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yacht maintenance


Yacht maintenance overview: how to properly care for your yacht.

  • June 7, 2021

yacht maintenance


Additional yacht maintenance tips.

yacht maintenance


  • MTU Diesel Engines  have an extraordinary history extending as far back as 1900. MTU is now a subsidiary of Rolls Royce Power Systems. The MTU Series 4000 Diesel has accumulated over 180,000,000 hours of operation.  Their engines are developed for a world of large commercial and passenger ships.
  • Caterpillar Marine Power Systems . Caterpillar Marine has the most comprehensive range of engine types in the world. CAT engines fall into several divisions including Cruisers, Fishing and Pleasure Craft. Worldwide dealer support is a powerful asset when considering engine types.
  • MAN Yacht Engines . The story of MAN Engines can be charted back to 1758 when St. Antony Ironworks began operation in Oberhausen Germany. Owners of a MAN Yacht Engine must sign off on approval of their merchandise, and that is just the introduction of their superb protection.
  • Cummins Marine . Worldwide support is a necessary factor when choosing your power plant. Cummins Marine is another recognizable brand that has been building marine engines since 1919. The Cummins Service Network is one of the widest in the world and extremely robust.
  • Volvo Penta Marine Leisure .  Volvo Penta has carved out a vast swath of the marine propulsion industry.  While other engine builders cater to the superyacht niche, Volvo Penta delivers marine systems for yachts in the 60 to 120-foot range. The company has built up a strong group of stern-drive engines for powerboats and a series of engines for sailboats.
  • Mercury Marine . Mercury is a well-known brand, and the Mercruiser line of engines are favorites on boats in the 40-foot range or less. Mercury carries a worldwide dealer network. This is a significant advantage when deciding on power. The company offers an extensive line of sterndrive and inboards. The Mercury Diesel is making inroads into larger boats and yachts.

Fuel & Lubrication

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yacht maintenance

Explore 2023’s Top 5 Yachting Destinations with the Perfect Sunseeker Yacht 

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? The best way to experience unforgettable sights, crystal clear waters, and award-winning destinations is with a

yacht maintenance

Sunseeker Reveals Line Up For Palm Beach Int’l Boat Show 2023

MARCH 23-26, STAND LOCATION: RAMP 7 Sunseeker USA Sales Co. Inc. is delighted to announce its full line-up of luxury motor yachts on display at

yacht maintenance

Delivery Day For 2023 Absolute Navetta 52

OneWater Yacht Group delivered a 2023 Absolute Navetta 52 to yet another happy customer. There’s nothing more rewarding than taking the new owner out on

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Luxury Yacht Planned Maintenance

Superyacht Maintenance

Planned superyacht maintenance is key to vessel reliability and value. Successful yacht upkeep requires a yacht maintenance company with specialist knowledge and experience.

A Yacht Maintenance Plan You Can Trust

A planned superyacht maintenance system increases the safety and reliability of any yacht, significantly reducing the risk of operational performance failure. As a leading yacht maintenance company, we ensure the full team are prepared and drilled on yacht maintenance and safety. Moran Yacht Management, working together with the superyacht crew , sets up planned maintenance procedures in accordance with Manufacturer’s Guidelines, Classification Society, Regulations and Flag State Requirements. We have also extended the concept of planned superyacht maintenance to all departments. Our planned maintenance systems are set up so the owner can monitor its observance aboard, view upcoming yacht maintenance, and manage downtime to suit his or her schedule. Managers are hands on. They make regular visits to ensure that all is well and to liaise with crew for ongoing maintenance and yacht operations .

Flagship Software

As an experienced yacht maintenance company, Moran Yacht & Ship recognizes that software can be a valuable tool in yacht management . We also recognize that this software must be intuitive and easy to use with a minimum of familiarization and training. Our observation is that good software creates an open environment that helps seagoing personnel, shore-side management, and the ownership to record and access all relevant data in real time on a well regulated, well maintained, and safe yacht.

Yacht Management

Yacht operations management, yacht accounting.

  • Yacht Safety & Compliance

Yacht Planned Maintenance

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Moran Yacht Management - Luxury Yacht Management

Yachting is a passion and our aim is to enhance the experience of ownership through proactive management. Our team is committed to exceeding our client’s expectations.

Yacht Operations Management

Operating a yacht is akin to running a small corporation and our team proactively assists Owner’s, captains, and crew with all the details. We are available 24/7 to guide and assist through all of the complexities of day-to-day yacht operations.

Mega Yacht Safety and Security Compliance

Yacht Safety & Compliance

Moran Yacht Management considers safety and security a culture, both onboard our yachts and ashore. Through extensive experience and Flagship management software, we ensure our fleet is safe, secure, and compliant.

Yacht Financial Management

Knowledgeable and responsible shore based yacht accounting allows the Captain and crew to do what they do best – running a fine yacht and meeting and exceeding the Owner’s expectations.

Luxury Yacht Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is imperative to increasing the safety and reliability of any yacht, reducing the risk of operational failure and ensuring the vessel is always ready for Owner and Guest enjoyment.

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  • Fiberglass & Paint Work
  • Running Gear & Valves
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Yacht Maintenance

Yacht Maintenance

Yacht management south florida provides the yacht & boat maintenance service plans that meet your needs.

Yacht Management South Florida provides full-service yacht maintenance for any and all yachts regardless of size or type. Our master yacht maintenance crew customizes maintenance services based on your preferences and specific needs of your yacht. All maintenance schedules are designed to comply with manufacturer recommendations while adhering to the desires of our clients.

The key focus at Yacht Management is simple; our professional yacht maintenance services are tailored to you; a practice that has made us the best in South Florida. If your yacht needs a specific wax treatment plan, a special order varnish, or any other specialty project, we make it our mission to get the job done right.

Our reputation is based on high-quality services and meeting the needs of our clients and their yachts. All of our services come from a place of experience and excellence. Yacht Management of South Florida is more than just a yacht management boatyard that caters to high-end clients, we are more than just a yacht management and maintenance service provider, we are yacht masters, dedicated to our craft.

Many of the employees at Yacht Management boatyard have been with the company since 1999 and have worked in the industry for decades. Discover why we are the best yacht maintenance service provider in South Florida.

Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Seasonally - Custom Boat Maintenance Plans. At Yacht Management South Florida, we provide Boat Maintenance Plans that meet the needs of the owner's enjoyment of the boat, the type of vessel, the system's onboard, and the expected cruising plans.

When your vessel needs serious tender loving care, you can count on Yacht Management South Florida to bring your boat back to pristine condition.

Our services include, but not limited to.

  • Interior Cleaning
  • Teak & Varnish
  • Metal Polishing
  • System Check
  • High-speed Compounding & Buffing
  • Hurricane Preparation & Readiness
  • Bottom Cleaning & Zinc Replacement
  • Dockside Assistance (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Systems Checks and Start-ups

Yacht Management South Florida

Yacht Management South Florida makes you Splash Ready!

This means that we take care of the details of maintaining your boat, so you don't have to. Our maintenance crews prepare your yacht based on the specifications you give us. If you are going on a cruise, a fishing trip, a charter, a boat show, or are preparing to sell, our yacht maintenance crews will ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken to prepare your yacht.

Contact our Yacht Management boatyard located in Fort Lauderdale in regards to a suitable maintenance plan and schedule for your boat or yacht. Simply Contact us or call (954) 941-6447 for more information. Yacht Management is licensed and insured to protect your assets.

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Windward Islands Yachting Company

Yacht Maintenance – What is needed?

yacht maintenance

An essential component of yacht ownership and operation is yacht maintenance. That lovely yacht at the dock represents a significant investment, and like any asset, it needs to be safeguarded and maintained to ensure reliable operation and maintain value.

Maintaining your boat is essential for everyone’s safety when using it as well as for your peace of mind. The scope and complexity of the systems on board the boat might grow as it gets bigger, making maintenance more difficult. Here is a comprehensive overview of the best maintenance equipment and procedures for yachts. Learn how to ensure your yacht receives the appropriate maintenance at the appropriate time.

Why do yachts need maintenance?

yacht maintenance

Saltwater is corrosive on boats’ hulls and equipment.

After each run, a few quick maintenance actions can be a healthy habit because salt water can cause corrosion. Your boat’s gel coat, rubber fittings, small screws, and metal fixtures are all susceptible to harm from saltwater. Salt speeds up wear and tear on almost all surfaces, but the additional rust it produces and the harm it can do to the motor are particularly troublesome. It’s crucial to shield every surface from corrosive salt damage as part of your boat’s routine maintenance. Perform a quick visual check of the engine compartment to look for leaks after each run. Make sure to hose out the boat to remove any salt residue.

Some parts need lubrication or adjustments.

The slick surface of your boat helps repel saltwater, barnacles, and other organisms that can eat away at the hull. Maintaining the gelcoat isn’t just for aesthetic sake. To help prevent corrosion of the engine components, you can also spray a marine-safe silicone on the powerhead. Ensure that you routinely oil any metal moving parts using marine grease. Routine grease coating updates can help guard against corrosion on delicate metal components.

Equipment need to be replaced once in a while

Machines and their parts may need to be replaced after a certain period. Continuous wear and tear and exposure to sea water necessitate regular inspection of parts to identify any faults. Also, identifying the faulty points will help decide which parts need immediate replacement and which need maintenance.

What parts of a yacht need regular maintenance?

yacht maintenance

The boat’s hull (bottom and sides) requires a lot of attention.

You might not detect damage to your yacht right immediately unless it has been a collision or something similar. To ensure that it continues to be in great shape, we advise that you perform a few tasks at least once a month (but ideally more frequently). Examine your hull’s sides and bottom for damage, and then make plans to get it repaired as soon as possible.

The yacht engines need to be checked regularly.

The engine, in particular, needs great care and attention. The engine should be examined daily and monthly, unlike other items that can be put off. Visual examination of the engine and engine area. Verify the belt tension and oil level in the engine. Check the alignment, level, and visual appearance of the pulleys. Verify the water pump and alternator belts are securely fastened. Check the levels of the antifreeze and coolant.

Oil and filters should be replaced every month. Check the coolant and antifreeze levels and top them out as necessary. Check the heat exchanger anodes and replace them as necessary.

All electrical systems should be controlled frequently.

Inspect that every wire is securely fastened and organized. Make sure the wire casings are intact and fix them if necessary. Examine the safety and quality of the wire connections. Allow as little moisture as possible around bare wires. Check the conditions of the breakers and fuses. Test the condition of the batteries to ensure they are functional. Check to see if the batteries are dry and clean. The test batteries must be operating at their best. Refill the distilled water as per the need.

Ventilation, Air conditioning, and Plumbing of a boat might need a bit of work.

A frequent assessment of the boat’s plumbing and HVAC system is a requirement in a boat maintenance schedule if the boat already has air conditioning installed. The HVAC systems on the boat may be having unnoticed issues, so review this carefully.

What yacht maintenance is needed each month?

yacht maintenance

Washing the exterior of your yacht (including engines): every 2 weeks

If you want your boat to always be in top condition, cleaning it every two weeks is preferable to cleaning it once a month. You should clean and wash all visible components of the yacht’s exterior. Remove any smudges, dust, or bird poop. You can also take off canvas covers and clean all upholstery. Clear the wood and metal work surfaces.

Clean the bottom of your yacht: once a month

You should routinely remove the barnacles from the boat’s bottom. A yacht’s long-term maintenance and effective operation depend on having a clean, smooth hull. This typically entails a diver scrubbing the hull from the water line and below to ensure that the boat is free of barnacles, various types of algae, and marine life. A higher current area can result in more frequent growth and the need for more regular cleaning, so keep that in mind as well.

Electrical systems check: once a month.

A good sailing experience depends on many of your yacht’s systems operating properly. The systems used frequently include air conditioning, pumps, exhaust, air intake, batteries, coolant levels, fuel, and lubrication.

Air conditioning cleaning: between once a month and every 6 months

Air conditioning systems of boats require routine maintenance in hot areas. Every six months, perform an acid flush on a yacht’s air conditioning lines to guarantee appropriate cleaning and the removal of any debris lodged there.

Waxing the boat: every 3 months

For best effectiveness, the boat’s exterior should be waxed every six months, from the waterline to the rubrail. Waxing frequency may rise if the hull is colored.

What yacht maintenance is needed yearly?

yacht maintenance

Engine, drivetrain, and generator service: once a year

You should service your yacht’s engine and its other crucial components, like the drivetrain, once every year. Although hauling out is not necessary to check the bottom and running gear, it can be a beneficial practice. The primary engines, transmission belts, and generators will receive necessary maintenance as part of this annual service, which is dissimilar to when automobile owners bring their vehicles in for routine maintenance. Depending on your vessel, the yearly maintenance price, including engine care, will vary greatly. With larger yachts, the costs rise.

Repaint the yacht’s hull: every 2 years

It’s best to take out the boat once a year to inspect the bottom of the hull and, if necessary, repaint it, even though many people believe that every two years is adequate. Consider performing this along with yearly maintenance. The paint layers on your vessel’s bottom could erode as you remove barnacles from the bottom and clean up.

How much does it cost to maintain your yacht?

According to the conventional opinion, yacht owners should anticipate spending 10% of the purchase price annually on upkeep. Undoubtedly included in this 10% estimate is yacht upkeep. However, this generalization can change based on the product you choose. The 10% estimate seems probably exaggerated if you buy a new yacht due to the higher purchase price. The fact that fewer things will break on a newer boat and the fact that the new yacht warranty covers many of these things.

If you buy a used yacht for a lower price, the cost of upkeep and repairs will probably be higher. Ask about the anticipated maintenance costs while seeking information about a particular yacht.

What types of yachts are the ones with the lowest maintenance?

yacht maintenance

Newer yachts require less maintenance than older ones

It does not involve any cost if a piece of equipment fails because warranties protect a new boat and its equipment. Additionally, every component is fresh and in excellent condition. This covers everything, including the hull, equipment, waxing, and engines. The beds, bilges, and other furnishings are clean and in excellent condition.

Sailing boats need less maintenance than motor yachts.

Additionally, motor yacht engines are expensive. You should anticipate paying a significant amount of money if the engine on your yacht needs to be replaced or repaired for any reason. On the other hand, you fit sailing boats with trolling motors. Most sailors, however, make an effort to use their engines as little as possible and instead rely completely on the wind and tides. Thus, this saves a lot on fuel and maintenance because the engine isn’t big.

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Monohulls are low maintenance compared to catamarans.

Based on age, size, and hull construction material, maintenance costs differ amongst vessels. Catamaran maintenance, however, often costs a little more than monohull maintenance for typical vessels of the same overall length. This is a result of the higher strength standards and more intricate engineering. Because catamarans require structural support between the hulls, there is an additional system to maintain.

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What types of boats to avoid if you want low maintenance?

Wooden boats are probably the ones that need the most maintenance.

The wooden boats deteriorate far more quickly in water than on land over extended periods. This is so because wood easily deteriorates by fungus spores, which reproduce and thrive in water in large quantities. As a result, maintaining and caring for wooden boats is quite labor-intensive.

Superyachts need maintenance proportional to their size

Superyachts, like their purchase price, also demand a high maintenance cost. Furthermore, the maintenance and maintenance cost depends on their size and features.

How to avoid maintenance headaches when owning a yacht?

yacht maintenance

Pick a boat that fits the time and budget you are willing to spend on maintenance.

There are several things to consider when considering boat ownership, such as estimating operating and maintenance expenditures. It has numerous systems, including mechanical, electrical, water, heat, and maybe air conditioning, all of which require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Therefore, choosing a boat that suits not only your goals and budget but also your time and financial resources for maintenance is crucial.

Bring your yacht to professionals regularly: the best way to see (and fix) problems early on.

Trusting reputable boat maintenance service providers is perhaps the greatest approach to assure frequent and excellent maintenance of your boat. They are not just proficient in boat maintenance, but they will also give the best suggestion depending on the kind of upkeep required. Indeed, they offer both corrective and preventive maintenance to avoid any kind of heavy expenditures. Furthermore, they are experts in identifying all the hidden damages as well.

Leave all the management (and maintenance) to a yacht broker: the hassle-free option.

As you complete the boat-buying process, having a broker by your side has many benefits. They provide pro-active assistance not only with boat management requirements but also with maintenance needs. Brokers offer a wealth of expertise and product knowledge regarding boats. While some brokers only work with a select few yacht manufacturers, others have a broad range of expertise and can advise customers on the most effective maintenance regimen. This makes it easier to maintain the boat in top condition. In fact, this makes it even more possible for the boat owner to enjoy their boat to the utmost without having to worry about upkeep.

Frequent preventative maintenance is essential for your boat to last a long time. It not only keeps your boat safe, but it can also improve its overall performance, fuel economy, and emissions. You may undoubtedly perform maintenance on your own, but there are a lot of details to keep in mind. So, it is best to trust a professional service provider.

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yacht maintenance


8 catamarans for sale under 5 millions in 2023, buy a yacht | a complete guide for first time yacht owners, can you live on a yacht full time our advice.

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At YSM, we are dedicated to o ffering the  most comprehensive and premier vessel service solutions. Our team is  equipped to handle a wide range of services, including mechanical maintenance, vessel maintenance, project management, and consulting. In addition, we provide boat sales, captain services, entertainment, and education to meet the diverse needs of our cli ents. Our custom monthly maintenance and management programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each vessel and client, taking into account brand and budget considerations. We are proud to serve our cl ients in both Southern California and South Florida with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Our Mission

At YSM, we are committed to delivering exceptional vessel service solutions and unparalleled care to our valued clients. Our mission is to empower you to maintain the lifestyle you desire, while ensuring your vessel is always in optimal condition and functioning to the highest standards. We understand the importance of budget considerations and strive to offer our services in a way that fits your financial requirements. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of integrity, attentiveness, and professionalism in every aspect of our service. Our goal is to ensure that your vessel retains its value and that all necessary services are managed efficiently, so you can focus on what really matters - enjoying your vessel to the fullest.

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Yacht Management | Project Management

Our goal is to provide you with a customized program that suits your needs, whether you require weekly or monthly boat maintenance and cleaning, project management services in the shipyard, or simply want to ensure that your investment is well-protected. We understand that your time is valuable, and we aim to make your boating experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With our boat cleaning and detailing services, you can rest assured that your vessel will always be ready to use whenever you want to hit the water.

Boat Cleaner

Need your boat moved?  We have experienced Captains ready to take your boat anywhere in the US and  Caribbean.  With safety and communication at the forefront of our delivery service, you can rest easy knowing your boat is in good hands. Contact us to schedule your boat delivery.

A service engineer fixing the engine of a vessel.jpg

Maintenance and Repairs

At ER Yacht Services, we offer a wide range of services for boat maintenance and repair. Our team of skilled marine contractors is dedicated to providing quality service, ensuring that your vessel is always in good hands. From preventive maintenance to emergency repairs, we've got you covered. Trust us to deliver reliable and comprehensive solutions for all your boating needs.

Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide

We have a handful of expert anglers with years of experience in South Florida and the Caribbean.  Our guide will accompany you on your boat and help you get your dream catch!

Get to Know Us

ER Yacht Services is the ultimate boating concierge and shore support service. We are a family-run business with over 20 years of experience in the maritime industry. Our base is in Stuart, FL, and we provide services from Miami to Ft. Pierce.

Our founders, Evan and Becca, bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the table. Born and raised in South Florida, Captain Evan has spent the last 15 years working with top-notch yacht owners in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. He is highly skilled in all positions on board and takes great pride in his knowledge of fishing and spearfishing. Becca is a chef with experience working both interior and exterior. She has cooked and provisioned all over the world and has a keen eye for detail.

At ER Yacht Services, we combine our knowledge and experience to offer yacht management, shore support, and deliveries.

We're here to take care of it all!

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