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Rig building

iom rc yacht rigging

iom rc yacht rigging

Building an IOM rig.

The starting point for a really good rig is ensuring that you set up the mast to match the sails as far as possible. To halp you achieve this, there are some general guidelines on this page. Most boat builders supply a rigging guide with their hulls, and it is worth getting your hands on the guide for your particular boat. Prior to commencing the rig building process, make sure you have a plan to follow.


Why put pre-bend into an IOM mast? The purpose of using pre-bend is to increase the amount of forestay pressure that can be generated. Without pre-bend, the end result will be a forestay which sags.

The amount of pre-bend and the distance over which it is placed, depends on the luff curve of the mainsail. It is not dependant on the design of boat – often one hears skippers talking about the amount of pre-bend for a particular hull design, but this is not the defining factor. When ordering sails, you should ask you sailmaker how much pre-bend they recommend for the luff curve of their mainsails. The final outcome that is required is a mast curve which matches the sail’s luff curve, with good forestay pressure.

To achieve this, the following factors all need to be right:

The type of mast – diameter, style (groovy or round) and material

The amount of pre-bend

The distance over which the pre-bend curve is bent

The height of the shrouds

The backstay crane length

Some typical examples can be found in the rigging guides for the various hull designs – although these assume you are using sails from the hull builder. Most recommend using 11.1mm high tensile aluminium masts.

Most new masts will not be perfectly straight. Find the existing curve in the mast and use that to assist you to achieve your desired pre-bend. Pre-bend around a curve of 700mm radius works pretty well. You will need to go slowly at first, as some masts bend easily, and only require one or two bends around the jig, whereas others may take quite a few.

The top 200mm of the mast does not bend uniformly, so it is worth chopping that amount off after the bending is complete.

It is wise to pre-bend the mast prior to drilling any holes.

Make sure that the mast remains in exactly the same orientation each time you bend it around the curve, otherwise the result will look really wobbly!

iom rc yacht rigging


If you can get your hands on one of these drilling blocks, they are worth their weight in gold! The block on the end of the mast holds the mast in the same orientation all the time and allows for the mast to be rotated through 90 degrees or 180 degrees. The drilling block ensures that the hole will finish up in the centre of the mast every time!

Follow your rigging plan to place the holes in the position you want. for the shrouds, consider drilling just a single hole in the front of the mast, rather than two holes either side. As a general guide, shroud height higher up the mast will provide better sideways control of the mast, but allow for less forestay tension. Conversely, lower shroud positions will allow you to generate better forestay tension at the expense of sideways bend.

Run your shrouds through the hole, and pull them out the top of the mast. Run both shrouds through a plastic ball, and crimp them off. Once that's done, pull the shrouds back down, so that the plastic ball sits up against the front edge of the mast. This will spread the load of the shrouds over a larger area.

iom rc yacht rigging

The mast plug can be adjusted so the small metal arm which the top of the sail is tied to, rotates really easily. Tap a thread into the bottom of the mast plug’s smaller hole, and screw a small screw with a flattened end into the hole. Sharpen the bottom of the wire arm which swivels, so that it is a point. When the wire arm rests on the screw, it will rotate easily. The method is shown in the Obsession rigging guide from Craig Smith.

The mast crane should be long enough so that the backstay only just clears the leech of the sail. If the crane is too long, it will put too much mast bend into the top of the mast when you pull on backstay tension. A shorter "lever" is better.

iom rc yacht rigging

Many skippers have their spreaders too long. The spreaders should deflect the shrouds by only 10 to 12mm at most. When the rig is loaded up, the windward shroud will be under much more tension that the leeward one. Longer spreaders will have the effect of pushing the mast to leeward at that point when the shrouds are loaded up. The result is that the jib slot closes and the mainsail backwinds when under pressure.

The outer end of the spreaders should not snag the jib topping lift. The method is shown nicely in the Obsession Rigging guide drawn by Craig Smith

In addition, you may wish to retain the jib topping lift with some elastic at the bottom, so that if the jib boom lifts, the topping lift remains taut.

iom rc yacht rigging

The invention of variable geometry goosenecks has been an important development in ensuring more correct mainsail leech angles at all points of sailing. There are a number of these around – notably the goosenecks from AA Parts and from David Potter at Ullman Sails. Fitting these to the mast requires accuracy, so that the shaft of the gooseneck is exactly parallel to the mast when viewed from astern.

