Azimut Magellano 60 Review (2023 Edition)

The handsome Magellano 60 is the latest addition to Azimut's trawler range. Is it the best Magellano ever? 

Azimut Magellano 60 Review (2023 Edition) image 1

The Azimut Magellano 60 is the newest and smallest model in Azimut Benetti Group’s stylish pseudo-Trawler range. As with its larger siblings, the 60 has styling by superyacht designer Ken Freivokh and a semi-planing dual-mode hull, designed to be stable and efficient at slower speeds but capable of over 25 knots flat out.

On board, there are three cabins and three bathrooms with an aft galley layout on the main deck and a flybridge characterised by the distinctive central radar mast. In the cockpit, the facing seating creates a more sociable arrangement, bolstered by the glass transom, designed to make a terrace overlooking the bathing platform. There's a lot to enjoy about this design, keep reading to discover what the 60 is like on the water, how much it costs and how it compares to its rivals.

Azimut Magellano 60 Key Facts

Azimut Magellano 60 illustration

  • Model Year 2023
  • Max Speed 26 knots
  • Status In Production
  • Yacht Type Trawler Yacht
  • Use Type Cruising

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Performance & Handling

Around the marina.

Though the Magellano 60 is quite a high-sided boat its relatively large keel section keeps it solidly planted at slow speeds and when manoeuvring. As standard, the boat comes with a joystick, which works both MAN engines and the proportional bow thruster to shove the boat in the required direction. It's a relatively smooth and effective system, though like many of its kind, doesn't have the quick reaction times of a pod drive boat, so experienced hands may prefer to use the throttles and thrusters independently. 

The view is good from both main helms but there is the option to have a third docking station in the cockpit, which those often faced with stern-to berthing will likely appreciate. 

The trawler-inspired design is inherently good for the crew. Side decks are spacious and well-protected, deck storage is ample and it's a boat that feels safe to move around on. With no railings running amidships to the stern you have to use fender straps towards the aft end of the boat, which slows things down a bit, but it's a technique you soon get used to.


There is only one engine option on offer; twin 12.4-litre MAN i6 diesels with 730hp per side. The Magellano 60 runs on a "dual mode" (Azimut speak for semi-displacement) hull for a top speed of 26 knots and a flexible cruise of between 8 and 20 knots. Its "fast" cruising speed is 18 knots and you can expect a pretty impressive range of around 350nm. Slow it back to 8 knots and a relaxed 1,000rpm and that range shoots up to a whisker under 1,000nm. Good going for a leisure-focused 60-footer. 

The MAN i6s are well-proven engines and they provide plentiful grunt without ever sounding like they're working too hard. The dual-mode hull eases between full displacement and semi-planing with no discernible transition, which makes it easy to pick a cruising speed that is most suited to the conditions. It was lumpy on our test day and aside from a touch of the semi-displacement wallow - much of which was ironed out by the Seakeeper gyro - the Magellano handled it well. 

The fly-by-wire steering is light but this gives the boat a poise and agility that you might not expect from a craft with this type of hull form and it means that hand steering is easy in a seaway. That said, it's best to let the hull find its way through the waves and leave the wheel alone. The light steering, as good as it is, means you can sometimes overcorrect in reaction to the wave pattern which makes the ride less comfortable. Hold a line, set the speed and the hull will do the work for you. 

The bow isn't particularly flared and it's relatively upright but the spray rails do their job and deflect water away from the boat so it doesn't come showering over the deck. The ride is smooth and comfortable but you don't feel totally detached from the driving experience like you do with some semi-displacement cruisers.

It's quiet, too. At the lower helm, we registered 68 decibels at an 18-knot cruise, impressive considering it was far from a flat calm day and the sort of conditions that can often unearth slams from the hull and creaks and groans from the interior. Not here. The noisiest thing on board was the cutlery rattling around inside the galley draws. 

Builder Speed & Range Data

  • 200nm 200nm 400nm 400nm 600nm 600nm 800nm 800nm 1000nm 1000nm
  • 998 nm @ 8.2 knots eco
  • 365 nm @ 20.1 knots cruise
  • 306 nm @ 26.0 knots max

Azimut Magellano 60 version 2023. *Data supplied by the manufacturer. View Full Test Results


Design & Build


Azimut often works with designers from outside the organisation and much of the Magelleno line was created in conjunction with superyacht designer Ken Freivokh. The Magellanos are great-looking yachts in our opinion but the 60 might just be the sweetest in the range. It's muscular and modern but there are nods to traditional trawler design and some fabulous detailing. The wooden slats on either side of the wheelhouse, for example, and the black powder-coated railings and windscreen surround on the flybridge that blend into their surroundings and help to reduce the visual height of the boat. How about that green hull colour, too? There aren't enough green boats in our opinion. 

The central mast on the flybridge is a Magellano trademark and though it gives the 60 its distinctive profile it's functional too. The aft end of the hard top is mounted to it, it incorporates an overhead shower and, of course, it's home to the navigation equipment. 

Another Magellano trait is the facing sofas in the cockpit and though we're seeing this design feature more and more these days it still stands out as a great design decision on the 60. The glass transom, deep sofas and large expanding table create a fab alfresco dining space; more on that later.

