Real Club Naútico de Barcelona

Restaurante RCNB

Un balcón priviligiado al mar, an exclusive space for members.

More than 500 m² of exclusive facilities with unbeatable views of the port of Barcelona. Different spaces where you can enjoy the comfort of the facilities, a good service and a menu with the best Mediterranean cuisine.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Top quality dishes

The Restaurant has an extensive varied menu with the best seasonal products that are always present on it.

New menu available with news and a menu (also half menu) every day of the week. We have an extensive list of wines, wineries and liquors.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

The restaurant has a large dining room which is ideal for any kind of meals:

barcelona yachthafen restaurant


barcelona yachthafen restaurant


barcelona yachthafen restaurant


barcelona yachthafen restaurant


barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Discover our Restaurant

Metopas Room (equipped with a projector and has a small private terrasse).

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

The restaurant

7 Portes is one of the most symbolic restaurants in the city, offering an extensive tour of traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. 187 years of history support an adult, natural, generous and up-to-date cuisine, based on local products, without giving up the contributions of international cuisine.

The 7 Portes is an institution of Barcelona life located near Port Vell. The restaurant is part of the personal and family memory of many Barcelonians who simply visit it to share the pleasure of the table and talk, and that has been able to adapt and refine its offer according to the tastes of generations and generations of customers.

We have been the meeting point for the greatest exponents of art and literature for nearly two centuries. Throughout these 187 years of life, 7 Portes has become the most traditional restaurant in Barcelona, one of the oldest establishments in the city and one of its most enduring symbols.

The cuisine

In the 7 Portes menu you can find our famous rice dishes and paellas, fresh and popular salads, starters, traditional cannelloni, seafood, fish and meat, spoon and fork endangered dishes, roast with the traditional chopped and also tartare. Our menu includes an extensive recipe book, which has evolved over these 187 years of history, and has been able to adapt and refine its offer according to the tastes of generations and generations of customers.

7 Portes has modern dishes and dishes that you will not find almost anywhere else, which will delight connaisseurs and gourmets. Great festive dishes and casseroles to share, ranging from Paella Parellada and Zarzuelas, to dishes created in the restaurant and that have become classic such as Mrs. Carme's cod or monkfish a la barquera, reaching up to current dishes and light. We do not stop here, and we will continue creating new dishes with the aim of renewal that allows us to affirm that we are a restaurant more alive than ever.

We also invite you to let yourself be surprised by our desserts made by hand by our pastry chefs in the restaurant's atelier. All this is accompanied by a wide selection of wine; our wine list is designed to help in the process of choosing the most successful wine, and our sommelier is always aware of the news and the quality offered by the market.

Art gallery

Throughout our 187 years of history, the most illustrious artists of the moment have frequented and are part of the history of our restaurant, such as the cafes left to us by the master Picasso when he was studying at the School of Fine Arts, or Miró, when he was inspired by the plates to compose his work.

They have all formed a small art gallery that we invite you to discover.

1836. The architecture of good taste

In the first half of the 19th century, Josep Xifré, a powerful businessman, had the so-called "Porxos de'n Xifré '' built on Passeig Isabel II in Barcelona. His good Parisian taste made him want to reproduce a construction similar to those found in the squares of the French capital and, specifically, the emblematic porches of the Rue de Rivoli.

In this incredible enclave he installed his home and a large luxury cafe with 7 entrance doors. The beginning of a legend of gastronomy.

The artistic floridry of the 19th century and that of the 7 Portes Restaurant

In the 19th century, Barcelona experienced a time of progress and enthusiasm in which the city's bourgeoisie promoted an important process of urbanization, modernization and sophistication of the Catalan capital, with els Porxos de'n Xifré being one of its main testimonials.

Catalan painting and the chronicle of the time of the Renaixença and Modernism are framed in this scenario. An enigmatic dancer that Ricardo Urgell, reminiscent of the theaters and cabarets of the early twentieth century, the Paral·lel or the Liceu, captured with an impressionist technique. The Mediterranean and Slavic delicacy of Olga Sacharoff, or the ethereal balance of Xavier Valls represent the continuity of these pictorial values, among others, illuminating the walls of 7 Portes ever since.

Modest Urgell (1939-1919)

He was not just another symbolist. There is something fascinating and radical in the austerity of his compositions, as discovered by Joan Miró, who expressed his deep admiration for the painter. The melancholy of his sunsets tells us about the passage of life, but also about the beauty found in the humblest places and invites us to serenity.

Marià Fortuny (1838-1874)

He was a daring orientalist for his free brushwork and his intense luminism. Delicately reminiscent of the refined and exotic beauty, alive and legendary, of the traditional Maghreb, he shows us here a character of delicate nobility and poetic dandyism. Fortuny was an international celebrity in his time and his genius inspired Dalí, who once stated: “Prim, Gaudí, Fortuny are from Reus; me too"

Arcadi Mas Fondevila (1832-1934)

The intense poetry of a modest corner of the countryside, serene and exuberant at the same time, is made possible thanks to the vibration of the brushstroke and the subtlety of light and shadow. Sensual and dynamic painter, he was one of the pillars of the so-called Sitges School that would anticipate the outbreak of Modernism in this town.

Catalan illustration, irony and tenderness

The illustrations of L'Esquetlla de la Torratxa or the Campana de Gràcia, deans of the satirical-critical press in Catalonia, demonstrate the importance of illustration and caricature as an art of ingenuity, denunciation, social portraiture or the pleasure of entertainment. Very inserted in our restaurant, often a place of intellectual and scathing conversation, this well-nourished collection makes a journey through past and present types and customs thanks to Junceda's sentimentality, Cornet's grace or Benejam's costumism.

Another aspect of drawing is represented by the worldly elegance of a Florit or Déco de Penagos. Later on, Cesc or Montesol represent a continuation of this sensibility to the present day. Also noteworthy is the presence of Mariscal and his Cobi, the mascot that emerged precisely from 7 Portes, when its author, dipping her finger in a glass of wine, drew it for the first time on a napkin in the Restaurant.

Ricard Opisso (1880-1966)

He is a mythical figure of Catalan drawing. From his participation in the meetings of Els Quatre Gats to his humorous vignettes, Opisso made sarcasm an art traced with inventiveness and agility. His grace in capturing women was admired, like that of this altered traveler, a local antecedent of pin-ups, with a glamor nuanced by irony.

Ramon Miró (1874-1927)

This great cartoonist had a fundamental role in illustrating advertisements in such important magazines as 'L'Esquella de la Torratxa' and 'La Campana de Gràcia'. In this work, which surprised by its modernity and graphic ingenuity, the artist announces the unavoidable presence of advertising through the symbolism of rain.

Contemporary art entrance

Since the protective presence of Picasso, contemporary art has always had its place at 7 Portes, the chance of discoveries and affinities. The succulent watercolors of Francesc Artigau, pioneer of the New Figuration, and the realism of Letícia Feduchi, coexist with the geometric abstraction of Adolfo Estrada or Andreu Alfaro.

Looking at the signing of scattered works, we discover the presence of various architects, such as Federico Correa or Montse Ribas. We also find a still life of the unmistakable Naziro, capable of moving from the underground to high art.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

What can we say about Picasso that hasn't already been said? A great universal master, precursor of cubism and emblem of many other artistic movements. We are indescribably proud to have his work on the walls of 7 Portes.

Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012)

It has represented the continuity of Joan Miró's spirit of demanding search with a strong sense of civic responsibility. In their posters and lithographs, with their own plastic qualities, they want to collect useful symbols and values for the community, such as the tribute to the masters of culture.

Tàpies is different from all other abstract painters. He achieves an emblematic dimension. Writing, calligraphic gesture, force of the brushstroke, expressiveness of the stain, come together in an unmistakable formula that transmits energy and mystery.

Christo Vladimirov (1935 -2020)

It has become famous for its large-scale interventions, wrapping large monuments, such as the Pont-Neuf in Paris, or traversing grandiose natural settings with sumptuous curtains. In Barcelona he has presented two projects: wrapping the statue of Columbus and the fountain in Plaça Espanya by Josep Maria Jujol.

Despite not having been carried out, in his drawings and plans they testify to the poetic force in his procedure. His paradox is that hiding can serve to show and see the familiar landscape with new and fascinating eyes.

Memorabilia: documents about the 7 Portes

Did you know that Miró kept the Auca del 7 Portes in his library? We like to preserve those documents that have sentimental value, that serve us to travel through time. Our collection allows us to rediscover a nostalgia that is not at all melancholy, but happy and fun: advertising documents, the endearing Cuentos de Calleja that were given to the children who visited the house, the poems of Just Blanquer, the poet waiter...

Francesc Català-Roca's photographs evoke the fascinating activity of the neighboring Estació de França.

Milton Glaser (1920-2020)

The father of one of the most popular icons of postmodern graphic design, Milton Glaser has strong ties to Barcelona and was a beloved customer of our restaurant. In 2011 we had the honor that he agreed to design the collection of labels for the commemorative bottles of our 175th anniversary that he made from a marvelous bestiary that evokes the communion of human beings with nature and its mysteries.

Perico Pastor (1953)

He is the artist who has found a synthesis between the tradition of Eastern drawing and Western watercolor.

While from the first he adopts the technique of moderate agility and the poetics of synthesis, from the second he draws freshness and luminous liveliness. In the following work we see one of the illustrations included in the book “Les 7 Portes. Friends and personalities”.

Autographs: the intimate imprint

Leaving aside its anecdotal and sentimental value, the collection of dedications of the 7 Portes offers us an entertaining frieze of graphic exercises. Antonio Saura builds an arch, while Albert Ràfols-Casamada opts for one of his evocative windows. The creative disinhibition of the writers and artists of the show is often surprising, such as the flower of Gabriel García-Márquez, the vigorous masks of Charlton Heston, the shyness of Woody Allen, reflected in the signature of his very, very small signature in the center of the white page or the exquisite sensitivity of Alexander Fleming.

To manage the café, Josep Xifré looked for a prestigious restaurateur and found Mr. Josep Cuyás and opened the “Cafè de les 7 Portes” in 1836. Later, Joan Biscamps took over the management and later Bertomeu Grau did. In 1929 the business expanded under the leadership of Chef Morera, turning it into the “Restaurant de les 7 Portes”. It is at that moment when cooking begins in an environment related to the intellectual and artistic world that will become part of the identity of the place.

In the early 1940s, Chef Morera wanted to transfer the business and in 1942 a group of merchants from La Llotja, regular customers of the establishment, convinced the owner of the mythical Fonda Europa of Granollers, and a member of one of the most prestigious lineages of restaurateurs and “fondistes” of Catalonia since 1771, so that it acquires the restaurant. This is Paco Parellada who, together with his daughter Carmen Parellada and his son-in-law Joan Solé, will direct one of the most critical times of Restaurant 7 Portes.

The succulent paellas and a wide variety of traditional Catalan recipes, such as drowned peas, zarzuelas and other own inventions such as Pijama (which Paco Parellada created from the Peach Melba d'Esscoffier) turned the restaurant into a showcase of popular cuisine and in one of the most mythical of Catalonia.

In 1980 Francesc Solé Parellada takes the relief in the direction of the restaurant; a generation that continues the tradition and experience of more than 300 years of the Parellada family. In this way, he gives continuity to the values of good customer service, generosity and good cuisine that his grandfather, the famous Paco Parellada, one of the gastronomic references of Catalonia, preached so much.

The year 2021 was a milestone in the restaurant's history as it celebrated its 185th anniversary. Restaurant 7 Portes continues to work to maintain its gastronomic quality and dedication to service, adapting to new trends, including digital transformation, with the firm will to maintain the trust and complicity of its customers and to continue sharing great moments that are yet to come.

Painters, singers, filmmakers and writers. Intellectuals and artists recognized throughout the world have been leaving their mark on the restaurant and on our guestbook.

Find out here


Get to know our collaborators, with whom we work together and who help us make it possible for 7 Portes to be such a unique place.

Do you want to be part of one of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona?

SIETE PUERTAS S.A. is a company in the restaurant sector that has a human team of more than 100 people, with modern and up-to-date management.

If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV.

Be part of the 7 Portes Team!

A small gastronomic space with a relaxed and modern atmosphere where you can enjoy a tasting of the most emblematic dishes of the 7 Puertas Restaurant.

La Barra 7 Portes Pla de Palau : Reina Cristina street, 11. 08003 Barcelona. 

T. +34 635 65 98 56  How to get there

La Barra 7 Portes Galvany : Amigó street, 53. 08021 Barcelona.

T. +34 93 137 92 62  How to get there

Jacqueline Barcelona


Jacqueline Barcelona | Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00 - 3:00.

A Mediterranean feast in the heart of Barcelona.

Jacqueline embodies the love for the sea and the land . a cuisine inspired by seasonal products and the rich culture of the mediterranean., the art of celebrating.

Jacqueline connects with the history of Barcelona, its architecture and art, fostering unique experiences of social hedonism. All this in a lively environment where convenience and customized service are at the center of attentions.

Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience at “El Comedor”, our Mediterranean restaurant specializing in fresh fish and seafood. Immerse yourself in a magical night with live music at “The Dinner Club”, experience the authenticity of Japanese cuisine at “Japanese Bar”, or indulge in the exquisite fusion of flavors at our signature cocktail bar, the “Champagne Bar”.

C/ Enric Granados, 66  | How to get to the restaurant +34 930 46 75 11 [email protected]


Jacqueline presents its Mediterranean restaurant. A space reminiscent of Catalan modernism.

Japanese Bar

The most traditional Japanese restaurant served at Jacqueline Barcelona’s omakase bar.