The small locking screw at the bottom of the gooseneck allows the bottom end of the gooseneck barrel to move aft when the main boom is sheeted in. This screw can be adjusted independently of the boom vang, so that mainsail leech angles can be set up for upwind and downwind independently of one another.

If using a parallel gooseneck - for example a ball raced gooseneck from Radio Yacht Supplies Australia (Bantock), then you can achieve the same effect by wrapping sticky back sail cloth three times around the mast at the bottom of the gooseneck. This offsets the axis of the gooseneck about the right amount.

when you attach the downhaul on the mainsail, it should pull to a point aft of the axis of rotation of the main boom. In this alignment, the downhaul will become tighter when the boom sheets in, and will loosen when you sheet out.

iom rc yacht rigging


The aim is to get your jib boom as low to the deck as practical. If the jib boom is too high off the deck, when a gust hits, the jib boom will move to leeward first and forestay sag will develop, resulting in loss of pointing ability and lee helm.

There is a good knot that you can use to attach string to the jib boom. There is a You Tube video which shows this knot, called “How to tie a “tonys knot” - a great video from Tony Gonsalves.

The placement of the pivot point is critical to the functioning of the jib. Too far forward, and you won’t be able to generate sufficient forestay tension. Too far aft, and the jib boom will not lift when a gust hits, and the angle of attack of the jib will be too wide, reducing pointing ability. As a guide, the jib boom should lift with about 320 to 350 grams of pressure.


If your jib boom is low enough, you will find that the jib counterweight may hit the foredeck of your boat. To counteract this, try placing two right angled bends in the shaft of the counterweight, so that the weight sits higher than the line of the jib boom.

The first bend sends the shaft upwards and the second bend returns the counterweight to a direction parallel to the jib boom again. You will need to tie this in place, so that the counterweight cannot rotate downwards.

When setting up any bowsie, try to have the bowsie pull in the same direction as the control you are pulling when you are tightening the string. This is especially important on the backstay. Try to get the bowsie puling downwards when the backstay is being tightened. It makes it much easier to get adjustments right.

Bowsie threader – you can make a simple bowsie threader which will save you hours of time and frustration by simply bending thin wire over in two. Push the bend through the bowsie hole, and thread the string through the loop in the piece of wire. Pull the wire back through the bowsie hole.

A Very Useful Knot

You can watch a short video about how to tie a really useful knot by clicking on the "Play" button.....................

Instructions about how the knot can be made as follows:

Pass the piece of string through the hole that you want to tie to.

Tie a double overhand knot in the end of the string. You can burn the end.

Using the double overhand knot end of the string, make a single overhand knot around the string that passes through the fitting or loop. Pull tight. This knot will not undo unless you want it to, and will hold tighter the more pressure placed on the string.

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iom rc yacht rigging

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Potter Solutions Ltd

Fast Shipping or local PickUp

Potter solutions, the one stop model yacht shop.

Sails, rigs, boat stands, accessories and fittings, including the new range of DF65 and DF95 complete packages.

Email Address

the history of the future

At the age of fifteen David Potter started sailing model boats at the world famous Birkenhead Model Yacht Club.

In 2012 he decided to turn his passionate hobby into a business and launched Potter Solutions.

As a qualified engineer, with a good eye for detail, he produces a range of equipment for the majority of radio controlled model yacht classes.

David has competed in this thrilling sport for over Thirty years at both national and international events and is fully aware of the need for products that can deliver in the field at a competitive price.

Whatever your requirements, including information and advice,  David is always available for a chat.

featured products

iom rc yacht rigging

Complete DF95 Package

iom rc yacht rigging

Complete DF65 Package

iom rc yacht rigging

DF95 Alloy Boat Stand

Pierre Gonnet Mast 11.1mm

Pierre Gonnet Mast 11.1mm

Everything in one place.

30 Years of experience in radio sailing means we know what’s required to produce competitive and reliable parts .

Order before 3pm for UK next day delivery *

Most products can be shipped same day. Some products like sails * are made to order unless they are from our standard range. Products that can be dispatched same day will be indicated on the product description.

Secure Ordering online

You can place an order online. Once we receive the order we calculate the shipping cost and send you information on how to make payment. Your personal information is protected and encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Our website is ecommerce PCI Compliant .

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is one of the key areas where we can truly make a difference, which is why we work hard to keep our customers happy and make it easy to do business with us. A quick response matters and we aim to reply promptly and professionally.

some of our reviews

A history of trust and service.

