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Cal 22 is a 22 ′ 0 ″ / 6.7 m monohull sailboat designed by Raymond Hunt (C.R. Hunt & Assoc.) and built by Bangor Punta Corp., Jensen Marine/Cal Boats, and Lear Siegler Inc. between 1984 and 1997.

Drawing of Cal 22

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Shoal Draft version. draft - 2.83 disp. - 2275 ballast. - 925 Some boats were sold with a masthead rig. I: 29.3’ J: 8.4’ P: 25.8’ E: 9.2’

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cal 22 sailboat

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cal 22 sailboat

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cal 22 sailboat

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Catalina 22

For those to whom price is all-important,--the catalina 22 is appealing but it's lacking in performance..

cal 22 sailboat

In its 10th anniversary issue in 1980, Sail magazine named the Catalina 22 the boat that had represented the breakthrough in trailer/cruisers in those 10 years. There is no denying the popularity of the Catalina 22: more than 10,000 of the model we review here have been built, and that doesn’t include the Sport models now being sold. For many buyers, the Catalina 22 is their first “big” boat and an introduction to the Catalina line. Many remain with Catalina and buy up within that line.

Catalina is the largest sailboat in the US in dollar volume, and the firm is one of the lasting success stories in the industry. It foregoes national advertising in favor of local dealer-sponsored ads, and has remained a privately owned company while the trend has been toward conglomerate-owned boatbuilding.

Like all manufacturing boatbuilders today Catalina builds boats to a price, making the most of volume buying of materials and hardware, long-lived models, a high degree of standardization, and all the cost savings of high volume production. The Catalina 22 was the first boat built by Catalina.

The Catalina 22 that we are reviewing here was in production from 1969 until 1995, when the Catalina 22 MkII was introduced. During this more than quarter-century of production, several incremental changes were made, with several significant upgrades in 1986, when a wing keel version was introduced.

The boat has been replaced by the Catalina 22 Sport. Introduced in 2004, the Catalina 22 Sport is still in production and it closely adheres to the original boat’s dimensions, and weight.  Although the post-’95 boats have resolved many of the problems we find here in the original, they did so at the expense of a feature that racers admired—a lighter weight hull. So, although it might not have all the improvements of later models, the one we look at here will hold a certain appeal to sailors in areas that are home to active C22’s fleets, as well as to sailors looking to start sailing for under $5K, and aren’t afraid to put a little sweat equity into the boat.

Just as it was when the boat was first introduced, the Catalina 22 is a common landing spot for those who are just beginning to dream of an escape. It is to Catalina’s credit that the 22 continues to sell and continues to be many sailors’ first boat. And perhaps one of the biggest selling points of all, is the broad and consistent support in the form of other owners. There really isn’t anything that can’t be fixed on these boats, and dialed in, they can be fun to sail. One need only drop in on the website for Chip Ford to get an idea of what’s possible with this boat.

Catalina 22


It’s hard to argue with the construction of a boat after 10,000 have been built, but we do. In these early boats the hull-to-deck joint— a plywood reinforced hull flange is joined to the deck with a rigid polyester “slurry” and self-tapping fasteners. This not our idea of ideal construction. The same type of joint is used on larger boats, although we are less concerned because obviously the structure is for a much smaller boat. Larger boats like the Catalina 30 also used this method, and the C30 has enough loyal followers to earn it a spot among our recommended 30-footers from the 1970s.

Catalina 22 has remained essentially unchanged from the day it was introduced in 1969. Only the pivot for the swing keel version was changed about boat #250 and then, according to a Catalina statement, it was done for production purposes. Later a pop-top option was added and now 90% of the boats sold have this feature.

Catalina takes credit for pioneering the one-piece hull liner that has become standard in most high volume small boats. However, it should be noted that the liner is basically a cosmetic component, not a structural member, and the hull must get its strength from the hull laminate and bulkhead reinforcement.

Catalina 22

The swing keel, also chosen by 90% of the buyers, is cast iron and, when retracted, remains substantially exposed (accounting for more than half of the 2′ draft of the shoal draft model). It is a rough 550 lb. iron casting of indifferent hydrodynamic efficiency, but you can order templates for fairing quite easily.

The swing keel is hoisted with a simple reel winch located under a vestigial bridgedeck with its handle passing through a plywood facing. We’d guess that Catalina owners soon become conditioned to its presence, though it can trip those stepping up or down through the companionway.

The drop keel of the Catalina evoked a number of observations from owners in the PS boat owners’ questionnaire. Several note that the keel hangar mounting bolts loosen or seize.  Another reports he had to replace his wire pennant twice. Replacing the pennant requires hoisting the boat high enough to have access to the top of the keel.

As with all Catalina-built boats, decor is a major selling point. The line, including the 22, is attractively appointed. They create a highly favorable impression which has to encourage sales, especially for first time boat buyers.

In fact, the Catalina 22 outside and inside is one of the most visually appealing small boats we have seen. It has enough trim and finish to look pretty. Similarly, her hull and rig, although dated, are well proportioned. It is about her performance and livability that we have the most serious qualms.

Catalina 22


By any objective standard the Catalina 22 is hardly a sprightly performing small boat. There have been too many compromises to performance: trailerability, shoal draft, cockpit space, low cost, and interior accommodations, as well as giving her a placid disposition for novice sailors. The boat needs a genoa jib, a smoother, and more efficient swing or fin keel shape and some hardware of even the most modest go-fast variety. Even then the prognosis is that she will remain a rather tubby boat in an age when much of the fun of boats is in their responsiveness, if not speed.

With almost all the Catalinas having been built with the swing keel, the appeal has been her shallow draft for trailering. Yet even with 2′ of draft with the keel hoisted, the boat has too much draft for beaching. Given the tradeoff in performance, the difficulty of maintenance, and loss of stability, one hopes that indeed buyers of the swing keel 22 have made good use of it for trailering.

The deck of the Catalina 22 is a decidedly unhandy working platform. The sidedecks are narrow and obstructed by jib sheets and blocks. The three shrouds per side effectively block access to the foredeck, and complicate headsail trim and passage of the jib across in tacking. In fact, so difficult is it to go forward on the 22 we recommend getting rid of the lifelines. They are already too low to offer anything but token protection and they anchor near the base of the bow pulpit where they give no protection. Instead, handrails should be installed on the cabin top.

