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Đóng Tàu Sông Lô là một trong những đơn vị sản xuất tàu và ca nô Composite FRP hàng đầu tại Việt Nam

Be recognized as one of the best powerboats builders in Vietnam.

Building safe, high quality and high performance powerboats to bring joyful boating experience to customers.

What make us different:

Talented and dedicated staffs.

Applying new Technology and Machine in design and production.

Aim for excellent in details.

Song Lo Shipbuilding Co., Ltd is well known in Vietnam to build reliable and high performance boats since 2000. We’re building boats for many big partners in Vietnam since then including VINGROUP,  NOVALAND, HUNG THINH COOPERATION, VIETNAM BORDER AND COAST GUARD, BINH SON REFINING COMPANY, SANEST KHANH HOA, and hundreds of travel, tourist companies and resorts around Vietnam.

We aim to build better and better boats everyday.

-First FRP Boat built since:  2000

-Shipyard area:  4,000 m2

-Staff:  40

-Biggest FRP boat built:  24m LOA – 24 Tons displacement

-Current production capacity:  30 Boats from 8m-20m/ year

Our competitive advantages:

High quality of resin, fiberglass material and marine equipment. All boats built by 20 years experience designers, engineers and boat builders.

-Resin and Fiber Glass Material:  Allnex Polyester Resin from Australia Manufacturer

-Gelcoat of Boat:  Allnex Gelcoat from Australia Manufacturer

Marine Equipment:  Vetus Maxwell, BEP Marine, Hella Marine, Mastervolt, Garmin, Fusion…

yacht builders vietnam

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Rapido Trimarans

Custom Builds

Do you have a particular trimaran, catamaran or monohull that you would like built?

Additional questions:

Is your project…

  • For production?
  • For pleasure?
  • For commercial?
  • To fulfil a personal dream?
  • To achieve a business goal
  • The entire vessel including fit out?
  • Just the shell?
  • Just components?

Rapido Trimarans, through our manufacturing facility,  Triac Composites,  in HCMC, Vietnam can build it for you.

Triac Composites has:

  • An international management team
  • Highly skilled local staff
  • Riverside access (which connects to the port and ocean)
  • A 7 axis Kuka milling robot
  • A CNC cutting machine
  • An 8.5m autoclave

While our preference is to build vessels from composites, we can also project-manage the build of steel ships. In August 2019, for example, we completed two x 16m steel fishing vessels for a client in Denmark.

Free Trade Agreements

Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organisation and a key driver behind its booming economy over the past 25 years has been its commitment to free trade. Vietnam is a signatory of  12 free trade agreements and is currently negotiating another seven. So, wherever you need the vessel, there is a very good chance that Vietnam will have a free trade agreement with that country.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion and / or quote

Email: [email protected]

Triac logo.jpg

Composites - strong, durable, light, versatile, insulative... without corrosion, UV or fatigue. It's time to innovate...


A history to succeed

Staff trip.jpg

[Photo caption above: Triac Composites' 65 staff and Australian management team visited Vung Tau for a team building day.]

  Triac Composites is an internationally owned and managed company,

based in HCMC, Vietnam.

While Triac Composites' origins are in manufacturing composite sailing

boats, its future actively includes expanding the use of composites into

other industries. 

Collectively, the Principals in the company have built more than 1,500  sailing boats over the last 30 years in three countries (Australia, USA and now, Vietnam). Each sailing boat was been built with composites - for very good reasons:

Why are composites the material of choice for the Principals' sailing boats?

Sailing boats rely on the wind. The lighter the boat, the faster it can travel so being light-weight is critical.

In the middle of the ocean, no one can hear you scream! Sailing boats must be built to withstand the enormous loads placed on them by the wind and water. Composites such as carbon fiber have an extremely high strength to weight ratio that rivals that of steel. Super strong; super light.

Sailing boats spend much of their lives in very hostile environments. Salt is an incredibly corrosive agent - but composites do not rust and they are able to withstand the ultra violet rays of the sun.

Composites can be moulded and manufactured into virtually any shape giving "design freedom" compared with other, more traditional, materials.

(For more benefits of composites, click here .)

Triac Composites: a new beginning, 2014

In 2014, the Principals established Triac Composites, the manufacturing arm of the Hong Kong-based Rapido Trimarans .

The 60' Rapido Trimaran was the first product to be manufactured by Triac


But, while composites are especially well suited to the sailing and marine

industries, their applicability in other industries represents

an enormous opportunity. 

The attributes of being light weight, super  strong, non corrosive and

offering  design freedom are benefits that other  industries will ignore at

their own peril.

Triac Composites' Principals are experts at building boats - and working with composites, whether that is in the marine industry or other industries. 

Triac Composites employs more than 60 highly skilled and motivated Vietnamese staff. Many of these staff have worked with the Directors since they first moved to Vietnam back in 2006 when they relocated a boat-building factory from the USA. 

Paul Koch - General Director and Co founder: Paul was the owner of Ostac Yachts from 1986 to 2008 and Corsair Marine from 1994 until 2010 Paul's vision and passion has pioneered numerous multihull innovations (see photo above, on right). 

Richard Eyre - Co founder: Richard is a life long sailor, trimaran owner, lawyer and investment banker and brings many years of corporate knowledge and good governance to the company (see photo above, on left).

Phil Johns - General Manager: Phil worked with Paul as the Marketing & Business Development Manager of Corsair Marine in Vietnam before joining the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam where he worked as its Executive Director. He joined Triac Composites in April 2018.

Mark Waller - Operations Director: A long and rich history in composite boat building that included two decades working with Seawind Catamarans, most recently as Production Manager

Zam Bevan - Oversees the production of the of the masts for each of the Rapido Trimarans (40', 50' 50XS and 60').Prior to that, he had 16 years' experience at All Yacht Spars in Australia as a Rigging Supervisor before moving to Corsair Marine in Vietnam as its Trimaran Production Manager.  

Benjamin Ellison - Composites boat builder, rigger with extensive experience has worked for himself and other companies in Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Dubai.

Ven Tran - Factory Manager: is heavily involved with CAD Drawings and the production. He was an original member of Corsair back in 20o6 when Paul shifted the business from the US to Vietnam and then again when Paul established Triac Composites in 2014. 

In addition, Triac employs multiple qualified naval architects as well as working with international naval architects from the US and Thailand.

Triac Composites' recent projects

Triac Composites' recent projects include building:

Water vessels including the in-house 60’ Rapido Trimaran as well as yachts, power boats, coastal patrol boats and ferries

Interiors of trains , ships  and boats

Building / architectural facades ; and

High tech composites

The projects are varied and cover all shapes, sizes and strengths - all at a very low weight (being composites).

Triac Composites is well positioned to work with you to develop and deliver a composite solution for your needs.

Email us with your question!

Do you have a question? Are composites suitable for your project?

Please email us at [email protected]  

Richard Ward and Paul Koch


yacht builders vietnam



Tam Son Yachting has mission to bring the perfect European Yachting Experience to Vietnam. TAM SON YACHTING WORLD has been driven by our Vision to a professional eco-system in Vietnam yacht industry, where all of distinguished services are served in One-stop Shop.

yacht builders vietnam


Beneteau is one of the oldest brands in the world, founded in 1884, starting as a sailing shipyard for fishing in France. Today, Beneteau reaches out to the world with 8 collections in 2 lines of motorboats and sailboats.

yacht builders vietnam


Established in a small seaside town off the coast of France, Lagoon - the world's largest multihull builder with 5800 catamarans produced since 1984, specializes in modern sailing catamarans that are suitable for both coastal and offshore sailing. A global history of superior performance, quality, and comfort.

yacht builders vietnam


The leading group of the world – owned the largest network producing megayachts and luxury yachting sector, yet Azimut has constantly innovated technology and refined each product.

yacht builders vietnam


Saxdor was created by Sakari Mattila - the creative visionary and the brain behind each company’s business model. Founded 4 successfully established brands and get international awarded: Axopar, XO-boat, Paragon and Aquador.

