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Peter Lürssen on building a luxury superyacht brand and support for ocean charity BLUE

By Edwin Smith

lurssen yachts net worth

Peter Lürssen is at the helm of the most ambitious superyacht builder in the world, writes  Edwin Smith

Peter Lürssen is a generous man. I learned this when we had lunch together in London one day this summer. At Kai, an upscale Chinese restaurant in Mayfair, we sat, spoke, drank white wine and made our way through what seemed like the entirety of a long and excellent menu. After a couple of hours, as another round of plates was being cleared, Lürssen said: ‘Are you ready for the main course?’

He was joking – sort of. After this, he ordered several desserts for the table, including one called Oprah’s Contradiction. (Oprah once said, ‘You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.’ This was the pudding that proved her wrong.)

But Lürssen is generous in another sense too. A little while ago he quietly agreed to fund the entirety of Blue Marine Foundation’s operating budget for five years. There was no big announcement at the time, but he is willing to speak about the decision now. ‘It’s quite difficult, making people part with their money,’ Lürssen told me.

lurssen yachts net worth

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lurssen yachts net worth

Family offices place more value in outsourcing

But by covering the operating costs of Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) – and allowing the charity to assure other donors that every penny they give goes directly to projects – he hopes to encourage more people to support BLUE’s work . ‘You can give those people who donate the money [directly to projects] the sense of ownership and pride in the achievement, which is very important.’

He noted that some charities – none of which he would name – are able to host a nice cocktail reception at the Monaco Yacht Show. But that isn’t the same as actually achieving something. ‘It’s good for your conscience,’ he said. ‘But does it get you anywhere? I always feel life is too short – especially when you’re over 60, like me – to waste your energy and your resources on something that is not getting proper results. And that is something that I really like about BLUE. They do get results.

As a result, Lürssen has donated more money to BLUE. On top of his contribution to cover the operating costs of the charity, he donated an additional £2 million to fund a project to create a marine protection area around Ascension Island, a remote a island in the Atlantic. (The project is described in more detail in a piece written for Spear’s by BLUE Ambassador HRH Princess Eugenie and the charity’s CEO Clare Brook .)

‘The ocean is the one thing that connects us all. And the more you think about it and look into it and read about it, you realise how important the oceans really are to the world. It’s way beyond the supply of fish. It’s way beyond swimming. You know, it’s a hugely important factor for us to be able to live on this earth.’

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Lürssen is able to support BLUE in such a way thanks to his stewardship of Lürssen Yachts. During his time at the company, the nearly 150-year-old family business has been transformed from an industrial firm producing products for the defence sector into a true luxury brand, and perhaps the leading builder of superyachts in the world.

As CEO he has presided over the delivery of one extraordinary, ground-breaking vessel after another. These include the 180-metre Azzam, which is capable of more than 30 knots and, at one point, was the longest superyacht in the world, and Dilbar.

Launched in 2016, at 156 metres long and more than 23 metres wide, Dilbar became the biggest yacht in the world by gross tonnage. The company – which fiercely guards the privacy of its clients – has also produced vessels for late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, record producer David Geffen and members of Middle-Eastern royalty.

Over lunch, I asked him about his life, his career and where Lürssen is headed next.

Did you always want to join the family business, or did you feel pressure to do so?

It just was just a natural development. I never felt the pressure. Really, you know, after [leaving school] I was told to do that. But I would never rebel against that decision because I knew it would be good. I wasn’t questioning the wisdom of running the business.

My cousin was even born in the shipyard, so it was a very deep natural relationship with the people, with the business. And it was normal for us. I cannot remember ever wanting to do something like be a fireman or an astronaut. Shipbuilding was always very much a fascination.

Peter Lurssen

When you first came into the business, it was largely reliant on the defence sector for work. But a lot of Lürssen’s growth over the last couple of decades has come from yachting. How did that transition happen?

Well the first challenge that I had, was to tell my family, ‘Look, I know I’m the engineer, and you think I should be the technical director, but it is a no-go.’ To run production, I told them, ‘your brain has to be wired in a particular way.’ I just can’t do that. I realised that very early on.

When I came into the business, our output was about 95 per cent defence and naval, and the rest was miscellaneous. My uncle used to joke that every 10 years we can allow ourselves to build a yacht. We built Carinthia V and VI. We built a boat called Shergar, which was quite special. But then in ‘87, ‘88 diversification was a big thing and we had a seminar.

The idea – I think they call it the trumpet model – was to [sketch out] the best case and the worst case scenario. And if you prepare for both, you’ll be prepared for something in the middle. At that seminar we looked at fast aluminium ferries, or yachts. We had done a lot of yachts in the 1920s.

We built a few yachts after the war, but just a handful really. Luckily we decided not to go for ferries but to go for yachts. And that was the job I took on in ‘88: trying to start a yacht business.

It always sounds good to say ‘and the rest is history’. But that is a rather bold statement – and it is not really true. It was exciting, but it wasn’t easy. We had a hard time selling the first yacht. It turned out that the buyer was not able to pay and we had to repossess the vessel.

But things improved, clearly.

I must say I’ve really been fortunate. We had an amazing client, who’s been really good for us, for whom we did Coral Island – an amazing boat, really beautiful. And then there was an American who really liked Carinthia VI and he commissioned Jon Bannen-berg to redo it. Jon was trying to change the design. But the client said, ‘No, no. I want it like Carinthia.’ That was Limitless.

Commercially it was not really a success. But after that we sold a very large yacht to a client who cancelled. That yacht [was taken on by another client] and is now called Dubai. It’s 162 metres with an amazing design by Andrew Winch.

Since then we’ve been very fortunate that we did a few things right. And we managed to weather all the tough times in yacht-building and the dotcom crisis and everything. We managed to get through that intact.

lurssen yachts net worth

How did you build Lürssen’s reputation?

We did really bespoke, unusual yachts. And clients like the idea of bespoke. In those days, it was very popular to recycle your own engineering. But we managed to keep the question of bespoke very much at the forefront. And I think that was something that was always helping us.

Today, how is the business divided up?

I would say about 50 per cent yachts and 50 per cent defence, in terms of revenue. We build a lot of 60-metre yachts. We actually build more yachts under 90 metres than over 90 metres, which people don’t realise. But, obviously, the big boats gather lots of publicity.

What do your clients want?

Clients who talk to us and our colleagues from northern Europe, they want top quality – no compromise. They want bespoke.

You’ve mentioned the popularity of things like aft swimming decks and glass bottoms in the past. What features are popular now?

It started with a gym. Now the trend is for a full spa, a sauna, cryosauna, hammam, massage, beauty treatments… And so you see guests really want to enjoy things on the boat. In the old days it was quite normal that the yacht crew would book a spa day in a hotel. They don’t do that anymore. Now clients want to have things on the yacht.

And it makes sense at the moment, in particular.

I can see, especially with Corona, people are spending more time on their yacht. It’s very safe. This really offers you ‘bubble protection’, so to speak, by being able to live in a very controlled environment.

For you, what’s the definition of ‘good design’?

I think the secret to a good design is a very good understanding of what it is the client wants. Designers shouldn’t design for themselves. They should design for the client.

