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Boat & Catamaran charter in Pattaya - Yacht Rental

Boat & Catamaran charter in Pattaya - Yacht Rental

Pattaya yacht rental.

Experience the enticing blend of vibrant city life and beautiful coastline with Yachting.Rent’s Pattaya yacht rental service.

Located on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, Pattaya is a lively city that boasts an impressive skyline, bustling streets, and a dynamic night scene. It’s not all about the urban life though, as just offshore you’ll discover a world of peaceful islands and crystal-clear waters that offer a perfect setting for sailing.

Our Pattaya yacht rental service allows you to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and sail out into the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you’re looking to explore the nearby islands, such as Koh Larn and Koh Samet, or simply enjoy the sun on deck with a view of Pattaya’s cityscape, our team at Yachting.Rent is here to make your sailing dreams a reality.

With a fleet of modern and well-maintained yachts available, we have options to suit all needs. From compact sailing yachts perfect for couples or small groups, to larger, luxury yachts ideal for parties and corporate events, we provide the perfect vessel for your sailing adventure.

Pattaya’s tropical climate, with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine, makes it an excellent destination for sailing all year round. So, whether you’re planning a holiday getaway or looking for an unique way to experience Pattaya, our yacht rental service is here to provide you with an unforgettable journey.

Embark on your Pattaya sailing adventure with Yachting.Rent today and experience the city from a new perspective.

Daniel Goldman

CEO of Yachting.Rent

Boat & Catamaran charter in Pattaya

Dream 82 - Dream 82

Dream 82 – Dream 82

Lagoon 620 - 6 + 2 cab. - Dream Escondida

Lagoon 620 – 6 + 2 cab. – Dream Escondida

Lagoon 620 - 6 + 2 cab. - Dream Carolina

Lagoon 620 – 6 + 2 cab. – Dream Carolina

Lagoon 52 F - 6 + 2 cab. - Colombo

Lagoon 52 F – 6 + 2 cab. – Colombo

Bali 4.5 - 4 + 2 cab. Rivera

Bali 4.5 – 4 + 2 cab. Rivera

Bali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab. Proclus_DB

Bali 4.5 – 4 + 2 cab. Sparrow

sailing yacht pattaya

Why Choose Us

Yacht charter in Pattaya

Experience the enchanting coastal city of Pattaya like never before with Yachting.Rent’s yacht charter services. Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable sailing adventure filled with luxury, comfort, and seamless experiences.

Whether you want to soak up the sun on deck, take a refreshing dive into the clear waters, or simply enjoy the tranquil views of Pattaya’s skyline from afar, we offer a wide range of yachts to suit your needs. Our fleet comprises modern sailing boats, luxurious motor yachts, and spacious catamarans.

For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, our catamarans offer stability and plenty of space for relaxation or socializing. If you’re looking for a more traditional sailing experience, our monohull sailing boats provide the perfect blend of excitement and challenge.

To ensure you have an unparalleled experience, all our yacht rentals in Pattaya come with a highly skilled and experienced crew ready to cater to your every need. From navigating the waters to preparing gourmet meals, they will ensure your journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Book with Yachting.Rent today and let’s set sail in Pattaya’s picturesque waters.

Satisfield Clients

Experiented Crew

Luxurious Boats

Premium Facilities

Featured Boats & Catamarans in Pattaya

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 - 4 + 2 cab. - Shavasan - 2022

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 – 4 + 2 cab. – Shavasan – 2022

Bali 4.1 – 4 + 2 cab. proclus_db.

Lagoon 450 S - 4 + 2 cab. - Myemocean - 2019

Lagoon 450 S – 4 + 2 cab. – Myemocean – 2019

Bali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab. Meleth

Bali 4.1 – 4 + 2 cab. Meleth

Bali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab. Cotinga

Bali 4.1 – 4 + 2 cab Cotinga

Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab. - Shana - 2014

Lagoon 450 F – 4 + 2 cab. – Shana – 2014

sailing yacht pattaya

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About Pattaya

Why is Pattaya a good sailing destination?

Pattaya, a lively city located on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, is not just known for its vibrant nightlife and urban attractions, but also for its wonderful sailing opportunities. At Yachting.Rent, we believe Pattaya makes an exceptional sailing destination for several reasons.

Scenic beauty: Pattaya offers breathtaking views both on and offshore. Sail out into the azure waters and experience the city’s skyline from a different perspective. Plus, the offshore islands like Koh Larn and Koh Samet boast exquisite natural beauty, from sparkling beaches to lush greenery.

Ideal Climate: Pattaya’s tropical climate ensures year-round sailing opportunities. With warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, you can sail comfortably no matter when you visit.

Diverse Marine Life: The waters around Pattaya are teeming with a variety of marine life. It’s not uncommon to see playful dolphins, colourful fishes, and even sea turtles while sailing.

Accessible Location: Pattaya is just a short drive from Bangkok, making it a highly accessible sailing destination for both locals and international travellers.

Excellent Facilities: Pattaya has well-equipped marinas and a range of services to meet all your sailing needs. Yacht rentals, guided tours, and professional sailing courses are widely available.

Variety of Activities: Beyond sailing, Pattaya offers water activities like fishing, diving, and snorkelling. On land, you can explore the vibrant city life, local cuisine, and the city’s cultural heritage.

So whether you are an experienced sailor seeking your next adventure, or a beginner looking to create unforgettable memories, Pattaya’s incredible sailing conditions, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant city life make it a destination not to be missed. Let Yachting.Rent guide you on your sailing journey in Pattaya today!

sailing yacht pattaya


sailing yacht pattaya

What Choose

Sailing boat or Catamaran, what to sail in Pattaya

Embark on an unforgettable nautical adventure in the waters of Pattaya with Yachting.Rent, a premier provider of yacht charter services. When planning your maritime journey, the choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran can greatly influence your experience. Both have unique characteristics that cater to different types of sailors and preferences. Let’s explore these two options to help you make an informed decision.

