powerful look. The ruthlessly clean deck is signature Wally. The image of the single helmsman on deck, with all that power and beauty controlled simply by the touch of a network of buttons on the pedestals, has become an icon for the Italian brand.

LOA: 30.48m (100ft) Beam: 7.20m (23ft 7in) Draught: 4.4-6.2m (14ft 5in-20ft 4in) Displacement (light): 47,500kg (104,720lb) Upwind sail area: 640m2 (6,889ft2) Downwind sail area: 1,398m2 (15,048ft2) Naval architecture: Mills Design Exterior design: Wally / Mills Design Interior design: Pininfarina Builder: Persico Marine Launched: 2017


Photo: Breed Media

The owner’s brief for Ngoni would be challenging for any size of yacht: “Build me a beast. Don’t build me a sheep in wolf’s clothing. This has to be an edgy and innovative weapon; fast and furious.” When the boat in question is a giant 58m (190ft) sloop with a displacement of nearly 400 tonnes this project was always going to push hard against existing boundaries of design, deck hardware and materials technology.

“The owner wanted me to take a fresh look at large yacht design,” Dubois recalled before his untimely death four years ago. “He wanted me to go back to my roots in the late 1970s and ’80s when we were designing race boats, but he also knew we had designed a number of high-performance yachts that were nevertheless seaworthy and comfortable cruisers. So I had to reset my internal computer, if you like, and look hard at how we could save weight and add strength.

“That’s how the reverse sheer came about. I was worried he might not like it. The next time we met in London I showed him the design and he loved it – in fact he gave me a big bear hug!”

LOA: 58.15m 190ft 9in LWL: 51.20m 167ft 12in Beam: 9.54m 31ft 4in Draught: 5.3m-81m (17ft 5in-26ft 7in) Displacement: 353 tons (778,224lb) Upwind sail area: 1,950m2 (20,989ft2) Downwind sail area: 3,093m2 (33,293ft2) Air draught: 75m (247ft) Naval architect: Ed Dubois Interior design: Paul Morgan / Rick Baker Builder: Royal Huisman Launched: 2017


Photo: Vitters Shipyard

Ahimsa is a 216ft sloop-rigged aluminum yacht, designed by the late Ed Dubois. Built with a combination of innovation and advanced technical craftsmanship, Ahimsa boasts a low superstructure and deck clean. Key features include the ability to hoist her mainsail in less than two minutes and tack the boat within 30 seconds.

The 83m carbonfibre mast is the largest ever produced by Southern Spars and had to be transported to The Netherlands in two pieces. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Ahimsa ‘s Code 1 sail is the world’s largest artwork on canvas, designed by the Norwegian artist Magne Furuholmen.

LOA: 66m (216ft 6in) Mast height: 83m (272ft 4in) Naval architect: Ed Dubois Builder: Vitters Launched: 2012

Svea , the newest addition to the now nine-strong J Class fleet, is one of the most outstanding new yachts of modern times – a harmonious meeting of historic and modern design; a blend of J Class lines and maxi grand prix yacht technology.

All Js dazzle on the water, but Svea simply stops you in your tracks. Her lines and deck are kept spectacularly clean, thanks to the compact wheelhouse, sunken wheel and wonderfully low boom.

Her dark metallic grey hull and black and red sail wardrobe lend her timeless lines a slightly menacing appearance – a purposeful racing look that belies the luxurious interior below decks. The aggressive aesthetics are in keeping with her name, a Viking word (it means Swede).

LOA: 43.6m (143ft 1in) Interior design: Pieter Beeldsnijder / deVos deVries design Builder: Vitters/Bloemsma Launched: 2017


Not only is Liara a masterpiece of style, thanks to UK-based super designers Malcolm McKeon and Adam Lay combining to stunning effect, but she clearly represents a formidable amount of experience. And that all stems from the boss.

This is the fourth Liara for British serial yacht owner Tony Todd, who is now in his seventies. His initial brief was for a safe, comfortable family cruising yacht for circumnavigating the globe , hence the deep and well-protected cockpit. However, Todd has been racing yachts all his life, and once his competitive side kicked in and the odd regatta was mentioned, the speed, weight and deck layout to make this possible became critical features. The result is Liara , the definitive multi-role superyacht.


