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IOM success

Where might we go from here.

My first thought was to simplify the measurement of an IOM, and thus to simplify the class rules.  After a couple of years of trying to simplify the rules, I realised they were about as simple as they could possibly be and still achieve a "home-build one-design".  [Yes, indeed!  For those doubters out there, I invite you to have a go yourselves at simplifying the IOM rules and still end up with essentially the same boat.  Jan always reminds me that the apparently "simple" IOM class is achieved by "complex" rules.  There seems to be something of an inverse relationship between the "simplicity" of a class and "complexity" of the rules.]  The idea, of course, is to maximise the appeal of the class to the club skipper, to encourage its increased adoption in countries where it has not yet achieved a significant position, and to minimise regulatory and measurement problems and overhead.  I now think that the IOM class association should introduce an IOM design which is a strict one-design hard-chine hull (the Boxkite is on offer from Graham Bantock) with materials restricted to wood only in both hull and appendages.  This kind of IOM would use "normal" measured IOM rigs and sails, but ball-raced goosenecks or jib swivels would not be permitted.  Using an idea of Charlie Coventry, whenever this kind of design races with other IOMs, the other IOMs would have 2 points added to their score in every race of that event.  We might call this kind of IOM the BOM -- the Box One Metre and provide it with its own class rules.

Following this idea, and taking it one step further, is to introduce a "manufacturer" IOM.  This design would consist of a complete kit of materials and fittings, needing only radio control to go racing.  Its rules would be very simple -- you can use only what is in the kit, and you have to use it the way the kit instructions say.  This would be the MOM class, and it would have its own class rules.

My second thought a while ago was to improve the standard of sailing at IOM events.  We now have umpiring at International events, and this I think is an excellent development.  So my second thought now is to give experimenters and tinkerers a class to play in as well -- a "Marblehead" IOM, if you like.  So I think the IOM class association should introduce a kind of One Metre, where there are no restrictions on materials or fittings, while keeping the "normal" IOM length, weight, and overall draught limits for a mono-hull, and the "normal" IOM dimensions for the sails.  Everything else is "free".  Extending Charlie's idea, every such "unlimited" One Metre would have 1 point added to its score when racing.  We might call this kind of One Metre the FOM -- the Free One Metre, and again provide it with its own class rules.

While the BOM and MOM could measure as an IOM, the FOM obviously would not.  The FOM's attraction is that it conforms to the IOM "core" idea -- a minimum displacement in a one metre length with standard size sails -- while allowing itchy fingers and enquiring minds to enjoy freedom...  Neither the BOM, MOM, nor the FOM would be "International" classes, but who knows what time might bring us if boats were built and raced in these classes around the world?  It might be worth being clear that none of these ideas actually affect the IOM class and the IOM class rules -- these continue exactly as they are.  If you are interested in reviewing and commenting upon the proposed BOM, FOM, and MOM class rules, e-mail me and I can send you a document.


Welcome to the World of Model Yachting

Welcome aboard.

  • IOM Britpop!
  • RG65 Electronica

ROBOT NEWS.   Over the last few months Tony, who handles enquiries, has relocated from Nottingham  closer to Robot Yachts production facility in Sherborne, Dorset but production has not been affected..  This has involved 2 moves, the second over the summer is now nearly complete.  During this time there have been inevitable disruptions to communication and Tony's ability to respond has been limited to the essential for which we apologise.  If we have missed a response please try again and we will respond as soon as possible.  Meantime James, whose workshop facilities are not affected by the moves, is now working full time in the business and has increased production and product development activity as a consequence.

NEW CONTACT DETAILS   Please check the page header for the latest.  The moves have caused 2 changes of contact phone number and a business email address has been adopted.

PRODUCTS.  Robot Yachts is currently offering a choice of ISAF International One Metre (IOM)  and  RG65 designs.

IOM BRITPOP  This outstanding IOM design , built under licence from designer Brad Gibson, is our stella product in demand from customers worldwide.  The  BritPOP hull and foil package together with optimised rig represents a step change in One Metre performance as shown by its exceptional results since first raced in 2010.  The design has since dominated major International and National IOM events across the world and a few of its impressive list of principal race achievements to date underline its outstanding performance:- 

Robot Yachts  production BritPOPs have already proven a game changer in races at every level across the world.  The design is exceptional in a full range of conditions and in different hands.  The Robot Yachts BritPOP is now in its third year of production and we are working through our building list in date order as fast as we can.  See our  BritPOP webpage for further details and specification.

The Mark 2 version of our original product, the IOM Robot ,   continues to perform competitively and examples are seen at most of the top UK events.  This is an excellent all round design, ideal for the club racer and is in its element on a lazy light weather summer day at the local lake.  We are continuing with Robot production and development as time allows.  See the Robot webpage for specification.