Saxdor brand name meaning: S = Sakari, AX = AXopar, DOR = AquaDOR.

yacht builders vietnam


120 years of experience and inventor of the inflatable boat, Zodiac Nautic offers products with exceptional resistance and reliability thanks to the materials and processes with cutting-edge technology.

yacht builders vietnam


Ocean Voyager is the world leader for day charter catamaran, producing a range of 7 boats from 53T.

yacht builders vietnam


The Iguana was founded on one man’s desire to enjoy boating without constraints. A boat which does not need to be anchored, berthed, or trailered is a boat that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere.

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Kepler boats exemplify a perfect fusion of cost-effectiveness and functionality, backed by thorough evaluations from marine experts and a comprehensive series of customer surveys conducted to understand the specific needs of Vietnamese clients. This careful process gave rise to the Kepler brand.

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Rapoido Catamarans logo jpeg.jpg

Power cats for business & pleasure.

Triac Composites factory, riverside.jpg

Caption: Rapido Catamarans is located in the Triac Composites factory in HCMC, Vietnam - on the banks of the Nha Be River. Sail away... 

yacht builders vietnam

 Rapido Catamarans' Founders

yacht builders vietnam

Paul Koch and James Sganzerla, arguably, have built more composite multihulls than any other boat builder in the world. We estimate that they have built more than 1,500 multihulls since 1986 when  Paul established OSTAC (Ocean Sailing Trimarans and Catamarans) in Australia.

Paul owned OSTAC until 2008 but it was when he took the reins of Corsair Marine in 1994 over in the USA that the production really started to pick up. Understanding the economics of building boats for an increasingly cost-conscious market, the two of them relocated Corsair Marine's entire business to Vietnam in 2006. 

In 2010, they sold Corsair Marine to focus on the launch of Rapido Trimarans and Triac Composites in Vietnam. Rapido Trimarans would focus on a range of Trimarans, spearheaded by the Rapido 60 (see video below) . The hallmarks of the Rapido 60 was that she would be the world's fastest production cruising trimaran!

Triac Composites would be the builder of the trimarans - and Triac Composites would also source composite work from industries outside of marine.

Richard Eyre, a life long sailor, trimaran owner, lawyer and investment banker also played a founding role in the establishment of the company. Richard brought many years of corporate knowledge and good governance to this internationally owned and managed company.

Richard Eyre and Paul Koch.jpg

Co founders, Richard Eyre and Paul Koch.

 Rapido Catamarans' time

In 2019, the founders surveyed the boaties in the market.

Like others, these boaties are often time poor. They are unable to afford the luxury of being dependent on the vagaries of the wind to serve their needs. They need the certainty of guaranteed performance at the turn of a key. But that doesn't mean they are prepared to accept a fuel-guzzling boat with its environmental and financial costs. They want to enjoy the water and have that sense of satisfaction in harvesting energy efficiently.

And so, the idea of Rapido Catamarans was born. 

Firstly, we continue to believe that multihulls offer numerous advantages over the multihull as per the Cats Vs Mono page on this website.

We also think that having spent three decades building wind-powered composite boats that sail across oceans, we know something about building boats that are lightweight yet structurally sound. These are key ingredients for achieving greater efficiency from the same engine (hydro, solar or conventional) without compromising safety.

But, we also need an efficient hull design...

yacht builders vietnam

The Designer

yacht builders vietnam

                                                                        As a boat builder, we rely heavily on the designer to deliver a design that we                                                                            can breathe life into. And with  Albatross Marine Design  (AMD), we have                                                                                    found such a designer.

AMD is a Thailand-based design office, founded by Dr. Albert Nazarov in early 2006, that has grown rapidly and now provides services to clients globally.

With its extensive investment in the latest available design software and testing equipment it is, without doubt, one of the most advanced design offices in the world.

 The scope of AMD's design services includes:

Design and styling

Interior design

Naval architecture


Research and consultancy

Construction supervision

Trials and testing

AMD's achievements in the field of small craft design include the Gold Prize 2019 for the European Product Design Award for the F100 water taxi design. The f100 is a smaller version of Rapido Catamarans' RC12m .

AMD logo.jpg

yacht builders vietnam

David Aguilera Martin  

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and  Co-Founder

David is a co-founder of Odisea Yachts and is a joint Spanish and British national who resides in London although travels extensively globally. David was also raised in Australia where he obtained his education as a MSc at the University of Technology, Sydney before relocating to the EU where he pursued a successful corporate career as well as seeding several technology start-ups.

David has always been a keen sailor since his teens where he learned the ropes on the J24 circuit in Sydney harbor. Once in Europe, he progressed to yacht delivery before moving into the corporate world. As working life took over, David retained his love for the sea and has owned several yachts over the years. David dream will remain to one day sail safely around the world.

David’s love for the sea comes only second to his love for his wife and 5 children and his advocacy for a greener and more sustainable future which led him to start Odisea with an eye to reduce the footprint existing boat construction materials and methods leave on the planet.

yacht builders vietnam

Markos Thiraios

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and  Co-Founder

Markos is a Co-founder of Odisea Yachts and is a Greek national with some Italian roots. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering and his MSc in the same field in Glasgow, Scotland. Due to his father profession in Naval Architecture, Markos had a natural curiosity in this field from a early age and indeed a close connection to the sea. From the age of 10  to 17, he was a competitive swimmer while at the same time, he would sail traditional wooden latin boats in races progressing to sail the Aegean Race as a very young crew member. Markos loves his profession and has managed to implement his unique ideas into numerous  client designs over the years from small ribs to large commercial vessels. For him, Odisea Yachts is a way to deliver functional, ergonomic and efficient designs that can be manufactured in a carbon-neutral, non-toxic manner using  at least 50% of recycled aluminium and up to 90% of parts that can be recycled after its useful life. Odisea is the platform to fulfil his dream of building  vessels that are non-harmful to the environment.

Elena Martin

Chief Operating Officer

Elena, joined Odisea as Chief Operating officer after having a successful career in project management and portfolio governance across diverse sectors, including retail, energy trading, insurance, and international development, in a global environment. Throughout her career, she has been leading and supporting complex technical assistance, business change and IT programmes helping to streamline business processes, improve governance, ensure increased revenues and enhance customer satisfaction. Elena holds an international MBA in Entrepreneurship and an MA in International Business.

These experiences led her to the realization that what she enjoyed most about being in project and portfolio management would carry over to Yacht business- strategy, execution, organisational skills whilst helping people realise their dreams of sailing.

Having worked and lived in various European, Asian and African countries, Elena is a multilingual professional fluent in English, German, and Russian, with ongoing studies in Spanish.

When not caring for her young family, she indulges her love for travel, exploring new places, enjoying diverse cuisines, and immersing herself in captivating international books and movies.

yacht builders vietnam

Dailey Tipton

Global Sales and Marketing Director

Dailey leads global sales for Odisea. He brings years of yachting and sailing experience to the Odisea team. Dailey joined yachting industry after a successful corporate career leading international businesses, while always pursuing his yachting passions. Starting off, Dailey worked as a boat yard rigger to fund his way through college and gained a Navy Scholarship for his first engineering degree, and eight years of Naval Flight service including Gulf War I and multiple deployments abroad. After a graduate engineering degree, he spent 25+ years in High Tech and Sustainability field, all the while pursuing his passions for the water and yachting.

Sailing experience started in dinghies and he worked his way to become a big boat bowman on offshore racing yachts on both East, West coasts, and Caribbean as well as multiple other racing platform. Beyond racing, Dailey is a skilled mechanic, rigger, fiberglass/carbon fabrication and repair, and marine wood working.

