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Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney on 11 March 2023

‘Yachts at the top’: power, privacy and privilege in the world of Australian superyachts

Superyachts are floating markers of power and luxury, and sales are booming. As Australia hopes to lure more of the vessels and their elite clientele, what do we know about this world?

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Visible from the footpath at the water’s edge, the superyachts berthed at Melbourne City Marina bob gently up and down, their sleek and shiny exteriors reflecting the placid waters below.

For me, and most people on this planet, this is about as close as we are likely to get to a superyacht. In Australia, that’s a pleasurecraft longer than 24 metres. Internationally, the starting length is 30 metres. The City of Melbourne recently spent $1.97m upgrading Victoria Harbour, including its four superyacht berths, to fit vessels up to 67 metres long. But for the tiny portion of the world’s ultra wealthy for whom superyacht size is a matter of concern, 67 metres is fairly moderate. The longest privately owned superyacht in the world is the 180-metre Azzam, reportedly built for the former president of the United Arab Emirates , the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Superyachts are markers of power and extravagance. They are floating, transportable six-star hotels, capable of including everything from nail parlours to gyms, helipads and boardrooms, marble bathrooms and priceless art, as well as what the industry calls “toys” – from jet skis worth the equivalent of the average Australian worker’s salary to private submarines worth millions.

In a recent memoir, the longtime Australian seafarer and superyacht captain Brendan O’Shannassy writes: “Until space travel becomes a commercial reality, [superyachts] are the greatest display of wealth on the planet.”

Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney on 11 March 2023

For all their capacity to allow long-distance travel in extreme luxury, though, superyachts aren’t frequent visitors to Australian waters. The local industry has been lobbying to change that, and state and federal governments have made superyacht-friendly moves, hitching millions of dollars in public infrastructure upgrades and tax concessions to claims that these will bring millions in economic benefits to every port in which a vessel makes anchor.

But despite public money going towards establishing and upgrading infrastructure that is only accessible to the very privileged few, there’s been little public scrutiny of this elite industry.

S uperyachts are not super common, although their numbers are growing. Sales company Edmiston recently estimated that the global fleet comprised a total of 5,892 vessels – representing an increase of 44% over the last decade. Most of those yachts are between 30 and 50 metres (4,957); 13% are between 50 and 80 metres (753) and 3% are over 80 metres (182).

There are only about 120 superyachts owned by Australians, concentrated mostly around Sydney Harbour and south-east Queensland. About half of them are charter vessels. It’s likely all of them have, at some point, been through Captain Richard Morris’s hands.

Fresh off the plane from the Dubai Boat Show, Morris tells Guardian Australia that he got his start in the merchant navy at 17, before landing a job as a deckhand two years later on the 86-metre superyacht Nabila, owned by the influential and extravagant Saudi arms dealer, fixer and liaison of presidents and tycoons Adnan Khashoggi. Nabila was Khashoggi’s third yacht and the height of ostentatious luxury when it launched in 1980. Its 100 rooms included Italian hand-carved onyx bathrooms, a patisserie, a movie theatre, a hair salon, a hospital with an operating theatre, and 320 metres of Italian leather upholstery. When Khashoggi’s empire began to decay in the late 80s, he sold Nabila to Donald Trump for $29m – considered a bargain – with the businessman who would later become US president renaming the yacht the Trump Princess .

Morris, meanwhile, left Nabila after a year and began building his own career as a seafarer, becoming a captain at just 27 and a master mariner. He moved ashore in 1999 and was hired by NSW Maritime to build a new superyacht marina in Rozelle Bay.

Superyacht captain Richard Morris

“That was the beginning of superyachting in Australia,” Morris says. “Prior to that, only a few people here had superyachts, because there was the tall poppy syndrome – high net wealth Australians were reluctant to show their extreme wealth.”

The Sydney Olympics in 2000 changed that, Morris says. The marina development was partly to accommodate the super wealthy who were planning to bring their yachts down for the Games. Morris managed the marina for the next decade, before moving into local superyacht sales and charters.

The Sydney experience is one that the industry is keen to replicate for the forthcoming Brisbane Olympics. The mining magnate Gina Rinehart may have been lampooned by the public in 2021 when she complained that she had nowhere to moor her yacht in Brisbane , but the Queensland Labor government appears to agree it should invest in more superyacht infrastructure. It’s had a multiyear superyacht strategy since 2018, and in May last year it was updated and extended to take the Olympics into account.

Its listed achievements so far include $28m to upgrade the Cairns Marine Precinct, $2.87m for a 160-metre superyacht berth on the Gold Coast, and planning for 80-metre superyacht facilities and additional marinas in new developments on the Spit. Its stated goal is for Queensland to be “world recognised as the major superyacht hub in the Asia-Pacific region”. Economic modelling for industry lobby group Superyacht Australia argues the 2032 Games presents “an unparalleled opportunity to springboard the sector on to the global stage and demonstrate the prosperity the sector can support in Australia”. It hopes Australia will reach 8% of the global market – that’s 533 vessels – in the next three years, which it says will yield hundreds of millions of dollars in direct economic benefits.

Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney on 11 March 2023

Until just prior to the pandemic, superyachts could not come to Australia without the owner paying a hefty tax on the vessel, with the visiting multimillion-dollar vessels treated as though they were being imported permanently into the country. That changed with the passage of the Special Recreational Vessels Act 2019. The act, which relieves the owner of having to pay import duties including GST, was hitched as a rider to various unrelated bills by the Coalition government until it was passed as a standalone just before Christmas in 2019.

The legislation allows foreign vessels to be chartered while in Australian waters, with GST payable only on the charter itself.

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The then member for the Queensland seat of Dawson, George Christensen, claimed it as a pet project. “I have been very, very pushy in getting this legislation to come forward,” Christensen said at the time.

Christensen claimed the bill was “just about ensuring that local communities can get some of the coin that these people drop”. Labor passed the bill with minor amendments.

Since then, six superyachts have applied for a temporary licence, with just four making the trip.

‘It’s your world’

The industry estimates that the local market for superyacht charter or purchase is 1% of the population. It sees it as a subset of the cruise market, which is estimated to capture about 5% of Australians.

It’s hard to ignore the symbolism of that figure, the 1%. Morris’s anecdotes help to illustrate just how that plays out in practice. In 2011, the manager of U2 called him, he recalls, hoping to find a suitable superyacht for the band who were dissatisfied with the crowds at the Park Hyatt. (He was unable to find one that met the band’s specific desires.) That same year, Morris put up the actor Kevin Spacey in the 37-metre Tango during Spacey’s run as Richard III in Sam Mendes’s production that toured Sydney’s Lyric theatre.

“Dinner was at 1am and [Spacey’s] guests would leave at 4am. Then the yacht would move to Rose Bay and he’d sleep till midday, and then come back and do it all again,” Morris says.

“It’s an option for these very high-profile people. They’re anchored in the middle of the harbour. The level of security and discretion that a superyacht provides is much better than any hotel. They can control their world. And that’s the essence of yachting – it’s your world.”

When Covid lockdowns hit, owners of superyachts raced to their vessels, escaping up to the Great Barrier Reef instead of staying at home, Morris says. The associated freedom saw a boom in superyacht sales in 2021 . Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, however, superyachts have also become associated with sanctioned Russian oligarchs. Not without reason: they represented 30% of the global market. Documents recently revealed, for example, that the former Chelsea FC boss Roman Abramovich owned 16 superyachts , a full eight of which were support vessels for the 162.5-metre A$649.5m Eclipse he’d had built in 2010.

Morris says there were Russians who had planned to come to Australia prior to the war – one of whom was going to contract him to manage his yacht. It would have put millions through his business. The sanctions, though, have “put the fear of God through the industry”, he says.

“If I was managing a Russian yacht I would have gotten rid of it. It’s so lucrative, though, that a lot of people didn’t. I’m glad that the Russian client didn’t come. Sure, I missed out on huge revenue, but that’s not the point.”

T he 2032 Olympics aren’t the local industry’s only goal. Another is to bring more vessels to Australia to make use of the shipyards – mainly in Queensland and Western Australia – for maintenance, retrofitting and building. Another still is to increase the number of Australians joining the superyacht workforce.

after newsletter promotion

On Facebook groups like Superyacht Crew , keen industry up-and-comers post pictures of themselves – snorkelling, in uniform, sipping a glass of wine in a party dress – alongside their formal qualifications and experience. The semi-casual CV comes with added notes about the seafarer’s personality, including whether or not they have tattoos (being tattoo-free appears to be a selling point).

Employment standards, however, can vary. Commercially registered yachts available for charter, which usually have permanent captain and crew despite the rotating guest list, are bound by the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, which lays out minimum standards of employment, including legally enforceable contracts, maximum working hours per week, shore leave and annual leave entitlements, and the right to return to your country of residence for free. Enforcement of those standards is the responsibility of the country under whose flag the ship sails, and yachts chartering out of Australia need to be registered here.

Private yachts are a different story. They are not automatically covered by the Maritime Labour Convention, and employment contracts are often managed by owners’ personal office staff. Non-disclosure agreements are common, and rumours abound that upsetting the wrong people on board can see you unceremoniously dumped at the nearest port.

Superyacht crew in Australia are not covered by any union-based collective bargaining agreements. The Maritime Union of Australia national secretary, Paddy Crumlin, tells Guardian Australia that the MUA doesn’t have a real presence among the superyacht labour force, but alleges exploitation and harassment are rife. Morris vehemently rejects this, saying the working conditions on superyachts are “exceptional”, better than cruising or commercial shipping, higher paid, and far exceeding the minimums set by the Maritime Labour Convention.

Guardian Australia was unable to speak to any junior superyacht crew directly, despite attempts, but a survey of 402 superyacht crew members conducted by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network in 2018 described them as mainly well paid. More than 90% of survey respondents – male and female – said they felt safe on board, though 53% of female crew said they had experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying from owners, other crew or guests, compared with 30% of men, who most commonly experienced it from captains or other senior crew. The level of work-related stress was high, particularly among women.