It is no surprise that these  great little “car bootable” boats that offer such a serious sailing performance are gaining momentum.  We build to order, mostly in pre-preg carbon built to deck level and supplied with our specially developed pre-preg carbon fin and rudder.  We have been developing and testing the new Electronica design by Brad Gibson and prodction will start in the new year - watch this space for information. 

GENERAL.  On a limited basis we are able to offer a few almost ready to race boats at various stages of completion, details on request. Note, you will need to order your choice of sails directly from the sailmaker as sailmakers also have extended lead times.  For all enquiries,  product information, details of our terms of business or to place an order please use the contact details shown on this web home page header.

Last update December 2014

Swell RC

Model Yachting: A Comprehensive Guide to the Hobby

' src=

  • By - Kyle Hilson
  • Posted on November 13, 2023 November 14, 2023
  • Posted in RC Boats

Model yachting is a fascinating hobby or sport that involves building miniature versions of sailing yachts that can be sailed on water. It is a popular pastime enjoyed by people of all ages, and it is a great way to improve one’s patience, attention to detail and enjoyment of nature. Model yachting has a long and rich history, having begun as a hobby for wealthy yacht owners who wanted to recreate their vessels in miniature form. Over time, it has evolved into an organized sport, with national and international competitions held regularly. The boats used in model yachting come in different types such as radio-controlled, free-sailing, and pond yachts each having unique characteristics that make them ideal for different situations. With its history, different types of boats are used, and competitions it has to offer, model yachting is truly a fascinating and engaging hobby for all enthusiasts. In this article, we will dive into the different aspects of model yachting to give you a better understanding of what this sport is all about.

The History of Model Yachting

Model yachting has a long and rich history that dates back to the 1840s when wealthy yacht owners created miniature versions of their boats to be sailed on ponds and lakes. Since then, model yachting has come a long way, with its own subcultures, clubs, and competitions. Here are some key events and figures in the history of model yachting :

  • In 1876, model yachting was introduced to the United States through the New York Yacht Club .
  • The National Model Sailing Association (NMSA) was established in 1901 and became the governing body for model yachting in the US.
  • The first world championships in model yachting were held in England in 1920.

Over the years, model yachting continued to evolve, with new materials and technologies allowing for even more intricate and realistic models. Today, there are many different types of model yachts available, ranging from simple wooden boats to high-tech carbon fiber creations. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of model yachting , there are many resources available, including websites, books, and magazines. Some popular websites for model yachting enthusiasts include Model Yachting Magazine and the American Model Yachting Association .

What is the history of racing yachts?

Racing yachts have been around for centuries but the modern era of yacht racing began in the mid-19th century with the creation of regattas and yacht clubs. The America’s Cup, first held in 1851, is one of the oldest and most prestigious yacht races in the world. In the 20th century, advances in technology led to the development of faster and more efficient racing yachts. Today, yacht racing is a popular sport, with many competitions held around the world.

For more information about yacht racing, you can visit the websites of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), World Sailing, and the Royal Yacht Association (RYA). Yacht racing enthusiasts can find a wide variety of products, from sailing gear to yacht equipment, on websites such as West Marine and Sailrite.

How to Get Started in Model Yachting

If you’re interested in trying model yachting for the first time, here are some steps you can take to get started:

  • Research different types of model yachts: There are many different types of model yachts available, each with its own unique features and characteristics. Research different types of boats and their advantages and disadvantages to decide which one is right for you.
  • Join a local club: Joining a local model yachting club is a great way to connect with other enthusiasts, learn about the sport and practice your skills.
  • Find a body of water: You’ll need a pond, lake, or small bay to sail your model yacht. Ensure it’s a safe location and has good access.
  • Get the right equipment: You’ll need a model yacht kit, radio control equipment, batteries and more. Take the time to get good equipment to prevent scale effect over time.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Learning to sail a model yacht takes time and patience. Keep practicing to improve your skills.

Moreover, model yachting can also have a creative, DIY aspect too. Some people enjoy building every part of their boats from scratch, while others enjoy customizing commercially available models with their own unique touches. A table displaying the different types and features of available model yachts can be a good way to showcase this information.

How do I start working on a yacht?

To start working on a yacht, you can follow the below steps:

  • Get necessary training and certifications, such as STCW Basic Safety Training, ENG1 medical certificate, and a sailing license.
  • Network and connect with people in the industry, attend job fairs and conferences.
  • Consider joining a crew agency, such as Crew4Yachts, YPI Crew, or DieselCrew.
  • Search for job postings on yacht-specific job websites, such as Yachting Pages or Yotspot.

It’s essential to have relevant experience in the yachting industry and a willingness to work hard. With persistence and dedication, you can begin your career on a yacht.