How do you make sure your clients get that? What’s the process like for someone who comes to you?

A shipbuilder is really only, at best, a facilitator. We have people who come to us with a readymade design and we have people who come to us and say: ‘I want a boat, I need you to help me.’ And everything in between.

Generally, we regard it as our obligation to make sure that what the designer designs can be built; you need space for air conditioning, the engine and all that stuff.

Sometimes you organise a beauty contest for the designers. But even that comes down to the question of chemistry. If the owner or their partner doesn’t get along with the designer, it doesn’t work.

Increasingly, one of the things that clients want is for superyachts to become more sustainable. This is something that Lürssen and those he describes as his ‘Dutch colleagues’ – firms such as Feadship and Heesen – are working on.

Earlier this year his own company led the way by announcing that it was working on a new yacht that would incorporate methanol fuel cells. According to the firm, the new technology will provide its owner, ‘who loves technology and new developments,’ with 15 nights of power at anchor, or enable the craft to slow-cruise for more than 1,000 miles – emission free. The yacht is expected to be delivered in 2025.

‘My grandfather built the world’s first motorboat in 1886,’ said Lürssen at the launch. ‘My dream is to be the first to build a yacht without a combustion engine.’ But he acknowledged to me that the transition would not be easy. ‘You can’t just flick a switch.’ It is far from clear which technologies and fuels will provide the best solutions in the medium-term future.

lurssen yachts net worth

‘There’s no element of greenwashing with him,’ noted William Mathieson, editorial director of the Superyacht Group. ‘It’s all about the optimisation of performance, process and efficiency. He can see the contradictions associated with lithium mining, for example. In some respects it could be a step in the right direction, but it might also be damaging.’

As an engineer, Lürssen is also adamant about the need to look at the whole system. ‘I think we face two difficulties with batteries,’ he said. ‘One is the power: energy density. How much energy can be stored in a cubic metre? And the second thing is, how quickly can you charge it?

Let’s assume someone invents a fantastic battery and one cubic metre of your battery equals one cubic metre of diesel fuel, in terms of energy content. That is a good thing. And let’s assume that the weight is not prohibitive. So the next thing is, where are you going to charge your batteries? If you put them next to a coal fired power station, actually, it may not have achieved the target.’

On the bright side, he added, more and more clients are ‘willing to compromise’ in order to achieve fuel-saving and emission-reduction. ‘The trend is very clear.’

Is it helpful to be a family business at a moment like this, when the future – regarding power systems and so on – is uncertain?

Yes, it does help because you can take a long-term view. It’s two things. One, it gives the client comfort if you, as a family member, stand behind the product. And you don’t have the pressure of always looking at the stock price. It’s not about – not only about – making money. It’s about client satisfaction in the end. And, ultimately, it will pay back. The clients realise you’re trying very hard to make them happy.

Next year is Lürssen’s 150th anniversary. Has it started to make you think about succession? You’ve got three adult children – might any of them come into the business?

I always think about it. But it’s very much a double-edged sword. The price a family pays in this business is not to be underestimated. A children’s birthday, or a client visit? There’s no question: you have to choose the client visit. I’m not certain that I would want the children to have to live that kind of life, and I wonder if this in the future will be as critical as today. So yes, I think about it, but I don’t have an answer for that yet.

When you say you’re not sure if it will be as critical in the future as it is today, do you mean that this is a strategically important moment for the company, the industry?

Yes. Business is getting more technocratic. Unless you have a family member who’s really deep into the technical things, it doesn’t help: you’re either in it or you’re not. And to be in so deeply, there’s a price to pay.

Have any of your children expressed an interest in joining the business?

They like the business. But they don’t like it enough to go that route for the time being. Will I be able to convince them otherwise? Honest answer: I don’t know.

Would you like to?

Yes and no. It’s great to do it. But I see all sides of it. And would I want them to go through that? I don’t know.

You’ve still got plenty of time left, of course. How would you describe your style as a leader?

That’s another difficult question. [He laughs.] I think people know that I expect a lot. I hope they also know that as long as they try their best, I’ll back them up. I will not go to the client and tell them, ‘It wasn’t my mistake – it was a guy on the shop floor that did it’. If anyone made a mistake, it’s my head on the block, not my people.

And I would do that in any situation if a client had a complaint. I stand in front of my people. But at the same time, I want a commitment from them. And I think they realise that we as a family are very committed to maintaining the business and to guaranteeing their employment. We try to do that. It’s a mutually dependent situation.

Feature image: Oliver Reetz

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A Closer Look at the $268 Million Superyacht Rocinante (Formerly "TV")

Lurssen , the internationally acclaimed superyacht builder, created a five-deck yacht named TV in 2008, and she's still a classic beauty in the yachting world today. To understand the sleek, aerodynamic beauty that is the TV, you have to take a look at this extraordinary company. After all, most luxury builders aren't invested in their commitment to sustainable business practices. Lurssen is truly an industry leader in more ways than one.

Lurssen History

"My firm shall be known as a leader in both quality and performance." Founded by Friedrich Lürssen in 1875, Lurssen Yachts has a simple mission to create a quality product. The building traditions have been handed down through the generations to help preserve and uplift the business. In fact, all the shareholders are Lurssen family members. They hold the company closely so that there are no outside risks, takeovers, or conflicts of interest. This tactic helps them stay on track to make some of the best ships and yachts in the world. So far, it has allowed them to build over 13,000 boats and ships, many of which are in service for decades. Esteemed among the world yacht makers for their investments in state of the art technology, they also hold the current record for most top 20 mega yachts. Lurssen built eleven of the twenty largest yachts in the last twenty years, and they're not stopping anytime soon. To that end, they offer lifetime support for all their vessels.

The yacht formerly known as "TV," has worn other titles over the years. She changes her name as often as she gets new owners, so like a sleek Hollywood starlet using a stage name, you may know her in another guise. Before she was called TV, she was known as the Madsummer. We can only imagine that she lived up to the name admirably. While she surely enjoyed her time as the Madsummer and the TV, this sip's current owner calls her bay a different name. She sails as the Rocinante now. The change is a recent one. The TV went up for sale in 2017, just a couple of years after her 2015 overhaul. She was sold by Robert Shepherd at Edmiston & Company and renamed. The name is a very apropos reimagining of her original guise. For those who don't know, Rocinante was the name given to another famous transport, namely Don Quixote's horse. Brave, brazen, and a little bit mad seems to be a persona the ship keeps regardless of who owns her at the time.


Among her many achievements, the TV was featured in the prestigious 2010 edition of The Superyachts book. Her fame that year may be due to the fact that she entered in the 2009 World Superyacht Awards. She competed for Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300GT to 2,999GT (approximately 60m – 84m). More importantly, she was a finalist. Her designer Espen Oeino is known for his incredible work in the ocean-faring world and beyond. With over sixty yachts to his name, the TV is a member of an incredibly prestigious family. You can see the resemblance in the lines around their decks.