Ironically for a boat as popular as the Catalina, the boat incorporates the most incredible amount of wasted space we have ever seen in a sailboat large or small. In a size where stowage is at such a premium, there is a cavernous unusable space. The entire area under the cockpit and most of the area under the port cockpit seat (except where the gas tank sits) is all but inaccessible. The loss of this space limits stowage to scuttles under the berth bases.

Catalina 22

The convertible dinette which seats only two with elbow room is a vestige of the 22’s design era and the vee berths forward form that combination of bathroom and bedroom that is common on a daysailer of these dimensions. The alternatives, here, have their shortcomings.

The easy solution is to relocate the head to the cockpit when you finally decided to retire for the night.  Otherwise, the settee on the starboard side, and even that berth is shared with the optional galley facility that in use takes up about half the berth area. The Catalina 22s now have a pop-top as standard; most of the cabin top lifts 10″ on four pipe supports. Most owners we have heard from seem to like the system, particularly those in warmer areas. Headroom at anchor is pleasant but we’d rather see room for stowage, sleeping, etc. as well.

One safety point in these older models that is worth raising is the stowage setup for the portable gas tank for a transom-mounted outboard auxiliary. The tank sits on a molded shelf (part of the hull liner) in a seat locker at the after end of the cockpit. This puts a portable gasoline tank inside the cabin.The locker is vented but it is not isolated. This arrangement can allow fuel can to make its way unimpeded to the inaccessible low point right under the cockpit. This design flaw has been corrected in later versions and if you have a boat with this arrangement, we recommend securing all portable tanks above deck until it is fixed.

One of the Catalina’s better features is her cockpit. It is long (7′) and comfortable, a place where the crew can sit with support for their backs, a place to brace their feet, and with room to avoid the tiller. It is unobstructed by the mainsheet that trims to a rod traveler on the stern.


Many boat buyers shop for a boat of this type with price foremost in mind. They probably will get no farther than their local Catalina dealer, where they can get a boat that is the same size and similarly equipped as boats costing far more. It’s apt to be a boat identical to many of those sailing on the same waters. Better still, they are more than likely to have sailing friends who not only have (or had) a Catalina but belong to one of the most widespread and active owners’ class associations in the sport. The whole package has a powerful appeal, especially to a newcomer seeking moral support.

For performance, accommodations and even construction they might do better at a higher price, but with Catalina’s proven staying power through decades of change, they understandably turn to the 22.

At a weight of about 2,500 lbs. loaded for the road plus a trailer, the Catalina 22 can be hauled by most cars. If anything but a jaunt to the boat ramp is envisioned, however, it’s big enough to recommend SUV with a trailer package.


cal 22 sailboat

Pearson Rhodes 41/Rhodes Bounty II Used Sailboat Review


Still a useful review! FWIW, I was shopping for a Catalina 22 Sport at the Annapolis Boat Show last fall and Catalina was saying that they were close to $50,000 with common options and the wait time for a new one was 6 months. I realize that this is a small boat in the range of what is on the market at that boat show, but my goodness, were those sales people blasé about selling a boat to me. Ended up with a 5 yo boat for about half that much money. Unfortunately, she is still on the hard until spring in the Chesapeake!

Nice review of the Catalina 22. Out first boat was a Capri 22, which I was told was the “hot” version of the Catalina 22. It has a deep draft keel (6-7’?) and out-pointed every other boat on the lake. We slept aboard once….no fun!

This is a totally misleading article, focused entirely on exaggerated flaws. This article should really be written by someone who has actually owned a C22, and spent more than a cursory time sailing one. IMO, they’re great boats, and a ton of fun can be had with one – but only if the self-gratifying snobbism is left at the dock. The boat is squarely in the sweet spot of carrying costs and sailing fun.

These are great boats for beginners and sailors that want an uncomplicated boat to day sail and overnight on. I have taught ASA beginner classes on the C22. Also one of the popularities of this boat that was not touched on in this article is it’s one design racing class. Large fleets continue to turn out for weekend and national regattas.

No mention is made of stepping the mast. At 77 years of age and somewhat physically fit can I handle it?

Thanks, Bill Tucker

If the C22 is without a roller furler on the jib – stepping the mast is pretty light work. Check YouTube for videos on mast stepping a C22 – there are many good tricks and techniques to be learned. It can be stepped very easily by 2 people, or even just 1 person with a small bit of experience. On boats with a roller furler, stepping the mast is still not hard, but the roller furler acts like a 100 lb wet noodle, so it adds a bit of planning. I have a roller furler – but still, with the proper tricks, it can be done alone. Don’t be discouraged by this article – and I should add, almost all of the criticisms made only apply to the very early models, and the C22 additionally underwent a substantial redesign in 1986. Personally, between the 2, I favor the post 1986 boats, known as the “New design.”

IMO, it’s the best bang for the buck in sailing. It’s no small pleasure to know that as you enjoy the same wind, water and sun as the larger boats, you’re spending thousands less a season than literally everyone else. I could afford a larger boat, but for me – the smaller the boat, the bigger the experience one gets out of it. I’m in it for the love of being on the water. If you’re interested – check out the C22.

i have a 2005 Sport I’ve owned since new. I’m old and gray, but yes, it’s doable to raise and lower the mast (I have hank on sails). I had a fella build me an folding A-frame that helps. I use the vang and jib halyard, attached at the top of the A-frame, to “lever” the mast up and down under control. I can also use the A-frame with my trailer winch and the halyard.

I love my Sport. Racing is getting behind me, so I’ve “comforted” it up a bit. I have a bimini (installed backwards so it folds forward out of the way for docking and getting underway). I added a “downhaul” retriever line up by the headstay. I attach the line to my genoa/jib so when it’s time to douse, I just “haul the sail down”. That holds it to deck, with the sheets pulled back safely, so that I don’t have to go forward. Winches were moved to the cabin top (helps with halyards, led aft), with ratchet turning blocks at the old winch locations. I can usually hand trim using the ratchet action. Only heavier winds require the winches. Backstay is partial spectra line for adjustment, and the traveler has controls in the cockpit.

I can single hand it all day.

I think the review was pretty harsh. These boats hold up well and sail to their rating. And the OD Class is awesome.

With a chain and a pulley using the main halyard, yes.

Fun to read this review. My parents got one in the mid-’70s and I “inherited” her. My wife and I spent our honeymoon cruise on her, later we packed our 3 kids and a dog in there for a 5-day cruise, and then I fixed her up again for a 25th anniversary honeymoon-reprise cruise. Not a fast boat, but to learn to sail and cruise? Perfect. And growing up cruising in such tight accommodations made the trimaran I have now gravitated towards (a reaction to sailing slowly?) quite tolerable. A perfect starter-boat. Mast-raising is easy if done carefully and slowly with appropriate gin-pole and some “baby-stay” guy wires: the trick is to get the baby-stays to rotate around the same point as the mast-base so they are tight all the way up. Or to have some help keeping the mast straight during raising.