Types of Model Yachting Boats

Model yachts come in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for different levels of experience, budgets, and preferences. Here are some popular types of model yachting boats :

  • Radios Control, or RC boats: Ideal for those who prefer precision, remote control or competitive sailing, these boats can be maneuvered with precision steering and speed control through specialized remote control units or employing the usage of mobile applications.
  • Free Sailing Boats: Although this type of model yacht has limited control over the yacht’s trajectory, these boats are perfect for casual sailing and less organized competitions. They typically use a built-in sail and do not rely on radio control.
  • Pond Yachts: Pond yacht’s roots date back to the sailboat models collectors and enthusiasts of the 19th century. These newly available from companies like vintage model company’s pond yachts come equipped with high-end details, advanced manufacturing techniques, and optional upgrades, making them both stunning and practical.

Regardless of the type of model yacht you choose, investing in a good quality boat that suits your skill level and sailing preference is key. There are several online resources and stores you can use, such as model yacht online shops, specialized forums and websites, like amya.org .

Model yachting competitions have become increasingly popular and organized over the years, attracting enthusiasts from around the world who compete for titles and medals. Here are some of the different types of model yachting competitions:

  • Club Events: These are typically small, casual events held by local clubs, where participants can practice their sailing skills and get to know other enthusiasts in their area.
  • Regional Competitions: Held throughout the year, regional competitions gather competitors from clubs within a specific region or state. These events often spark long-lasting friendships and rivalries, making them a great opportunity to see how well you stand next to others outside of your demographic.
  • National and International Events: These are the biggest and most prestigious model yachting events, drawing competitors from all over the world. They typically take place over multiple days and involve a variety of competitions and social events.

To compete in these events, it is important to follow the specific rules and guidelines of each competition. Registration is required and can come at a steep price tag. There are also specialized websites such as modelyachting.org and various model yachting magazines like Model Yachting Magazine and Yachts & Yachting offering coverage of competitions and general information about the sport.

What is competitive yachting?

Competitive yachting, also known as yacht racing, involves sailing boats of different classes in a race against each other to determine the fastest vessel and crew. Yacht racing can take place in open seas, lakes or rivers and can range from a casual contest to a highly competitive international event.

Types of yacht racing categories may include:

  • Inshore racing
  • Offshore racing
  • Match racing
  • Cruising racing

There are several international organizations that govern yacht racing, including World Sailing, International Maxi Association and Offshore Racing Congress.

For those interested in getting involved in competitive yachting, there are several resources available, including:

  • Yacht racing clubs
  • Online forums and communities
  • Training courses and schools

Additionally, there are several websites that provide information on upcoming yacht races, yacht racing news and results, and resources for yacht owners and crew members, including Sail World, Yachting World, and Sailing Anarchy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Model Yachting

Model yachting is a fun and rewarding hobby, but it does come with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Improves Patience: Building and sailing a model yacht involves a lot of patience and attention to detail, helping you become more focused and disciplined.
  • Embraces Nature: Model yachting takes place on water, providing a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Friendly Competition: Competitions offer a chance to meet other enthusiasts and participate in friendly competitions that can help improve your skills.
  • Provides a Sense of Accomplishment: Successfully building and sailing a model yacht can provide a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.
  • Time-Consuming: The construction of a model yacht can take up a significant amount of time, depending on the size of the yacht and level of detail put into it.
  • Equipment Challenges: Model yachting equipment can be expensive and needs to be well-maintained in order to work correctly, that requires long-term financial and time commitments.
  • Weather Restrictions: Inclement weather can affect sailing conditions, limiting the amount of time you can spend on the water.
  • Seasonal Hobby: Model yachting is a seasonal hobby for most people, as cold temperatures and frozen bodies of water can make it impossible to sail during the winter months.

In the end, the choice of whether or not to pursue model yachting depends largely on personal interests and the amount of time and money one is willing to commit. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent and satisfying sport/hobby that is well worth considering for those who love challenges and being close to nature.

What is the benefit of yachting?

There are numerous benefits of yachting, including:

  • Relaxation: Yachting provides an escape from the stresses of everyday life and can be a peaceful way to unwind and recharge.
  • Adventure: Exploring new destinations and discovering hidden coves and beaches can be an exciting and adventurous experience.
  • Socialization: Yachting can be a great way to connect with others who share your passion for the water and boating.
  • Health and Wellness: Yachting offers opportunities for exercise such as swimming, snorkeling and paddleboarding, which can promote physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Nature Appreciation: Yachting allows for a unique perspective to appreciate the beauty of nature such as marine life and stunning sunsets.

If you are interested in taking up yachting, there are many websites and products available that can help you get started. Some popular resources include:

  • Boatsetter: A platform for renting or chartering a yacht with a network of over 14,000 yachts worldwide.
  • YachtWorld: A global resource for buying and selling yachts with over 100,000 listings.
  • Cruising World: A magazine focused on yachting and cruising lifestyle that provides information on destinations, boats, gear and more.