“Fast shipping and exactly the parts I needed to complete my new IOM. Highly recommended”

“Bought a boat stand for my Marblehead. Arrived in a couple of days and very happy with the quality.”

“Bought some new sails for my DF95. Potter’s service is excellent. The sails are top quality.”

iom rc yacht rigging

Achieve Your Potential in Competition IOM Sailing

Vickers RC Sailing


Producer of the V11 Competition International One Metre Design by Ian Vickers.

Our workshop opened in 2014 with the V8 IOM. Since then we have produced hundreds of hand crafted IOM yachts in the Vickers design range. Yachts that have helped IOM competitors around the world achieve their potential and exceed expectations in competition.

We are currently offering the V11, the innovative design that finished 3rd at the 2019 World Championships in Port Alegre, Brazil.

When our clients return, they know they are tapping in to smart, competitive technology in IOM design and build. Stiff, Lightweight boats, that are Easily Assembled, Fast and Forgiving to sail. Join the fun!


Improve your results at the club and the regatta, with the fast and forgiving V11 from Vickers RC Sailing


Set Up and Sail

The V11 detailing is simple but effective. In conjunction with the V11 Set Up Guide, assembly is straight forward, and vital tuning information assists you to quickly understand and master your V11's potential


Vickers RC Sailing build processes are well refined and thought out.

Our boats are light, stiff and clever,  keeping to a simple and effective philosophy around detailing

The V11 design is a hull, foils and bulb package to compliment the full range of conditions experienced in RC Sailing. The hull design has full volume forward and features the familiar chines and tumblehome of the modern IOM for reduced weight and windage, as well as good tracking characteristics. The V11 features our peaked style foredeck for efficient water shedding when buried downwind and a geometrically strong shape for the forestay and mast ram areas.

Foils are slippery and strategically positioned with the rig to balance the yacht. The V11s forgiving balance through the wind range, allows the skipper to focus on the race at hand, and not rely on micro steering to maintain a consistent VMG.

The rig sits solid on its deck stepped mast step, complimented at deck level with an encapsulating mast gate arrangement over the mast ram. The rudder tube is rigidly supported inside the moulded servo tray. 

Hull construction is from E-Glass Fibreglass Cloth and High Grade Epoxy Resin.

The foils are Carbon Fibre Layup with High Grade Epoxy Resin.

Paint system is a 2 pot Urethane and the boat is thoroughly post cured before finishing.

The V11 Features-

Plastic main hatch access. 

Ready to accept RMG Winch and Standard sized Rudder Servo

Bow Bumper attached.

Hardware is Bantock including an adjustable mast ram, adjustable mainsheet post and tiller arm.

All necessary fittings attached for standing and running rigging.

The V11 comes out of our workshop in Beach Haven, Auckland New Zealand and is ready to accept rigs and electrics.

We also make sails that can be added to the order, or ordered separately.

So hit the enquiry button to discuss delivery times and options.

We are ready to help.


Essential to success in sailing comes down to the  Rig and how it is set up and tuned. The V11 comes with a Set Up Guide that covers all the expert information needed to set up like the guns. It specifies the hardware, construction and tuning information to get your rig and sails set up and sailing near optimum straight off the bat, so you can enjoy your racing and punch above your weight.

Include Sets of sails from Vickers RC Sailing and enhance the experience.


Vickers Rc Sailing is back taking orders again for the V11

We look forward to hearing from you 

Thanks for submitting!


On Wooden RC Sailboats & Other Fun Thoughts to Think...

Occasional ruminations, experimentations, and observations on the art and nonsense of building wooden radio control sailboats. Thanks for visiting!

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Standing rigging, part 1.