Sailing Boats: Embrace the Traditional Charm

If you are passionate about traditional sailing, our monohull sailing boats are the ideal choice. Offering a distinct and dynamic sailing experience, these vessels allow you to truly connect with the sea. The design of the hull promotes a smooth, cutting motion through the water, which is perfect for those who seek excitement and thrill. Plus, sailing boats provide a sense of authenticity and nostalgia that can’t be matched.

Experienced sailors often prefer sailing boats for their responsiveness and agility, especially when navigating through the blue waters of Pattaya. With a bit of skill, you can harness the wind and experience the pure joy of being at one with nature. However, keep in mind that while sailing boats offer larger living space below deck, they can be slightly more challenging to handle for novice sailors due to their tendency to lean, or ‘heel,’ when the wind picks up.

Catamarans: Enjoy Stability and Space

On the other hand, catamarans provide a stable and spacious environment for those who value comfort and room to move. With two hulls running parallel to each other, catamarans offer a great deal of stability, making them an excellent choice for families or groups of friends who are new to sailing or who prefer a more relaxed experience.

The design of the catamaran allows for ample living space above and below deck, perfect for sunbathing, dining, or simply enjoying the panoramic views of Pattaya’s coast. Furthermore, their shallow draft makes them ideal for exploring hidden coves and docking in shallow waters.

Yachting.Rent: We Cater to Your Needs

Regardless of your choice, at Yachting.Rent, we are committed to delivering a personalized sailing experience that suits your preferences. All our boats and catamarans are maintained to the highest standards and come equipped with modern amenities and safety equipment.

Whether you are an experienced sailor looking for a thrilling adventure or someone seeking a relaxing getaway on the water, our expert team will help you choose the right vessel for your Pattaya yacht charter. Let Yachting.Rent be your trusted partner in creating lasting memories on the beautiful waters of Pattaya. Sail away with us today!

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Ground Floor 8-9 Marino Mart Fairview Clontarf, D03 X589 Dublin, Ireland

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Blue Voyage Thailand

Blue Voyage Thailand - White Logo png



Welcome to Blue Voyage Thailand

Blue Voyage is a yacht charter company based in Thailand operating in Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi. Our fleet is owned and operated exclusively by Blue Voyage (Thailand). We have a selection of sailing catamarans and motor yachts from the world’s famous builders with sizes ranging from 38-102 ft. with professional captain and crews providing first class service.

sailing yacht pattaya

Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration

sailing yacht pattaya

Guaranteed by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

sailing yacht pattaya

No.1 Yacht Charter in Thailand

5 Consecutive years Award-winning excellence service recognized for being the best of the best

Professional Staffs

5 consecutive years "award-winning excellence service" recognized for being the best of the best.

When your holiday reflect your personality and taste, you will want to leave your days in the hands of a professional.

We’re pleased to offer our bespoke full-service half day trips , full day trips and overnight trips which will immerse you in an unforgettable experience among the various famous island destinations of Thailand.

Our Blue Voyage personal yachting-consultant can assist you with an ideal, tailor-made service, embodying your preferences and interests.

Allow the Blue Voyage Family to customize your experiences and fulfill your wishes as we welcome you upon “The iconic Blue Voyage Yachting journey whose services is not just the best, but Legendary.”

Discover the wonders of Thailand. Experience luxury at its finest at any of the most famous islands destinations of Thailand archipelago.

Sailing under the sunshine , fishing , picnic on the beach , pampering yourself with the first class services on board, adventure with water sports or have a whole beach to yourself.

Explore the untouched natural beauty of Thailand

Welcome to Blue Voyage Thailand 🇹🇭

sailing yacht pattaya

Contact us now to book your yacht charter and start planning your dream sailing adventure

3 Yachts Available

12 Yachts Available

1 Yacht Available

4 Yachts Available




<a href="https://www.prestigeonline.com/th/people-events/people/tanchanok-omi-vajarodaya/" target="_blank"><font style="font-family: GFS Didot; color: #313131; ">Prestige</font></a>

Our Clients


Our Most Popular Yachts

Best in class service, professional crew.

sailing yacht pattaya


Chief steward.

Over 20 years of 6-star international cruise experience in food and beverage as an award-winning sommelier and staff member.

sailing yacht pattaya

Wisanu Salee

Phuket as native that knowledge of the Andaman Sea more than 20 years experience as a captain

sailing yacht pattaya

Kitti Dacha

More than 8 years working experience of tourism who has expertise in the Phuket sea area and various water activities   as a cameraman and underwater video recording to customers

sailing yacht pattaya

Jintana Ketsuriyong

Spa therapist.

More than 17 years of spa therapist experience in Thailand and abroad

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Birkin & kelly, famous twin piglets at blue voyage pattaya, thank you, we will get back to you as soon as possible, think of yachting, think of blue voyage.

Are you hurry? Feel free to call us EN:   (+66) 86 826 5656 TH:   (+66)86 424 4245

sailing yacht pattaya

Luxury Yacht Charter

Our Catamarans will give you a relaxed atmosphere away from the crowds and hassles of Pattaya. Discover the most beautiful side of Thailand’s tropical islands, Koh Pai, Koh Manvichai, Koh Kram Noi, and more…

Ocean Yachting is the foremost luxury yacht charter company in the gulf of Thailand, offering a variety of activities: Islands hopping, snorkeling, various watersports, or simply relax under the sun enjoying a cocktail.

You will enjoy marvelous views of Thailand, gorgeous tropical islands in small groups or pre-arranged charter.

You also have the possibility to customize your own trip according to your needs, corporate retreats, sunset parties, private DJ events etc…

Contact our team and we’ll make it happen !!!

Ocean Yachting Pattaya

The perfect venue for your next event could be your birthday, wedding party, or simply a superb trip with your friends. Ocean Yachting Pattaya is the ideal choice.

Luxury Yacht Charter

We Take Care of You

So now is the time to really experience this truly wonderful part of the world and let Ocean Yachting Pattaya give you the holiday and experience of a lifetime.

Catamaran Island Tour

The Real Yachting Experience

The Hill Private Resort for Rent

Start your next adventure today.

Sailing Yacht Thailand

sailing yacht pattaya

  • See all photos

sailing yacht pattaya

Similar Experiences

sailing yacht pattaya

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Meaw Issaree

Sailing Yacht Thailand - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

sailing yacht pattaya

Photo Credit | CH3 Thailand Calendar,  Princess Yacht, Bestie Wanderer, Hype, Sodsai Photo, Eakkachai Ongpreechakul

Sailing yacht thailand.