The review does focus on many negatives, but missed the wicked weather-helm under some conditions. It took me years to realize I could simply move the center-of-effort aft by raising the swing-keel some, which helped immensely, despite seeming counter-intuitive (raise the keel to help upwind performance in high-wind conditions? Huh?). Don’t be scared off, but do inspect, for eg, the plywood cores for saturation and rot on older boats, and for signs of separation of the deck from the hull at the bow: I installed a turnbuckle from foredeck to the bow-ring to take the forestay tension when I fixed ours up. Cheers all.

That’s a great tip about the swing keel – makes perfect sense. A minor adjustment can make a difference in that regard.

Way back in about 1978 or so I made a new friend, Tony, that had purchased a Catalina 22 and was docked a few slips away from my dock, at the time, on lake Ontario at Wilson Boatyard in Wilson, NY, I was living on my new Challenger Ketch. Early one nite I noticed Tony on his Catalina 22. Tony was about 60 years old and knew almost nothing about sailing. We talked and he asked me to teach him how to sail his new 22″. We practiced sailing almost every nite with the evening offshore wind. He eventually got up enough confidence and courage to sail across Lake Ontario to Toronto Harbor on the North shore of the Lake where he and his 3 lady guest stayed on the boat and in a motel for a few days. Tony loved his Cataliona 22′.

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cal 22 sailboat


US Sailing takes phrf from clubs around the nation and creates a PDF that includes low, high and average for many boats. Looks like there is only one Cal22MH in their records. Cal22 231 255 240 Cal22 MH 228 228 228 Ron  

CAL 22 mast I need to get a new mast for a CAL 22 I just acquired. Does anyone know (if anyone is still on this forum) where I can get one? I'm not sure of the manufacturer of the mast, Dwyer perhaps? Any info would be appreciated. Located in Cape Cod, MA area. Thanks in advance. Matt  

Cal 22 Headsail Furler The furling unit that I inherited with my 1985 Cal 22 seems to be missing something. The extruded aluminum segments have two gruves on one side to accomodate a number 6 size Luft Tape and another gruve on the opposite side to accomodate a 3/16 dia halyard and a hole down the middle of the extrusion to pass the head stay wire. The extruded segments just butt up to each other and the only thing that can keep the groves aligned is the 3/16 halyard on one side and the headsail luft tape on the other with the head stay wire providing the axis for rotation. There is a little plastic THING at the top of the upper most segment that provides a guide for the 3/16 halyard (that is attached to the sail head) to make its 180 degree turn and then goes down the aft gruve of all the segments to the drum. Question: - Am I missing some parts, like something that goes in and between the segments to aid alignment? Seems there is tremendous potential at the joints to sever luft tape and or 3/16 halyard. Nuther Question: Does anyone know where you can get a replacement for that little halyard THING at the top of the assembly? Mine is damaged. L Jones  

Capteos, Not sure we have the same system....I'm not sure who made mine, but it sounds similar, yet different. I do not recall having any trouble with the segments lining up. I do recall thinking they seemed flimsy until I got the furling up and tensioned the stays and shrouds. My segments were never taken apart????....I didn't know they came fact I was very careful to not stress the segments where they met when I handled it for fear of it breaking. The long metal segments were together and secured to the the side of the mast, which was down when I purchased the boat. I do have to play the sail up and down sometimes to get onto the next segment, so I guess they do not line up exact. But it doesn't take me more than 5 minutes to thread the foresail into the track. As you can probably tell, I don't have much furling knowledge. You may want to expand the knowledge pool in another forum. Ron  

Furling Thanks Ron, I had to have the headsail repaired (sun cover replaced). The sail was rolled up on the furling and tied to the mast when I bought the boat. I took the sail off the furling and took it to the sailmaker. Thats when I examined the furling unit. I have yet to put up the mast and check out the operation of this unit. It just seems kind of a Mickey design for gruve alignment, segment to segment. The only other roller furling system I have had experience with was a ProFurl about 20 years ago. Just Tuff-Luff racing foils and hanks ever since. I will give this thing a try and maybe go to a Harken system as SeaJoe suggests. I'm kinda thinkin of rigging a masthead forstay and going to a taller headsail in the future anyway. I did in fact just add a masthead halyard for a kite and am considering adding a internal halyard at the fractional headstay attachment point which I will have to do if I go to a Harken system. Happy Sailing, Larry  

quinnmatt said: I need to get a new mast for a CAL 22 I just acquired. Does anyone know (if anyone is still on this forum) where I can get one? I'm not sure of the manufacturer of the mast, Dwyer perhaps? Any info would be appreciated. Located in Cape Cod, MA area. Thanks in advance. Matt Click to expand...

i had an old owners manual when i had my Cal 22 that I PDF'd - i could probably dig it up on my computer. But it had all of the suppliers listed for each of the components (mast, etc). As for the aluminum furler extrusions, there are little nylon splice inserts that attach the sections together. When I got my boat all of these were busted and the PO had been sailing the boat for years that way. To me the furler was garbage so i simply put a new CDI unit on with a plastic, continuous extrusion. Cheap & fixed the problem.  

cal 22 sailboat

trailer Hey! I am looking into purchasing my first sailboat (a cal 22). I have access to a trailer for a Cal 20 and was wondering if anyone had information/experience as to whether or not I can use this trailer for the 22? Any other bits and pieces of advice is greatly appreciated as well! Also, does anyone have info on adding a spinnaker + gear? Thanks!  

Sugaree34 - Is it possible fo you to email or post that Cal 22 owners manual?  