LOA: 112ft 0in (34.14m) LWL: 105ft 0in (32.00m) Beam: 25ft 11in (7.90m) Draught: 13ft 0in-20ft 2in (3.95m-6.15m) Displacement (light): 88 tonnes (194,000 lbs) Design: Malcolm McKeon / Adam Lay Builder: Baltic Launched: 2019

Crew on Icon of the Seas cruise ship rescues 14 people stranded at sea

cruise ship miami

The crew on the world's largest cruise ship, the Icon of the Seas, helped rescue 14 people who were clinging to a small boat this week, officials said.

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said the ship "encountered a small vessel adrift and in need of assistance" Sunday.

"The ship’s crew immediately launched a rescue operation, safely bringing 14 people onboard," the spokesperson said. "The crew provided them with medical attention, and is working closely with the U.S. Coast Guard."

The cruise, which began in Miami, was headed for Honduras when the rescue happened, passengers said. Passengers captured video of the crew using a small vessel to ferry the group to the safety of the cruise ship.

The crew broadcast “Code Oscar, Code Oscar, Code Oscar,” over the loudspeakers, Alessandra Amodio said in a report on  FoxWeather.com . Amodio said she watched as people on the tiny craft waved a large white flag.

After the rescue, Amodio said, the cruise ship’s captain announced the crew had rescued 14 people stranded at sea for eight days.

The Icon of the Seas boasts 18 decks and six waterslides, and it can accommodate more than 5,500 passengers. It has 2,850 staterooms and seven swimming pools.

The colossal ship is 1,198 feet long, dwarfing the Titanic, which was 882.9 feet long. It departed on its maiden voyage on Jan. 27 from Miami, TODAY.com reported.

Antonio Planas is a breaking news reporter for NBC News Digital. 

The Associated Press

Meriam Bouarrouj is an NBC News assignment editor.


Video: Indian-American Exposes Himself on Yacht, Threatens Dock Worker Over Parking Spat

A n Indian-origin businessman has been caught indecently exposing himself in a video from a recent incident at a US Seaforth Boat Rental. Tensions flared between Ajay Thakore, also known as Ace Rogers, and a dock worker in San Diego, resulting in a verbal spat.

Thakore, a local entrepreneur and the owner of a $4.5 million Lamborghini yacht, sought parking privileges but was rebuffed by the worker at the private Marriot Marquis Marina, the New York Post reported. Video footage circulating online captures Thakore hurling verbal abuse at the worker, punctuated by menacing threats of violence. The fight took a wild turn when Thakore proceeded to expose himself and throw money into the water.

‘Two sides to every story’

One of Thakore’s employees, present during the spat, said the situation spiraled out of control as verbal exchanges intensified, and attempts to board the yacht were met with resistance. Thakore, addressing the incident on his official Instagram page, sought to provide context to the viral footage.

In his statement, Thakore highlighted the conflicting nature of the encounter, stressing that “there are two sides to every story.” He rebuffed the portrayal of the incident as a one-sided confrontation, urging observers to recognise the broader context preceding the confrontation.

“There are two sides to every story. It’s easy to paint a picture with edited video clips from cell phones, but it’s hard to explain context and look at a situation from all sides. My employee Jason was being restricted, restrained, and threatened while trying to board my yacht. As a leader, I defend my own fiercely with everything I have, and I will never apologize for that. You can choose to believe that I just pulled up to a dock and started yelling, or you can realize that a lot happened before the cameras were rolling, and that it takes two sides to escalate a situation. You can also see we are leaving the scene, deescalating the situation, and not approaching to threaten,” he said.

“It’s innate to our culture to gossip about the reactions of the rich or famous, especially when provoked. But people fail to recognize that successful people become so for a reason. If they just went around acting out of line for no reason, they wouldn’t be where they are. Their track record of success should warrant the benefit of the doubt, not a rush to judgement,” he added.