Sailing Yacht Thailand is a yacht charter company,

established from small group of engineers

who love the ocean and diving.

We are operating in Pattaya, Phuket, and Krabi.

Our fleet are owned by ourself and partners with a selection of

sailing yachts and motor yachts from 38-134 feet in length.

Apart from friendly service we provide,  s afety of passenger is our top of mind .

Our professional captains and crews were annually received special training in

certified rescue and lifeguard course along with other necessary skills 

in order to ensure your safety.

In addition, we also focus on responsible tourism.

We have conducted many environmental conservation activities

with external organizations and customers regularly as we admire an eco-friendly travel. 

65 ททท.png

Discover our New Destinations

Unseen pattaya.

Pattaya is meaningful than Lharn island and Nightlife. There are many beautiful unseen islands waiting for you to discover. As most of them are located in Thai Navy's reserve area, we expect our staff and guests to demonstrate out principles that we try to minimize damage to local environment to preserve marine ecosystems in healthy conditions and achieve effective and sustainable management of marine coastal resources. Some beaches on unseen islands are Sea turtles preservation area and prohibit to visit on to the island's beach. We will bring you to do snorkeling around instead. Cheers!

sailing yacht pattaya

Khram Noi island

Unseen Pattaya Destination

that worst your trip. Only an hour from Marina. You can only take half day trip to visit this amazing island

Photo Credit | Bestie Wanderer  

Khram Noi Island

sailing yacht pattaya

Secret island

If you have enough time, we recommend a Full Day Trip Program (8 hours) We select many stop for you to explore the amazing nature life.

You can do both snorkeling or scuba diving at this island.

Photo Credit | Bunyarit Traisuthamporn

Secret Island

sailing yacht pattaya


Photo Credit | MiniMint's Mission

Virgin Island by Sail Boat

Best seller - top of customers' choices, this 6 products are our best seller throughout 3 years. let's check them out and see which one is perfect for you and your family.

sailing yacht pattaya

Phuket - Join Trip

Best  program to Coral island & Racha Yai island  more detail


Private 72 ft M/Y

72 ft Princess Motor Yacht is lying both in Phuket & Pattaya  more detail

รางเกวียน 04.jpg

Private 38 ft S/Y

The most affordable one in our fleet

but can carry upto 25 guests


Phi Phi island

The Phi Phi island is some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia


Take a deep breath and sail only an hour from Marina in Pattaya.

Untitled-1 (1).png

Private 48 ft M/Y

Lying in Pattaya.The real

affordable luxury ​ is this one!

royal varuna yacht club




Thailand's premier sailing community.

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club (RVYC)  is a family-oriented club for sailors of all abilities, from absolute beginners to cruisers to Olympic contenders and world champions.

Located in a secluded cove between Pattaya and Jomtien less than two hours from Bangkok, Varuna offers year-round sailing with boat storage and repair services, rentals, and friendly boat staff to help with launching and landing.

Regular weekend activities like cruises, race, courses and training ensure that every Varuna member always has a safe and fun experience on the ocean.

RVYC is also an accredited Royal Yachting Association Training Centre (RYA), and our popular and globally recognized sailing tuition for adults and for adults and for kids is second to none.

Ashore, our facilities - a private beach, a stunning clubhouse, broad lawns, an in-house restaurant and bar, a shaded swimming pool, and comfortable accommodation - make Varuna the perfect getaway for the whole family.

So come see us this weekend.

RVYC Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Where Nothing is Impossible

SailBreeze Logo Header

The joyous time is when the breeze first strikes your sails, and the waters rustle under your bows.

SailBreeze Sails

Welcome to SailBreeze

Expand Your Horizons

Welcome to SailBreeze Marine Services.  We are one of the best Marine Service Providers, based at Ocean Marina in the Pattaya, ChonBuri area in Thailand. Take a look through our site to learn more about our Yacht Charters, Yacht M aintenance,  Yacht Repairs, Sailing School, and Other Holiday Services. Our Dedicated Team is here to help you and much more.

Sailing School

Come on Board with us and learn to Sail

If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn't worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to us, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it's life or death.  Let not life escape you, for we all know it is too short.....

SailBreeze Log International

Intermediate Crew / SkipperCourse

Crew / Skipper Certification

From 41,500 Baht

6 days 41,5 00 baht, combined crew and skipper course.

Crew, Skipper Certification and

VHF Radio Operator's Certification

11 Days 64,000 Baht

Powerboat courses & safety at sea courses, yacht charter, designer holidays & marine services.

Let us welcome you on Board and look after your vacation needs.

Thailand is among the finest, most interesting and beautiful places to sail in the world.  We are here to help you plan your own voyage to create a private adventure holiday with a yacht charter to meet your needs.

Thailand is endlessly diverse, and  infinitely beautiful. From dazzling jungle beauty to white sand beaches, a sailing holiday in Southeast Asia is a perfect harmony of vibrant colours, sights, and sounds. The magnificent cruising grounds of Thailand offer line-of-sight navigation interspersed with colourful coral reefs and tidal currents for an exciting sailing experience.

 In addition for boat owners , we also provide a regular service to maintain your yacht.  This will ensure your yacht's operation for many years, as well as maintain it's value.  We carry out all types of repair works for monohulls and catamarans

SailBreeze Logo

Day Sailing, Mile Builders & BareBoat

Yacht charters &  pleasure cruises, yacht and  catamaran: maintenance, repairs & preparation, designer & bespoke holidays, about sailbreeze.

Our Story, Background & Philosophy

SailBreeze offers the sailing enthusiasts, whether experienced or inexperienced, the joys and challenges of a fabulous sailing adventure in the Gulf of Thailand.  We offer Yacht Charters by the Hour and the Day, whichever suits your needs.  For the more adventurous, we offer the Day Sailing Adventure and the Mile Builder Cruise to shore up your sailing experience.  

If you are interested in just a Pleasure Cruise to relax and joy a cruise with friends, we can also cater to your requirements.