Bimini or boom tent for Cal 22 Hi everyone - I've been enjoying my Cal 22 for three years now. Wonderful, fast, easy to sail boat. My wife has been complaining about the heat....has anyone fitted either a boom tent for when you're at anchor? Or how about a bimini? If you've used a bimini, can you tell me how it worked under sail? Is is entirely in the way for such a small boat or is it acceptable? Thanks, Bill  

Bimini Thanks, Ron - I did see that boat on Texas Sailing today. It really looked surprisingly good. However, as you suggested, I think the mainsail would bag if I raised the boom enough to make the bimini work. Plus, looking at another boat on Texas Sailing that had a bimini, I suspect that when it's folded it might interfere with the traveler and mainsheet -- or even drag in the water when heeled. I think I should probably focus on a boom tent and maybe a wind scoop for the forward hatch. Years ago, we sailed in the Virgin Islands and were impressed at how much flow the wind scoop brought in. By the way, a nice addition I made to my boat is a Raymarine ST 1000 autohelm. It very handy when singlehanding. Have any of you done much cruising on this boat - at this point I've just done one overnighter - lots of day sailing. All the best, Bill  

Sugaree34 said: i had an old owners manual when i had my Cal 22 that I PDF'd - i could probably dig it up on my computer. But it had all of the suppliers listed for each of the components (mast, etc). As for the aluminum furler extrusions, there are little nylon splice inserts that attach the sections together. When I got my boat all of these were busted and the PO had been sailing the boat for years that way. To me the furler was garbage so i simply put a new CDI unit on with a plastic, continuous extrusion. Cheap & fixed the problem. Click to expand...

Bill, No cruising on my Cal 22 either. Lots of day sailing here too. We're on a little finger type lake in Kentucky. (Taylorsville Lake) We have anchored out a couple of times for a night, but that is about it. The lake is 20 miles or so, but it is narrow. Anchoring is difficult due to depth, bottom type and narrowness. The Admiral did not think much of our nights out....kind of spoiled by bigger boat trips to more exotic places. Ron  

cal 22 sailboat

I just bought a 1986 Cal 22 in CT, I have a broken Stanchion, anybody know where I can find a replacement, a little difficult since they aren't made any more. Thanks, Jon  

new Cal 22 Got my new boat a couple weeks ago. A 1986 Cal 22. This is my first boat and i just started sailing earlier this year. Made some changes additions and some observations: 1. the Reefer furling system is a pain in the neck (literally). used lots of lubricant, busted the old messenger line once, but eventually managed to get it on. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do it any easier that would be great. 2. Added a Cuda 350 sonar/GPS. marina and channel where i keep the boat can be quite shallow/narrow at low tide so want this for peace of mind. Plus the GPS is cool and wasn't that expensive. Used the toilet wax ring method and seems to work well. however I'm connected to the battery directly as I can't figure out electrical panel. Anyone out there have any schematics etc? 3. Added tiller tamer - works great 4. New vang lines. 5. some sail slugs were busted so had to replace some. Took her out solo a few times in last 2 days and crapped my pants thinking i was going to hit other boats in the marina and when I ran out of gas (had extra tank just had not refilled). But the sailing was great - had it reefed and then full sails. Tiller tamer worked like a charm. Feels very stable despite the choppiness and swirly winds of LI sound. Biggest anxiety is from under power leaving and returning to dock. Pics to come.  

Hix, where are you in the LI Sound? I just bought a 1986 Cal 22, took her out for the first time yesterday, I have some work to do first before being really ready to sail easily, but yesterday was a great day on the water. My boat doesn't have the roller furling anymore, but I think I need to put one on to make it easier on me. Do you have Lazy Jacks?  

Jon, Do you have lazy jacks? Isn't our main a bit small to need lazy jacks? Ron  

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cal 22 sailboat

The Cal 22 is a 22.0ft fractional sloop designed by C. R. Hunt Assoc. and built in fiberglass by Jensen Marine/Cal Boats between 1984 and 1997.

The Cal 22 is a light sailboat which is a high performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat.

Cal 22 sailboat under sail

Cal 22 for sale elsewhere on the web:

cal 22 sailboat

Main features

Model Cal 22
Length 22 ft
Beam 7.75 ft
Draft 3.50 ft
Country United states (North America)
Estimated price $ 0 ??

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cal 22 sailboat

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Sail area / displ. 21.84
Ballast / displ. 36.90 %
Displ. / length 126.44
Comfort ratio 10.47
Capsize 2.42
Hull type Monohull fin keel with transom hung rudder
Construction Fiberglass
Waterline length 19.50 ft
Maximum draft 3.50 ft
Displacement 2100 lbs
Ballast 775 lbs
Hull speed 5.92 knots

cal 22 sailboat

We help you build your own hydraulic steering system - Lecomble & Schmitt

Rigging Fractional Sloop
Sail area (100%) 223 sq.ft
Air draft 0 ft ??
Sail area fore 103.32 sq.ft
Sail area main 119.97 sq.ft
I 24.60 ft
J 8.40 ft
P 25.80 ft
E 9.30 ft
Nb engines 1
Total power 0 HP
Fuel capacity 0 gals


Water capacity 0 gals
Headroom 0 ft
Nb of cabins 0
Nb of berths 0
Nb heads 0

Builder data

Builder Jensen Marine/Cal Boats
Designer C. R. Hunt Assoc.
First built 1984
Last built 1997
Number built 0 ??

Other photos

cal 22 sailboat

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Am I the only Cal 22 owner in the world? Haven't seen any other posts.  

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SBO Weather and Forecasting Forum Jim & John

Welcome EBSail. As a fellow CAL owner I hope you enjoy the forum here. Sometimes you may find good answers when you search outside of the Specific Brand of boats.  

@ricksoth You posted some nice images on the CAL facebook pages.  


ebsail said: Am I the only Cal 22 owner in the world? Haven't seen any other posts. Click to expand



I'm a former owner of a CAL 21, but joined both the CAL Facebook page and the CAL 22 Facebook page. I enjoy both, and have been able to help out a couple of owners. The only problem (I'm kidding here!) is the number of CATALINA 22 owners that have joined the CAL 22 page, but then again, maybe they will realize how much "better" the CAL is!! <Biggest Grin possible!!>  

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22-foot Sailboat Comparisons

Catalina 22.