The Dinner Club

Discover a restaurant with live music in the heart of Barcelona.

Champagne Bar

Discover a clandestine cocktail bar surrounded by flowers in Jacqueline’s hidden room.

Follow us @Jacqueline.Barcelona

Savor every creamy bite of our artisan cheesecake.

Savor every creamy bite of our artisan cheesecake.

A space to celebrate every bite, serving meals from day to night.

A space to celebrate every bite, serving meals from day to night.

Our signature “Sunflower” cocktail is the refined blend of Chivas XV years whisky infused with “Genmaicha” tea and roasted rice, extra dry sherry fino, hazelnut liqueur, lemon juice, and roasted sunflower seeds syrup. — Structured, dry and slightly spiced

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Every dish tells a story, and our slow cooked lamb unfolds a narrative of taste and texture.

Every dish tells a story, and our slow cooked lamb unfolds a narrative of taste and texture.

Cheers to the weekend 🦚 Taste the difference at Jacqueline and find yourself wanting more.

A lunchtime affair, adorned with a touch of caviar.

A lunchtime affair, adorned with a touch of caviar.

We are open! After much anticipation and hard work, our doors are finally open again. Book now to be among the first to experience our renewed space. See you soon! 🦚

A taste of what`s to come.

A taste of what's to come.

Being the exclusive host of the bar at Conde de Godó Trophy was ace-worthy. Thank you to everyone who joined us, making it a remarkable experience 🦚

Being the exclusive host of the bar at Conde de Godó Trophy was ace-worthy. Thank you to everyone who joined us, making it a remarkable experience 🦚

Setting the stage for unforgettable nights ahead. ⁠

Setting the stage for unforgettable nights ahead. ⁠

Game, set, match! 🎾⁠ ⁠This year, Jacqueline is serving an ace at the Conde de Godó Trophy #ATP500. Our restaurant is proud to be the exclusive host of the bar, offering our signature cocktail that captures the essence of the clay court and the tennis ball.⁠ Find us at the Village and join us in celebrating the spirit of the tournament. ⁠ ⁠ See you there! 🦚⁠ ⁠ @dewars_es

A perfect serve for an ideal lunch.

A perfect serve for an ideal lunch.

The Restaurant

  • Information

Syrah The Restaurant

Indulgent breakfasts in a chic ambient around the garden terrace.

Every brand new day is welcomed with a great assortment of  fresh local products .

Treat yourself with some of our assorted artisanal sweet pastries, energize your morning with a freshly made omelet in the chef-assisted stand or begin the day with the healthiest seasonal fresh fruit.

A complete buffet is the perfect formula to revamp your energy after a well-deserved rest.

Opening Hours

Open every day exclusively for buffet breakfasts From 7.00 am to 10.30 am

Opening hours on the weekend

From 7.00 am to 11.00 am

Syrah Restaurant Terrace

Avenida del Litoral, 10, 08005 Barcelona Spain Tel: (+34) 93 221 6565 Fax: (+34) 93 221 6565 Email: [email protected]

Catch up on all the latest news and events.

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These are the Italian restaurants in Barcelona that are worth a visit

In Barcelona you can find exclusive restaurants with high-end cuisine from all over the world. Today we present a selection of charming Italian cuisine restaurants that stand out for their high-quality raw materials ─elegant and exclusive spaces with a taste of Italy.

Bacaro, a Venetian flair in Barcelona’s city centre

Alfredo, Pablo and Mauri in the dining room and chef Marco Filipponi in the kitchen, lead this exclusive restaurant where its charming space will transport you to the incomparable city of canals. The menu changes according to the season and the chef’s creativity. At Bacaro you will find seafood cuisine with local produce, in a menu that offers the best Venetian recipes at very reasonable prices.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Le Cucine Mandarosso, an authentic traditional cuisine

Its name honours the hundreds of recipes from friends and family that Pietro, the restaurant’s owner, collected to create his menu. Le Cucine is a charming place that reveals another of Pietro’s vocations, that of a decorator. Pietro also excels in the pastry making, in memory of his grandfather Crescenzo, who had a bakery. 

One of the most outstanding Italian dishes is the recipe for lasagne, which he borrowed from his mother Diana and which looks towards Naples: intense, red, with a long memory. On the other hand, the cannelloni stuffed with buttered cod is his own creation and belongs to the evening menu.

Xemei, Italian cuisine between Poble Sec and Montjuïc

Still related to Venice, we find the Xemei: for many, the best Italian restaurant in the city. The Xemei is a unique restaurant that transcends any kind of categorisation.

In its unique space, made up of two different premises joined by the kitchen, there is the possibility of tasting unusual recipes from the Veneto region, all of them prepared with a very sharp taste and clear ideas marked by a personality that dreams of food.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Benzina, a space inspired by Italy and Brooklyn

Benzina is an Italian restaurant located in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighbourhood. Opened in 2018 in a former car workshop, it offers dishes inspired by Italian gastronomy in a setting that reminds us of the industrial premises of the 70s Brooklyn. Not surprisingly, another of Benzina’s main attractions is its New York-inspired cocktail bar, which combines classic cocktails with custom-made in-house creations. 

On the constantly evolving Benzina menu, timeless dishes such as steak tartar, aubergine parmigiana and risotto go hand in hand with more bold and original recipes created by the head chef Nicola Valle.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

In short, restaurants like those show it is possible to travel to the best Italy without leaving the lively city of Barcelona, which is an advantage to both locals and visitors.

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The art of mixology by Nicolás Prevedi

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Vip on board experience.

As a highlight of our Hospitality Programme during the 37th America’s Cup , we present the VIP On Board Experience in partnership with the renowned luxury Wajer Yachts.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

These are the 22 most beautiful restaurants in Barcelona

Art deco, exotic and avant-garde aesthetics are part of the art and design that fills the restaurants of Barcelona, and makes them, surely, a perfect choice for a date.

Barcelona Secreta

Flowers , chocolates y a gourmet dinner . We have not just revealed the recipe for a perfect date, since this combo is well known and is quite installed in our imaginary of must-haves to conquer someone .

That’s why, the closer some important date approaches, the more we become obsessed and obsessed with finding the most beautiful restaurants in Barcelona to surprise our date or family , either celebrating years of company or to surprise on a first date.

Many restaurants now design a multi-sensory experience for diners , in addition to good food, you also enjoy a beautiful and cozy space .

If you want to have a special dinner, and take your date to a good (and nice) restaurant here are the 21 most beautiful restaurants in Barcelona , where to fall in love through the stomach and the eyes :

Table Of Contents

Casa de Vivi, a restaurant where you will feel at home

A restaurant, in the spectacular hotel neri relais&chateaux, dinner with specialty punch at the barcelona edition, nobu enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

  • Jacqueline,'L'art de vivre' in the center of Barcelona

Contraban discretion and intimacy in the Gothic Quarter

Wild a japanese with a show, mana 75 feng sui and high seas, enjoy the tasting menu of textile in its cypress bar, he eats on a dinner service worthy of philip ii in the rilke restaurant, live the most cosmopolitan experience at the gatsby restaurant, alkimia an award-winning restaurant for its interior design, fismuler the most famous escalope (to share) in barcelona, the surrealist restaurant gala.

  • Belbo a collector's restaurant

Libertine signature cocktails amidst velvet

  • Chroma by Flash: eating in the spotlight

An aesthetic reference in Barcelona, Il Giardinetto

The most sophisticated restaurant in town, the japanese, make yourself at home in ikibana, fierce plants and dim light, flax and kale passage, el nacional one of the most beautiful restaurants in barcelona, china crown.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Luxury was never at odds with warmth . A good example of this is Fauna, the restaurant-lounge of the Kimpton Vividora Hotel. Fauna’s Mediterranean cuisine, with strong Catalan roots, evokes the cuisine that our parents cook at home on weekends but at the height of a 5-star hotel like the Kimpton in the heart of the Gotic.

The atmosphere in the lounge, because of the decor and the restaurant’s own Program, is that there is always something going on . Whether it’s a live-painting, a dj’s session or all at once, it always feels like a dynamic space. Like the living room of any house.

📍 Carrer del Duc, 15

Hotel Neri

Undoubtedly, one of our must-haves to surprise on a first date but also to enjoy a good evening with family or friends. It is the only restaurant located in the Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, a corner whose charm is unmistakable.

The restaurant is intimate, cozy and, above all, pure design . But it is also a lively, casual and creative cuisine by chef Alain Guiard. Not to be missed: the crunchy potato taco with red shrimp, lime, Espelette pepper and nori seaweed (spectacular!), the crispy scallop, bacon, artichoke and seasonal mushroom coca or the carpaccio of langoustine, lime, lemon, tarragon and Morruda olive oil. Also, their version of cheesecake.

📍 Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

A microcosm within Barcelona. Gastronomy, drinks, entertainment … and an impeccable dinner service. His Bar Veraz is one of the most unique speakeasy bars in the city.

Then, Punch Room brings creativity and sophistication to the plan. Accessed by an iconic spiral staircase , this speakeasy bar offers local distillates and ingredients in its carefully curated menu of signature cocktails and punches, served in vintage silver punch bowls.

📍 Avinguda de Francesc Cambó, 14


It is located on the 23rd floor of the Nobu Hotel and offers panoramic views of the city and the sea . For that reason alone it deserves to be on this list. But there is more, of course. It is inspired by the classic gastronomy of Tokyo and the travels of its chef, Nobu, in South America. The end result is an extensive menu featuring innovative dishes and bold cocktails. Some of the most appreciated are yellowtail sashimi with jalapeños and black cod with miso.

It is possible to dine at the sushi bar and in the dining room, depending on the diner’s preferences. Both spaces are worthy of admiration.

📍 Av. de Roma, 2

Jacqueline, ‘L ‘ art   de   vivre ‘ in the center of Barcelona

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Rockwell Group architects (the same ones behind Nobu’s spaces) are responsible for the glamorous and exotic display of Jaqueline’s three floors . Spread over three levels, Jacqueline has different spaces of very different character (and impressive design and decoration).

They are: The Dining Room, where, inspired by Catalan modernism, Jacqueline unites the classic and the modern. In its Padded Room (which we can see in the photo) you will feel wrapped in a Turkish carpet while tasting its signature cocktails. Omakase Bar brings you traditional Japanese food served at the bar and exclusively for only six diners per session.

As a special mention , The Dinner Club programs weekly shows and concerts of emerging talent in the city and finally, Jacqueline Barcelona could not champion the ‘L’art de vivre’ of Barcelona without having a clandestine Champagne Bar .

📍Carrer d’Enric Granados, 66

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

In a hidden corner in the Barrio Gòtic, the Wittmore Hotel hides a treasure trove worthy of all anniversaries, proposals and intimate celebrations . The Contraban Restaurant has an interior patio where intimacy (and very enjoyable if the weather is good), dark wood and dim and discreet lighting are the main features.

At the helm of the restaurant is Alain Guiard, a chef who moves with talented comfort between creative cuisine and home-style comfort .

📍 Riudarenes, 7

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Exotic decoration, fusion food and show. This is the experience designed to make you want to stay all night at the place you came to just for dinner.

The vegetation, wood, white sculptures, furniture that mixes rustic and African styles… are the protagonists of a groundbreaking interior design designed down to the smallest detail to conquer you through all the senses.

📍  Carrer d’Enric Granados, 86

nice restaurants barcelona

The style of this restaurant is very well defined. Recreates the old picnic areas of barceloneta mixing elements of wood and metal. With subdued colors and details focused on nostalgia, they manage to create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a meal in one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Barcelona.

Maná 75 has become more than just a paella restaurant thanks to its interior design, where in addition to living a gastronomic experience, you will feel how the restaurant is designed in tune with the feng sui philosophy (and I’m not kidding) .

📍  Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 101

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

While what stands out most about La Textil is their incredible tap menu designed to waste nothing from their home brewing process to their sauces , the interior design deserves a special mention.

If you decide to enjoy the tasting menu, you will do so at a cypress bar that surrounds the kitchen, open to the eyes of all the diners in the dining room . The lights, dim enough to create an intimate atmosphere (but not too dim to be able to see what you are eating) help to establish an atmosphere that places this restaurant in the top of the most beautiful restaurants in Barcelona.

📍  Carrer de Casp, 33B

View this post on Instagram A post shared by @rilkebcn (@rilkebcn)

what would it be like to eat in a Versailles salon? That is the question that Rilke Barcelona wanted to bring into the 21st century with its dining room full of red velvet and wallpaper . In addition, the restaurant offers a menu based on simplicity signed by chefs Rafa Peña and Jaime Tejedor.

📍 Carrer de Mallorca, 275

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gatsby Barcelona (@gatsbybarcelona)

Fitzgerald could have described this place perfectly in his novel, as this dining room breathes pure ‘Little party never killed nobody’ spirit . Dinner and live show in one of the most famous (and beautiful) venues in Barcelona.

📍  Carrer Tuset, 19

nice restaurants barcelona

That Alkimia is a beautiful place is not just us saying it; also the International Design Awards, the British ‘Oscars’ of interior design, which recognized this restaurant in Sant Antoni as the best design restaurant SBID 2017. The former Moritz brewery houses this Michelin star, a space rehabilitated by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel.

📍 Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41

nice restaurants barcelona

The Madrid restaurant Fismuler quickly made some of its iconic dishes fashionable despite having played the pandemic against the tide from the beginning. Its omelette, Viennese escalope with egg and truffle or its cheesecake are some of the great stars of the menu that you can try here.