For those who want to learn and take up sailing to obtain the International Certification, SailBreeze recommends Island Spirit Sailing School.  They provide a First Class Sailing Experience for students.   

For who prefer to stay on dry land, our event management team has access to the best venues, deals, performers, hotels, villas, and VIP services in Pattaya and beyond in Thailand.   Together, we will make your event and private parties an incredible experience.  Alternatively we can design a bespoke holiday package to suit your needs.

At our Marine Services and Maintenance division, SailBreeze Naka Marine adopt the latest technological maintenance methodologies which are planned in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers of ship systems, as well as on their own experience of operating sailing and motor yachts. 

Since our founding, our business has had the opportunity to help countless clients acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their quest to learn more about sailing. Our unique approach has made us known as one of the best Marine Service Providers in the Pattaya area

Our Other Activities

Event planing & concierge, in order to make your stay in pattaya a fabulous holiday experience, sailbreeze also offers a party planning and lifestyle concierge service.  when it comes to private parties and party trips, pattaya has everything to offer..

SailBreeze Private Party

Private Party & Event Planning  

SailBreeze VIP

 Fashion Boutique & Concierge Services

Sailbreeze videos.

sailing yacht pattaya

Thailand is Paradise

sailing yacht pattaya

Let your Dreams set Sail

sailing yacht pattaya

Follow your Dreams

sailing yacht pattaya

This is Amazing Thailand

Get in touch, our location.

SailBreeze Marine

Ocean Marina Yacht Club,  Sukhumvit Road, 

Na Chom Thian,


Chonburi 20250

Telephone:  +66 823 208 506  (English)

Telephone:  +66 969 252 566  (Thai)

LINE ID:  sailbreeze

Thanks for submitting!


  • Residential

Ocean Marina Jomtien

Welcome to thailand’s largest marina resort complex., with over 450 modern berths, providing safe anchorage for yachts up to 75m, ocean marina jomtien is southeast asia’s largest marina and the gateway to yachting in the gulf of thailand..


Your One-Stop Marina

Established in 1989, ocean marina jomtien has built a reputation as one of asia’s premier marinas and yacht clubs..

Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, our international standard marina is equipped with outstanding facilities, our team of talented professionals plus a wide range of marine service suppliers onsite, ensuring that all of our guests and boat owners can kick back, relax and embrace the nautical lifestyle at one of Asia’s premier destinations.

Our Services

The gulf of thailand’s definitive marina.


Modern Berthing



Our tenants.


Future Events

  • Destination Pattaya

Did you know that there are many hidden gems right from our doorstep?

From colourful coral to pristine white beaches, diving hotspots to towering karst formations, base yourself at Ocean Marina Jomtien and you will be within easy reach of some of the region’s most spectacular cruising grounds, providing memories that will last a lifetime! Happy sailing!


  • Dry Storage

News & Events

Don’t miss our latest news and happenings.

Regional Harbor Office, Pattaya Branch Safety Training

Safety • 06.03.2024

Regional harbor office, pattaya branch safety training.

Ocean Marina Jomtien scores win with  “Best Marina Berth Facilities in Thailand” award

Awards • 02.02.2024

Ocean marina jomtien scores win with “best marina berth facilities in thailand” award.

How to treat a sea urchin sting if on a boat

Marine Creatures • 24.01.2024

How to treat a sea urchin sting if on a boat.

A guide to entering Koh Kong River, Cambodia

Cambodia • 13.11.2023

A guide to entering koh kong river, cambodia.

Platu World Series 28/29/30 Oct 2023

Platu Championship • 03.11.2023

Platu world series 28/29/30 oct 2023.

Koh Phai Island Beach Clean Up – 30 July 2023

Island Beach Clean Up • 09.08.2023

Koh phai island beach clean up – 30 july 2023.

Ocean Marina Jomtien sends sailboat athletes to compete in the ACDC Sailing Championship 2023

ACDC Sailing Championship 2023 • 24.07.2023

Ocean marina jomtien sends sailboat athletes to compete in the acdc sailing championship 2023.

32nd anniversary of Ocean Marina Jomtien

Anniversary • 12.07.2023

32nd anniversary of ocean marina jomtien, get the latest from ocean marina jomtien., sign up to our newsletter.


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Ocean Marina Jomtien 167/5 Moo 4 Na Jomtien Satthahip Chonburi 20250 Thailand +66 (0) 3 823 7300 [email protected]

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Rent a boat in Pattaya

  • Yacht charter  / 
  • Rent a boat in Chon Buri  / 

sailing yacht pattaya

Paikan Picnic Boat (2019)

From €975 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Motorboat Powerboat 20ft 140hp (2013)

From €450 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Manatee Paikan Catamaran (2021)

From €2,400 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Enjoy sailing on a new Luxury Catamaran (2021)

From €1,357 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Sailboat JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 35 10.5m (2003)

From €314 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Motorboat Seat Boat SB 356 300hp (2016)

From €515 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

From €475 per day

sailing yacht pattaya

Rinker Fiesta 270 - Affordable boat in Pattaya (2005)

From €800 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Schionning yachts Custom 60 (2017)

sailing yacht pattaya

Motorboat MONTEREY 328SS 300hp (2008)

From €1,362 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Motorboat REGAL 3260 Commodore 700hp (2005)

From €700 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Motorboat Adventure 45 600hp (2013)

From €885 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Paikan Classic Boat Cruise (2019)

From €1,890 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Khana Yacht Dao Marine (2017)

From €3,555 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Irene Aqua Luxury speedboat rental (2016)

From €2,900 per day.

sailing yacht pattaya

Seri Classic 27 (1997)

From €1,896 per day, how to have a perfect yacht charter in pattaya, thailand.

Located on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast, Pattaya has gone from being a quaint fishing village to one of the country's top tourist destinations. Covered in soft sandy beaches, this city is perfect for a yacht charter. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, culture, or all three; the city is suitable for all kinds of visitors of all ages. With such a diverse range of tourist attractions and activities, it is no wonder that Pattaya is a popular holiday destination!

What is the price of a boat rental in Pattaya, Thailand?