Chrysler 22

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cal 22 sailboat

Cal 22 Boats for sale

1972 CAL 33

1972 CAL 33

Marshfield, Massachusetts

Category Sloop

Posted Over 1 Month

The boat did not see the water last season and below decks needs significant painting and cleaning. A tree branch fell on the boat damaging 2 stanchions needing repair. The bottom is in good shape with only some touchup paint needed before launch. It will also need new zincs. The holding tank was removed and there is a port-a-potty in place of the toilet. Stock #309028 1972 Cal 33 in Fair Shape w/Many Extras For a Crew of 2 This Call 33 is currently in storage and under a tarp. The boat appears structurally sound however below deck will require significant work to make it pretty. Cleaning and paint are needed. The cushions for the main salon, quarter berths, and vee berth are in storage. The rudder uses a tiller stick to steer. It uses a Sailomat wind vane for self-steering. Solar power panel is used with the needed controller and additional power is generated with a wind generator. It has 4 batteries. A Furuno radar unit is located below the deck along with a VHF radio. The owner used a portable GPS for navigating. The reliable Yanmar 3GM30F engine will cruise the boat at 6 knots. The main salon has a wood/coal stove for heat. The galley includes a gimballed stove top/oven. It carries 15 gallons of fresh water and uses a hand pump for the sink. The fold-down dinette table in the main salon clears away for easy movement in the salon. The primary anchor is a 22-pound Tansey CQR with 80 feet of stainless chain. Additionally, there are also 22 and 15-pound Danforth anchors. Reason for selling is looking for another boat.

1986 CAL 22

1986 CAL 22

Mamaroneck, New York

Category Sailboats

1986 CAL 22 Tiller Steering5hp Outboard Tahatsu Sails in Great Condition

1986 CAL 22

Sodus Point, New York

1986 CAL 22 The Cal 22 is a fantastic little sailboat perfect for daysailing, racing or the occasional overnight or weekend. Easily sailed with a large comfortable cockpit and nice accommodations below. The cabin is not tall enough to stand, but does have space to sleep 4-6 people. The boat is easily sailed and comes with a newer 2004 trailer. Dodger & Bimini included.

Beautiful Cal 22 sailboat

Beautiful Cal 22 sailboat

Los Gatos, California

Length 22.0

I'm afraid I need to sell my Cal 22 sailboat. I bought this boat in the fall, and spent the winter making everything clean and safe. I inspected and tuned-up the mast, the hull, the upholstery, the electronics, etc.. She was launched 7 weeks ago. And unfortunately, 6 weeks ago my wife and kids decided that they hate sailing. This boat comes with a ton of extras, and a trailer. It can be easily trailed to anywhere you might wish with any kind of truck or SUV, and it draws no water. It has a 9.9 Honda that always starts, and also a very clean set of sails. The whole boat was professionally reupholstered a few years back. It has a West Marine dinghy, autopilot, stove, bbq, toilet. Because of it's length, berthing fees are cheap. I pay $100/month to berth in San Mateo. Insurance is also cheap. I pay $125/year to insure with Boat US, and $180/year for CA registration. I am happy to deliver this boat anywhere in California for a reasonable price. Here are the specifics:Motor: Honda 9.9, 5 gallon gas tank; recently cleaned and filled; 1 container of engine oilRudder: easily removable for trailering; new in 2002. Tiller: One is brand new and nicely varnished; the other is a spare; comes with a cover to protect the varnish; two telescoping tiller extensions; Autopilot: I'm not kidding. Who installs an autopilot on a 22 foot sailboat?Transom traveler: keeps the cockpit nice and cleanStanchions: Vey solid; guardrails were recently inspected and tightened; new guardrail covers come with the boat, as well as baby or pet netting. Sails: mainsail, jib, genoa, and spinaker, with two spinaker poles (all new in 2003; cost approx $2400)Boom/Mast: everything washed, inspected and lubed in April 2014. Nothing overlooked. Halyards runs smoothly. Has a excellent masthead windex.Lines: All halyards and sheets washed and inspected this past winter. Electronics: Compass and depth finder mounted permanently in boat. Electric system works nicely. There is a solar panel that trickle charges the 12v battery; this powers the autopilot, the masthead light, the bow and transom lights, the cabin lights, and depth finder. All connections look good.Navigation: GPS and chart plotter (via netbook)Docking: 2 fenders, several docks lines, 2 boat hooks.Anchors: two anchors, one brand new; chains inspected, cleaned and lubed in April 2014Bellow deck; nice, clean pillows and upholstery ($1872 project in 2011); new alcohol stove, water tank, sink, toilet, cooler, removable wood dining tableEmergency supplies: flares, fire extinguisher, fog hornWinches: Nice clean winches for the jib sheetJib Furler: This thing looks like overkill on a 22-footer, but is actually really convenient, especially when you're the only person on deck who can sail. Other: Bucket with boat cleaning supplies (soap, brushes, sponges, etc. . ..); West Marine inflatable dinghy, with 2 oars and lifting strapsPaperwork: Trailer registered with DMV; has a Permanent Trailer Identification card (registration never expires); Boat is registered until January 1, 2016. DMV charges $180/year. Boat is fully insured with Boat US. The policy costs me $125/yearComes with original CAL 22 owner's manual from 1987; and the Honda outboard motor manual Delivery: I could deliver her anywhere in California for a reasonable shipping fee. Thanks for looking. Call or write with questions. Geoff

1985 CAL CAL 22

1985 CAL CAL 22

Beaufort, South Carolina

Model CAL 22

Category Sloop Sailboats


1985 Cal Yachts 22

1985 Cal Yachts 22

Toledo, Ohio

Make Cal Yachts

1985 Cal Yachts 22, 22' Cal sailboat cuddly, port a potty. Lightly used. Sails fair condition. Trailer included. Call Or text 419-351-0668. Located at Toledo Beach Marina / Toledo oh. $4200.00

1987 Cal Yachts Sloop

1987 Cal Yachts Sloop

Grasonville, Maryland

Model Sloop

Category Daysailer Sailboats

1987 Cal Yachts Sloop, Amici sleeps 4 adults in forward berth and on the two side settees. Marine type II head located under the forward berth. There is 5 gal fresh cold water tank with hand pump at small galley sink with room for small portable gallery stove next to sink. All running lights with AGM battery.I have used her for the past 10 years to teach beginning ASA 101 Basic Keelboat classes. I am in the process of replacing her with a new Beneteau First 22. She has been maintained in good condition. She will need some work on her teak and a good wax job. Ratherwise, she is ready to sail away. She is an excellent, fun, day sailer. She could be trailed although there is no trailer with her.Vessel is currently located in the water at Mears Point Marine, Grasonville, MD. Please email [email protected] to arrange viewing her. Cash or cashiers check accepted. Amici With4 stroke Mercury 8 hp 2012. Improvements include: New interior cushions - 2006 New sails in 2008New running rigging 2007 2012New standing rigging 2012New roller furling 2012Rebuilt rudder and replaced hardware - 2014Last bottom painting Aug 2015 $3500

Cal 2-27 Sloop  Fully equipped cruising vessel.  Immaculate Condition.