  • Name: Madsummer, TV & Rocinante
  • Type: Motor Yacht
  • Builder: Lurssen Yachts
  • Naval Architect: Espen Oeino
  • Exterior Designers: Espen Oeino
  • Interior Designer: Alberto Pinto
  • Flag: Cayman Islands
  • Class: Lloyds Register
  • Hull NB: 13650
  • Length Overall: 78.50m (257'6"ft)
  • Gross Tonnage: 2334 tonnes
  • Hull Configuration: Displacement
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminium
  • Deck Material: Teak
  • Diesel Engines: 2
  • Power: 2717hp / 2000kW
  • Total Power: 5434hp / 4000kW
  • Propulsion: Twin Screw
  • Cruising Speed: 17.00 knots
  • Max Speed: 18.00 knots
  • Range: 6000.00 miles at 12 knots

Many Amenities

The Rocinante has more features than she's had names and owners. If you begin at the top, her owners' suite has panoramic windows with 360 views of the ocean. Additionally, the massive luxury abode is equipped with a private deck which overlooks several of her other decks. Lower decks have a plethora of pleasing amenities. She can handle twelve or more guests in ten luxurious bedrooms and houses a crew of over thirty. Like other top-tier luxury mega yachts, that's two or more staff per visitor. The private rooms naturally all come equipped with televisions, and there's ship-wide Wifi as well. We can't imagine why you'd want to stay in, but if you did, it would be as luxuriant as sitting out on the deck as she cruises along at twelve knots.

On deck, she has a hot tub for relaxing and unwinding any tense muscles, and two small pools for swimming in fresh water if you prefer. Our favorite feature is the outstanding barbecue arrangement and outdoor dining area. Speaking of the deck, she's covered in gorgeous glowing teak everywhere you look. With plenty of places to relax and catch some sun, plus a padded bed/couch area the size of a room to lounge in on one deck, you'll almost have to get a tan just by visiting.

You can wander downstairs and, with the owner's permission, of course, take out one of the jetskis. The back deck allows ample opportunity for those who wish to scuba or swim in the open ocean. It's not hard to imagine curious dolphins swimming right up to say hello as you take in the view near the water line.

Comfortable Cruising at its Finest

Indoors you'll find cozy niches and large lounges, dining amenities for a family or a whole party. The creme, gold, and teak color scheme is carried throughout the entire ship, and soft lines bring a sense of calm and relaxation of their own. If that's not enough to put you at your ease, try the small spa for a massage, or hit the shipboard gym to burn off some nervous energy in style. Also for the owner and guests comfort the TV aka Rocinante comes equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system which reduces roll motion. The stability means less chance of motion sickness or sea sickness for those aboard. When it comes to deluxe features, having all the benefits of a yacht without the downside is about as good as it gets.

Final Thoughts

We're not n the market for a superyacht (yet), but if we were, Lurssen would be the first to hear about it. Beautiful yachts like the TV are only part of their appeal. Any business that works so hard to do right and use ethically sourced materials to help promote sustainable and responsible resource use is worthy of a second look. They've certainly shot to the top of our list. When you're ready to purchase your next superyacht, we hope you'll look at this forward-thinking company too, but for now, we'll lay on the beach and daydream about adding the TV to our private collection.

Lily Wordsmith

Written by  Lily Wordsmith

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lurssen yachts net worth

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Shipyard Stories: Peter Lürssen on the Past, Present and Future of Lürssen

Written By: Rachel Ingram

“Once in a while we should allow ourselves, against our better knowledge, to do something really crazy,” says Peter Lürssen, CEO of German boatbuilder Lürssen. “If you do something crazy, it actually may work, and if it doesn’t, it will inspire others to push the limits.”

Peter Lurssen 1200x800

Since 1875, Lürssen has been one of the marine industry’s leading innovators. Manufacturer of the world’s first motorboat, as well as some of the most iconic superyachts in history – Azzam, Limitless and Dilbar to name a few, Lürssen is now run by fourth generation family members who are continuing the legacy set by their great grandparents.

Lürssen was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Lürßen, a 24-year-old German boatbuilder who got into the industry through his father Lüder Lürssen, who also ran a boatbuilding workshop. Friedrich began by building lightweight racing rowboats for Bremen oarsmen which quickly became known for their beautifully design, originality and quality. In 1886, he built the world’s first motorboat, the 6m REMS, for manufacturer Gottlieb Daimler – the company would go on to craft a number of record-breaking champion race boats.

In 1925, when Lürssen celebrated its 50 th anniversary, the company had already built 10,000 boats and the second generation of Lürssens joined the business. They went on to pioneer another series of record-setting yachts, including the world’s fastest commuter yacht and the world’s longest motor yacht at the time, the 36m AAR IV. In the 1940s, the third generation took the helm and began to build larger and larger yachts, including the 55m yacht Pegasus II and the 71m Carinthia VI, designed by legendary British yacht designer Jon Bannenberg.

Founder Friedrich Lurssen 1200x800

Lürssen was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Lürßen

With the fourth generation came a shift in focus to two types of boats: military vessels and megayachts. A number of icons came out of the growing shipyard, including the 97m Limitless (1997); the 180.65 Azzam (2013) the longest yacht in the world, the 156m Dilbar (2016), then the largest yacht in the world by gross tonnage. More recent deliveries, including AHPO, Nord and Moon Sand, are equally pioneering.

The business is currently being managed by Friedrich and Peter Lürssen, who hold the respective roles of Managing Director and CEO. One of their missions is to balance the company’s heritage while driving future innovation. “ For last 25 years, we have created a large number of yachts and experienced great success,” says Peter Lürssen, who joined the company in 1987. “It is a constant battle because to consistently innovate, you need to stay hungry, and if you experience fairly good times, people tend to get less hungry. We have a client who built multiple ships with us who once said: ‘from success comes arrogance, from arrogance comes failure.’ I think success can create complacency, so we try to keep people hungry by allowing the young people to experiment, dream and come up with really crazy ideas.”

A major part of the company’s pioneering commitment is its new Innovation Laboratory, which will be finalised early 2022. Since 2005, Lürssen has been involved in research projects aimed at using fuel cells on ships in order to advance sustainable shipbuilding, and the laboratory has been set up to simulate and test the integration and operation of a Marine Hybrid Fuel Cell System on board a yacht powered by methanol.

Lurssen Azzam Klaus Jordan 1200x800

While other shipyards have been discussing hydrogen and electric powered yachts, Peter is convinced that methanol in the future. “Hydrogen is hard to produce and store in big quantities, so I don’t necessarily see it as a solution for the long term,” he says. “We have been talking to people who are researching extremely efficient batteries. There are people that say eventually you will have the same energy content in one cubic metre of battery as you have today in diesel fuel . If that's the case, it's great, but you have to completely re-think the way you fuel your boat, and in a green way. You’re not going to be able to park your boat next to a power pack, plug it in and wait half a year till it’s fuelled. So, I think a realistic technology to substantially reduce the footprint today is methanol. At Lürssen, we prefer finding solutions with a practical application and so far, the methanol fuel cell offers a lot of practical use.”