📍 Carrer del Rec Comtal, 17

nice restaurants barcelona

The space of gala Restaurant has been designed by Quintana Partners and surrounds us in an artistic atmosphere  that makes us travel to the Barcelona of the early twentieth century. A contemporary reinterpretation inspired by nature, shape, color and joy. In it we find red velvet armchairs and armchairs,  walls where a blue sky is drawn  and clean and mirrors that contribute to the game between reality and fantasy.

And beyond its aesthetic proposal, its open omelette with prawns , its Santa Pau beans with baby squid, the fricandó croquette or the rostit de festa major cannelloni stand out.

📍 Carrer de Provença, 286

Belbo a collector’s restaurant

nice restaurants barcelona

The Belbo group has six restaurants (Fasto, Dos Besos, Luma, Candela, Piropo and Terrenal ), all of them “with the determination of a gallery owner, as a collection” with “urban Verde and aromas of Mediterráneo cuisines”, as they explain.

📍 Various locations

nice restaurants barcelona

Although they have a restaurant, perhaps the highlight of Libertine is its cocktail bar. The atmosphere in the afternoon is occupied by customers drinking coffee or working on their computers, and as the evening progresses, the drinks, cocktails and the usual live music sessions begin to roll in.

📍 Hotel Casa Bonay (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 700)

Chroma by Flash : eating in the spotlight

chroma by flash

He is the brother of Flash Flash, the most famous tortilleria in Barcelona. Both are projects of the famous photographer Leopoldo Pomés. And how could it be otherwise, Croma also delights with omelets in a menu that is updated with three new recipes: quinoa, made with braised avocado; arugula, with tomatoes and basil, and the Esquirol, with pine nuts, corn, bacon and raisins, which is a nod to the famous Flash Flash Esquirol rice.

In addition, since May, the menu has a new section of dishes for snacks , such as provolone , Russian salad (made with a good tuna base), squid rings and Andalusian-style eggplant with feta cheese and honey.

📍 Av. Diagonal, 640

nice restaurants barcelona

Designed by architects Alfonso Milà and Federico Correa, Il Giardinetto won the FAD Interior Design Award in 1974.  And although many years have passed since then, the place is still an aesthetic reference in the city. In fact, it was again a finalist in the same awards in 2013. As its name suggests, verde predominates. 

📍 Carrer de la Granada del Penedès, 28

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

El Japonés has the feel of a Japanese tavern with a sophisticated and minimalist air . Wooden surfaces abound and a huge bar where they prepare the sushi you will eat, as if you were in an izakaya.

📍 Passatge de la Concepció, 5

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Another Japanese crescent-shaped corner benches, perfect for eating close to  and a sort of swarm on the ceiling are the most remarkable elements of this place where the tables are not arranged in a standard way, nor is its circular bar.

📍 Carrer del Dr. Fleming, 11

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Grup Olivé, responsible for such fine restaurants as L’Olivé, Paco Meralgo or Cañete, among others, is behind Feroz, where the focus is on classics: rice dishes, salads, fish and meat. In the decoration, lots of indoor plants and a much more intimate atmosphere with low lighting and live music sessions.

📍 Carrer de Tuset, 27

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Flax and Kale is one of those well-known chains in Barcelona, one of the standard bearers of the broad spectrum of healthy flexitarian food where, yes, all the dishes are always framed in a photo. There are several places in the city, but none like the Passage,  a real gem in the Borne.

Tucked away in the Passatge de les Manufactures, the place extends along a space between industrial and intimate, with a neat decoration and small reserved areas made with old booths that give all the intimacy necessary for a pleasant dinner. A ten in aesthetics that will make the appointment uphill as soon as you set foot in the venue.

📍 Manufactures Passage. Main ticket: Sant Pere Més Alt 31-33

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Its high ceilings (a modernist building from 1889) and its division into different restaurants gives the impression of a gastronomic market with a super-sophisticated air . Market air despite its sophistication, which makes it one of the most beautiful restaurants in Barcelona.

As for the cuisine, the dishes of a lifetime: Catalan cuisine, meats and fish .

📍 Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis

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A restaurant located in Gaudí’s first residential building in Barcelona is off to a good start. If we add that the restaurant seeks to reproduce the pompous dining rooms of imperial China (and serve its food as well), the splendor is assured.

And that is China Crown, an upscale Chinese food restaurant, with beautiful private rooms, vases and lacquered wood decor and a cuisine of kings, with dim sums and fish that make the experience a privilege.

📍C/ de Casp, 48, L’Eixample

barcelona yachthafen restaurant



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14th Street

Happy Hour Monday - Friday 4pm - 6pm

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Tuesday - Wednesday 4pm - 12am

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Saturday 11am - 2am

Sunday 11am - 11:30pm

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Menu & More

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Barcelona 14th Street

Barcelona Wine Bar is a warm and welcoming tapas bar inspired by the culture of Spain. The ever-changing menu is focused on clean flavors, seasonal ingredients, specialties from Spain and the Mediterranean, and rustic small plate presentations created by chefs with tremendous talent. Barcelona offers an award-winning selection of wines from Spain and South America—and boasts one of the largest Spanish wine programs in the U.S.

La Paradeta


barcelona yachthafen restaurant

In July 1994, Pedro Rodríguez, born in Cádiz and raised in Barcelona, decided to launch a small seafood restaurant in the heart of Sants neighbourhood in Barcelona. It was a new restaurant concept, based on offering exquisite seafood at a reasonable price that everyone could afford. Since then, the family business has grown to become the group it is today, committed to the same idea on which the business was originally founded.

We are grateful to all our customers and suppliers for placing their trust in us all these years.


barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Sants

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Tuesday  20:00 – 23:00
Wednesday  20:00 – 23:00
Thursday  20:00 – 23:00
Friday  20:00 – 23:00
Saturday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Sunday  13:00 – 16:00

Marisquería La Paradeta de Sants   was the first seafood restaurant to be launched by La Paradeta group . In the heart of Sants neighbourhood, it sits next to Barcelona’s emblematic train station. The self-service seafood restaurant La Paradeta de Sants is an ideal place to visit with family, friends or the person of your choice. You’re sure to have a great time, eating  quality seafood at a reasonable price.


barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Sants C/ Riego 27 08010 Barcelona Acceso: Plaça de Sants (L5) 934 319 059

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Born

Tuesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Wednesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Thursday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Friday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Saturday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Sunday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Born opened in August 2001, the group’s second seafood restaurant. It is located in the centre of the Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and la Ribera neighbourhoods in Barcelona, next to the Parc de la Ciutadella and the former Mercat del Born, currently El Born Cultural and Memorial Centre. Visit La Paradeta Born  with family, friends or the person of your choice to enjoy premium and authentic seafood at a reasonable price.

La Paradeta Born C/ Comercial 7 08003 Barcelona Acceso: Arc de Triomf (L1), Barceloneta (L4), Estació de França (Renfe) 932 681 939

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Sagrada Família

Tuesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Wednesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Thursday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Friday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Saturday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Sunday  13:00 – 16:00

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Sagrada Familia opened in July 2004 , next to one of the most renowned and visited icons in Barcelona, the Sagrada Família Basilica. This was the third seafood restaurant we opened.

You can reach La Paradeta Sagrada Família on L2 and L5, Sagrada Família, of the underground. Visit the Sagrada Família seafood restaurant with family, friends or the person of your choice to enjoy premium and authentic seafood at a reasonable price.

La Paradeta Sagrada Família Passatge Simó 18 08025 Barcelona Acceso: Sagrada Família (L2, L5) 934 500 191

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Sitges

Tuesday  20:00 – 23:30
Wednesday  20:00 – 23:30
Thursday  20:00 – 23:30
Friday  20:00 – 23:30
Saturday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Sunday 13:00 – 16:00

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Sitges opened its doors in February 2007 , just in time for the city’s famous Carnival season. The restaurant is located in a pedestrian area of one of the most picturesque beach towns in Catalonia.

After strolling through the pretty streets of this fishing town, why not visit our cosy seafood restaurant and try some of the best, premium- quality seafood in the Barcelona province and surrounding areas? Visit our seafood restaurant  in Sitges with family, friends or the person of your choice to enjoy authentic, top-quality seafood  at a reasonable price.

La Paradeta Sitges C/ Sant Pere 24-26 08870 Sitges Acceso: Estación de Sitges (Renfe) 938 949 323

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Meridiana

Tuesday  20:00 – 23:00
Wednesday  20:00 – 23:00
Thursday  20:00 – 23:00
Friday  20:00 – 23:00
Saturday 12:00 -16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Sunday 12:00 -16:00

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Meridiana was launched in September 2007, next to Avenida Meridiana, at the entrance to Barcelona. This seafood restaurant  is an ideal venue for those who prefer to dine in a calm environment away from the buzz of the centre. It’s a great seafood restaurant to visit with family, friends or the person of your choice to enjoy quality and authentic seafood at an affordable price.

La Paradeta Meridiana C/ Pacífic 74 08027 Barcelona Acceso: Fabra i Puig (L1) Sagrera (L1, L5, L9, L10, Renfe). 935 346 557

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Passeig de Gràcia

Tuesday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Wednesday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Thursday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Friday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Saturday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30
Sunday 13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:30

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Passeig de Gràcia was the sixth seafood restaurant to open in September 2015. This restaurant is located in one of the most central areas of Barcelona, on Barcelona’s Golden Mile, only minutes from Casa Batlló.  La Paradeta Passeig de Gràcia  an outstanding venue due to its art nouveau décor and refreshing renovated ambience. Visit the Passeig de Gràcia seafood restaurant with family, friends or the person of your choice to savour authentic, high quality and affordable seafood.

La Paradeta Passeig de Gràcia C/ Consell de Cent 318 08007 Barcelona Acceso: Passeig de Gràcia (L3, L4, Renfe) Plaça Catalunya (L1, L3, Renfe) 930 181 164

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Paral·lel

Tuesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 00:00
Wednesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 00:00
Thursday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 00:00
Friday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 00:00
Saturday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 00:00
Sunday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 00:00

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Paral·lel was the seventh seafood restaurant to open to the public, in the main street of the up and coming Poble Sec neighbourhood on Avinguda del Paral·lel. This restaurant is located next to the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies , near Plaça de les Drassanes, the World Trade Centre and Las Ramblas. Visit our seafood restaurant on Avinguda del Paral·lel with family, friends or the person of your choice to enjoy premium and authentic seafood at a reasonable price.

La Paradeta Paral·lel Avda. Paral·lel, 46 08001 Barcelona Acceso: Drassanes (L3) Paral·lel (L2, L3 ) 936 314 278

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Gràcia

Tuesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Wednesday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Thursday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Friday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Saturday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Sunday  13:00 – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

La Paradeta Gracia , open since August 2019. It’s located on Torrent de l’Olla street, near Plaça de la Vila. With a fresh and renewed image, but maintaining the essence of the last 25 years that has brought us here. It’s the ideal place for lunch or dinner after getting lost walking and enjoying the streets of the emblematic neighborhood of Gracia.

La Paradeta Gràcia C/ Torrent de l’Olla 38, 08012 Barcelona

Acceso: Diagonal (L3, L5) 935 344 567


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barcelona yachthafen restaurant

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barcelona yachthafen restaurant

The 38 Essential Barcelona Restaurants

Blowtorched wagyu tartare at a buzzy steakhouse, truffle tortillas at a nostalgic bar, Iberian pork loin katsu at a creative Northeast Asian wine bar, sea urchin toast at a popular asador, and more of Barcelona’s best meals

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From Barcelona’s towering churches and bustling avenues to the sun-drenched beaches and idyllic plazas, it’s obvious why this city captures visitors’ hearts and refuses to let go. As befits the city’s Mediterranean lifestyle, you can eat incredibly well here, and often for not very much money (though Barcelona loves a pricey tasting menu , too). But it’s also too easy to have a downright disappointing meal if you settle for any old paella-slinging bar along Les Rambles (known in Spanish as La Rambla) or La Barceloneta.

Get yourself some classic tapas and paella (both great but neither entirely Catalan), but be sure to also seek out local gems serving bitter sweet vermouth, seasonal seafood, and homestyle Catalan cuisine. Save room as well for Calabrese paninis, Northeast Asian sharing plates with natural wines, towering fried chicken sandwiches, local craft beer, dry-aged steaks, sea urchin toasts, south Indian fish stews, and Catalan nose-to-tail yakitori — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The city simmers with an astounding variety of food at all prices, from opulent old-world fine dining at the city’s original Ritz hotel to a sensory adventure through the young and ever-evolving international food scene.

Sam Zucker is a freelance writer, photographer, filmmaker, travel Instagrammer, and gastronomic tour guide in Barcelona. He has contributed to Monocle , National Geographic’s “48 Hours” guides, Culture Trip , and Vice Travel , among others.

Sartoria Panatieri

The team at pizzeria Sartoria Panatieri focuses on seasonality, artisan production, and ingredient provenance, taking the pies to a whole other level and making this one of the hottest spots in the city. This self-described “farm to pizza” restaurant meticulously selects every ingredient that graces its creative pizzas or goes into its exceptional house-made salumi. Tender crust from local, organic flour is the base for toppings like sobrasada, Mahón cheese, wild fennel, honey, and mozzarella, or Cantabrian anchovy with escarole and Kalamata olive puree. For their most popular classic pizzas, head to the location in Gràcia on Carrer Encarnació. As of April 2024 the flagship location on Carrer Provença will have a more modern menu with a constant rotation of new, seasonal pizza creations.

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A chef adds herb fixings to a pizza, which features a bold yellow egg yolk in the center.