There are many factors that impact the cost of your boat rental such as the type of boat, size of the vessel, number of people aboard, time of year, and whether it includes a skipper or not. Nevertheless, the average cost to rent a motorboat for 6 people in Pattaya is around €800 per day throughout the year. For catamarans, the average price for 6 people would be around €8,175 per week.

The climate in Pattaya

Much like Thailand as a whole, Pattaya has a tropical climate and has warm weather throughout the whole year with average temperatures of mid-20s to mid-30s degrees Celsius. While the temperature is favourable all year round, you should note that Pattaya has wet and dry seasons. Therefore, if you want to avoid monsoons, be wary of May, June, September, and October. Alternatively, the months of December, January, and February are the driest.

What can you do in Pattaya, Thailand?

The advantage of chartering a yacht in Pattaya, Thailand is that there are so many gorgeous beaches in proximity with each other, so you can visit several in one day until you find your favourite. If you are interested in a lively atmosphere with beach bars and restaurants, head to Pattaya Beach. You’ll likely find a younger crowd here. However, on the days that you prefer relaxing and family-friendly experiences, you will be more than satisfied with Jomtien Beach. If you seek fun activities, North Pattaya Beach is full of life and entertainment, acting as a hotspot for water sports such as water-skiing, beach volleyball, and snorkelling. Finally, if you want to leave the mainland beaches, you can head to nearby islands such as Ko Phai and Ko Lan (Coral Island). These islands are a diver’s dream, with magical coral reefs that host all kinds of marine life such as colourful fish, seahorses, and corals.

If you decide to disembark from your yacht charter in Pattaya, you can head to see some of the most amazing sites on land! One of the most famous museums is the Sanctuary of Truth, the largest wooden building in Thailand made in the ancient Thai carpenter style. You can enter to see the intricately carved statues that tell the philosophy of life based on Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. If you want to marvel in beautifully curated greenery, you can drive about 30 minutes south of Pattaya City centre to find the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. This is a grandiose botanical garden in the Chonburi Province that acts as a wildlife conservation project to unique flora and fauna such as exotic cacti, orchids, and bonsai.

There are many major events in Pattaya that can be exciting cultural experiences to witness. For example, around mid-April during Thailand’s New Year, Pattaya hosts a Songkran Water Festival. The tradition revolves around washing away bad luck to start anew and has now become a huge tourist attraction where people celebrate by splashing water at each other. Another great unmissable event is The Pattaya Floating Market. As the name implies, the market is floating on water, so you have to visit by boat to easily get across! What differentiates this floating market from others in Thailand is that it’s split into four regions: representing north, northeast, south, and central Thailand. You can go around the different market stalls and find unique products that correspond to each region of the country.

Should you rent a boat with or without a skipper and/or crew?

When searching for a yacht charter in Pattaya, Thailand, you will often see the option to add a skipper and/or crew for an extra price. While this increases the overall cost of your boat rental, these additions can provide a lot of advantages to your holiday. For instance, a skipper is a professional sailor that will take charge of all sailing, docking, and anchoring of the boat rental. This means that you can sit back and relax as they handle all the work. Moreover, the skipper will be familiar with the region, so they can tailor your excursion to your wishes, having you see more of what you like and less of what you don’t. Lastly, for the ultimate comfortable and luxurious experience, your skipper and/or crew can cook and clean for you, ensuring an extraordinary holiday.

What nearby destinations can you visit from Pattaya?

If you find yourself with extra time on your boat rental in Pattaya, take advantage of the world class resorts and beaches around you and travel to nearby destinations! If you want to explore the capital, head to Bangkok, and see The Grand Palace, the Chatuchak Weekend Market, or even Navy Beach. If you feel like discovering more of the islands that Thailand has to offer, head to Koh Samui! You’ll be greeted by spectacular coconut groves, palm-coated beaches, and the iconic tropical forests. Finally, if you aren’t familiar with neighbouring countries, you can also extend your trip to travel around the wonderful coastal cities of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. All in all, if you can extend your yacht charter in Pattaya for longer, then you are sure to find fantastic sights by travelling to other destinations.

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about pattaya, what is the cost of renting a boat in the high season and the low season in pattaya.

The average cost of renting a boat in Pattaya in the high season is around €250 per day, while in the low season it is around €100 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Pattaya?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Pattaya, you can expect to pay an average of €100 per day for a skipper.

Can I add equipment like snorkel gear, SUP boards or a wakeboard to my boat rental in Pattaya?

Many owners offer various extras that you can add to your booking in Pattaya. This can be for example GPS, Sounder or Bimini.

How many cabins does a boat have in Pattaya?

Boats in Pattaya have an average of 2 cabins. If you travel with a large group, you can book boats with up to 10 cabins.

How many people can fit on a boat in Pattaya?

The maximum capacity for boats in Pattaya is 50 persons. Note that if you rent a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people.

Our nearest destinations to Pattaya

In Pattaya, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

Charter another yacht type in Pattaya

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sailing yacht pattaya

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  • Secret Beaches

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sailing yacht pattaya

Gulet 89 (Olina)

Sailing yachts.

Pattaya Yacht Charters bring you this true classic 89 foot Turkish Gulet motor sailing yacht, with four double cabins five bathrooms, a professional galley and a large saloon with seating for 15 people. This beautiful yacht has been fully renovated and boasts air-conditioning throughout, beautiful teak interiors and exterior teak laid decks. On the deck there is an enormous amount of space for seating and sunbathing with or without shade. The ‘Gulet 89’ is licensed to carry 30 guests and five crew on day trips with Pattaya Yacht Charters at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

For overnight adventures, she has comfortable accommodation for eight people in four double cabins. The ‘Gulet 89’ has all the necessary safety equipment to meet international standards and the crew takes pride in the ultimate safety and happiness of all of its guests. Hoist the sales, cut the engine and drift on into the islands of the Pattaya archipelago with a gorgeous sailboat that is unique amongst all the big yachts here in Thailand. For your pleasure, the ‘Gulet 89’ is equipped with a jet boat to play with while at anchor, sea kayaks, banana boat rides, snorkeling gear, fishing gear and the use of a large rib with a 115 hp outboard to get you to and from that deserted island with great speed and comfort. From traditional styling to modern equipment, the ‘Gulet 89’ is a perfect choice for a fantastic day on the ocean.