Wampum VM Vintage Marblehead RC Sailboat

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IOM Complete Rig Kit

Image 1

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iom rc yacht rigging

  • Variant Marine Hardware

4 Stars

  Product Description

This is a complete rig kit for the IOM. The kit features Variant Marine Hardware and is suitable for A,B,C rigs The kit includes Mast, Gooseneck, Variant "A" profile Main and Jib Boom kits with all fittings, Backstay hook, Backstay crane, Mast head plug, Head board wire, bowsie 6pack, Stainless steel rigging wire, Spectra sheet line A pair of variant rigging Screws, Spreader kit, jib head stay hook, Jib Counter Balance. The kit is composed of the following components: 1 - 11mm dia 2500mm long Clear anodized Aluminum mast 1 - VM005 Variant Marine Main Boom Kit 1 - VM004 Variant Marine Jib Boom Kit without Jib Swivel 1 - VM001 Variant Marine Gooseneck Pack for 11mm Mast 1 - VM023 Variant Marine Head Board Wire 1 - VM013 Variant Marine Mast Head Plug 1 - VM007 Variant Marine Rigging Screw M3x20 set 1 - VM032 Variant Marine Jib Counter Balance 1 - VM019 Variant Marine Spreader Kit 1 - VM017 Variant Marine Jib Head Stay Hook 1 - VM021 Variant Marine Backstay Crane 1- VM011 Variant Marine Backstay Hook 1 - VM009 Variant Marine Bowsie 6 pack 1 - RW100 Stainless Steel Rigging wire for Varinat Spreader Kit. 1 - SSL100 10 meters Spectra sheet line

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Variant rig Kit

Posted by Daryl USA567 on 14th Mar 2014

Great product, well engineered parts, but the kit does not come with any instructions of description of what parts are for. Add a rigging guide or descriptions and it is a 5

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All prices are in USD .

Click the button below to add the IOM Complete Rig Kit to your wish list.

Marty Jones asked me about an IOM rig.  I thought it might be useful to explain some of the basics.

In the following discussion, focus is given to each element of the rig in turn, and its relationship to the other rig elements explained.  This does lead to fair amount of (intentional) repetition.

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  1. RCSails

    IOM class rules don't allow rotating masts and the masts mostly used are without an internal track. The best mast is 12mm or ½" aluminum tube available at local hardware and metal stores. If you want to invest more you can order from RC yachting accessory dealers as well and save maybe 50g with the rig.

  2. PDF FRD

    Balance is everything on an IOM. The boat must be set up so there is neutral helm. The boat when correctly set up will sail its self on all points of sailing it will only gain some weather helm when it heels enough for the rig to leverage the boat to windward. Vary mast rake to find the correct balance.

  3. PDF BG Sails and Design IOM Sail and Rig Tuning Guide Mast Rake

    A Rig 80% (of shroud base) B Rig 75% (of shroud base) e.g. A powerful boat that has a shroud base width on the deck of 150mm, will a max spreader width of 80% which equals 120mm from tip to tip when fitted. Mast in Hull Both at deck level and at the base of your mast tube or step, your mast should be restricted

  4. PDF IOM Rig Plan

    RIGGING PLAN Description SAILSetc code The gooseneck/kicking strap unit supplied depends on the specification of your kit. One of the following drawings, as appropriate, will be provided with the item. Gooseneck plan PI01, PI05, PI15 or PI11A/B/C/D The following sheets are collated into this booklet Mast dimensions RP-IOM-1 Mast bend RP-IOM-2

  5. Building a Rig


  6. Building an IOM rig

    MAST HEAD. The mast plug can be adjusted so the small metal arm which the top of the sail is tied to, rotates really easily. Tap a thread into the bottom of the mast plug's smaller hole, and screw a small screw with a flattened end into the hole. Sharpen the bottom of the wire arm which swivels, so that it is a point.

  7. V8 iom

    Also we need to ease our sails (on the radio) in the very light air. Maybe up to 30mm or so in the super light air. Fresh Breeze- Tighten jib foot to 10mm and tension the main luff. Make sure your jib clew is lifting. nicely. Ease the sheets on the radio to reduce sideways force (leeway) and allow the boat to.

  8. Welcome to Midwest Model Yachting, LLC

    Turnbuckles & Rigging Screws; Variant boom; Gizmo Set; Rigging tools; Rig Kits. EC12 Rig Kit; IOM Rig Kits; ODOM Rig Kit and Hardware; RG65; Santa Barbara Rig Kit; Soling 50 Rig Kit; Star 45 Rig Kit; U.S. One Meter Rig Kits; Sailmaking Materials. Sail Identification; DF-95 & DF-65 . DF-65 Hatch & Battery Sets; DragonForce 65 Sails; DF-95 Hatch ...

  9. PDF One Metre

    6. 2. 10. backstay crane, stainless steel mast head fitting (1 to suit each size of mast) stainless steel wire, 1.5mm Ø x 50 mm long M3 rigging screws, self locking small bowsies, plastic miniature bowsies, stainless steel small crimps stainless steel hook 150 mm x 1.6 Ø mm shrink fit tubing 30 mm x 3.5 Ø mm shrink fit tubing.