The interior, designed in-house by Azimut, is more restrained than some recent models and all the better for it. It still has playful touches and feels very different to its close competitors but it's much less controversial and treads the line well between form and function. If you want something more vibrant and colourful than the monotone palettes you'll find elsewhere then the Magellano 60 delivers.

The engineering is good, too, and the hull, structure and interior certainly felt robust as we powered through the lumps on sea trial. There isn't standing room for someone of 6ft (1.83m) in the engine room but the installation is sound and there is easy access through a hatch in the cockpit floor. 

Interior Accommodation


As alluded to above, the interior is more toned down than we have come to expect from Azimut but it still delights with its individualism and adventure. It's not just the décor, the layout is interesting, too, especially the adjustable dinette on the starboard side. This area somewhat mirrors the cockpit arrangement and it feels more sociable to have opposing seating as opposed to the L or U-shaped dinettes you'd expect to see on a boat of this style. It lines up with the starboard saloon window, too, so the views are great. The downside is that there is only space to sit four people but this will likely work for the majority of owners. 

The galley is aft and it's noticeable how well concealed everything is when it's not in use. The appliances such as the dishwasher are covered with laminate fascias and there are lots of lids set into the counter over the sink and storage bins to extend the working space. There's nowhere obvious to put these lids when they're not in place, however, which is annoying. The domestic fridge/freezer unit is on the opposite side of the saloon to the galley and is discreetly integrated between timber panelling as well. It's a functional space that doesn't encroach more than it should.

Detailing is lovely. The Alpi wood finish is fixed but there's variety in the colour options of things like the carpet, sofa cushions and other soft furnishings. The use of uplit ratan inside some of the storage voids works well, the lighting fixture above the dinette and the TV that pops up from the unit opposite the galley swivels so that it can face different parts of the saloon or into the cockpit. There is easily accessed storage beneath the sofa on the port side, too.


The interior design pops to the fore on the lower deck where there are cabins with real character but, again, as with the main deck, it's not overdone or in your face. The layout is interesting, too. Right forward in the bow is the VIP ensuite with a double bed mounted in the usual position and an ensuite that also has access from the main lobby for the twin cabin on the starboard side. Those long windows that are subtly integrated into the hull sides do great things here by drawing in masses of natural light to somewhat compensate for the lack of a skylight. 

Despite the door leading off from the lobby into the VIP ensuite, there is a proper day head on the lower deck, positioned further amidships just forward of the owner's cabin. It's slightly oddly positioned given its distance from the twin cabin whose occupants will need it most but it means those in the VIP can lock the lobby door to their bathroom for the inside for some privacy, safe in the knowledge that they won't be denying those in the twin access to a bathroom. All three bathrooms are tastefully finished with black sinks set inside marble effect tops, sprinkles of teak in the shower stalls and attractive black fixings. 

It all comes together in the owner's cabin, which sparkles with eye-catching design touches from the choice of materials to the pebble smooth door handles, the TV, which hides inside a mirror and the thoughtful mix of lighting. It's a genuinely lovely space that offers something so fresh and different compared to most of this boat's rivals. Given the cabin stretches the full beam of the boat there's plenty of space and headroom throughout the interior is comfortably over 6ft (1.83m).

Something that really adds to the feeling of luxury in this area, though, is the size of the ensuite. It's huge for a boat of this size and is finished to such a high standard. It's a standout feature, which isn't something we say about many ensuite bathrooms. 

Crew Accommodation

The crew space is accessed via an upright door on the transom, which you can still open easily with the tender in place on the hydraulic bathing platform. Many owners won't feel the need to have a crew on a boat of this size but the single berth and wet room are okay for short stints and, actually, quite a useful extra occasional berth, especially for a teenager. 


Helm Station


The upper helm is a long way forward on the flybridge and it's protected by a deep windscreen with an angled lip, designed to drive the oncoming breeze over the skipper's head. 

The helm station itself isn't all that exciting to look at with a trio of MFDs set into black facias, which at least ensures there isn't much glare pinging of the dashboard. Most functions are controlled through the twin Raymarine MFDs and the  MAN engine screen but there is a neat panel of backlit switches to control things like the horn, navigation lights and anchor. The Raymarine screens are touch screens but there is a remote aft of the throttles so they can both be controlled without having to stretch out of the helm chair. 

The driving position is good with adjustable seats and a large steering wheel, which despite being fixed falls to hand easily. It would be better to move the autopilot screen onto the main dash so that the throttles can be positioned closer to the helm seat but, that aside, there's little to complain about up top. 

It's always good to be able to stand and drive a boat from its lower helm and it's easy to do so on the Magellano 60. There isn't a huge amount of space between the wheel and the seat but there's enough if you do want to stand at the helm and, when seated, the fully adjustable leather seats have enough movement to ensure that most skippers will be able to get comfortable, even if the backrests are a little low. 

The dash itself is similar in design to the one upstairs, though everything is a little closer to the helm seats so ergonomically it's slightly better. In contrast to the upper helm, the navigator is trapped by the skipper so the person driving will have to move to let their co-pilot in and out but the positive is the more central driving position has less of a blind spot on the starboard side. 