In conclusion, model yachting is an exciting sport/hobby that combines your interest in recreation, art, and the outdoors. With a rich history and a variety of boats and competitions on offer; building and sailing a model yacht can be a great way for people of all ages to enjoy time in the great outdoors, learning new skills and meeting like-minded individuals. While it does require time, patience, and passion, the end result is a beautiful and functional model yacht that gives complete satisfaction and builds self-confidence.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing hobby or one that challenges your competitive spirit, model yachting covers it all. With a little bit of research, joining local clubs or attending competitions could be your first step towards the world of model navigation. Investing in high-quality equipment, building a model yacht from scratch, and sailing it on water can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, personal satisfaction, and memories that would last a lifetime. So why wait? Start sailing your way to a fun and fulfilling hobby today!

Mastering the Remote Control Helicopter Bada: A Comprehensive Guide

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Remote Control Commercial Planes: Benefits, Challenges, and Future

Building Suppliers

​ Goodwinds  (USA)  Leading Suppliers of Carbon Fiber Rods & Tubes, (for masts , Spars, and Stubs) Spectra Line, Ripstop Nylon

Boca Bearings (USA) PTFE & Stainless Steel Ball bearings for use on Swing Rigs 

ACP Composites (USA)   Carbon fiber  cloth, sheets ,and tubes.  Also Fiberglass and other materials for making rigs, fins, decks  etc. 

​ RG65 / DF RC Sail Makers

Soch Sails  (UK)   Dragon Force RG65 Dealer   DF Sails , Boat decor kits, as well as inventory of DF boats,  parts , rig kits, aftermarket deck patches   

​ Housemartin Sails (UK)   RG65 paneled and Dragon Force One Design sails , as well as selected parts, and accessories

​ Graphite Sails (UK)    RG65 & DF , Rig kits (swing & Conventional) Contact ; John Tushingham Tel: 01943816808  email:  [email protected]

Blackmagick Sails (NZL)  ​Custom RG65 Paneled sails , and also Dragon Force Single Panel  One Design sails , Fantastic tuning tips page  

​ Catsails (UK) Dragon Force RC Sails in Mylar Scrim ​

RG65 Hull & Boat Suppliers

RC Yachts (UK)   Complete Line Dragon Force RG65 dealer, including full inventory of all DF parts, pre assembled rig kits, and aftermarket DF  sails from Graphite, Housemartin, and Cat Sails

​ Sails Etc (UK) - Manufacturer Argon RG65  , Rogue RG65 Line Plans One of the leaders in RC parts, worldwide 

​ Nautae Racing Model Yachts  (BRA) -  Manufacturer for     Stinger A/S & Skinny RG65s by Pedro Stier ​

​ Mirage Radio Yachts  (AUS) Manufacturer  for Missile RG65 by Jeff Byerley , custom RG65 Sails & rig kits as well

​ PJ Sails (UK)  -  Manufacturer for Puma RG65,  full line of radio sailing parts , sails  and  accessories for RG65s as well

Seamaster RC  (BRA) - Manufacturer for Stinger, Rogue, & VAD65 RG65 designs

​ Spectre Marine (AUS)   Manufacturer for the Spectre 650 RG65 

Midwest Model Yachts   US Importer and Dealer for Sails Etc, KDH, Hales and Cap Maquettes. Carries complete line of rig hardware, fasteners , Hull & deck fittings, Books, masts, & mast fittings.   Line plans for the Rogue RG65  by Graham Bantock 

​ ​ Breaking Wind Boats    US Manufacturer of Rig Parts, complete rig kits, and other innovative RC Sailing parts. Also manufactures   custom parts with his 3D printer  including servo tray mounts . Limited supply of RG65 Decks and hulls including the  Round Ranger, Pakinto, and Simatara RG65s ( Production currently halted due to repairs to moulds)

 Amazon.com    US Dealer carrying complete inventory of  stock  Dragon Force Boats and bagged parts 

KB Sails    US Custom builder Dragon Force Restricted   Sails in multiple material, and trim color . Email Ken Bauser for more info at:   [email protected]

​ Vector Sails     US Custom Builder of RG65  & Dragon Force Restricted Sails in multiple materials and colors

​ Hot Sails      Canadian builder for DragonForce 65 Restricted Sails in multiple materials and colors  

US & Canada RG65 Suppliers 

Dragon Sailing   North America    US Importer and Distributor  for the complete line of DragonForce 65 Add-Ons  , boats, replacement Parts and accessories

​ ERC Custom Boats, Sails, and Parts   US Custom Builder for ERC Sails (both Rg65 paneled & Dragon Force Restricted ), custom hulls, parts and fittings, and carbon fiber/ fiberglass moulds. Builder and designer for Mako, Wahoo, & Blue Splash  RG65s

​ Carr Sails    US   Custom builder for   RG65  paneled construction A, B and C suits, as well as  Dragon Force One Design  Single Panel A, B, and C suits

​ ​Walrus Sails   US Custom builder of   RG65 paneled and Dragon Force Restricted  sails.