Lürssen is currently building its first yacht with fuel cell technology for one of its particularly pioneering clients. The emission-free fuel cells generate electrical energy based on hydrogen reformed from green methanol. It’s a huge step towards Peter’s goal of having an emission-free Lürssen yacht, the boat will be able to anchor emission-free for 15 days or cruise 1000 miles at slow speed. “My great grandfather built the world’s first motorboat in 1886, my dream is to be the first to build a yacht without a combustion engine,” Peter says. “While we hope to see some intermediate steps in the next few years, my goal is that by 2025, we have sold a yacht that only has fuel cell technology.”

Lurssen Daimler 1200x800

Another showcase of the modern-day Lürssen’s commitment to sustainability is ALICE, an innovative, climate-neutral yacht concept which “shows what a Lürssen yacht could look like in the future.” The design of the yacht, which would be powered by emission-free fuel cells, is peppered with ecological features that create a unique ecosystem on board, including parks and ponds on the yacht’s deck and living walls in the interior.

“We want to do something that allows sustainable cruising in the ocean,” Peter says. “Yachts have come a long way but there is further to go. I think when I look back in five or 10 years and I have contributed to a substantial reduction in footprint and made yachting cleaner and more eco-friendly, that's enough for me to be a happy man looking back.”

Shipyard Stories: Sunreef Yachts

Shipyard stories: inside the renaissance of the ferretti group, shipyard stories: inside dutch powerhouse heesen.

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Lürssen launches yet another private superyacht that’s longer than a football field.

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The 400-foot-long Project Jag floats for the first time near the Lurssen shipyard in Germany

Just how big is  Project JAG ? It’s the latest superyacht that’s still under construction at Lürssen in Germany and being supervised by the American-based Moran Yacht & Ship who have a long-standing relationship with the owner. 

In fact, for Moran Yacht & Ship, and the owner’s long-time captain, Kyle Fultz, the massive, unpainted metal hull and superstructure of the 122-meter-long Project Jag (including the bow sprit) that was launched (in traditional fashion—down a slipway!), is the  third  Lürssen yacht build Moran Yacht & Ship has managed for the same experienced owner. It also provides a cool perspective of what the unadorned structure of a large yacht actually looks like

Project JAG is launched on a traditional slipway in Germany.

But even in its “raw” state, you can see the exterior design the superyacht superstar design team of Nuvolari-Lenard have given  Project JAG  a striking profile. And since  Project JAG  measures 122-meters-long (including bow sprit) it will offer unparalleled Reymond Langton-designed interior space when construction is completed next year.

Notice how small the workers on the bow look.

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Samsung makes surprise new offer to galaxy s24 buyers, three exhausted ukrainian brigades guarded robotyne. just one fresh brigade—the 141st—came to help..

These early photos also provide a glimpse of just how massive a 122-meter-long yacht actually is. But since I’m writing from my home in the United States. And we still haven’t really caught on to the metric system yet, I usually convert meters-to-feet to make it just a bit easier for some of us to comprehend the sheer magnitude of a private yacht that measures  400-feet-long . 400-feet! That’s  1.25 football fields  long!

Stay tuned for much much more.

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lurssen yachts net worth

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lurssen yachts net worth

MYS 2021: Lurssen Leads the Way on Sustainability

By Christina Tsangaris

Joining Superyachts.com for an exclusive insight into one of Germany's leading shipyards, we discussed strategy, stability and sustainability with Lurssen CEO Peter Lurssen, as well as the year that changed the world.

With challenges come great opportunity. Despite the obstacles of the last year, Lurssen Yachts has remained positive that business will return to usual post-pandemic. " We are picking up now and running back to being on schedule, " shared the CEO. " We are catching up and I hope that, by next year, we will be back on track for most of the programmes ."

We discussed the Lurssen yachts appearing at the show which are a true example of the company's stable position both as a Top 100 buillder of the largest yachts in the world, as well as a leader in the 'middle-market', and refit. " We have a couple of Lurssen yachts in the show with brokers; there is Kismet and there is Skat which is one of the very first Espen Oeino designs ." says Peter Lurssen. The iconic exterior design of the 70m Skat was created by Espen Oeino with the essentials of comfort and performance in mind.

With innovation and excellence being two words intrinsic to the Lurssen heritage, it is also a vital part of its future outlook. Sustainability, being a key theme at Lurssen, has long been close to the family's heart, and is evidenced in vessels that implement green technology, transition the industry forward into net-zero. " Sustainability is possibly the one overriding topic we have, not only in the yachting world but obviously world-wide. " 

With fuel cell technology implemented, and a portfolio of thriving eco-vessels that offer milestone achievements both for the shipyard and the industry as a whole, it seems clear Lurssen is taking seriously the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, as a guidance for the industry's progression as maritime leaders. " We have a client who agreed to have a fuel cell on his yacht which I think will be one of the first. " shares the CEO. " [the yacht] can be at anchor for 20 days or can cruise more that 1000 miles, it is effectively zero emission ".

There is plenty on the horizon too at Lurssen " Project Jag has been launched and is now in the outfitting stage. Project Enzo is in the water and will be delivered towards the end of the year ." shares Peter Lurssen. " And that is as much as I am allowed to tell."

"We have always had the strategy of trying to serve the whole width of the market; or length in this case!" Peter Lurssen

"We have always had the strategy of trying to serve the whole width of the market; or length in this case!"

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The Epic New 525-Foot ‘Blue’ Is Now the Fifth-Largest Superyacht in the World

The newcomer is the fifth-longest superyacht in the global fleet., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

This new 150-foot superyacht can cruise through shallow waters in florida and the bahamas with ease.

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Lürssen Superyacht Blue

One of the world’s largest superyachts just hit the water.

Lürssen’s mighty new 525-footer, christened Blue , left the Bremen yard in Germany on Saturday, July 2, after successfully completing her sea trials in late June. The behemoth is now the fifth-longest superyacht in the global fleet and one of the biggest in the world in terms of volume. In fact, she offers a giant interior of 14,785 GT.

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Size isn’t the only thing that matters, though. The shipyard says Blue was designed to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. She is equipped with a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system that was developed in-house. In addition, the behemoth vessel is fitted with a high-tech exhaust system that reduces noise, vibrations and emissions, according to the yard. She also sports an innovative wastewater treatment plant that allows treated wastewater to be safely disposed of in “drinking water quality.”

Lürssen Superyacht Blue

Lürssen’s ‘Blue’ spans 525 feet from tip to tail.  Courtesy Tom Van Oossanen

The team from Terence Disdale Design worked with Lürssen to create the yacht’s sleek, contemporary exterior and traditional interior. You can, of course, expect a laundry list of amenities, including not one but two helipads and a huge swim platform aft that connects to a beach club. Lürssen did not share any details regarding Blue ‘s exact layout, but there will no doubt be cabins and lounges aplenty.

“We are very proud of Blue as yet another statement of Lürssen’s ability and desire to build yachts that meet all of our exacting owners’ requirements, guided by our core focus of expert engineering, beautiful design and being a proud market leader in developing sustainable technologies,” managing partner Peter Lürssen said in a statement .

Lürssen's "Azzam" Superyacht

Lürssen’s ‘Azzam’ measures just shy of 593 feet.  Lürssen

Of course, Lürssen has proven itself adept at delivering sizable superyachts. In fact, the German yard is responsible for 13 out of the 25 top builds in the industry. That includes the world’s longest superyacht, Azzam , which measures just shy of 593 feet and offers a volume of 13,136 GT.