The boat doesn't have a side door at the helm, something it lacks compared to some of its close rivals, but there is a sliding window that allows the skipper to talk to the crew if they're handling the boat from inside at slow speed. Most of the time, though, slow-speed work will likely be done from the flybridge or the optional third control station positioned in the cockpit. 


Out back, the Magellano 60 has a hydraulic bathing platform as standard with a hefty 500kg weight capacity, meaning it's capable of launching and recovering a decent tender of around 10ft 8in (3.3m), slightly longer if you don't have the passerelle fitted. There isn't a step between the platform and the main deck, though, so it can be a bit of a leap to clamber between the two when the platform is deployed. There are a couple of hatches set into the transom, one for the crew cabin and another horizontal one that reveals a usefully large storage locker, perfect for stowing mooring lines or wet kit. 

In the cockpit, there is some more useful storage, including a dedicated space and charging point for a Seabob beneath the starboard side dinette lounger. The cockpit is such a big part of the 60's appeal. It's not the first time we've seen cockpit seating arranged this way but it's executed with such style here and creates a much more sociable and inviting living space. The rounded sofas are squishy and comfortable but supportive and at sea, the position closest to the transom feels like a waterside terrace - it's a great arrangement. The table adjusts at the touch of a button (as a cost option), too so it can drop down to coffee table level or rise to be used for dining. 

Our test boat has a couple of bar stools arranged in the forward section of the cockpit, which line up with the drop-down window in the galley to create a bar area between the two spaces. We felt this feature worked well but if you don't think you'll use it or you need more storage there is the option to replace the bar stools with a low cupboard unit instead. 

To The Fore

There are boarding gates on both sides of the boat just forward of the cockpit, which comes in handy when moored side-to a tall quay or at a fuel dock, for example. There are no guardrails towards the aft end of the deck but the bulwarks come up to a decent height and provide reasonable protection before the guardrails pop up at the bow.

The foredeck is a well-designed space. It features the now familiar sofa and sun pad arrangement but, much like the cockpit, it's executed with style. The simple but clever arrangement where the top edge of the sun pad flips up to create a three-person aft-facing sofa is a great touch, too. There are deep deck bins on either side and some shallower moulded trays on either side of the sun pad to take care of glasses and loose items. It's practical but thoughtful and stylish. 

Take It To The Bridge

The flybridge is such a distinctive part of the Magellano's design and, like the other deck areas, effortlessly blends function and style. We mentioned the central mast above and it's a particularly striking feature that as well as giving the boat its unique look also supports the optional hard top with a sunroof (a bimini is standard) and is fitted with a proper overhead shower. We're not sure when you're actually going to use said shower but it's a nice option to have if you need to cool off. 

Aft, there's a similar terrace feeling to the cockpit where comfortable seating edges up to the aft end of the deck with a great view out over the back of the boat. Between this area and the dinette amidships the wet bar is neatly tucked up against the radar mast so that it's well-positioned to serve both seating areas. There is a large step between the aft and forward sections of the deck, presumably to boost headroom in the saloon, which takes some getting used to. That aside, it's another well-designed area of the Magellano 60. 


Value For Money

The base price for the Magellano 60 is €1.65 million ex VAT (correct at the time of writing). Add a few extras and some tax and you'll likely be in the region €2,000,000 for an "on the water" package. Azimut's options list is extensive but there are some major items that we think most owners would benefit from.

Our Options & Pick

The cockpit docking station (€15,000) will be useful for those who berth stern to regularly and it includes proportional control of the thrusters and a joystick, which combines the engines and thrusters under one control. A joystick at the main helms is standard, remember. There are two Seakeeper options, the NG9 (€133,100) and NG13 (€199,350). We had the smaller one on our test boat and it managed reasonably well in a rolling swell but if you plan to spend a lot of time on anchor then the beefier NG18 might be worth the €65,000 extra. 

The foredeck lounge arrangement is €22,850, which is no small chunk of change, but the convertible sun pad/sofa and adjustable teak table make a difference to the usability of the space, so it's worth it. In a similar vane, there are furniture options to add at the aft end of the flybridge, all of which are around €30,000 and worth adding to extend the lounging space on the top deck.

The flybridge hard top is a €90,000 option. It includes a canvas sunroof but the bimini is almost half the price and nearly as practical. That said, with resale in mind the hard top is probably the safer option as many buyers will be looking out for it. That beautiful green-painted hull, transom and gunwale is a €50,000 option but it's such a big part of the boat's character it borders on necessity.

The hydraulic is standard (good), and the transom storage locker is a €20,000 option (bad). Come on Azimut, that sort of thing shouldn't be a cost option... 

Co-pilot seats are options at both helms and cost around €5,000 each. We would have them but that is quite a personal choice and the extra floor space without them might be welcome. 

Finally, there are three Raymarine packages on offer (Silver, Gold and Platinum). Gold, at €30,000, probably covers what most people will need and it saves a good chunk over the Platinum upgrade. 