General RC Parts & Accessories

K-Bits   (UK)  ​Specialists in radio sailing specific servos, and electronics. Also provides parts , batteries and electronics 

Model Graphics (UK)  ​Razor carbon or glass mouldings. Carbon rig fittings and complete rigs. Range now includes a 700 gram cast keel ballast.

AA Parts (ITA) Custom parts and deck equipment suitable for RG65s 

TMG Yachts Multihulls Power and Sail Australia

Nauta Design

Interior design.

Nauta Design

Superyacht designer Mario Pedol founded Nauta Yachts in 1985, having already set up a yard to build their own designs. After the recession bit in the early 1990s the company turned to design and has evolved to become one of the most important studios in the world.

Nauta Design are an award-winning naval architecture, yacht exterior styling, and interior design company … having been involved in a range of projects from small production sailing, motor yachts, and catamarans with notable builders such as Beneteau and Lagoon, to large, custom superyachts in both sail and power.

Nauta are renowned for their interior innovation, meticulous attention to detail and to the needs of the customer.


Lagoon 60 First Look

Lagoon 60 First Look

by Marnie Ebeling

Rowan travelled to France to witness the premiere of the cutting-edge Lagoon 60, where innovation meets luxury. With unique side access and an expansive aft terrace, this catamaran redefines cruising comfort.

Multihull of the Year Nominations 2024

Multihull of the Year Nominations 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the PRESTIGE M8 has been nominated for the Multihull of the Year Awards 2024.

Guide to Hull Maintenance & A Detailed Look Below the Surface

Guide to Hull Maintenance & A Detailed Look Below the Surface

In this instructional piece, we delve beneath the waves to explore the underwater profile of the a Lagoon Catamaran. Join us as we dissect the key features and maintenance points of the Lagoon 46, offering insights into what to look for during routine upkeep.

Vintage Ship Models and Nauticalia

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Our stores

Vintage Ship Models Store - Cabo Roig

   Classic racing yachts from the early years of the last century      including famous J Class Yachts such as Shamrock and Velsheeda

Classic racing yachts  there are 7 products..

Velsheeda - J Class Racing Yacht Model

Velsheeda - J Class Racing Yacht Model

America's Cup J Class Yacht Velsheda - 1933.  Handcrafted model of this famous racing yacht.  Length 24 inches (60 cms)

Shamrock - J Class Sailing Yacht Model

Shamrock - J Class Sailing Yacht Model 60cm

Shamrock - America's Cup J Class Sailing Yacht 60cms handcrafted wooden model. Available in 3 different hull colours.

Virginia. American Pilot Schooner model

Virginia. American Pilot Schooner model

American pilot schooner, Virginia.  Modeled after the America's Cup competitors of the day.  Handcrafted, 65cms in length.  Some assembly required

Defender - J Class Yacht Model

Defender - J Class Yacht Model

America's Cup Classic Yacht Model 42cm

America's Cup Classic Yacht Model 42cm

The smallest model in our range of the famous America's Cup racing yachts of the late 19th century is a solid wooden hulled model - 16.5 inches long and 25 inches high.

Eleonora Westward Schooner model

Eleonora Westward (American racing schooner)

70cm detailed model the schooner Eleonora Westward - an exact replica of the 1910 racing schooner, the Westward.  Some assembly required.

Penduick J Class Racing Yacht

Penduick (Irish gaff-rigged racing cutter)

60cm wooden model of Eric Taberly's original Penduick gaff-rigged cutter.  Some assembly required (mast folded to minimise shipping costs).

  • motor yachts
  • sailing yachts

nautae racing model yachts

Project GLEAM

nautae racing model yachts

Nauta MY Project GLEAM 165mt.

After the tremendous impact on the market of the leviathan gigayacht Azzam, 180m, 94,000 hp, 30 knots max speed, firmly placed atop the 100 top yachts ranking, Nauta Yachts, who designed the exterior architecture of this floating palace, collected uncountable recognitions from all over the world, made by interviews, articles, emails and requests.

Among the others, they received one for a slightly shorter yacht, but still on the first places of the 100 top yachts ranking. The Milan-based office led by Mario Pedol, elaborated this 165m, partly inspired by the “Light” conception that the Nauta designers conceived six years ago, and became their signature on all the superyachts they design. This concept is based on what has become a trend in the civil architecture: seamless inside/outside connection and harmony, breath-taking views from both inside and out, balance and cleanliness of lines, extraordinary outdoor spaces. The blending of these key elements makes for elegance and visual lightness of the whole yacht.