Blue is now en route to the Mediterranean where she will enjoy her very first season with her new owners.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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Hear eva longoria roar during women’s history month as she leads her tequila brand to victory.

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King of megayachts peter lürssen on building bespoke yachts of all sizes.

Haute Yachts , News

by Olivia Hsu Decker

lurssen yachts net worth

Photo Credit: Lürssen

During September Peter Lürssen , the world’s leading megayacht builde r was very busy. First, he launched the 135-meter Crescent from his company’s Rendsburg, Germany facility. This new superyacht is Lürssen’s seventh-largest vessel constructed both regarding length and gross tonnage. Then, he dealt with a fire at the Lurssen shipyard in Bremen that burned for two days. Next, at the Monaco Yacht Show , he presented a book called The Concept Collection which features yacht designs for 62-meter boats. The book includes nine different design ideas created by the finalists of the 2018 Young Designer of the Year Award. These designers are presenting fresh and innovative new vessels.

Lürssen also announced a new contract to manufacture a 54-meter vessel for a very experienced Asian yacht owner. Bannenberg & Rowell Design will design the boat. The delivery of this project, code-named 13800, is scheduled for spring 2021. Lürssen is actively targeting projects in the 50 to 60-meter range, and the successful conclusion of Project 13800 is the first step in re-establishing the brand as a serious builder for yachts in that size bracket.

Photo Credit: Olivia Hsu Decker

Lürssen is known for building yachts that are over 90-meters such as the 163-meter Dubai, the 157-meter Dilbar , and the 180-meter Azzam. In the past 15 years, Lürssen has developed and delivered 15 superyachts that are over 90-meters. His clients include some of the world’s wealthiest billionaires like Larry Ellison, Paul Allen, and Roman Abramovich.

Lürssen comes from a long line of yacht builders. He is the fourth-generation of a 140-year-old dynasty that is based in Bremen, Germany. Lürssen and I first met in 2008 at an international superyacht award ceremony in Venice. A hands-on, hard-working, young, and energetic German, Lürssen is driving the success of his family business. At this year’s show, we sat down to discuss his new focus.

Olivia Hsu Decker: You just delivered the 135-meter Crescent this month, tell me about this exclusive superyacht. Who’s the lucky owner? Peter Lürssen: This is our seventh largest yacht both in length and tonnage. Some unique features include a multi-level atrium with full-length windows and two helipads. The upper deck helipad has a retractable helicopter hangar. I can’t reveal the owner’s name, all I can say is Crescent will be cruising mainly in Asian waters.

OHD: Why shift your focus to smaller yachts in the 50 to 65-meter range? PL: While we are very grateful for the success of our large builds, it is essential not to forget that our core business is between 50 to 80 meters. Although the misconception is that Lürssen only builds large yachts , we have delivered a considerable number of smaller vessels over the last 15 years, including 29 under 90 meters . Over the same period, we have produced 15 yachts above 90 meters. We still build about one superyacht in the 90+ meter size per year, but now we have more young customers who want smaller and bespoke boats. As a result of our enhanced activities in this size bracket, we are engaging with many new clients.

OHD: I saw your new book Concept Collection . Tell me about it. PL: This book shows different designs from the fresh minds of the youngest designers in the industry. They received the same brief: Create a 62-meter Lürssen with consideration for how the yacht will be used for relaxing, playing, sleeping, eating, and entertaining. Each of them received the same technical requirements for crew and engine room layout, tender storage, and other technical standards.

OHD: What do you think of these young designers’ creations? Are they up to your standards? PL: We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and innovation of their work! As we continue our journey of building yachts to meet market demands, we hope that clients will be inspired. We have great talents who will develop your dream Lürssen, regardless if it is 50 or 150 meters.   Over our long history of more than 140 years, we have been privileged to build boats of all shapes and sizes. From the wooden rowing boats of our humble beginnings to the large motor yachts we make today, we are proud of the vessels that we create for our clients. To fill market demand, we have recently re-emphasized our production of motor yachts between 55 and 75 meters.

OHD: Two years ago, you acquired Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg to strengthen your refit activities. How is this plan working out?     PL: With the additional facilities in Hamburg, we now have unique capabilities and a second to none potential to undertake multiple massive refits at one time, all in Northern Germany. During the last year, more than a dozen yachts between 50 and over 100 meters have used the Lürssen facilities for modifications and maintenance works. Among them are some of the world’s most beautiful yachts such as Lady Moura, Rising Sun, Radiant, and Alfa Nero.

OHD: Do you find the refit business boring compared to a brand new build? PL: Regardless who built the yacht and what age it is, there comes a time when it needs a refit, some repairs or even conversion. This is the work Lürssen undertakes with the German precision and pride which we are well-known for. Although the jobs are different from ship to ship, the aim is always the same. Once Lürssen has been involved, the yacht’s life expectancy and performance will be comparable to that of a new build, and the core value will be enhanced.    

OHD: You have built many magnificent yachts. I have been on Solandge, the Quattroelle, and last year’s Areti. Do you have a favorite? PL: It’s hard to say—like choosing which child you like among your children.

OHD: Speaking of children, are your three children active in the business? PL: All the children are well-educated and capable of running the business, but it’s a matter of slowly introducing those children who are interested in the company. But it’s rather unlikely that all of them will be equally qualified and equally motivated.

OHD: What do you do on vacation? Do you go yachting with clients? PL: We don’t hang out with clients. Clients are clients. They are not buddies. But if they have a problem on the yacht during their yachting trips, we will send the service staff over to fix it.

OHD: I heard you are extremely secretive when it comes to clients’ identity and the superyachts you are building for them. How do you keep those huge yachts confidential? PL: Each yacht and client has a reference number and a project code name when the contract is signed. We don’t talk about the client’s names. Our employees all know that it would jeopardize the deal if they let something slip. Everyone signs confidentiality agreements. We are not in the business for the glory. We don’t brag about what megayacht we are building for who and how much!

OHD: Are your customers getting younger and demanding more hi-tech amenities? PL : Yes, we see younger clients from the United States, Russia, and Asia. We see more demand for innovation and wellness facilities. Some of the yachts are similar to luxury hotels with gyms and spas. Water sports equipment are more important than sunbathing decks and the bar.

OHD: Do you think The Concept Collection and the young yacht designers of the 50-75 meter yachts might hurt Lürssen’s legendary super mega yacht business? PL : Quality is what Lürssen is known for, size doesn’t matter. We have always built mid-size yachts too, and our shifting focus to 50-75 meters is to follow our clients’ demand. I shall see you at next year’s Monaco Yacht Show and give you an update!

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This $600 million superyacht has the largest pool of any yacht in the world!

lurssen yachts net worth

[ Via : Luxexpose ]

Vivien D'Costa

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Named after the god of wind, Oceanco’s breathtaking 430-foot concept Aeolus, unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show

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Gifted to a Saudi prince, this $150 million Lurssen superyacht boasts gold leaf ceilings and a 280-foot golden sculpture made up of 1,423 jewel-toned flower points. The Solandge Yacht is so stunning that it was featured in the season finale of the HBO TV drama ‘Succession’.