We’ve always had a soft spot for the Magellano range but the 60 stands out for several reasons. The exterior looks great and it’s a design where the more time you spend with it the more detail you pick up. It has real quayside appeal and that’s not something you can say about all modern trawlers. The arrangement of the deck spaces works well too and there’s an underlying practicality that makes the 60 usable and easy to live with. And the more toned-down interior works so much better than the whacky designs from Azimut of late, it’s fresh and interesting without being over the top. It’s an expensive boat with a hefty cost option list but we reckon it might be the best Magellano you can buy.

Reasons to Buy

  • Stylish design
  • Excellent deck spaces
  • Flexible cruising performance
  • Attractive interior

Things to Consider

  • No side door at the helm
  • Engine room space
  • Some options are expensive

The Magellano 60 is a pretty unique proposition in the 60ft sector but there are few other "soft trawlers" on the market that offer stiff competition. 

The Sirena 58 is available with or without a flybridge and the Turkish-built yacht offers tip-top engineering with impressive interior volume for its length. Its interior decor is more plain than the Azimut's but it has greater flexibility in terms of lower deck accommodation. Three cabins and three bathrooms are the standard configuration with the owner's cabin amidships but you can have the owner forward with a pair of twins amidships or a very spacious two-cabin, two-bathroom layout. Caterpillar engines with either 640hp or 840hp per side provide punchy performance for a top speed of over 30 knots. 

The Pardo 60 is quite a different concept to the Magellano 60 but it offers similar performance and runs on Volvo Penta IPS pods, which may appeal to those who like the idea of joystick control. It too has a three-cabin layout with a reasonable crew space and though its flybridge isn't as big its standard fit drop balconies in the large cockpit make up for this. It's a striking design, too, and that reverse sheer bow fronts a hull that is impressively robust through the waves. 

The Absolute Navetta 58  is another IPS boat that could be considered alongside the Azimut, even though it's a touch smaller. You'd never know from the inside, though, the amount of interior volume is exceptional for its size. It has a three-cabin arrangement with the owner amidships but the offset VIP is an Absolute trait which cleverly leverages the most out of the available space up front. It also has sliding berths in the twin cabin for added versatility. If crew is a consideration then the two-berth crew space on the 58 is about as good as it gets amongst its peers. It doesn't have the charm of the Azimut but it's a lot of boat for the money. 

We mustn't forget the French because Beneteau Group has a couple of boats in this sector and though they're quite different to the Azimut they ought to be considered if you like this type of craft. The Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 is the flagship of the Beneteau Power range and it's much more of a traditional trawler in its design ethos. It's spacious, incredibly practical and bursting with storage so if liveaboard cruising is on the agenda it's well worth a look. It's built to a price but offers serious bang for your buck. The Prestige X60 on the other hand is much more in tune with the Azimut. Its interior is dripping with style and there's some brilliant design flair on board. It's a little awkward looking but it's a much classier aesthetic for Prestige and it offers impressive value for money. 

Specifications & Performance

  • Builder Azimut
  • Range Magellano Collection
  • Model Magellano 60
  • Length Overall 18.47m
  • Draft 1.37m
  • Yacht Type (Primary) Trawler Yacht
  • Use Type (Primary) Cruising
  • Cruising Speed Max Speed
  • Fuel Capacity 3,650 Litres
  • Fresh Water Capacity 750 Litres
  • Engine Model 2x MAN i6-730
  • Engine economic speed 8.5 knots
  • Engine max range (speed type) 827 nm

Performance Data

Azimut Magellano 60 version 2023. *Data supplied by the manufacturer.

Test Engines Twin MAN i6-730

  • Liters Per Hour
  • Liters Per Mile
  •   CRUISE

Azimut Magellano 60 Layout


The furniture at the aft end of the flybridge is a cost option but we think it's a good investment 


The saloon dinette on the starboard side aligns perfectly with a floor-to-ceiling window for great views out while dining 


This plan shows how large the owner's ensuite is; it's a really impressive space 

Jack Haines

Jack Haines

Jack is YachtBuyer's Reviews Director. He is a writer, editor and presenter with 15 years’ experience testing over 350 motorboats of all shapes and sizes, from 20ft RIBs to 120ft yachts (and even the Royal Navy Frigate HMS Sutherland ). 

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Azimut Magellano 60 Reviewed

  • By Phil Draper
  • December 7, 2023

Azimut Magellano 60

I find myself in need of the Hogwarts Sorting Hat to properly categorize Azimut’s Magellano 60. Judging by much of the specification sheet and the accommodations plan, it seems like a mainstream flybridge motoryacht. But it’s not. Strictly speaking, the Magellano 60 is a semidisplacement model, but then again, these designs aren’t normally quite so sprightly. Azimut uses the term “crossover” for its Magellanos. It fits.

Longtime designer Ken Freivokh’s work with Azimut on its newer and bigger Magellanos is masterly. His designs have a timeless quality and an elegance that’s so often missing from models with big diesels and top speeds closer to 30 knots than 20.

Azimut Magellano 60

The 60 marks a new entry-level size for the Magellano range, with the older 43 and 53 Magellanos gone, and the 8-year-old Magellano 66 remaining as the last of the older series to be drawn by Cor D. Rover. The more recent Magellano 25M (an 82-foot raised pilothouse) and Magellano 30M (a 97-foot trideck) are by Freivokh. They share the same design DNA, with bluff bows and signature wooden battens on the after corners of their superstructures.