Video footage circulating online captures Thakore hurling verbal abuse at the worker, punctuated by menacing threats of violence.  (Screengrab/@CollinRugg)

video ormeggio yacht

Barche, otto cruiser comodi sotto i 200mila euro

  • Maggio 20, 2019


Regala o regalati un abbonamento a Barche a Motore cartaceo + digitale e a soli 39 euro l’anno hai la rivista a casa e in più la leggi su PC, smartphone e tablet. Con un mare di vantaggi.

Barche, 8 cruiser sotto i 200mila euro

Bavaria Yacht S40 Open

In barca con onda formata: ecco come comportarsi

Naviga informato.

  • vivere in barca

2 commenti su “Barche, otto cruiser comodi sotto i 200mila euro”

' src=

il presso della leader 33 è sbagliato, costa 181+iva

' src=

che mezzi ..the best è sicuramente il SEALINE S330

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video ormeggio yacht

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Mylius M62P

Mylius M62P è la nuova barca da crociera all’italiana (19.5 m)

Dritto prodiero invertito, ampie finestrature a murata, ponte principale con grandi vetrate a 360° e flybridge arredato a concludere. Arriva il nuovo Mylius M62P e si presenta come un cruiser cui fare attenzione. Lungo 19.5 metri e nato dalle penne

Mercury Racing 60 APX

Mercury Racing 60 APX, il nuovo fuoribordo Mercury da corsa da 60hp

Puramente pensato per il mondo della velocità sull’acqua arriva il nuovo fuoribordo Mercury Racing 60 APX di Mercury Racing. Un “piccolo” rispetto ai giganti a cui ci ha abituato il colosso americano che si rivolge direttamente al mondo delle gare,

Guardia costiera SAR 300

Arriva (di nuovo) il BarcaVelox: ecco cosa cambia ora

Arriva il BarcaVelox. È stato approvato in Commissione Trasporti alla Camera l’emendamento che autorizza in maniera definitiva l’uso del BarcaVelox, l’autovelox per le imbarcazioni, nella Laguna Veneta.  Tra le nuove misure approvate dalla commissione Trasporti della Camera c’è anche il

video ormeggio yacht

AirHull, con questa carena la barca consuma la metà

E se con una buona carena, alla tua barca servisse il 30-50% di energia in meno? Dal gruppo scandinavo, Nimbus AB, ecco uno studio interessante: AirHull. I protagonisti coinvolti sono tre: Alukin, proprietà di Nimbus, e le due aziende norvegesi

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Video: 95m Greek superyacht O'PARI completed and ready for 2020 Greece Charters

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By Editorial Team   29 June 2020

The 95m (310') charter yacht O'PARI has been delivered by Golden Yachts and is now ready to host her first  Greece yacht charters  this summer 2020. 

A fine example of Greek shipbuilding and design,  O'PARI  has been handed over to her Owners as part of a delivery ceremony at Golden Yachts' facilities in Athens.

In an exclusive video, the brand new superyacht was captured cruising in Poros during her maiden voyage over the weekend.

The 2600 GT yacht hit the water for the first time in March. Her keel was laid in October 2018, demonstrating an impressively speedy turnaround time for Golden Yachts, with their new flagship built and delivered in less than two years. The superyacht is a fitting testament to the shipyard's resilience even during the Coronavirus crisis. 

O'PARI marks the fourth-largest superyacht ever built in Greece, and she is now the 66th Largest Yacht in the World. 

The superyacht is 100% Greek-made, and has been commissioned for serial yacht owner Paris Dragnis. 

luxury yacht o'pari during delivery, with greek flag and shipyard flag on yacht

Dragnis, a prominent Greek businessman, has owned and commissioned 14 superyachts and all of them were or still are popular luxury charter yachts . All of his yachts have a stellar selection of luxury amenities and a host of celebrity clientele, and Dragnis has been credited with strengthening the nautical tourism sector in Greece through his yachts. 

O'PARI was also designed with the charter market in mind from the outset, and her Owner's input and experience will no doubt make her a popular option for superyacht charter vacations around Greece.

She marks a rare opportunity to charter a brand new, large yacht in Greek waters.