Chef Ryuta Sato built a name for himself at popular restaurant Sato i Tanaka before opening this tiny sushi bar with just eight seats specializing in omakase servings of super-premium sushi. With so few seats, you’ll need to score a reservation well in advance, but it’s worth the wait. Choose from either the long or short menu, and savor each bite straight from chef Sato’s expert hands.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by SENSATO (@sensatobarcelona)

Ramen-Ya Hiro

Long considered the best ramen in Barcelona, Ramen-Ya Hiro used to command massive lines of diners on Carrer Girona, until the restaurant delighted loyal customers in 2023 by finally accepting reservations after more than a decade of service. Now, hungry patrons no longer have to fight over tables to taste chef Hiroki Yoshiyki’s deeply flavorful and nuanced broths. The menu is fairly simple, with just three choices of hot ramen — soy ramen with a combination pork-chicken-seafood broth, miso ramen with a pork and chicken broth, and seafood ramen with baby clams, mackerel broth, and local seafood garnish — and two cold ramens: tsukemen (chilled noodles dusted with dry mackerel powder and lime, served with a soy yuzu dipping sauce) and hiyashi chuka (cold noodles with roast char siu pork, cucumber, bean sprouts, and egg, served with a light vinaigrette). Try to reserve a table at least a week ahead of time, though the restaurant does still save space for walk-ins each night.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ramen-Ya Hiro (@ramenyahiro)

Ultramarinos Marin

Don’t be deceived by the old-school appearance and simple menu at Ultramarinos Marín. Seats at chef Borja García’s open kitchen are among the most sought-after in the city, and for good reason. This humble-looking asador (grill-centric restaurant), only open for breakfast and lunch, is a temple of product-driven Catalan cooking, dedicated to holding classic recipes to the highest standard. Through his training at the iconic Etxebarri and Noma, García works magic with minimal ingredients, a hot plancha, and a smoldering wood-fire oven. The myriad in-house preparations include grilled langoustines, braised pork shanks, mackerel in escabeche, stewed snails, massive steaks, smoked beef tongue, funky garum, and briny sea urchin toast. Don’t miss the house-cured fish charcuterie or the simple yet extraordinary grilled smashed potatoes with garlic alioli.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ultramarinos Marín (@ultramarinosmarin)

Berbena is a popular addition to the blossoming world of chef-driven, modern Catalan cuisine in Barcelona. Grab one of the handful of tables, and begin your meal with hearty chunks of house-made sourdough smeared with rich, smoked butter. Then dive into the assortment of seasonal small plates featuring whatever is fresh that day, from grilled sea bass collar with preserved lemon to an omelet of wild mushrooms with roasted onions. Shellfish and other seafood are always in abundance, and vibrant vegetables often play a starring role in the nightly specials. The cheese selection is impressive, as are the small-production wines from local vineyards. Linger over dessert as you enjoy excellent coffee from nearby SlowMov specialty roasters and espresso from the gleaming La Marzocco machine.

A shallow bowl with a heap of razor clams beneath a pile of shelled peas

Rooq makes the herb breading, tangy marinade, fermented pickles, pillowy brioche buns, and every other component of its famous fried chicken sandwiches in-house. The menu is minimal: chicken nuggets, vegan jackfruit nuggets, two salads, and three sandwich options (regular, spicy, and grilled), all made with juicy, corn-fed Catalan chicken breasts. Pick your main course and round out the meal with twice-cooked fries tossed in the house spice blend and a side of coleslaw (vinegar- or mayonnaise-based). There’s also a wide selection of craft beers, seven house-made dipping sauces, and a chocolate brownie topped with stout caramel and a scoop of ice cream.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rooq Chicken (@rooqchicken)

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Funky Bakers Eatery

Seyma Ozkaya Erpul is originally from Turkey but has called Barcelona home for over a decade. She left her previous career as an engineer and marketing professional to pursue her passion for great food and design, opening the first Funky Bakers in the heart of El Born. While that location remains a popular takeaway coffee shop, the full Funky Bakers experience can be had at the Eatery and Deli location in Eixample. One side is a highly curated gourmet grocery, gift, and coffee shop, while the other is an all-day bistrot serving colorful and creative dishes from around Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, all paired with natural wines.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by (@funky.bakers)

An exciting addition to the Barcelona dining scene, this wine bar opened in April 2023 serving what the team calls Northeast Asian cuisine. The project, created together with partners Woody Wang and Arthur Holland Michel, is an evolution of various businesses — private dinners, a lunchbox delivery service, homemade chili crisp — that chef Dan Jin (who goes by Tan) developed at the start of the pandemic. Chef Tan has a particular passion for the dishes of her native region of Northern China, but she also loves the flavors of Japan and Korea. Mikan is a bargain for lunch, when a fixed price menu includes a variety of dishes, soup, and dessert (including vegan and vegetarian options). In the evenings, the exciting a la carte menu is perfect for sharing. Dishes like grilled koji-cured mackerel with green onion oil, daikon, and shiso, spicy beef salad with cilantro and chile, or Iberian pork loin katsu are paired expertly with an eclectic selection of natural wines, all from small European producers. On Saturdays, the bar features rotating local DJs starting at 11 p.m.

A bowl of dumplings in red chili sauce topped with cilantro.

Little Andaman

Named for a tiny island nearly 800 miles off the coast of India in the Bay of Bengal, the cuisine of Little Andaman is light and vibrant, with coconuts, fresh herbs, seafood, and vegetables playing the starring roles in many plates. The restaurant space is chic and inviting, equally suited for a lunch with friends as it is for an intimate date night. While many dishes are inspired by the flavors of Little Andaman, the menu also features an ample array of small plates from coastal regions all across India, like mustard and five spice-seasoned shrimp skewers, tamarind fish stew, and Goa-style spiced lamb sorpotel with poi bread. The menu is extremely veggie/vegan friendly, with plenty of gluten-free options as well. There is a weekly prix fixe lunch menu Monday through Friday and three different tasting menus in the evenings (short and long tapas menus, and a vegetarian menu with vegan options), allowing diners to sample the widest variety of dishes.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Little Andaman (@little.andaman)

La Balabusta

Barcelona’s brunch scene and design aesthetic meet the fragrant streets of Tel Aviv at Balabusta, which serves up fresh-baked challah, bone-in braised beef ribs, fired-roasted beets with creamy labneh, chicken and cauliflower shawarma with fresh pita, eggplant bunyols (like beignets), and a whole slew of bold, colorful, and vegetable-forward dishes. Check out the weekday fixed price lunch menu (popular with the local working crowd), or get in line for the weekend brunch when you can enjoy a simmering crock of hearty shakshuka. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by La Balabusta (@labalabusta)

Amar Barcelona

Rafa Zafra, former head chef at El Bulli, who has come to be known for his elegant and simplistic approach to seafood at Estimar, launched Amar inside the emblematic Palace hotel in spring 2022. The hotel, which first opened as the original Ritz Barcelona in 1919, still dazzles with opulent, old-world decor, making it a perfect stage for Zafra’s homage to classic fine dining. Amar serves a section of dishes from the original Ritz hotel restaurant menu, as well as top-quality seafood, nine dishes highlighting caviar, a handful of modern Catalan mains, whole grilled fish, vegetable sides, and Mediterranean tapas.

Sea urchin, shrimp, and caviar presented in an urchin shell.

Born in Uruguay and trained in Basque, Spain — both centers for meat in their own right — chef Joaquín Ignacio Sánchez is at the helm of Carnal, a Barcelona boho take on the traditional Spanish steakhouse. At this buzzy spot, hefty cuts of dry-aged beef are charred over oak embers, served medium-rare, and finished at the table on a searing-hot stone slab, allowing diners to dial in their preferred doneness. The steaks on offer come from around the globe and are aged in-house between 45 and 150 days, with prices that range from accessible to wildly extravagant; the menu’s most luxurious item is the 120-day-aged, 2-pound ox chuletón (bone-in rib-eye) from the legendary Bodega El Capricho near León, Spain. Before the main event, warm up with some American black angus beef cheek croquettes, flame-grilled maitake mushrooms, or A5 wagyu tartare kissed with a blowtorch and served over a caveman-esque length of roasted bone marrow. For those who don’t partake in red meat, there is a decent selection of seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes, providing some welcome balance.

A large steak cut into slices on a wooden serving platter.

Chef Rafa Peña’s passion for food is as great as his disregard for formality and fine dining accolades. A favorite among the city’s chefs, Gresca is a must-visit for lovers of nose-to-tail cooking who want to experience the best of seasonal Catalan cuisine without the stuffy service and delicate portions of some Michelin-starred restaurants. The menu can change from day to day, but there are some mainstays that every first-timer at Gresca should experience, such as the roasted chicken with fines herbes, the calf’s brain with butter and lemon, the pan-roasted sweetbreads, and the grilled quail.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Hungry Pulpo (@the_hungry_pulpo)

In an antique bar space with over 100 years of history, on a coveted corner in one of the trendiest parts of the Eixample, Soma opened in 2021 to instant accolades from the gourmands of Barcelona. Cozy decor and a Parisian-style terrace set the stage for a menu of Catalan tapas with a strong Italian character and hints of France. Look for duck a l’orange, galetes de socarrat de risotto (a risotto cooked until compact and crispy like the bottom of a classic paella), marinated mackerel with strawberries, and ragu-stuffed rigatoni.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by SOMA (@somabcn_)

Besta’s two chefs, Carles Ramon and Manu Núñez, focus on offering exceptional products from their home regions of Catalunya and Galicia, respectively. They precisely plate vibrant dishes like pickled mussels with pumpkin, tomato salad with cured blue fish, and Galician seaweed pancakes with wine-braised wild boar — though the experience of eating at Besta is generally a more casual affair than all that makes it sound. There are always a few meat dishes on the menu, but seafood is the star here; don’t miss out on the grilled zamburiña scallops and the oyster- and seaweed-infused gin tonics.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Besta Barcelona (@bestabarcelona)

More in Maps

Gringa all day.

Created by Priscilla Alfaro, a Mexican American woman who grew up in Los Angeles, with her partner Gaston Gabrielli and chef Nick Hosea, this is an excellent, modern American diner where the draw is simple: truly delicious food and bottomless filter coffee from specialty roaster Three Marks Coffee. The pancakes are fluffy, the bacon is crispy, the breakfast burrito is hearty, and the Nashville hot chicken sandwich is tongue-numbingly good. Too many brunch spots in Barcelona rely on Instagram-worthy visuals to compensate for mediocre flavors and cookery, but Gringa All Day is the real deal. Expect a line on the weekends, but the wait is worth it.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by GRINGA ALL DAY (@gringaallday)

It’s rare in Barcelona to see a classic trompo slowly, perfectly charring pork meat, but Xuba Tacos takes its tacos al pastor very seriously. The restaurant lovingly layers spiced pork on the spit, shaves it into thin slices, and serves it on supple, handmade blue corn tortillas. Alongside classics like al pastor and carne asada, there are also modern creations, like black beer-batter sea bass tacos with crispy leeks and sauteed lobster tail tacos with cilantro emulsion. Keep an eye out for seasonal specials, like wild mushroom and roasted chestnut tacos, and don’t miss the micheladas.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Xuba Tacos (@xubatacos)

Don’t let the prime location fool you; Batea is all about excellent quality seafood without the exorbitant prices you might expect so close to the Passeig de Gràcia. The menu features the best of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, and the kitchen strives to be classic without falling into stale tropes of tradition. Begin your meal with a mini seafood tower from the raw bar, followed by tender fried monkfish tails, cockles in dashi broth, and the Betanzos-style omelet (a Galician specialty) topped with red prawn tartare or sauteed baby squid.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Batea Barcelona (@bateabarcelona)

Los Tortillez

An homage to the beloved tortilla (Spanish omelet), Los Tortillez gives off nostalgic 1980s airs — with red banquettes, popcorn stucco walls, retro crockery, and a tile-clad bar straight out of one of Pedro Almodóvar’s cult classics — but it’s actually a relatively recent addition to the beautified, newly pedestrianized Consell de Cent. First opened in late 2022, the restaurant has quickly become a point of reference in the city for some of the best al momento Spanish omelets. The menu includes 16 different, personal-sized tortilla variations; classic ingredients like chorizo and manchego rub shoulders with truffles, pesto, Thai curry, cilantro, bacon, and jalapenos. Round out your meal with some tapas like tender sauteed cod cheek pil pil, pork ribs braised in vermouth, and shrimp al ajillo swimming in a bath of blistering hot olive oil and sizzling garlic.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Los Tortillez (@lostortillez)

With no signage or any identifying information visible from the street, the small Suru Bar makes meals in its intimate space feel like serendipity. A row of counter seating gives diners a view into the open kitchen, where chefs prepare star dishes like grilled chicken skin skewers with chilled shrimp tartar, vibrant spring peas with smoked chorizo and cured egg yolks, and a brochette of crunchy pig ear with charred chicken gizzard and tender squid. The cuisine is seasonal, thanks to the prime location just across the street from the famous Ninot market, and the dishes range from yakitori on a traditional Japanese grill to explorations of all things offal. Meals are rounded out with an extensive selection of local and international wines.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suru Bar (

Flax and Kale

The location of Flax and Kale just off the Pasaje de las Manufacturas is by far the brand’s best. It’s open all day, great for a weekend brunch, and the menu is distinct from the other locations, boasting the company’s astonishingly good wood-fired vegan pizzas (that also happen to be gluten-free). Chef Teresa Carles has been pioneering “flexitarian” food in Barcelona since 2014, and other highlights of her menu include bao stuffed with jackfruit “pulled pork,” house-made cilantro jalapeno kombucha, and vegan scrambles made with ackee. There are also some fish dishes, like miso-glazed Spanish mackerel with hibiscus dashi and yellowfin tuna bibimbap for those craving some extra omega-3s.