Outdoor spaces aboard the Magellano 60 include a foredeck terrace with booth seating and sun pads, a big flybridge beneath an optional hardtop, and a generously sized cockpit with a glazed transom panel and a full top-deck overhang for proper shade. Azimut calls the aft deck an “infinity terrace” with bi-fold doors that open to extend the salon. Furniture in the cockpit includes a table and two facing sofas, which means guests look out at the sea rather than back into the boat. There’s also a two-stool bar to port that shares its countertop with an aft galley when the drop-down window is open.

Azimut Magellano 60

Inside, the decor is by Azimut’s in-house team, with clear influences from bigger sisterships that have 1950s-inspired schemes by Milanese-based architect Vincenzo De Cotiis. Beyond the galley and up one step are a lounge area amidships, a C-booth sofa to port and a pair of two-seat sofas on either side of a coffee/dining table to starboard. The overall palette is light-stained oak veneers and off-whites—all remarkably soothing. The salon views are superb too, particularly to starboard, where the biggest picture window measures a whopping 8 by 5 feet.

Beneath the raked aft windshield, the lower helm has two Aras bucket seats with the wheel inboard, prioritizing access for the skipper. Immediately to port is a dogleg staircase that leads to the deck below.

This is essentially a three-stateroom, three-head yacht with two showers. There are no other layout options. The owner’s space is amidships with en suite facilities to port. The VIP is forward and shares its portside en suite with the twin-berth stateroom across the companionway. A separate day head is there as well.

Azimut Magellano 60

Power is also one choice only: a pair of 730 hp i6 MAN diesels. With them spinning at their maximum 2,350 rpm, and with the Seakeeper gyrostabilizer engaged, the Magellano 60 had consistent speeds of around 26 knots at half-load. There’s no obvious hop-up onto plane, but I felt a distinct step change passing through 1,600 rpm. Azimut calls the semiplaning hull geometry “dual mode,” which means it is efficient at displacement as well as faster cruise speeds up to 20 knots. According to my data, the yacht will run all day at that speed, which equates to 2,000 rpm. Allowing for a 10 percent reserve, there’s a working range of around 330 nautical miles. Ultimate range could be near 600 nm at 10 knots.

The Magellano 60 is surprisingly nimble too. The hull happily self-levels once the speeds push up into double digits with a 3-degree, bow-up attitude. The wheel remains light but precise, and it will turn this vessel surprisingly quickly. Although I had a calm day and minimal swell during my time on board, I found that the yacht felt most comfortable with the manual trim tabs fully up. They should come into their own in lumpier beam or quartering seas, when the gyro is probably best kept off.

Azimut Magellano 60

Those engines, incidentally, are hooked up to V-boxes, and the shafts run out via half-tunnels, which help reduce the draft to a Bahamas-friendly 4 feet, 6 inches at full load. The space for the engines beneath the yacht’s cockpit sole is compact, but the machinery area does not encroach beneath the salon, which makes for a particularly quiet boat. I recorded just 67 decibels at the lower helm at 20 knots, 72 decibels in the owner’s stateroom and 62 decibels in the VIP.

There is an option to specify the lazarette as a single-berth crew cabin. Either way, this space has its own entrance from the port side of the hydraulic swim platform.

Like other newer Magellanos, the 60 that I got aboard had a striking custom paint job, this one a blue-green metallic hull. Italians call it ottanio. Americans call it teal after the duck. A light-gold boot top set it off. The standard specification includes white gelcoat.

The Azimut Magellano 60 premiered at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September. Once production hits stride, the builder expects to deliver one every two weeks.

Sustainable Diesel

The Azimut Magellano 60 I got aboard ran on hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of diesel. The claims for this sustainable fuel include emissions reductions from 60 to 90 percent, depending on the raw materials used during the refining process. Thanks to a deal with Italian producer Eni Sustainable Mobility, all Azimut owners can request delivery of new boats with HVOlution biofuel in the tanks.

Formidable Flagship

The Azimut Magellano 60 is the start of the builder’s four-model Magellano range. On the other end of the range is the 97-foot, 6-inch Magellano 30 Metri. The 30 Metri is notable for its ability to hold more than 3,800 gallons of fuel while consuming about 15 percent less than traditional hard-chine planing hulls. Twin 1,500 hp MAN diesels give the 30 Metri a reported 16-knot cruise speed and a 20-knot top hop.

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azimut yachts magellano 60



azimut yachts magellano 60

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Azimut’s new Magellano starter

  • September 21, 2023

The new entry model for Azimut’s fast-growing navetta line, the Magellano 60 is set to debut in Asia in early 2024 following sales into Hong Kong and Taiwan by Marine Italia. Words: Clare Mahon; Photos: Azimut

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The Magellano 60 joins the 66 (20m), 25M and 30M models

In 2009, Azimut launched its first semi-displacement navetta, a 22.5m motor yacht designed with longer-range cruising in mind. A versatile crossover cruiser, the Ken Freivokh-designed 74-footer had the clean and timeless look of a trawler spiked by the addition of large, glazed surfaces and contemporary interiors. It proved so popular that it became the first unit in a series called the Magellano.