The superstructure of 165m is spanned on half of the total length of the hull and the 4 decks over the main deck (on a total of 7 decks) are harmoniously shortening step by step, as in an ancient ziggurat, to form a perfect balanced volume that ascends in a pyramidal shape to bear at the summit the mast, which stands exactly on the central vertical line of the hull. Each deck has a tremendous windowed area to emphasize the in/out view and contact. Each deck is devoted to some specific functions.

nautae racing model yachts

The main deck half front area is dedicated to 2 Vip suites and 7 Vip cabins, each enriched with private fixed balcony obtained inside the line of the hull. Amidships is the spectacular main lobby, 150 sq. m., to welcome guests in the best way. The aft area of the main deck is dedicated to the pool, 10 x 4 m, which is linked with the underneath wellness and entertainment area, lying on the lower deck, fitted with gym, sauna, Hammam, massage, beauty parlour, cinema, casino.

Furtherly aft on the lower deck, owners and guests can enjoy 150 sq mt of open teak deck then go into the impressive 240 sq mt enclosed Sea Lounge for a drink or snack. The Sea Lounge can actually be used as a true dancing hall with DJ consolle and cocktail bar.

The opening transom has folding stairs for easy access to the water, and two side opening terraces furtherly enhance the contact with the sea and the environment. Two convenient boarding lobbies are positioned amidships to port and starboard where guests and crew can board tenders without disturbing the swimming guests aft. On the lower deck two garages berth a submarine and a fast Rib. The front area of this deck is all dedicated to crews, with 30 cabins, mostly double, crew mess and galley.

nautae racing model yachts

On the forward area of the upper deck, 6 guest cabins are connected, further in front, with an amazing guest observation deck, facing the bow, surrounded by 180° large windows (and linked by a spiral staircase to the Vip cabins and suites area underneath). This feature offers to the numerous guests – up to 32 – a 400 sq. m. area, half covered and half open, where to sunbath and relax either under navigation or at anchor. Further in front the helipad is actually hiding the receptacle for the chopper.

The aft indoor area of the upper deck has a nice entertainment and relaxing area with the live music of a piano and under the stars locates the open dining room, with appropriate sitting corners.

nautae racing model yachts

The deck 5 is dedicated to the owner, who could choose to keep all the deck for him, with an approximately 700 sq. m. suite containing beside the sleeping room, a gym, a studio, a 36 sq. m. conference room for 16 invitees, a very private owner dining room, a deck salon directly connected to a 300 sq. m. open relaxing area fully equipped with sofas and chaise longues. Or, in case, he could cut this large surface into two areas, reserving the forward part for his own use and the aft section for other guest’s uses.

On top, the sun deck crowns this 165m. The open front area is naturally devoted to sunbathing and completed by a pool. The 150 sq. m. of the indoor volume contains a panoramic lounge and bar.

nautae racing model yachts

All the yacht is vertically linked by a total of 5 lifts, 3 reserved to the guests and 2 for the crew to service the different decks. The total surface for owner and guests is approximately 2,040 sq. m. and for the crew there are still 1,140 sq. m. to work and live.

8 generators provide 14,000 kW to the diesel-electric propulsion motors that assure a quiet, silent and vibration-free navigation up to 20 knots max speed, and 18 knots continuous operating sped. At 15 knots the range is 6,000 miles.

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Picture of Nautae Luna

Nautae Luna 1993 | 35' Catalina Cruiser for Sale

1993 catalina, 35' (10.80m) - nautae luna, performance cruiser with all new electronics be sure to watch the walk through video the catalina 36 is an incredibly well rounded and proven cruising vessel. frank butler designed a cruiser with excellent sailing characteristics, comfortable accommodations, and very few trade offs..

  • Pensacola Florida United States
  • Fiberglass Hull

€ 0 Euros $ 0 CAD



Performance Cruiser With All New Electronics

Be Sure to Watch the Walk Through Video!

The Catalina 36 is an incredibly well rounded and proven cruising vessel.   Frank Butler designed a cruiser with excellent sailing characteristics, comfortable accommodations, and very few trade offs.  About 3,000 C-36 hulls were produced during the 25 years of production, making it the one of the most popular sailboats ever built. 

Many refer to this version as a "Catalina 36 MK 1.5" as it has almost all the features of the Catalina 36 MK II including a  walk-thru transom .

Nautae Luna  has a fin keel (5'10") draft, and is a real head turner with her flag blue Awlgrip hull and blue canvas.  She is ready to leave the dock today, but her air conditioner is in need of repair/ replacement and she's ready for some touch up hull paint.  