Two vegetable-laden pizzas sitting on a nice wooden table with a bottle of olive oil alongside them

Biercab has a rotating selection of draft beer flowing from 30 taps and an international bottle list so staggeringly extensive that it borders on intimidating, so there’s likely no better place in town for lovers of craft beer. As if the tremendous selection isn’t enough, the bar has a full kitchen, offering tapas, sandwiches, burgers, lighter plates, and main courses (a rarity in Barcelona, where many craft beer bars have a small menu of basic snacks). Try the extra-spicy potatoes or the grilled wagyu steak with a house-made, hop-spiked chimichurri.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

In front is a shop and wine bar called Can Cisa, and in the back you’ll find this full-service, wine-centric restaurant from twin Venetian chefs Max and Stefano Colombo. The menu combines Italian and Catalan cuisines, with an array of salty, sweet, rich, and acidic small plates, ranging from grilled octopus with pickles and beet puree to smoked sardines with apple relish. These aren’t your average tapas. All of the wine is natural, and many bottles are also biodynamic and organic. The well-trained waiters can guide any diner — from a wine novice to seasoned connoisseur — to a new, enlightened pairing for a meal.

Two oysters sitting on ice with lemon wedges on a white plate, alongside a glass of white wine

El Xampanyet

Dating back to the 1920s and brimming with character, from the tiled walls and vintage wine bottle collection to the boisterous crowds and taciturn barmen, El Xampanyet is well known with both locals and tourists as an excellent place for an aperitivo. It’s ideal for a glass of cava, some house­-cured salted anchovies, an assortment of conservas, and a sample of whatever hot dishes are on the day’s menu. Squeeze in the door and prepare for standing room only.

Busy bar crowded with men and women waiting for drinks.

El Chigre 1769

Asturias and Catalunya are starkly different in culture and landscape, but at El Chigre 1769, the two cuisines exist in sumptuous harmony. Part vermuteria (vermouth bar), part sidreria (cider bar), El Chigre is housed in an ancient stone building from 1769 and offers products of Asturian fame — from spanking-fresh Atlantic shellfish to cave-aged cabrales blue cheese — alongside beloved Catalan dishes like esqueixada (chilled bacalao salad) and charcoal-roasted Pyrenees pork knuckle for two. When merriment ensues and your cider misses the glass (as it’s known to do), not to fear; the floor is blanketed with sawdust, in classic fashion, to soak up every errant drop.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Bar La Plata

This small corner bar just one block from the old port of Barcelona has been serving the same four dishes since 1945. Though the salted anchovies, fried sausage, and tomato salad are all delicious, the floured and fried boquerones (anchovies) are the true star. Now run by the grandson of the original founder, Bar La Plata sells over 85 pounds of the little fishes per week. The place is nearly always busy and only has a few tables, so do as the crowds do and eat standing up at the bar or even in the street if no seats are available.

bar la plata fb

Compà Barceloneta

Plump pork meatballs braised in tomato sauce, creamy stracciatella cheese, grilled zucchini, and a dusting of grated ricotta salata come together in one of the newest sandwiches on the menu at Compà, a panini shop dedicated to the flavors of Calabria. In addition to the original location a few streets over from the Barceloneta beach, owner Vittorio Cicero has recently expanded with a new shop in the uptown neighborhood of Gràcia, giving the city two chances to try his irresistible creations like mortadella with burrata and pistachio pesto or Calabrese lardo with spicy ‘nduja spread, smoked provolone, and roasted potatoes. Choose from nearly a dozen sandwiches including rotating specials, all served on 48-hour slow-fermented focaccia, pressed and piping hot. For an extra kick, ask to add the bomba Calabrese chile relish. There are a few tables, but the sandwiches are meant as street food, so get yours to-go and head to the beach or the nearest plaza. Just don’t forget the napkins.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Compà|Panini de Calabria (@compa_barcelona)

Cova Fumada

One of the oldest restaurants in the beachside neighborhood of La Barceloneta, this is the birthplace of the famous “bomba de la Barceloneta,” a mouth­watering fried potato croquette stuffed with savory ground beef and topped with aioli and hot sauce, which now appears on menus all over the city. In addition to the bombas, try the calamars a la planxa (grilled squid) and grilled sardines (in summer). If you have a taste for offal, add a plate of cap i pota, an old-­school Catalan stew of tripe, veal trotters, and veal head in tomato.

cova fumada instagram alex dadzis

A longtime favorite for a mix of modern and classic tapas, Bar Cañete is a quintessential Barcelona dining experience. Tables in the bustling dining room can be reserved for groups of four or more, but otherwise it’s first come, first serve. The best seating is along the bar at the gleaming open kitchen, where diners get up-close views of chefs at work and white-jacketed servers darting back and forth with bottles of cava and artful plates of hand-cut jamón. The menu of tapas and larger plates changes with the seasons, but don’t miss house specialties like giant red prawns that arrive daily from the docks, sea anemones with cured Iberian pork belly, and runny potato omelets.

Five small slices of bread topped with tomato mixture and large fried sardines on a long plate

Also featured in:

A famous medieval bridge in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

Where to Eat in Barcelona’s Tourist-Heavy Old City

Cinc Sentits

Chef Jordi Artal and his team fill the seasonal tasting menus at two-Michelin-starred Cinc Sentits (Five Senses) with modern interpretations of Catalan cuisine. Spring might bring artichoke or venison presented with bits of molecular flair (a spherification here, a powder there). But while Artal’s dishes are undoubtedly intricate and delicately composed, they also aren’t wanting for bold flavor or heartiness. A restaurant at this level shouldn’t leave you hungry; this one doesn’t.

An artful presentation of venison, with edible horns placed around a hunk of meat, with small vegetables fixings dusted with spice powder

Suculent isn’t defined by one genre of cuisine, but packs its tasting and a la carte menus with as many delicious dishes as possible. It’s a favorite among chefs for nose-to-tail cooking and fine dining makeovers of grandma’s Catalan comfort food (with influences from Asia and Latin America). Dishes change with the seasons, but don’t miss mainstays such as the beets with beurre blanc and smoked eel, the royal custard of porcini mushrooms with sea urchin, and the braised hare canelon with foie gras and Codium seaweed.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Suculent Restaurant (@suculent_restaurant)

Els Sortidors del Parlament

Found on the restaurant-­rich street of Carrer del Parlament, this classic­-meets-­modern bodega stands out in the Sant Antoni neighborhood. Enjoy a glass of wine from the shop’s old barrels, which the business also sells “a granel” (by the liter), vermouth, and various craft beers; snack on tapas and Catalan dishes; or just browse the gourmet shop. There is a little something wonderful here for everyone.

A wooden table with a plate of tapas on it, alongside two glasses of vermouth with olive and orange slices skewered in them

The creation of chef Victor Ródenas and brothers Ignasi and Marc García, this youthful take on a simple Catalan casa de menjars (house of food) combines the best parts of a traditional vermouth bar with the refined, seasonal Catalan cooking of a fine dining veteran. The lively yet casual atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy the varied dishes: confit artichokes with spring peas, sunchoke puree, and romesco, escabeche oyster shooters with chicken jus, beef tendon stew with fried hake and pickled chile peppers, and mini paella with shrimp tartare and pig trotter carpaccio. This is a gathering place for neighborhood regulars first and foremost.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maleducat ~ CASA DE MENJARS (@maleducat)

Owner Badr Bennis and head chef Nicola Valle were inspired by the freedom they found in New York’s creative Italian restaurants. At the upscale yet informal Benzina (“Gasoline” in Italian), housed in a former auto repair shop, they serve a menu of updated Italian classics, incorporating international influences, non-traditional ingredients, and colorful presentations. The atmosphere is more akin to a rock and roll bar than your typical red sauce spot. The menu is refreshed every couple of months, with dishes like cacio e pepe risotto with fried squid and mandarin reduction, Roman-style gnocchi with slow-cooked rabbit and kale, balsamic-roasted pork loin with maitake mushrooms, and confit eggplant parmesan topped with basil sorbet.

A dining room with a mix of materials, geometric decoration, accent plants and set tables

19 Places for Primo Pizza in Denver

Teatro Kitchen & Bar

Tickets was one of the most sought-after reservations in Barcelona, treating diners to the style of Barcelona’s old theater district in its heyday. The restaurant’s closing made way for Teatro Kitchen Bar, a reimagined take on the same theme. The average cost per diner at Teatro is a third of what it was at Tickets, making the experience much more accessible while still offering up creative tapas cooked by a team with Michelin dining pedigrees. Teatro Kitchen is the main event, but there’s also Backstage, an adjoining cocktail bar that’s the perfect place to wrap up your night.

A sheet of pastry topped with various kinds of sardines.

A Japanese Mediterranean izakaya tavern, Alapar is located in the space previously inhabited by the Michelin-starred Pakta, where Jaume Marambio was head chef. After Pakta closed, Marambio joined together with partner Vicky Maccarone in early 2022 to revive the space, bringing a new vision of a casual but refined take on Japanese cuisine to the location. Marambio prepares the best seasonal products from the Mediterranean, treating them with subtlety and simplicity. Raw, pickled, marinated, grilled, and stewed preparations showcase the harmony between the flavor profiles of Japan and Catalunya.

A restaurant interior with a sushi counter set with place settings, and a bright entry beyond with plants on shelves.

Tiberi Bar was born from the Tiberi Club, a popular organizer for creative events and pop-ups that fuse eating and art. Tucked away on a quiet street in Poble Sec, the minimalist, airy interior, with high ceilings and plenty of windows, is the perfect scene for a rotating roster of colorful sharing plates inspired by Catalan traditions and the flavors of the Mediterranean, paired with unique natural wines from small local producers. Duck terrine with pistachios, crunchy polenta with sage, smoked sardine with sour cream and whole grain mustard, and a pork confit sandwich with red cabbage play upon well-worn local staples with surprising flavors.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by TIBERI BAR (

There are plenty of places to try paella in Barcelona, but Martínez is the move. Perched on the side of Montjuïc with a panoramic view of the city and port, the restaurant is far removed from the hubbub of the beach district. To justify your journey to the table, dig into the famous rice dishes like the señorito paella — garnished with peeled and shelled seafood, which keeps fingers clean — and the decadent lobster rice, as well as classic tapas and the inviting oyster bar.

A bowl of sucarrat in a cast iron pot sitting on a wooden table

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Guide to Barcelona

A city that inspires artists, chef’s and discerning travellers the world over

Famed for its enchanting architecture, fabulous dining and bountiful culture, the seaside city of Barcelona is a superyacht stop-off you’ll never forget.

Barcelona’s location alone is idyllic, situated on the north-eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula overlooking the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. It is watched over by the Serra de Collserola mountain range between the rivers Besòs and Llobregat with the towering 512 m (1,680 ft) high Tibidabo mountain providing an amazing backdrop as well as fantastic views over the city. If you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours then the peaks are engulfed by the beautiful Collserola Natural Park which is the biggest metropolitan park in the world.

As the capital of Catalonia and with colourful architectural treasures spanning more than 2,000 years, Barcelona is a city that needs no introduction but one where you can enjoy unlimited experiences. Magnificent temple columns allude to its ancient history while the winding lanes of its Gothic Quarter express its charismatic edge. Keep exploring and at every turn you’ll be greeted with the spectacular creations of the renowned Gaudi and his contemporaries, to make this a truly memorable yacht charter destination.

The beauty of Barcelona has long been an inspiration to artists the world over and it now hosts two museums dedicated to the works of Picasso and Joan Miró, both of whom fell in love with the city. Its masterpieces are not just confined to art and architecture however – the city’s gastronomic delights are just as celebrated and its restaurant scene is now one of the most talked about in the Mediterranean . From Galician seafood taverns, avant-garde Japanese restaurants, a full spectrum of fun and fine dining options will keep your time ashore packed full of flavour.

To find out how a superyacht vacation in this city could satisfy the needs of your family and friends, get in touch with your preferred charter broker after taking a look at all of the crewed yachts available for charter in Barcelona .

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Explore popular itineraries.

Not sure where to go? Let our itinerary suggestions inspire your own Barcelona bespoke charter.


Our Pick Top Things to See & Do

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Basílica de la Sagrada Família

One of Barcelona's most iconic landmarks

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

Immerse yourself in architectural splendor


A legacy of creativity


A Nightlife Extravaganza

Featured Yachts in Barcelona

To help you in your search for your perfect luxury charter yacht for your next vacation, we’ve selected some of the finest and most exclusive superyachts and megayachts that are currently available for charter in Barcelona.

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barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Passeig de Gràcia, 24 bis 08007 93 518 50 53

From 12 noon until 1 a.m.

From 12 noon until 01 a.m.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

The restaurant

Welcome to the city’s gastronomic experience.

El Nacional is the first restaurant in Barcelona with different areas where we can try traditional recipes from around the Iberian Peninsula, prepared with high quality produce in unique surroundings. Located at the heart of Passeig de Gràcia, it reflects Barcelona’s social and cultural life.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

What do you fancy today?

Without leaving the establishment, you have 4 culinary areas and 4 specialised bars to choose from and that will be the new meeting point of the city. The choice is yours.

Bars …

Cervezas ···

Cócteles ···.

Restaurants …

La Braseria ···

La llotja ···, la taperia ···, la parada ···, latest news.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant


barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Live the most solidary Christmas with El Nacional Barcelona

About el nacional.