  10. Potter Solutions Ltd

    the history of the future. At the age of fifteen David Potter started sailing model boats at the world famous Birkenhead Model Yacht Club. In 2012 he decided to turn his passionate hobby into a business and launched Potter Solutions. As a qualified engineer, with a good eye for detail, he produces a range of equipment for the majority of radio ...

  11. HOME

    V11. The V11 design is a hull, foils and bulb package to compliment the full range of conditions experienced in RC Sailing. The hull design has full volume forward and features the familiar chines and tumblehome of the modern IOM for reduced weight and windage, as well as good tracking characteristics. The V11 features our peaked style foredeck ...

  12. Standing Rigging, part 1

    Standing Rigging, part 1. Got a start on the Wampum VM Vintage Marblehead RC Sailboat standing rigging this weekend. Can't do it all until after I varnish the deck, but got the mainsail installed and the boom installed, and a few other things. Here is a nice trick... prop your boat's keel up on the floor so that it is perfectly on its side.

  13. Kantun "2" IOM Custom Sailboat [K2]

    IOM class "K2" Radio Controlled Sailboat by "Sailboat RC" - We Create Poetry With Sails. ... K2 hull is completely crafted by Sailboat RC with all of our expertise from our highly specialised RC sailing production facilities at a singular location in Split, Croatia (made in the EU), and there are no other companies nor individuals who ...

  14. IOM Complete Rig Kit

    This is a complete rig kit for the IOM. The kit features Variant Marine Hardware and is suitable for A,B,C rigs The kit includes Mast, Gooseneck, Variant "A" profile Main and Jib Boom kits with all fittings, Backstay hook, Backstay crane, Mast head plug, Head board wire, bowsie 6pack, Stainless steel rigging wire, Spectra sheet line A pair of variant rigging Screws, Spreader kit, jib head stay ...

  15. The IOM class

    The result is the most popular RC racing yacht class in the world. The IOM rules In rough order of importance, the performance of a RC yacht is a function of the following parameters. It is interesting to note that, of all the major performance factors, only the beam of the hull has been left free by the IOM class rules.

  16. Rig basics

    Jibstay sag is probably the hardest thing to control on an IOM rig. Jibstay tension also feeds in to the topping lift tension, according to the position of the jib pivot. If the jib pivot offset is closer to the jib luff, less tension feeds in to the topping lift, and vice versa as the pivot offset increases. ... If your boat does not have much ...


    C.4 Boat C.5 Hull C.6 Hull Appendages C.7 Rig C.8 Sails Section D - Hull D.1 General D.2 Hull Section E - Hull Appendages E.1 Parts E.2 Gener al E.3 Keel and Rudder Section F - Rig F.1 Parts F.2 General F.3 Mast F.4 Booms F.5 Standing Rigging F.6 Running Rigging Section G - Sails G.1 Parts

  18. Rigs & parts

    If you are looking for high-quality rigs and parts for your radio-controlled sailboat, look no further than Sailboat RC. We offer a wide range of products, from masts and booms to sails and fittings, to suit your needs and preferences. Sailboat RC is the home of 3x World Champions and a trusted source of RC sailing expertise. Shop now and enjoy the poetry of sails!

  19. RadioSailingShop

    radio sailing shop, parts for radio controlled and pond yachts. remote control boats. genuine britpop parts , iom , marblehead , rg-65, dragon force 65, dragon flite 95, rc sailing gear, kantun, k2,vickers v10, V11, iom parts to complete boats,Balmain bug , Rc Laser. Boat News- photos from sailors around the world we ship to, many places, lots ...

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    FASTENERS Screws, Bolts, Nuts SPARE PARTS Print your own CATALOGUE FREE Boat & Rigging Plan Links BOATS - KITS & PLANS RG65 - MICRO MAGIC - Parts RIGGING Wire/Spectra/Dyneema POND YACHTS & PARTS CLEARANCE ITEMS BOOKS PARTS DRAWINGS 3D PRINT A YACHT ! ... Sydney Skiff Racing Model Yachts; Search. Advanced Search. ... 30-030 Rigging Screw ...

  21. RC Sailing Rigging Line! 80# 8 Strand

    Nice rigging line from radiosailing.net = $8 per roll.Great for your DF65, DFlt95, IOM and any other model sailboat

  22. Rig Box (IOM class)

    IOM Rig Box by sailboat RC is used for transporting rigs & sails safely around the world or in your car while you travel to local IOM class regatta worry-free.