Highlights Include:

  • Universal M35 with only 686 hours
  • B&G Zeus 7,  B&G Wind, Depth, Speed (NEW 2018)
  • B&G VHF with AIS (NEW 2018)
  • Raymarine EV100 Autopilot
  • 135% Genoa Sail (NEW 2020!)
  • Stainless Steel Rub Rail and Hand Rails 
  • Maxwell Windlass
  • LED Lighting
  • Whisker and Spinnaker poles
  • Two Spinnakers
  • Complete separate    set of Mylar/ Kevlar racing sails
  • Walk-thru Transom
  • West Marine RU-250 Dinghy

LOA: 35' 5" (10.80 Meters)

Type: Power - Used

Beam: 11' 11"

Bridge Clearance: ' "

Draft Max: 5' 10"

Draft Min: ' "

Twin Berths: 1

Double Berths: 2

Maximum Speed: Knots

Cruise Speed: Knots

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Hull Material: Fiberglass

Fuel Tank: 25 Gallons (94.64 Liters)

Fresh Water: 50 Gallons (189.27 Liters)

Holding Tank: 15 Gallons (56.78 Liters)

Full Details

Outside equipment/extras.

Electric windlass


Starting forward, there is a spacious V-berth w/large hanging locker, drawer storage & private access into the head.  Aft to port is the head compartment w/marine toilet, vanity & sink, and H&C pressure water shower. Opposite to starboard is storage cabinet with air conditioner controls and drawers underneath. Portside salon featured a fold up galley table and updated upholstery.  The starboard salon offers seating w/ removable coffee table that converts to a traditional settee. Port settee converts into a double berth and the starboard converts into a single. The area aft of the starboard settee is home to the navigation station. Aft of the nav station is a private stateroom w/ spacious double berth, teak privacy door and standing headroom in front of a large hanging locker. The roomy L- shaped galley is located aft to port.

Large L shaped galley is just to port of the companionway. It offers lots of storage, good counter space and security in a seaway.

  • Adler Barbour 12V Refrigeration
  • 2 Burner Propane Stove w/Oven
  • Footpump for Ice Box Discharge
  • Large Dry Storage Locker
  • Double SS Sinks w/H&C Pressure Water

Electronics & Navigation

  • Raymarine EV100 Wheelpilot
  • B&G Zeus 7" MFD (2018)
  • B&G Wind Speed/Direction (2018)
  • (2) B&G NMEA 2000 Multi Displays (2018)
  • B&G VHF W/AIS Receive only (2018)
  • B&G Wireless VHF Mic (2018)
  • Ritchie Compass On Pedestal
  • Sony Stereo with speakers 

Electrical System

  • Upgraded LED interior lighting
  • 12V & 110V Electrical Panel w/Battery Selector Switch
  • (2) 30 Amp Dockside Service w/cord for House System
  • Xantrex Battery Charger
  • 4D Battery Deep Cycle - House Bank  
  • 4D Batter7 Deep Cycle - Starting Bank
  • Group 27 Battery for Windlass
  • 6 Gallon Water Heater

Deck & Hull

  • Flag Blue Awlgrip Hull (Ready for touch up)
  • White fiberglass deck w/gray molded non-skid
  • Stern Pupit  
  • Walk-thru Transom w/ Swim Platform and Partition
  • Removable Teak Filer for Helm Seating
  • Hot and cold pressure water shower on transom
  • 12V Maxwell anchor windlass
  • Fortress Anchor w/ 20' Chain and 180' Rhode
  • Danforth Secondary Anchor w/ 180' Rhode
  • Solid Teak Cockpit Table w/ Drink holder
  • Molded in Cockpit Cubbies
  • Teak Trimmed stainless destroyer wheel

Sails & Rigging

  • Aluminum Keel Stepped Mast 
  • See Complete Sail Inventory Below
  • Inboard & Outboard Genoa Tracks
  • All Halyards Led Aft to Rope Clutches
  • Rigid Boom Vang - Block & Tackle
  • Large Adjustable Traveler
  • All Garhauer blocks
  • Single Line Mainsail Reefing Led Aft
  • (2) Lewmar 30ST Halyard & Sheet Winches
  • (2) Lewmar 48ST Genoa Sheet Winches
  • Hydraulic backstay adjuster
  • Teak Destroyer wheel
  • Mainsail Cover
  • Cockpit Dodger 
  • Bimini Top w/ connector
  • Wheel & Pedestal Cover
  • Winch Covers
  • UV Cover on Headsail
  • Cockpit Cushions

Mechanical & Engine Equipment

  • Reverse Cycle 16,000 BTU Air Conditioning (Currently non functional)
  • Universal M-35 FWC Diesel w/ 686 Hours
  • Racor Fuel Water Separator
  • Cockpit Engine Controls
  • Edson Manual Wheel Steering w/Brake
  • Manual Marine Head w/Holding Tank & Deck Pumpout  (NEW Macerator 2019!)
  • Manual & Electric Bilge Pumps
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Bilge Exhaust Blower

Additional Equipment

  • West Marine RU260 Dinghy
  • Cockpit Table
  • Drink Holder
  • Outboard Motor Bracket
  • Misc. Docklines & Fenders
  • Misc. USCG Safety Gear
  • Dorade Cowl Ventilator
  • Secondary Fluke Anchor w/ Rode