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

  • El Nacional newspaper
  • Beer and preserves bar
  • Wine and cured meats bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • La Braseria

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

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Here Are the 50 Best Restaurants in the World for 2024

Barcelona's disfrutar climbed to the no. 1 spot., jeremy repanich, jeremy repanich's most recent stories, chef james kent was building a dining empire where everyone was welcome, watch: how to make a perfect french omelette at home, according to a michelin-starred chef.

  • The Food World Is Getting Over Its Obsession With ‘Authenticity’
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Disfrutar Barcelona winning World's 50 Best

For only the second time in its history, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants unveiled its flagship list in America, but it was Spain that reigned supreme tonight.

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“We are so excited, we are so proud, and we think our struggle will be quieter now,” Casañas said with a chuckle as he acknowledged the journey to become the world’s top-ranked restaurant. And when asked if a younger generation of diners may not understand or appreciate long tasting menus with an avant-garde streak, Casañas replied, “Maybe it’s not the more fashionable way to do things, but for us, we do the things we want, and we never change our way. And today we are here.”

A dish from Disfrutar

After Table by Bruno Verjus in Paris moved up from 10 last year to No. 3 in 2024, yet another Spanish restaurant, Diverxo in Madrid , joined a top five that was rounded out by Maido in Lima, Peru. At No. 6 Atomix in New York City once again ranked the highest of any American restaurant, further cementing its position at the forefront of Korean fine dining not just in the U.S. but around the world. The other U.S. restaurant to rank in the top 50 was Kyle and Katina Connaughton’s SingleThread in Healdsburg, Calif.

The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2024

  • Disfrutar, Barcelona
  • Asador Etxebarri, Atxondo
  • Table by Bruno Verjus, Paris
  • Diverxo, Madrid
  • Maido, Lima
  • Atomix, New York
  • Quintonil, Mexico City
  • Alchemist, Copenhagen
  • Gaggan, Bangkok
  • Don Julio, Buenos Aires
  • Septime, Paris
  • Lido 84, Gardone Riviera
  • Trèsind Studio, Dubai
  • Quique Dacosta, Dénia
  • Sézanne, Tokyo
  • Kjolle, Lima
  • Kol, London
  • Plénitude, Paris
  • Reale, Castel di Sangro
  • Wing, Hong Kong
  • Florilège, Tokyo
  • Steirereck, Vienna
  • Sühring, Bangkok
  • Odette, Singapore
  • El Chato, Bogotá
  • The Chairman, Hong Kong
  • A Casa do Porco, São Paolo
  • Elkano, Getaria
  • Boragó, Santiago
  • Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin
  • Belcanto, Lisbon
  • Pujol, Mexico City
  • Rosetta, Mexico City
  • Frantzén, Stockholm
  • The Jane, Antwerp
  • Oteque, Rio de Janeiro
  • Sorn, Bangkok
  • Piazza Duomo, Alba
  • Le Du, Bangkok
  • Mayta, Lima
  • Ikoyi, London
  • Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin
  • Mingles, Seoul
  • Arpège, Paris
  • SingleThread, Healdsburg
  • Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau
  • Hiša Franko, Kobarid
  • La Colombe, Cape Town
  • Uliassi, Senigallia

Jeremy Repanich is Robb Report's culinary editor. He joined the magazine after stints at Good, Playboy, and multiple publications at Time Inc. His writing has also appeared in Vice, Deadspin…

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  • New York City
  • World's 50 Best Restaurants

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The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2024 Have Been Announced

By Sarah James

Image may contain Architecture Building Dining Room Dining Table Furniture Indoors Room Table Restaurant and Desk

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants has just announced “The World’s Best Restaurant” as part of a prestigious awards ceremony in Las Vegas on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. This year’s winner is Disfrutar in Barcelona , Spain.

The 2024 ceremony took place at Wynn Las Vegas and saw world-famous chefs and well-respected restaurateurs from all corners of the globe come together to find out which restaurant would be named the world’s best for 2024.

And the title went to Disfrutar in Barcelona, Spain .

A restaurant that has previously claimed the top spot is not eligible for a second win. Instead, they join the elite ‘Best of the Best’ list, which features renowned establishments like Noma, Osteria Francescana, and Mirazur. This means that the 2023 winner, Central in Lima, will now be part of this prestigious list, creating the opportunity for Disfrutar to take the top spot.

What is The World’s Best Restaurant in 2024?

The World’s Best Restaurant is Disfrutar in Barcelona, Spain. Disfrutar has long been well-regarded by the panel—it placed second on the 2023 list and has been a permanent fixture at the awards since 2018 when the team bagged the Highest New Entry gong. Chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas met at El Bulli (a Best of the Best restaurant) in the 1990s, and went on to open Disfrutar in the Eixample district of Barcelona, which is known for its curiously creative menu and beautiful dining room.

Image may contain Indoors Interior Design Floor Chair Furniture Flooring Wood Dining Table Table and Plant

Barcelona's Disfrutar has been named the World's Best Restaurant in 2024.

How are The World's 50 Best Restaurants chosen?

The list is decided by a panel of experts, and there are a few rules: those on the panel can’t vote for any restaurant they have an economic interest in, and they must have eaten at restaurants that won their votes in the previous 19 months.

The highest ranking restaurants in each continent were given a special mention. The best restaurant in Africa was La Colombe. Atomix was the highest ranking restaurant in North America, and the highest ranking restaurant in Asia was Gaggan. The best restaurant in South America for 2024 is Maido. And the best restaurant in Europe, and the winner of The World’s Best Restaurant in 2024, is Disfrutar in Barcelona.

Individual awards included the Resy One To Watch award, which went to Kato in Los Angeles. The World’s Best Pastry Chef award was awarded to Nina Métayer. The Highest Climber award, meanwhile, went to The Chairman in Hong Kong.

Which restaurants placed 1-50 in 2024?

1. Disfrutar, Barcelona

2. Asador Etxebarri, Atxondo, Spain

3. Table by Bruno Verjus, Paris

4. Diverxo, Madrid

5. Maido, Lima

6. Atomix, New York

7. Quintonil, Mexico City

8. Alchemist, Copenhagen

9. Gaggan, Bangkok

10. Don Julio, Buenos Aires

11. Septime, Paris

12. Lido 84, Gardone Riviera

13. Trèsind Studio, Dubai

14. Quique Dacosta, Dénia

15. Sézanne, Tokyo

16. Kjolle, Lima

17. Kol, London

18. Plénitude, Paris

19. Reale, Castel di Sangro

20. Wing, Hong Kong

21. Florilège, Tokyo

22. Steirereck, Vienna

23. Sühring, Bangkok

24. Odette, Singapore

25. El Chato, Bogotá

26. The Chairman, Hong Kong

27. A Casa do Porco, São Paulo

28. Elkano, Getaria

29. Boragó, Santiago

30. Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin

31. Belcanto, Lisbon

32. Den, Tokyo

33. Pujol, Mexico City

34. Rosetta, Mexico City

35. Frantzen, Stockholm

36. The Jane, Antwerp

37. Oteque, Rio

38. Sorn, Bangkok

39. Piazza Duomo, Alba

40. Le Du, Bangkok

41. Mayta, Lima

42. Ikoyi, London

43. Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin

44. Mingles, Seoul

45. Arpege, Paris

46. Single Thread, Healdsburg

47. Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau

48. Hisa Franko, Kobarid

49. La Colombe, Cape Town

50. Uliassi, Senigallia

Image may contain Food Food Presentation Meal and Dish

Spain has three entries in the top five, with DiverXo in Madrid taking fourth.

Which restaurants placed 51-100 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2024?

100. Fauna, Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico

99. Cosme, New York, USA

98. Saint Peter, Sydney, Australia

97. Core by Clare Smyth, London, UK

96. Onjium, Seoul, South Korea

95. Meta, Singapore

94. Mountain, London, UK

93. Sazenka, Tokyo, Japan

92. Labyrinth, Singapore

91. Neolokal, Istanbul, Turkey

90. Smyth, Chicago, USA

89. Indian Accent, New Delhi, India

88. Tantris, Munich, Germany

87. Lyle's, London, UK

86. Mosu, Seoul, South Korea

85. Ceto, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France

84. Restaurant Jan, Munich, Germany

83. Willem Hiele, Oudenburg, Belgium

82. Sud 777, Mexico City, Mexico

81. Mugaritz, San Sebastián, Spain

80. The Clove Club, London, UK

79. Alléno Paris Au Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris, France

78. Masque, Mumbai, India

77. La Grenouillère, La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil, France

76. Flocons de Sel, Megève, France

75. Ernst, Berlin, Germany

74. Nusara, Bangkok, Thailand

73. Mil, Cusco, Peru

72. Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa María, Spain

71. Le Bernardin, New York, USA

70. Le Doyenné, Saint-Vrain, France

69. Fu He Hui, Shanghai, China

68. Burnt Ends, Singapore

67. Alcalde, Guadalajara, Mexico

66. La Cime, Osaka, Japan

65. Brat, London, UK

64. Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai, UAE

63. Bozar, Brussels, Belgium

62. Coda, Berlin, Germany

61. Nuema, Quito, Ecuador

60. Fyn, Cape Town, South Africa

59. Enigma, Barcelona, Spain

58. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

57. Potong, Bangkok, Thailand

56. Narisawa, Tokyo, Japan

55. Mérito, Lima, Peru

54. Kadeau, Copenhagen, Denmark

53. Leo, Bogotá, Colombia

52. Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler, Brunico, Italy

51. Le Calandre, Rubano, Italy

This article originally appeared on Condé Nast Traveller UK.

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Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batlló. A home-front with curved and smooth edges, and a colourful mosaic exterior

A guide to cocktail hour in Barcelona, where the best bars want to remain hidden

Venture down labyrinthine streets in the Catalan capital to discover a world of secret bars, where creative cocktails and traditional tapas are treated with such passion, they’re practically an art form.

Along the Passeig de Gràcia the tour groups flow, guidebooks in hand, smartphone cameras poised. The masters of modernista architecture crafted some of their greatest works on this elegant, tree-lined thoroughfare, which a century and a half ago led Barcelona from its congested medieval core into a new era of space, order and creativity.

Antoni Gaudí’s wonderfully elaborate Casa Batlló, with its iridescent glass-mosaic facade, and sprawling, limestone-hewn Casa Milà are two of the biggest prizes. The properties stand out, as indeed they were intended to, commissioned by wealthy families in fits of early 20th-century one-upmanship.

I’m in this affluent corner of the Eixample neighbourhood in search of artistry of a different sort. Away from the hedonism of some of its more downmarket spots, Barcelona takes its bar culture very seriously indeed. With its strident innovation, non-conformity and profusion of detail, it could be said to be keeping the spirit of modernisme alive. But there’s a crucial difference: this is a world that prizes the clandestine over the conspicuous.

Three blocks west of Passeig de Gràcia, hidden by day behind a graffitied steel shutter and on a bland residential street, is The Alchemix. The last rays of sunlight are filtering through the silver maples outside as I arrive, and there’s already a small queue of people. They’re smartly dressed, patient, as if waiting outside a theatre. In a sense they are.

Inside, owner Ignacio Ussía and his Estonian barman Erik Bagmet are concocting elaborate creations: spinning cocktail shakers, long-pouring, mixing, performing. A row of appreciative customers sits at the polished, spot-lit bar, entranced.

Nearly a dozen customised cocktails are on offer. Dressed in a smart khaki apron, with a powerful build and piratical beard, Ignacio asks me for a “frame of reference” before guiding me towards the white truffle pisco sour: a richly aromatic, creamy-yet-sweet blend of pisco quebranta, lemon juice, white truffle honey, Amargo Chuncho bitters and white chocolate served in a broad, stemmed glass.

Opened in March 2018, The Alchemix had a turbulent birth. Provoked by Madrid’s rejection of the result of the Catalonia secession referendum, pro-independence activists were in an incendiary mood. “Bins and cars were set alight. I remember opening at 7.30pm and having to close almost immediately,” recalls Ignacio. He won’t be drawn on the question of independence, but clearly enjoys that of his bar; it’s set apart, under-the-radar, easy to walk past. Visits, he says, are “intentional” — and that certainly needs to be the case with my next target.

A bartender adding a citrus twist onto two cocktails in a warm, but dart-lit bar in Barcalona.

When Catalan visionary Ildefons Cerdà drew up his masterplan for the grid-based district of Eixample (literally ‘Expansion’) in the mid-19th century, he devised an ingenious way to increase the visibility and sense of space at street level: he cleaved off the corners of all the blocks, so they become octagonal rather than square. It’s adjacent to one of these ‘chamfers’, tucked behind Passeig de Gràcia, that you’ll find another of the city’s best bars —   or worst barbers, depending on your intent.

Entering Bobby’s Free, I’m ushered into a thick leather barber’s chair and spun round to face the mirror. Clippers, combs, shaving brushes and other props line the counter. The   glint in the flat-capped hairdresser’s eye is   the only sign that something might be afoot.

He raises his eyebrows expectantly. “Godfather,” I say, a touch hopefully. He nods his approval at the password, which I’d wrangled from my hotel concierge earlier, and reaches forward to activate a switch. The entire mirrored unit — draws, counter and all — swings open, and I step into the 1930s.

A century ago, speakeasies emerged in response to the vice-like grip of Prohibition in America, with both bar owners and patrons living in constant fear of detection. Today,

the danger is long gone but the frisson of the illicit lingers. This ‘underground’ establishment is precisely that: a short flight of steps leading down to a low-lit bar that’s absolutely bouncing.