The latest arrival to the Magellano fold is a little sister, the 60, which wears its family resemblance proudly and debuted at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival before exhibiting at the Genoa International Boat Show. Marine Italia has already sold units in Hong Kong and Taiwan, due in spring 2024, with the regional dealer also representing Azimut in Macau, Guangdong and Singapore.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

Ken Freivokh designed the exterior

Freivokh has kept the same clean look for the entire Magellano line that today comprises yachts ranging in size from the 60 (18.5m) and 66 (20.15m) to the 25M and 30M, with a unit of the series flagship set to arrive in Hong Kong in spring 2024 following a sale by Marine Italia. Incredibly, the four models across the entire series look similar – and similarly good.

The exterior of the new Magellano 60 has the same straight bow, horizontal hull lines and teak inserts in the fashion plates as her bigger sisters, while the hull colour of choice remains ottanio, a dark teal that looks beautiful on the water.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The aft cockpit has a glass parapet and facing sofas

Swedish naval architectural studio Profjord AB and Azimut’s own R&D Department designed an efficient new semi-planing Dual Mode hull shape for a boat that, fuel wise, has been designed for the future.

As well as traditional fuel, the Magellano 60 can run on HVOlution developed by Eni Sustainable Mobility, as first shown when hull one used the biofuel made of HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) on its trip from Savona to Taormina for the model’s private showing at Azimut’s annual Yachting Gala event.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The table can be lowered or raised and folded out for alfresco dining

At its ideal cruising speed of 18 knots, the Magellano 60 runs solidly in the water with a comfortable top speed of about 24 knots with twin 730hp MAN engines and shaft drive.


The beach platform can be used both for swimming and for launching the tender or toys depending on the position it’s set at. And who would guess that what looks like a storage unit in the aft cockpit leads to a crew cabin, another essential feature for owners who want to charter or like to be able to kick back and relax after enjoying their day on the water.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The aft galley is set a step below the saloon

The extra-large cockpit sets the tone for the rest of the yacht, where outdoor life and views to the water are given top priority. Longitudinal couches face each other and the water around the boat and a teak-capped glass aft closure leaves views free and clear. The cockpit table between the sofas can be set low for use as a coffee table or raised and folded out to offer covered, alfresco dining.

Forward to port are two bar stools that connect the cockpit to the interior, with the galley set at the aft end of the saloon. Just open the door between the cockpit and the saloon, and drop a sliding window into the bar and serving area, and the galley becomes part of the cockpit area, an ideal setup that makes cooking for friends part of the fun.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The saloon has a C-shaped sofa to port and facing sofas to starboard

Set one step up from the cockpit and galley, the saloon is like a glasshouse with views straight through and side-to-side that are so free and open that you could forget you’re indoors.

A C-shaped sofa frames the port side of the saloon, while to starboard are two-seat sofas either side of a table that – like in the cockpit – can transform from a coffee table to a dining table. The floor-to- ceiling window on the starboard side is truly a sight to behold.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

Aft view of the saloon shows the huge, full-height window on the starboard side

The yacht’s colour theme is played to its best advantage, with the teal hull colour picked up and repeated.

Soft, curved furnishings in shades of white are set off by black accents that are as chic as the piping on a Chanel suit, an effect carried over to the three bright and spacious cabins on the lower deck, comprising a VIP fore, a twin to starboard and an owner’s cabin midships.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The beautifully decorated full-beam owner’s suite

The full-beam owner’s suite is a picture of studied elegance, with a round mirror set in the centre of an aft bulkhead covered in light, fluted panelling. There’s a sofa to starboard and a long storage counter to port, hanging cupboards on both sides and an en-suite bathroom.


As the name implies, Azimut’s Magellano series is all about enjoying navigation and exploration. The indoor helm station, just one step up from the cockpit and galley, is an integral part of the boat’s social setup and everyone aboard can enjoy observing the boat at work.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The flybridge includes a C-shaped dinette to port and a sunbathing area beside the helm

However, there’s no better spot to helm than on the flybridge. The helming position fore is imminently social, flanked by a portside sun pad whose headrest slides back to become part of the C-shaped seating around the dining table when needed.

Owners can select an outdoor kitchen with a grill, while the aft area can feature two facing sofas – like in the cockpit – or a C-shaped settee-cum-sun lounger. Owners can choose to mount a carbon-fibre hard top or include a bimini, or even just leave the space entirely open.

Azimut, Magellano 60, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Marine Italia, Cannes Yachting Festival

The foredeck is shown with the triple sunpad folded up to create an aft-facing sofa

The same smart seating with convertible backrests is used on the foredeck. The social area in the bow starts with a fixed forward-facing sofa, while a section of the forward triple sunpad can be folded up to offer an aft-facing sofa, helping create four sides of seating around the flexible table.

The clever design of the foredeck makes it another outdoor space that can be enjoyed all day, whether you’re cruising along in the sunshine watching the scenery go by or enjoying a drink at anchor, with shade provided by a canopy mounted on four carbon poles.

The Azimut Magellano 60 packs all the series’ key features of seaworthiness, flexibility of use, efficiency and range into a tidy package that looks just as good and lives just as well as her larger sisterships, proving that when it comes to Magellano in the Azimut sense, it’s an outlook on life at sea that counts more than anything else.

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azimut yachts magellano 60

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Azimut Magellano 60 Review: Enchanting Voyages on the Horizon

azimut yachts magellano 60

The newcomer to the popular Magellano series is a delightful yacht ideal for cruising lovers, charming with timeless exterior, attractive interior and comfort in navigation

Discover the Azimut Magellano 60: A Newcomer in the Popular Series

Currently the smallest model in Azimut ’s crossover series Magellano, the new Magellano 60 debuted at the Cannes Boat Show . According to the builder, this new model aims for a contemporary style with a distinctly Italian feel, but holding on to the philosophy of the Magellano series – practical solutions, spaciousness and efficiency, with as little impact on the environment as possible and, of course, with readiness to face any and all weather conditions.

Azimut yacht for charter in Croatia

Luxury yacht Myne running

Interesting in many aspects, the new Azimut S8 Myne boasts great performance, large open exterior spaces and an elegantly designed interior. She accommodates up to 9 guests in 4 stylish staterooms and carries onboard 3 crew members.

Recognizable exterior lines of the Magellano series are still there, and the tall hull with a blunt bow unmistakably reveal this model to be another navetta. Large oval windows on the sides of the hull and smaller ones on the bow are also features of the current series present on its latest model.

The tall superstructure is glazed, with the dark glazing interrupted only by six horizontal wooden lines on the aft part of the superstructure, and the white roof. The flybridge has been moved slightly aft, and the highest point of the exterior is the carrier mast for the T-top. The T-top also serves the bow part of the flybridge.

Azimut Magellano 60 cruising

The spacious aft platform can be submerged thanks to a hydraulic system, which allows tender lifting maneuvers, and it’s definitely spacious enough to serve as a beach club. Starboard and aft, there is a dedicated door of the crew cabin, and to the port, the entrance to the main deck interior.

Next to this glazed wall separating the interior and exterior aft part of the main deck lies the dining room, with the table surrounded by sofas. The sofas transform into a large bed with direct view of the sea. The relaxed feel of this space is further enhanced by a small bar with two bar stools right from the entrance and next to the galley.

Located to the left from the door, the semi-circular galley was designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, with wenge wood and black kitchen tops.

Interior Layout and Features: A Closer Look

Azimut Magellano 60 U-shaped sofa in the salon

The salon lies right next to the galley, but one step above, with the floor changing form wood to plush carpeting that continues in the rest of the interior. To the left, there is a large U-shaped sofa, while to the right, there are two small sofas and a small dining table. The interior helm station with two seats is served by a large and wide windshield, and boasts an elegant steering wheel rarely seen on vessels this size.

The predominant use of light tones in the interior in combination with discreet decorative elements in wenge wood lines or designer lighting fixtures give the interior and exterior a timeless feel and guarantee that the Azimut Magellano 60 will not lose its attractiveness for decades to come. To the right of the helm, a semi-circular staircase leads to the corridor connecting all three cabins.

Azimut Magellano 60 master cabin

Croatia Top Yacht Charter Destinations in Croatia at a Glance

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The flybridge is well thought through, comfortable enough for a full day out in the open. Under the area protected by a T-top, whose central part opens for more sun, lies the exterior helm station, with two seats, a semi-circular sofa, a dining table and an element with several refrigerating units, while another bar behind the T-top structure holds an electric kettle, a sink and an ice maker. Interestingly, on the flybridge there is a rarely seen outdoor shower, connected to the T-top.

On the bow, there is a lounge with a spacious sunpad and a sofa hugging a small table, another cozy and private spot ideal for leisure cruising.

Cozy and private spot ideal for leisure cruising

We found the cruising side of our experience extremely pleasant, as Azimut Magellano 60 is equipped with a classic shaft, a bow and stern thruster, and a joystick for easy steering. This all makes it easy to handle, and easy to maneuver into small berths and crowded ports, especially from the exterior helm, which enjoys excellent visibility.

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Luxury yacht Benetti Happy Me sunset port side

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Luxury yacht Benetti Happy Me sunset port side

In navigation, the new Magellano 60 handled taller waves smoothly, with the Seakeeper 9 smoothing out any subsequent rolling. The steering is prompt and precise, and the model boasts a small turning radius without losing much speed in turns. However, the most interesting technical detail is efficiency, result of the excellent design of the semi-displacement Dual Mode hull.

The Performance of the Azimut Magellano 60 at Sea

The cruising speed is a pleasant 18 to 20 knots at 2000 rpm, with a consumption of 95 liters per hour per engine, while the maximum speed we achieved was 26.5 knots, with a consumption of 150 liters per hour per engine.

With its striking design and excellent performance, the new Azimut Magellano 60 may be the smallest of the series, but it’s also the best indicator of its quality, as well as a safe choice for a large number of owners looking for a comfortable and efficient yacht.

Magellano 60 cruising

LOA 18,47 m Beam: 5,15 m Draft: 1,37 m Displacement: 34,92 t Engines: 2 x MAN i6 – 730 KS (536 kW) Maximum speed: 26 knots Cruising speed: 18 knots Fuel tank: 3650 l Water tank: 750 l Exterior designer: Ken Freivokh Builder: Azimut Yachts Dealer: Navis Marine

Text Mlađan Marušić

Photos Azimut Yachts

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azimut yachts magellano 60

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background map

Calda, accogliente. Contemporanea ma allo stesso tempo sospesa nel tempo. La suite armatoriale così come le altre cabine sono caratterizzate da uno stile di interni che vuole avvolgere armatore ed ospiti in un’oasi di benessere. I materiali decorativi sono scelti con cura e ricerca di dettaglio, dalla paglia di Vienna che decora gli inserti dei mobili al tessuto cannettato morbido al tatto che veste la parete del testaletto.


Tecnologie di bordo


Esplorare nuove frontiere, conoscere posti dalla natura incontaminata e dalle acque cristalline vuol dire anche cercare di ridurre le emissioni. Per questo l’ufficio R&D del Gruppo Azimut|Benetti porta su Magellano 60 la carena Dual Mode semiplanante ad alta efficienza studiata per ottimizzare i consumi e le emissioni, in particolare alle basse e medie andature.

La carena Dual Mode, inoltre, garantisce la sicurezza di soddisfare molteplici esigenze, a cominciare dalla tenuta del mare: caratterizzata da un deadrise piuttosto marcato a prua, infatti, permette un passaggio morbido sull’onda e ha in sé tutte le qualità per rispondere alle variabili condizioni meteomarine anche a diverse velocità.

Dotato di una propulsione in linea d’asse, il crossover può toccare con facilità i 18 nodi in crociera e spingersi fino a 26, assicurando prestazioni e una navigazione confortevole per le persone a bordo.

M60 Running 14_Mid res

Magellano 60 è il primo yacht a navigare alimentato con HVOlution , il biocarburante prodotto da Eni Sustainable Mobility , con il 100% di materie prime rinnovabili*.

L’effetto combinato della carena Dual Mode e il biocarburante permette una riduzione delle emissioni di CO2 well-to-wake superiore all’ 80% rispetto a uno yacht di dimensioni comparabili alimentato a gasolio fossile, confermando la vocazione al rispetto dell’ambiente propria della filosofia di Azimut.

* Ai sensi della Direttiva UE 2018/2001 “REDII”.

Magellano60-Upper deck

Magellano 60 in sintesi

  • Lunghezza fuori tutto (incl. pulpito) 18,47 m (60’ 7’’)
  • Larghezza max 5,15 m (16’ 11’’)
  • Immersione (incl. eliche a pieno carico) 1,37 m (4’ 6”)
  • Dislocamento (a pieno carico) 34,92 t (76941 lb)
  • Materiale di costruzione VTR
  • Exterior designer Ken Freivokh
  • Interior designer Azimut Yachts
  • Hull designer Profjord & Azimut R&D Dept.
  • Costruttore Azimut Yachts
  • Carena Semiplanante Dual Mode
  • Certificazioni CE B; NMMA
  • Cabine 3 + 1 crew
  • Posti letto 6 + 1 crew
  • Servizi 3 + 1 crew
  • Motorizzazione 2 X 730 HP (536 KW) MAN i6
  • Velocità massima (carico di prova) up to 26 kn
  • Velocità di crociera (carico di prova) 18 kn
  • Serbatoio carburante 3650 l (965 US Gal)
  • Serbatoi acqua dolce 740 l (196 US Gal)

azimut yachts magellano 60

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    With its striking design and excellent performance, the new Azimut Magellano 60 may be the smallest of the series, but it's also the best indicator of its quality, as well as a safe choice for a large number of owners looking for a comfortable and efficient yacht. Azimut Magellano 60 specifications. LOA 18,47 m. Beam: 5,15 m.

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    The classically sophisticated interiors also reveal thoughtful storage space, especially created for long stays on board. Prepare to savor your time at sea, navigating the world at your own personal pace. Find out more. NEW. Magellano 60. Length overall. 18,47 m (60' 7'') Cabins. 3 + 1 crew.

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    The Italian Marine Industry Association and I Saloni Nautici awarded Azimut with the Design Innovation Award 2023: the new Magellano 60, a yacht with an innovative and conscious approach, is the winner in the "Motor yachts over 14m LH" category. During Genoa Boat Show 2023, the jury of the Design Innovation Award honoured the best projects ...

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    Description. 2024 Azimut MAGELLANO 60. The new Azimut Magellano 60 is a 3 cabin/en-suites (plus crew) crossover that expresses an explorer spirit boosted by the navigational prowess of a Dual Mode hull. Its charm unwraps through ample spaces with a luminous nature, while its comfort delivers a travel privilege that knows no boundaries.

  23. New Azimut Magellano 60 for Sale

    MORE BOATS FROM D'ALBORA MARINE. Bertram 61 POA. Azimut 60 Flybridge AU $4,644,000. Princess V62s AU $1,680,000. Sunseeker Predator 64 AU $1,380,000. Search for more boats. New Azimut Magellano 60. An ode to freedom and elegance, the Magellano 60 is a crossover that gracefully expresses the explorer's spirit boosted by...Find out more.