  • Yacht rental fee
  • All Diesel and Gasoline Fuel
  • Fully trained professional Captain
  • Deckhands and fluent English speaking Steward/ess, crew food/ drinks and salaries
  • Quality snorkelling and fun fishing equipment and other water toys depending on your chosen yacht
  • Thailands Value Added Tax Rate 7% (VAT)
  • PYC Guest Pass (200 THB/Person)
  • Any extra activities you may request.

gulet-89 Exterior Pictures 1

Charter Prices


  • 09 - Almost new or has been totally refitted
  • 08 - Excellent - fairly new or significantly refitted recently
  • 07 - Very Good
  • 05 - Average
  • 04 - Below Average
  • 02 - Very Poor
  • 01 - Terrible
  • 5 Marine Bathrooms.
  • Fully Air Conditioned Throughout.
  • Professional Galley
  • Large Saloon with seating for 15
  • I-pod compatible Stereo system
  • Garmin GPS chart-plotter
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Large Rib boat
  • Fishing rods
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Jet Boat Rides

Featured Yachts Available for Charter

Relax in grand style in one of our 5 star super luxurious Motor Yachts. Perhaps even spend a few days onboard exploring exotic destinations whilst enjoying warm tropical evenings and serene sunsets.

Benetti 132 Featured Boat Listing

Super Yacht

Sunseeker 64 Featured Boat Listing

Motor Yacht

Spy 75 Featured Boat Listing

Power Catamaran

Princess 56 Featured Boat Listing

Motor Cruiser

Tarquin 66 Featured Boat Listing

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Sailing Yacht Malbec 36 feet in Pattaya

Prices for boat trips on the yacht malbec in pattaya.

Here is a choice of boat trips on the Malbec catamaran 36 feet long in Pattaya. Choose options for 5-hour or 9-hour walks to the islands of Koh Pet, Koh Lan, Koh Khram, Koh Rin, Koh Ran Kwain. You can also order additional hours for a hotel fee.

The main characteristics of the yacht

  • Length – 36 feet
  • Professional crews
  • 1 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Speaker (Bluetooth connection)
  • Air Condition
  • Barbecue grill
  • Pool float & Paddle board
  • Clear Kayak
  • Fishing Rods

For extra fee

  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Island admission fees (if applicable)
  • Water activities on boat are available with extra charge

What to take with you

  • Sunscreen and glasses
  • Photo and video camera

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking fo free not less than 7 days before the beginning of the event.

Frequently asked questions about renting a yacht in Pattaya

1. How can I pay?

1.1. Payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard and other methods. After checking availability, we will send the payment link on WhatsApp or Email.

1.2. To a Thai bank account in baht (via a cash machine, bank branch or any Thai bank mobile app).

1.3. Cash in the office by pre-arranging the time of the visit and the service(s) to be paid for in Online Support . Pay in the office at least 3 days prior to the date of the trip.

1.4. Cash to the courier, it is necessary to agree the address, time of arrival of the courier and paid service(s) in advance in the chat Online Support . The cost of the courier is 300 baht. For payments of 5000 baht or more, the courier is free of charge. Order the courier at least 3 days before the date of the trip.

2. How does the booking process work?

Book online and we will check the availability of the yacht for the selected date and send the payment link in WhatsApp or Email. If you need an alternative method of payment (in the office, by courier or to Thai account), please write about it in the "Additional information" field or in the Online Support .

3. Does the price include payment to the crew and captain?

Yes, services of the captain and crew are included in the price of the boat rental.

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Prices for Boat & Yacht Rental in Pattaya

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An Exotic Sailing Paradise for You to Explore

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Sailing in Thailand

With lots of choice of places to charter a yacht, and plenty to explore, sailing in Thailand is a lot of fun. Escape the tourist trail and get to see a different side of this incredible country with a boat rental.

Thailand is one of those countries that you just can’t help falling in love with. Great weather, friendly and smiling locals, and incredible food, all add up to a spellbinding vacation destination. You might also have heard that sailing in Thailand is not very expensive, and a great way to explore popular islands like Koh Samui.

Yes, it’s true, boat rental in Thailand is very affordable, and if you want to go sailing for a day or a week you’ll find plenty of options for yacht charters. But why rent a boat in Thailand ?

As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, many people head to the same places. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, and here at Sailo we love a good beach party as much as anyone. But if you’re looking for that hidden cove, or a snorkel spot that few people know about, you can’t beat a boat rental in Thailand. Islands like Koh Chang or Phuket have beautiful places that are hard to reach by land. That means that sailing in Thailand on board your Sailo yacht rental is a surefire way to find your own private beach!

You already got that beach selfie? Been to a Muay Thai contest? Danced under the full moon? A yacht charter in Thailand is a unique experience, and one that will really make your vacation memorable in this beautiful country. If you’re travelling with friends, a boat rental in Thailand can work out to be very affordable. For example, you’ll find options for a yacht charter in Thailand starting from around $1,500 for a week. You’ll find both bareboat and captained boat rentals on Sailo. So whatever you vacation style you can experience a whole new world of sailing in Thailand!

Fabulous Phuket offers lots of potential for an incredible vacation sailing in Thailand. There is plenty of choice from monohulls and catamarans to luxury motor yachts. Set sail from Phuket and explore popular destinations like Phang Nga Bay, famous as the location of a James Bond movie.

Discover tranquil hideaways like Banana Beach, or Freedom Beach, or sail from Phuket to the nearby Koh Phi Phi. However long you charter a yacht in Phuket , you’ll discover many things to see and do.

Sailing in Koh Samui gives you a whole new perspective on this incredible island and it’s archipelago. Just five miles south of Koh Samui, you’ll find Koh Tean, a little visited tropical island and snorkeling paradise. Or sail to Koh Phaluai, an island inhabited by sea gypsies and home to eco-resorts, usually accessible only by the daily ferry from the mainland. Rent a boat in Koh Samui and you’ll be able to explore these incredible islands at your leisure.