Staff in red braces and trilbies glide between tables, delivering G & Ts and customised cocktails, one of which is served, with splendid illogicality, in a portable safe. Ray Charles and his Wurlitzer electric piano ooze from hidden speakers. A young man with a can’t-believe-I’ve-found-this-place smile slaps along on his thigh, too caught up in the moment to worry about anything as trivial as rhythm.

Behind the bar, Sofia D’Agnano is mixing up a storm. A photographer by day, the young Italian is in her element, feeding off the energy in the room and creating plenty of her own. As the music ramps up, a fellow bartender charges the length of the bar, pushing each of its domed, pendulous lights, which strafe the room with milky light. All the illuminated faces are beaming.

Shouting to be heard over the music, Sofia explains that what she loves about the bar is true of the wider city. “It’s all a question of good vibes.”

Into the labyrinth

Allow gravity to coax you down towards the city’s coastal fringe and the order of New Barcelona quickly gives way to the agreeable tumult of the Ciutat Vella, or old town. Here in the labyrinthine streets of Barri Gòtic (the   Gothic Quarter) and El Born, it’s not just light but progress that can be kept at bay.

Dating from 1945, La Plata is a tiny corner bar tucked just out of sight on the seaward edge of Barri Gòtic. Its hand-painted sign, silver on blue like a flash of mackerel in the shallows, contrasts with the weathered Montserrat stone of the building’s thick-set walls. Ornate blue tiles frame a broad L-shaped bar where Pepe Gómez is orchestrating proceedings — as he has for 52 of his 67 years.

A gothic architecture street in Barcalona's gothic quarter. People walk its streets during the daynight.

I arrive soon after opening to grab one of the handful of tables. La Plata is the antidote to a choice-saturated world: just four simple tapas on the unchanging menu, breaded and fried whitebait ( pescaditos ) and Catalan-style butifarra sausage among them. Red, white and rosé are served in small tumblers from a trio of barrels fixed behind the bar. Nothing costs more than a few euros.

As he serves a regular ensconced with her tiny dog in a favourite spot at the bar, Pepe reviews the decades for me. In the 1970s and 1980s, the bar catered mostly to locals, but after the Olympics in 1992 — as with the wider city — visitors took on a more international flavour. Demand has never abated. “I think it’s the simplicity people love,” he says. “As   we say, it’s a bar de toda la vida [for life]. Unchanging, traditional.”

That’s certainly not a charge that could ever be levelled at Paradiso, a few hundred yards away on the periphery of El Born. Since it opened in 2015, the speakeasy masquerading as a pastrami deli has bagged the world’s best bar accolade, staged pop-ups around the world and spawned an outpost in Dubai.

Never mind the paradox of a secret bar that’s globally renowned; befitting its surreptitious portal — an enormous fridge door adjacent to the deli counter — it’s still effortlessly cool, with a honey-hued, grooved-wood interior and a stylish crowd enjoying a soundtrack of smooth beats.

Andrea Freddi — Clark Kent glasses; leopards stalking the exotic rainforest scene on his Paradiso bartender’s uniform — talks me through the menu. The concepts are a tad nebulous (“Marco Polo — inspired by the compass”) but the Great Gatsby, Paradiso’s answer to the old fashioned, is sublime: 12-year-aged Macallan whisky, white truffle honey, amaro, lavender essence, scented with vanilla and chocolate tobacco — delivered with fanfare from beneath a smoking domed cloche, like the birth of a superhero.

Once settled in, I ask about the inner bar. There are a few exchanges and then the head bartender, Federico Lombardi, smiles and says, “Come with me”. Past the loos, turning right at the kitchen and into a tiny storeroom we go. “Ready?” Federico performs some sleight of hand on the basin and a secret door springs open.

Bartenders man a busy bar in Barcalona. Behind the bar, dozens of similar glass bottles line the walls.

If Paradiso’s main bar evokes the inside of a whisky barrel, then this inner sanctum is more copper still, with candlelight reflecting off the low, amber-metallic ceiling. There’s barely room for a dozen people and access is both discretionary and sought-after; when Mick Jagger was in town, Federico tells me proudly, this was where he ended up.

Time for one more? In Barcelona, always. Exiting Paradiso, I allow myself to be drawn back into the web of El Born, where suddenly every flaking door is infused with the tap-and-whisper possibility of a speakeasy.

For centuries this quarter was the engine room of the city, home to a melee of artisans, craftsmen and workshops. Lanes assumed the name of the craft or industry concentrated there; hence Carrer dels Mirallers — street of mirrors — where I make my final and best discovery.

Dr Stravinsky sits inconspicuously on a dimly lit corner, with an arched window and dark wooden doors. Enter into the high-ceilinged burgundy-and-green space and you might fancy you’ve happened upon a laboratory or a   cabinet of curiosities.

Hundreds of unmarked bottles and glass jars, beakers and cylinders line the shelves of the bar’s three levels. Mirrors, mottled and distorting, add a flavour of the surreal. Aproned and smiling, Rita Allué guides me to the bar and then in the direction of a fatty paloma, a smoky and citrussy blend of mezcal, Cajun syrup, Padrón peppers and homemade grapefruit soda.

Eighty-five per cent of the ingredients and spirits used in the bar are homemade. Branded bottles are outlawed. Only cocktails are served. If you want a beer or wine, some 1,400 other Barcelona bars await, thank you very much.

“You come here for the full cocktail experience,” explains manager Cesar Montilla. Dressed in a dark shirt with a neat red tie, and his moustache twirled into Dalí-esque points, Cesar is never happier than when chatting maturation, maceration and distillation, or debating micro-adjustments to his latest creations. “It’s all about chasing perfection,” he says earnestly. An art form? “Totally.”

He’s delighted that I’ve chanced upon the bar as I’ve strolled through the neighbourhood. “I always say we’re hiding but also not hiding,” he says. “Some people walk by, some discover us. We’re a treasure in Barcelona’s labyrinth.”

This story was created with the support of Barcelona Tourism, the Spanish Tourist Office, Vueling and Nobu Hotel Barcelona.

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Boat Hotel Barcelona

Port Forum Moll de la Ronda Port Forum Moll de la Ronda, 08930 Barcelona, Spanien – Tolle Lage – Karte anzeigen

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Boat Hotel Barcelona Jetzt buchen

Sichern Sie sich einen tollen Preis für die Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona – von Gästen kürzlich mit 8 bewertet.

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Die Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona, die in Barcelona gelegen ist, bietet Meerblick sowie ein Restaurant, eine rund um die Uhr besetzte Rezeption, eine Bar, einen Garten und eine Terrasse. WLAN und Privatparkplätze sind ohne Aufpreis in der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona vorhanden. Die Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona bietet ihren Gästen einen Balkon, einen Sitzbereich, einen Flachbild-TV, eine voll ausgestattete Küchenzeile mit einem Kühlschrank und einer Mikrowelle sowie ein eigenes Badezimmer mit einer Dusche und kostenlosen Pflegeprodukten. Für zusätzlichen Komfort kann die Unterkunft Handtücher und Bettwäsche gegen Aufpreis bieten. In der Nähe der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona finden Sie die interessanten Orte Strand Platja del Fòrum, Strand Platja del Litoral und Strand Platja de Llevant. Der nächstgelegene Flughafen ist der Flughafen Barcelona-El Prat, 19 km von der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona entfernt.

Paare schätzen die Lage besonders – sie haben diese mit 8,5 für einen Aufenthalt zu zweit bewertet.

Die Entfernung in der Unterkunftsbeschreibung wurde mit © OpenStreetMap berechnet

  • Parkplatz inbegriffen
  • WLAN inklusive
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Highlights der Unterkunft

Tolle Lage: von Gästen aktuell mit sehr gut bewertet (8,5)

An der Unterkunft stehen kostenfreie Privatparkplätze zur Verfügung

Auf 3579 Listen gespeichert

Anmelden, Geld sparen


Wählen Sie Daten aus, um die Verfügbarkeiten und die Preise dieser Unterkunft zu sehen


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barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Restaurants 1 Restaurant vor Ort

  • Küche Regional

Ausstattung von: Boat Hotel Barcelona

  • Toilettenpapier
  • Bettwäsche/Handtücher gegen Aufpreis
  • Badewanne oder Dusche
  • Eigenes Badezimmer
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  • Blick auf eine Sehenswürdigkeit
  • Essbereich im Freien
  • Gartenmöbel
  • Sonnenterrasse
  • Patio / Veranda
  • Kaffeemaschine
  • Küchenutensilien
  • Wasserkocher
  • Kühlschrank
  • Küchenzeile
  • Steckdose in Bettnähe
  • Sitzbereich
  • Flachbild-TV
  • Café vor Ort
  • Kaffee- und Teezubehör
  • Aufladestation für Elektro-Autos
  • Behindertengerechte Parkplätze
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  • 24-Stunden-Sicherheitspersonal
  • Minimarkt vor Ort
  • Raucherbereich
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  • Privater Eingang
  • Katalanisch
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Maßnahmen der Unterkunft

Verfügbarkeit anzeigen hausregeln.

Von 15:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

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Bei der Ankunft ist eine Schadenskaution von EUR 100 erforderlich. Sie wird per Kreditkarte hinterlegt. Sie erhalten die Erstattung in der Regel bei Abreise. Die Schadenskaution wird Ihnen in voller Höhe auf Ihre Kreditkarte zurückerstattet, nachdem die Unterkunft überprüft wurde und keine Schäden festgestellt wurden.

Kinder und Betten

Richtlinien für Kinder

Kinder jeden Alters sind willkommen.

Kinder im Alter von 18 Jahren oder älter zahlen in dieser Unterkunft den Erwachsenenpreis.

Fügen Sie Ihrer Suche bitte die Anzahl der Kinder in Ihrer Gruppe und deren Alter hinzu, um die korrekten Preise und Belegungsinformationen zu sehen.

Richtlinien zu Baby- und Zustellbetten

In dieser Unterkunft sind keine Babybetten verfügbar.

In dieser Unterkunft ist kein Platz für Zustellbetten.

Keine Altersbeschränkung

Es gibt keine Altersbeschränkung

Zahlungen über erhält Ihre Zahlung für diesen Aufenthalt im Namen der Unterkunft. Stellen Sie jedoch sicher, dass Sie bei Ihrer Ankunft Bargeld für eventuelle Extras mit sich führen.

Partys/Veranstaltungen sind nicht erlaubt

Haustiere sind auf Anfrage gestattet. Möglicherweise fallen Gebühren an.

Kleingedrucktes Wichtige Informationen für Gäste dieser Unterkunft

Bei einer Ankunft nach 21:00 Uhr wird ein Aufpreis in Höhe von 20 EUR berechnet.

Bitte teilen Sie der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona Ihre voraussichtliche Ankunftszeit im Voraus mit. Nutzen Sie hierfür bei der Buchung das Feld für besondere Anfragen oder kontaktieren Sie die Unterkunft direkt.

In dieser Unterkunft sind weder Junggesellen-/Junggesellinnenabschiede noch ähnliche Feiern erlaubt.

Wegen des Coronavirus (COVID-19) wurden in dieser Unterkunft zusätzliche Sicherheits- und Hygienemaßnahmen unternommen.

Wegen des Coronavirus (COVID-19) könnten Essens- und Getränkeangebote in dieser Unterkunft begrenzt oder überhaupt nicht verfügbar sein.

Wegen des Coronavirus (COVID-19) bietet diese Unterkunft vorübergehend keinen Shuttleservice an.

Wegen des Coronavirus (COVID-19) hat diese Unterkunft Maßnahmen unternommen, um die Sicherheit der Gäste und des Personals zu gewährleisten. Bestimmte Services und Einrichtungen könnten daher nicht oder nur eingeschränkt zur Verfügung stehen.

Gemäß den Richtlinien der Regierung zur Eindämmung des Coronavirus (COVID-19) könnte diese Unterkunft während des Zeitraums, für den diese Richtlinien gelten, zusätzliche Dokumente der Gäste verlangen, um deren Identität, Reiseroute und andere relevante Informationen zu prüfen.

Wegen des Coronavirus (COVID-19) sind die Spa- und Fitnesseinrichtungen in dieser Unterkunft nicht verfügbar.

Bei der Ankunft ist eine Schadenskaution von € 100 erforderlich. Sie wird per Kreditkarte hinterlegt. Sie erhalten die Erstattung in der Regel bei Abreise. Die Schadenskaution wird Ihnen in voller Höhe auf Ihre Kreditkarte zurückerstattet, nachdem die Unterkunft überprüft wurde und keine Schäden festgestellt wurden.

Rechtliche Informationen

Häufig gestellte fragen zur unterkunft boat hotel barcelona, wie weit ist die unterkunft boat hotel barcelona vom zentrum von barcelona entfernt.

Die Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona ist 5 km vom Zentrum von Barcelona entfernt. Alle Entfernungen werden in Luftlinie gemessen. Die tatsächliche Fahrstrecke kann abweichen.

Welche Aktivitäten bietet die Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona?

Hat die unterkunft boat hotel barcelona ein restaurant vor ort.

  • El Jardinet

Wie weit ist der Strand von der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona?

Der nächste Strand ist nur 50 m von der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona entfernt. Alle Entfernungen werden in Luftlinie gemessen. Die tatsächliche Fahrstrecke kann abweichen.

Wie lauten die Check-in- und Check-out-Zeiten in der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona?

Der Check-in in der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona ist ab 15:00, und der Check-out ist bis 10:00.

Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona?