Cal 2-27 Sloop Fully equipped cruising vessel. Immaculate Condition.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Make Cal 2-27 Sloop By Jensen Marine, Costa Messa, CA

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length 27.0

NAME: RUBAIYAT TYPE: 27' Cal 2-27 Sloop BUILDER: Jensen Marine, Costa Mesa, Ca DESIGNER: William Lapworth HULL MATERIAL: Fiberglass ENGINE: Single Yanmar YSM-12 Diesel, 12 hp, 1 cylinder, SWC USCG DOCUMENTED BOAT -- # 595240 LOA: 27' LWL: 22'1" BEAM: 9' 3" YEAR: 1978 DRAFT: 4'3" DISP: 6,700 lbs BALLAST: 3,100 HEADROOM: 6' 3" +/- BRIDGE CLEARANCE: 46' TANKAGE: Fuel: 15 gallons in new aluminum tank. Water: 18 gallons Holding Tank: 15 gallons with 12V macerator pump to discharge tank. HULL & DECK: - White original gelcoat on hull, beige boottop, black bottom; beige and white decks. - Fin keel; spade rudder. - Single lifelines. - S/S bow and stern rail. - S/S ladder on transom. - S/S oversized chainplates. - Tiller steering (with extension). - Lewmar 1000 electric windlass, up & down. ENGINE & MECHANICAL: - Single Yanmar YSM-12 Diesel, 12 hp, 1 cylinder, SWC - 1 1/4" bronze shaft - 2 bladed 12" bronze prop - Morse controls - Yanmar tool kit; Yanmar manuals - Ventilation for engine room ELECTRICAL: - 12V electrical system - Fused electrical panel - Two 12V deep cycle Group 27 & 31 batteries - Guest battery switch and monitor Altus - Both batteries are trickle-charged by solar panel on top of bimini, with regulator - One Rule 1100 gph 12V - bilge pump - New 75 Amp alternator in a box (spare) - LED lights added to light fixtures in main salon ACCOMMODATIONS: - Sleeps four - Anchor locker forward followed by vee berth with storage under, and curtain to close off vee berth area - Galley includes Kenyon pressurized 2 burner alcohol stove; S/S sink with manual pump, icebox, teak storage racks, dish lockers - Across is portsettee and large dining table, bulkhead mounted - Raritan head with holding tank with 12V macerator, through holding tank, then out - Door between head and main salon - Brass gimballed Perko kerosene lamp - Brown tweed upholstery; new beige curtains - Teak bulkheads and trim - Fiberglass sole - S/S sink with Manual Pump in forward compartment ELECTRONICS: - Authohelm Tillermaster ST2000 autopilot - Northstar 952X GPS-Plotter on a swing-out bracket (with chips from Eastport to Florida) - Furuno GPS-WAAS GP-32 - Raytheon ST60 depthsounder - ICOM M502 - with DSC VHF radio - Polyplaner CD/AM/FM player with 2 speakers - Aquameter bulkhead mounted coompass SAILS & RIGGING: - 374 sq. ft. sail area - Eggers mainsail in very good condition - Hank-on 150% genoa - Approximately 140% genoa. Cockpit Reefing - Main & jib halyards - Brown mainsail cover and genoa sunshield - S/S oversized chainplates - No jiffy reefing on mainsail - Two Barient #10 one speed sheet winches - Mainsheet traveler on bridgedeck - Deck stepped mast - 2 winch handles - Wind sock scoop EQUIPMENT: - 1 set of jack lines - Manual overboard pole - Brown bimini top - S/S bollard at bow - 12V Lewmar 1000 windlass - 25 lb CQR chrome anchor with 20' of S/S chain and 200' of 9/16" nylon rode - 2nd Danforth anchor with 5' of chain & 125' of nylon rode - 3 large fenders with covers - 5-6 gold braid docklines - 3 fire extinguishers - 5 gal non-spill fuel container - Flag - 15"x30" Yacht Ensign - Manual cockpit bilge pump; spare hand bilge pump - Orion flare gun with 12-guage pistol - Bronze bell - Air horn - 6 life jackets (rigid) and 4 West Marine Neoprene PFD's - First Aid kit - Radar relfector - Anchor light; nav light - Boat hook - Boom vang - New cockpit cushions - MOB pole - Life ring (yellow) - Life sling Hard-Pack - Weems & Plath Atlantis brass ship's clock and barometer - Dinghy with oars and 12V trolling motor & battery - Map Tech Block Island to Canadian Border - Map Tech New Jersey (Cape May) to Nantucket PRICE: 12,900 LOCATION: Great Bay Marina, Newington, NH

1969 Cal 25 sailboat with Honda 4stroke outboard, awlgrip hull and deck

1969 Cal 25 sailboat with Honda 4stroke outboard, awlgrip hull and deck

Milford, Connecticut

This sailboat was donated to the a 501(c)3 non profit organization. It is a 1969 Cal 25 with a 7.5 hp 4 stroke Honda long shaft outboard. Boat is complete and in nice shape. Awlgrip hull and deck, new tiller. See pics. Please email or call with any questions. Asking $3500 obo Proceeds from this sale will go to support our mission of bringing the joy of sailing to young people and adults. The purpose of the foundation is to give equal access to all persons interested in promoting, sustaining and furthering the education and training of persons in sailing and water safety. We are a tax deductible 501c3 organization incorporated in Ct. This is a wonderful non-profit program geared to educate and excite young people into the world of sailing. These young people may be your future crew! Currently we have a small Optimist, 420, J22 and Laser fleet. Donors please contact board members Thomas Jankun203-464-2675 or Bruce Kuryla 203-301-2222

2014 Axis T22

2014 Axis T22

Vacaville, California

Category Ski And Wakeboard Boats

2014 Axis T22 Hello all, I am selling my 2014 Axis T22. I am the original owner of this. The boat has been great to us with no problems at all. The boat has been serviced every 50 hours by Cal Marine. The impeller has also been changed every year. The boat has 1around 140 hours on it right now. My wife and I are trying to have a baby so we won't have time for the boat anymore. The boat has 4 rev 8's on the tower and also has a sub located under the dash. It also has alpine speakers throughout the interior of the boat. It also has two wet sound amps that are mounted on the side wall. The sound system was installed by dennis at Pure Audio. It also has two batteries with a mounted perko switch and on board charging system. The windows are tinted as well. This boat is great because it has surf gates which allows different riders to ride either side without switching weight from side to side. The boat comes stock with 1250 lbs of ballast. We have added 900lbs on each side of the rear lockers, as well as 650 under the front seats. I have also purchased a 450 lb sac that I usually put in the walkway for extra weight in the front. The boat also has cruise control. This boat is very similar to the malibu's. The only real difference is this boat does not have the fancy touch screens. Everything is controlled by toggle switches. This boat is nearly flawless with no big scratches or tears in the seats. I have washed and cleaned the interior after every ride. This boat also comes with two props, I purchased the high altitude prop because of the extra weight from the ballast, and it comes with the stock prop as well. Price is negotiable, however please do not lowball me. I am in no hurry to sell, but for the right price it will go. Please do not hesitate to call or text. Brent 707-Five Eight Zero-3632.