In personal life, Dailey and his wife Jessica split time between the Northern Chesapeake and Annapolis. They have two children and two grandchildren. Dailey is a competitive athlete in open water swimming, long distance trail running and the continued focus on racing sailboats.

yacht builders vietnam

Adonis Sevilla

Production lead Adonis has extensive Aluminium boat construction and fit-out expertise having worked in the Philipines, Australia and Vietnam for over 28 years for companies such as Austral and Strategic Marine. He is well versed in running complex multiple-builds from small vessels to fit-out of cruise liners. Adonis is a graduate from the University of the Visaya where he majored in Mechanical engineering and leads all our production in the Shipyard.

yacht builders vietnam

Jeffrey Advincula

Project superintendent and Hydraulics expert Jeffrey has over 10 years experience in the ship building industry as a warrant office, project superintendent and hydraulics expert across the Philipines, Australia and Vietnam for Austral, Strategic Marine and in the industrial space. Jeffrey is a graduate from Cebu University in the Philipines where he majored in industrial engineering.

yacht builders vietnam

Viet Nguyen Nam

Painting and Insulation engineer Nam has over 14 years working in the Ship building industry as a painting and insulation engineer for various prestigious organisations in Vietnam as well as holding numerous industry certifications. Nam has a Naval Architecture and Ship Building degree from Nha Trang University.

yacht builders vietnam

Vu Van Tung

Foreman and production engineer Tung has over 18 years working in the Ship building industry in various roles for companies such as Hyundai & Strategic Marine in Vietnam where he managed large teams to deliver multiple small and large scale projects. Tun has a Ship mechanical engineering degree from Nha Trang University.

our Partners

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naval architects structural engineers and project management


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Ship building yard in Vietnam


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Ship builder and outfitter



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510 SKY - new model for 2024

The 510 SKYDECK model combines the best features of the popular 500 FLY, offering a more sporty design and an enclosed upper deck. Check out the changes we've made for the 2024 model year.

500 FLY - new model for 2024

The award-winning Galeon 500 FLY has been significantly refreshed for the 2024 model year. Check out the new side profile design and improved functionality of this incredibly popular model

700 SKY - Silver Edition

Check out the custom extravagant exterior of the Galeon 700 SKYDECK with the silver color scheme

435 GTO - World Premiere

The 435 GTO is the next-in-line of powerful, outboard models with its sleek contours and versatile space distribution on board - check out the amazing new photos!

800 FLY - A true flagship

Amazing photo gallery of the flagship Galeon 800 FLY! Check out the interior and exterior photos of the largest yacht ever from our shipyard.

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Join us at the South Coast Boat Show in the UK, 19-21 of April

Make sure to visit us at the 2024 Palm Beach boat show 21-24th of March!

The Galeon range

Choose your perfect galeon yacht from our selection of luxurious and dynamic models, sport cruiser.

Great performance with open cockpit and saloon down below

Sleek exterior with bright living area on the main deck

Functional and spacious on all three decks

A perfect combination of substance and style

Galeon company

Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With clear vision and steady growth we have reached employment of over 1 200 people working on 35 000 square meters of production and assembly halls, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects. Every Galeon yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. We strive to become synonymous with high quality, innovative features and perfect execution of our products. Our attention to detail and willingness to improve constantly pushes us forward and with over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world – you can be sure your next Galeon yacht will meet all your expectations.

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Galeon business partners

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Search the galeon network for an official dealer near you..

Alexander Marine Australia Pty Ltd

The Boat Works Complex Waterfront Suite 2 Building A 200 Beattie Road Coomera Queensland 4209

Ph: +61 (0)7 5618 0000

[email protected]

Alexander Marine Australia & NZ

Sydney Superyacht Marina Suite A, 2 Maritime Court

Rozelle NSW 2039 Australia

Ph: +61 (0)414 249 626

+61 (0)410 304 850

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Regus Vienna Europaplatz 2/1/2 A1150 Vienna

Tel: +43 660 785 8302 Tel: +43 664 914 7229

HL SCHIFSTECHNIK (Lake of Constance only)

Wassersportzentrum 9 88079 Kressbronn

Tel:+ 49 7543 5588 Fax:+ 49 7543 5602

[email protected] www.hl-schiffstechnik.de

Vordermayrbergstraße 33 A4030 LINZ


[email protected]

[email protected]

Tel: +43 699 1777 2668

Tel: +43 660 785 8302

Rohr 1 6973 Fußach


Rivierdijk 34 3372 BG Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Tel:+ 31 184 612227

[email protected] www.galeon.nl

Freedom Marine


9835 Seaport Pl, Unit 1D

Sidney BC, V8L 4X3


[email protected]



510 Nicola Street #100

Vancouver BC, V6G 3J7


50, 62ième avenue Île-aux-Noix, J0J 1G0

Tel: +1 514 282 8484

Email:  [email protected]


Shenzhen City


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51521 Punat

+385 91 547 0206

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Zeleni Trg 1

+421 949 626 307

+420 723 718 004

+385 91 911 0130

[email protected]


Put gradine 1

22243 Murter

+385 91 911 1130

Extravagant Yachts

20 Av. Aggelou Metaxa 

16674 Glyfada

Athens, Greece

T: +30 6945708572

[email protected]

[email protected]


Bohdalecká 1576/23c

10100, Prague

Tel: +420 723 718 004 Tel: +421 949 626 307


Bluebay Marine A/S

Kejlstrupvej 241

8600 Silkeborg

Tel: +45 86822222

[email protected]


Zenith for Imports and Exports

Tel: +2 012 2214 2207

[email protected]


Paseco General Escalon #4715, 2a planta Local #1,

San Salvador, El Salvador

Jorge Saca Bahia

t. (503) 7 886 32 75

[email protected]


Kalevi Jahtklubi Pirita 11911 TALLINN Eesti Tel.:+372 522 8814

+372 510 2549

[email protected]

GN Boats Oy

Address: Gneissikaari 5 A


mobile: +358 40 509 2995

[email protected]


GENERAL IMPORTER Port de la Rague 06 210 Mandelieu La Napoule

Tel + 33 493 49 08 58 Fax +33 493 49 63 30


Port de la Napoule 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule

[email protected]

Rio et Fils

Z.A.Le Gourbenet 83420 La Croix Valmer

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Dorée Marine

Port de la Pointe Rouge 13008 Marseille

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Bateaux de Clémence

2 bis quai de la Trireme 34300 Agde

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1 Rue François Toullec 56100 Lorient

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OMV Golfe de Saint Tropez

319 Route des Blaquières 83310 Grimaud


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2235 Avenue de l’aéroport 83400 Hyères


[email protected]

Experience Yachting

ZT 1 Route des Marines 30240 Port Camargue


[email protected]

Armor Nautic

6 Allée Georges Lacombe Zone du Guélen 29000 Quimper


[email protected]


Büro Ostsee, Ancora Marina,

An der Wiek 7 – 15,

23730 Neustadt in Holstein,


Geschäftsführer Ralf Segel Rudolstädter Straße 13 07422 Bad Blankenburg

Tel:+49 36741-72040 Fax: +49 36741-72041

[email protected] www.segel-auto-boote.de


Mittelwendung 39 28844 Weyhe-Dreye

Tel:+ 49 4203 3548 Fax+ 49 4203 5172

[email protected] www.hw-bootscenter.de


Reichenaustr. 45 78467 Konstanz

Tel+ 49 7531 89330 Fax+ 49 7531 893322

[email protected] www.bootcenter.com


Aggelou Metaxa 20

Glyfada 16674

  [email protected]

20 Calle 16-00, Zona 10 esquina,

Guatemala, Guatemala 01010.

Roland Morel

t. (502) 2 498 80 00

[email protected]

Jean Paul Morel

[email protected]

Armando Morel

[email protected]

29 Calle, 10 Avenida S.O., Bo. La Guardia,

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Claudio Fernandez Sera

t. (505) 8 244 91 50

[email protected]

Geovani Chain

t. (504) 9 995 84 15

[email protected]

Asia Marine Yacht Services Ltd


[email protected] www.asiamarine.com

Tel: +852 2677 7791 Tel: +852 9763 9100

N.L.S. Yachting Group Kft.


Veres P. str.10.


[email protected]


Asia Marine Yacht Services Ltd.