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Watch – A $24 million luxury yacht weighing 160 tons suddenly ploughs into smaller boats docked at a port

The Richest Yacht Companies, Ranked By Valuation

Yacht Companies often make big bucks, owing to their high-profile clientele.

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Princess yachts - $384.6 million, heesen yachts - $450 million, feadship - $488.8 million, sunseeker international - $543.1 million, sanlorenzo - $650 million, ferretti group - $1.2 billion, azimut-benetti group - $1.3 billion, lürssen -$2 billion.

The yachting industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years, with an increasing number of individuals seeking the luxury and freedom of owning a yacht . As a result, yacht companies have been striving to meet the demand by producing innovative and luxurious vessels that cater to the needs of their premium and exclusive clientele. These companies have managed to create a strong brand presence in the market and demonstrated their commitment to excellence in design, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Most of the biggest yacht companies in the world are based in and around Europe, including giants like Ferretti Group, Lürssen, and Feadship.

Princess Yachts is a luxury yacht manufacturer based in Plymouth, England. The company was founded in 1965 and has since become one of the leading yacht builders in the world. Princess Yachts offers a range of products, including flybridge yachts, V-class sports yachts, and M-class superyachts. In 2021, Princess Yachts reported an annual turnover of $384.6 Million, as per Global Database . With a strong reputation for excellence and a commitment to innovation, Princess Yachts continues to be a top choice for discerning yacht buyers around the globe.

Heesen Yachts is a Dutch yacht manufacturer founded in 1978, known for its innovative designs, advanced technology, and exceptional craftsmanship. With a valuation of $450 million, Heesen Yachts ranks sixth among the most successful yacht companies globally. The company's dedication to quality, innovation, and attention to detail has made it a favorite among yacht enthusiasts.

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Feadship is a Dutch yacht manufacturer known for its custom-built superyachts that combine innovative design, advanced technology, and exceptional craftsmanship. Established in 1949, Feadship has an impressive $488.8 Million annual revenue. Feadship offers a range of products, including custom-built superyachts tailored to each client's specific needs and preferences. The company's commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a loyal clientele and a strong reputation in the industry.

Sunseeker International is a British yacht manufacturer founded in 1969, known for its luxurious and high-performance motor yachts. With annual revenue of $543.1 Million, as per Zoom Info , Sunseeker International is among the most successful yacht companies in the world. Sunseeker offers a range of products, including flybridge yachts, sports yachts, and superyachts. The company's yachts are known for their sleek design, exceptional performance, and luxurious amenities.

Established in 1958, Sanlorenzo is an Italian yacht manufacturer known for its bespoke, tailor-made yachts catering to its client's needs and preferences. The company is also known for its innovative design, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability. With a valuation of $650 million as per Superyacht Investor , Sanlorenzo ranks fourth in this list of the most successful yacht companies in the world.

Another Italian powerhouse in the yachting industry, the Ferretti Group, was founded in 1968 and has since become a global leader in the design, construction, and sale of luxury yachts. The Ferretti Group launched an IPO in Hong Kong valued at almost $1.2 Billion, as per Global Times . The group's portfolio includes several prestigious brands, such as Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva, and Custom Line, each offering a unique blend of style, performance, and innovation.

The Azimut-Benetti Group has been an Italian conglomerate at the forefront of the yachting industry for over 50 years. Founded in 1969, the group is known for its innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional craftsmanship . With a valuation of $1.3 billion, the Azimut-Benetti Group is one of the world's largest and most successful yacht companies. The group's portfolio includes the renowned brands Azimut Yachts, Benetti Yachts, and Atlantis Yachts, each catering to different market segments.

Founded in 1875, Lürssen is a German yacht manufacturer with a rich history and a reputation for building some of the world's most luxurious and technologically advanced superyachts. Lürssen Yachts has an astounding annual revenue of over $2 Billion, making it one of the most successful Yacht Companies in the world. Apart from being successful, Lürssen Yachts is one of the oldest yacht companies in the world, with a legacy spanning almost 150 Years.

The yachting industry is a competitive and dynamic market, with numerous companies vying for the attention of discerning clients. All the above yacht companies are valued at millions of dollars and continue to rake in massive revenues with their impeccable yacht-making expertise. These companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation and luxury, ensuring that the yachting world remains an exciting and ever-evolving landscape for enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

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Sources - Global Times , Superyacht Investor , Zoom Info , Global Database

lurssen yachts net worth

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Lürssen launches Project CALI

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From large luxury motor yachts to mega yachts and giga yachts, here you can explore some of the world’s most extraordinary vessels – each as individual as her owner.

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The world's most discerning yacht owners and operators can list dozens of reasons why Lürssen is their shipbuilder of choice. Here you'll find 11 of the most frequently named deciding factors.

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Ahpo Lürssen superyacht

Ahpo: Behind the build of Lürssen's striking 115m superyacht

A seriously experienced team has built Ahpo , a Caribbean-inspired family superyacht with an eye for perfection, says Cecile Gauert.

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” This quote, attributed to Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, should be a maxim in the superyacht world, where, with each new build the bar seems to rise yet again.

Only four or five shipyards globally can get close to this perfection, says Robert Moran, whose company was involved from contract to delivery in the creation of the 115-metre Lürssen Ahpo , the brokerage firm’s 61st new build project.

The details on Ahpo are the story. “We have thousands of materials, different woods, different kinds of GRP, paint, alloy, cable trays – so many cable trays – and also in the interior, so many different kinds of stones, woods, carpets, mother-of-pearl and wallpaper, it’s unbelievable, and I guess not countable,” says Tanja Peters, the project manager for Lürssen, who worked closely with the owners’ team.

Ahpo reunited owner Michael Lee-Chin, design firm Nuvolari Lenard , the Lürssen shipyard and Moran Yacht & Ship , the same team that had worked on the creation of the 86-metre Quattroelle , delivered in 2013. Moran had previously sold the Jamaican-born Canadian businessman and philanthropist the 58.5-metre Capri in 2003, which he kept for five years before embarking on the construction of Quattroelle . The owner loved it but received an offer he could not refuse shortly after taking delivery, giving him a bit of time to think about the next step.

This new build is a big step forward in terms of size (she is 5,257 gross tonnes compared to Quattroelle ’s 2,925) and complexity. “The boat is magnificent inside and outside because it is not just an improvement on Quattroelle , but it is an entirely different world inside and outside,” says interior designer Valentina Zannier of Nuvolari Lenard. “When you step up from an 86 to 115, it may sound like 29 metres is not that much, but on a boat, it is huge.”

While conventionally powered, the yacht boasts advanced systems, such as super-efficient HUG after-treatment filters complementing the now mandatory SCR system, a dynamic positioning system, controllable-pitch propellers for precise manoeuvring at low speed and four massive Quantum fins, among others. In addition, its heat-recovery system is an efficient way of redirecting heat generated by the engines and generators’ normal operation to warm the swimming pool, spa pool and other water systems. It works exceptionally well and saves thousands of kilowatts, according to one of Ahpo ’s engineers. Finally, optimal noise insulation yields impressive library-quiet sound levels in the guest areas.

