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Sonia C.

“ The all-inclusive package is what made our dream wedding possible and for that we are thankful to the moon and back. ” in 2 reviews

Reem A.

“ separation of men and women after dinner); and without hesitation, Lauren, our event coordinator , made our vision come true. ” in 2 reviews

Tasha A.

“ Members of our wedding party told us we're the first bride and groom they've ever seen that are their whole entire and even got a slice of their cake. ” in 2 reviews

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161 Elliott St

Danvers, MA 01923

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Photo of Jessica B.

I came here for a baby shower. It was in the "River Suite" room and I couldn't believe how small the room was! There was not a lot of guests and you still could not move around without bumping into somebody. It was uncomfortably small. The bathrooms were awkwardly located *IN* the room, rather than off to the side like most other venues similar to this one. The room was decorated nicely, but the shock from the small size was overwhelming. The food also left a lot to be desired. It was buffet-style, as most of these events are with the usual breakfast items: scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, etc. All was bland and needed seasoning. Bacon was over cooked. My favorite part was the waffle bar where I put chocolate shavings, whip cream and maple syrup on my (also bland/dryish) waffle. With the food being mediocre and the room size being awkwardly small, can't say I'd recommend using this place...

directions to danversport yacht club

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Business owner information

Photo of Joe D.

Business Manager

Mar 30, 2023

Hi Jessica, We appreciate your feedback. We're sorry to hear you didn't have the experience you hoped for. Here at Danversport, we have a number of different sized event rooms that guests can choose from. In this case the River Suite was selected and certainly is a more intimate setting. Great food is a priority to us, and your feedback will be passed along to our culinary team. It’s our goal to continue improving and we’ll take your feedback to heart. If you’d like to follow up with more info, we can always be reached at [email protected].

Photo of Sonia C.

Danversport = rockstar status! We had our wedding at Danversport, Friday August 20, 2021. When we first started looking at venue's in the North Shore area of Boston, we were somewhat disappointed until we visited Danversport! Immediately, we knew we found our venue. As a same sex couple, finding a diverse, all-inclusive group to work with was top on our list. In August 2020, we stopped by Danversport without an appointment; called before going in and Ron was very welcoming. He dropped what he was doing to meet with us and give us a tour, complete with a full packet of information to review. The very next day, we put a deposit on our wedding date for a Gazebo Ceremony and Lighthouse Point room for 54 guests. We were thrilled and could not wait to get the planning going! Throughout the entire process, we were pleased with each interaction. The taste-testing was phenomenal! There were samples of every item on the menu; including wine, and other bar beverages. The food is ridiculously delicious. When the day came for our rehearsal, we were slightly unprepared as we forgot an important folder of information at our hotel. Sean was assigned to be our wedding coordinator. Not only did Sean help to calm me down, she was patient, direct and supportive beyond our imagination. She knew exactly what we needed to prepare for the following day and managed our wedding party through that process with ease and professionalism. The day of our wedding, we were at peace knowing we had the best Event Coordinator at Danversport! Not one detail was missed; everything went off exactly as Sean planned with us during the rehearsal. At one point during the evening, our server, Mark was fanning our Officiant as she was sweating in the heat!! This screamed volumes to us that we were all being pampered to the nines! Our guests are still talking about our wedding and have shared many compliments. Of course nothing is perfect, right?! However, once again Sean ceased to amaze us. My ballgown started to fall apart due to poor seamstress work. After the bustle broke three times, Sean came to the rescue and hooked us up...LITERALLY! Through many laughs we made the best of it. It is without hesitation that we highly recommend Danversport for special events! The team at Danversport are all dedicated people who truly care. Ron was an absolute pleasure to work with. Even to this day when we visit for Party on the Patio, Ron and his team stop to say hello and welcome us. Genuine. Real. Humble. In closing comments, we will share that we were shocked that we could manage to fit Danversport into our budget. The all-inclusive package is what made our dream wedding possible and for that we are thankful to the moon and back. Thank you Sean, Mark, Ron, Nancy, Katelyn, Lauren, Heather and the entire team at Danversport!! Sonia and Lisa Touchette

directions to danversport yacht club

Just attended a wedding there and must agree that the setting is very special, the service was great but the food was institutional at best. Overcooked pasta, overcooked mystery meat, mushy vegetables, and a limp Ceasar salad made me feel like I was back at College. I agree with the lady that said the chefs obviously don't taste their food.

Oct 6, 2022

Hi Steve - we're glad you enjoyed the setting and service but are sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your meal. Our culinary team is committed to serving a delectable meal to each and every guest that dines at Danversport and we never like to hear that food wasn't up to standards. We pride ourselves on being a venue that provides excellent food and hope you'll visit us again to give us another shot!

Photo of Tasha A.