[email protected]


Tel: +852 2677 7791

Tel: +852 9763 9100

Ambil-Yam LTD

9 Yad Harutzim St. Poleg Industrial area, Netania

Tel: +972-9-8358088 Tel: +972-50-5210510

[email protected]


Fortune srl

Porto Turistico box 49 – 16033 Lavagna (GE) Italy

Mob. +39 335 304097

Mob +39 335 323646


[email protected]

Slow Boat Co., Ltd

598-1 minamityoda.hiratsuka.kanagawa 254-0084

tel: +81 463 67 8849 mob +81 90 2495 3209

[email protected]


Royal Marine Ltd

Block 8 Tala Bay Marina

Aqaba – Jordan

Tel +962 3 206 1556

Email: [email protected]


Eurasia Motors

Almaty, Utegen Batyr st, 11a

tel: +77017891437

[email protected]


King’s Road Tower – Ground Floor King’s Road

Mobile: +966 541 820 636 Tel: +966 2 6068783

[email protected] www.seapros.com

Seas & Deserts

Al Ameeri Group Building Al Rai, Street 20 Kuwait City

Tel : +965 1822288

Cell :+965 96015666

[email protected]

[email protected]

Maritime Ventures Lebanon

SGBL Bldg, 1st Floor

Baabda Main Street

Beirut, Lebanon

Tel.: +96 1817 02460

[email protected]

Hobio Centras UAB „Serenika“

Dubysos str. 25A, Klaipėda, LT-91181, Lithuania



Famalco Group

Pitkali Road, Attard ATD2214 Malta, Europe

Tel: (+356) 2339 2339

[email protected]


Camino Al Mare

Av Tulum 232 – B8 Manzana 12 SM 4 Cancún, Centro 77500

Tel: +52 9988 92 8679

Email:  [email protected]

Homero 342 piso 4 Col, Polanco Miguel Hidalgo 11560 Ciudad de México


Prvomajska 4 85310 Budva, Mne

Tel: +381 63 271 888



14 Rue Salonique

Casablanca, Morocco

Tel: +212 520 621 151

Tel: +212 661 157 758


[email protected]

Camino de Oriente,

Managua, Nicaragua

Mauricio Solorzano P.

t. (505) 8 723 11 00

[email protected]

Nordic Clean AS

Skibåsen 28

4636 Kristiansand

Tlf: 99 33 46 64

Mail: [email protected]

Citadel West

P.O. Box: 234 Postal Code 114, Hay Al Mina

Tel: +968 24657145 Fax: +968 24567481

[email protected] www.citadelwest.com

Calle 50 Edificio Rita Angelica,

San Francisco, Panama, Panama.

Edwin Faberga M.

t. (507) 6 070 20 10

[email protected]

Starogardzka 22 83010 Straszyn

Tel+ 48 58 692 69 00 Fax+ 48 58 690 69 02

[email protected] www.galeon.pl

Centrum motorowodne

Mazurska 98

11-513 Rydzewo

Tel: +48 507187390

[email protected]


Pietrzak Yachts Sp. z o.o.

ul. Bocheńskiego 109

40-816 Katowice

Błażej Pluta

General Manager

Tel:  +48 503 133 300

E-mail:  [email protected]

Argo Yachting

Tel:+44 1489 885656

[email protected]

QYC Yachting Company

The Pearl – Porto Arabia PA – 06 /

Unit No – 157, Doha, Qatar.


[email protected]

(+974) 50334444


Generala Milutina Vlajica 6 Beograd 11000

Tel: +381 63 271 888 Tel: +381 69 552 0125

AVENTURA Lifestyle s.r.o.

Bajkalská 29/C 82101, Bratislava Tel: +421 949 626 307 Tel: +420 723 718 004

www.aventuraboats.sk [email protected]

Atal Nautika d.o.o.

Bukovžlak 65 d 3000 Celije

Tel: + 386 3 492 40 00 Mob: + 386 51 395 222 Mob: + 386 31 646 420

[email protected] www.atal.si

Gin-A Co. Ltd.

Suite 708 Dongbu Root Bldg. Bundang-gu Hwangseul-ro 200-gil 36 Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do 13595

Tel: +82 31-711-9681

[email protected]

Argo Yachting -Botafoch Ibiza

Marina Botafoc, 07800,

Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Argo Yachting - Cala D'Or

Port Petit 320,

ES – 07660,

Cala D’Or, Mallorca, Spain

Argo Yachting - Peurto Portals

Torre de Capitanía s/n,

Edificio C5 Locales 103-104,

Portals Nous (Calvià)

Argo Yachting - Port Adriano

Urbanizacion El Toro s/n,

Calvia 07180,

Mallorca, Spain

Yates Mallorca

Club de Mar 07015 Palma de Mallorca

Tel: +34 971 70 77 74 Mob: +34 607 607 536 Fax: +34 971 70 29 53

[email protected] www.yates-mallorca.com

DON MARINO BOATS General Importer

Puerto Deportivo De Estepona 29680 Estepona-Malaga

Tel: +34 952803800 Fax:+34 952791784

[email protected] www.donmarinoboats.es

Marenostrum Yachts


[email protected]

+34 629 537 172

Club Náutico Port Balis – Local n°13

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

08392 Barcelona

Port Ginesta – Local n°810


08860 Barcelona

Yates y Cosas


[email protected]

+34 942 369 151

Polígono industrial de Raos 11E

39600 Camargo (Cantabria)

Nautica Paco


[email protected]

+34 986720268

+34 986723384

Náutica Paco

Avda. de León, 25 – 36960 Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

Náutica Paco Puerto

Puerto deportivo Juan Carlos I – 36960 Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

Nautica AZA

Avenida de la Pista, 14 E46470 Massanassa 

Tel: +34 963 240 099

[email protected]


PS Marin AB (East and north of Sweden)

General Importer

Långvretsvägen 14 S-163 46 SPÅNGA

Tel: +46-8-369460 Tel +46-703-369460

[email protected] www.psmarin.se

BoatShop.se (South of Sweden)

Humlaviksvägen 16 S-372 97 Ronneby

Tel: +46-708-202698

[email protected] www.boatshop.se


CH-6053 Alpnachstad

Tel+ 41 416729191 Fax+ 41 416729198

[email protected] www.herzog-marinecenter.ch

Asia Marine Ltd.

20/35 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Rd., T. Kohkeaw, Muang District Phuket 83000 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 239 111 Fax: + 66 (0) 76 238 974

[email protected] www.asiamarine.com/thailand



Tel+90 212 352 659596 Fax+90 212 352 6603

[email protected] www.denizyatcilik.com


Khmelnetskogo,32 01030 Kiev

Tel: +380675045706 Tel: +380445682590

[email protected] www.galeonboats.com.ua

Royal Yachting Middle East Boat Trading LLC.

Suite 814, The Onyx Tower 2,

The Greens,  SH’ Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

PO Box, 283741 Dubai

+971 (0) 43996399 +971 (0) 504674113 (Mr. Hussain)

[email protected] www.royalyachting.ae

Unit 1 The Saltings Swanwick Marina Bridge Road Swanwick Southampton SO31 1FA

Turnchapel Wharf, Barton Road,

Turnchapel, Plymouth, PL9 9RQ

Unit 1, Alexandra Wharf,

1 Maritime Walk,

Ocean Village,

Southampton SO14 3QR

18025 U.S. 19 North, Clearwater, Florida 33764

Tel: 727-536-2628

[email protected] www.marinemax.com

1601 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, Florida 34236

Tel: 941-388-4411

14030 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida 33919

Tel:  239-481-8200

1146 6th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102

Tel:  239-262-1000

2370 SW Palm City Road, Stuart, Florida 34994

Tel:   772-287-4495

700 South Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

Tel:  954-783-9555

700 N.E. 79th Street, Miami, Florida 33138

Tel: 305-758-5786

2 Fishing Village Drive, Key Largo, Florida 33037

Tel:  305-367-3969

3605 Thomas Drive, Panama City, Florida 32408

Tel:  850-708-1317

84 W. Airport Blvd., Pensacola, Florida 32503

Tel:  850-477-1112

3001 NASA Parkway, Seabrook, Texas 77586

Tel:  281-326-4224

1490 N Stemmons FWY, Lewisville, Texas 75067-2505

Tel:  972-436-9979

1860 Bald Ridge Marina Road, Cumming, Georgia 30041

Tel:  770-781-9370

1991 N.E. Catawba Road, Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

Tel:  419-797-4492

3070 Bagnell Dam Blvd., Lake Ozark, Missouri 65049

Tel:  573-365-5382

451107 E. 320 Road, Afton, Oklahoma 74331

Tel:  918-782-3277

200 Fifth Avenue South, Bayport, Minnesota 55003

Tel:  651-351-9621

Galeon Yachts, North America

2600 McCormick Drive Suite 200 Clearwater, FL 33759

[email protected] (888) 705-7835

1500 Riverside, Brick, New Jersey 08724

Tel:  732-840-2100

600 Bay Avenue, Somers Point, New Jersey 08244

Tel:  609-926-0600

1800 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Tel:  410-732-1260

106 Wells Cove Road, Grasonville, Maryland 21638

Tel:  410-827-7371

130 Short Street, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 28480

Tel:  910-256-8100

1 Masthead Dr, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886

Tel:  401-886-7899

846 S. Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, New York 11757

Tel:  631-957-5900

130 Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854

Tel:  203-831-6311

MarineMax Russo

10 Hutchinson Drive Danvers, MA 01923

Tel: 781-395-0050

Sales Contact: Larry Russo Jr.