“Our new construction team, led by Sean Moran, spent a lot of time writing the specifications for the insulation. Fortunately, working with Lürssen, their background is military, so they are ahead of the game,” Robert Moran says. “The decibel levels of this yacht are incredible.” At anchor, they range from a little over 31dBA in the owners’ suite to just 40dBA in the main saloon.

The yacht’s two custom 12-metre IC Yacht guest tenders, plus rescue tenders and a suite of water toys are hidden in a forward garage to save the transom area for an exceptional beach club/spa that leaves guests wanting for nothing. “It’s the most amazing spa I’ve ever seen on a yacht,” Moran says.

And, because there is no coming back from the views it offers, glass is an ever-present feature on Ahpo as well. Glass surfaces include massive doors wrapping around an aft deck winter garden where the captain says the owners spend most of their time on board.

“You literally walk in a garden that is enjoyable outside but is also covered, so you can have a formal lunch or dinner there. It is an outstanding feature that you don’t see often,” says Zannier, who worked closely with the couple to develop an interior vision that they readily embraced.  She felt at ease with them, which gave her the freedom to unleash her creativity.

“When you already know a family, you don’t really need a brief because there is already an empathy there,” she says. “Madame is a delicious person, very feminine, so you won’t see anything straight and sharp.”

A large team is on board when I catch up with Ahpo in May, although it’s not apparent as they are scattered through the yacht’s six large decks, but Captain Nathan Mischewski is keeping a  log and an eye on the tight schedule. The goal is to bring Ahpo to tip-top shape to meet with the owners at the Monaco Grand Prix, and there are a few opened panels and sections of covered flooring. A perfectionist himself, he occasionally shakes his head as he walks me through the new yacht at the MB92 shipyard in Barcelona. “It’s a shame you can’t come when it’s all set up because it has a different vibe,” he says.

To my eye, Ahpo seems very close to perfect, from superlative guest areas to sizeable crew spaces and a gleaming engine room visible from a glass corridor leading from the beach club to the guest lobby and lift. It is no exaggeration to say you could eat off the floor in the two-level engine space. “We are always chasing perfection. This attitude permeates our entire process, from luxury areas all the way through to the engine room,” Moran says.

Project manager and engineer Robert Miller even named the two MTU 20V 4000 engines (as he previously did on Quattroelle ). I look at “Federica” closely; despite two transatlantic crossings and several months of active duty, the engine looks brand new.

There is a personal touch on board, a good vibe, you’d say. In the crew area, an informal picture collage celebrates a few special occasions on board with the entire crew and several with “the boss”, tall, fit and a bright smile on his face.

While he values his privacy, which influenced the layout, the owner is “a vastly experienced yachtsman”, according to Carlo Nuvolari, who understands that keeping the crew happy is vital to everyone’s well-being on board. Up to 53 people can share space on Ahpo , including the pilots of two helicopters. The yacht has a crew gym and a comfortable lounge that’s separate from the spacious crew mess, which could accommodate everyone in one seating.

The team of Nuvolari Lenard – with Zannier as the creative mind behind the nature-inspired, exquisitely intricate interior created with the owners – designed the yacht built under the project name Enzo. This code name was a nod to one of Lee-Chin’s passions – Ferraris.

The owner signed the contract in 2017 with one stipulation, Moran says: the yacht had to be ready for his mother’s 89th birthday on December 15, 2021. When Covid-19 hit, the shipyard had to adjust the schedule to reduce the amount  of crew working on the boat all at once, but work never stopped. In late 2021, Ahpo left Rendsburg, Germany, for the owner’s native Jamaica and got there on December 13 in time for the planned celebration.

A lot of Ahpo , a term of endearment meaning grandmother, is about family. Although she will charter on occasion – for 2.5 million euros a week plus expenses – Ahpo was designed for family use. The family’s strong bonds are poetically represented, for example, in the chain-link motif that decorates the stairs linking the two levels of the owners’ apartment. Two identical bedrooms with different colour schemes for twin girls are close to their parents’ bedroom oasis, a supremely comfortable space in a blend of gelato colours with two private terraces and two spectacular bathrooms with handmade metal bathtubs from Catchpole & Rye, mosaics inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt and crystal chandeliers by Lasvit in the style of Baccarat. For senior members of the family, the designer created a spacious and ultra-restful lower deck cabin.

Another big part of the yacht is fitness and wellness. The owners’ private duplex includes a gym that puts to shame most luxury hotel gyms, with furniture in red lacquer, attractive synthetic flooring, TVs hidden behind mirrors, equipment by Technogym and bikes by Peloton, plus custom-made dumb-bells provided by Gym Marine. All of it is personalised for Ahpo with the Nuvolari Lenard-designed logos. Aside from input from Gym Marine, Moran says the owners had considerable say into the design as they are very active and live a healthy lifestyle. The side decks on the sky lounge deck are exceptionally wide, like a proper promenade on a cruise ship, and  100 metres all around, allowing the owners to take walks in the fresh air without returning to shore.

The owner enjoys looking up at one of the yacht’s defining features, a great mast. “That mast is huge; you can put the whole crew inside. It’s three levels, and there’s so much storage up there,” the captain says, providing a sense of scale to the yacht’s crowning feature.

About all that the owner said in terms of guidance for the exterior design was, as Nuvolari recounts, “‘You know me, you know what I like, make it more beautiful [than Quattroelle ].’ He also asked if we could make one feature that ties the two designs, and those are the semi-circular windows.” However, these are so distinctive that when the first photos appeared, it was an immediate tip-off to the small but enthusiastic group of people following the yacht industry that it had to be the “new Quattroelle ”.

So, when they created the exterior for Ahpo , the Nuvolari Lenard team, including designer Simone Feltrin, strived to make an elegant ship – because a yacht of 100 metres or more, Carlo Nuvolari says, is a ship. “Nowadays in yachting we see many extravagant things looking to architectural buildings  for inspiration.” However, he and his business partner, Dan Lenard, disagree with this trend. “A boat is a boat, a yacht is a yacht,” Nuvolari says. For the yacht’s finishing top hat, they studied the funnels of vessels of the 1950s and 1960s.

Another characteristic feature is the bow, which is quite defined with the yacht’s logo at the tip but is just long enough to give the yacht the right proportions. “Long flowing lines are a signature of our designs,” says Nuvolari, who adds that the bow is just part of the whole. “We never look at one single item, but we look at overall proportions. After a few proposals, we found that this offered the right balance, and it goes well with the concept of a serious ship.” It’s truly amazing to consider that the yacht appears lean and graceful with deck heights of 2.4 metres and 2.7 metres in some places and six decks stacked one on top of the other. No mean feat.

A contrast of black and white paint emphasises the swooping wraparound decks and creates a visual cascade from the top to the forward fully certified helipad (one of two on board), with a similar feature aft. This signature helps make Ahpo recognisable from anywhere.

On the inside, “the main theme of the boat is nature,” says Zannier, who incorporated plants beyond the winter garden. Most are excellent fakes because plants don’t do so well in salty air, but no matter, it works beautifully.