I just had my wedding here this past Sunday. Danversport and their staff made it EVERYTHING I dreamed it would be. The venue is gorgeous, the food was delicious, the wait staff was great. So was my coordinator, Nancy. I got compliments from guests that this was some of the best wedding food they've ever had. (As many know, sometimes food at weddings are very hit or miss) and there's 2 things people remember: the food and the reception music/vibe. Danversport hit everything out of the park. No issues were brought to my or my matron/best man's attention which says a lot. One thing I am particularly impressed and grateful for is their level of expertise and professionalism. Often the couple is running around so much with everyone vying for your attention. While it's awesome and fun it's alot. Often brides and grooms don't get to eat. Well Nancy and the Danversport staff made sure that was not the case for me. They made sure we got time to eat our food, & skillfully redirected people who tried to walk up to us when we sat down to eat without simply warding them off or offending anyone. They just pointed them to the photo booth or the bar or something else. It was impressive. Members of our wedding party told us we're the first bride and groom they've ever seen that are their whole entire and even got a slice of their cake. All I had to do was drop off my favors and describe what I wanted and they executed it to a T. I had no worries. And thoroughly enjoyed every second of my special day. This was amazing for a pandemic wedding that was postponed from last year. They handled 140+ guests wonderfully. For all this, there was a set price with no hidden fees, extra costs, no surprises whatsoever afterwards. I actually came in well under budget because of their straight forward pricing and explanations. Danversport Events, I can't thank you & your staff enough. You helped give me my dream wedding, even after I had to postpone it a whole year. So easy to work with. I can not recommend this venue enough for your wedding, baby shower, prom, whatever occasion. If you want a classy memorable event, Danversport Yacht Club is the place to do it.

directions to danversport yacht club

We went to the Danversport yacht club after a funeral..food was really good, the waitstaff were incredibly kind and attentive. It was such an elegant room.

Feb 9, 2023

We are grateful that we could help celebrate the life of your loved one. Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it very much!

Photo of Alexandra G.

I'm going to preface this review with the fact that I myself am in the service industry and have been for about 12 years. I have worked many events and have experience in how things can and should be run. The location is lovely as is the space itself, but the service, food, and event coordinators are not. The servers were very young and while that is absolutely not a problem their age seemed to be a factor in this case. One of them had sunglasses on her head the entirety of service and they hung around the bar slacking on table maintenance until their shift was coming to a close and it was time to clean up, in which case they suddenly became extremely efficient. We had the space from 12-4 but servers started clearing everything- and I do mean everything, including waters- from the tables around 2:30. I was perplexed as we still had the space for an hour and a half and guests were still trying to enjoy dessert and so I asked them to leave the dishes, waters etc. The server with the sunglasses responded that she had to take them as staff was leaving at 3 PM. At this point I was confused and thought I must have gotten the end time of the event wrong because I have never, ever left guests during an event before the end of contracted time. Turns out I had not confused the booking, evidently that's just how they do things there? The fact that servers would be clearing everything 1.5 hours before the event ended and then leaving was never communicated with me. Not only was it not communicated with me, but when I looked around for someone to discuss this with it turns out the event manager was also either gone for the day or left to tend to another event without a word to us which is a disgrace. Now I understand they had other events there but that should have been discussed prior i.e. "we do have a wedding to set up right behind you, please be aware of x, y, and z" or even just being honest and saying something along the lines of "we recommend the event for 12-3 as we do have other events and staff will be needed elsewhere" etc. I also know the service industry is pretty desperate for staff at the moment so maybe their options aren't the best, but those in leadership positions should be even more aware of goings on in that case. Overall I would not recommend booking this venue for an event that is important to you. Another guest made the observation that we're just dollar signs and between the experience itself and the repeated assertions of excellence from management in the comments, despite evidence to the contrary, it could not be a truer observation.

Hi Alexandra - We appreciate your feedback and offer an apology. We're sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Danversport’s waitstaff does clean and clear the table after your scheduled mealtime to keep the event space clean for guests to enjoy, but they are trained to wait until guests are finished with their meal. We’re sorry that was not communicated to you by your event coordinator and that clearing started earlier than you would have liked. It’s our goal to continue improving and we’ll take your feedback to heart. If you’d like to follow up with more info, we can always be reached at [email protected].

Photo of Julie A.

I've had holiday dinners here many time, usually Easter and Mother's Day. Yesterday, we went for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful! The food was excellent; there wasn't one thing that we didn't like. My mother is 86 and can be picky but she said several times during dinner and on the way home, how much she enjoyed it. There were so many things on the buffet, even three kinds of soup! Everything was delicious. We will definitely be back next Thanksgiving!

Photo of Vivian C.

An outdoor gazebo wedding was out. Instead, rain plans were put into play, and the ceremony took place in a large large spacious room, which was simple yet lovely with huge chandeliers and windows which allowed natural light to play a part - the Harborview Ballroom. The sunlight also darkened the couple in the eyes of the digital camera, but what can you do? After the quick but beautiful ceremony, the guests were directed downstairs to the appropriate space (The Garden Terrace), and we found coat racks set out in the hallway for our use. The room was open with the couple's table set up on a stage with a small dance floor space carved out in the center. They had a nautical theme going on with large numbered boats set in floral table arrangements. Based on what I could see from Danversport's website, I figure that those may belong to them, and that they most likely had handled our luncheon banquet from food to service. The food was satisfactory. They started us off with some tasty lobster bisque. Fortunately, however, for the seafood allergies at our table, they also had fresh fruit cups available as an alternative. I quite enjoyed the strawberry salad with the tasty dressing. Unfortunately, however, most of us could not remember which entree we had selected several months prior, which caused some confusion. I ended up tasting both the chicken picatta and the salmon, and found that the chicken was more moist of the two. Dessert was wedding cake, as expected, except it was topped with a ball of chocolate. I had assumed it to be a chocolate truffle, but instead it was a nice surprise to find it to be a chocolate coated ice cream bonbon - and quite delicious to boot! Service though pleasant was not perfect. One guest at our table did not receive her dessert till quite a bit after the rest of us, and when it was finally served to her, her entree plate was still not removed. Danversport can handle everything for your wedding but entertainment and photography, and their "Complete Wedding Packages start at $92 per person." Sounds like a low stress option! Me, I appreciated the free parking. But fellow guests had a little trouble finding the place using their GPS.

directions to danversport yacht club

See all photos from Vivian C. for Danversport

Photo of John O.

I've come here for weddings and an event when I was awarded a scholarship at Salem State, and this place never fails to impress. Last two weddings the weather was permitting, so the ceremony and cocktail hour were outside. The grounds are quite detailed and charming. Staff are pleasant and accomadating. This review is long and detailed so buckle up and grab the popcorn. The bars have a decent wine options, but I was happy with the hard alcohol selections. They were able to make a fair amount of mixed drinks, I kept changing it up. Gin and tonic, Makers Mark neat, Rusty Nail, and a Manhattan to wrap up the night. There was a decent beer selection as well. During cocktail hour I mostly saw lamb chops, which was a-okay for me! They were served with gravy, just dip one of these delicious bite-sized meat pops into the gravy and voila! Instant gratification that was ever fleeting. Cheese table had plenty of options, though a bit crowded/confusing as to not knowing where to start. Although round table, maybe there wasn't a starting point? Plenty of fruit, cheeses, antipasto, but ran low on crackers #youhadonejob. The crostini with cheese and scallops was delicious, although I only saw those once. Of course, huge fan of stuffed mushrooms and these were delicious. The dining rooms are large with a beautiful dance floor. They have great acoustics. The one upstairs has a high ceiling which makes it feel spacious and grand. The downstairs dining room has a regular ceiling, but still good acoustics for the DJ and has an intimate feel. The lighting is great, especially with the white walls in the downstairs dining room it becomes a canvas for the blue and red lighting. Of course, back to food. This past wedding started with fruit and berries. It had half melon and honeydew, so I ate The other half of my wife's fruit since she wasn't eating it (I just don't like melon and honeydew). Salad was the Strawberry Salad with Romaine, it was quite exquisite. The main course was Prime Rib or Statler Chicken Breast. Prime Rib was tender and delicate, out right delicious. The veggies (asparagus, carrots, fingerling potatoes) were cooked and seasoned quite nicely. Of course I couldn't finish my meal because of all the delicious food before, and that made me sad because it was delicious. I finished the prime rib though. That wasn't going to waste. We've had fun at the events here, and would recommend having your wedding or function here.

Photo of Deanna C.

I have been for work events and has a great time and experience but this last time was miserable. The staff except for one exception was so miserable and unfriendly. Non of them knew what was on the food trays which was disappointing since I have a pine nut allergy and couldn't take the risk. There was confusion with the tables and I believe the women who was the wedding planner was extremely rude about it. Being married I understand the stress so decided to look by it excited for the food. The French onion soup was decent as well as the Caesar salad. However, the main filet was awful, I have to ask a serious question- does the chef try the food? The filet looked delicious but was flavorless, But I guess that's why they served gravy with it. But the cake and cannoli bar I thought would make up for it but boy was I wrong. The cake was dry and the frosting was grainy. The cannoli bar looked cool but I'm pretty sure it was frosting inside not ricotta as they claimed. I think Danversport based their food off drunken wedding guest but guess what we aren't all drunks! Seriously chef-- try the food!

Nov 23, 2021

Hi Donna, We at Danversport are fortunate to have one of the best groups of staff in the industry. Danversport employees are committed to hosting beautiful events, and one point of pride we have in particular is serving delicious food. Our filet are seasoned with our in-house crafted seasoning, grilled to perfection, and and accented with bordelaise sauce. Our cannoli are made in-house as well and are hand-stuffed with ricotta cheese or other fillings at the clients request. We will continue to strive to provide this experience and are sorry that your recent experience did not match the level of service you have come to expect from Danversport.

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161 Elliott, Danvers, MA

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Danversport Yacht Club Wedding

Danversport Yacht Club is a premier waterfront wedding venue on the north shore of Boston at 161 Elliott Street, Danvers, MA 01923. When you come to Danversport in New England, they are committed to making your event the best it can be and providing an unforgettable experience for all of your guests.

Danversport provides the perfect place for your event of a lifetime. With stunning views and scenic gardens, you will be surrounded by beauty while celebrating with family and friends in this New England gem. Danversport’s experienced Wedding Coordinators are ready to help plan the day from start to finish so that nothing is left out – all-inclusive packages make it easy on brides everywhere!

Read on for more details about what you get when you book your wedding at Danversport Yacht Club!


This beautiful venue by the riverside has always been there for Danversport. The DeLorenzo family always dreamed of owning a celebratory venue for all types of celebrations. When they found this tranquil plot in 1970, their dream was finally fulfilled and the once-modest dancehall soon became one of Danvers’ leading event venues catering specifically to weddings.

Danversport Yacht Club Asian outdoor wedding. Wedding couple photos at Christopher Columbus Park near Boston waterfront harbor


An outdoor gazebo and gardens area lends itself to a beautiful ceremony by the water. A favorite image that I like to capture is a photograph of the entire ceremony from the 2nd-floor balcony of the main building. It captures the view of the ocean, the grass, and all of your guests sitting in their seats, watching you and your beau say your vows.

The outdoor space also lends to relaxed and casual cocktail hours.

As a rain backup plan, there are three indoor wedding options at the Danversport Yacht Club!


The Danversport Yacht Club is the perfect place for any couple looking to get married. The staff prides themselves on their scenic location, and they will do anything to make your event memorable! Their selection of venues can set an ideal scene with wedding ceremonies, dinner rehearsals, or receptions that guests are sure not soon forget.

And if you want a more intimate setting than what the venue itself has available? Well, worry no longer because each space comes paired with its outdoor wedding ceremony area. With this, friends and family alike may come together as one under such picturesque backdrops.


One step inside Danversport Yacht Club’s Harborview Ballroom and you’ll be immediately swept away by its grandeur. wedding guests are dazzled as they gaze up at the elegant crystal chandelier hanging from a high ceiling, making every corner of this large harborview ballroom seem almost magical for danversport weddings.

Harborview Ballroom is a large event space that allows you to have your wedding on a beautiful harbor that provides sweeping views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The open atmosphere allows for an air of grandeur while still accommodating all guests with plentiful dining options in this spacious harborview ballroom.

Take in the breathtaking views of the harbor from your private cabana on our 5,000 Sq. Ft outdoor deck in harborview ballroom! This outdoor deck also comes with fire pits for guests to enjoy while gazing at the full view of the harbor.

The Harborview Ballroom and Sun Deck is the largest event space on-site, accommodating 200 guests with a maximum of 650 guests. The panoramic views of harborview ballroom will be astounding for your wedding day!


The Terrace Ballroom in Danversport Yacht Club provides gorgeous views of the harbor and lush gardens. Located on the garden level, this ballroom is a great choice for your wedding reception with ample indoor and outdoor space available to accommodate all guests under one roof. The adjacent Waterfront Room can serve as an extension or overflow location if necessary!

The Terrace Ballroom is unlike any other venue in the area. The garden terrace has over four thousand square feet of outdoor garden space for guests to enjoy. It also boasts a waterfront pergola where many couples choose to say their vows if they are opting for a ceremony and reception.

Many guests use the Waterfront Room as an event space during cocktail hour before opening up grand doors that lead into the beautiful Terrace Ballroom with its gorgeous views overlooking the harbor!

The Terrace Ballroom is a beautifully designed venue that can accommodate up to 200 guests in its classic ballrooms. For larger parties, the Waterfront Room offers additional space for 300 more people.

What I love about this venue:

This ballroom has lower ceilings, but still also has convenient access to an outdoor patio and a beautiful pergola. I’ve created many pretty night portraits on this patio!


Danversport Yacht club also has the Lighthouse Point and Courtyard is the place to be for a small wedding, with harbor views on three sides of this room. It features an outstanding cascading waterfall in the patio area- your guests will never want to leave!

Imagine a wedding that is unique to you, your family, and your friends. You get the luxury of taking in breathtaking views in the lighthouse point while enjoying cocktails by fountains or on high-top tables surrounded by lush gardens. A 560 square foot dance floor will accommodate all your guests as they are provided an unforgettable experience both indoors and out!

A small, personal wedding can be held in Lighthouse Point ‘s private dining room or Courtyard with up to 90 guests. Situated in a secluded courtyard surrounded by greenery and water features, the atmosphere is perfect for an intimate event such as this one!

This room is perfect for intimate weddings! Lighthouse Point is beautiful because it is surrounded on three sides with large windows and beautiful natural light. Like the two other wedding venues mentioned above, it also has convenient access to an outdoor tented patio.


Danversport is truly a gem on the North Shore. Weddings are hugely popular and the Danversport Yacht Club offers waterfront wedding ceremonies and dinner rehearsals with breathtaking views of Boston Harbor!  Danversport has 19 acres of beautiful, serene grounds with water as its backdrop for ceremonies that can be both indoor and outdoor.

For those looking for dreamy waterfront weddings, the options are plentiful. The Pergola and Gazebo overlook water gardens with a breathtaking view of the Boston Harbor skyline. For indoor weddings in case, it decides to rain on your wedding day, Danversport’s event spaces offer elegant ceremony locations that can be converted into whatever you need them to be!

When you decide to book the Danversport Yacht Club New England for your wedding ceremony they also provide you with wedding coordinators, rehearsals, a garden and garden terrace setup, and ceremony time over and above the five hours of reception.


For amenities in the Danversport Yacht Club, they offer dressing rooms for wedding prep. There is also on-site catering, and a full bar and lounge apart from the different indoor and outdoor event spaces mentioned earlier.

The venue is also handicap accessible and has wi-fi throughout its grounds. They also have the very best wedding coordinators to help your wedding run smoothly, serving you with professionalism and dedication

Danversport Yacht Club indoor ballroom wedding photos in Danvers


The Danversport Yacht Club knows that parking is very important for any type of event. That’s why they provide free parking so that you and all your guests are accommodated!


Danversport is the ultimate first-class wedding planning destination in New England! The gorgeous venue comes with catering, linens, floral arrangements, and a wedding cake for a complete wedding reception package. The couple just needs to take care of other wedding needs like photography and entertainment. After that, it’s all relaxation on what should be one of the happiest days in your life.

Reception Package Inclusions:

  • Private Waterfront Room for 5 Hours
  • Complimentary Champagne Toast
  • Engraved Place Cards & Cocktail Napkins
  • Table Set-up with Fresh Flowers
  • Table Centerpieces & Special Chairs
  • Full Course Dinner
  • Complimentary Food Tasting
  • Customized Wedding Cake
  • Free Parking

First-class Wedding Menu

The culinary team at Danversport Yacht Club is comprised of some of the most talented chefs you’ll find in the area. With over 30 yrs of experience, they know what makes a wedding reception successful!

Their culinary team is responsible for creating the perfect menu and can help you plan every aspect of your wedding day so that it goes off without a hitch—from food stations to dessert tables to set-up and breakdown times.

They will ensure that your wedding guests have an unforgettable experience and that their taste buds are satisfied!


Your dream wedding team!

When you book your wedding at Danversport Yacht Club, you can count on their wedding team to make your wedding a memorable one. They’ll work with you to create an event that reflects your personality and style and ensures that every detail is taken care of so that you can focus on enjoying your special day: from wedding ceremony sites to wedding reception sites to transportation needs to bar service needs. They have lots of experience working with both small and large groups and will always do their best to make your wedding day perfect!

Danversport wedding team makes going through this process easy – they coordinate vendors and everything else—all that’s left up to you are final touches like flowers or appointments with hair stylists/makeup artists who will make sure everyone looks their best on a day when pictures last forever!


For more information about Danversport Waterfront weddings pricing and wedding packages, visit the Danversport Yacht Club here:

Website: www.danversport.com/

Location: 161 Elliott Street Danvers, MA 09123

Phone Number: (978) 774-862




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Danversport Yacht Club Marina

Danversport Yacht Club Marina

Danversport, Massachusetts - MA, United States

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Resort Style Amenities the Family Will Love at Danversport Yacht Club Marina

Danversport Yacht Club Marina has been family owned and operated since 1970, nestled on the shoreline of a fully protected harbor in Danvers, Massachusetts. The gorgeous marina is the perfect getaway for the entire family, with beautiful amenities and fun-filled events going on constantly. The marina has a 60’ Family Pool and a separate 18” deep Kiddie Pool with beach-style entry. The gated pool area is equipped with comfy lounge chairs and umbrellaed tables, perfect for enjoying lunch in the shade while the kids splash around. There is a restaurant on-site as well, making lunch and dinner as convenient as possible, especially when you don't feel like cooking.

The dog-friendly marina is conveniently a full-service marina as well, placing a high priority on safe and worry-free boating. The services offered include Engine and System Repair, Hauling and Launching, as well as Boat Systems and Electronic Installations. With 35 plus years of experience on their Servicing Technicians team, your boat will leave in tip-top shape after your stay. A fully-stocked Ships Store, fuel dock and pump-out station are conveniently available to boaters as well.

Danversport Yacht Club and Marina is close to many other attractions, including 30 minutes from the open ocean. You will find additional restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels nearby as well, in case you want to explore the surrounding town away from the marina.

directions to danversport yacht club

42.557638 / -70.917896

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Cancellation Policy: This Marina has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please contact Snag-A-Slip or the marina at least 24 hours prior to your stay to receive a full refund.

Joseph on February 6th, 2024:

Nice amenities, well protected. Short drives to stores of all kinds. Need a car or uber to get there. Close to major roadways to most large MA cities.


Total Cost:

Rates are calculated based on your personal itinerary and your boat’s requirements.

Promo codes may be entered at checkout.

Long Term Dockage

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Ahoy! Here are some booking tips:


Please try the options below to get your booking in ship shape!

  • Round up vessel dimensions to the nearest foot.
  • Consider alternate shore power options with converters or splitters.
  • For holidays, there might be a 2+ minimum night requirement; try extending your stay.
  • Check availability for different dates.

If you have tried the above and still do not see availability, the marina may be full for your dates or unable to accommodate your vessel size. Use our search bar to find nearby marinas or private listings.

If you still need assistance, contact the Snag-A-Slip team at hello...snagaslip...com or via our online chat.

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Tucked away on a nineteen-acre waterfront peninsula, Danversport is simply breathtaking. Waterfront views and serene gardens serve as the backdrop to ceremonies and celebrations of all kinds. From grand weddings in our Harborview Ballroom, to intimate waterfront celebrations, let Danversport make your event unforgettable.

Events Spaces

The venue has three elegant, and versatile spaces available for weddings and events. Each one comes paired with its own outdoor space for guests enjoy.

The largest event space, the Harborview Ballroom and Sun Deck, can accommodate weddings of up to 650 guests. This space, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and striking crystal chandeliers, overlooks the Porter River. The Harborview Ballroom opens to a large private deck, complete with cabanas and firepits for guests to enjoy.

The Terrace Ballroom is wonderful choice for a classic ballroom venue and is suitable for up to 200 guests. Its complimentary outdoor space spans over 4,000 square feet of brilliant gardens and offers spectacular waterfront views. When paired with the adjacent Waterfront Room for cocktail hour, the beautiful space can hold up to 250 guests.

Small weddings up to 90 guests can be held at Lighthouse Point and Courtyard, a private dining room with a dance floor and secluded courtyard. The Lighthouse Point is surrounded with windows on all three sides of the room, which provide ample natural light and charming views of the river and gardens. The outdoor courtyard and its picturesque waterfall provide the perfect area for guests to gather outside.

Ceremony Sites

Danversport can accommodate ceremonies of all sizes, both outdoor and indoor. For those looking for outdoor locations, two options are available - the Pergola or Gazebo. Both locations overlook the water and are surrounded by gardens. For an indoor ceremony, or in the event of inclement weather, Danversport’s various event rooms can be converted to elegant ceremony spaces to accommodate a wedding service.

Wedding Packages

Danversport makes the wedding planning process easy – your wedding package includes catering, linens, floral arrangements, and cake. All that’s left for the couple to bring onboard is photography and entertainment! The staff at Danversport coordinates vendors, reception staff, setup, and cleanup in order to provide a stress-free experience for couples on a day that is to be reserved for fun and celebration.

Even more, Danversport’s Event Coordinators are available for consultation throughout the entire wedding planning process to answer any and all questions you may have. No matter the question, a quick email or phone call to Danversport will get you an answer.

Danversport takes pride in preparing first-class dishes for every event. As part of your reception package, the Events and Catering teams will work with you to create a customized menu for your wedding. You will also be invited to a pre-wedding tasting to explore all of the menu options you may be considering.

On the day of your wedding, kitchens are dedicated to your event only and can focus 100% on your culinary selection. In addition, Danversport’s professional team is happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies.

Bar Service

Full-service bars are available at each event space. Our expert bartenders will work with you to help select any additional drink stations, signature cocktails, or specialty drinks you may like to offer.

Located only 30 minutes north of Boston, Danversport is ideal for guests travelling from the city or across Massachusetts’ North Shore. Ample free parking is available for cars and limousines transporting guests to the wedding.

With an abundance of lodging options in the area, there is no shortage of hotel choices for guests coming from out of town.

From first-class service, to incredible waterfront settings, to easy-to-plan wedding packages, Danversport offers it all. Schedule a tour with us and learn more about all the Danversport has to offer for your wedding day.

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Reviews of Danversport Weddings

  • Quality of service 5 out of 5 rating 5.0
  • Average response time 5 out of 5 rating 5.0
  • Professionalism 5 out of 5 rating 5.0
  • Value 4.9 out of 5 rating 4.9
  • Flexibility 4.8 out of 5 rating 4.8

Review summary

Danversport is highly praised by multiple reviewers for their exceptional service, beautiful venue, and delicious food. The coordinating team, particularly Ron, is described as wonderful and professional. The staff is attentive, accommodating, and took amazing care of the guests and bridal party. The inclusive pricing and transparency of costs are appreciated by reviewers. Guests rave about the stunning views, elegant ballroom,

5 Star Service

Fantastic Wedding Venue!

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WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards 2023 Winner

Professional Network & Endorsements

The staff are very professional. The venue is beautiful. They will make sure you have the best day of your life. DJ Photo Booths highly recommends Danversport Weddings. www.facebook.com/djphotobooths

I have been very fortunate to have been the featured DJ for an event in each of the accommodating event spaces Danversport has to offer. This venue truly offers a setting for any style and personality. The staff there, Ron and Nancy for example, are extremely accommodating, organized, and operate smoothly. Your event whether it is for 20 or 200 people will get the attention it deserves. Recent renovations have only helped modernize this popular venue even more. If you are considering a venue to host your event, do not hesitate to visit the Danversport. Take a trip on a nice summer or fall day and walk around the grounds, enjoy the view. Danversport is one of the finest venues north of Boston!

This location has a beautiful waterfront settings featuring a pergola and also a gazebo. We have provided ceremony music in both locations and it is always charming. The staff is helpful and friendly. We enthusiastically recommend this venue!

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Danversport Weddings

directions to danversport yacht club

Watch CBS News

It Happens Here: Family at the heart of Danversport's long running success

By Levan Reid

August 17, 2023 / 4:30 AM EDT / CBS Boston

DANVERS - For more than 50 years Danversport has been owned and operated by the DeLorenzo family.

If you have a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other event, this is the place to be.

"The Harborview Ballroom holds 650 people. Downstairs we have four more event rooms that hold about half this, 325, down to 20 people and we have one outside tent. The other side, we have our sister company which is Danversport Marina," operations manager Joe DeLorenzo told WBZ-TV.

And it's all about family - a very large family.

"I get to work with some of my cousins every day. My own father and some of my uncles and it's really great," said DeLorenzo.

"There's 17 cousins total, so that's our G3 and I would say on holidays, we all work there," said events manager Tanya Decoulos.

"It's amazing how well we all get along. We all get along so well and it's a great family to work with," said Dan DeLorenzo.

Their specialty is making sure your event is a memorable one.

"People that are having weddings here are the most that we do, but we do baby showers and bridal showers and it's really fun," Decoulos told WBZ.

The family's togetherness makes their business thrive. Everyone who works here is considered in the circle.

"We're also fortunate because we have the best employees around. We have employees that are like family really that have been here for as long as we have," said DeLorenzo.

There were no handouts. You have to earn your spot.

"I first started as just interning pretty much. Someone was going on maternity leave, So I wasn't even planning on working here," said service writer and pool manager Megan Cassola.

"We have 307 slips and we have pool memberships and it's just very family oriented and I take a lot of pride in making sure everyone is happy over there."

"We're here to make sure that people are celebrating life's events. That's our mission statement, that's our goal. We've been lucky to do it for a lot of people and we are so excited to bring in new people that haven't been to Danversport," DeLorenzo told WBZ.

For more information, visit their website .

  • It Happens Here
  • Danvers News


Levan Reid is a reporter for WBZ This Morning. He is also a veteran sports reporter for WBZ-TV.

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  • Danversport Yacht Club

Location and Contact

View the menu, restaurant details.

Delivery No

Payment Credit Cards Accepted

Parking Yes

Good for Kids Yes

Attire Casual

Alcohol Yes - Full Bar

Reservations Yes

Cuisines: Seafood

Price Point $$ $ - Cheap Eats (Under $10) $$ - Moderate ($11-$25) $$$ - Expensive ($25-$50) $$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)

Outdoor Seats Yes

Restaurant Description

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  • Massachusetts
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Unitarian Universalist Church of Wakefield

326 Main Street

Wakefield, MA 01880


[email protected]

UUA Logo

Sunday Services: 10:30am

Danversport yacht club.

Address 161 Elliott St Danvers MA 01923 United States

Upcoming Events

  • No events in this location

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Danversport Weddings

  • The Harborview Ballroom
  • Terrace Ballroom & Gardens
  • Waterfront Room
  • Lighthouse Point & Courtyard
  • River Suite
  • Tent Pavilion
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
  • Bereavement
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Clambakes & Cookouts
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Off-Site Retreats
  • Graduation Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Prom & School Functions
  • Post Wedding Brunch
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Party on the Patio
  • Thanksgiving
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Tasting Dinners
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Wedding Showcase
  • Easter Brunch
  • Dueling Piano Night
  • Request Information
  • Our History

Served on Buffet when Guests Arrive

Assorted coffee cakes and breakfast pastries, fresh cut fruit.

with yogurt and granola

Assorted Chilled Juice

Coffee and tea, served on buffet or plated, french toast.

thick cut francese bread garnished with fresh berries and powdered sugar

Home Style Breakfast Potatoes

red bliss, fingerling & sweet potato with caramelized onions

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Egg dish selections, fluffy scrambled eggs.

with cheddar and scallions

asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, gruyere, and cheddar

Eggs Benedict

poached egg, naturally cured ham, toasted English muffin and Hollandaise

Additional Selections

Chicken piccata.

lemon, capers, and white wine sauce

fresh berries, cream cheese filling

Baked Haddock

with seasoned, buttery crushed cracker crumb topping

Seafood Trio

scallops, shrimp, and haddock with seasoned, buttery crushed cracker crumb topping

Also available

Waffle station.

Freshly made to order. Toppings include whipped butter, powdered sugar, strawberries, blueberries, shaved chocolate and fresh whipped cream

Omelet Station

Made to your liking. Options include ham, bacon, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted peppers, onions & cheese

Bagel Station

whipped cream cheese

Deluxe Iced Coffee Station

flavored Monin hazelnut, French vanilla, gingerbread & caramel syrups, assorted Ghirardelli chocolate & salt caramel drizzles, crushed toffee, whipped cream & chocolate shavings

Choice of Strawberry or Caesar Salad

Celebrate the occasion with your cake.

Danversport will provide clothed cake table, silverware, decorated plates, and will cut and serve the cake

juice station

  • 107R Elliott Street, Danvers, MA 01923
  • 978.774.8644


Pool Membership

  • Transient Docking
  • Fuel & Ice Dock
  • Indoor Storage
  • Outdoor Storage
  • New & Used Boat Inventory
  • Scout Boats
  • Veranda Pontoons
  • Highfield RIBs
  • Value My Trade
  • Request Service
  • Mobile Marine Services
  • Parts & Supplies
  • Haul & Launch
  • Winterizing & Shrink Wrap
  • Spring Commissioning
  • Our History
  • Meet Our Team

Contact Us to inquire about Memberships

Let the Danversport Marina Pool be your summer destination.

All summer long Danversport Pool Members can often be found lounging under the umbrellas beside the 60′ main pool, or playing with family at the kiddie pool with beach style entry. Members also enjoy two waterfront picnic areas for grilling and socializing. Danversport Marina prides itself on offering a resort-style experience, right here on Boston’s North Shore.

Find the right membership for you from our family, dual, and single membership rates. To inquire about membership or arrange a visit please contact us at (978) 774-8644 .

2024 Pool Hours

  • May 25th – July 28th: 9:30AM – 8PM
  • July 29th – August 25th: 9:30AM – 7:30PM
  • A ugust 16th – September 2nd: 9:30AM – 7PM
  • September 3rd – September 15th: 9:30AM – 4:30PM

We look forward to enjoying the summer with you here at Danversport!

Mother with child

Danversport Marina Pool Memberships Include:

  • Spacious swimming pool with lavish deck and lounge area for sunbathing
  • Children’s 18″ deep pool with beach style entry
  • Ocean side views
  • BBQ & Picnic Areas
  • Restrooms & Showers
  • Ample Parking

Marina Map


  1. Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA, United States

    directions to danversport yacht club

  2. Danversport Yacht Club Marina

    directions to danversport yacht club

  3. Danversport Yacht Club Marina

    directions to danversport yacht club

  4. Danversport Yacht Club, Danvers, Massachusetts, Wedding Venue

    directions to danversport yacht club

  5. Danversport Yacht Club

    directions to danversport yacht club

  6. Danversport Yacht Club, Danvers, Massachusetts, Wedding Venue

    directions to danversport yacht club


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  1. Danversport, 161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA

    Danversport Yacht Club s motto is our setting on the water The club features manicured gardens, private function rooms, a full service marina and public dining. Its Harborview Ballroom and Garden Terrace offer expansive hardwood dance floors and direct access to the outdoors for wedding celebrations and private functions.

  2. Map & Directions

    Danversport Yacht Club Restaurant. 161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA, 01923. (978) 774-8621 (Phone) Get Directions.


    If you want a classy memorable event, Danversport Yacht Club is the place to do it. Helpful 1. Helpful 2. Thanks 0. Thanks 1. Love this 0. Love this 1. Oh no 0. Oh no 1. Christina G. San Francisco, CA. 0. 5. Feb 9, 2023. We went to the Danversport yacht club after a funeral..food was really good, the waitstaff were incredibly kind and attentive ...

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    Danversport is classy and fun, complete with fire pits, outside cocktail stations, soft couches and expansive patios and decks. Delicious menu selections, from spectacular horsd' oeuvres to marveled late night snacks, coupled with unrivaled beverage service insures that Danversport's 50+ years in hospitality provide an unmatched level of ...

  5. Danversport Yacht Club Map

    Danversport Yacht Club is a recreation area in Town of Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts. Access is restricted, only with permission. Danversport Yacht Club is situated nearby to the nature reserve Glen Ave Saltmarsh and the recreation area Williams School. Overview. Map.

  6. Map & Directions

    Map of Danversport Yacht Club; Map & Directions - Danversport Yacht Club View Menu View Menu Back. Danversport Yacht Club 161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA, 01923 (978) 774-8622 (Phone) Get Directions. Get Directions. Best Restaurants Nearby. Best Menus of Danvers. Seafood Restaurants in Danvers.

  7. Danversport Yacht Club

    Danversport Yacht Club Meeting Space. Total meeting space 4,000 sq. ft. Meeting rooms 2. Standing capacity 225. Largest room 1 sq. ft. Second largest room 1 sq. ft. Space (Private) Available. Space (Semi-private) Available. Space (Outdoor) Available.

  8. Danversport Yacht Club Wedding

    Danversport Yacht Club is a premier waterfront wedding venue on the north shore of Boston at 161 Elliott Street, Danvers, MA 01923. When you come to Danversport in New England, they are committed to making your event the best it can be and providing an unforgettable experience for all of…

  9. Danversport Yacht Club Marina

    Danversport Yacht Club Marina has been family owned and operated since 1970, nestled on the shoreline of a fully protected harbor in Danvers, Massachusetts. The gorgeous marina is the perfect getaway for the entire family, with beautiful amenities and fun-filled events going on constantly. The marina has a 60' Family Pool and a separate 18 ...

  10. Online Menu of Danversport Yacht Club Restaurant, Danvers, MA

    Location and Contact. 161 Elliott St. Danvers, MA 01923. (978) 774-8621. Website. Neighborhood: Danvers. Bookmark Update Menus Edit Info Read Reviews Write Review.

  11. Danversport Weddings

    Danversport can accommodate ceremonies of all sizes, both outdoor and indoor. For those looking for outdoor locations, two options are available - the Pergola or Gazebo. Both locations overlook the water and are surrounded by gardens. For an indoor ceremony, or in the event of inclement weather, Danversport's various event rooms can be ...

  12. Small Event Venue in Danvers, MA

    The River Suite at Danversport is perfect to host a sit-down brunch, lunch, dinner, or cocktail party. Contact us to inquire about availability. Venues. The Harborview Ballroom. Terrace Ballroom & Gardens. ... Directions; Careers; Instagram; [email protected]. 978-774-8622. Facebook; Instagram;

  13. It Happens Here: Family at the heart of Danversport's long running

    August 17, 2023 / 4:30 AM EDT / CBS Boston. DANVERS - For more than 50 years Danversport has been owned and operated by the DeLorenzo family. If you have a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other ...

  14. Browse Event Menu Options

    Directions; Careers; Instagram; [email protected]. 978-774-8622. Facebook; Instagram; Menus. Danversport prides itself on serving first-class meals to you and your guests, and our chefs' attention to detail and commitment to outstanding cuisine has earned us a reputation we are proud of.

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  16. Danversport Marina Slips

    Eligible for Danversport Yacht Club Association Membership; Marina Map. Click on image to enlarge. 2024 Summer Slip Rates Inclusive of the amenities, conveniences and benefits listed above. Up to 20′ $3,000. 21′ - 29′ $162 / linear foot. 30′ and up $174 / linear foot ...

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    Venues. Danversport Yacht Club. 107 Rear Elliot Street. Danvers, United States Get Directions.

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    Location and Contact. 161 Elliott St. Danvers, MA 01923. (978) 774-8622. Website. Neighborhood: Danvers. Bookmark Update Menus Edit Info Read Reviews Write Review.

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    Google Map. Directions from your current location. Unitarian Universalist Church of Wakefield. 326 Main Street. Wakefield, MA 01880 . Directions . 781-245-4632. ... Danversport Yacht Club. October 14, 2019 • Janine Fabiano. Map Unavailable. Address 161 Elliott St Danvers MA 01923 United States Upcoming Events.

  20. Danversport's Harborview Ballroom Easter Brunch

    Seats for Harborview Ballroom Easter Brunch. Harborview Ballroom Easter Brunch Buffet. $69.95 per Adult ‖ $34.95 per Child 5-12 ‖ Children 4 & under complimentary. Includes full brunch buffet, juices, coffee, and tea. Does not include alcohol, tax, or gratuity.

  21. Brunch

    Deluxe Iced Coffee Station. flavored Monin hazelnut, French vanilla, gingerbread & caramel syrups, assorted Ghirardelli chocolate & salt caramel drizzles, crushed toffee, whipped cream & chocolate shavings

  22. Danversport Pool Membership

    Danversport Marina prides itself on offering a resort-style experience, right here on Boston's North Shore. Find the right membership for you from our family, dual, and single membership rates. To inquire about membership or arrange a visit please contact us at (978) 774-8644. 2024 Pool Hours. We look forward to enjoying the summer with you ...