335 Lincoln Street Hingham, MA 02043

Tel: 781-875-3619

MarineMax Palm Beach at PGA Marina

2361 PGA Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 TEL: 561 494-7267

10 Bowen’s Wharf Newport, RI 02840

Tel:  401-782-9100

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/newport

300 Alton Rd Suite 206 Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tel:  305-921-0002

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/miamibeach

Highport Marina 120 Texoma Harbor Dr. Pottosboro, TX 75076

Tel:  972-529-0011

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/laketexoma

7090 Placida Rd. Placida, FL 33946

Tel:  941-485-3388

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/capehaze

Pier 66 Marina 1301 SE 17th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Tel:  954-779-1905

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/pier66

337 Pier One Road Stevensville, Maryland 21666

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/baybridge

130 Short Street Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/wrightsvillebeach

611 Rock Lane Branson, Missouri 65616

Tel: (417) 725-0220

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5800 Lanier Islands Parkway Buford, Georgia 30518

Tel: (770) 614-6968

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33 West St. Monmouth Beach, New Jersey 07750

Tel: (732) 874-7196

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/channelclub

MarineMax Hall Marine

142 Sportsman Island Drive Charleston, South Carolina 29492

Tel: (843) 747-1889

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/charleston

1410 King Street Cocoa, Florida 32922

Tel: (321) 636-3142

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/cocoa

7459 Broad River Road Irmo, South Carolina 29063

Tel: (803) 732-1104

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/columbia

750 Montauk Highway Copiague, New York 11726

Tel: (631) 842-5900

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141 Minnetonka Blvd Excelsior, Minnesota 55331

Tel: (952) 346-4857

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14 Burty Road Greenville, South Carolina 29605

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3829 Gulf Shores Parkway Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542

Tel: (251) 981-1113

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155 West Shore Road Huntington, New York 11743

Tel: (631) 424-2710

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2079 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

Tel: (904) 338-9970

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/jacksonville

134 Espanong Rd. Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey 07849

Tel: (973) 663-2045

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/lakehopatcong

9209 Westmoreland Road Cornelius, North Carolina 28031

Tel: (704) 892-9676

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310 Blucher Circle Lake Wylie, South Carolina 29710

Tel: (803) 831-2101

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/lakewylie

750 South Federal Highway Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

Tel: (954) 618-0440

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/yachtcenter

Chelsea Piers New York City, New York 10011

Tel: (212) 336-7873

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/manhattan

455 S. Lake Destiny Rd Orlando, Florida 32810

Tel: (407) 660-2628

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214 West 9th St. Ship Bottom, New Jersey 08008

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6810 Gulfport Boulevard St Petersburg, Florida 33707

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1485 S. Tamiami Trail Venice, Florida 34285

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2602 Shore Road (Route 9) Ocean View, New Jersey 08230

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1481 E. Hill Park Rd. Lewisville, Texas 75056

Tel: (469) 293-9095

[email protected] www.marinemax.com/dallasyachtcenter

6810 Gulfport Blvd

St. Petersburg FL 33707

Tel: 727-343-6520

1410 King Street Cocoa FL 32922

Tel: 321-636-3142

455 S. Lake Destiny Rd Orlando, FL 32810

Tel: 407-660-2628

2079 Beach Blvd

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Tel: 904-338-9970

14 Miracle Strip Parkway SW

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Tel: 850-760-0300

1481 E. Hill Park Rd. Lewisville, TX 75056

Tel: 469-293-9095

Highpoint Marina 120 Texoma Harbor Dr. Pottosboro, TX 75076

Tel: 972-529-0011

4543 Osage Beach Parkway

Osage Beach, MO 65065

Tel: 573-348-1299

141 Minnetonka Blvd Excelsior MN 55331

Tel: 952-346-4857

20300 County Road 81 P.O. Box 250

Rogers, MN 55374

Tel: 763-428-4126

12849 Gordon Blvd. Woodbridge, VA 22192

Tel: 631-424-2710

155 West Shore Road

Huntington NY 11743

Tel: 631-424-2710

362 Pond St.

Wakefield RI 02879

Tel: 401-783-0783

10 Bowen’s Wharf

Newport RI 02840

Tel: 401-782-9100

64 Washington Court Bay Pointe

Marina Quincy MA 02169

Tel: 617-288-1000

141 Balcones North

San Antonio, TX 78201

Tel: 210-734-8199

1106 Ranch Road 620

North Lakeway, TX 78734

12971 U.S. 183 Austin, TX 78750

Tel: 512-258-0733

3518 Old Tybee Road

Thunderbolt, GA 31410

Tel: 912-897-9881

310 Blucher Circle Lake

Wylie SC 29710

Tel: 803-831-2101

9209 Westmoreland Rd.

Cornelius, NC 28031

Tel: 704-892-9676

214 W. 9th St. Ship Bottom,

Tel: 609-494-2102

627 Boston Post Rd.

Westbrook CT 06498

Tel: 860-399-5581

Silver Seas Yachts

301 Shipyard Way

San Diego, CA 92106



2385 Shelter Island Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92663

300 Harbor Drive

Sausalito, CA 94965

901 Fairview Ave N

Seattle, WA  98109

IES Corporation

1702, 17T2, Trung Hoa, Nhan Chinh Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +844 62510017 Mob: +84903444864 Fax: +844 62510018

Email : [email protected]


Galeon Sp.z.o.o. Sp.K. Starogardzka 22, 83-010 Straszyn Poland

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39.4m | Heesen | 2001

Katina yacht for charter

60m | Brodosplit BSO d.o.o. | 2015

yacht builders vietnam


162m | Brodogradevna Industrija Split | 2021

yacht builders vietnam


23.84m | Lagoon | 2021

yacht builders vietnam

24.38m | Sunreef Yachts | 2013

yacht builders vietnam

26.1m | BUGIS | 2017

yacht builders vietnam


30.2m | Benetti | 2009

yacht builders vietnam

31m | Salted Fiber Works | 2019

yacht builders vietnam


31.5m | Astondoa | 2004

yacht builders vietnam

33.05m | Jachtwerf Klaassen | 1999

yacht builders vietnam

38m | Offshore Yard | 2018

yacht builders vietnam

38m | Custom | 2015

yacht builders vietnam

38.75m | Custom | 2015

yacht builders vietnam

42m | Vitters | 2004

yacht builders vietnam


42m | Haji Awang | 2019

yacht builders vietnam

45m | McMullen & Wing | 2010

yacht builders vietnam

45m | Bulukumba | 2023

yacht builders vietnam

45.5m | Wadia | 2006

yacht builders vietnam


46m | Custom | 2022

yacht builders vietnam

The Maj Oceanic

47m | Custom | 2020

yacht builders vietnam

50m | Pak Haji Abdullah | 2022

yacht builders vietnam

50m | Konjo Boat Builders | 2004

yacht builders vietnam


50.9m | Narasaki Shipyard | 1976

yacht builders vietnam

51m | Konjo Boat Builders | 2014

yacht builders vietnam

52m | Konjo Boat Builders | 2015

yacht builders vietnam

52m | Amels | 2003

yacht builders vietnam

55m | Yacht Sourcing Indonesia | 2018

yacht builders vietnam

65.2m | Haji Baso and Haji Saka | 2014

yacht builders vietnam

68m | Abeking & Rasmussen | 2020

yacht builders vietnam

72m | Austal | 2004

yacht builders vietnam


72m | Viareggio SuperYachts | 2015

yacht builders vietnam


72.25m | Cleland's Shipbuilding Co | 1980

yacht builders vietnam

75m | Abeking & Rasmussen | 2016

yacht builders vietnam

85m | Silveryachts | 2022

yacht builders vietnam

90m | Oceanco | 2018

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Catamaran Companies – The Full List

Photo for the full list of catamaran companies page

I went looking for a list of catamaran companies the other day and I had a hard time finding even the well known makers of catamarans. There are 46 catamaran makers, after weeding out the dealers, boat shows and agents. I then found all of the published contact information, like country, phone and email. Here then is the full list of catamaran companies:

There are a few notes for this list. I didn’t include websites that are marked by the Google Chrome browser as unsafe. All the websites need for security is an SSL, which is free or a minimal expense and is a few years overdue. A company has big problems when they can sell multi-million dollar catamarans but can’t afford a $50 SSL. Therefore, I didn’t include those sites in this list.

Understanding the Catamaran Manufacturer’s Table

The numbers in parentheses (1) after the manufacturer’s name is the number of catamaran models that company produces. The complete list of catamaran companies above includes, the company name and their website. For your convenience, I have linked the English language page. Often catamaran makers’ websites have more than one language, and sometimes many languages. Therefore, if you prefer another language, be sure to look for it. Above all, you can ask.

Also included in the list of catamaran companies table are their country, email and their phone, mobile and fax numbers. One more thing, I didn’t hyperlink the email addresses. That is because we all have too much spam already. Just copy and paste.

The list of catamaran companies is mostly alphabetical, but not quite. Right now, the additions are added at the end. In the near future, I will be able to add these in the alphabetical listing, for ease of use.

Complete List of Catamaran Companies for Cruising

Catamarans are made for military, industrial and racing, besides cruising. In other words, this list is primarily cruising catamarans for pleasure. However, I did leave a couple of racing sites in the list. These are very fine boats and deserve a quick look.

Catamaran Companies are International

Catamaran companies are mostly international. Most boats are not made here, even though the main market is the USA. That’s because they can get workers for less expense in other countries. They are made in South Africa, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Thailand and France, among other places. Do not be put off by a website in Germany or Latvia.

Catamaran Companies are Multi-Lingual

Also, the same is true for other languages. Catamaran makers are multi-lingual and will most certainly have someone who speaks English available. If not, they can certainly find one and call you back.

List is Complete as of January 2022

In conclusion, as far as I know, this list of catamaran companies is the most complete list there is. It is current as of January 2022. This is a full a list of catamaran companies as I could gather. And, I spent all day on it. However, life is constantly changing and there will be additions and subtractions to this list as time passes. Please leave me feedback for any suggestions, additions or changes. I’m happy to hear from you and glad to update this list.

Update: February 10, 2022 to add Ocean Explorer.

Question? Contact me here ! Curious? More about me here .

Recent Posts

Finding Solace and Joy: How Blogging About Sailing Can Cure Weekend Blues

Weekends are often anticipated as a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, many people find themselves battling the "weekend blues" — a feeling of restlessness, dissatisfaction, or boredom....

How to make safe drinking water

Water is one of the most critical components to life on earth. Sufficient access to clean water is a factor in improving overall health and encouraging economic development. Millions of people around...

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25  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in Vietnam

Vietnam Yacht Charters

A Vietnam luxury yacht charter encompasses a captivating coastline of stunning beaches, sublime scenery, delicious cuisine and fascinating history. Whether you wish to escape to a hidden bay or indulge in hedonistic city life, the profusion of diverse attractions to see in Vietnam are guaranteed to fulfil your yacht charter wishes.    

Vietnam Luxury Yacht Charter Guide An emerging destination on the South East Asian superyacht scene, Vietnam is an ideal charter choice for those looking to get off the beaten track. Situated on the eastern Indochina peninsular, Vietnam’s long, alluring coastline spans 3,444 kilometres and takes yacht charterers from bustling cities to idyllic beaches, glistening paddy fields and breath-taking natural wonders.  

From snorkelling in coral rich waters and relaxing on sun-kissed beaches to discovering vibrant city life and fascinating culture, a Vietnam charter vacation is guaranteed to awaken the senses and enrichen the soul.   

Vietnam Yacht Charter Itinerary Vietnam’s diverse coastline ensures multiple charter opportunities. A visit to the north’s Halong Bay – or the bay of descending dragons - is a must. Over 3,000 limestone islands rise majestically up from the calm waters, creating a magical and mysterious landscape to explore by luxury yacht.

The north is also home to the fascinating city of Hanoi, where old and new mix with Chinese and French influences. In the south, meanwhile, is Ho Chi Minh City – formerly Saigon - bursting with motorbikes, eateries, coffee shops, hip bars, peaceful temples and museums.    

Central Vietnam is home to the spectacular Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park as well as the quaint riverside town of Hoi An. Eighteenth century buildings, art galleries, tailors, food markets and numerous cafes line the streets and located nearby is Lao Cham, a collection of eight idyllic islands recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The best beaches and dive sites in Vietnam are to be found around the coastal city of Nha Trang. Set against a dramatic backdrop of mountains are sandy coves, secluded bays and deserted off-shore islands for your exploration.

Chartering a Private Yacht in Vietnam If you would like more information on renting a private luxury charter yacht in Vietnam, get in touch with your preferred charter broker . They will be able to combine insider knowledge with your specific needs to create your dream yachting vacation itinerary.

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Crewed Charter Yachts in Vietnam

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El Aleph Yacht Charter in Vietnam

40m   Konjo Boat builders

from $85,000 p/week

Deja Too Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Northern Sun

Romea Yacht Charter in Vietnam

82m Abeking & Rasmussen

82m   2015/2021

from $1,194,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Cloudbreak Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Cloudbreak 22 6 12

75m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $814,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Wayfinder Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Wayfinder 12

68m Astilleros Armon

from $375,000 p/w eek

Aqua Mekong Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Aqua Mekong 40

62m Saigon Shipyard Co Ltd

from $358,000 p/w eek

Galileo Yacht Charter in Vietnam

56m Picchiotti

56m   2011/2023

from $304,000 p/w eek ♦︎

White Pearl Yacht Charter in Vietnam

White Pearl 20

Deja Too Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Deja Too 12

52m   2003/2018

from $245,000 p/w eek

Northern Sun Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Northern Sun 12

51m Narasaki Shipyard

51m   1976/2007

from $161,700 p/w eek

Silolona Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Silolona 12

50m Konjo Boat builders

50m   2004/2009

from $130,900 p/w eek

El Aleph Yacht Charter in Vietnam

El Aleph 12

40m Konjo Boat builders

from $85,000 p/w eek

Infinium Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Infinium 14

40m Perini Navi

40m   1983/2017

from $60,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Silentworld Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Silentworld 10

40m Cies - Oassive

40m   2006/2023

from $130,000 p/w eek

Lady Azul Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Lady Azul 10

39m   2001/2021

from $133,000 p/w eek

DOA Yacht Charter in Vietnam

37m Broward

37m   1990/2011

from $60,000 p/w eek

Thandeka Yacht Charter in Vietnam

37m Camper & Nicholsons

37m   1999/2017

from $92,000 p/w eek ♦︎ *

Tiger Blue Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Tiger Blue 10

35m Haji Abdullah

from $26,950 p/w eek

Antonia II Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Antonia II 8

32m   2007/2015

from $75,000 p/w eek

Indigo Yacht Charter in Vietnam

32m Sanlorenzo

from $87,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aveline Yacht Charter in Vietnam

from $63,000 p/w eek

Dallinghoo Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Dallinghoo 8

30m S.A. Pritchard (South Africa)

30m   1990/2015

from $23,000 p/w eek

The Blue Yacht Charter in Vietnam

The Blue 10

28m   1997/2017

from $29,500 p/w eek

Princess Ayesha I Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Princess Ayesha I 6

27m Leopard

from $27,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Sydney Yacht Charter in Vietnam

26m Sunseeker

26m   2009/2018

from $45,000 p/w eek

Sequoia Yacht Charter in Vietnam

from $87,500 p/w eek

Cattitude Yacht Charter in Vietnam

Cattitude 8

23m Alliaura Marine Group

23m   2012/2013

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Crewed Luxury Yachts in Vietnam

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The YachtCharterFleet Difference

YachtCharterFleet makes it easy to find the yacht charter vacation that is right for you. We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website.