Complete Sail Inventory

1 Genoa Dacron White NEW 2020  

2 Genoa Kevlar/Mylar Green & Gold Fair

3 Genoa Kevlar Black Never Used

4 Genoa Kevlar Gold Fair/poor Repaired, some mildew

5 Main Carbon/Mylar Black Good Loose foot, Two reefs, 3/4" Flat on Luff, 4 Short Battens

6. Spinnaker Nylon .75 oz Blue Fair Triradial

7 Spinnaker Nylon 1.5 oz Red Good Triradial

Upgrades Since 2017

  • 1/5/21 Replaced Whisker Pole topping lift line (3/8"x85')
  • 9/6/20 Upgraded M-35 Diesel engine air filter with K&N RU-2450 High Flow air filter.
  • 8/31/20 Replaced 135% Genoa Sail with new sail from Schurr Sail.
  • 7/23/20 Replaced wheel cover on Raymarine ST4000 Autopilot. Part ordered from Waveinn.com.
  • 7/5/20 Replaced Joker value in Jabsco Marine Toilet.
  • 6/10/20 Had fuel/fuel tank polished by Alabama Marine Fuel Services.
  • 4/12/20 Cleaned slug channel with metal slug wrapped in cloth and Dawn.
  • 4/2/20 Replaced 4D House battery.
  • 2/9/20 Replaced/upgraded water pump from the Sherwood to the Oberdorfer water pump.
  • 2/5/20 Replaced stern navigation light and box with new LED light.
  • 1/23/20 Replaced all load bearing slugs at batons (4) with heavy duty ones.
  • 5/15/19 Replaced 6" Deck plate over emergency steering access in cockpit. 
  • 7/20/19 Replaced Engine Blower switch on cockpit control panel.
  • 5/15/19 Replaced 6" Deck plate over emergency steering access.
  • 9/15/18 Cut out engine panel in aft berth to allow for easier access to engine for maintenance.
  • 7/29/18 Replaced the Macerator motor and tank vent hose.
  • 7/20/18 Added rails and storage bins in dry storage to better utilize dry storage area.
  • 9/15/18 Installed a marine push button switch so glow plugs can be manually energized.
  • 8/7/18 Replaced the fuel pump.
  • 8/2/18 Replaced cup in Ritchie compass and refilled with mineral spirits.
  • 7/29/18 Replaced all black water hoses to get rid of the odor.
  • 7/16/18 Replaced 3/8" anchor shackle with Stainless Steel 5/16" shackle.
  • 7/15/18 Replaced light in kitchen with LED light.
  • 7/12/18 Mounted TV on starboard wall where old TV was located.
  • 6/14/18 Replaced all water fresh water lines with new line.
  • 6/8/18 Made sheet covers for forward stateroom.
  • 5/20/18 Replaced bathroom fluorescent light with new LED light.
  • 5/7/18 Mounted fire extinguishers in aft/forward staterooms and at companion way.
  • 5/6/18 Repositioned toilet paper holder from door to under cabinet.
  • 1/13/18 Updated all navigation instruments (Depth, Wind Speed/Direction, Chart Plotter, Ship to shore radio, AIS Receive) with B&G suite. I
  • 12/12/17 Replaced Tachometer Gauge. Old gauge read 673.06 hrs.
  • 12/12/17 Bottom Job at Pensacola Ship Yard to apply ablative bottom paint.
  • 11/4/17 Remove front of box that held old CRT TV so area can be more efficiently used.
  • 11/4/17 Painted all port light and scupper plastic borders.
  • 11/2/17 Replaced GFI AC outlet at Nav station.
  • 10/29/17 Replaced all winch covers with Sunbrella.
  • 10/16/17 Replaced all fender line with new 3/8" x 12' line.
  • 9/23/17 Replaced three port light lenses in the salon with LED.
  • 9/17/17 Cleaned and added new straps to portlight shades.
  • 9/17/17 Replaced main sheet with 7/16" line, 100' New England Ropes.
  • 9/17/17 Replaced Windless battery.
  • 9/4/17 Replaced propane pressure gauge.
  • 8/20/17 Installed Dutchman System and incorporated with mainsail.
  • 8/12/17 Replace broken sheave on Boom, port side, aft.
  • 8/3/17 Installed new 1st Reefing line (7/16") and ran back to cockpit.
  • 7/25/17 Added 1/2" ball valve to refrigerator drain pump hose to prevent back flow from sink.
  • 7/10/17 Installed CO alarm meter units in accommodations/ sleeping areas 
  • 6/5/17 Replaced mast boot.
  • Engine Make: Universal
  • Engine Model: M-35
  • Engine Year: 1994
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Drive Type: Direct
  • Power HP: 30.00
  • Hours: 686.00

Click any image to view enlarged version. Swipe enlarged image to see additional enlarged images.

Picture of Nautae Luna

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Picure of Nautae Luna


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