She marks a rare opportunity to charter a brand new, large yacht in Greek waters.

o'pari yacht aerial shot with pools and helipad

Following in the footsteps of other yachts built by Golden Yachts, the superyacht has an incredible range of amenities, including a huge pool, a foredeck helipad, an enormous Owner's deck and a sundeck dip pool. 

Accommodation is provided for a total of 12 guests in 14 cabins, and her interior styling is by Studio Vafiadis. The Greek studio has previously worked on other superyachts including 107m motor yacht DREAM , where they created a beautifully relaxed, elegant and luminous on-board atmosphere. Some of their signature design elements include drop-down television screens which spin around, and plush carpets that absorb excess sound and create a wonderfully soft feeling underfoot.

Similar themes are expected on board O'PARI, with champagne and cream tones, discreet lighting panels and marble-clad en suites. 

dining salon on opari superyacht with chandelier

O'PARI undertook her maiden voyage down to Poros and Hydra over the weekend, and has since returned to the mainland.

The motor yacht  is the fourteenth yacht built by Golden Yachts. By length, she is the largest Greek-built vessel to be purpose-built as a charter yacht. 

However, 91m charter yacht MOONLIGHT II has a slightly larger overall volume, with a GT of 2,982 in comparison to O'PARI's 2,600 GT.

superyacht o'pari rendering underway

O'PARI is available to book right now for a summer 2020 yachting vacation in Greece. Her charter price is from €1,000,000 p/week plus expenses.

From the cultural heritage of Mykonos  to the emerald bays of Spetses , these diverse cruising grounds are perfect for exploring on a yachting vacation; check out our guide to Greece yacht charters to learn more.

Greece is also a great destination for a social-distancing vacation, as there are over 6,000 islands to explore and plenty of remote beaches and secluded bays. 

chapel overlooking little bay in greece

To compare O'PARI against other yachts available in the region, you can take a look at all luxury Mediterranean charter yachts . 

If you're interested in making a booking or learning more about being the first to charter M/Y O'PARI, please reach out to your preferred yacht charter broker or get in touch with us . 

All delivery pictures credit: Protothema

Video credit: Lazaros Zarifis 

Charter Yachts built or once owned by the Dragnis Family

O'Neiro yacht charter

53m Golden Yachts 2008

OCeanos yacht charter

49m Mondo Marine 2006 / 2022

Jaan yacht charter

42m Intermarine 1997 / 2016

Vertigo yacht charter

52m Golden Yachts 2007 / 2020

Emir yacht charter

83m Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2004 / 2022

Rama II

42m Alucraft 1984 / 1999

Mia Rama yacht charter

54m Golden Yachts 2010

O'Pati yacht charter

40m Golden Yachts 2011 / 2023

O'Natalina yacht charter

56m Picchiotti 1985 / 2017

O'Rion yacht charter

41m Siar & Moschini 2003 / 2017

O'Ptasia yacht charter

85m Golden Yachts 2018 / 2022

O'Mathilde yacht charter

56m Golden Yachts 2018

O'Pari yacht charter

95m Golden Yachts 2020


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85m M/Y O’PTASIA delivered from Golden Yachts

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Extravagant 122m megayacht KISMET joins global yacht charter fleet

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O'PARI Yacht Review

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Search on for missing Indonesia boat crew after 11 found alive at sea

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After Ukraine controversy, Pope again condemns 'madness of war'

Pope Francis issued a fresh condemnation of all wars on Wednesday, days after irking Kyiv and Western capitals for appearing to suggest that Ukraine should surrender and negotiate peace with its Russian invader.