Die Preise an der Unterkunft Boat Hotel Barcelona könnten je nach Aufenthalt variieren (z.B. gewählter Zeitraum, Hotelrichtlinie usw.). Wenn Sie Ihre Daten eingeben, können Sie die Preise sehen.

Mehr anzeigen

Das beste von barcelona, attraktionen.

  • Vergnügungspark Tibidabo

Beliebte Gegenden

  • Passeig de Grácia

Denkmäler oder Wahrzeichen

  • Sagrada Família
  • Kathedrale von Barcelona
  • Kirche Santa Maria del Mar


  • Portal de l'Angel
  • Markt La Boqueria


  • Agbar Tower
  • Port Olimpic
  • Picasso Museum


  • Plaça de Catalunya
  • Casa Batllo
  • Plaza Reial
  • Magischer Brunnen von Montjuïc

Stadien oder Arenen

  • Palau Sant Jordi
  • Teatre Tívoli
  • Palau de la Musica Catalana
  • Flughafen Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) 17,9 km
  • Flughafen Girona-Costa Brava (GRO) 70,2 km
  • Flughafen Reus (REU) 94,1 km
  • Sants Bahnhof
  • U-Bahnhof Passeig de Gracia

Die beliebtesten Städte

  • Castelldefels
  • Santa Susanna
  • Vilanova i la Geltrú

barcelona yachthafen restaurant

Persönliche Empfehlungen

Wir geben Ihnen persönliche Empfehlungen auf der Grundlage Ihrer Aktivitäten auf unserer Plattform. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie diese Option ausschalten. Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Ausschalten nur für Ihr aktuelles Gerät gilt. Sie müssen diese Einstellung daher auf jedem Gerät nach Bedarf anpassen, damit Ihre Präferenz berücksichtigt wird.

Echte Bewertungen von echten Gästen.

Wir haben über 70 Millionen Unterkunftsbewertungen – allesamt von echten Gästen, die nachweislich dort übernachtet haben .

Wie funktioniert es?

Es beginnt mit einer buchung.

Eine Bewertung kann erst nach einer Buchung geschrieben werden. So können wir sicherstellen, dass unsere Bewertungen von echten Gästen kommen, die in der Unterkunft übernachtet haben.

Dann kommt die Reise

Wenn Gäste in einer Unterkunft übernachten, wissen sie, wie ruhig die Zimmer und wie freundlich die Mitarbeiter sind, usw.

Und danach die Bewertung

Nach ihrer Reise berichten uns unsere Gäste von ihrem Aufenthalt. Jede Bewertung wird auf Schimpfwörter und ihre Echtheit geprüft, bevor wir sie der hinzufügen.

Wenn Sie über uns gebucht haben und eine Gästebewertung hinterlegen möchten, melden Sie sich bitte in Ihrem Konto an.




barcelona yachthafen restaurant

an image, when javascript is unavailable

20 Projects Set to Focus Industry Attention at Spain’s Conecta Fiction   

The Pulse of Water

Titles from “Lupin” co-creator François Uzan, former Netflix top exec Erik Barmack , indie multinational Boat Rocker and Brendan Foley, writer of “Cold Courage,” will be pitched on Wednesday and Thursday at Spain’s Conecta Fiction & Entertainment. The pitch sessions form the industry centerpiece of the meet. Following, profiles of entries in four of the six categories: Copro, High-End, Docudramas and Feel Good:   

CoPro Pitch 

“Destape,”  (Satisfaction Iberia, Spain)

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Summer movie season testing 3d cinema’s recoverability, disney emea posts $4.9 billion revenue driven by streaming, films, popular on variety.

A supernatural suspense drama from Vânia Lima at Salvador’s Têm Demdê Productions, behind Ruy Guerra’s “Time, Knifed,” presented at Ventana Sur. A bus transporting five people who are inter-connected mysteriously changes its route a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve.  

“Gold War,”  (Agitprop, Bulgaria)

Created by Teodora Markova, head writer on “Undercover,” selected for the 2012 Monte-Carlo TV Festival and creator of 2019 mini “Father’s Day,” as well as Georgi Ivanov and Nevena Kertova. A drama unfolding against the background of the U.S: boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Produced by Agiptprop, behind 2018’s Berlin Golden Bear winner “Touch Me Not.”

“El Hijo del Consul,”  (Mar.Franco Productions, Colombia)

Sourced from BAM Bogotá, a true crime suspense drama created by Fernando López Cardona (“Memento Mori”). The six-part series turns on Gonzalo Carreño, a Bogota aristocrat, accused of murder and behind extortions, attempted heists and an aircraft’s hijacking in May 1988. Presented at Sanfic, Iberseries & Platino Industria and MipCancun.

“Little Red Fox,”   (Chakalaka Films, France, Lieblings Films, Germany)

“New Hunting Tales,”  (“Novas Narrativas,” Galo Bravo, Many Takes, Portugal)

Produced by Galo Bravo, behind life-in-lockdown doc “Um Mundo en pausa,” and Many Takes, an episodic seven-part series turning of the pursuit of a sense of identity and belonging by differing people of African descent in Portugal. Tales range from drama to comedy, romance and even sci-fi.

“Playing With Scissors,”  (Lithuania)

Brought to Conecta Fiction by NEM Zagreb, a dramedy in which three senior citizens, using their supposed respectability as a cover, to turn a garage into a gene-editing lab. Written by Domante Urmonaite and Martynas Mendelis, co-writers on “Troll Farm,” at the 2023 Berlinale Market Selects. 

“The Pulse of Water,”  (“El pulso del agua,” Nadie Es Perfecto, Lola Cinema, Spain)

From genre director Alberto Evangelio, behind 2021 Sitges title “The Visitor,” and Ana Piles, a social-issue drama thriller, sparked when Ana returns to her home town in L’Albufera, to take care of her father, a fisherman, but isn’t allowed to follow his trade.   

“Out of Service,”  (“Kele 400,” Ananey Studios, Israel)

A youth dramedy from Paramount-owned Tel Acv-based pay TV operator and producer Ananey, maintaining the same audience target of its flagship title, “Greenhouse Academy,” which ran for four season on Netflix. Created by Omer Goldman, a director on Ananey’s “Sky” Season 2. Here a conscientious objector has to abandon her pacifist instincts when she becomes the most hated convict in a military prison.  

“Past Waters,”  (“Aguas Passadas,” Caracol Studios, Portugal)  

A Lisbon Noir, as a sub-commissioner, working in a rain-drenched capitol, races against the clock to solve two brutal teen murders. Created by popular novelist-screenwriter João Tordo, a scribe on Netflix’s “Turn of the Tide,” adapting his own novel, and directed by Bruno Gascon and co-produced by TV On Producciones.

“Red City,”  (First Love, France, Yes Studios, Israel)

From François Uzan, who created “Lupin” with George Kay, and actor-writer Ofer Seker (“Raising Hitler”), a resonant political thriller come Western unspooling in Israel in 1957. As the nine-year-old country battles Palestinian and Syrian fedayeen attacks,  a young cop, Elisheva is assigned her first murder, in the far south and a hotbed of exiled criminals.  

“Save Us From the Fires of Hell,”  (“Líbranos de los Fuego del Infierno,” Equeco, Chile)

“The Sleeping Cell,”  (SPi, Portugal)

Set up at SPi, behind Portugal’s first Netflix original series “Gloria,” plus “Codex 632,” with Globoplay and RTP, and “Vanda,” with La Panda and Legendary. Bestselling espionage novelist Nuno Nepomuceno and Miguel Simal, a writer on “Dry Water” and “Glória,” a professor and writer battle an International conspiracy responsible for a terrorist attack in Lisbon.  

High End Series

“4 Words For Love,”  (Helion Pictures, Boat Rocker Studios, U.K. )

From Richard Hurst, a writer on “Miranda” and “Bluestone 42,” and Steven Bawol co-creator of cop series “Section de Recherches” and an executive producer on Canal +’s “Borgia.” A dramedy, affable Irish widower Brendan rents out his Paris apartment, trying to solve his clients’ love problems. Luckily, his teen French daughter is there to save the day. 

“The Angolan Clan,”  (Telnet Screen Productions, U.K.)

Brendan Foley, series writer on “Cold Courage” and Shelly Goldstein, its story editor, weigh in with what is billed as an inheritance thriller. Jenny and Spanish-Angolan born housekeeper Leticia receive an inheritance from Jenny’s father-in-law. But it’s blood money and others want a cut. 

“Bad Decisions,”  (“Malas Decisiones,” La Maldita, Spain)

Created by Pablo Ferreira, development director, and Lucas Mirvois, CEO of La Maldita, a Madrid and Buenos Aires production house, the series version of the same-titled podcast featuring Anna Castillo (“Nowhere”); Luis Tosar (“Maixabel”) and Chino Darin (“The Kingdom”). Surfing online one night, a girl discovers Interpol’s issued a warrant for her arrest. She goes on the run. 

“The Summer of Dead Toys,”  (Corte y Confección, Spain)  

Produced by Corte y Confección, which backed Canneseries winner “Perfect Life” and “The Invisible Line.” Set in 2022 Barcelona, Inspector Salgado – short-fused, violent, macho – and agent Leire Castro – rational, feminist, sometimes naive – investigate a high-society death, which may be related to that of a girl 17 years earlier.

“Unabomber – Ticking Fear,”  (Salice, Wild Sheep Content, Redstring, Italy)

Backed by former Netflix international chief Erik Barmack, via his Wild Sheep Content, with a great record for placing projects at streamers.  A thriller largely produced from Italy, it turns on Alessia, an explosives expert, attempts to track down Unabomber, obsessed with revenge after one of face burns. Created by Leonardo Valenti (“La voce che hai dentro”), Chora Zago and Daniele Morelli.

“Unclean,”  (Vertice 360, Born Wild, Spain)

“Caso Couso,”  (Recrea Films, Spain)

A Spanish family’s battle against the U.S. government for justice and truth regarding the death of Spanish cameraman José Couso, killed by U.S. fire directed at Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel, housing all foreign journalists, to eliminate an Iraqi observer. A project from La Coruña-based Recrea Films. 

“Gilberta, Life and Death of a Trans Woman,”  (Volf Entertainment, Ultravioleta, Brazil, Portugal)

A four-episode true crime tale about the torture and murder in 2006 of Gilberta Salce by 14 adolescents in Oporto, who were protected from prosecution by Portugal’s Catholic Church. From Volf Entertainment, backed by investment company Lisbon Ventures, and headed by Lionel Vieira, jointly behind RTP prestige series “The Crime of Father Amaro.”

“Hijacked Life,”  (Uzgrobtas Gyvenimas,” MB Laukite Tesinio, Cinema Cartel, Lithuania, U.S.)

The story of an adolescent Soviet hijacker who was convicted of murdering his own father in the U.S, the four-part crime series documents a full circle journey for Algirdas Brazinskas, towards his search for redemption. Scriptwriter Andrius Lekavicius crafts this tale full of brutality, fear and self-reflection. Produced by Lithuania’s MB Laukite Tesinio alongside U.S.-based Cinema Cartel.

“How To Stop A War,”  (Kennedy Films, Spring Films Ireland, Philippines)

Social justice doc meets darkly comedic take on the real-time strife of activists crossing the country to halt a war.

Frank Fenton created the series which includes a distinctive cast of characters as they embark on a politically-charged journey, their personal struggles on display. Produced by Ireland’s Kennedy Films (“My Name Is Emily”) alongside Philippine outfit, Spring Films.

“I Didn’t Kill Borsellino,”  (Salice Production, Loft Production, Italy, Canada)

A potentially riveting Italian crime drama that shines a light on carceral injustice. The series follows Tanino, accused of assassinating an anti-mafia judge. 18 years in prison and lawyers unraveled his conviction, revealing a momentous coverup. Simone Manetti, Dina Lauricella, Matteo Billi script the four-episode journey produced by Italy’s Salice Production and Canada’s Loft Production.

“The Foodie and The Fussy,”  (“Antojados,” Ed Antoja, Javi Antoja, La Diferencia)

A comedic, character-based culinary road trip around Spain. Fine cuisine enthusiast Javi Antoja and his picky eater cousin Ed explore avant-garde restaurants, meeting renowned, and adventurous, chefs like Fina Puigdevall and Paco Morales. Directed by Ed Antoja and Salva Llobet. Produced by La Diferencia in association with Montagud Editores.

“Hairdressers of the World, The Path of Creativity,”  (601 Producciones Audiovisuales, Spain)

“New Nomads,”  (“Nuevos Nómadas” Sergio Oliveros Vega)

A social issue-tinged documentary series exploring the modern nomadic lifestyle through personal storytelling and cultural exploration. In advanced development, aiming for Q4 2025 release. Created by Sergio Oliveros Vega, a freelance producer from Colombia based in Spain.

“The Santa Course,”  (iZen, Spain)

In this quiz and game show created by Eric Marodon, Arantza Sánchez and Manuel Feijóo, contestants will be challenged to the ultimate obstacle course in a bid to replace Jolly ol’ Saint Nick. A Christmas competition for the whole family, the seven-part series is produced by Spain’s iZen, the Newen Studios offshoot behind Prime Video’s “El Cid,” and “Memento Mori.”

“Stand-Up Therapy,”  (Noelia Bodas, Charlie Arnaiz, Alberto Ortega, Dadá Films and Entertainment)

A comedy-driven therapeutic series. A person facing adversity has one week to write and perform a monologue about their struggles, aided by a comedian and a team of writers. From Dadá Films and Entertainment, Spain. Created by Noelia Bodas, produced by Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega.

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