In the spa, created by interior outfitter List, the theme of nature is ever-present. “It is all about curves, leaves and waves, and the main feature of this area, including the massage room and the beauty salon, is bamboo,” Zannier says. The bamboo (fake leaves on natural stems) is encapsulated between two glass panes, and it is backlit, creating a beautiful backdrop for a bar and the massage room. “It is very relaxing and very Zen,” she says accurately. In the hair salon, the bamboo was hand-painted on wallpaper by the artists of the fine wallpaper and ceramics company de Gournay. On the spa’s ceiling, huge leaves made of walnut are lit with a border of LED lighting. “There are no spotlights in the leaves themselves because we prefer not to use them extensively, so we always try to find alternative light sources,” the designer says.  Teak stripes undulating behind a plunge pool guide the water that falls with a quiet gurgling sound. The wellness space also includes a Turkish-style hammam with vibrant mosaics by Sicis and a fountain in ivory onyx and mosaics. Fibre optics in the ceiling create myriad little stars. Azul macaubas and sodalite are two of the stones found here and repeated throughout the yacht, including on the mullions. The curvaceous sauna has Himalayan salt bricks inserted into its walls.

Another delectable space is the 12-seat cinema. Sicis created three portraits of the owners’ favourite actors and artists – Dorothy Dandridge, Sidney Poitier and Sammy Davis Jr – from photos they selected, in black and white fabric mosaics that add a touch of vintage Hollywood to the elegant space with a starlit ceiling.

The decor incorporates numerous personal references. For instance, the desk in the boardroom – unconventionally positioned aft on the main deck – is an oval table with a top done by Based Upon that incorporates an old map of Jamaica engraved in bronze among blue resin. On the walls, more mosaics represent Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountains.

Elsewhere, birds – cranes and flamingos – and feathers take flight. One of many stunning pieces on board, and one that the Lürssen project manager singled out as one of the great achievements in the interior is the spiral staircase. Vedder made the complex balustrade that represents an olive tree growing over several decks, piece by piece. On the wall is a bas-relief that runs over five decks, each with its own colour theme. The staircase wraps around an elliptical sculpture whose central column supports delicate feathers handmade of crystal that appear to fall to the floor. The steps themselves incorporate backlit calacatta marble, leather and Tai Ping silk carpeting.

There is much more to this beautiful yacht, including the grand dining room with a spectacular custom table made by List. Its glass top was created by DKT Artworks using the French technique of verre églomisé with a theme of water lilies, which is repeated in the chandelier and on the doors.

The design book is as thick as a phone book and, incredibly, the finished product is very close to the original renderings. For the owners, the result was love at first sight, and they spent 65 days on board after delivery. Such level of details, and perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship – nay, art – can only be seen in the superyacht world these days.

“Anybody can build a plane, anybody can build a house, but a yacht of such detail and such quality, I think is the pinnacle of achievement,” Moran says. And as the story goes, details make perfection.

First published in the August 2022 issue of BOAT International. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue.

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Polar Star , yacht for sale

There are few Lürssen yachts for sale on the market today.  Lürssen is well-known as the builder of the world’s largest yachts. Responsible for 13 of the top 25 world’s largest yachts including the 180.65-meter yacht AZZAM as #1 in length and gigayacht DILBAR #1 in the gross tonnage category.

View the Top 10 Largest Lurssen Yachts ever delivered. 

Established in Germany by Friedrich Lürssen in 1875, five generations of Lürssens have continued the family boatbuilding tradition. Today, Lürssen specializes in fully custom yachts from less than 60 meters to more than 150, from concept to completion and beyond into maintenance and refit.

Lürssen works out of five locations. Vegesack is the main headquarters and has been since 1918. The company’s four shipyards each specialize in different sizes and focus on different activities.

The Lemwerder yard builds yachts 80 to 110 meters in length and has been part of the Lürssen process since 1935. This location also houses the main warehouse and refit and repair department.

Aumund constructs yachts 100 meters in length and larger. This yard joined the Lürssen group in 1997 and is best for the largest yachts.

Lürssen has used the Rendsburg location since 1987 to build 60- to 90-meter yachts, plus maintain navy ships and yacht refit.

Lürssen acquired the Wilhelmshaven site in 2006. Maintenance, repair, and refit on vessels up to 150 meters takes place here.

Naval architects and designers such as Espen Øino, Mark Berryman, Glade Johnson, Reymond Langton, Adam Lay, Alberto Pinto, Andrew Winch, and Francois Zuretti work with Lürssen and its clients to create highly personalized, quality, custom yachts. A few notable launches from Lürssen include Arkley, Podium , Oasis , and Polar Star .

Recent Lurssen Launches

2020 has marked an extremely active year for the shipbuilder. The 87m Project HAWAII was seen in the Baltic Sea performing sea trials after it left the Rendsburg yard. Shortly after that, the German Naval Yard Kiel merged with Lürssen in a joint venture with goals to reinforce the efficiency and sustainability of the German naval shipbuilding industry to compete on a global level. Shortly after the merger the 90m superyacht project 1601 was revealed in Rendsburg. The technical launch of the hull and superstructure mark another great milestone for the German builder. More recently, in June, Lürssen delivered the highly secretive Project LIGHTNING. Details of Project LIGHTNING have been sparse.

The 130-meter (426’ 6”) highly secretive yacht, PROJECT LIGHTNING – also known as yacht SCHEHERAZADE was delivered early morning on June 1 st , 2020 and made its maiden voyage headed to Norway. Very few details have been released, including designers and architects. The gigayacht features 2 large helipads and a large beach club. The yacht is among the top largest yachts in the world.

The 197-foot (60-meter) motor yacht Arkley launched in 2009 with exterior styling by Espen Øino and a light and bright interior design by Mark Berryman. Six exquisite staterooms sleep 12 guests, and 15 crew are housed in eight cabins. Onboard amenities include a sundeck Jacuzzi, a cinema, ample alfresco dining areas, a baby grand piano, and a gym, as well as much more. A couple of 1,979-horsepower Caterpillar engines give Arkley a 15.5-knot top speed and a range of 7,000 nautical miles at 12 knots.

The 2006 launch Oasis comes in at 195 feet (59.4 meters). Glade Johnson designed both the exterior and interior of this stunning yacht. Twelve guests and 16 crew are accommodated in six staterooms plus crew quarters. A pair of 1,957-horsepower Caterpillar engines propels the yacht to a 16-knot maximum speed and a cruise speed of 12. Range is 5,000 nautical miles. Oasis cruises with a custom Vikal sports tender and an arsenal of other toys.

Polar Star (ex- Northern Star ) splashed in 2005 and features exterior styling from Espen Øino and an interior from Pauline Nunns. The 207-foot (62.97-meter) steel and aluminum full-displacement luxury explorer yacht accommodates 12 guests and 17 crew. Guest cabins reside on the main deck instead of the more common location belowdecks. Top speed is 15 knots powered by twin Caterpillar 1,874-horsepower engines that give the yacht a range of 6,000 nautical miles and a cruise speed of 12 knots.

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