A suspected attack at a checkpoint outside of Jerusalem, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank

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English translation of 'ormeggio'

IPA Pronunciation Guide

Image of ormeggio

picture of Mooring

In other languages ormeggio

  • American English : mooring / ˈmʊərɪŋ /
  • Brazilian Portuguese : ancoradouro
  • Chinese : 停泊处
  • European Spanish : amarradero
  • French : mouillage
  • German : Anlegeplatz
  • Italian : ormeggio
  • Japanese : 係留所
  • Korean : 정박지
  • European Portuguese : ancoradouro
  • Latin American Spanish : amarradero

Browse alphabetically ormeggio

  • ormeggiarsi
  • ornamentale
  • All ITALIAN words that begin with 'O'

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  1. Yacht in manovra di ormeggio

    video ormeggio yacht

  2. ormeggio-yacht-mybunkering

    video ormeggio yacht

  3. Servizi

    video ormeggio yacht

  4. Maxi yacht all'ormeggio al Marina d'Arechi: ecco "Nahlin"

    video ormeggio yacht

  5. Ormeggio / posti barca / banchina

    video ormeggio yacht

  6. Marina d'Arechi, maxi yacht all'ormeggio: c'è anche lo Yalla

    video ormeggio yacht


  1. Il super yacht si trasforma in sommergibile

  2. Ischia, l'ormeggio di un maxy yacht

  3. Ormeggio yacht 40 metri Porto Venere

  4. Problemi con l'ormeggio? Affidati a Yacht Controller

  5. ormeggio in banchina classico

  6. Yacht affondato


  1. L'ormeggio facile della barca secondo Quick

    Clicca Mostra Altro per leggere la descrizione completa ed i link contenuti nel video. Vieni a trovarci su https://www.barcheamotore.com- Siamo anche su Face...

  2. Come ormeggiare: consigli per un ormeggio perfetto

    Maurizio Darai, più volte campione del mondo, ci spiega come eseguire un ormeggio perfetto quando si pilota una barca a motore.

  3. Yacht in manovra di ormeggio

    Porto Santo Stefano Yacht durante l'ormeggio

  4. Free Ormeggio Per Yacht Fluviali Videos

    Download and use 1,580+ Ormeggio per yacht fluviali stock videos for free. Thousands of new 4k videos every day Completely Free to Use High-quality HD videos and clips from Pexels. Videos. Explore. License. Upload. Upload Join. Free Ormeggio Per Yacht Fluviali Videos. Photos 4.6K Videos 1.6K Users 79.2K.

  5. Ormeggio: manovrare in acque ristrette on Vimeo

    Pietro Calvelli. Condurre una barca a vela all'ormeggio in acque ristrette, senza fare danni senza farsi compatire. Utilizzare l'effetto evolutivo dell'elica, progettare la manovra, eseguirla: le lezioni pratiche di Ormeggio di Yacht Club Romagna: ycr.it.

  6. Ormeggio yacht di lusso

    Watch. Home. Live

  7. Yacht Hawaii Navi

    Scarica gratuitamente video di Yacht Hawaii Navi dall'immensa raccolta di immagini stock, video e musica royalty-free di Pixabay.

  8. Stock videos of Yacht ormeggiato

    Browse royalty-free stock video for Yacht ormeggiato in popular formats including 4K and Full HD for your creative needs. Download your videos today!

  9. VIDEO: Exclusive look inside newly fitted superyacht O'MEGA

    One of the largest charter yachts available in Greece, O'MEGA was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2004 and underwent a refit in 2015 by Italian design house Studio Vafiadis. Her sophisticated new look is now ready to be showcased in time for the summer season. With the capacity to sleep up to 30 charter guests, O'MEGA is an ...

  10. Superyacht videos

    Captain Andy Sheltrum of the 36.7m sailing yacht BLISS. Length: 36.7m (120.4ft) Guests: 10 guests in 3 cabins. Built: 2009 (refitted 2019) Yachting Developments. Watch video. You've viewed 1-12 of 151. 1 2 3. From inspiring aerial shots to underwater camera action, our bespoke films capture the essence of on board adventure.

  11. Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts

    8. Svea. Svea, the newest addition to the now nine-strong J Class fleet, is one of the most outstanding new yachts of modern times - a harmonious meeting of historic and modern design; a blend ...

  12. Seven feared dead on migrant boat off Spain's Canary Islands

    ARGUINEGUIN, Spain, March 11 (Reuters) - Two people died as they attempted to reach Spain's Canary Islands on a boat with 40 migrants on board, while four others were evacuated by helicopter to ...

