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  1. Anchor Rollers, Bow Rollers & Parts

    39 results. Fisheries Supply is your premier supplier of stainless-steel bow anchor rollers from trusted brands like Windline, Sea-Dog Line, Lewmar and more. We also offer a range of boat anchor roller parts including replacement wheels in marithane, rubber and Delrin for your power or sailboat.

  2. Anchor Rollers & Mounts

    For all but the smallest of boats, bow anchor rollers are an essential piece of hardware used to lead an anchor's rode over the bow so that it does not chafe on the boat. In addition to this purpose, channeled anchor roller assemblies are frequently used as an anchor mount to securely store an anchor at the bow where it is available for ...

  3. How to Select the Best Bow Roller for Your Anchor and Boat

    A bow roller functions in much the same way as a bow pulpit, allowing you to keep your anchor permanently mounted on the front of your boat. The bow roller can be used for storing the anchor but it also makes retrieving the anchor by hand much easier. There's often a limit to how far a standalone bow roller can protrude off the bow of your boat ...

  4. Anchor Roller

    1. Mantus Anchor Bow Roller. The Mantus Anchor Bow Roller is our top pick because it is so durable, well-designed, and made with 316 stainless steel. Among its useful features is that it can accommodate any anchor design snugly and securely. Mantus Marine Anchor Bow Roller (Boats 47-70 feet) Amazon. $ 1100.

  5. Anchor Rollers

    Choosing the Right Anchor Roller. Your anchor roller must be compatible with your style and size of anchor to accommodate the shank of the anchor and to keep the anchor far enough away from the bow so the plow or claw of the anchor does not damage the bow when the anchor is fully retrieved and stored. Check with the manufacturer of the bow ...

  6. Boat Anchor Rollers & Bow Plates

    A good boat anchor roller keeps your anchor line running smoothly, whether you're dropping anchor or weighing it. Great Lakes Skipper's huge inventory of discount new and replacement boat parts and hardware includes stainless steel boat anchor rollers, anchor pulpit housings, and marine anchor roller housings made by Windline, Dive N Dog ...

  7. Clear the Decks: Anchor Wells and Bow Rollers

    The cheeks of the roller housing are quite important. Forward of the rollers, they should be flared outward, with edges well polished, to prevent wear on the anchor rode as the boat sails around on the anchor. Most modern cruisers have too much windage forward and not enough displacement to lie quietly at anchor.

  8. Boat Anchor Rollers

    Whether it is anchor rollers, anchor chains, or anchor lines, we can help. Not sure which part is right for your boat, call our customer service team at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. We are here to answer all your boating-related questions. Save money by signing up for our Captain's Club Rewards program for ...

  9. Mantus Anchor Bow Roller

    Mantus Marine anchor bow roller fits any anchor and is the ultimate storage solution when paired with an AnchorGuard. Create the perfect anchor mount today. ... Bow Roller Size Boat Size (Feet) Mantus Anchor Size (lbs) Price (USD) Price with AnchorGuard (USD) BR1: 18 to 35: 8 - 35: $305: $424: BR2: 36 to 46: 45 - 85: $650: $769: BR3: 47 to ...

  10. Boat Anchor Roller

    Boat Anchor Roller Gorgeri Anchor Bracket Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Boat Bow Anchor Roller Bracket for Yacht Lift Roller Electro Polished Stainless Steel Anchor Roller. 4.5 out of 5 stars 9. $57.92 $ 57. 92. FREE delivery Wed, Jan 3 . Whitecap AR-6493 Nylon Anchor Roller - 2-3/4" D x 2-7/8" W.

  11. Anchor Bow Rollers For Boats

    Bail for AR7561S Anchor Roller. $14.99. per page. Guide your anchor when it is lowered or raised by choosing one of outstanding stainless Anchor Bow Rollers for your boat. Anchor rollers are often called the bow roller because they used to secure the anchor at the bow of the boat. We've got a selection of platform bow anchor roller, fairleads ...

  12. How to Build Your Anchoring System

    Crucially, make sure it fits on your bow roller. Modern anchors typically fall into two camps—those with roll bars and those without. We've used a 33-kg Rocna on our Swan 48 Isbjorn (displacement 36,000 pounds) to great success since 2015, including two summers in Spitsbergen, one of the more challenging anchoring grounds in the world. The Rocna is a roll-bar style anchor and fits snugly ...

  13. Bow Anchor Rollers by Attwood Marine, Sea-Dog, Dive-n-Dog, others

    Anchor rollers by Attwood Marine, Sea-Dog, Dive-n-Dog, Windline and others ... 304 Stainless Steel Bruce Anchor Roller - 9' to 30' Boat. Mfr: WHITECAP INDUSTRIES, INC. From: $143.72 . Anchor Rollers for Danforth/Fortress Anchors, Stainless Steel. Mfr: WHITECAP INDUSTRIES, INC. From: $46.02 .

  14. Sailboat Upgrades

    ALL about installing a Sailboat Anchor RollerAmazon Products Used In This Episode:Bruce Claw Anchor - Roller -

  15. LEWMAR Pivoting Self-Launch Bow Roller

    A pivoting, self-launching bow roller that fits just about any fluke or Danforth style anchor up to 35lb. Anchor rollers make dropping and weighing anchor easier on you and your boat. They help reduce chafe, prevent scratches and dings to your boat's finish and provide a secure place to store your anchor when used in conjunction with an ...

  16. Stainless Steel Platform Anchor Roller

    Stamped 304 stainless steel construction offers excellent protection against corrosion in a rusty seawater environment. Easily drop and weigh your anchor without any scratches or dents. Installs with separately sold 0.375" fasteners. Thickness: 0.1875. Length: 23.25".

  17. How To Mount a Bow Anchor Roller on A Sailboat

    Here is how I mounted a bow roller on my O'day 25 sailboat. It had a nice anchor locker but no anchor roller. I just bought a new 22 pound Delta anchor and d...

  18. Anchor bow roller

    Jan 2, 2020. #16. I've got to recommend through bolting an anchor roller with a steel backing plate under the deck. The biggest problem is not water engulfing the bow. The problem is the lever arm of the roller taking the full force of the boat against the anchor rode in bad conditions.

  19. Delrin Anchor Roller Replacement Wheels

    Our anchor roller replacement wheels are made from marine grade delrin. Molded to precise dimensions, these replacement rollers are the best replacement options for your anchor rollers. Our replacement rollers are durable and have been improved to better withstand the wear of normal use and UV damage. We will offer returns for most items within ...

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