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Gliding Across Tokyo’s Sumida River: The Mesmerizing Zipper Boat


CROCUS Yacht: An 48 Meter Beauty by Admiral

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PHI Yacht – Royal Huisman’s $45 Million Superyacht

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SAILING YACHT A – World’s Biggest Sailing Yacht – $600 Million

SAILING YACHT A measures 143 meters making her the world’s biggest sailing yacht.

SAILING YACHT A is far more than a luxury vessel. She is a masterpiece of design and innovation combining sleek metal surfaces with futuristic naval architecture that took over two years to complete.

Launched in 2017, both the interior and exterior of this mega sailing yacht were designed by Phillippe Starck, who calls SAILING YACHT A one of his most high-profile projects.

The superyacht has taken on voyages all around the world and was most recently spotted sailing off the coasts of Gibraltar and Cyprus.

Sailing Yacht A Blohm VOSS SV


Both the interior and exterior of SAILING YACHT A were designed by Philippe Starck , a French architect known for his wide range of design projects.

He famously worked on the impressive MOTOR YACHT A, and the two iconic vessels share a lot of similarities in their layout and specifications.

Both yachts look incredibly futuristic and are sure to attract attention wherever they go.

While no exact details are known about the interior of SAILING YACHT A, it is rumored that she has an underwater observation pod with 30 cm (1 ft) thick glass located in the keel of the vessel.

This is one of the few parts where design mockups are publicly available, and the style of the interior can be examined.

The observation pod appears to have cream upholstery that stretches across the floor and ceiling of the cabin.

Two large symmetrical glass windows allow guests to view the breathtaking underwater world without even having to leave the yacht.

A third window is located at the bottom of the pod, which lets it feel like a true 360-degree experience and is almost comparable to a submarine.

A small floating side table provides guests with a space to place drinks or snacks in the pod and enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience in this unusual location.

Since the pod is located at the keel of the yacht, the large propellers are most likely visible from the windows suggesting it is most commonly used at anchor.

The superyacht has ten cabins that can accommodate 20 guests as well as a further 54 crew member.

Paparazzi photos and the work of yacht spotters provide a rare glimpse into the interior of SAILING YACHT A.

No official footage of cabins or salons has been released, although Starck’s past work suggests that the yacht would be furnished with opulent elements that perfectly combine luxury with style.

Silver and metal decorations play a large role and tie the interior design of the yacht together. 

However, SAILING YACHT A was launched much later than her motorized companion suggesting her interior might be more modern with minimalistic elements rather than lavish furnishings.

Occasional photographs shot through open doors, and portholes show expensive art pieces decorating the interior of the yacht and rather absurd design choices like a set of chairs shaped like large human heads.

The yacht appears to feature a large, open salon with an elevated seating area and symmetrical arches on either side.

While details aren’t known to the public, it is rumored that SAILING YACHT A features a luxurious spa area, a sizable gym as well as an owner’s suite with several rooms that is only accessible via fingerprint.

The massive private area is said to feature a 60-inch television that disappears into the floor as well as a rotating bed. 

Considering she is the largest sailing yacht in the world, it is surprising that SAILING YACHT A can only host 20 guests.

This suggests that there are spacious entertainment areas located on board, including several saloons and ample below-deck space for crew members.

Due to her large size and a small number of cabins, it is assumed that SAILING YACHT A can welcome a large number of day guests onboard for special events and celebrations.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sailing-Yacht-A-Blohm-VOSS-SV3-1024x1024.jpg

Biggest sailing yacht controversy

It has been the topic of debate that SAILING YACHT A is not the largest yacht in the world but instead the ‘largest sail-assisted motor yacht.

Depending on the definition used, that would make BLACK PEARL the biggest sailing yacht in the world.

Sailing Yacht A Blohm VOSS SV2

The most expensive sailing yacht

SAILING YACHT A is the most expensive sailing yacht in the world and cost an estimated price of US $600 million – a relatively “affordable” price considering her large size and tonnage.

A calculated US $48,000 per ton is considered low in the yachting industry, where European yachts are usually priced at US $60,000 per ton and over.

This average price would bring the value of SAILING YACHT A up to nearly US $800 million. However, due to the fact that the official sales price has not been released to the public, these numbers are mere estimates and cannot be validated officially.

Since the yacht is a custom project and one of a kind, it can be assumed that the total value of SAILING YACHT A lies far higher than her initial price.

In addition to any cost for the crew, supplies, and docking fees, she has annual running costs of US $50-75 million.

SAILING YACHT A is currently not available for sale or charter.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sailing-Yacht-A-Blohm-VOSS-BV1-1024x1024.jpg


SAILING YACHT A is incredibly large for a sailing yacht, and even compared to the longest motor yachts in the world, she would rank in the top ten.

Paired with her unusual futuristic design, this mega sailing yacht has a length of 143 meters (469 ft), a beam of 25 meters (82 ft), and a draft of 8 meters (26 ft) making her a more than an impressive vessel.

SAILING YACHT A was built by Nobiskrug , a German superyacht builder at their Kiel shipyard, and launched in 2017 after more than two years of construction.

To date, SAILING YACHT A is the largest yacht ever built by Nobiskrug and remains their flagship.

It is considered the most complicated project to ever be completed in the sailing industry and gained international media attention on its launch date. It has a total volume of 12.558 tons and is powered by hybrid diesel-electric engines. 

SAILING YACHT A is considered the longest sailing yacht in the world and is more than 36 meters (118 ft) longer than BLACK PEARL, which ranks in second place on the list.

Coincidentally her project name was WHITE PEARL which is a reference to her brilliant white exterior, although it couldn’t have referred to BLACK PEARL since she was only launched in 2018, a year after Melnichenko’s masterpiece.  

Her three-carbon masts stand at an impressive 100 meters (328 ft), making them some of the largest in the world and taller than Big Ben in London.

However, her large size is sometimes also limiting as she struggles to fit underneath most bridges and is therefore constrained to certain routes.

She once passed under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with only 20 feet to spare between her masts and the bottom of the famous bridge.

She is rumored to have an electric gimbal crow’s nest, which allows for remote operation and advanced wind measurements. Her sails are all white, and her masts have nearly sickle-like shapes, which add to her striking futuristic appearance.

It is noteworthy that she is commonly photographed with her sails down, which suggests she might be using her support engines more frequently than true wind power.

With a sail area of more than 3.700m^2 (40.000 square ft), she can reach top speeds of up to 21 knots which is supported by her twin 4895 Horsepower MTU engines .

Her average cruise speed lies at 16 knots, and her total range is estimated to lie at 5320 nautical miles. She features a state-of-the-art sail system that is able to raise and lower the sails and anchors at the touch of a button. 

SAILING YACHT A has a steel hull and composite steel superstructure, which is unusual in the superyacht industry as most shipyards choose aluminum to reduce weight and keep the vessel light.

She currently sails under the flag of Bermuda, which is common for prominent sailing yachts.

sailing yacht a tender 2

During construction, SAILING YACHT A was called project WHITE PEARL, a fitting name for this sizable vessel.

Like her interior, the exterior of SAILING YACHT A was designed by Philippe Starck, although the Dutch studio Dykstra Naval Architects played a role in the naval architecture of the vessel.

They specialize in sailing yachts of all sizes and have been involved in many prominent projects in the industry over the years.

She features eight teak decks with a large swimming pool located in the center and several elevators spread across the yacht.

She is even said to carry a submarine. The main pool is lowered into the deck allowing for additional privacy for the owners.

Her hull has 24 shell doors, which are used to access equipment and provide additional deck space if needed. She is accompanied by four tenders also designed by Philippe Starck and built by Lloyd Stevenson in New Zealand.

Their sleek and elegant design matches that of the main vessel, and they are used for transporting guests and taking them on excursions.

One of the tenders of SAILING YACHT A is a carbon fiber speedboat especially reserved for the owner who can operate the vessel autonomously whenever required without the aid of crew members.

This allows Melnichenko, who is a fan of driving high-speed cars to be independent when staying aboard his luxury yacht. The tender is small but powerful, reaching speeds of up to 53 knots.

The larger tenders can seat up to eight passengers and feature panoramic windows ideal for sightseeing and exploring but are much slower at only 30 knots. 

The aft features a large garage used for storing jet skis, tenders, and other equipment.

High-profile artists such as Snoop Dogg are rumored to have performed here, although detailed evidence of such concerts remains unknown.

Whenever the aft isn’t used for performances or parties, it can be transformed into a swimming platform designed in the yacht’s iconic futuristic style. 

However, despite her cutting-edge design features, SAILING YACHT A surprisingly also includes classic nautical elements. She has a wooden steering wheel that is reminiscent of a pirate ship, although it is not operational.

The captain of the vessel can instead use modern technologies to operate the massive yacht via a small joystick and touchscreen.

There are symmetric extendable balconies that protrude from the bridge of the yacht and allow the crew to have a better view to be able to gauge the dimensions of the immense vessel.

Of course, SAILING YACHT A has a modern underwater lighting system that illuminates the vessel perfectly at night.

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  • Reymond Langton Design

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Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts

Yachting World

  • September 10, 2020

Sailing superyacht technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years - we take a closer look at nine of the most stunning examples...

1. Aquarius

The brief for Aquarius included that she should be, ‘an elegant, muscular sailing yacht with a classic profile for family enjoyment.’ But that barely scratches the surface of the main requirements for this giant ketch. The owners also wanted a yacht that would combine good seakeeping characteristics with performance, reliability and quality.

Essential features included relative simplicity, robustness of systems and a contemporary interpretation of elegant, classic lines, with a clean and uncomplicated appearance. Aquarius ’s graceful lines and timeless shape belie a rugged world cruiser configured to be self-sufficient for extended periods when voyaging well beyond the popular Med and Caribbean circuits. In addition, the yacht is welcoming for family and friends, while providing sufficient performance to compete in superyacht regattas.


LOA: 56.18m (184ft 4in) LWL: 41.17m (135ft 1in) Beam: 9.51m (31ft 2in) Draught: 4.80m (15ft 9in) Displacement: 264 tonnes (591,360lbs) Mainsail: 520m2 (5,597ft2) Mizzen: 440m2 (4,736ft2) Blade: 430m2 (4,628ft2) Air draught: 58.50m (192ft 11in) Spars: Rondal carbon with Rondal/Carbo-Link continuous standing rigging Builder: Royal Huisman Launched: 2017


Photo: Baltic Yachts

2. Pink Gin VI

The Baltic 175 Pink Gin may have captured most of the headlines for her sheer size and cleverly engineered topside balconies, but below decks a collection of Cuban art and some phenomenal styling demand equal attention.

Mark Tucker’s team at Design Unlimited in the UK worked closely with the yacht’s owner, Professor Hans Georg Näder, with whom they had co-operated on his previous Pink Gin , to produce an unusual exercise in interior styling.