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Max Cruise Marine Logo

Max Innovation

The straight line between performance and comfort..

Welcome to Max Cruise Marine. We are a specialist multihull production company with over six decades of combined boat-building experience. After many years in the industry we started our company based on a simple question: “How do we give our clients a sailing experience that combines the best of both worlds, performance and comfort? How do we empower our clients?” Our answer – options; from the interior layout and finishes, to performance enhancements and build type (self-build or professional), as well as international build location.

Our discerning clientele appreciates the balance we achieve between cruising performance and comfort. For us, performance means blending speed and safety, while taking into account factors such as efficiency of moving about the boat. Comfort, on the other hand, means never compromising on the features you need to enjoy your time aboard – while ensuring you arrive safely and on time. In short, our designs draw a straight line between performance and comfort.

All our models are the result of a single-minded objective – to fuse design innovation with cutting-edge technology and hands-on experience. Constructed with vacuum infused foam cored, carbon reinforced laminates. Current leaders in cruising Hybrid Sail Catamarans, Whatever your requirements our agents will be able to answer your questions and provide step-by-step sales support. We look forward to your enquiry. For USA Clients please contact [email protected] or  [email protected]

Or contact Max Cruise Marine. [email protected]

Why Choose Max Cruise Marine?

With so much choice in the boat building arena it makes good sense to decide upfront what utility and features you want from your multihull. if you’re looking for a best-in-class innovative blend of sailing performance and cruising comfort then max cruise marine should be your final port of call. we offer:, max quality; max performance; max comfort; max value, fast-tracked, affordable builds anywhere in the world, self-build option using our 3d modular (3dm) moulded sets – delivered worldwide, boats professionally built near you or in our vietnam build yard, moulded exterior with gelcoat finish plus cnc-cut interior (choice of three options), variety of helm, propulsion, sail plan and interior design options, our design philosophy, innovation and efficiency are at the heart of our design ethos – from the materials and build methods (3dm) we use, to the mindful creation of space, weight distribution and performance optimisation. our design and production techniques enable us to offer extremely high-quality builds at very competitive price points., max cruise marine design features include:.

Largest saloon / cockpit in class

  • Perfect sightlines and 360° degree visibility

Choice of multiple layouts with generous spacing and flow

High quality finishes

Multiple helm options

Multiple propulsion options

Multiple rig options

Charter cruising and performance cruising options

Asymmetric hulls with reserve buoyancy

Centrally balanced construction – lightweight bows and stern

Max Quality Materials

All Max Cruise Marine multihulls are precision built using light, strong, high-quality materials, featuring:

3D panels are made from Vinylester resin-infused structural PVC foam core

Gelcoated exterior

Fully moulded 3D exterior

Optimized laminate orientation

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision-cut interior

Yacht Brokerage Moran Yacht & Ship

Superyacht Sales, Charter, Construction & Management

Yacht Sales, Charter, and Construction Experts

Moran Yacht & Ship is proud to be considered one of the world’s best yacht companies; a leader in luxury yacht sales, construction, charter, and management. Whether you are interested in buying a yacht , selling your yacht , luxury yacht charter , or new yacht construction , our super yacht brokers and yacht managers are here to assist. Family-owned and operated, our luxury yacht brokerage has been the preferred choice for yacht buyers, sellers, and charterers for over three decades.

Featured Yachts For Sale

Interested in buying? Moran is proud to have the most impressive fleet of all the world’s brokerage companies. With over three decades of experience in yacht sales and purchase, along with countless time spent at sea, our knowledgeable luxury yacht brokers will guide you through the process of purchasing or selling a yacht. Learn more about our featured luxury yachts for sale here.

Rossinavi UTOPIA IV

Our Approach

Our experience is what sets us apart from other yacht companies. The Moran team is made up of marine industry experts, including veteran Captains and engineers, meaning that we are uniquely positioned to provide world-class superyacht services. Our team’s wealth of luxury yacht knowledge is what first draws people to us, while our straightforward approach is what keeps clients coming back time and time again. We Do What We Say, honoring our promises and commitments to clients and fellow brokers above all else. By providing honest, specialist, yet unbiased advice to everyone who passes through our door, we maintain an extraordinarily high rate of repeat business.

Featured Yachts For Charter

Want to charter or know more about how to charter a yacht ? Moran Yacht & Ship is considered one of the very best yacht companies in the world for luxury yacht charter , with an expert team who will always go the extra mile to provide you with the right itinerary, vessel, and superyacht crew . Learn more about our featured luxury yachts for charter here.

Lurssen Yacht KISMET Profile


yacht builders vietnam

Integrity and the relentless pursuit of the deal defines Moran Yacht & Ship - I am grateful that you were on this journey with me. This magical machine KISMET is the second yacht I’ve had built with Moran Yacht & Ship. KISMET has brought joy, hope, and the gift of discovery to many lives - including my own. You have made this world a better place! Owner, KISMET
By way of background, my business interests include controlling stakes in 3 publicly traded companies which operate vessels in the 500 to 5000dwt range. On average, one new vessel a year would be added to the fleet. As a result, I have access to in-house marine architects, engineers and construction supervisors. Consequently, when I decided to build my first large motor yacht, I did not feel I needed the services of a company like Moran Yacht & Ship. In any event, I was persuaded to let them negotiate on my behalf while I simultaneously held discussions with other building options. Moran Yacht & Ship understands yachts, their incredibly complex systems, and what constitutes a practical solution to various owners’ ideas. In short, I would not consider building another yacht without engaging Moran Yacht & Ship to provide the services they are so good in delivering. Former Owner, NORTHERN STAR

Latest Yachting News

Want to find out what we’ve been up to? View our latest yachting news, including recent yacht sales, price reductions, and completed custom yachts . Offering a full selection of yachting services, the Moran Yacht & Ship team is always busy working on our next big project. Discover our latest updates here.

Royal Hakvoort ASIA Delivered

61m Royal Hakvoort ASIA Delivered!

Luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean

Choose VIRTUE for Your Next Mediterranean Yacht Charter

ENTOURAGE World Superyacht Award Winner

ENTOURAGE Wins World Superyacht Award


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Welcome to SD Model Makers

We specialize in true museum quality replica ship models –  in ANY size or scale desired!

Our made-to-order models are hand-crafted, fully assembled, and ready to display. 

Shipping worldwide, prices depend on the vessel type, model length and shipping destination. 

Visit the offices of boat builders across the globe, the Pentagon, or even the White House and you will see our models on display. Whether it is a military ship, a commercial vessel, or a private yacht, the SD Model Makers craftsmen can make them all, with incredible attention to detail.

Everyone finds that commissioning a replica ship model a fun and engaging process and one which is rewarded with something that will be kept forever. It will bring smiles to the faces of all who enjoyed her and discussions with those who wish they could have.

Contact Us To  Request A Quote

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Commercial Vessel Models

Featured products

In Stock Sale Item - 12" Port and Waterways Boat

In Stock Sale Item - 12" Port and Waterways Boat

  • Free shipping

In Stock Sale Item - 18 inch Chris Craft

In Stock Sale Item - 18 inch Chris Craft

In Stock Sale Item - 26 inch Simple Half Hull Model S&S 48

In Stock Sale Item - 26 inch Simple Half Hull Model S&S 48

In Stock Sale  Item - 11.1 inch HMS Ark Royal (1942)

In Stock Sale Item - 11.1 inch HMS Ark Royal (1942)

In Stock Sale  Item - 12 inch IJN Akagi (1942)

In Stock Sale Item - 12 inch IJN Akagi (1942)

In Stock Sale  Item - 11.5 inch USS Yorktown WW2 CV-5

In Stock Sale Item - 11.5 inch USS Yorktown WW2 CV-5

In Stock Sale  Item - 24 inch 80' Elco PT boat

In Stock Sale Item - 24 inch 80' Elco PT boat

In Stock Sale Item - 18 inch Viking 46

In Stock Sale Item - 18 inch Viking 46

In Stock Sale Item - 48 inch HMS Hood

In Stock Sale Item - 48 inch HMS Hood

In Stock Sale Item - 25 inch Prinz Eugen (1912)

In Stock Sale Item - 25 inch Prinz Eugen (1912)

In Stock 20 inch Santa Maria

In Stock 20 inch Santa Maria

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73-year-old Vietnam veteran, who was homeless, finds forever home with new family

MADISON, Wis. ( WMTV /Gray News) – A 73-year-old Vietnam veteran has found his forever home with a loving family.

Michael Cloyd had been living out of a motel for months, and his health was deteriorating as he was experiencing multiple falls.

“He was homeless and living at a hotel,” his daughter Christina Johnson said.

Cloyd was taken to the VA Hospital near the end of last year, where he remained for nearly four months due to complications in finding assisted living.

“I don’t know what it was with finding housing, but I couldn’t,” Cloyd said.

Cloyd’s daughter said he had some issues earlier in life that people weren’t willing to look past. That is, until Vilitha Clay and her family opened the doors to their home as Love, Recovery and Connections – an adult family care facility.

“I feel like despite your background and circumstances, everyone deserves a second chance at redemption, at hope and at support,” Clay said.

According to AARP , adult family care is not as well-known as assisted living, but it gives older adults and people with disabilities a viable alternative.

With adult family care, sometimes called adult foster care or adult family homes, residents live full-time in a house with a family. They receive assistance with daily living, personal care, and other health care tasks, in collaboration with health care professionals.

For Clay, this was a dream come true. She said she would often tell her coworkers about her goal to open an adult family home.

Now, it’s been four months since Cloyd moved in, and so much progress has already been made, according to LRC Program Manager Dion Huff.

“When he got here, he was a little more quiet and more reserved, and there was some anxiousness there, just needing to get used to this new environment,” Huff said. “But he’s handled it very well.”

Cloyd has gained nearly 40 pounds of healthy weight during his time in the home. His daughter said she can’t explain the difference this has made on her father’s mental health.

“He looks happier, he looks healthier,” she said.

Cloyd would agree.

“The staff is real nice,” Cloyd said. “They are there when I need them.”

For the Love, Recovery, and Connections staff, Mike is more than a resident.

“Mike is family,” Clay said. “To see how happy Mike is, I think that’s the best part.”

They’ve included Cloyd in family gatherings like Mother’s Day brunch.

“I think this is what veterans are going to want, they want a small family setting and they want to be a part of the family and part of the community,” Medical Foster Home Program Coordinator Jordan Miller said.

The goal remains to bring more adult family homes like this to Dane County.

“I think seeing the programs in other parts of the United States…and visiting the homes and seeing how well those veterans are doing, it just motivates me to bring this to Madison,” Miller said.

Providing love, recovery and connection, as the name promises.

“I think at the end of the day we’re all just people who need love, support and acceptance,” Clay said. “And I think that we should treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of where we come from and our age.”

Copyright 2024 WMTV via Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Citronelle woman loses leg in freak boat accident

Citronelle woman loses leg to propeller in boat accident

Quamar Parker

Body of teen not seen since swimming with friends off Bellingrath Road found in water

Three teens in Memphis are currently hospitalized following a shooting that stemmed from a mom...

2 teens, 18-year-old shot after mom found daughter’s boyfriend secretly sleeping in her bed, police say

Police said that two groups of juveniles agreed to meet at the Montclair Loop pool to fight...

Daphne PD: Teen wounded, another arrested after shooting at Lake Forest pool

They're facing first-degree assault charges.

Mobile police arrest 2 suspects in early Saturday morning shooting

Latest news.

Damage is seen after a storm the night before, Sunday, May 26, 2024, in Pryor, Okla. (Mike...

At least 22 dead in Memorial Day weekend storms that devastated several US states

Palestinians look at the destruction after an Israeli strike where displaced people were...

Netanyahu acknowledges ‘tragic mistake’ after Rafah strike kills dozens of Palestinians

U.S. Coast Guard rescues 5 people from water

Stranded boaters describe treading water for hours before rescue off of Dauphin Island

More than 110 million Americans are bracing for dangerous weather this Memorial Day after a...

Record storm day impact: Searches, deaths & alerts

American flags placed at the gravesites of service members buried at Arlington National...

Biden says each generation has to ‘earn’ freedom, in solemn Memorial Day remarks

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US solar builders brace for higher costs as Biden hikes tariffs

  • Medium Text

China's dominance of solar supply is hurting western manufacturers.

  • The Biden administration has raised import tariffs on China and Southeast Asia as plummeting global solar prices hurt U.S. factory expansion plans.

Forecast China share of global solar manufacturing capacity

--Editing by Robin Sayles

yacht builders vietnam

Neil provides news and analysis to a number of energy and African business publications. He also writes reports on Africa for the United Nations and the African Development Bank.

European Union flags fly outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

Business Chevron

People are reflected on an electric screen displaying Japanese Yen exchange rates against the U.S. dollar and other foreign currencies at a currency exchange shop in Tokyo

Japan net external assets hit record high in 2023, remains world's top creditor

Japan's net external assets rose to a record 471.3 trillion yen ($3 trillion) in 2023, increasing for a sixth straight year, as a weak yen and overseas corporate acquisitions boosted the value of its foreign assets, the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday.

The installations of liquified natural gas producer Atlantic LNG are pictured in Point Fortin

yacht builders vietnam

Struggling national boat dealer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy filings by boat manufacturers and retailers are rare.

Canadian boat manufacturer Limestone Boat Co.'s subsidiary Ebbtide Holdings, doing business as Limestone US and TN Composites, on Feb. 22, 2023, filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Tennessee. The filing triggered a default on debt owed to TSX Trust Co.

In Europe, Swedish boat maker Ryds Boats in November 2023 filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by Norwegian manufacturer Cormate. In January 2024, German boat builder SAY Carbon Yachts filed for insolvency.

Related: Struggling oil and gas company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The most recent significant boat-related bankruptcy involved ski and wake boat dealer Tommy's Fort Worth and 16 affiliates, which operate nationwide as Tommy's Boats dealerships. The debtors on March 20 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure their debts and obligations after defaulting on about $105 million of secured debt owed to M&T Bank.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based debtors listed $1 million to $10 million in assets and $100 million to $500 million in debts in its petition. The debtor listed over $123 million in secured and unsecured debts in its petition.

Tommy Boats was put into receivership

In a May 20 letter to Tommy Boats customers with outstanding deposits and other monetary claims, the debtor asserted that most of the companies doing business as Tommy's Boats were put into receivership on April 22 by the Circuit Court for Kent County, Mich., after the company failed to honor its obligations to M&T Bank. The company also owed back rent to landlords, and some of them had changed locks on certain facilities making access by the receiver difficult.

The letter said that since all of Tommy Boats' assets were encumbered by security interests of M&T Bank, and the bank was likely to be under-secured and owed millions after disposition of all the debtor's assets, no assurance could be made that creditors would recover any outstanding claims. This means any customers who had made deposits for down payments on boats that had yet to be delivered would likely not receive any reimbursement.

Related: Another popular restaurant chain shares Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan

However, Tommy Boats' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing places an automatic stay on all legal proceedings while the case is ongoing. This might give some hope to creditors in addition to M&T Bank. 

Several customers nationwide have been unable to get Tommy's to return their deposits, including a Colorado customer whose $7,350 deposit check was cashed by the company, but no boat was delivered and the deposit has not been returned, ABC television affiliate Denver7 reported.

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Tommy Boats is also involved in other litigation as it filed a lawsuit on April 10 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee against one of its dealer partners, Loudon, Tenn.-based Malibu Boats.

“The company intends to vigorously defend itself against the claims made by Tommy’s," Malibu Boats said in an April 11 statement. "Tommy’s was formerly a longtime dealer partner of ours, and we ended our relationship due to concerns about Tommy’s own conduct and its financial soundness. Indeed, Tommy’s lender is also suing it for violating the agreements Tommy’s used to finance the purchase of our boats. We will always act to protect our business, our customers and our shareholders."

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Judge's gavel.


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