  13. Yacht New Master ormeggio porto Lavagna

    Video Vittorio Innocente - Marina of Lavagna (Genoa) - New Mooring Yacht Master built by Cantieri Baglietto La Spezia (Italy) 2001. Naval Architect: Vincenzo...

  14. Crew on Icon of the Seas cruise ship rescues 14 people stranded at sea

    The crew on the world's largest cruise ship, the Icon of the Seas, helped rescue 14 people who were clinging to a small boat this week, officials said. A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said the ship ...

  15. Succede #succede #yacht #ormeggio #ops #viareggio # ...

    Succede #succede #yacht #ormeggio #ops #viareggio #porto #viareggiodarsena.

  16. Video: Indian-American Exposes Himself on Yacht, Threatens Dock Worker

    Thakore, a local entrepreneur and the owner of a $4.5 million Lamborghini yacht, sought parking privileges but was rebuffed by the worker at the private Marriot Marquis Marina, the New York Post ...

  17. Yachts, Hawaii, Ships. Free Stock Video

    Details. Yachts hawaii ships free stock video. Free for use & download. RafterJr72 1,182 followers. Feel free to support my videos with donation. Collecting donations for greater good!🙏🙏🙏 For new ND filter for my lens ☕😉📷.

  18. Barche, ecco otto cruiser comodi sotto i 200mila euro

    BAVARIA YACHT S40 OPEN. L'S40 open è il più grande della nostra rassegna. Una barca completa fornita di 2 Mercruiser da 355 cv. Gli spazi sono notevoli sia sopra che sottocoperta dove si trovano due ampie cabine, dinette con cucina e bagno. Esistono altre due versioni, Hard Top e Coupé aggiungendo rispettivamente 10.000 e 17.400 euro.

  19. Free Stock Videos of Ormeggio, Stock Footage in 4K and Full HD

    Browse royalty-free stock video for Ormeggio in popular formats including 4K and Full HD for your creative needs. Download your videos today! Create. Animated Graphics. Instagram Posts. Posters. Facebook Posts. Logo Maker. Flyers. YouTube Thumbnails. Brochure Maker. Invitations. Youtube Intro Maker.

  20. Yacht da 21,5 mln di euro finisce sulle barche ormeggiate

    Le immagini riprese dalle telecamere di sorveglianza del porto di Angeles

  21. Video: 95m Greek superyacht O'PARI completed and ...

    The 95m (310') charter yacht O'PARI has been delivered by Golden Yachts and is now ready to host her first Greece yacht charters this summer 2020. A fine example of Greek shipbuilding and design, O'PARI has been handed over to her Owners as part of a delivery ceremony at Golden Yachts' facilities in Athens. In an exclusive video, the brand new ...

  22. Ormeggio Yacht per Charter e (@ormeggio_yacht)

    190 Followers, 324 Following, 4 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ormeggio Yacht per Charter e (@ormeggio_yacht) Something went wrong. There's an issue and the page could not be loaded. Reload page ...

  23. Search on for missing Indonesia boat crew after 11 found alive at sea

    March 12, 20248:14 PM PDTUpdated 36 min ago. JAKARTA, March 13 (Reuters) - Rescue teams searched waters in central Indonesia on Wednesday for 24 fishermen missing since their boat sank at the ...

  24. First boat carrying aid to Gaza leaves Cyprus port

    02:39. A robot traveled to the deep sea. See what it found. 01:59. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports on the first ship bringing aid to Gaza from Cyprus leaving port, and the desperate need for more ...

  25. Ormeggio yacht 40 metri Porto Venere

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  26. ormeggio

    Translation of "ormeggio" in English. Noun. Verb. mooring berth docking berthing anchorage. anchoring. moorage. Show more. Andrò all'ormeggio a preparare la nave. I'll ride down to the mooring, prepare the boat.

  27. Presentazione corso di ormeggio

    Il video illustri i punti principale del corso di ormeggio del Yacht Club Romagna, un corso ormai consolidato che funziona e rende le perosne autonome ed evi...

  28. English translation of 'ormeggio'

    English Translation of "ORMEGGIO" | The official Collins Italian-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of Italian words and phrases.