Just north of Koh Samui, you’ll find Koh Phangan, famous for the monthly full moon parties. And what could be more baller than arriving to the full moon party on board your own private yacht rental from Koh Samui? A real wow entrance! Or, if you want to discover some of the world’s best scuba and snorkeling locations, set sail to Koh Tao. With a private yacht charter from Koh Samui you’ll be able to explore the lesser visited shores of both of these fabulous islands.

There is a wild party every night in Pattaya, with many tourists and locals flocking to this beach resort city for sun, sea and much more… With a prime location close to the capital Bangkok, enjoying a sailing trip in Thailand is very accessible with a boat rental in Pattaya . A popular activity is to go island hopping to the nearest islands such as Koh Phai and Koh Larn. Don’t miss a visit to Koh Klet Keow, also known as or Koh Ling - Monkey Island - home to a large community of crab-eating macaques.

Known for its popular beaches and resorts, Koh Chang is one of the original Thai island experiences. The west of the island is well developed, but the south and east of Koh Chang still offer unspoiled vistas and empty beaches.

You’ll also find lots of smaller islands, just a mile or less offshore, which are perfect for exploring on board your private Sailo yacht rental in Koh Chang . If you’re chartering a yacht for a day, or a week, there is more than enough to keep you busy.

Top Boating Destinations in Thailand


Things to Do by Boat in Thailand

Yacht charter in thailand from phuket, sailing in thailand on a private yacht from pattaya, most popular private yacht charters in thailand.


Find your luxury private yacht charter in Thailand

Browse our top selection of beautiful elegant monohulls and catamarans and choose your dream private yacht charter in phuket or pattaya. go sailing in thailand on a sailo boat, see all boats in thailand >, sailo top boating destinations worldwide.

Croatia - a featured Sailo destination

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"Learn to Sail" with SailQuest Sailing School in Thailand

Zero to hero, fast-track crew/skipper courses.

Looking for fast-paced, fun & effective Crew & Captain "Learn to Sail" yacht training courses? Then the SailQuest Sailing School in Pattaya, Thailand is the right sailing program for YOU!  Personal sailing instruction, modern training yachts and our popular Zero to Hero Fast Track 5/10 Day Crew/Skipper Certificate Course create the SailQuest Sailing School difference.

See the SailQuest Crew/Skipper Course in Action! 

Watch the video - get the details learn in thailand, sail the world.

Owner/Instructor Captain Tim takes a personal and professional interest in every student, family or group as he passes along a lifetime of experience in sailing, yacht charter, blue water world-cruising & yacht ownership.

From beginner to advanced recreational sailors, SailQuest Sailing School's instructors deliver a well balanced, well organized and in-depth Fast Track Zero to Hero yacht training program for anyone who is considering crewing, sailing, chartering, live-aboard coastal & offshore cruising or buying a sail or power yacht.

Our fantastic Ocean Marina, Pattaya, Thailand location offers a wide range of real life sailing situations, including a world-class marina, remote tropical islands and busy shipping ports. The Pattaya area, the largest resort area in Thailand, provides students with a wide choice of accommodation, shopping and entertainment options.

We also offer our students the option to take Online Courses with NauticEd then develop your practical skills at our sailing school location in Thailand. As a NauticEd Flagship Partner School, we can add the verified proficiency stamp to your NauticEd logbook.

At SailQuest Sailing School Thailand, we take your sailing education seriously. We are standing by to assist in any way. Please Contact SailQuest today.

The SailQuest 5 & 10 Day Crew/Skipper course combines:

  • International certificate courses
  • Essential classroom sessions & Multimedia presentations
  • On the water training in a relaxed, professional style
  • Coastal/Offshore Experience to prepare for Live Aboard Sailing
  • World-class training yachts  & professional instructors
  • 1st class marina facilities, sailing location, accommodation & student services

We’ll show you how and where to get started with:

  • Sailing Yachts
  • Power Boating
  • Bareboat Chartering
  • Yacht Ownership
  • Live Aboard Cruising
  • Yachting Lifestyle

Get Started with the SailQuest Crew/Skipper course now:

  • Select Scheduled Course Dates from our   Courses & Events Scheduled Dates
  • Mobile: +66845399689
  • LINE & Whatsapp ID: Tim.SailQuest
  • Go to our Book Now! page to confirm your booking .

We are looking forward to sailing with you, providing an exceptional training program and helping to turn your sailing dreams into reality.

5/10 Day Course Option:

While most students complete the Crew/Skipper course course in one 10 day session, it is possible to split up our full 10 day course into two 5 day sessions. You can start with the first 5 days (Crew) and then fit in the second 5 days (Skippe r ) as your schedule allows. You can do this during any of our scheduled 10 day course dates. You will save 4,000THB when you pay for the full 10 day course at one time, then schedule your dates as it fits your schedule.

Of course, it is also ok if you join the Crew course only (first 5 days of any scheduled 10 day course) or the Skipper course, qualified sailors only (last 5 days of any scheduled 10 day course).

  SailQuest Crew/Skipper Course Dates:

Courses & events calendar, sailquest location map.

See more details about our fantastic sailing location.

logo main

Learn to sail at our Sailing Schools in Thailand

Schools in pattaya and phuket. courses running twice per month, awesome thailand training grounds.

Our Sailing Schools in Thailand are located in Phuket, a world renowned sailing destination and Pattaya. With direct flights from just about anywhere these locations offer a great mix of tropical islands, busy shipping lanes, world-class marinas and lovely warm weather. Thailand is the perfect place to learn to sail!

Catamaran & Keelboat sailing

If you're planning to charter a yacht then chances are it'll be a Catamaran, so we think it's important to get you out sailing on one, to show you the subtle differences between Cats and Mono's, but at the same time, there's nothing like being rail-down in a fresh breeze on a Keelboat. Our school in unique in that you will learn in both destinations on both a monohull and catamaran.

Island spirit Trusted track record

Established in 2004, Island Spirit Thailand is Asia’s first accredited International Yacht Training® facility and remains the most experienced Sailing School in Thailand. Island Spirit has run courses every month for the past 18 years and have former students sailing, cruising and chartering yachts all over the world.

island spirit sailing school

Sailing courses in thailand.