LOA: 53.90m (176ft 10in) LWL: 45.27 m (148ft 6in) Beam: 9.55 m (31ft 4in) Draft: 4.50-7.00 m (14ft 9in – 22ft 12in) Displacement: 250 tons (560,000lbs) Ballast: 79 tons (176,960lbs) Naval architect: Judel/Vrolijk & co Interior: Design Unlimited Builder: Baltic Launched: 2017

Article continues below…


Liara: The Baltic 112 superyacht designed to cruise the world in supreme comfort

Over the past decade we’ve been treated to the rise of the custom built cruiser-racer. Arguably inspired by the success…


Aquarius: Modern classic masterpiece makes for a surprisingly sensible superyacht

A demanding brief for Aquarius from experienced sailors has produced a masterpiece from some of the most experienced and talented…


The Baltic 142 Canova  may not be using the hydrofoils popularised by the America’s Cup , but her 29ft 6in long (9m) horizontal sliding foil employs the same principle of lift to reduce heel and boost speed. The designers of the Dynamic Stability System (DSS) say it could improve the performance of this super-cruiser by 20 per cent, delivering a sustained 25 knots – not bad for a superyacht that displaces 146 tonnes. This is the first time the DSS has been used in superyachting, but its benefits will be used for comfortable, fast long-distance cruising rather than gaining an edge on the racecourse.

With styling and interior design by Lucio Micheletti as well as the in-house team, Canova  sports a sleek, low deck saloon with a hard, fixed bimini extending over the forward cockpit area. Below, her vast deck saloon, providing panoramic views, forms the focal point of her luxury accommodation.

Unusually, the owner’s suite is located almost amidships, where motion is at its least, with further accommodation for six guests in three cabins. Other features include a Rondal rig with electric in-boom furling, a lifting keel and a propeller leg rotating through 180 degrees.

LOA: 43.3m (142ft 1in) LWL: 41.6m (136ft 6in) Beam: 9.m (29ft 6in) Draft: 3.8-6.5m (12ft 6in-21ft 4in) Displacement: 146.5 tons (328,160lbs) Naval architect: Farr Yacht Design Interior design: Baltic Yachts / Lucio Micheletti Exterior design: Lucio Micheletti Builder: Baltic Launched: 2019


Photo: Perini Navi

Part of the world’s largest sailing yacht series by length, Seven is hull number 3 in Perini Navi’s 60m ketch series, after Seahawk and Perseus 3 . Launched in 2017, she was feted for her groundbreaking interior lighting design throughout all five guest cabins. A powerful motor-sailer, her twin MTU engines and 47,000-litre fuel capacity mean a globe-trotting range of 3,600nm when motoring at 12 knots.

LOA: 60m (197ft) LWL: 50.4m (165ft 4in) Beam: 11.4m (37ft 4in) Draft: 4.3m-12.3m (14ft 1in – 40ft 4in) Mast height: 62.2m (204ft) Total sail area: 2,097 m2 (22,572ft2) Displacement: 575 tonnes (1,288,000 lbs) Naval architect: Ron Holland / Perini Navi Builder: Perini Navi Launched: 2017


Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget / Wally

This may be the fourth 100ft yacht designed to the Wallycento box rule, but it’s one that raises the bar with regard to combining form and functionality with outrageously cool aesthetics. Considering that Wally is yachting’s deity of style, that’s saying something.

Tango is at the very forefront of modern fast monohull design and advanced technology. Its stealthy black livery and long, low lines combine with a bold reverse sheerline to create a potent, powerful look. The ruthlessly clean deck is signature Wally. The image of the single helmsman on deck, with all that power and beauty controlled simply by the touch of a network of buttons on the pedestals, has become an icon for the Italian brand.

LOA: 30.48m (100ft) Beam: 7.20m (23ft 7in) Draught: 4.4-6.2m (14ft 5in-20ft 4in) Displacement (light): 47,500kg (104,720lb) Upwind sail area: 640m2 (6,889ft2) Downwind sail area: 1,398m2 (15,048ft2) Naval architecture: Mills Design Exterior design: Wally / Mills Design Interior design: Pininfarina Builder: Persico Marine Launched: 2017


Photo: Breed Media

The owner’s brief for Ngoni would be challenging for any size of yacht: “Build me a beast. Don’t build me a sheep in wolf’s clothing. This has to be an edgy and innovative weapon; fast and furious.” When the boat in question is a giant 58m (190ft) sloop with a displacement of nearly 400 tonnes this project was always going to push hard against existing boundaries of design, deck hardware and materials technology.

“The owner wanted me to take a fresh look at large yacht design,” Dubois recalled before his untimely death four years ago. “He wanted me to go back to my roots in the late 1970s and ’80s when we were designing race boats, but he also knew we had designed a number of high-performance yachts that were nevertheless seaworthy and comfortable cruisers. So I had to reset my internal computer, if you like, and look hard at how we could save weight and add strength.

“That’s how the reverse sheer came about. I was worried he might not like it. The next time we met in London I showed him the design and he loved it – in fact he gave me a big bear hug!”

LOA: 58.15m 190ft 9in LWL: 51.20m 167ft 12in Beam: 9.54m 31ft 4in Draught: 5.3m-81m (17ft 5in-26ft 7in) Displacement: 353 tons (778,224lb) Upwind sail area: 1,950m2 (20,989ft2) Downwind sail area: 3,093m2 (33,293ft2) Air draught: 75m (247ft) Naval architect: Ed Dubois Interior design: Paul Morgan / Rick Baker Builder: Royal Huisman Launched: 2017


Photo: Vitters Shipyard

Ahimsa is a 216ft sloop-rigged aluminum yacht, designed by the late Ed Dubois. Built with a combination of innovation and advanced technical craftsmanship, Ahimsa boasts a low superstructure and deck clean. Key features include the ability to hoist her mainsail in less than two minutes and tack the boat within 30 seconds.

The 83m carbonfibre mast is the largest ever produced by Southern Spars and had to be transported to The Netherlands in two pieces. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Ahimsa ‘s Code 1 sail is the world’s largest artwork on canvas, designed by the Norwegian artist Magne Furuholmen.

LOA: 66m (216ft 6in) Mast height: 83m (272ft 4in) Naval architect: Ed Dubois Builder: Vitters Launched: 2012

Svea , the newest addition to the now nine-strong J Class fleet, is one of the most outstanding new yachts of modern times – a harmonious meeting of historic and modern design; a blend of J Class lines and maxi grand prix yacht technology.

All Js dazzle on the water, but Svea simply stops you in your tracks. Her lines and deck are kept spectacularly clean, thanks to the compact wheelhouse, sunken wheel and wonderfully low boom.

Her dark metallic grey hull and black and red sail wardrobe lend her timeless lines a slightly menacing appearance – a purposeful racing look that belies the luxurious interior below decks. The aggressive aesthetics are in keeping with her name, a Viking word (it means Swede).

LOA: 43.6m (143ft 1in) Interior design: Pieter Beeldsnijder / deVos deVries design Builder: Vitters/Bloemsma Launched: 2017


Not only is Liara a masterpiece of style, thanks to UK-based super designers Malcolm McKeon and Adam Lay combining to stunning effect, but she clearly represents a formidable amount of experience. And that all stems from the boss.

This is the fourth Liara for British serial yacht owner Tony Todd, who is now in his seventies. His initial brief was for a safe, comfortable family cruising yacht for circumnavigating the globe , hence the deep and well-protected cockpit. However, Todd has been racing yachts all his life, and once his competitive side kicked in and the odd regatta was mentioned, the speed, weight and deck layout to make this possible became critical features. The result is Liara , the definitive multi-role superyacht.


LOA: 112ft 0in (34.14m) LWL: 105ft 0in (32.00m) Beam: 25ft 11in (7.90m) Draught: 13ft 0in-20ft 2in (3.95m-6.15m) Displacement (light): 88 tonnes (194,000 lbs) Design: Malcolm McKeon / Adam Lay Builder: Baltic Launched: 2019

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Stephens Waring Yacht Design

Spirit of Tradition Yachts Designed In Maine

Home » News » SWD News & Stories » 7 Trends in Sailing Yacht Interior Design

7 Trends in Sailing Yacht Interior Design

Posted on March 14, 2023 and filed under SWD News & Stories

sailing yacht a interni

Interior designer Martha Coolidge, working with Stephens Waring Design, fine-tuned the style of the woodwork detail, panel layouts, light fixtures, and other elements of 65-ft ANNA’s appearance. Photo credit: Alison Langley

There’s some irony when it comes to looking at the hottest interior design trends for custom sailing yachts: much of the inspiration for today’s designs draw from the past – combined with modern innovation.

Interior designs that emphasize simplicity, balance, and natural materials are hardly revolutionary.  Quite the opposite.  But there is a new take and balance between old and new, iconic and innovative, that seems to provide the perfect balance for creating incredible interior spaces.

We’re exploring the top 7 trends in custom yacht design for 2023.

Natural Light and Connection Between Interior and Exterior Spaces

The use of larger windows is a trend that has been gaining popularity in yacht design in recent years, as yacht owners increasingly want to maximize their views of the surrounding environment and bring more natural light into their living spaces.

One way that yacht designers are incorporating larger windows is by using high-strength glass materials that can withstand the harsh marine environment. For example, tempered glass or laminated glass with multiple layers can provide the necessary strength and durability to withstand the wind, waves, and impact from flying debris.

In addition to using strong glass materials, yacht designers are also using innovative engineering techniques to maximize the size and placement of windows. Lightweight structural materials such as carbon fiber and titanium in the yacht’s construction, allow for larger windows without compromising the yacht’s structural integrity. In the photo of ANNA, above, the white-painted transverse structural knees are part of a carbon fabrication that strengthens the cabin and carries the mainsheet loads while blending into the classic joinery.

 M ulti Functionality and Flex Spaces

sailing yacht a interni

The design for 68-ft CIRRUS comes from blending 40’s & 50’s era style. The large saloon is designed to provide long-term comfort and versatility with innovative vertical storage and a vaulted ceiling that includes panoramic angled glass as well as overhead skylights. Design by Stephens Waring under construction at Jim Betts Enterprises.

Owners are spending more time aboard their vessels and are adding to the list demands and programmatic needs. These include home-office, fitness centers, gourmet kitchens, and gathering places for family and friends to spend longer durations of time together.

Because space is at a premium on a yacht, designers are creating multi-functional spaces that can serve multiple purposes. For example, a seating area that can be converted into a bed or a dining table that can be lowered to create additional seating. Clever storage solutions are also being incorporated into yacht design to make the most of available space.