No matter who ultimately owns them, private yachts are likely to be flying what the industry calls a “flag of convenience”, which can make standards harder to enforce, as the boat can spend very little, if any, time in its country of registration. Flags of convenience are a common maritime business practice, though, including in cruising and freight. And the results can be ironic: a cursory registry search of some high-profile private superyachts reveals, for example, that the mining magnate Andrew Forrest’s 58.2-metre Pangaea Ocean Explorer – which will shortly carry out environmental surveys on the DNA of ocean life, assisted by $3m in federal funding to Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation – sails under the Jamaican flag. Clive Palmer’s 56-metre $40m yacht, despite being patriotically named Australia , is registered in Malta.

Control, chameleons and seasick fish

What is it that draws the ultra rich to yachting?

“Control,” says David Good, the chief executive of industry peak body Superyachts Australia. “You can control the itinerary, who is on board and what food is going to be served. During the pandemic, when you were on board was probably the only time you could fully take control of who was going to be with you and your family. Covid was probably one of the best things that ever happened to boating in general.”

Superyachts Australia CEO David Good

Sam Sorgiovanni concurs. He’s used to catering to the whims of wealth: a sought-after designer based in Western Australia with about 35 years of experience, Sorgiovanni estimates he’s designed at least 20 superyachts. The biggest challenges usually relate to balancing functionality with the budget constraints of the commissioner. But some design requests are more complicated.

For the Nirvana, Sorgiovanni says his company designed two onboard terrariums for chameleons, water dragons, turtles and frogs, and a separate cricket facility to breed the reptiles’ food. The terrarium included curtains to shield the animals from the disco lights of an adjacent salon. On Anastasia and Barbara – owned by the same Russian billionaire as Nirvana – the designers were asked to include fish tanks. Unfortunately, they later discovered, fish kept in a tank on a boat die – from seasickness.

The origin of most of the super wealth that fuels superyacht ownership is natural resources, Sorgiovanni says. But criticism of the industry, he says, echoing Morris, is “tall poppy syndrome”.

“Yachting is the greatest redistribution of wealth around. Although it is for the privileged few, if you take a 100-metre yacht, there’s 50 crew on board, they’re all being paid, they’ve all got families, and wherever that yacht goes, especially if we’re allowing them to come into charter, as soon as it pulls into port … it would be millions generated every time the vessel comes in,” he says.

“It’s a pyramid. We’ve got the yachts at the top, and a pyramid of suppliers underneath it.”

Yacht enthusiasts at the Superyacht Soiree at Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney

S altwater and air is hard on boats, and superyachts require a lot of money for upkeep, and a lot of maintenance. So when an owner abandons ship, the vessels suddenly become very large and very unwieldy public burdens.

In February, the government of Antigua and Barbuda claimed and put up for auction the 82-metre Alfa Nero, which it said had been abandoned in Falmouth Harbour since early last year. The owner is rumoured to be the Russian oligarch Andrey Guryev; Guryev has denied owning the yacht, according to other reports.

That same month, the 29-metre superyacht Nakoa broke free of its moorings in Honolua Bay in north-west Maui, Hawaii, and drifted before running hard aground in shallow water, peppered by rocks and reef.

The US Coast Guard seized jurisdiction of the yacht after its owner, the charter mogul Jim Jones, informed authorities that he would not organise or pay for the boat’s salvage. Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a series of statements that Jones would instead receive a bill of at least US$460,000 for the salvage effort, and may face further penalties and possible legal action.

Facing widespread criticism, Jones told Honolulu media that he was “taking responsibility” for the matter. “We’ve been talking to the DLNR to let them know we’re not leaving them with the bill,” Jones said. “We’re not running.”

Timely and safe salvage was important to the local community but also to the environment. The grounding occurred just outside a significant marine conservation zone, and the yacht struck and damaged at least 30 corals and live rocks, its hull leaking diesel into the reef. Footage of the wreck circulated on social media, where commenters raged about the fuel seeping into the pristine water and the damage to the reef.

It took contractors three salvage attempts over nearly two weeks to dislodge the 122-tonne Nakoa. On 5 March, three tugboats managed to drag it back into the water. As they set off to tow the yacht to Honolulu, a pod of humpback whales surfaced and escorted the boats out of the bay, away from the marine sanctuary.

The Nakoa never made it back to dock . Halfway to Honolulu, the yacht began listing heavily. Unable to be dragged any further, it was scuttled in the deep channel between the islands of Maui and Molokai, and left to sink to the ocean floor.

The whales swam on.

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As the leading Superyacht support agents in Australia, Australian Superyacht Services’ provides only the best Superyacht services. Australian Superyacht Services’ mission is to ensure visiting captains, owners, guests and crew have the most rewarding experience during their time in Australia and the Australasia area. We are a strong network of Superyacht agency professionals, who aspire to provide the highest quality support to captains and crew along with flexible options on the service levels we provide.