2016 Bennington 22 SLX

2016 Bennington 22 SLX

Request Price

Rancho Cordova, California

Make Bennington

Model 22 SLX

Category Pontoon Boats

2016 Bennington 22 SLX, New Edition to NorCal MasterCraft Sacramento Lot! This 2016 Bennington 22 SLX is an eye catching two tone and comes with many premium options! Options include - Matador Red Panel Accent, Bow Seat Gate, Ice Chest, 2 Portable Cupholders, Maple-Bow Table, Ottoman, G Recliner Help and many more options! Call NorCal MasterCraft Sacramento now for more details and to find out how you can own this model!

2015 Bennington 22SSX

2015 Bennington 22SSX

2015 Bennington 22SSX, Boat options include, Red Canvas, Tilt Steering, 2 Portable Cup-Holders, G Recliner Helm, DLX Bass seats, Double Bimini, Sony CD, Echo 100, and more!! Call NorCal Mastercraft now for more details!!! 916-277-8331

2015 Bennington 22SSRX

2015 Bennington 22SSRX

2015 Bennington 22SSRX, Boat options include, Regatta blue, Vapor graphics, Express Tube Package, In floor storage, Sea star hydraulic steering, Blue canvas, Pillow top upgrade, 2 Portable cupholders, Reclining helm and much much more!! Call now for more details!!! NorCal Mastercraft - (916) 277-8331

2015 Bennington 22SCWX

2015 Bennington 22SCWX

2015 Bennington 22SCWX, Boat Options Include, Express tube package, In-floor Storage, Sea Star Hydraulic Steering W/Tilt, Champagne Canvas, Pillow top upgrade, 2 Portable cup holders, G-Recliner Helm Seat, Maple trim accent, Double Bimini and much much more! Call now for more details NorCal Mastercraft !! 916-277-8331

2017 Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ

2017 Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ

Huntington Beach, California

Make Malibu

Model Wakesetter 22 MXZ

2017 Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ LWOL - Life Without Limits We get it. We're Southern Californians and we aren't "typical" by any means. We actually live a life without limits, and we don't settle for anything. There is water everywhere, and it's calling your name! That's why we brought in this mean, lean, American-wake-boosting machine of a 22 MXZ. It's ready for anything, anywhere, at any time. Who says you can't go wakesurfing with the dolphins off the coast of OC? Not us! Whoever told you it's a bad idea to take your special someone out on a dockside date in Marina Del Rey or Newport? Definitely not us! You don't hear us telling anyone that lobster diving is lame, because lobster for dinner is delicious. In fact, we've had such a fun time surfing with dolphins, sending the cruise ships off on their adventures with a lip smack, and generally enjoying life out on the water that we can't keep it to ourselves anymore. Check out all the goodies this boat is loaded with: 6.2L Monsoon 410 motor with AMCE 2249 Torque Prop - Because with a boat this high performance and good-looking, you'll always have a boatload of people. More weight = torque prop Bimini Top with surf storage - Remember the dolphins? Sometimes you'll want to hang 10 with them and sometimes you'll want to air over them. Bring all the boards you've got! Boat Cover with Hang-tyte - Sometimes the weather isn't perfect. For those 3 days out of the year, keep your boat protected. 3 outlet Heater - There are no boating seasons in SoCal, but anything under 70 degrees may feel chilly. Transom Flush Kit - Just like you should rinse out your wet suit after a set in Marine Stadium, you should flush out your boat too. Wetsounds REV 8 tower speakers, Wetsounds Subwoofer and Amplifiers - California knows how to party. Remind everyone else on the water about that key fact. Surf Gate and Power Wedge II - The Wedge is world famous for some massive waves. We go watch the boogie boarders sometimes. So we had to replicate the massive wave break on this boat. Plug 'n Play Ballast - Not everything is bigger in Texas. Because California can also throw out some giant wakes and waves. Sea Dek Soft Grip Flooring - We are world famous for really nice footwear, so you may as well treat your feet to some nice soft boat flooring too! EVA Deck Traction kit - We don't recommend that you pretend to be Jack Spar

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1999 VIP River boat

1999 VIP River boat

Coos Bay, OR

2016 Malibu Wakesetter 22 VLX

2016 Malibu Wakesetter 22 VLX

Firestone Park, CA

2008 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer

2008 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer

2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer

2006 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer

Washington, DC

2014 Tige Z3

2014 Tige Z3

2022 Custom Tritoon Platform

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1986 Cal 22

The Cal 22 is a very fast boat, with a Portsmouth rating of 86.3, she is rated faster than the Catalina 22, Capri 22 and almost all other 22 foot keelboats.

Cal 22

    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6.5'
    Beam:  11.5'    Draft:  7.3'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  12.50'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  12'6'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  56'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  5'6'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  5'6'''
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6.7'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  7'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6.5'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6.75'
    Beam:  10'6"'    Draft:  5'10"'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'6'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  5.6'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5.66'
    Beam:  10.33'    Draft:  5.58'
    Beam:  10.33'    Draft:  5.67'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  4.67'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  6.5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'8"'
    Beam:  10'9'    Draft:  5'9''
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  5'
    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10'
    Beam:  11.3'    Draft:  6.5'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11.25'    Draft:  6.10'
    Beam:  11.3'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  11.6'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  11.5'    Draft:  4'8'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  6'2'
    Beam:  10''    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  10.17'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5.7'
    Beam:  10.33'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10.2'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  10.2'    Draft:  5.6'
    Beam:  34'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  9.3'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  9.25'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  9.2'    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  9.25'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  9'-3"'    Draft:  4'-3"'
    Beam:  9'3"'    Draft:  4'6"'
    Beam:  9'3'    Draft:  4'9'
    Beam:  9'3'    Draft:  4'6'
    Beam:  9.25'    Draft:  4.25'
    Beam:  9' 3'    Draft:  4' 6'
    Draft:  5.3'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  4'6'
    Beam:  10'8'    Draft:  5' 3'
    Beam:  9'3"'    Draft:  4'3"'
    Beam:  10'
    Beam:  9''    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  9.25'    Draft:  4'3'
    Beam:  9'3'    Draft:  4'3'

cal 22 sailboat

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  1. CAL 22

    Find detailed information about CAL 22, a fin keel sloop sailboat designed by C. R. Hunt and built by Bangor Punta Marine. See dimensions, sail area, displacement, ballast, draft, rigging, and more.