Old World Charm Meets Modern Sensibilities: Spirit of Tradition

sailing yacht a interni

44-ft ITALMUS blends a 1940’s vernacular into the stylistic details and overall aesthetic of the yacht. The interior styling and design is aimed to mirror the era with a theme of highly crafted raised paneling and elegant joinery detail of select quarter sawn mahogany and finished in satin varnis.  Design by Stephens Waring, built by Van Dam Classic Boats. Photo credit: Billy Black

Yacht designers have always had a particular reverence for heritage and history.  The notion of heading out to sea conjures images of bygone eras past.  Capturing that essence requires a balance that avoids becoming kitsch or contrived.  While mid-century design may be considered the hot design trend of 2023, as designers steeped in a Spirit of Tradition design philosophy, we feel we’ve never left the genre.

Spirit of Tradition designs embody some historically identifiable link, particularly expressed in the shape and aesthetic exhibited in the design form of the hull and superstructure. Equally important, a Spirit of Tradition vessel must embrace modern development in materials, construction methods, mechanical systems and naval architecture science. Without the Spirit in development, we’re left with only Tradition.

Natural Materials

sailing yacht a interni

Douglas fir deck beams, traditional raised and v-groove paneling, bright varnish and white painted surfaces make it a light, airy enclave.  Interior design by Martha Coolidge and Stephens Waring Design.  Boat construction by Lyman-Morse.  Photo credit: Alison Langley

Yacht owners by their very nature are drawn to water and the natural world, so it makes sense to incorporate natural elements such as wood, stone, and other organic materials in design. These materials create a sense of warmth and connect the interior spaces to the natural surroundings.

As experts in wooden boat design, we have long touted the benefits of timber for structural elements.  However, incorporation of hardwoods, as well as a growing trend in sustainable timbers, have become increasingly popular with owners looking to achieve aesthetic, durability, and sustainability objectives in interior design.

Other natural materials such as leather and wool are also being incorporated to add texture and comfort. These finishes not only look beautiful, but they are also durable to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Renovation and Restomods

sailing yacht a interni

The owner of Marilee (built in 1926) had the bold vision to create an interior that reflected the yacht’s century-long provenance while creating an open space below.  The team worked with Paul Waring of Stephens Waring Yacht Design, to create a traditional and properly constructed interior with an updated layout for relaxed, modern day use. Photo credit: Alison Langley

The popularity of restomods has been well established in the world of classic cars, but it has only recently grown in popularity in the world of yachting. Fortunately, this is changing with plenty of success stories to point to.  Restomods are ideal for owners looking for cost-effective transformations that maintain sentimental connections to vessels and deliver stunning customized spaces that can be more cost effective than new custom builds. They are also popular with owners who inherit family boats, but need more utility and comfort for future generations.

Historical interiors often lack the ergonomics and amenities most owners seek today.  Good restoration projects embrace as much of the original charm and character of the original design as possible while improving comfort and livability.  Upgrades to electrical systems, electronics and navigation, plumbing and propulsion systems are low hanging fruit.  The interior design aesthetics requires a careful and complementary approach which honors the original character while updating comfort, utility, and aesthetics.

Flexible Spaces for a Crew Cabin

sailing yacht a interni

65-ft ANNA’s design includes a unique pocket door system.  The design provides an easy way to expand square footage when the cabin  is not needed or to private a comfortable extra cabin or crew quarters when extra hands or guests are aboard. Design by Stephens Waring. Construction by Lyman Morse Photo credit: Alison Langley

Owners often struggle with the balance between the desire for a larger vessel with larger interior spaces and the challenge of maintaining a total vessel size (and cost) which is manageable.

As we get older the idea of managing and skippering our own vessel can come at the expense of enjoyment.  Hiring crew alleviates some of the operational challenges and burdens, but it also means sharing interior space with others.

Flexible crew cabins provide a cost effective way to optimize space for when crew is and isn’t aboard. One solution is the installation of pocket doors on sleeping quarters. This converts square footage from private berths (crew quarters) to main salon gathering space when doors are opened and transforms the space to private rooms for guests and crew when needed.

Smart technology

sailing yacht a interni

Yacht owners are increasingly interested in incorporating smart technology into their vessels. This includes lighting, climate control, entertainment systems, and security features that can be controlled remotely. Smart technology allows yacht owners to control the environment on board and manage energy consumption more efficiently. It also adds an extra layer of security by allowing the owner to monitor their yacht from afar.

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Inside secret: Iconic designers on how to create a great yacht interior

Light? Proportion? Comfort? Every great designer has their own take on yacht interior design , says Claire Wrathall...

Ask any yacht designer of note what the secret of a great interior is and, almost without exception, they will tell you it comes down to how the space is planned. “Superyacht designs are created from the inside out,” says Terence Disdale , of Terence Disdale Design. “Form follows function, practicality is combined with elegance. The superstructure styling is created to form a timeless envelope that encases the function of the vessel.”

In essence, this means that every single element of the structure and interior decoration is considered: absolutely nothing is designed on a whim. “The positioning of windows, for instance, is determined by what goes on within; the dining room window will be lined up with the centre of the dining table,” explains Disdale.

A good designer will consider practicality for the crew as well as the client, says Andrew Winch , of Winch Design . “We’ll be liaising with captains throughout the build who offer insights into operations – what will help the crew carry out tasks more efficiently, or what might prove problematic in terms of set-up,” he says. Disdale agrees, citing the example of  Kibo , where the windows in the guest cabins have a discreet track in the recess above them to make it easier for the crew to keep the glazing clean. “The windows are cleaned every morning so you have to take things like this into account,” he says. “The everyday functioning of the boat has to be paramount, but this doesn’t mean the finished design detail has to suffer.”

Superyacht design presents challenges far beyond those faced in land-based projects. First, there are the strict rules and regulations set by Private Yacht Compliance and similar industry codes, Disdale’s analogy being that “you cannot think outside the box; you have to design inside the box with whatever creativity you have”.

Second, you’re dealing with an object that moves. As Francesca Muzio, co-founder of the Milan-based practice FM Architettura d’Interni , explains, aside from this requiring interior items to be safely fixed, it can affect the use of materials on board. “In a house, the direction of light and the views remain the same. But a yacht will change direction several times a day, so the play of light and shadows on surfaces and materials will alter constantly and needs to be taken into consideration," she says.

“On one 65 metre yacht we had very big windows and the light was really strong, and we realised when we were choosing the fabrics that we needed to use three-dimensional fabrics.” Without texture, she counsels, textiles can “look really flat”. Lighting, generally, plays a crucial role not least because, says Muzio, “on a yacht it’s not just a matter of fitting spotlights and table lamps and hanging chandeliers. You have to consider the colour of the light very carefully. One kelvin [the unit of measurement used to describe the colour of a specific light source] too much or too little can more or less destroy a project.” No surprise, then, that her 25-strong team includes a specialist lighting designer.

Giorgio Armani also warns against admitting too much light into a yacht interior, especially in “the parts where people really live, the most private parts”. For his own 65 metre Codecasa -built yacht  Maìn , he “came up with the idea of creating bulkheads from the navigation deck to the flying bridge with a type of venetian blind – louvres – made of birchwood,” he told  Boat International  in 2015. These “prevent strong sunlight at sea bouncing off the water and coming in violently, giving the interior a muffled appearance”. The blinds run in a continuous line through the length of the boat, the intended effect of which “is that  Maìn  looks as if she has no walls. [And] you can see the whole panoramic view from inside.”

For Disdale, panoramic views are not all they’re cracked up to be. “A glass box is also just a room full of curtains after dark; there’s fewer walls to hang things on to create the interior mood,” he says. Setting an interior mood is important and, when asked how to create it, almost every designer will tell you it has nothing to do with style and everything to do with how the space is planned.

“Comfort is definitely as important as the visual side,” says Sabrina Monteleone , the founder and president of Sabrina Monte-Carlo . “Everyone thinks design is a matter of aesthetics, but in reality it is about experience.” As to the décor, Monteleone contends that “harmony is key. Whether the style is contemporary or classic, it is important everything blends in, especially the indoor and outdoor areas. Most owners spend most of their days outside; there shouldn’t be a huge contrast between the two spaces.”

In a similar vein, two of the highest-profile newcomers to yacht interior design, Milan-based Antonio Citterio and Patricia Veal’s Citterio-Viel & Partners and the Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni, of Lissoni Associati , have each favoured open-plan interiors for the Sanlorenzo yachts they have designed, and both have opted to furnish these free-flowing spaces with furniture of their own ranges.

As Muzio has observed, “clients say they want timelessness, quality, elegance”. The challenge is to make interiors that are timeless but also innovative: owners are not content with a cookie-cutter replica, no matter how luxurious in design. The inimitable Philippe Starck sees it as his duty to be pioneering in his projects, “to bring something new and interesting to advance civilisation. When you copy, you regress.”

The first step in creating something unique is customisation. “I don’t source pieces from the market,” says Italian designer Achille Salvagni, explaining that by designing everything himself, he can imbue each piece with a narrative of its own. “I never sketch for the sake of it. I’m interested in more than just the beauty of shapes. I prefer to create pieces that embody or evoke a story,” he says.

By assuming control down to the last detail to create “fully bespoke” interiors, he not only achieves what he calls “a very rich standard that few designers can reach”, but ensures the correct balance in terms of the size of pieces in a scheme. “You can change your perceptions of scale by putting a big piece of furniture in a small space, or by furnishing a big space with very small furniture. In playing with proportions, you can change the balance and transform a space into something quite fresh and new.”

Starck is also preoccupied with proportions and whether they are in “harmony”. “On many boats, the proportions aren’t human,” he says, expressing mystification that on most yachts the principal outdoor living space is to the rear of the superstructure rather than in front of it. On the futuristic 119 metre  Motor Yacht A , which was launched in 2008, he says: “My goal was to make the people who will be on board live, like the old Indians said, ‘in the light’.” Hence a huge single-span main saloon that extends from the aft deck to the fore: “a beautiful volume, designed to always have the best place, depending on the weather, the sun or your mood”.

His preoccupation with light also explains the myriad gleaming surfaces he deployed throughout its interiors: mirror, crystal, subtly shiny white stingray hide and, most splendidly of all, a scalloped silver-leaf relief that helps to illuminate the walls of the principal spiral staircase.

Salvagni also favours silvery reflective wall coverings in some of his projects. He has, for example, used panels of subtly reflective alpaca, a silvery alloy of copper, nickel and zinc, which reminds him of antique French and Venetian mirrors, but is more often used in the manufacture of cutlery. He also likes to accent walls panelled in brushed stained oak by insetting narrow panels of gilded brass with textured finishes. In one example he hadn’t an appropriate tool to get the pattern he wanted, “so we used pasta – spaghetti, rigatoni, fusilli, stellini – just rolled over or pressed into the clay to make the moulds”.

He too points to the challenges inherent in designing interiors where the scene outside changes constantly. “With a residential project the neighbourhood will have some bearing on the design,” he says. “With a yacht, you need to tailor the concept more to the sensibility, tastes and character of the owner than its location because it is on the move continually so it cannot be impacted by its surroundings.” He cites the interiors of a 50 metre yacht he designed. “When I first met the owner, he immediately conveyed to me his combative approach to life. Although he was a middle-aged, northern European businessman, he struck me as a warrior. So when I created his bedside lamps, I created two symmetrical bronze shields to suggest the sense of power and strength in his attitude.”

Indeed the owner’s character should be the starting point with every project. “It is essential that before we begin the design process we listen closely to our clients to ensure we fully understand their lifestyle, their taste and the vision they have for the project. Only then do we put pencil to paper,” says Winch. “Our approach is really hermeneutic, I like to say, or interpretative,” concurs Muzio. “Designers should not have too much ego,” says Disdale. “One should never design something just for sake of being different. Bentley could easily make a three-wheeler car but that only makes it different, not desirable or better.” Similarly, says Starck, when a designer sets out to make a statement with a yacht project “you are dead. You betray your clients because you are designing for you; you don’t design for them,” he says.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking Starck is handing over any control. The designer is firmly disparaging of any contemporaries who give in to a client’s every whim. “You have to drive them in the right way. Some people and some companies think it’s easier to make more money by flattering, but that’s unacceptable. Morally it’s unacceptable. The beauty is to bring everything and everybody to the highest level you can,” he says.

Rémi Tessier , the cabinet-maker turned interiors specialist, takes a similarly hard line, believing the secret of a great yacht interior is simply to take his advice and do what you’re told. “I will not work for a person who will just put whatever on the wall because it would ruin my reputation with those who are collectors,” he once told  Boat International . So much so that there’s a clause in his contract to that effect. “It is fine to have amazing art on the wall,” he says, “but not decorative art. Serious art or no art.” The owners may have commissioned and be paying for the project, but that doesn’t give them “the right to put what they want on the walls”. He takes the same view of accessories. “Every single detail is crucial. How else can I preserve the vision and the integrity of the project? Design is the vision of one person communicated to another, my vision for the client. You know what is a camel: it’s a horse designed by a committee,” he laughs. “You cannot design by committee.”

This article was first published in Superyacht Interiors .

Top photo courtesy of Alessandro Braida

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How to Design an Amazing Superyacht Interior

Let our list spark your imagination and help you start creating the perfect superyacht interiors.

By Sophie Killip

sailing yacht a interni

Those who can’t get enough of sailing the high seas will probably have done it all: cruises, a private yacht charter and visits to the yacht shows. You might even have decided that your love of the ocean requires something more – a yacht of your own, purchased to ensure that you never miss a high season in the Caribbean again. However, if you have purchased a vessel that has not been pre-designed or furnished, the next task will be designing superyacht interiors to fit your requirements.

Much like the design of private jets, the size and usage of a yacht will be the main factors to how the vessel is designed. How many cabins will it have, and how many leisure spaces? Will you need space to carry out work, or to entertain several guests? One of the easiest ways to get around these questions is to work with a yacht interior designer , who can help you work through all the decisions and will also have knowledge on the health and safety requirements of any vessel before it is certified as sea-worthy.

Although we would highly recommend seeking expert opinion, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what interiors you would like to see in your yacht. Elite Traveler has put together a collection of interior options including everything from lighting to dinnerware, to spark your imagination and help you start creating the perfect superyacht interiors.

One of the most important considerations for both the style of your superyacht interiors and the safety aspect will be the furniture you choose. Depending on the size of your yacht, you may also have several rooms to furnish – giving you the opportunity to create your ideal lounge, dining space, office, cabin and even a gym or onboard cinema.

No matter the type of room, you are sure to find something that suits your style with Visionnaire. The luxury furniture company has been making world-class pieces since launching in 2005, with a strong focus on high-quality, natural materials. We particularly love the stunning Pavone Armchair , a statement piece that comes in a range of colors and metal finishes.

sailing yacht a interni

The Pavone Armchair / ©Visionnare

For beautiful and sustainable woodwork, opt for British furniture manufacturer RAFT. The brand is best known for using sustainable teak that is tried and crafted in Indonesia; the wood is naturally pest resistant and durable, growing without heavy irrigation or fertilizers. RAFT’s Teak Root Glass Dining Table is a great option for any dining space, coming in a variety of sizes with a contemporary look that will work well with a variety of styles.

sialia yachts explorer 80

Sialia Yachts Launches Advanced Electric Explorer Yacht

andBeyond galapagos cruise

andBeyond Launches Expedition Yacht in the Galapagos Islands

Catamaran on the water

The Best Luxury Hotels With Private Yachts

If you’re looking for something more bespoke and selective for your furniture pieces, look no further than Glyn Peter Machin . The designer and his team have been crafting bespoke furniture and accessories for over 20 years, with a portfolio of works that covers private residences and superyachts across the world. One of the brand’s latest pieces is a vibrant wireless Audio Cabinet that acts both as a work of art and a functional addition to any cinema room.

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One part of interior design that is often overlooked is the accessories within a room – but these can often be the final touches that finalize a space and harmonize it. For example, a well-chosen dining table will need dinnerware that has also been thoughtfully chosen. We prefer luxurious homeware brand L’OBJET’s Aegean Filet collection in gold; its finish is subtle and won’t detract from the food being served, but also has a slightly nautical touch with the scale-like gold trim.

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Lakeside Luxury at Edgewood Tahoe Resort

Lakeside Luxury at Edgewood Tahoe Resort

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Makes Five-star History

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Makes Five-star History

A New Era of Luxury at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Sarasota Bay

A New Era of Luxury at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Sarasota Bay

sailing yacht a interni

The Harcourt Champagne Cooler / ©Baccarat

If you’re planning on entertaining onboard your yacht, it’s impossible to go wrong with Baccarat – the global luxury icon that has been handcrafting beautiful crystal objects for over 250 years, ranging from stand-out decorative pieces to exquisite table and barware. To really make an impression when the celebrations get started, cool your champagne in Baccarat’s Harcourt Champagne Cooler .

When thinking about other types of accessories or final touches to pull a space together cohesively, don’t forget about artwork and how this can play a part in your superyacht interiors. For a stylish, lifelike sculpture to act as a statement piece within any room onboard, opt for a work by Hamish Mackie . The British sculptor is particularly interested in wildlife and capturing the spirit of the animals, with pieces being cast in bronze and silver.

When it comes to superyacht interiors, another important aspect of the design is the materials that are used throughout the vessel – these should be both stylish and seaworthy, adding to the style of a room while still complying with safety checks. A yacht interior designer will know how to approach this, but there are several brands that specialize in yacht materials worth knowing, in case you are planning a specific look onboard your yacht.

sailing yacht a interni

Nature Squared transforms natural materials into surfaces / ©Nature Squared

Studioart , for example, is a manufacturer of high-quality upholstery leathers and wall coverings, which mixes innovative technologies with the heritage and craftwork of leather making. This careful balance has meant that the brand can now be found in private yachts, homes and jets across the globe. For other types of surfaces, we love Nature Squared – an innovative company transforming sustainable, natural materials into high-quality surfaces and finishes for a range of products, private homes, yachts and more.

Finally, no list of yacht-worthy materials would be complete without mention of the world-renowned House of Tai Ping : the brand creates some of the most exquisite handmade and woven carpets in the world, which can be found everywhere from five-star hotels to private jet and yacht interiors. In fact, the brand has its own Yacht Division, which was founded in 2002, making it even easier to translate its beautiful designs into pieces that can work on your yacht.

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Sophie Killip

Latest in luxury, the explorer.

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sailing yacht a interni

Oceanis 30.1

Oceanis 34.1, oceanis 37.1, oceanis 40.1, oceanis 46.1, oceanis 51.1.

  • Oceanis Yacht 54
  • Oceanis Yacht 60
  • Heritage Sailing Yacht
  • Flyer 7 SUNdeck
  • Flyer 7 SPACEdeck
  • Flyer 8 SUNdeck
  • Flyer 8 SPACEdeck
  • Flyer 9 SUNdeck
  • Flyer 9 SPACEdeck
  • Antares 7 Fishing
  • Antares 8 Fishing
  • Gran Turismo 32
  • Gran Turismo 36
  • Gran Turismo 41
  • Gran Turismo 45
  • Swift Trawler 35
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  • Swift trawler 41 Fly
  • Swift Trawler 48
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  • Heritage Powerboats
  • Future Owners
  • Our History
  • Our Architects and Designers
  • Our philosophy
  • Our Innovations
  • Your way to ownership
  • Event calendar
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sailing yacht a interni

  • Description
  • Key Features


The Oceanis 30.1 is easy to sail, yet  lively to helm  and promises new  experiences and thrills . This robust, smart little cruiser is small enough to trail, opening up endless possibilities for lake and river sailing, as well as  coastal sailing  and high sea adventures.



Best Boats 2020

Exterior design

With a stemhead, hard-chine hull, well-proportioned sides and coachroof, the Oceanis 30.1 artfully resembles a small yacht.

The Finot-Conq plan has met the double challenge of power and simple navigation. With her slender bow, optimized weight, and square-top mainsail, she performs well in all points of sail.

For beginners or for short-handed sailing, the self-tacking jib and the single winch make her easy to handle. For performance, the Oceanis 30.1 has a large overlapping genoa, a furling code zero and an asymmetric spinnaker. Aft, a step affords access to the sea and can be supplemented by a small lifting platform.  

sailing yacht a interni

Interior design

With a few extra inches won in strategic places, the Oceanis 30.1 differs from other boats thanks to a headspace of 6.5 ft in all the areas inside where it is comfortable to stand.

The two sizable double cabins each have berths running lengthwise and an open entryway making them feel particularly spacious. The two benches in the salon provide an additional place for two extra berths.

The large shower room is divided into a marine toilet on one side and shower and washbasin on the other. At the foot of the gently sloping companionway, the L-shaped galley has top and bottom storage, a 20 US Gal refrigerator and a real oven under the gas hob stove top.

sailing yacht a interni


With unbeatable living space for its size and a focus on simplicity of use, the smallest model of the cruising range is nevertheless stylish and fast, with a highly competitive, ready-to-sail price. 

sailing yacht a interni


With an overall size of under 30 X 10 ft and a weight of 8,000 lbs, the Oceanis 30.1 can be trailered by road, without the issues of an extra-wide load. With the lifting keel and rotating tabernacle mast version, the cruiser can sail along canals and rivers to its sailing grounds. 


On the Oceanis 30.1, sailors get to choose between a tiller with twin rudders for anyone seeking a few thrills or from the world of dinghy sailing, or twin steering wheels for anyone who prefers space and comfort!  


The double steering wheel layout results in a wonderfully big cockpit. On either side of the large fold-away table are two large benches, which comfortably seat up to six guests.

Oceanis 30.1 Electric

Silent, comfortable and emission free, the new Oceanis 30.1e now has an all-electric propulsion system that offers a unique boating experience.

With engine power equal to 14 HP, the Torqeedo engine has a range of up to 6 hours at 4 knots.

sailing yacht a interni

Equipped With SEANAPPS

The easiest way to keep your boat safe and ready to cruise anytime.

The new Seanapps  app is the ultimate solution to help you indulge your passion for boating. With the touch of your finger, you can easily connect, monitor and order services for your boat – from routine maintenance, to requesting a wash or fuel or having us complete a repair.


The information below is intended for general informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a contractual agreement. Any descriptions, representations, or statements made in this document are not to be considered binding unless explicitly stated otherwise in a formal contractual agreement.

Length Overall

Beam overall

Light displacement

Air Draft Max

Fuel Capacity

Water Capacity

Max. engine power

Cabin Number

CE Certification

B6 / C8 / D10

Polar diagrams

Documents produced by Finot-Conq Architectes

sailing yacht a interni

Drifting keel

sailing yacht a interni

Deep draught keel - genoa

sailing yacht a interni

Deep draught keel - Foc autovireur

sailing yacht a interni

Short draught keel - foc autovireur

There are 3 ballasts available, so you can sail in your configuration of choice.

sailing yacht a interni

Shallow draft

sailing yacht a interni

Performance draft (hydraulic swing keel)

sailing yacht a interni

  • Large benches seating six guests, with a fold away table
  • Tiller or twin steering wheels on twin rudders
  • Tilting mast
  • Square-top mainsail
  • Raymarine Electronic Pack
  • EC certification: B6 / C8 / D10 (10 passengers aboard)

sailing yacht a interni


  • L-shaped fitted galley: fridge, sink, two-ring hob, oven, storage and worktop
  • Lounge bench seats that convert to extra berths
  • Master cabin with double berth at the bow
  • Aft cabin with twin berths
  • Shower room, with shower compartment and marine toilet
  • Gently sloping companionway (4 steps)

sailing yacht a interni


sailing yacht a interni

Press Reviews

Cruising world.

Cruising World Judges named the BENETEAU Oceanis 30.1 the Best Performance Cruiser for 2020.   Read more

NorthWest Yachting

Boat Review - Everyone is talking about the 2020 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 and for good reason—she’s an awesome boat! 

SAIL Magazine

Winner of the “small cruiser” category in SAIL magazine’s  2020 Best Boats contest. Read More


"Easy Start" more in the April 2020 issue

All Oceanis News

sailing yacht a interni

Nautic boat show 2022 : Spotlight on remarkable sustainable innovations at BENETEAU

BENETEAU has decided to follow the path of innovation to reduce the environmental impact of sailing. Practical yet ground-breaking innovations that were visible on the First 44e and the Oceanis 30.1e sailing yachts world premiered at the Nautic Boat Show in Paris.

sailing yacht a interni

Beginner Sailing Guide: How to choose the right sailboat and learn how to sail

sailing yacht a interni

New Oceanis 30.1

Small, yet oh so big !

Customer Care

Buying a BENETEAU doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We have teams of experts to guide you through the entire process – everything from sea trials, financing, and customization to after-sale commissioning, service, and maintenance. We are proud to have one of the largest, most highly-regarded dealer networks in the world. We’re ready to provide you with the assistance and expertise needed to launch you and your BENETEAU on a lifetime of happy, rewarding, and memorable voyages.

sailing yacht a interni

Other models in the range

sailing yacht a interni

10.77 m / 35’4’’

3.57 m / 11’9’’

sailing yacht a interni

11.93 m / 39’2’’

3.92 m / 12’10’’

sailing yacht a interni

12.87 m / 42’3’’

4.18 m / 13’9’’

sailing yacht a interni

14.6 m / 47’11’’

4.5 m / 14’9’’

sailing yacht a interni

15.94 m / 52’4’’

4.8 m / 15’9’’

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sailing yacht a interni

There are no limits for the wonders that interior design can accomplish, not even when it comes to the interior design of yachts. Today we bring you a list of the top 10 Interior Yacht Designers who are guaranteed to give a special touch to your yacht.


The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

Pitt-Pollaro was catapulted to fame when they were assigned to create a desk destined forBrad Pitt’s château in France. From there, a potential partnership was born. This brand has clients in the yachting industry, being highlighted in the Monaco Yacht Show of 2016.

Stefano Ricci

The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

It was truly a novelty when Stefano Ricci launched a silverware collection for luxury yachts. The traditional and ornate pieces of furniture are truly a mark of something meant for a luxury yacht.


The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

This may have something to do with the designer’s long relationship to the sea, but one thing is certain: it’s no wonder these products can appeal to yacht owners as well.

Bottega Veneta

The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

This is undoubtedly a perfect style of an interior design for a yacht especially if the owner of said yacht is a fan of luxury leather goods in made based on the best craftsman tradition. Subtle, discreet, but still elegant nonetheless.

The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

This is another brand which tackled the yacht market with a fabric collection designed for boats which are 100% waterproof. Lor than 600 varieties of customizable materials and special blends available for interested yacht owners willing to give a special touch of comfort to their yacht interior.

FM Architettura d’Interni

The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

You can also read:  Support Yachts: why is this a trend right now?

This Italian company has designed not only the interior of several luxury hotels but also of some of the most beautiful luxurious yachts. The environments are elegant and quite visually clean.

Christian Liaigre

sailing yacht a interni

Created by Frenchman Christian Liaigre in 1987, this company is known for subtly luxurious furniture and interiors for yacht interiors. Their pieces are made from natural materials, like raw linens and woods weathered by the sea.


sailing yacht a interni

Visionnaire is one furniture enterprise which works closely with several yacht enterprises. Its style is influenced heavily by Italian craftsmanship techniques while being innovative at the same time.

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sailing yacht a interni

This company’s collection of sumptuous bedding, table linens, and towels have surely captured the hearts of many yacht owner who can buy them! This family business never fails to deliver faultless craftsmanship, drawing on the skill of its team of designers, weavers, and embroiderers

Once Milano

sailing yacht a interni

This company began to become more popular among luxury yachts when they were approached by Sanlorenzo to create the covetable Piping Collection. And since then their popularity seemed to have risen considerably in the Seven Seas.

Maison Valentina E-book Home Design Ideas

Baltic Yachts

  • Service & Refit
  • Baltic Yachts Rendezvous

sailing yacht a interni


This highly innovative long distance cruising yacht is notable for being the first superyacht to be fitted with a transverse Dynamic Stability System foil, designed to reduce heel angle, increase speed and dampen pitching to improve comfort.

She is also fitted with a sophisticated diesel electric propulsion and hydro-generating system reducing the use of fossil fuel and enabling the yacht to be used for long periods in ‘silent’ mode.

Vibration and noise levels are further reduced by using an electric propulsion motor powered by lithium ion batteries charged by a combination of traditional generators and propeller driven hydro-generation.

Canova is designed to sail quickly, comfortably and efficiently and in addition her owner wants to be able to maintain and service the yacht without the need for specialist shipyard help in remote parts of the world.

The combination of her large deck saloon, which forms the focal point of her accommodation, and her large, well-appointed cockpit which is protected by a long solid bimini, provides a superb living space while sailing.

An impressive package of new technology will make her a genuinely remarkable project, underlining the company’s position as the world’s leading builder of super-sailing yachts.

  • Performance enhancing Dynamic Stability System (DSS) sliding foil
  • DSS foil reduces heel and pitching = more comfort
  • Powerful diesel electric drive train and generating system
  • Reduction in reliance on hydraulics
  • Improved serviceability
  • Self-sustaining power generation while sailing
  • Easy to handle performance sail plan for short-handed crew
  • New quadrilateral headsail being considered
  • Ten hours silent mode with all hotel requirements
  • Six hours predicted generator run per 24 hours


sailing yacht a interni

Canova was conceived as a global cruising yacht designed to carry her owner and crew at speed and in exceptional comfort for long periods of independent sailing.

One of the great advantages of her DSS foil is that it reduces heel and motion making this yacht arguably the most comfortable cruising yacht of her type in the world.


sailing yacht a interni

The owner’s stunning full-beam suite enjoys a sole space of more than 65m2 and is located almost amidships where there is least motion and optimal comfort. Features include a gimbling bed, lounge sofa/tv with working area, walk-in closet, carbon bath tub/sauna and a hidden thread mill. The owner’s suite enjoys optimum privacy with crew accommodated aft, close to the galley, navigation and yacht operation station.

The Dynamic Stability System (DSS) foil is contained in a cassette running athwartships beneath the owner’s berth. It is fitted with access hatches for easy maintenance

sailing yacht a interni


Comfort, economy and environmental considerations were behind the decision to equip Canova with an electrically-powered drivetrain, a hydrogeneration system charging a large Lithium ion battery bank and the means to run the yacht in ‘silent’ mode with all hotel systems running for up to nine hours. The electrical propulsion unit is a fraction of the size of a diesel equivalent and it is virtually vibration free and almost silent in operation, which means there are significant weight and space savings through reduced insulation. An electric motor's low maintenance costs are also attractive and its emissions are nil.

More about hydrogeneration


sailing yacht a interni

The yacht’s long, hardtop bimini, which extends from the deck saloon aft over the large guest cockpit, is a key feature of the overall look of the yacht. An engineering feat in itself, it incorporates touch button drop down side windows, sliding doors, ‘mood’ effect dimmable glass and the ability to take the 24-tonne load of the mainsheet track.

The same level cockpit and deck saloon make for an exceptional inside/outside living space.


sailing yacht a interni

Canova’s experienced owner opted for the DSS foil primarily to provide a more comfortable experience for his guests and crew as they travel the world in this extraordinary bluewater supercruiser. In winds in excess of 30 knots true during her delivery from Finland to Italy, the foil dramatically reduced the amount of yaw and pitching in an awkward sea, making the yacht easier to handle and much more comfortable for her crew.


sailing yacht a interni



  • L.O.A. 43.30 m
  • D.W.L. 41.60 m
  • BEAM 9.00 m
  • DRAFT 3.80/6.50 m
  • DISPLACEMENT 146.5 tons
  • NAVAL ARCHITECT Farr Yacht Design
  • INTERIOR DESIGN Baltic Yachts, Lucio Micheletti
  • EXTERIOR DESIGN Lucio Micheletti
  • NUMBER OF CABINS 1 owner, 3 guest and 4 crew

sailing yacht a interni

DSS installation


Launch in May 2019


DSS sea trials demonstrate increased comfort

Departing Finland in October 2019

The story of the dss.

We’re constantly updating our website to bring you news of launchings, new commissions and Baltic inspired innovation.

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5 Yacht Interior Designers To Consider For Your Next Refit Or New Build

The best yacht interior specialists..

The world of superyacht interior design deserves its own Netflix series. Seriously. It’s a high-class, ultra-luxury, competitive business that turns a small idea into a masterpiece. A superyacht interior should have equal parts wow-factor and functionality to elevate the boat. It takes a particular eye for art, detail, layout, and innovation to be a top name in (any type of) design industry.

For most firms, designing a superyacht is a personal experience. They’re masters at balancing a thousand different elements to create a single, elegant outcome. Elite design studios have the skills, talent, and intuition to create a layout, design, and decoration that wins awards. We already highlighted impressive yacht interiors , but who are the teams behind scenes? Here are 5 yacht interior designers to consider for your next refit or new build.

Interior design by Hot Lab onboard Hull #4 of the Numarine 32XP

Italians have an eye for art and design, and award-winning design firm Hot Lab seamlessly integrates sophisticated detail into their work. Their interior designs are sharp, stylish, and modern. Over the years, Hot Lab has received several international awards, including World Superyacht Awards and Showboats Design , World Yachts Trophies, and Finest Interior Awards . The studio has solid relationships with both Italian and foreign shipyards and works together on both custom and series-produced yachts.

A great example of interior design by Hot Lab is on Hull #5 of the Numarine 32XP (available for a Summer 2022 delivery). The studio incorporates clever lighting throughout the yacht to give it a bright atmosphere that highlights materials from Armani Casa and custom marbles in greens and blues.

Contact Denison yacht broker Alex G. Clarke to inquire about the Numarine 32XP.

2. Giorgio Cassetta  

Interior design by Giorgio Cassetta onboard the Spritz 102

Italian superyacht designer Giorgio Cassetta is the dark night of yacht design. He flys under the radar yet he’s worked on some of the biggest and most stunning yachts in the world. His designs have personality, with a flare of timelessness and functionality that instantly makes you appreciate the setting. Past clients include Bennetti and Cigarette Racing, but he’s currently working with Alpha Yachts to design custom new build yachts.

Boutique shipyard Alpha Custom Yachts worked with Giorgio Cassetta to create an elegant interior for the Spritz 102 . According to Cassetta, the yacht has the feel of a Miami villa combined with great functionality. When inside the yacht, guests are never disconnected from the environment. The installation of the windows ensures constant visibility of the water and sky, even from the bed. The effect is particularly stunning in the full-beam owner’s cabin where the windows are oversized and less than half a meter above the water.

Contact Denison yacht broker David Johnson to inquire about the Spritz 102.

3. Gregory C. Marshall  

Interior design by Gregory C. Marshall onboard CRESCENT LADY

Gregory C. Marshall, Naval Architect Ltd. is a Canadian-based yacht design firm that has built a reputation as one of the top naval architecture firms in the world. For more than 35 years, founder Greg Marshall and his business partner, Gordon Galbraith, designed megayachts and commercial craft for a variety of clients Their designs gain attention as they push the limits of traditional expectations.

The interior of CRESCENT LADY , a 117’ Crescent 2020, is a Gregory C. Marchall design. Natural light floods into the interior space from expansive windows throughout the yacht. Inside, you’ll find clean, contemporary styling, which is complemented by high-quality joinery and modern fabrics and soft goods. Gregory C. Marchall created an interior that will stand the test of time onboard this Crescent 117, whose owner is accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin for the purchase of the yacht.

Contact Denison yacht broker Ari Sherr to inquire about CRESCENT LADY.

4. Patrick Knowles Design

Interior design by Patrick Knowles Design onboard REVIVE

Patrick Knowles Designs is one of America’s top yacht design firms specializing in custom megayachts, superyachts, and aircraft interiors. Patrick Knowles and his team apply their skills to ensure innovative creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to on-time delivery. Their ability to listen, understand, interpret, and transform ideas into results exceeds client expectations.

You may recognize a Patrick Knowles Design onboard REVIVE, a 150’ Richmond that was sold by Will Noftsinger and Chris Daves in March 2021. It’s one of the last (and some may say, the best) Richmond yachts ever built. In 2019, the second owner spent roughly $2 million making REVIVE perfect, and that included a completely new interior decor package by Patrick Knowles Designs.

5. Reymond Langton

Interior Design by Reymond Langton onboard ARKADIA

You’ll know a Reymond Langton design when you see it; the British design studio applies innovation, inspiration, and functionality to their work. Most notably, ARKADIA (formerly known as Project TRITON) a 50-meter new construction Heesen , boasts an elegant interior designed by Reymond Langton.

The sophisticated layout accommodates 10 guests and 9 crew with a full-beam owner’s stateroom, 3 double guest suites, and an additional 1 twin guest suite. She promises the best of the yachting lifestyle. ARKADIA was sold by David Johnson and delivered to her owners in April 2021.

The creative world of yacht design is impressive. It takes patience, teamwork, and passion to become a top player in the industry. Whether you visualize a modern, dark, traditional, or quirky yacht interior, consider one of these interior design firms for your next refit or new build project. They’ll turn your idea into a masterpiece. Contact a Denison yacht broker to find a featured yacht for sale or yacht for charter with an impressive interior.

Speak With A Superyacht Specialist:

Latest news.

sailing yacht a interni

NEWS | March 4, 2024

135 baglietto 1999 sold by riccardo solci [blue ice].

135 Baglietto 1999 Sold by Riccardo Solci [BLUE ICE] BLUE ICE, an 135′ Baglietto built in 1999, was sold by Riccardo Solci, who introduced the Buyer. Frank Grzeszczak with FGI Yacht Group represented the Seller. BLUE ICE underwent refits in 2016 and 2021, which included a comprehensive paint job

sailing yacht a interni

NEWS | March 1, 2024

Dreaming of the med: summer yacht charter vacations.

Dreaming of the Med: Summer Yacht Charter Vacations Book a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean for your European escape this summer. A yacht charter offers an unforgettable vacation. The first step to booking a luxury yacht charter is to contact a charter specialist who can help you

sailing yacht a interni

NEWS | February 28, 2024

British virgin islands home: halo over oil nut bay.

British Virgin Islands Home: Halo Over Oil Nut Bay A hilltop home in the British Virgin Islands overlooks both the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Words by J. Michael Welton. Photography courtesy of Oil Nut Bay. In the early 2000s, David V. Johnson, flush with success from 40 years of

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sailing yacht a interni

Ghost - Sailing Yacht

2004 122 feet long with a 165 feet mast, the yacht Ghost takes its name from the metallic-silver paint covering its carbon-fibre form. The interior is divided into a salon, a large master cabin and two guest rooms, while the furnishings would be at home in a New York loft as they are on this yacht. 2006 Winner “New Designer of the Year”, World Superyacht Awards – Interiors Photographers - Matteo Piazza and Max Ranchi

- Sailing Yacht">

sailing yacht a interni

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Caribbean authorities say missing American couple is feared dead after 3 prisoners hijacked yacht

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – An American couple who went missing while sailing off the coast of Grenada is feared dead after their catamaran yacht was hijacked by three escaped prisoners, authorities said.

The Royal Grenada Police Force said in a statement released Thursday that they were working on leads "that suggest" that the two occupants of the yacht – named Simplicity – may have been killed. While details on the incident remain unclear, police said preliminary information indicates that the case is likely tied to the escape of the three prisoners.

"It is believed that the occupants of the yacht were American citizens," police said, adding that the investigation was still in "its infancy stage."

The nonprofit Salty Dawg Sailing Association identified the couple as Kathy Brandel and Ralph Hendry in a statement . The association noted that the pair were veteran cruisers and longtime members of the association, calling them "warmhearted and capable."

"This is a very upsetting event and details are still unconfirmed by the authorities, but this does appear to be a tragic event," Bob Osborn, the association’s president, said in the statement. "In all my years of cruising the Caribbean, I have never heard of anything like this."

Hendry and Brandel were last seen on Feb. 18 and are believed to have been killed the following day near the shores of Grand Anse Beach in Grenada, according to a GoFundMe page raising money for their family. The funds raised will help cover funeral costs and recover the couple's vessel and belongings.

Missing couple's yacht found 'anchored and abandoned'

Hendry and Brandel were on their final voyage with the Salty Dawg Sailing Association when their yacht was found, "bearing chilling evidence of a violent struggle," the GoFundMe page states.

The association said it was alerted by a cruising skipper about a member's yacht, Simplicity, that was found "anchored and abandoned" off a beach on the island of St. Vincent. The association added that its live member’s tracking map showed the vessel anchored in Grenada before it moved to its last anchorage off St. Vincent.

"The good Samaritan had boarded the boat and noted that the owners … were not on board and found evidence of apparent violence," the association said. The St. Vincent Coast Guard took possession of Simplicity and local police are investigating with the U.S. Embassy and the Grenada police, according to the association.

On Saturday, family members of the couple met with authorities in St. Vincent, where they were seen boarding the vessel – which was being guarded by officials, one of whom was wearing latex gloves.

Hendry's family issued a statement Saturday thanking police, local coast guards, and those who helped authorities gather information. They also asked that all those trying to conduct independent searches "stand down."

"It means so much to us that so many people cared for Ralph and Kathy as friends and fellow cruisers that they are willing to stop and help in whatever way possible," the family said.

Missing Texas girl found dead: What to know about missing children cases

Incident coincided with the escape of prisoners

Authorities in Grenada are investigating what happened to the couple and said they had dispatched senior investigators and a forensic specialist to St. Vincent, where the escaped prisoners were arrested Wednesday.

According to Grenada police, preliminary information suggests that the prisoners hijacked the yacht in St. George’s in Grenada, and traveled to the nearby island of St. Vincent. The three men had escaped from their holding cell on Feb. 18, police said.

The prisoners, ages 19, 25, and 30, were arrested and charged in December with one count of robbery with violence. The eldest inmate also was charged with one count of rape, three counts of attempted rape, and two counts of indecent assault and causing harm, police said.

Couple remembered by family, friends

According to the GoFundMe page, Hendry and Brandel were "seasoned sailors who lived on their beloved catamaran."

The pair spent their retirement sailing, the GoFundMe page states. The couple had sailed their yacht in last year's Caribbean Rally from Hampton, Virginia, to Antigua, and were spending the winter cruising in the eastern Caribbean, the Salty Dawg Sailing Association said.

WPTV-Channel 5 reported that the couple spent their winters docked at a Fort Pierce, Florida, marina, according to Hendry's sister, Suellen Desmaris.

"This was their whole life. They didn't own another home, they didn't own cars, they owned Simplicity," Desmarais told WPTV . "And when you were invited onto Simplicity, you were made to feel as magical as they were and as magical as that boat was."

The couple had previously docked their catamaran at the Safe Harbor Harbortown Marina in Fort Pierce.

"They were the sweetest people," Keith Mallamo said in an email to TCPalm, part of the USA TODAY Network. Mallamo said he was friends with the couple when they docked their vessels at the marina in Fort Pierce.

One Christmas, Brendel baked cookies for everyone on the dock, and Hendry was always available to help his fellow sailors, Mallamo wrote.

Thao Nguyen reports for USA TODAY and Colleen Wixon reports for TCPalm and Treasure Coast Newspapers.

Contributing: The Associated Press

Colleen Wixon is the education reporter for TCPalm and Treasure Coast Newspapers. Contact her at [email protected].


Yachts, pleasures of life

Yachts, pleasures of life

Désirée sormani.

The global boating market is in a moment of extraordinary expansion: The Business Research Company in the report " Boat Building Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030 ", argues that 2021 will generate a global business rate of 37.14 billion (against the 34.76 billion registered in 2020). Confindustria Nautica estimates a growth in the turnover of the Italian industry in the sector at a value of + 23.88% for the calendar year 2021 for a total value of between 5.5 and 6.0 billion euros ; and Italy confirms , once again, the world market leader in the superyacht sector.

7 Bgx 60 41_BMF1389-ok

“Many have responded to the situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, rediscovering the boat as a place where they can spend their free time, in total safety and serenity”, says Giovanna Vitelli , vice president of Azimut | Benetti . "The numbers are positive: to date, Benetti boasts an order book of over 30 boats, worth more than 700 million euros and saturated production for the next 2 years".

"Compared to the same period of 2020, revenues in the first quarter increased by 40%, going from 133 million euros to 186 million euros", declares the lawyer. Alberto Galassi ceo of the Ferretti Group , "EBITDA in the first quarter amounted to 18 million euros - compared to 5.5 million euros in the same period of the previous year and the collection of new orders, to date, has exceeded the 300 million euros".

3 Azimut Trideck Beach Area 4-min

Giovanni Costantino , ceo and founder of The Italian Sea Group , was also radiant: “Our market is exciting: 19 ships under construction, new projects under development, continuous hires. We are continuing at a rapid pace with the production plans and with the expansion activities of the yard”.

And to think that this magic took place in the almost absolute absence of boat shows ... Salons that this September return, thanks to the green pass, to turn on the light of enthusiasm: at the recently concluded Yachting Festival di Cannes (7-12) the shipyards have declared themselves more than satisfied with order books up to 2023/2025; satisfaction that will certainly also be felt in the medium-small nautical sector of the Salone Nautico di Genova (16-22) and in the superyacht sector at the Monaco Yacht Show (22-25).

Cantiere del Pardo

How was this possible? The reality is that t he pandemic and the lockdowns have generated a strong desire to return to enjoy the pleasures of life and the boat is one of them, the producers told us. People want light, contact with nature, large spaces. Desired welcomed by the Italian shipbuilding industry: our creed is to offer "the sea on board", studying solutions that represent a meeting point between engineering and design that do not distort the lines of the boat but, on the contrary, enhance its characteristics ", he explains. the cav. Massimo Perotti , executive chairman of Sanlorenzo . Comfort, privacy and versatility: these are the priorities to be guaranteed. Thus the yachts are transformed into floating villas that promise exclusive views and new ways of enjoying the boat.

2 05 – Sanlorenzo_SX112_photo by Thomas Pagani-min-min

As aboard the BGX: "That revolutionize the organization of spaces and routes on board which, beyond any categorization, I would define as" owner-centric ", says Carla Demaria , ceo of Bluegame . Design is the key to creating these new suggestions. "Whether it is a yacht or superyacht, each project is a container of life that chooses not to change in its spaces and functions, but transforms itself to adapt to different dimensions and ergonomics while preserving functional principles", explains Bernardo Zuccon , of Zuccon International Projects . While Jozeph Forakis ' unprecedented collaboration with the newborn CL Yachts shipyard starts from the observation of the sea: "On board I want the sea to be perceived everywhere, inside and out, and to capture the sense of infinity of the horizon that an open space offers".

16 Zuccon 12_Sanlorenzo_SD118_asymmetric upper deck salon_interior by Zuccon international Project-min

Boating today does not even escape environmental awareness. "Eco-sustainability is now a widely shared value, but often the customer, buying an exclusive product, wants the best only for himself", underlines Davide Cipriani of  Centrostiledesign , "It is up to us designers to find reasons to motivate the eco-friendly choice, enhancing the advantages: the electric motor does not pollute, allows the use of recycled composites and allows you to navigate in silence ". In short, a functional green .

8 Centrostiledesign EXPLORER_0286 ok

Like that of the Baglietto shipyard, a supporter that technological development will make a difference in the coming years. “We are dedicating ourselves to hybrid systems”, explains Fabio Ermetto , chief commercial officer of Baglietto , “also on“ on speculation ”boats (whose construction begins before the sale)”. In the same vein, Fabio Planamente , ceo of Cantiere del Pardo : “Our group has always built sustainable boats with quality, recyclable and low environmental impact materials. Even the company's environments will soon be green ". Therefore, the success of the made in Italy of the great nautical supply chain should not be surprising. Because it is the result of a unique creativity.

14 PARDO E60 DRONE-252_post (2)-min

Paola Lenti 1994-2024. The thread of the story

New Paris opening for Modulnova

New Paris opening for Modulnova

Minotti: new concept store by Pesch

Minotti: new concept store by Pesch

Unopiù: in dialogue with nature

Unopiù: in dialogue with nature


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Here’s what to know about a US couple missing in the Caribbean

Police in Grenada said the U.S. elderly couple Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel, whose catamaran was hijacked a week earlier, were likely dead. (AP Video: Kenton X. Chance)

The yacht "Simplicity", that officials say was hijacked by three escaped prisoners with two people aboard, is docked at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard Service Calliaqua Base, in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. Authorities in the eastern Caribbean said they were trying to locate two people believed to be U.S. citizens who were aboard the yacht that was hijacked by the three escaped prisoners from Grenada. (AP Photo/Kenton X. Chance)

The yacht “Simplicity”, that officials say was hijacked by three escaped prisoners with two people aboard, is docked at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard Service Calliaqua Base, in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. Authorities in the eastern Caribbean said they were trying to locate two people believed to be U.S. citizens who were aboard the yacht that was hijacked by the three escaped prisoners from Grenada. (AP Photo/Kenton X. Chance)

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Authorities in the eastern Caribbean are scouring waters in the region in hopes of finding a missing U.S. couple who were aboard their catamaran Simplicity more than a week ago when police say it was hijacked by three escaped prisoners from Grenada.

Police have said that Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel are presumed dead . The search for them began on Feb. 21 after someone discovered their catamaran abandoned on the shores of St. Vincent and alerted authorities.

Police say the three prisoners escaped from a police station on Feb. 18 and hijacked the catamaran a day later. Authorities said the prisoners then illegally entered the southwest coast of St. Vincent on Feb. 19 and docked the boat. Two days later, the three men were arrested along the island’s northwest coast.

Police transport escaped prisoners Atiba Stanislaus, far left, and Trevon Robertson who are handcuffed together in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Monday, March 4, 2024. The men had escaped from a police holding cell in Grenada on Feb. 18 and are suspected of hijacking a catamaran while Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel, who disappeared, were aboard. (AP Photo/Kenton Chance)

Here’s what to know about the case:


It’s unclear why the escaped prisoners hijacked the couple’s catamaran, but it was moored at Grand Anse beach, near to the police station where the three men escaped.

Police believe the men hijacked the catamaran with the couple aboard and then allegedly threw them into the water while traveling to St. Vincent, which is located north of Grenada.

They have noted that there were signs of violence aboard the catamaran.


Police in Grenada have identified the escaped prisoners as Trevon Robertson, a 19-year-old unemployed man; Abita Stanislaus, a 25-year-old farmer; and Ron Mitchell, a 30-year-old sailor.

All were charged a couple of months ago with one count of robbery with violence. Mitchell also was charged with one count of rape, three counts of attempted rape and two counts of indecent assault and causing harm.

Vannie Curwen, Grenada’s assistant police commissioner, has said the men had been placed in a holding cell rather than in jail, because a judge hadn’t yet ruled whether they would be released on bail.


The Salty Dawg Sailing Association has described Brandel and Hendry as veteran cruisers and longtime members who were “warm-hearted and capable.” It noted that Brandel served on the association’s board for two years.

The association said the couple had sailed their boat in the 2023 Caribbean Rally from Hampton, Virginia, to Antigua and planned to spend the winter cruising the eastern Caribbean. A GoFundMe donation page stated that Brandel had become a first-time grandmother.

Nick Buro, Brandel’s son, and Bryan Hendry, Hendry’s son, said in a statement Tuesday that they were “incredibly saddened” to hear that the couple was presumed dead, but added that they remain optimistic about the ongoing search.

“While the end of their life may have been dark, they brought light, and that light will never be extinguished from the hearts and minds of the people who knew, loved and cared so deeply about them,” they said.


Police in Grenada and St. Vincent have provided limited information about the case of the missing couple, noting that the investigation is ongoing, though they have said the couple is presumed dead.

Authorities haven’t yet shared any specific evidence linking the three men to the couple’s disappearance. St. Vincent police say the men have been cooperating in the investigation.

The men pleaded guilty this week to immigration-related charges, and are scheduled to be sentenced on those counts in early March.


Authorities haven’t said whether prosecutors in St. Vincent or Grenada would pursue the case involving the couple.

Grenada Police Commissioner Don McKenzie said the attorney generals and prosecutors on both islands “are in discussions.”

Meanwhile, Grenada police sent a team of five officials to help with the investigation in nearby St. Vincent.


Police in Grenada have launched an investigation into how the men were able to escape from their holding cell.

McKenzie has said the police station should have been secure enough to prevent such an escape, and that authorities are looking into whether it was a “system failure” or a “slip up.”

McKenzie has said no officers have resigned or been disciplined, although one supervisor at the station has been transferred to another location “to ensure a thorough investigation in this matter.”

sailing yacht a interni

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Tarek El Moussa Returns to Boat Where He Hunkered Down After Christina Hall Split

The HGTV star shared an inside look at his boat day in a series of videos shared to his Instagram Story on Sunday

Natalia Senanayake is an Editorial Assistant, Lifestyle at PEOPLE. She covers all things travel and home, from celebrities' luxury mansions to breaking travel news.

sailing yacht a interni

Tarek El Moussa/Instagram

Tarek El Moussa is enjoying brighter days on his boat after a couple of "bad decisions."

In a series of videos and photos shared to his Instagram Story on Sunday, The Flipping El Moussas star, 42, shared an inside look at his day at sea aboard his boat, Bad Decisions . He was joined by his two children Taylor, 13, and Brayden, 8, whom he shares with his ex-wife Christina Hall , 40. Friends of the family also appeared to join for the ride.

“Little boat day here in Newport. Gorgeous out, if you like chilly weather,” he says in one clip while the boat cruises through the water. 

In another clip of Taylor walking away from the boat after it docks, he adds, “I spy a teenager. She hates when I record her.” He then pans over to the vessel’s name and says, “ Bad Decisions . Dana Point Harbor,” referring to the Southern California location where he docked the boat. 

He also shared another video while they sailed by Newport Beach, Calif. as blue skies started to peek through the clouds in the background. 

The name Bad Decisions was given to the vessel in 2017 following his divorce from Hall. It’s the same boat that he camped out at after the pair split in December 2016 (at the time it was named after the exes’ HGTV show , Flip or Flop ). 

In his tell-all memoir Flip Your Life (released on Feb. 6), El Moussa described the dark period after the highly publicized 2016 gun incident that led to his split from Hall. He recalled hiding out on his boat and drinking himself unconscious to cope with the downfall of his marriage. 

The HGTV star writes about how quitting the anabolic testosterone he was prescribed in the aftermath of beating cancer twice combined with excessive drinking led his friends to find him “passed out” on his boat one day. 

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in January, El Moussa revealed how the weeks immediately following the split were “physical and emotional hell” for him. He ended up checking into a rehab facility where he spent two months being treated for his testosterone addiction. 

While his boat may have harbored some bad memories in the past, it also opened a new chapter in his life. It’s the same place where he met his now-wife , Heather Rae , in 2019. 

On the Fourth of July, Tarek was hanging out on his boat with some pals in Newport Beach when Heather hopped on after spotting a friend of hers. Once he saw her, he quickly went over to talk to her and ended up asking her out. 

Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories. 

Tarek popped the question a year later and the pair tied the knot in October 2021. They welcomed their first baby together, a son named Tristan , in February 2023. 


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    The Sailing Yacht A, initially known as Project 787 'White Pearl,' was delivered by Nobiskrug to her owner, Andrey Melnichenko, in 2017. As the world's largest sailing yacht, she measures an impressive 143 meters (469 ft) in length with a beam of 25 meters (82 ft). Featuring eight decks, SY A can accommodate 20 guests and a crew of 20.

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    Sailing Yacht A boasts the tallest carbon masts in the world, each measuring in at more than 90 metres long. The masts were built by Magma Structures in Portsmouth, UK, and this photo shows the masts being delivered to their home on board the new superyacht. The masts host sails that are larger than a football field. The Bitter End.

  3. Inside A Billionaire's $600 Million Mega Yacht

    Inside Andrey Melnichenko's $600 Million 'Yacht A'.Yacht A spans 468 ft. and features amenities like 4 launch boats and an underwater observation deck. With ...

  4. A (sailing yacht)

    Speed. Cruising: 16 knots (30 km/h) Top: 21 knots (39 km/h) Range. 5,340 nmi (9,890 km) Crew. 54. Sailing Yacht A is a sailing yacht launched in 2015. [2] The vessel is a sail-assisted motor yacht [3] designed by Philippe Starck (exteriors and interiors) [4] [5] and built by Nobiskrug in Kiel, Germany for the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.


    SAILING YACHT A is the most expensive sailing yacht in the world and cost an estimated price of US $600 million - a relatively "affordable" price considering her large size and tonnage. A calculated US $48,000 per ton is considered low in the yachting industry, where European yachts are usually priced at US $60,000 per ton and over.

  6. An Exclusive Look "Inside" $500 million Sailing Yacht A [4K video]

    Watch in 4K on big screen to see all the details.Filmed in Antibes, France. This is a follow up to my other video since many people were asking to see the in...

  7. Il più grande yacht a vela del mondo • $600M

    Lo yacht a vela A: lo yacht a vela più grande del mondo. IL Sailing Yacht A (Barca a vela A), inizialmente noto come Progetto 787 "White Pearl", è stato consegnato da Nobiskrug al suo proprietario, Andrej Melnichenko, nel 2017.Come il più grande yacht a vela del mondo, misura ben 143 metri (469 piedi) di lunghezza con un raggio di 25 metri (82 piedi).

  8. Superyacht Interiors & Luxury Yacht Interior Design

    Majesty Yachts • $6,450,000 • 33.05 m • 10 guests. MARGUERITE. Lurssen • $44,900,000 • 61.26 m • 12 guests. CHECKMATE. Benetti • $15,900,000 • 44.2 m • 12 guests. All the latest superyacht interiors news, tips for making the most of your yacht's inside spaces and suggestions to keep your superyacht wowing guests.

  9. The best yacht interior designs brands

    Loro Piana Yacht Interiors has cleverly adapted to the unpredictable conditions of life at sea without losing an ounce of quality. More than 600 varieties of customisable materials and special blends, including tussah silk woven with wool and horsehair, and fine merino wool blended with linen or silk, are employed in its stylish yet durable ...

  10. Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts

    8. Svea. Svea, the newest addition to the now nine-strong J Class fleet, is one of the most outstanding new yachts of modern times - a harmonious meeting of historic and modern design; a blend ...

  11. 7 Trends in Sailing Yacht Interior Design

    7 Trends in Sailing Yacht Interior Design. Interior designer Martha Coolidge, working with Stephens Waring Design, fine-tuned the style of the woodwork detail, panel layouts, light fixtures, and other elements of 65-ft ANNA's appearance. Photo credit: Alison Langley. There's some irony when it comes to looking at the hottest interior design ...

  12. Inside secret: Iconic designers on how to create a great yacht interior

    Ask any yacht designer of note what the secret of a great interior is and, almost without exception, they will tell you it comes down to how the space is planned. "Superyacht designs are created from the inside out," says Terence Disdale, of Terence Disdale Design. "Form follows function, practicality is combined with elegance.

  13. Lo yacht a vela più grande del mondo: il Sailing Yacht A

    www.nonsolonautica.it - Si chiama Sailing Yacht A ed è lo yacht a vela più grande del mondo. Lungo 142,8 metri per 90 di altezza, otto ponti, questo megayach...

  14. Before and After: Yacht Interior Design Makeover 1

    Sand well. Fill any small holes with wood/wall filler. Mask your edges carefully. Use a good primer (we used two coats since it was being applied to a sanded varnish surface) Wear a mask and/or keep as much airflow/ventilation going as possible. Choose a paint that's durable and good in wet areas.


    In a golden moment for the sector, Interni On Board takes stock of the world of yachting, where design plays an increasingly important role ... Advanced Yachts, sailing with Mindfulness. The result of the collaboration between Advanced Yachts, Reichel/Pugh and Nauta Design, the third Advanced 80 is a sailboat with large volumes that ensures the ...

  16. How to Design Amazing Superyacht Interiors: A Guide

    Materials. When it comes to superyacht interiors, another important aspect of the design is the materials that are used throughout the vessel - these should be both stylish and seaworthy, adding to the style of a room while still complying with safety checks. A yacht interior designer will know how to approach this, but there are several ...

  17. Oceanis 30.1

    15.94 m / 52'4''. Beam overall. 4.8 m / 15'9''. Discover Configure. The Oceanis 30.1 is easy to sail but lively to helm and promises new experiences and thrills. This robust little smart cruiser is small enough to trail, opening up endless possibilities for sailing on lakes and rivers, as well as coastal sailing and high sea adventures.

  18. Boat Interiors: A Guide To Design And Decor

    Designers are involved from the early stages of the design process, even on production boats. Volume builders such as Beneteau and Sea Ray have now commissioned French and Italian design companies. As a result, the average boater expects superior levels of luxury interiors. From a design standpoint, boats are more challenging to design than ...

  19. The World's top 10 Interior Yacht Designers

    Bottega Veneta. This is undoubtedly a perfect style of an interior design for a yacht especially if the owner of said yacht is a fan of luxury leather goods in made based on the best craftsman tradition. Subtle, discreet, but still elegant nonetheless.

  20. Baltic 142 Canova

    BALTIC 142 CANOVA. FEATURING A DSS FOIL. This highly innovative long distance cruising yacht is notable for being the first superyacht to be fitted with a transverse Dynamic Stability System foil, designed to reduce heel angle, increase speed and dampen pitching to improve comfort. She is also fitted with a sophisticated diesel electric ...

  21. 5 Yacht Interior Designers To Consider For Your Next Refit

    Here are 5 yacht interior designers to consider for your next refit or new build. 1. Hot Lab. Interior design by Hot Lab onboard Hull #4 of the Numarine 32XP. Italians have an eye for art and design, and award-winning design firm Hot Lab seamlessly integrates sophisticated detail into their work. Their interior designs are sharp, stylish, and ...

  22. Advanced Yachts, sailing with Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is a boat with sober and discreet elegance but full of intimate refinement. All the elements of the project are balanced and aimed at the search for a beauty that goes beyond the timeline. It is a generous boat offering spaces and layouts that are hard to find on an 80 feet (23.98 meters). A fresh boat with bright interiors, with the internal square developed on two levels with a ...

  23. Attention to detail: Inside the 80m Artefact

    SYT gets a closer look at the Artefact interior design choices made onboard the climate-conscious yacht possible. Attention to detail: Inside the 80m Artefact. Written by Laura Nicholls. 4 Mar 2021 | 14:45. List General Contractor GmbH ... Sailing Yachts. Motor Yachts. By Shipyard. Feadship. Benetti. Azimut. Lürssen. Sanlorenzo. Westport ...

  24. Lissoni & Partners

    - Sailing Yacht. 2004 122 feet long with a 165 feet mast, the yacht Ghost takes its name from the metallic-silver paint covering its carbon-fibre form. The interior is divided into a salon, a large master cabin and two guest rooms, while the furnishings would be at home in a New York loft as they are on this yacht.

  25. American couple believed dead after boat was hijacked in Grenada

    FORT PIERCE, Fla. - An American couple who went missing while sailing off the coast of Grenada is feared dead after their catamaran yacht was hijacked by three escaped prisoners, authorities said.

  26. Yachts, pleasures of life

    The global boating market is in a moment of extraordinary expansion: The Business Research Company in the report "Boat Building Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030", argues that 2021 will generate a global business rate of 37.14 billion (against the 34.76 billion registered in 2020).Confindustria Nautica estimates a growth in the turnover of the Italian industry in ...

  27. Here's what to know about a US couple missing in the Caribbean

    Police say the three prisoners escaped from a police station on Feb. 18 and hijacked the catamaran a day later. Authorities said the prisoners then illegally entered the southwest coast of St. Vincent on Feb. 19 and docked the boat. Two days later, the three men were arrested along the island's northwest coast.

  28. Cruise Rescues Boat of People Lost at Sea for 8 Days

    In an aerial view, Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas, billed as the world's largest cruise ship, heads out to sea for its second voyage from PortMiami on February 03, 2024, in Miami, Florida.

  29. Tarek El Moussa Returns to Boat Where He Hunkered Down After Christina

    Tarek El Moussa, his kids Taylor and Brayden and friends during their boat trip. Tarek El Moussa/Instagram. The name Bad Decisions was given to the vessel in 2017 following his divorce from Hall ...