Whether the visit is to cruise the diverse pristine coastline and waterways and visit some of the world’s most famous icons, and/or to undertake major refit and repair in the world class facilities, Australian Superyacht Services can guide and support you every step of the way.

THE TEAM We know yachting. Our entire team have worked as professional yachting crew for many years so you can rely on Australian Superyacht Services’ to provide you with the highest level of support and guidance. We understand the importance of delivering the highest standards so we have tailored our services to specifically suit each yacht’s intended operations and that every one of our clients’ requirements is met.

“We know exactly what Superyacht captains and crew expect from their port agent because we used to demand the same!” – (Captain Richard Morris, Director of Australian Superyachts)

KEY STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Australian Superyacht Services’ is aligned with the main Superyacht berthing facilities, government agencies, industry associations and refit shipyards in Australia. Therefore we offer you access to these facilities with streamlined formalities as we act as an independent service and provide specialized advice.

SHORE SUPPORT Australian Superyacht Services’ offers first class agency support to cruising yachts via a network of offices in most ports throughout Australia. Agency services offered include all customs, immigration and quarantine matters, electronic crew visas, charter registration, duty free fuel, customs clearance on spare parts, freight forwarding and assistance and the reimbursement of GST (VAT) on eligible port costs, repairs, refit and sundry expenses.

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Sydney International Boat Show 2024

Australian Superyachts appointed Australian agent for Gulf Craft

richard morris australian superyachts

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richard morris australian superyachts

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Gulf Craft Yacht Manufacturers in the UAE

Australian Superyachts & Flagship International Announce Gulf Craft Partnership

21 Feb, 2022, Australia : Australian Superyachts and Flagship International Yacht Brokers announce a partnership to distribute Gulf Craft yachts down under.

Australian Superyachts, the Australian distributor for Gulf Craft, has appointed Flagship International Yacht Brokers to sell the UAE-based shipbuilder’s yachts in Australia.

Australian Superyachts (ASY) has been the industry leader in delivering to the Australian market world-class superyachts built specifically to meet the stringent Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) survey class for commercial charters.


The partnership with Flagship International Yacht Brokers (Flagship International) means Gulf Craft’s global expansion plans will be seamlessly delivered to Australian buyers with the unparalleled level of customer experience Gulf Craft demands from its international dealer network.

Building on 23 years of success at the forefront of the Australian superyacht industry, ASY has chosen to partner with Flagship International due to the Rose Bay Marina-based brokerage’s exceptional sales and customer satisfaction records. The strength of Flagship International’s marketing prowess and customer service partnered with ASY’s intricate product knowledge and superyacht building experience sets new industry benchmarks.

“ Partnering with Captain Richard Morris, one of the biggest names in the Australian superyacht industry, is an exciting and strategic decision that perfectly aligns with Flagship International’s direction ,” managing director Marley Cutbush says.   “We are ecstatic to represent the Gulf Craft brands alongside ASY.  This team has the unrivaled industry knowledge and real superyacht building experience. Our partnership will create a formidable force within the yachting industry and will continue to cement Gulf Craft as the leading brand in the local superyacht sector”

Gulf Craft has solidified its position as an industry leader through its diverse range of yachts in different market segments, most notably the Majesty superyachts line which delivered the Majesty 175 last year; the largest composite constructed superyacht built anywhere in the world.

The ability to build a yacht to AMSA survey class is no easy feat, but Australian Superyachts managing director Captain Richard Morris has overcome this challenge successfully on many occasions, delivering Australia’s most recognizable charter yachts; the 32m Majesty 100   M/Y ONEWORLD , the 37m Majesty 122   M/Y GHOST II   and the Mediterranean based 40m Majesty 125   M/Y ALTAVITA ; all compliant with AMSA’s Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) survey and the Large Yacht Code (LY3).

Captain Morris is equally excited to partner with the brokerage powerhouse Flagship International “ Marley is an incredible yacht broker, having sold 50 vessels last year alone, including one to me! He is one of the most professional and engaging yacht sales agents I have seen in over 35 years in the industry. His Flagship team is such experienced superyacht professionals, with a customer-centric approach and proven results .”

The Australian superyacht industry has seen dramatic growth through the pandemic, fuelled by returning expatriates and the desire for families to look for luxury experiences in isolation and safety.

“Even the owner-operator-sized yachts market in the 45 to 65ft range is experiencing exponential growth, with demand outstripping supply, which is why Gulf Craft is the perfect brand to represent”,   Marley says.

Gulf Craft’s Majesty brand includes yachts from 49ft to 175ft and everything in between, but its other brands are equally exciting.   “The Nomad range of explorer yachts are perfectly suited to adventure cruising and chartering,   he adds . “With limitless cruising ground to explore throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these luxury explorers around in the years to come.”

Gulf Craft’s range includes Majesty Yachts, Nomad Yachts, Oryx Sports Cruisers, and Silvercraft fishing boats. “ I’ve been working with Gulf Craft since 2012 and this company’s drive to serve every market segment with the highest quality vessels is astonishing,”   Captain Morris say s. “They’ve invested so heavily into recruiting some of the best people in the world. I’m just so excited for the future with Gulf Craft and having Flagship onboard is the next step for ASY to continue to be one of the world’s most recognized Gulf Craft dealers.”

Now in its 40 th   year, Gulf Craft has an incredible boat-building legacy. Originally serving a predominantly regional market, today 92 percent of all vessels built at the company’s UAE shipyard are exported across the globe.

Talal Nasralla, Gulf Craft’s chief executive officer says : “As we look to the future, we will continue to see Gulf Craft strengthen its reputation as a globally recognized manufacturer of the world’s finest vessels, which can be found in marinas all over the world. To achieve this goal we rely on our dealer network to be the face of our company. After many successful years working with Captain Richard Morris and Australian Superyachts, we are thrilled he has chosen this strategic partnership with Flagship International to continue to grow our representation in Australia”

Gulf Craft will exhibit its range of luxury vessels at the Dubai International Boat Show from March 9 th   – 13 th    2022. Australian Superyachts and Flagship International invite our Australian clients to join them at the show.


Gulf craft at the sydney international boat show, august 1-5, 2013, majesty yachts at the sanctuary cove boat show, gulf craft’s nomad 101 to make australian debut at sydney international boat show.

Wagner mercenaries turn away from Moscow after Belarus brokers deal between Putin and Prigozhin — as it happened

Wagner Group head Yevgeny Prigozhin says he has ordered his forces to turn back from Moscow due to the risk of bloodshed after talks with Belarusian president and Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko.

This blog has closed. Follow Sunday's live blog for the latest updates.

  • 2:31 PM 2:31 PM Sat 24 Jun 2023 at 2:31pm Wagner 'a force to be reckoned with', says expert
  • 2:26 PM 2:26 PM Sat 24 Jun 2023 at 2:26pm Russian media says Wagner fighters promised amnesty to disarm
  • 2:00 PM 2:00 PM Sat 24 Jun 2023 at 2:00pm Wagner moving through area less than 400km from Moscow, says governor

To leave a comment on the blog, please log in or sign up for an ABC account.

Live updates

This blog is now closed.

Jacqueline Howard profile image

By Jacqueline Howard

It's time for this blog to close.

My colleague Caitlin Rawling   has opened a fresh one over here that will follow the developments through Sunday, including tracking the Wagner retreat and any statements out of the Kremlin.

Thanks for reading.

Key moments of the Wagner rebellion

While we wait to hear from Putin, let's take stock of what happened in Russia in the last 24 hours or so.

  • On Friday, the leader of Wagner, a private mercenary group,   released a video stepping up his feud with Russia's military top brass, calling for   a "march for justice" against the Russian military .
  • Russia's FSB security service responded by opening a criminal case against Prigozhin , saying he had called for armed mutiny.
  • By Saturday morning, Prigozhin said his men had crossed the border from Ukraine into Russia and were ready to go "all the way" against the Russian military.
  • Wagner fighters took control of the southern Russian city of Rostov , including the military base which plays a significant role in the support of Russian forces on the frontline in Ukraine.
  • Later, Wagner fighters are reported to have taken control of all military facilities in the city of Voronezh, about 500km south of Moscow.
  • Putin vowed to crush the "armed mutiny" in a televised address. He accused Prigozhin of "treason" and a "stab in the back".
  • A counter-terrorism operation is announced, and roadblocks were set up around Moscow. Authorities advised citizens to remain home and mass outdoor events for the next week were cancelled.
  • The office of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced a deal had been brokered with Prigozhin who agreed to de-escalate the situation to avoid bloodshed.
  • Prigozhin said his forces had turned back and were heading to their field camps, after marching to within 200km of Moscow.

Details of turn-back negotiations unclear

Precisely what went down in the negotiations between Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin and Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko is not yet clear.

Mr Lukashenko's office said he was brokering a deal with Prigozhin with the agreement of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Google translation of the statement on the Belarusian presidential office Telegram post announcing the deal, an element of the the talks included "security guarantees for the Wagner fighters".

A further announcement says Lukashenko has informed Putin of the outcomes of the talks.

At this stage, we are yet to hear from the Russian president himself.

Here's what Prigozhin said

The BBC has read out an English translation of Prigozhin's audio message that he posted to Telegram, in which he announces the halt of the march on Moscow.

"They wanted to disband the Wagner. On the 23rd of June, we went out on a 'Justice March'," Prigozhin says. "Within a day we were just 200km away from Moscow. During that time, we did not spill a single drop of blood of our fighters." "Now the moment has come when blood can be spilled. Therefore, understanding all the responsibility for the fact that Russian blood will be spilled on one of the sides, we are turning our columns around and leaving in the opposite direction, to our field camps according to the plan."

Prigozhin orders end to march on Moscow

Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has recorded an audio message posted to his Telegram channel in which he says he has ordered his mercenary forces to turn back from its approach to Moscow.

Prigozhin said he gave the order because of the risk of blood being spilled.

He said his forces had advanced to within 200km of Moscow in the last 24 hours.

Prigozhin agrees to de-escalation, Belarus says

The office of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is reporting that conversations with the Wagner leader have resulted in an agreement to de-escalate the situation in Russia.

A statement, published on the president's Telegram channel, said Mr Lukashenko was "acting in agreement with the Russian President" to broker a deal with Prigozhin.

"Negotiations continued throughout the day. As a result, they came to agreements on the inadmissibility of unleashing a bloody massacre on the territory of Russia," the statement read.

Lukashenko is a close ally of Mr Putin. The Belarusian border with Ukraine was an entry point to Ukraine for Putin's troops when the war began back in February 2022.

We are yet to hear from Prigozhin or Putin on the matter.

Roadblock at a highway offramp in Moscow

Russian authorities have set up a roadblock at a highway entrance to Moscow, the Associated Press reports.

Photos published by the agency show police stationed at the multi-lane road, and an armed personnel carrier on guard.

Several cars are driving in a single file past trucks, police cars and military vehicle blocking the other lanes

Outdoor events in Moscow suspended

The Moscow region has suspended all mass outdoor events until 1 July.

Authorities earlier warned citizens to avoid travelling around the capital.

Recruitment advertisements for Wagner taken down

Advertisements calling for recruits to the Wagner group are being removed from billboards.

Agency photographers captured the below posters being dismantled from billboards around St Petersburg.

A man on a ladder drops a corner of a banner, which shows a military man shrouded in dust

Roadblocks erected on outskirts of Moscow, mayor warns citizens to stay home

Military roadblocks have popped up on the outskirts of Moscow as the Wagner convoy approaches, Reuters reports.

Three police officers stand by a police vehicle on a road

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has advised citizens of the capital to refrain from trips around the city, given a counter-terrorism operation had been declared in the Moscow region.

That declaration gives authorities special powers, such as restricting the movement of people and vehicles and conducting searches. It also allows authorities to evacuate civilians.

In a statement, Mr Sobyanin said Monday would be a non-work day, with some exceptions, in order "to minimise risks".

Russia issues warning to West over Wagner mutiny

Russia's foreign ministry has released a statement warning Western countries against using the Wagner group's mutiny "to achieve their Russophobic goals", Reuters reports.

Over on the ministry's Twitter account, it announced that Putin has been on the phone to the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

It said the Russian leader had been informing his counterparts of the "situation in the country".

In the last few minutes, Russian news agency TASS has reported the "top Russian leadership", which includes Putin, remains in the capital despite rumours on social media the top brass had left Moscow.

More photos of fuel tank on fire at oil depot

Claudia Williams profile image

By Claudia Williams

More photos have come through of the f uel tank on fire at an oil depot in Voronezh.  

Governor Alexander Gusev said more than 100 firefighters and 30 units of equipment were working at the site.

He said one reservoir was damaged.

Video footage obtained by Reuters showed a ball of fire erupting after a helicopter flew near a residential area.

The Voronezh location was verified by Reuters by buildings and road characteristics that matched satellite imagery.

richard morris australian superyachts

How concerning are events in Russia for European leaders?

We have put some more questions to   Michelle Rimmer, who is supervising producer for the ABC's London bureau.

What could this mean for Europe more broadly? And how concerned do you believe European leaders will be about this development?

European leaders and their western allies will be watching very closely to see how the situation in Russia develops.

The key language we are hearing from European leaders and the NATO security alliance right now is that they are "monitoring" the fast-moving situation.

They have resisted making any predictions as to how the current turmoil in Russia will play out and what the wider implications for the region may be.

In an intelligence update, the British Defence Ministry said the current situation represents "the most significant challenge to the Russian state in recent times" and that "the loyalty of Russia's security forces" will determine how the crisis unfolds.

A number of countries directly neighbouring Russia, including Estonia and Latvia, have strengthened the security at their borders.

While France and Lithuania say their focus is on Ukraine and seeing an end to Russia's conflict there.

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said his country is not distracted by the alleged mutiny in Russia and that "the goal, as ever, is victory and justice for Ukraine".

Wagner 'a force to be reckoned with', says expert

Brianna Morris-Grant profile image

By Brianna Morris-Grant

The success or failure of Prigozhin may largely depend on how many allies he has and if he can mobilise Russians to join him, says Russian expert and London's King's College academic Anna Matveeva.

Ms Matveeva told Reuters ifPrigozhin manages to garner the backing of those "within the power and security structures" including police and military intelligence, the situation could descend into "a much wider crisis".

"I think the development which we are to watch is to see whether Wagner and Prigozhin have any allies," she said.

She added Wagner made up "a very good part of the Russian armed forces".

"And certainly, they have been doing a heavy lift at the frontlines in the recent months. So yes, they are a force to be reckoned with."

Russian media says Wagner fighters promised amnesty to disarm

Wagner mercenaries have been promised an amnesty if they lay down their weapons but they need to act fast, state-owned Russian news agency TASS has cited a politician as saying.

"Wagner fighters can still lay down their arms and avoid punishment given their achievements during the special military operation [in Ukraine], but they should do it fast," Pavel Krasheninnikov was quoted as saying.

Krashennikov is a former Russian Justice Minister, and is now a Deputy of the State Duma , the lower house of Russia's Federal Assembly.

Wagner moving through area less than 400km from Moscow, says governor

      The governor of the Lipetsk region, north of Voronezh , has confirmed Wagner is moving through the area, according to BBC reports.

Governor Igor Artamov earlier urged residents to stay indoors and "avoid travelling by any means".

Lipetsk is less than 400km from Moscow .

A map of Moscow with markers showing Moscow, Lipetsk, Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don

Here's what it looks like on the ground in Russia

richard morris australian superyachts

Entrance to Wagner's headquarters cordoned off

The entrance to the PMC Wagner Centre, headquarters of the private military group in St. Petersburg in Russia, has been blocked, according to China Central Television (CCTV).  

Two armed police stand outside a building with the Wagner logo on its glass walls

Reporter Alexey Ryabkov said things are "relatively stable" in the city: "We can see that the entrance to the building has been blocked, but there is nothing else special there.

"According to the latest reports, Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group, has been placed on the wanted list. Though the situation is changing, all is calm in St Petersburg for now."

Where is Vladimir Putin?

richard morris australian superyachts

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Russian president was working in the Kremlin on Saturday, the RIA news agency reported.

He has reportedly spoken with muliple leaders including Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

In an address earlier, Putin vowed to crush an armed mutiny by the Wagner group.

There have also been reports that Putin's presidential plane took off from Moscow to St Petersburg on Saturday.

However, it is not known whether Putin was on board the plane.

How many soldiers are Wagner likely to come up against in Moscow?

We have put another one of your questions to Europe correspondent   Isabella Higgins.  

Wagner is meant to be 25,000 with another 25,000 in Russia. How many soldiers are they likely to come up against stationed in Moscow?

Isabella: It will be a major feat for Wagner if their troops are even able to reach Moscow.

They are outnumbered and geographically disadvantaged — but they are making ground.

The majority of Prighozin's men are still close to the Russia-Ukraine border, and will need to travel hundreds of kilometres and come up against Russia's counter-terrorism activities in several regions.

In theory, Wagner's 25,000 fighters could be quickly outnumbered by the professional military in Moscow.

But Russia is an unpredictable place.

The question is — where will the allegiance of ordinary Russians fall?

Prighozin is said to be a popular figure and he is trying to persuade Russian army personnel to turn against their leadership and fight with him. If more people decide to join his cause, that would further throw the balance of power.

This level of insurgency has not be seen in Russia for many years.

There are whispers of a civil war. For now they are just that, whispers. The next 24 hours will be critical.

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Gorky Park in Moscow in summer

  • Moscow, the city for life – Russia

Moscow Urban Forum in Moscow

Moscow Urban Forum in Moscow © C.Horn 2013

Recently the Moscow Government published under the headline “Moscow, the city for life” its seven development priorities. A document distributed at the Moscow Urban Forum in December 2013.

Moscow is with a population of over 12 million people one of the biggest metropolis in the world. The real number of citizens is difficult to establish as Moscow is the destination of many migrants, legal and otherwise, drawn by higher salaries and better services and living conditions. In 2010 alone, 126,000 newcomers were officially registered in the city, but the actual number is certainly much higher. The Moscow International Internet Portal indicates that “By some estimates together with commuters working and studying in Moscow, migrants, transit visitors and tourists the daily actual population of Moscow amounts in general to 15 – 20 million people”. It is forecast that by 2035 the population of the Moscow region will increase by 4,000,000 people and amount to 22,800,000 people.  It is expected that by 2020 passenger traffic generated by the ‘New Moscow’ will double whereas the capacity of the existing infrastructure is already exhausted.

Inner city road in Moscow

Inner city road in Moscow © C.Horn 2012

After adopting in 2011 different government programs for the key directions of the capital’s development, the Moscow Government worked out in 2013 its main objectives for the creation of comfortable living conditions with the definition of seven development priorities: 1) Mobile City; 2) Comfortable urban environment; 3) Healthy city; 4) Well-educated city; 5) Socially protected city; 6) New economics of Moscow; 7) Open Moscow.

It is a large and ambitious programme highlighting the goals reached and progress made in the last years, and illustrating the objectives for the next years in numbers and graphics.

Moscow development priorities, Mobile City

Moscow development priorities, Mobile City © Moscow

An important part takes the improvement and development of the transport infrastructure. Moscow is literally suffocated by the significant growth of the personal car fleet, doubling from 2.6 millions cars in 2000 to 4.5 million in 2012 and the increase of commuting du amongst others to the ongoing separation of business centres and residential areas. Over two-thirds of the municipal investments have been assigned in future for the improvement and modernisation of the transport infrastructure, roads and public transport, an estimated 329 billion roubles for 2013.

Moscow Subway Plan 2013-2020

Moscow Subway Plan 2013-2020 © Moscow Subway

Today over 60% of the total volume of Moscow passenger transportation is carried by the subway and this traffic capacity should increase by 1.2 billions persons annually. Just to illustrate the ambitions, the program foresees to rise the average annual construction of subway stations from 2.75 stations, from 2009 – 2012, up to 9.1 stations per year for the period 2013-2020, with the final objective to construct 73 new stations by 2020. They say themselves, that it is the most rapid construction program in the entire history of the Moscow subway. In comparison the metro line of the Paris metropolis, Le Grand Paris Express, foresees to build 205 km of metro lines and 72 new stations between 2013 and 2030. It seems that Moscow want to do in less than half the time.

The development priorities draw the picture of a metropolis with a population using in the last years more intensely the public spaces, the cultural institutions, the shopping area and demanding for a higher urban living standard. A population that has better access to medical facilities and a growing life expectancy, 75.8 years in 2012, and a growing natality rate. A population with opportunities for a better education starting from more kindergartens over preschools to high schools. Interesting is the development of the average salary of a school teacher in Moscow, from 39200 roubles in 2010 up to 64100 roubles in 2013: an average annual growth of 12% in a context of an inflation of approximately 6 %, leaving a real salary growth of 6 % per year. Not bad, seen from a Western European perspective.

Pedestrian Street in Moscow

Pedestrian Street in Moscow © C.Horn 2013

But Moscow also wants to be a city that cares about its less fortunate citizens. The program is about social protection of older generations, assistance to needy families and persons with limited capabilities. It is about free access to public services, like transport, medical treatment, recreation, financial support and accessibility of public buildings. It also concerns providing housing for certain categories of citizens, probably one of the most difficult task, as Moscow has been ranked regularly among the five most expensive cities in the world in terms of the cost of housing.

To finance this new and improved public facilities and services, the Moscow Government counts on the dynamic of investments, supposed to grow from 732 billion roubles in 2010 up to 1719 in 2016. A mixture of better services for the investors, improved infrastructures and tax incentives should keep the dynamic going.

Gorky Park in Moscow in summer

Gorky Park in Moscow in summer © www.2away.de

The Open Moscow development priority aims to create and strengthen the links between to residents and the public services. Improvements in the information and communication with the citizens, in the collecting and carrying out of suggestions of the citizens, and monitoring the activities of the public officers of municipal services, probably to fight corruption and try to establish a kind of confidence. Different internet sites like the Our City Website , regrouped in one Open Data Portal , should play in mayor part in this new Open Moscow development.

This program looks like a step in the right direction. It is developing Moscow towards a multi-layer, multi-functional city, trying to diversify the transport system, the municipal offer in public spaces, recreation and medial facilities, and supporting the poorer populations. The success of the renewal and transformation of the Gorky Park is a sign of these multi-functional and high-quality public spaces and the demand of the citizens for such spaces.

What is still missing for me is a clearer image of what Moscow wants to be in its whole, and in its parts. For the moment the document is set up as a catalogue of good intended programs, but not yet as an integral city development program. An example is the important investments in the public transport and in the road system, with the hope to encourage the citizens to abandon their excessive use of personal transport. But as long as the Moscow develops its road and parking system, citizens might prefer their car to public transport. Further detailed choices have to be taken on the different aspects of these programs and their feasibility in the near future.

Annotation: For this article I analysed the English version of the publication “Moscow, the city for life – Moscow development priorities” from the Moscow Government. During the lecture I got the impression that some mistakes had been made in the English translation. Download for the Russian version of the document (pdf) : Moscow City for life ru

Author: Christian Horn is the head of the architecture and urban planning office rethink

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Hi, I have not been able to obtain this document in english. Do you by any chance have it and can share it with me? Please contact me at [email protected]

Nurul nisa

Nice. Can I have the English documents?

Christian Horn

Hello, thank you for your interest. I have the Russian version in PDF and I can send it to you, if you like. But the English documents only on paper. Best regards, Christian


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  19. Wagner mercenaries turn away from Moscow after Belarus brokers deal

    By Brianna Morris-Grant Key Event Wagner mercenaries have been promised an amnesty if they lay down their weapons but they need to act fast, state-owned Russian news agency TASS has cited a ...

  20. On this Day in 1972: Nixon Visits Moscow

    May 22, 2017. On May 22, 1972, President Richard Nixon arrived in Moscow for a summit with Soviet leaders. During a week of meetings with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and other Soviet officials, the United States and the USSR reached a number of agreements, including one that laid the groundwork for a joint space flight in 1975.

  21. Moscow, the city for life

    An important part takes the improvement and development of the transport infrastructure. Moscow is literally suffocated by the significant growth of the personal car fleet, doubling from 2.6 millions cars in 2000 to 4.5 million in 2012 and the increase of commuting du amongst others to the ongoing separation of business centres and residential areas.