Sailing School Thailand

sailing school

Crew Course Bareboat Skipper Bareboat Skipper - Catamaran Zero to Hero Yachtmaster Coastal Yachtmaster Offshore Marina Berthing

Sailing School Thailand

World Cruising Course

90 day Complete course Learn everything you need to know Get 1,000’s of miles sea time Study sailing as well as: Technical aspects of cruising Practical aspects of cruising

Sailing School Thailand

Above and Beyond

VHF Operator Marina Berthing Mile Builders Navigation Master Weather Master

Sailing School Thailand

International Yacht Training, Inc . is the world's leading provider of yacht training services, offering IYT courses and certificates to students which are recognised by governments and charter companies around the globe.

Günther O

Great range of Sailing courses

Internationally recognized certification, sign for our newsletter.

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Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Sailing School in Thailand. (You can unsubscribe anytime)

The Perfect Classroom

From our location in the Gulf of Thailand, 2 hours drive from Bangkok’s main airport, just south of Pattaya at Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Jomthien, we gain access to the lower part of the Bangkok Bite.

This cruising ground offers everything a Sailing School in Thailand could possibly hope for; an international standard marina, Thailand's largest international shipping port with Traffic Separation Lanes for ships, Thailand's largest Naval base and a generous scattering of tropical islands.

Such diversity allows our sailing school students to get first-hand experience of some the more serious aspects of yacht navigation and combine it with a little bit of typical Thai tropical island beauty and hospitality.

From our location in Phuket we gain access to Yacht Haven Marina, Asia's largest Super-yacht marina, is our gateway to the Andaman Sea and the stunning islands of Phang Nga Bay.

The waters surrounding Phuket make for a perfect training ground, what it lacks in shipping traffic it makes up for with Super-yacht & tourism traffic. Learning to sail in Phuket remains challenging enough to deliver the learning experience required but it's hard not think you're on holidays, just because of the overwhelming beauty of the place.

Sailing School Thailand

Instructors with passion

A sailing school can have it all; perfect yachts, nice cruising grounds and a super-cool website, but when it comes down to it its all about the Instructors…. and we know that.

The Sailing school is just part of what Island Spirit Sailing does, we also operate a large Charter Fleet and represent major brand yachts through our yacht brokerage along with a yacht delivery service throughout Asia, so there is always plenty to do and it is because of this that Island Spirit Sailing is able to attract and retain the most experienced of Instructors.

Our instructors are not just doing the same training courses week in week out, when they’re not teaching they’re on charter or delivering yachts which leaves their love and passion for being out on the ocean in tact and keen to pass on their knowledge and experience and of course the odd salty-sea-dog story or two.

Keel boats and Catamarans

Although the exhilaration that comes with rail-down sailing on a powered up keelboat will never be replaced, we are today, without doubt, in the age of the Catamaran.

Island Spirit Sailing offers its sailing school students the opportunity to experience both Keelboat sailing and Catamaran sailing throughout the course of the Zero to Hero program.

We are the only school that we are aware of that incorporates both production keelboats and catamarans into the standard sailing curriculum.

Longevity and experience

Island Spirit Sailing opened its sailing school in 2004 and have been running a sailing school every month since; with an alumni of over 3500 people we’re proud of our contribution to the sailing community.

With such a large Alumni of active sailors Island Spirit Sailing is able to offer many opportunities to students to get out on the water once they finish their training; from ocean crossings to fun weekend flotilla’s.

Its fun and you’ll meet like-minded people

This is probably the best, yet least expected part of it all; for most of our sailing school students it’s been a long time since they’ve attended a school and they’re surprised at just how rewarding and how much fun learning something new is, of course being in the tropics and on a yacht helps.

The other surprising thing is how well a group of complete strangers gel and get on, clearly there is common ground in that all the students attending started out with the desire and drive to learn how to sail and they chose to do it in Thailand and thankfully they choose Island Spirit Sailing, so there’s a lot in common from the onset and many people find that they make lasting relationships and with our Alumni program to get people out sailing, we aim to foster that.

authorised dealer

Sailing School Thailand

USA Head Office

Group Island Spirit Inc. 7524 Jack Newell Blvd S. Fort Worth, Texas 76119 USA Email: [email protected]

Thailand Offices

Island Spirit Charters Co. Ltd. Located at Ocean Marina, 167/5 Sukhumvit (Km157) Sattahip, Chonburi, 20250 Office: +66 (0) 38 237752 Email: [email protected]

Elite Charters Co. Ltd. (Head Office) 20/107 Moo 2, Boat Lagoon Marina Phuket 83000 Thailand Office :+66 (0) 76 273476 Email: [email protected]

Elite Charters Co., Ltd. (Charter Base) Yacht Haven Marina 141/2 Moo 2, T. Mai Khao Phuket 83110 Thailand Office: +66 (0) 76 273476

Group Island Spirit Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 533/16 Moo 10 Hua Yai, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20250 Office: +66 (0) 38 239 868 Email: [email protected]



  • Length – 58 FT
  • Max Speed – 10 KTS
  • Cruise Speed – 6 KTS
  • Maximum capacity – 35 passengers

About this boat

Brand new in our fleet – the Lagoon 40ft!

She is available for weekly charter starting November 2019. This boat is fully air-conditioned with four cabins ensuite bathrooms.

This boat is perfect for those who love to sail. Perfect size for a family trip, a trip with friends or even for a little company gathering.

We are now accepting bookings on her for the next season! Be among the first lucky ones to charter this fantastic and latest model of Lagoon 40ft rigorously made in France.

Let we organize your trip to the most amazing and undiscovered islands around the Andaman sea. We can even do charters to the untouched islands of Burma!

Feel free to get in touch for more details!

price of charter

4 hour charter starts from 30.000 THB

8 hour charter starts from 55.000 THB

sailing yacht pattaya

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sailing yacht pattaya

Capture your best moment with the most colorful fish around you among a gorgeous emerald water. Time to create a fantastic idea, fun & warm memories of cherished moment. Savour a nice lunch while enjoying the view of limestone islands.

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For your unforgettable day, week, birthday, or any special occasion, please contact our team for quick and professional advice on which destination or boat to choose from

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