  2. Cal 22

    The Cal 22 is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed by C. R. Hunt Associates as a cruiser and first built in 1984. Production. The design was built by Cal Boats in the United States between 1984 and 1997, but it is now out of production. Cal ...

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    Learn about Cal 22, a 6.7 m monohull sailboat designed by Raymond Hunt and built between 1984 and 1997. Find out its hull speed, sail area, ballast, and other features, and see boats for sale in the US.

  4. Any Cal 22 Owners?

    1 post · Joined 2000. #2 · Mar 26, 2007. I'm a Cal 22 owner also. I own a 1986 Cal 22 also. It's a great sailing boat, and you said you nearly bought a Sabre 28, which is a nice boat, but I think that you should know that I've raced against a Sabre 28, several times, on Wednesday Night races, and my Cal 22 sails much faster, both up and down ...

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    Find CAL 22 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of CAL boats to choose from.

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    11. Inducted into the US Sailing Hall of Fame, the Catalina 22 is one of the most popular trailer sailers in the world. (AHunt, CC) In its 10th anniversary issue in 1980, Sail magazine named the Catalina 22 the boat that had represented the breakthrough in trailer/cruisers in those 10 years. There is no denying the popularity of the Catalina 22 ...

  7. brochure or info for Cal 22

    Sep 5, 2007. #1. I recently bought a 1987 Cal 22. Although there seems to be some evidence of neglect and weathering, it seems to posess a fair amount of promise as far as sailing ability is concerned. There seems to be very little information available on the web for this model. I had raced PHRF on larger boats in the past and after looking at ...

  8. Any Cal 22 Owners?

    new Cal 22 Got my new boat a couple weeks ago. A 1986 Cal 22. This is my first boat and i just started sailing earlier this year. Made some changes additions and some observations: 1. the Reefer furling system is a pain in the neck (literally). used lots of lubricant, busted the old messenger line once, but eventually managed to get it on.

  9. Cal 22

    The Cal 22 is a 22.0ft fractional sloop designed by C. R. Hunt Assoc. and built in fiberglass by Jensen Marine/Cal Boats between 1984 and 1997. The Cal 22 is a light sailboat which is a high performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat.

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    CAL 22 Sailboats. All right, any other CAL 22 owners out there? This is the active-participation group for you!

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    1,928. Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA. Mar 6, 2021. #6. I'm a former owner of a CAL 21, but joined both the CAL Facebook page and the CAL 22 Facebook page. I enjoy both, and have been able to help out a couple of owners. The only problem (I'm kidding here!) is the number of CATALINA 22 owners that have joined the CAL 22 page, but then again, maybe ...

  12. 1987 CAL 22 Cruiser for sale

    Description. 1987 CAL 22. Located on the hard, in Mystic Connecticut. A fine example of this now classic Raymond Hunt design Renowned to be fully capable performance wise, and an efficient cruiser inshore. Second Wind is nice condition, and well cared for by her original owner. Fractional rig, roller furling genoa.

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    Complete Sail Plan Data for the Cal 22 Sail Data. Sailrite offers free rig and sail dimensions with featured products and canvas kits that fit the boat. ... Sailboat Data ; Cal 22 Sail Data ; Cal 22 Sail Data. Pinit. SKU: X-SD-5637 . Quantity discounts available . Quantity Price; Quantity -+ Add to Cart . You may also like. Sheet Bag Kits ...

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    Contact. 401-281-8243. 1. Sort By. Filter Search. View a wide selection of CAL 22 boats for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on #everythingboats.

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    Chrysler 22 preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Chrysler 22 used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... 34' Cal 34 MK III San Pedro, California Asking $27,500. 33' J Boats J33 Norwalk, Connecticut Asking $36,000. 9' Dyer Dhow Sailing Model North Kingstown, Rhode Island

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    The CATALINA 22 is one of the most popular sailboats ever in anything close to this size,. 15,000 boats sold (2009) It has been built in different plants around the world.. (Known in Australia as the BOOMAROO 22.) A fixed keel version introduced in the early 1970's Draft: 3.5ft; Displacement: 2,490 lbs.; Ballast: 800 lbs.

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    Cal 22 sailboat pictures, a collection of Cal 22 sailboats with specifications and photos.

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    Category Sailboats. Length 22'. Posted Over 1 Month. 1985 Cal Yachts 22, 22' Cal sailboat cuddly, port a potty. Lightly used. Sails fair condition. Trailer included. Call Or text 419-351-0668. Located at Toledo Beach Marina / Toledo oh. $4200.00.

  19. 22-foot Sailboat Comparisons

    In comparison to the Catalina 22, the cabin extends to the full width of the boat, which provides a significant increase in cabin space. Also, although the Catalina and Tanzer are both "22" feet long, the C22 is only 21'6", while the T22 is 22'6" -- a full foot longer! Three photos of T22 #1597, which was for sale in Markham, Ontario.

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    28 new and used Cal 22 boats for sale at Sign In or Register; ... Research Boats ; Sell; Sell a Boat ; Dashboard; Favorites Search Alerts Messages ... 1972 CAL 33. $17,500 . Marshfield, Massachusetts. Year 1972 . Make CAL.

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    CAL is a yacht manufacturer that currently has 32 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 1 new vessels and 31 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Mexico and New Caledonia. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a comprehensive range of sizes and lengths ...

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    Go to Sailing Texas classifieds for current sailboats for sale . 1986 Cal 22 The Cal 22 is a very fast boat, with a Portsmouth rating of 86.3, she is rated faster than the Catalina 22, Capri 22 and almost all other 22 foot keelboats. Featured on the cover of Good old boat magazine (Magazine goes to the new owner) 8' beam Fixed fin keel 4' draft

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    Cal preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Cal used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. ... Sailboat Added 22-Jul-2014 More Details: Cal Yachts Cal 31: Length: 31' Beam: 10' Draft: 5' Year: 1983: Type: racer/cruiser: Hull: fiberglass monohull: